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The media and the voters have the most power. In order for the voters to stay informed the media... Who has the power? 13/3/24
Athletes should remain neutral to the media about poticilits. Keeping serious talks like this... Sports and politics 26/2/24
I feel as though there isn't one black and white solution. Its important to incorporate both... Prevention or protection? 25/2/24
I believe we should offer more training for prison staff. A close second would be hiring more... Prison staff 25/2/24
I feel that for a child the influences that one child takes is up to the parent to determine... Who has the power to stop social bias? 23/2/24
As a young female i've noticed more representation in the media compared to the representation a... Do you feel represented? 20/2/24
I believe that everything listed above should have an age limit except learning about the news.... Age restrictions 02/2/24
The government should prioritize the protection of people from crime . In a country filled with... Prevention or protection? 01/2/24
I feel worried about the evolution of AI as a whole. I feel that Ai is advancing at an extreme... What's your reaction? 25/1/24