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The COP27 global climate-change conference will take place this year in person, but some people think the event could be run more sustainably if it were to take place online. This is because they think the cost of the event, along with the greenhouse-gas emissions from air and road travel, go against the aims of COP27 — to slow down climate change. Covid-19 restrictions and other issues, for example, the cost of travel, have also meant that some countries have been unable to attend.

However other people disagree and say that events like COPs should be in person as they are too important to do online. They believe that agreements and relationships are handled much better when people are face to face.

This got us thinking about whether events online are better than events in person. What do you think?

For last week’s poll we asked you to share how you felt about the following statement:

Are events online better than events in person?

The results are in and here's what you thought:

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  • Personally, I think that both the methods have got their own merits and demerits. As far as online events are concerned, it has advantages like it is economical in terms of transportation charges and precious time of respectful participants. While it has disadvantages like, the internet and electricity breakdowns, concentration of participants might not be at its peak. Let's move towards towards events in person.The partakers remain more attentive amd focused. Working papers in shape of presentation and hardcopies are shared. It has demerits as well
    Expensive transportation to reach rendezvous. Heavy time consumption. Unnecessary debates.
    So, I conclude that both the methods are useful, but you can't chose which one is better than the other

  • I chose sometimes because in case of emergencies, difficulties or restrictions in meeting up, online events may be easier and more convenient. But otherwise, meetings in person are usually more enjoyable and deliver better results.

  • As for me , face to face meeting will be best and effective but this has some problem like transportation ,food ,shelter and water which makes a country to suffer a lot to make these things available for the
    organization meeting .when we think about the virtual meeting it does not cost much but we have issues like network connection , technology and electricity so both the methods has advantages and disadvantages we need to think which method is best at that time of situation .

  • In my opinion, yes, because this is how we will work to help reduce global warming, and we will work to actually encourage that in addition to saving money.