Bug burgers and critter curries... delicious?


Would you eat bugs?

By 2050, there could be 10 billion humans to feed – and experts have warned the global food crisis will get worse unless we come up with solutions.

One solution can be found by snacking on minibeasts, bugs, critters and creepy-crawlies.

Whatever you call them – insects are already being eaten by around 2 billion people around the world. They are healthy, easier to farm than bigger animals… and many people think they’re delicious!

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  • It's good to be open to new ideas in life. I am just finding out that bugs are edible and I don't think it's bad to start consuming them as long as they are prepared hygienically and do not pose a threat to the health of humans, I think it is ok to start eating them. Its is indeed time for the world to change it's consumption habits towards a better and more sustainable future.

    1. Thanks for joining the discussion, amazing_computer! Would you eat bugs yourself? Why or why not?

      1. I would eat bugs if they are hygienically prepared and do not pose a threat to my health as I earlier stated. I would eat them because
        1. They are nutritious. They serve as a good source of protein.
        2. It would help to ensure that many more people in the world have more food to eat.

    2. I agree because new ideas beacus new ideas equwols new life!!! so we will have food to eat

    3. Thank you for this comment.....
      Do you think that insects are healthy, and if they are not healthy, how can they be cooked in a healthy way??

  • Considering the fact that bugs will cure global food crisis I won't mind eating it. Bugs are usually eaten because they provide nutrition,protein,fat and mineral content. And how do I intend on going about this?
    Boiling the bug is a considerable method of eating the bug, also frying, roasting and heating over an open flame. Bugs are also eaten because of their taste so asides global food crisis I think eating bugs is delicious.

    1. Thanks for sharing, outstanding_reindeer. Have you tried bugs? If so, how often do you eat them? Bugs and insects play an important part of diets for people around the world so it would be great to hear more.

      1. I've actually tried bugs before but I don't eat them often I only ate bugs a couple of times when I was much younger. But bugs are actually nutritional and delicious. I recommend you try it someday

        1. That's a good point @outstanding_reindeer! Can you give evidence of why insects and bugs are nutritious?

          1. An example to prove that insects are nutritious is a grasshopper. Grasshoppers are very nutritious. They are about 40 percent protein, 43 percent fat and 13 percent dietary fiber. So insects are nutritious and can contribute to the growth and development of an individual or individuals.

    2. I agree because first of all, they are nutritious meaning they will help in solving the problem of malnutrtion which could be a problem to mankind and then they are helping in solving the global food crisis and this is hitting two birds with one stone so why not opt for them ..

    3. You make a really good point! Many people say insects taste disgusting but have never tried them. I ate some in Thailand and they actually taste good. And, as you mentioned, they're very healthy and nutrient-dense.

  • I might consider eating bugs depending on how it is prepared I don't think that anybody would just start eating bugs just like that but according to the video bugs gives a lot of nutrient than pork or beef can ever give. Farming bugs is more easier than farming big animals, the require less land and even water, like in the video cricket powder was or is made from crickets and it is very nutritive when added to your breakfast and if it is healthy I don't mind trying out new things.

    1. That's a great attitude to have, blithesome_engineer! Well done for paying so much attention to the video too - you summarised the information well. Are there any ways that you definitely would not eat bugs?

  • Do insects eat? Answer: I don't know, but I will probably eat
    Because eating insects has its advantages, although some may be surprised by it. Many people prefer eating insects because of its many and important benefits for the human body, such as its richness in healthy protein, and the lack of fat in it, which makes it the most appropriate solutions for those who suffer from obesity or are trying Maintaining their weight, in addition to vitamin B12, which is necessary for the skin and hair, and it reduces the incidence of diseases compared to traded meat, and finally increases the human intelligence.

    1. I totally agree with you it brings protein to our body even if I don't eat it

  • According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, insects can help end world hunger and reduce the world's growing population on intensive agriculture.
    Although the food is alien to Western culinary culture, there are Malay people in the world who consume insects.
    In the belief that one day it will become the daily bread of housing.
    And I don't hope so.

  • I think my answer would be no; Because it is disgusting and in addition to that, no person from my country or community eats insects, this thing does not encourage me to eat insects, so my community does not eat insects.
    If there is someone from my country or my community who eats insects and they advise me to taste insects and they insist on that, I will have the desire to experience and taste.

    1. Hi @bold_apple, that's got me thinking! Can you give some reasons why people would not eat insects in your country?

      1. Because it is disgusting and harmful and prone to spreading diseases and other than that, our religion prevents us from eating it

      2. Edible insects are still far from being an essential part of the diet because what we consider good to eat is a matter of cultural learning. We learn from a young age what food is acceptable, delicious and nutritious, and these foods become foreign to us and also in our childhood we know that insects are pests and transmitters of diseases.

  • Do insects eat?
    No, for me, the idea of ​​eating insects is disgusting and therefore it does not fit with our religion and the culture of our societies, but this matter varies from person to person, but I learned from a young age that insects are harmful, that is, they cannot be eaten, but they are not only created for harm, It also has its pluses.
    Thus we conclude that the idea of ​​eating insects is not a solution to the food crisis, as these insects were created to carry out the tasks explained to us by the scholars, and that healthy food is eating plants, vegetables and meat that it is permissible to eat.

    1. Hi @understanding_strawberry can you give evidence as to why eating insects are harmful?

      1. I did not mean to say that all insects are harmful, but some are harmful, and eating them without cooking is harmful. Many studies and awareness-raising have warned of the dangers present in flies such as salmonella bacteria, as well as some insects that cause diseases and viruses such as mad cow disease and H1N1 virus, and this has been explained to us through educational curricula in schools as well.

        1. Great research! But are these diseases spread because people have been eating those insects or because those insects spread diseases when they are alive? Which is more important to know for this discussion?

    2. Can you elaborate more on your point that insects are created for harm? Is this true for all insects?

      1. I did not say that insects were created for the sake of harm, but rather I meant that there are some harmful insects, and therefore they also have their advantages, meaning that they are a double-edged sword. Insects are divided into two types:
        A type that does not cause harm to humans, such as bees and butterflies, and a type that causes harm to it, such as poisonous insects, stinging insects and infection-carrying insects.

    3. I do not think that eating insects is harmful, although I have not tried to eat them, but after I read about it and that eating insects does not negatively affect health, but it can be beneficial to the human body
      Since we eat insects without knowing it where
      There are many foods that we eat on a daily basis that contain percentages of insects such as broccoli, peanut butter and wheat.

      1. This is a really interesting point agreeable_dusk! Especially when you point out that we eat insects on some of our foods anyway.

  • From my point of view, I think that it's not that bad to eat insects but in some conditions if that insect won't harm me, infect me with a virus and it must be one hundred percent safe, because I won't harm myself and there's normal food to eat, but of course if I was facing death because of hunger like people in Africa, I will eat it directly. Although, insects are edible, they aren't going to be my favorite eating decision.

    1. Hi @amazing_effort could you give some evidence or examples to support your opinion that insects cause harm?

      1. Yes, sure I would. At first I have to change my way of thinking because if I just ate it. I will be disgusted and I will directly vomit. It's not that easy to eat an insect as you think.

  • Insects are disgusting food that can't be eaten. There are countries that eat all kinds of insects. I don't know how they enjoy eating them. But this is their culture.

  • Frankly, I do not eat insects because our religion Islam forbids it because it is harmful to human health. No one can convince me to change my mind because faith is in my heart. The highlight in the video is that a lot of people eat insects in order to save their food, but I honestly and honestly do not support that....

  • We don't want to get rid of a problem to start a new one. We can't eat any kind of insects. They will become diseases. Let's ask what insects eat. They eat heirs. And let's not delve into this. It is a disgusting thing. Diseases It is not enough to fry or heat insects well We cannot get rid of germs with a score of 100/100 They still contain some diseases

    Rather, we rely on canned food for times that last for many years to rely on it and meet people's needs, and thus we do not need insects.

    1. Could you elaborate more on this? Do you also think we should not eat animals as they may contain diseases?

  • Personally I am aware that people eat bugs, but personally I don't think I can eat bugs because there isn't much information about them out there for me. They are eaten I know but I don't just feel okay eating insects. Yes actually I could be convinced to eat insects depends on the taste actually and the disadvantage and advantages of them actually. Yes what stood out to me was the fact that they have a high protein rate, yes I was previously aware of that but insects are part of what save the world, I mean we already have so much endangered species, I don't think adding insects is the way to go.

    1. These are great points @accurate_wombat. More research on the consumption of insects would be fantastic!

    2. But when the world became extinct of all species in our future we will he eating insects to get more protein and to survive our life .

    3. I agree because if we continue eating insects we might end up endangering them and we don't want insects extinct. Insects have a lot of importance to the world. They keep pest insects in check, pollinate crops we rely on as food, and act as sanitation experts, cleaning up waste so that the world doesn't become overrun with dung.so imagine we eat all the insects in the world how will the world turn out to be? and then how possible is it for us to eat all the bugs in the world?

  • I cannot really voice an opinion on the taste of insects because i have no experience on eating such a specie, all I can say is that by whatever means necessary, humans need to survive and if surviving means coming to terms with the circumstances we find ourselves in, it becomes a state in which there are but few options to choose from. So whether or not insects are part of the menu in years to come, consuming them will help feed a particular percentage of the population and so taking care of hunger, an even greater issue to worry about other than the taste of a fried grasshopper.

  • It may seem weird and disgusting at first, but if that is what the world is going to we just have to get used to crispy crickets in stews and grilled bugs on toast. I want to believe the video that we have something to gain by switching diets in the next 27 years, but I think it will take a while before I can start getting used to eating edible worms. Do veal and cockroaches taste the same. Mmmm... I don't think so.

    1. Do you think we can learn to like new foods as we all have to taste food for the first time and our tastes can change?

  • The foods that can be manufactured are olives and olive oil and the foods that are imported are cooking oil. It imports when it needs food, and this does not mean that it does not produce. Product development to compete with imported products.

  • I cannot eat it because from my point of view it is disgusting, and it was created to live, not to be eaten, and it also causes diseases. Nothing can change my view forever. Yes, the thing that emerged to me from the video when they eat insects while they are alive, and also that they are kept in bags and that they have a large audience.

  • Of course, we do not eat insects because they are harmful to health and disgusting and are prone to the spread of viruses and diseases. And eating insects is religiously prohibited from eating them

    1. Hi forgiving_gazelle -- it seems you feel strongly about this! Can you give some evidence or examples to support your opinion? Insects might not be as dirty or harmful as you think (but of course you may be right about prohibitions in some religions).

  • We do not eat insects in our country because we believe that insects cause many diseases and also the external appearance of insects is disgusting, so we do not eat them.

  • _ When you are in a desert devoid of everything, there is nothing that exists out of nothing, and there is no one there but you, some insects and water, and there is nothing that you can eat, then you will be forced to eat these insects, even if you have not eaten them before, because our nature we humans prefer ourselves On others, it is not reasonable to die because you do not want to eat an insect.
    But this is different in reality, as there are many, many plants and animals that are eaten, I do not have to eat insects as long as you can eat something better, but if nothing of this, then we must do something, for example, instead of eating insects with Its disgusting form. We transform it into another form of food. Convert it into a form of crackers, but without bones or thorns. This is how many people will accept it, but I say this in the absence of all of the plants or other animals, but at present this is impossible.

    _ The thing that surprised me the most in the video is that the powder is made from cockroaches. I did not know that, but that is a useful thing. As I said earlier, whoever cannot eat insects, the insects can be converted into something else that can be eaten. Such an idea, and since insects are very useful, it must be extracted because it is useful from them. And manufactured in the form of other things such as powder.

    1. This is a really well thought out comment free_snail, I really like how you see both sides of the argument. I really like your point about converting insects into more palatable forms of food like crackers.

      1. And not only that, we can also make medicines from them, as they contain many benefits that enable us to make medicines, and we can also use these insects to eliminate plant and animal pathogens, as there are some insects that eat others and some of them absorb corrupt blood from them. The body, and thus we can benefit from it in another way, and also can be introduced into the food industrial role, as there are some insects that can secrete edible substances that we can introduce into food and give a delicious flavor .

    2. I agree because... I agree with you, surely I will not die starving seeing something eating in front of us, and this thing is not harmful, it contains protein, so I eat without hesitation, it also made me think about eating insects in my normal life, but not in their natural form and appearance, but If it is shaped into a powder or biscuit form

  • I personally would despise consuming numerous packs of bugs. I mainly believe this because many species of bugs (especially creepy crawlies) can inject venom into one. Furthermore, one can never say whether a meal is prepared hygienically and not poses a threat to the health of humans when consisting of bugs withinn them. To continue, like wht we are doing to tigers, and other aimals, I am also not willing to risk more lives of the insects that dwell on our planet. If I were to think form a positive side, something which could change my mind, would be tasting a sample of our remowned delicacies packed with insect (preferably edible cricket) powder. What stood out to me immensely was the fact that there are 130 countries that actually consume insects for food.

    Even though there are particles of insect in the meals and snacks we devour to this day, I am still not willing to take the risk of our lives (together has humanity).

    1. A well-reasoned comment illuminated_newspaper

  • I think that eating worms and insects is beneficial for health, but it is a culture that is specific to certain societies and it is possible to rely on eating insects and worms to eliminate the food crisis in the world, but this needs more time to change the culture of some peoples about eating insects and worms.

    1. How could we make insects more appealing to cultures that wouldn't normally eat them?

  • No, because insects are not something that looks delicious. This is my point of view, but there are many people who like to eat them, such as China, Korea and Indonesia. My opinion may change in the event of an increase in starvation and also about the types of insects that provide us with protein and vitamin. But for a moment, I remember that insects can become extinct when eaten. To be honest, I couldn't finish the video because I was disgusted. But I saw something in a box like pickles, but I don't know if it was insects

    1. What about if insects were used as an ingredient in food and you couldn't even tell they were in it? Would you still be disgusted?

      1. If I did not see that it was placed and added a good taste, I would certainly accept, because usually when I like something, I do not ask about its ingredients, but if I know that there is an insect in it, I may not accept.

  • Some parts of the world see insects and worms as delicacies but in my personal opinion I do not think I would be able to eat bugs except they have really good nutritional value and at the same time would not give me any health complications. What really stood out for me is the creative idea of the museum to organize events that allow individuals to take sample of insects and see how good they can be, if I was opportune to be there I would definitely like to try out termites because i heard that they are really crunchy and sweet.

  • I think that eating bugs has both advantages and disadvantages, the main advantage is that there's lots of them and they're easy to farm making them a reliable food source but as many people are vegetarian or vegan it means it would not feed everyone, another advantage is that they're high in protein this means that although in my opinion being slightly disgusting, they are good for us. I am aware that bugs are good for us but scuttling around in the dirt, flies contain viruses are they hygienic? Even though bugs are already eaten today personally I don't think they're the next step in human consumption as eventually they might run out and adding more species to the endangered list isn't the way to go. Another reason I don't think eating bugs is the next step is because taking them out of the wild and putting them on our plates may destroy the food chain and without eating things like cows and sheep in a couple of decades there may be too many to handle. In conclusion, I think that although eating bugs have many advantages the downsides out way them.

    1. Hi shy_duck, well done for giving pros and cons for turning to insects for protein. Most cows and sheep are bred for farming, so it is unlikely that there would be 'too many to handle' in the future if farming moved in a different direction. What steps could insect farmers make in the future to be sustainable?

  • I would not eat bugs if I had the choice. Since you can enjoy a delectable, vegetable-packed soup, why try bugs? The thought makes me cringe as bugs are vital to our ecosystem. Our ecosystem is like dominoes, if one falls, all of the others collapse. In reality, the same thing happens therefore I or even the whole world should stick to eating something else. Otherwise, more animals might perish faster than we think.

    1. Hi brilliant_vegetable,
      I have comprehended your point and do understand what you attempting to convey, whereas, if the ingredients that one uses to create your delectable and devine dishes suddenly decline in number and all of our current foods cannot be made, then would you eat bugs if this calamity would have occurred.

      Furthermore, I sincerelly understand how you believe that bugs could become extinct and as they play a vital role in our ecosystem and keeping the world together they should not perish, would you want to die with a click of a finger or eat the bugs. Many countries (approximately estimated to be 130 in number) do eat the gazillions of insects in our world, yet the insects number is not declining.

      Moreover, you need to also remember that bugs lay many eggs - take the spider for example, as long as there is still 1 spider in the world, their number will not become a dmindling population but be vast and gargantuan.

      Extra info:
      - Spiders can lay up to 4,000 eggs.

      Even though spiders are venemous and are not primarilly consumed, at one point in time, they might just be.

      Don't you agree?

    2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, brilliant_vegetable. What if the bugs were specifically farmed to be eaten, just like people already farm animals like cows and chickens. This would mean people weren't taking bugs from the wild. Does this change your mind about anything?

  • First, I don't prefer this idea as a s0lution to food crisis because consuming a great number of insects will affect the balance of nature . Insects are important to human as we get silk from the silkworm. Also they help in pollinating crops as beetles are responsible for pollinating 88% of world's plants .Moreover, without insects, there will be disruption in the food chain because many species depend on them for food . If the insects were destroyed, many animals will be endangered and soon extinct . We can come up with other solutions .We can provide people in urban and rural with ways for planting on roofs of their homes for example and this will help to secure food . We can use technology in finding techniques to enable farmers to do smart growing as we are facing climate change and we have to deal with the extreme weather conditions nowadays.

    1. What about if there were sustainable ways to farm insects rather than take them from the environment? It is widely believed that insect farming could be much more sustainable that other protein sources.

    2. It's interesting that you mention silkworms. To make silk, the silkworms must be killed - and often they are eaten! If you go to China or Korea, you can buy silkworms for food.

  • Would you eat bugs? If yes, how? And if no, why not?

    No, of course not, because I never like it and am afraid of it, so I can never eat it, and also in our country they do not eat insects, I mean, according to the food of our people as well.

    Could anything convince you to change your mind?

    Nothing can change my opinion because if I am sure of my opinion no one can change my opinion.

    Did anything from the video stand out to you? What?

    Yes, it occurred to me that they use insects for things other than eating, and this really amazed me.

    1. You seem very fixed in your opinion here? Why do you think that is?

      1. I think because I am the only one who can control my opinion and no one can control my opinion because no one knows what makes me happy and what makes me sad except myself and also no one knows my interest as much as I do.

        1. Do you think learning more about things can lead us to change our opinions? For example, an expert on a topic can make me change my mind if they have strong reasons and facts.

  • Do you eat insects? If the answer is yes, then how? yes I will eat; Because as I mentioned we will have to eat them in the coming years, I just found out that insects are edible and I don't think it's a bad idea to start consuming them as long as they are prepared in a healthy way and don't pose a threat to human health, I think it's a good idea to start eating them. It is already time for the world to change its consumption habits towards a better and more sustainable future. If we want insect-eating to become widespread in Western and Arab countries, we will need to move beyond it being a fad, and replace it with our meat products. They must also be reasonably priced to ensure that everyone has access to sustainable and nutritious food. Eating insects provides many of the nutrients needed to maintain a vegan diet such as iron, protein and vitamins. From another point of view I think I cannot eat insects because there is not much information about them for me. I know western countries eat bugs but I don't feel good about just eating bugs. Yes, in fact I can be convinced that eating insects depends on the actual taste and on its disadvantages and advantages in reality. Yes, eating insects provides a lot of nutrients needed to maintain a vegetarian diet such as iron, protein and vitamin B 12.

  • The topic is interesting and you need to think about it in all respects, first of all, human nature will not be easy to accept, but if it becomes a dominant idea, people will get used to it. To supplement their diet, these creatures are low in fat and full of vitamins and iron, so Angelina Jolie eats them wow!! I believe that if it is cooked in a way that it does not appear in its realistic form, it will be accepted by people and will be a solution to a problem.

  • We don't want to get rid of a problem to start a new one. We cannot eat any kind of insects. There are foods and foods other than eating insects in the future. In Palestine, we have our own foods that the rich and the poor can eat, including falafel: a popular Palestinian dish with a delicious flavor that has its own special character among the residents of the Gaza Strip who buy them regardless of their different classes. They are popular with the rich and the poor. Falafel is one of the old traditional meals for the people of Gaza, and it is very popular because it has a delicious taste and low cost. Maftoul is one of the popular Levantine dishes. It consists of small maftoul granules or balls that are prepared from bulgur, white and brown flour, which are prepared manually at home, or bought ready-made. And musakhan is a Palestinian dish of grilled chickenCooked with onions, sumac, peppers, saffron and pine nuts, served on taboon bread. These ingredients came from the agricultural environment in Palestine.

  • Do you eat insects? Yes, eating insects provides a lot of nutrients needed to maintain a vegetarian diet, such as iron, protein and vitamin B12, but honestly, I do not eat insects because our Islamic religion forbids them because they are harmful to human health. No one can convince me to change my mind because faith is in my heart. A global shift that leads to eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables will be key to tackling emissions from agriculture. And for those who have switched to eating less meat for environmental reasons, they can replace that with insects for essential nutrients. If we want insect eating to become widespread in Western countries, we will need to move beyond it being a fad, and replace it with our meat products.They must also be reasonably priced to ensure that everyone has access to sustainable and nutritious food.

  • First, I don't eat insects, they are disgusting and disgusting
    But I know that it is edible, and some scholars have seen that it is considered the wealth of food, and it is possible to eliminate the food crisis by eating it.
    And I will tell you why I do not eat them... since we were young and our parents told us not to eat insects because they transmit diseases
    But in some cities where there is a shortage of meat, they replace meat with insects to get the essential nutrients
    Second, I don't think I'll change my mind about it, it's disgusting
    But I think that if there is a food crisis in our country, I think that they will eat insects

  • I can never eat any kind of insects even if they are delicious because when I see them I don't dare eat them and I don't think anything will change my mind because I know myself well but eating insects in reducing starvation would be good to reduce its effects but it would lead to the extinction of many of these Insects, so I think it is better to find another way to provide food for those suffering from starvation

  • I can't eat it because I think it raises diseases and is not useful
    But I know that it is useful and that some insects are considered the lunch revolution
    Insects are an essential part of the diet in many parts of the world

  • Yes because if it would keep me alive I would always try and do my thing to keep the Earth happy and keep myself happy.

  • At the outset, I would like to tell you a beautiful story in a reality that is not beautiful, but rather tragic, talking about the spread of eating insects in ancient China. The cultivation of rice spread and it was like bread for us, but there was a kind of bird that ate crops and reduced them. When the matter came to the ruler, he ordered to kill them all. But they forgot that it was also eating locusts, which launched attacks on their crops, so nothing was left of them, so the famine came upon the people of China, and they found nothing in front of them to eat except the locusts, and they remained in this state until the end of the famine, but they started eating insects for their love for them and not for the tires now.

    No, I do not eat insects because their shape and smell and that they are mostly present and feed on garbage does not encourage me to eat them, and my fear that they are poisonous or harmful, and that some of them actually cause us harm, such as stinging and poisonous insects that spoil crops, makes them look like an enemy to me Therefore, I do not prefer to eat it as long as it is not raining and I am still surrounded by the natural food that I am accustomed to eat it.

    Perhaps if I had to eat it in order not to die of starvation, for example, if the area I am in was dehydrated or lost in a desert or woke up and found myself the weakest in the chain and I am prey to many creatures, but if some of its descriptions were changed I would not have the objection because The reasons that make me disgust with eating it will disappear, for example, its shape, color and smell have been changed, it has been raised in a clean environment and its consumption has spread, or if it is placed in food in proportions that do not affect its taste and this is what we actually do, perhaps intentionally or unintentionally, for example chocolate

    I was already aware that insects are an inevitable future. Hunger is spreading and the population is increasing, and it contains many benefits. It contains a protein equivalent to bovine protein, and it is easier to raise and requires less food. A cow needs 25 kilos of herbs per kilo of meat, but insects may They feed on rubbish. What intrigued me was that more than 1/5 of the planet feed on these insects without disgust, and that some of them prefer them and like to eat them more than ordinary plants and meat.

    1. Lots of insects don't eat rubbish. Can you research and find what insects eat?

  • I personally have not eaten insects all my life. Perhaps the most important reason is that they are not from our Arab culture in cooking, and that our ancestors before us did not do this. I think that if the habit of eating insects was inherited, it would not be strange at the present time. We cannot deny that many studies have proven Insects are a rich source of high-quality protein, which is easier to digest, produce less warming gases and ammonia than livestock, and amino acids, are low in fat, and contain fiber. So insects can be a qualitative leap in challenging and resisting hunger in the world and reducing dependence on agriculture. What if the food crisis forced us to eat insects? To what extent can individuals contribute to facing hunger by eating insects??

  • As for me I don't eat insects because I actually live in a society that doesn't eat insects and when I eat insects and we have plants, animals and food resources, insects are the last thing I can eat and nothing can convince me to change my mind becauseI will not accept the form of insects to eat them, but if the matter is imposed, I can be persuaded to convert their forms into acceptable formsThey say that it is useful, but we do not know the disadvantages of eating it and the harmful aspects of it, so I do not sacrifice myself to eat insects and it has an alternative to eatingWhat caught my eye in the video is that there are really many people in the world who eat insects other than the countries that we know they eat, so this is very strange.

  • Do you eat insects? No, because they look disgusting and unpleasant. When I hear the word insects, I feel disgusted and nauseous. I think there is another reason why I do not eat insects is that we have chicken and beef meat and also legumes.. so why do we talk about eating insects?!

    1. Can you read the other comment to see why we're talking about insects? Why might insects be a better choice than beef?

      1. I think we are talking about insects to educate people and tell them about the importance of insects and their many benefits and talk about eating insects. I think that insects are better than beef, because they contain protein, and because they match meat and fish in protein content, and there may be another reason why insects are a better choice than beef, which is that beef requires a lot of pasture to produce protein, and it will also cost more from money. As for insects, they do not need all these pastures.

  • Can anything convince you to change your point of view? Yes, if I am in the desert and there is nothing to eat but insects, I will certainly not starve to death, I will eat them. Also, there is something almost impossible or impossible, which is the absence of all kinds of plants and animals in my country

  • Did anything stand out to you from the video? What? Yes, some people feel nauseous just talking about eating insects because of their shape, but in the video he mentioned something very beautiful which is turning insects into powder, and this thing can make people talk about eating insects and think about them, and I also looked into this and found that there is a company A Finnish company that included grasshoppers in its bread composition in 2017, which made bread containing about 70 ground locusts to support the bread with protein, then a Norwegian company in 2019 produced bread containing wormy algae, and in the same year a British company produced a limited production of (crispy grasshopper loaf) , which contains about 336 ground grasshoppers, and in 2020, a Japanese company introduced a baguette containing grasshopper powder, and they also made a cake from it.

    The burger is the most famous thing that is made from insects, where many mixtures can be formed from it, and it is an alternative to the famous burger according to the proponents of eating insects, and one of the first products in this is a burger slice produced by a German institution that contains insects with some vegetables in its composition, as well as grasshopper coffee, processed foods and others I was amazed and amazed

  • Considering there's a situation where the world ran out of food to feed the people,it becomes essential to eat bugs as our diet even if we refuse to do so. Since human, from the start of his evolution, sustains on the eating the living things around him,it is common for us to live on the source which is available. I widely appreciate the fact we are already planning for the future needs and found a source that is easy to cultivate and farm. But there are a few things to be noted :
    *A right bug should be chosen which has no harmful enzymes in it( because most of the bugs creates and use poison for self defence and hunting)
    *Since there is no food left, the bugs with high nutrient content that can fulfill the nutritional needs of humans must be discovered and cultivated.
    *It would be hard for everyone to eat something that they are terrified to even be near to. Therefore processing it to an ordinary crackers or biscuits would help them to atleast feel it as a food.

  • Even though it's a great idea to overcome food crisis, practically we would not be able to execute it. Because it will lead to extinction of insects. It's like killing a soul to make another soul live. Despite of normal fact that eating insects doesn't cause health issue, it's biologically proven that there are some kinds of bacteria present in insects that makes people sick. I sincerely agree that this idea could clear food crisis globly but it would also cause enormous damages to living kind. I thought to share some of my ideas about the reducing of food crisis.
    Ideas to overcome food crisis:
    1. Reducing food wastes- we need to teach every child about the value of good to overcome food crisis
    2. Increasing trade policies- it's necessary to maintain friendly relationship with other countries. Valuable trading is one of the best idea to overcome food crisis globly.
    3. Effective ruling- we came across that conflicts,wars,violence also leads to food crisis. So, being friendly and maintaining peace with others can be a effective idea.
    4. Maintaining population growth- the continuous rise in population rate leads to lack of food.
    5. Avoiding the usage of non-ecofriendly things- that damages the soil as well as leads to irregular climatic changes.
    These are the ideas I thought to share with you guys. I hope it's valuable

    1. There are few incorrect bits of information here. As insects would be farmed, they would not become extinct. Not all insect would make you sick to eat, in fact, many insects are eaten all around the world already.

  • Even though consuming bugs are disgusting and it's not our culture , to reduce the problems due to food crisis on world I would rather begin consuming them. As consumption of bugs can offset climate change in many ways.

    1. I agree because... if you eat bug’s you could get sick but at least we won’t starve

      1. Actually many people already regularly eat bugs as part of their diet. Many bugs are safe to eat and actually very good for you - and good for the planet too! Does this change your mind about anything?

  • 1. No, I have not eaten it in my life because it is disgusting and disgusting, and because I feel goosebumps when I see it, and also because my religion, Islam, forbids eating it and allows eating some meat such as pigeons, chickens, ducks and other livestock, so I am careful as much as possible to avoid taboos and sins so as not to diminish my faith.
    2. No, not at all, because I am certain of my decision and I am firm on the rules of my religion and related to them as well.
    3. Yes, which is the large percentage of people who eat insects voraciously and on a daily basis.

  • A: It's extraordinary that we can open up to new ideas such as this. This small feat could save up to 3 billion lives in the upcoming future. As we currently have a global food crisis eating bugs may be the only solution to this catastrophe. The thought of consuming bugs to me is honestly scary. I am already petrified of bugs. And consuming them... no thanks..... this ingenious edition to our food base has potential to become a national food dish.

    B: Personally I am aware of people eating bugs but im a very picky eater and dont eat many foods.To change my mind, I would rather not notice I'm eating bugs I am rather screamish and may end up starving myself to death. If I had the right encouragement you may convince me to take a bite. I'm very hard to convince.

    C: the cricket powder stood out to me the most because it is very unoriginal of making a fine powder made of insect remains and mixing it into liquid-like foods imitating an entirely different food brand made to withstand our global crisis. It is very interesting the someone had the sheer thought to consume bugs but in in a distant void with vast nothingness except the required recourses it will become a standard survival tactic.
    Could this be a common practise among nations?

    Eventually, we will not have enough recourses to survive and continue our reign over

  • I don't mind eating bugs I've tried some myself and they weren't that bad. I like the fact that different people around the world are trying or are already eating bugs as a source of food. I mean it makes sense that in like the next twenty years from now the world might be majorly feeding off bugs because it takes quite some time to grow poultry and livestock for meat production and with rapid rising of the global population it would be hard for poultry and livestock farms to keep up with the global demand of meat which contain proteins. Then that's where the farming of bugs comes because bugs don't really take that long to grow and they reproduce in large amounts so it would be easy to stock them in supermarkets. Plus bugs will still hold the same value as meat (proteins).

    1. if the world in future will face hunger problems how will the bugs survive that hunger

  • Luckily, I have been blessed to have come from one of the 130 countries that are already eating insects as an everyday and normal meal. personally , i have already gotten an opportunity to have already eaten 3 species of insects which include; grass hoppers, locusts and white ants and nothing would convince me to change my mind on the consumption of insects since they are very nutritious to ones body and considering the food crisis in the world I greatly agree with Dr. Eric McAllister who believes that the consumption of insects may be a good if not great way of controlling the ongoing food crisis . And with strong hope I am pretty sure that many people will grow to love the mesmerizing taste of the different species of insects.

  • On my side, I would eat bugs because I have seen many people eating them and I would like to try. And to my surprise most people in countries like China, Korea and many others eat them daily. And in tough times like hunger and poverty I would eat the bugs because the situations will have changed my life. What stood out to me was that when you eat bugs they contain valuable things like proteins.

    1. Hi unique_editor! It's great that you're so open minded to trying new things. Other than high protein, can you think of some more benefits to eating bugs?

      1. Other benefits of eating bugs are,
        Some bugs contain vitamins like B12.
        Some bugs contain antioxidants which help in improving brain health, and in reducing oxidative stress.
        some bugs contain iron and fiber.

        1. Hello again unique_editor,

          Great answer to my question! Thank you.

    2. I agree because... I always see them on documentaries hunting for them and eating them

  • Do you eat insects?
    No, because insects are something we are used to being harmful, although I have recent knowledge of their benefits and why we should not eat them, I think, according to what we learned in childhood about food culture. So, what is good food and what is unhealthy food was determined, and when we were young we learned that insects are pests and diseases
    Can anything convince you to change your mind?!
    Probably not, because insects, as we were taught in childhood, will still be with us even at this age or older. This is first, and international food organizations say that insects are the future food wealth of this world, because of their benefits and advantages. A small percentage changed my opinion.

  • In my opinion I would not eat bugs but if anyone likes eating them its not a problem because they will cure global food crisis.I don't think anything could convince me to change my mind but something that stands out to me in the video is that people don't moan that they have to eat bugs because of the global food crisis they just eat them because they know the crisis they are in.

  • I personally would despise consuming numerous packs of bugs. I mainly believe this because many species of bugs can inject venom into one. Furthermore, one can never say whether a meal is prepared hygienically and not poses a threat to the health of humans when consisting of bugs within them. To continue, like what we are doing to tigers, and other animals, I am also not willing to risk more lives of the insects that dwell on our planet. If I were to think form a positive side, something which could change my mind, would be tasting a sample of our renowned delicacies packed with insect (preferably edible cricket) powder. What stood out to me immensely was the fact that there are 130 countries that actually consume insects for food.Even though there are particles of insect in the meals and snacks we devour to this day, I am still not willing to take the risk of our lives (together has humanity).

  • At first glance, it's hard to accept nibbling on a burger made with mashed crickets or eating flour worms with rice, but even if the thought of eating bugs makes you sick right now, the truth is that bugs can be part of our diet. There are some researchers who would like this to happen, and since you are disgusted, you should know that people have been eating them for thousands of years, insects have become a common diet in the world, and there are about 2,000 species of insects that are eaten, mainly in Asia, Africa, South America and Thailand. Fried crispy locusts are sold in stacked trays. In fact, nutritionists encourage eating insects because of their high nutritional value and consider them a complete food in just a small handful. Despite all this, I don't imagine myself one day eating insects, so please don't force us to.

  • No I would not eat bugs because they are very disgusting to eat but if we had nothing else to eat I would probably have to eat it. There would be no other option.

    1. This made me think! There are millions of people around the world for whom bugs are a big part of their normal diet - they certainly wouldn't say that they are disgusting to eat. I wonder if there are any foods that you eat that someone from a different place or culture might find disgusting?

    2. I think you feel the same way many people do! What is it about insects that you think is disgusting? I wonder myself how much is taught to us by society - for example, we eat shellfish (and fish), but in many ways they're disgusting too! Some cultures don't eat pork and some don't eat beef, whereas in the UK we eat a lot of both.

  • As we all know that nowadays, almost every developing country is facing food crisis. In this situation if eating bugs and insects can overcome the food crisis then I think it is a really good idea. But eating bugs also depends on the food culture and religious perspective of every country. According to the report of World Health and Food Authority, in upcoming decades eating bugs and different insects could decrease the risk of food crisis. It would be really helpful for those countries which are already eating bugs curries and different recipes made with bugs but it may cause problem for those countries where the cultural and religious values don't allow them to consume bugs as food. In my opinion as if I would ever eat bugs then I will say that "No" because my culture is totally different in terms of food and religious values. But somehow if ever in the future I would have to eat them, then it will totally depend on how serious the situation is. But in general term I highly appreciate the idea of eating bugs to overcome the food crisis in the world because it has so many benefits for those who consume them as well as for the economy of these countries.

  • I think if we can eat bugs we have not information about yet and we couldnot information about how to eat bugs? and another question is when we eat insects to fulfill our meal it must be in huge quantity not in small because insects are small in size and we require many of hundreds insects to fulfill our meal there are the problems when we eat insects first if we want to eat insects we make a cage to hold insects in this way we got many efforts to fulfill our meal so a man who survives on simple meal not do this effort and buy meal from market in some money which he gets no efforts

  • Before even thinking of making protein powders or noodles from insects, it is a question that, "has the plant and animal food became critically unavailable?" There are people around the world like Beargrills in the wild and even countries that consume insects. I would never think of eating an insect because:
    1. Humans along with insects are a part of ecosystem. It is injustice to cultivate and kill a community for human sake.
    2. We are just exploring insects as option for food. We are not proximate of the health issues that it may cause in the future.
    3. According to the energy flow rule, insects are not direct producers. They do not have much energy and have more toxicity than plant produces. So, insects can never become a staple food. If it becomes so, then it means people are unhealthy.
    I have seen people adding circket powder to their cakes. As an individual I would never be convinced to consume insects. But it is all a matter of evolution that humans may develop to become insect eaters in the future.

    1. Thanks receptive_mandarin. How do you think people consuming insects makes them unhealthy?

      1. Generation after generation, we eat less nutritious and less quality food. These junk food have become more common food in many countries. Switching to Insect food as a main source of food, cannot provide us all nutrients. Hence, we will become unhealthy or weak than our ancestors.

        1. What about if insect food wasn't the main source of food but a source of protein?

          1. Yes, it could be a source of protein. But plant protein are always the best.

  • First of all our relegious obligation is that we can't eat bug's because It is not allowed to eat. But in some situations as we are in war so we are not able to made food in some situations in this type of situations we also depend on bugs and other things which are able to eat. Even in our regular basis we can't allow to eat bug's because it is forbid in our religion. I think that it's good to eat even I can't eat it ever I think that some bugs are also good for health because I read that there are to much proteins in bugs.

  • Today hunger is one of big problem. Many people of countries of Asia and Africa are leading life of poverty,barbarism and sleep in hunger. I think it would be a good idea to deal with hunger. Bugs are full of proteins and other nutrients ; required for life. Already approximately 2 billions of people are dependent on insects. I haven't experienced the taste of bugs till yet and also it is not non-traditional in my culture. But i would prefer these species if it can be helpful in decreasing hunger ratio. Now a days; cultivated lands are going to destruction because of less water,bad irrigation system and less managements. Bugs have too much advantages. Today they are present in enough quantity to feed mouth of whole world up to many years in future. So, it is a good idea to eliminate hunger upto a big ratio.

  • Today hunger is one of the big problems. Millions of people of countries of Asia and Africa are leading life of poverty, barbarism and sleep in hunger. According to my thinking point of view; it is a good idea to deal with hunger at global level. Eating bugs is not new. About 2 billions of people are already dependent on insects. Bugs are full of proteins and other nutrients which are required for life. I haven't experienced the taste of insects till yet. It also depends upon cultures and religions that they may prefer it or not. Now a days cultivated lands are going to destruction because of less water,bad irrigation system and less managements. We can survive many decades upon eating bugs. So, eating bugs is a good idea to eliminate hunger upto a big ratio.

  • In my opinion, i think that eating bugs is a last resort for food. However, i know that bugs are high in nutrients and are easy to produce.

    1. Hi serious_rabbit! Your comment got me thinking. You say that bugs are high in nutrients and easy to produce, so why do you think that eating them should be a last resort?