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One of the animals that is affected by climate change is the American Pika. American pikas are... Expert challenge: protect the animals! 15/11/22
I agree... Money may not bring happiness directly, but it can help you to acquire something that... Weekly poll #3 results 15/11/22
I chose sometimes because in case of emergencies, difficulties or restrictions in meeting up,... Weekly poll #2 results 15/11/22
Well, there is enough food to feed the whole world. But most of the food items produced... The food crisis: why can’t we just share? 10/11/22
There should be diversity in films. I feel that it would help to reduce gender inequality and... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 10/11/22
I feel the smog free tower would make the biggest difference. It purifies the air so people can... Get creative, save the planet! 10/11/22