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Some people want more of it, some people want less of it, and we certainly need it to survive. It’s time to talk about money!

It drives the economy, politics, innovation and business, and we need it to buy food, clothes, and to pay for our homes and lifestyles. But while some people strive for more money, others prefer a simpler life.

This gave us an idea for this week’s poll!

For last week’s poll we asked you to share how you felt about the following statement:

Can money bring you happiness?

The results are in and here's what you thought:

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  • I think sometimes because if you really want something and you don't get it, it might make you feel a little bit unhappy and if you do get it, you might be happy. You might also not want to buy something, but you are forced to by someone.

  • I disagree because... money only satisfy when all ur needs r fulfilled without any trouble nd u r among ' haves' ...nd u r not among 'have not' happiness is a different abstract state of mind in which u enjoy life with full zeal nd zest .when u hear a loving compliment abt u ,u feel happiness . So money is not that thing for which we should strive for . Its happiness we need .

  • I disagree because... I ve seen people running after money this behaviour is not good for social values ,as family members friends need ur time nd u r where?? After money ?? Happiness that ur company can give to u nd ur friends is valuable . I ve seen the companies offices which only run after to make money their employs r not happy with them . They need happy moments which they can get by celebrations .

  • I disagree because... running after money makes u materialistic nd u meet every one with same mind set . Happiness is purity ..

  • Happiness cannot be bought with money. But.. it is the most important thing in life. Nobody can live without money. Money is important and necessary to purchase all the basic requirements for the continuation of life. Without money, a person cannot achieve many things in his life, the most important of which is preserving his dignity and providing a decent life for himself and his family. Everything in life depends on money, so money may be a more effective tool to reduce grief and sometimes misuse of money can bring misery to a person. Happiness is the feeling of pleasure and contentment in all life situations.Without money, a person cannot achieve many things in his life, the most important of which is preserving his dignity and providing a decent life for himself and his family. Everything in life depends on money, so money may be a more effective tool to reduce grief and sometimes misuse of money can bring misery to a person. Happiness is the feeling of pleasure and contentment in all life situations. Happiness is an inner feeling that depends on the priorities of each person in life. Money does not buy happiness for some, but it buys all happiness for others. Each person according to his needs and according to his concept of happiness. Money may not buy many spiritual things, including feelings, but it buys a lot and a lot for some people.

  • Money sometimes brings happiness, but in others it is worthless. In many cases, money does not mean happiness. If a person suffers from an illness with no cure, what is the value of his/her money? We heared about many wealthy people who commit suicide because they are not pyscologically normal. To conclude, money is important. However, true happiness can be found in the warmth of our family, justice in our country, and finally peace of the world.

  • There is so much happiness money can buy you. Money can easily buy you food, a house, good education, medication and plenty of stuff. However, happiness for me is when I feel satisfied and complete. It is when you're content with what you have and where you are, the joy of spending time with someone you love, or doing something you enjoy. It's an emotion and the best one yet. Money can easily make someone temporarily happy with the possessions it can buy but true happiness is more than that.

    1. I disagree because... Money can't buy you happiness. The people that you really have to love are the members in your family. I don't say that you don't have to earn money because if you don't have money you can't survive because you don't have food and water.

  • I agree because...money gives us that satisfaction which we feel when we feel we can fulfil all our necessities. So happiness nd satisfaction r interconnected . I want to give u an example money can buy medicine nd satisfy us but recovery gives us happiness . Directly money itself not happiness so most of us r satisfied nd content on it .
    Running after money is tiring. Dont make urself tiresome .life is very beautiful nd once u ve it so leas it peacefully.

  • I'm not sure about this because... the part is partially true though happiness is not such a thing as can be purchased with money but basic necessities of life come first than happiness nd they cant b satusfies with empty pocket . Heaps of wealth are not necessary to bring even satisfaction , to strive for too much wealth is wastage of time nd human potential .

  • I disagree because... money can not buy happiness .money can bring bed but sleep brings happi ess that we cant buy with money .money can bring gift for someone special but love with some one brings happiness . Money should not b strive for ,try to strive for happiness that is felt with sincerity, love nd affection .

    1. I disagree because If you go a little deeper with yourself, you will find that money is indeed very important and brings happiness. As I said, money does not bring a bed, but sleep brings happiness. But if you think about your answer a little, you will find that you will not get a happy sleep if you do not have a place to sleep on, as is the case with the poor who do not They have money to buy a house we do not know how they are in the cold and winter. I said that a gift does not bring happiness like love with another person, but if you bring a gift to someone you love, will he not be happier because he will feel your interest in him?
      And how should we not strive for money, because in your opinion, why do we strive hard in our studies and education, isn't it to get a job? This was my opinion in the comment, thank you.

      1. I agree because... happiness is abstract feeling ,,. Every person have a different experience of life so I had this experience. Nd every person has different nature so if u feel happiness in buying bed u could be that... but what will u say if u dont sleep when ur dear frind us angry with u ... then money will not give u that happiness .

  • I agree because... money is very important in life as it brings satisfaction. We r not saints nd Sofia karam who can live happoly without money .

  • I do not think money can make you happy. At first, it can seem like what you feel is real happiness, but it can make you greedy and even spiteful because once you have money, you will just want more. It gives you a feeling of dissatisfaction in the end, not happiness.
    I do not think money will give you the happiness you get when you do something you enjoy, because in the end, you can never get as much money as you want.

  • I believe money can sometimes bring you happiness because you can visit magnificent places and have great experiences there which could make you happy, but you can't be happy anywhere without someone you love, which you can't buy. So, in a way, money can make you happy, but only if you have someone you love next to you.

  • Moneys make me happy sometimes because I can buy what I want but sometimes can be a bad thing because thieves are attracted of them and they can enter in our houses if they see that we have a lot of money or they can kidnap someone from our family and then they will threaten us that they will do something bad to the person in our family if we don't give them money. Money can be dangerous.

  • I thing not also but thinking in general what can it make you feel happy: a place where you can live, clothes, technology, food, hobby.
    All of these you can buy just with money so if you don't have money you will not be 100% happy.
    But with money you can't buy a family or friends.

  • For me money can not bring hapiness, because more important for me are friends and family. For example how can money help you when you are in depression? Instead someone close to you supports you no matter what happens, and they bring true happiness.

    1. Can someone who doesn't have enough money for essential things ever be happy?

  • Clearly sometimes. Why? Because you could buy things and this makes you happy. But what if you are in the desert or in a situation where you can't buy things. But what if you are with you're family at your birthday. Money doesn't make you feel god every time. What happens if you are sad because you got a bad grade or your dog died.In that situation money can't revive your dog or give you a bigger grade. My point is that you don't need always money to be happy.

  • I agree... Money may not bring happiness directly, but it can help you to acquire something that makes you happy.

  • I voted for YES because a studi was done and it shows that 95% of the people that participated at the experiment were happier after geting one milion dollars. And also you tend to be more happy when you can buy every thing you like.

    1. When quoting a study, it's best to say briefly who did the study, in which year and in which country, so that other people can verify it .

  • I replied to wonderful duck from the US in the thread about young people's in politics because he make me think about how young people don't really understand or have enough experience in this life to help the country yet

    1. Do you think that young people should learn more about politics at school, so that they understand more?

  • From my point of view that money cannot buy happiness . Happiness Cannot be purchased by money. There are many rich that they aren't happy because money cannot buy a person who loves you for your character not for your money and cannot buy you children who cares about you not about when were you die to take your money and many rich people wish they were poor people because of this . Poor people they don't have money but have happiness

  • I think that sometimes money can bring you happiness, but if a loved person died you cannot get him/her back using money. Using money you can buy material things, but some people are affected by money because they run after it abandoning other people they love. For me personally the money is important but not the most important thing in life.

  • Sometimes - Money cannot always bring happiness. You are happy when you receive more money in your salary, but you cannot buy family, health and happiness with money.

  • I am gonna be very honest. I think money can bring happiness. Like it or not people will attach faster to you. But beware because some will only be after your wealth. Money dosent only buy happiness it also has a big role in your healthcare because unfortunately everything cost nowadays and nothing comes for free. Who would you rather be? Rich with a rude personality or a broke but have a great personality?

    1. Which one would you pick bright_wallaby?

  • I think money can sometimes buy happiness because you can spend money on big things or take expensive trips but over time the materialistic things cannot help you emotionally.

  • Money is unlikely to buy happiness, but it may help you achieve happiness to an extent. look for purchases that will help you feel fulfilled.

  • Money is important to happiness. ask anyone who doesn't have it. Having a higher income, for example, can give us access to homes in safer neighbourhoods, better health care and nutrition, fulfilling work and more leisure time.

  • I think sometimes because if you don’t have the money to pay for the thing that you want you might be sad and upset but if you don’t want to get or need anything and your happy without it then you can save money and still be happy.

  • I'm not sure about this because... money brings happiness and also sadness why because when a man have sufficient money he can buy objects which satisfies him for a period of time only . When a person have a lots of money he don't have any real relationship among people he only have fake relationship because when he don't have any money with him the relationship will run way from him that's the real universal truth across the globe.

  • From my point of view, I believe that money sometimes brings me happiness, such as when I fulfill my desire for something, but money sometimes cannot bring me happiness when my health is not good, as there are many rich people who are not happy even though they have a lot of money and real estate and
    Others, because they do not enjoy good health, and there are many poor people who are happy even though they do not have much money or their daily staples because they enjoy good health, and this is the biggest paradox indicating that money does not always bring happiness.

  • I agree, because money is the key to happiness. You need it in the simplest things, and you need it to live. When you are sick, you buy medicine, when you are hungry, you buy food, and when you need clothes, you go shopping. This indicates that money brings happiness.

  • From my point of view, money brings you happiness if you are fair and wise in disposing of it, you will not be happy when you spend your money on empty and unimportant things . Happiness is when you meet all your needs, when you are humane, generous, help others, and be mindful, then you will be satisfied with yourself and you will be loved among all.

  • I answered sometimes, because money is indeed the source of happiness, as it enables a person to do what he wants, what to buy, what to wear, and what to eat, but it also may make a person more anxious about his money than necessary, and this may make him a miser who does not spend money on himself And not to anyone else

  • I think that sometimes money brings us happiness. For example, if my school organizes a trip and all my classmates participate in it, and I could not because of lack of money, I will remain sad because of that. Other times I think that money cannot bring happiness, for example if a person is a millionaire and has a lot of money and gets sick. He is not willing to sacrifice all his money in order to be cured of this disease. Sometimes money provides us with happiness and sometimes it does not.

  • "Money does not buy happiness" With money you can buy what you want, but you cannot buy health, wellness, love for others, stability and security. Indeed, money does not buy happiness, but at the same time, if we use the money correctly by helping the needy, doing good, and giving simple gifts, all of this will make a difference in terms of eliminating poverty and spreading happiness and love in society, which leads to its cohesion. Money alone does not buy happiness, but money is one of the pillars of happiness, but happiness cannot be built with it alone, and it cannot be built without it. Money does not guarantee happiness, money brings happiness, but not everyone who has money is happy. So money does not buy happiness unless it is spent in the right place

  • I don't agree with the fact that money brings happiness, because if you are extremely rich, you can get boats, private hotels and much more. But, if you are spending a lot of money for you own good, you will never feel the love while giving other people gifts. Whenever you give other people love and gifts, you will always feel as though a warm fire of happiness has been lit in your heart because you have made another human being happy.
    Also, I feel that money could make you quite spoilt due to the fact that you will never be satisfied by your belongings that you have bought.You will keep wanting more and more and more.
    That is not what want.
    This is why I agree with the 14.5% of people who said that money does not bring happiness.