Prison staff

In a recent survey of prison staff in the UK, it was found that 42% plan to leave their job within the next 5 years. It was also found that 62% of staff felt unsafe at work.

Prison staff play an important role in keeping prisoners safe. However, for prisons to keep good employees, the staff must feel safe and happy in their work.

What’s the best way to do this?

  • Icon-Money

    Option A

    = Increase the pay of prison staff

  • Icon-Training

    Option B

    = Offer extra training

  • Icon-MentalHealth

    Option C

    = Provide support for mental health

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    Option D

    = Increase the number of prison staff

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  • I think that prisons should increase the pay of prison staff. They are certainly doing a hard job. I believe that they should feel like putting themselves in danger is worth it. Also, it does take a lot of willpower to deal with serial killers every day. So providing support for mental health is important as well. I believe that they should be aware of what they are doing for the population. They are keeping us all safe. In my opinion, another reason for which they might wish to leave is that they are feeling like they could be someplace better, doing something they enjoy. I think that it is quite difficult to say that being a prison guard is the career of your dreams. In fact, they might even feel like they haven't reached their full potential. From my point of view, they are protecting society, but not too many people are acknowledging it.
    I think that by increasing their payment, more guards will become more efficient and will wish to continue working for a longer period of time. For example, if someone is trying to break free and has some backup from the exterior. If the guards feel like they are not getting paid enough, they will probably put less effort into stopping them. After all, it means putting their lives at risk. Not all guards may be like this, but with so little support, I doubt that they would be feeling secure enough to stand up to the prisoner.

    1. You've given some thoughtful reasons for ensuring prison staff are paid fairly. You also say that that you don't think the job would be a 'dream job' which I want to encourage you to challenge. What might people like abut this job?

      1. Hi Tiff!
        I think one thing that people may like about this job would be the challenges it brings. Being a prison guard requires everyday effort. You don't know what would happen next, who would plan to escape next and who might commit a crime in the prison itself next. Being a prison staff is a very challenging and adventurous job. However, there are some people who like the adrenaline rush they get every time they are thrilled. There are some people who would like to keep experiencing this rush daily as a part of their job.
        Another positive thing would be the positive change in the society. Being a prison guard would mean that you are keeping the world safe from criminals who have committed crimes. Being a prison guard would mean you are treated with respect. Prison guards keep criminals separated from the outside world, so I think being a prison guard is a pride in itself as you are doing a job not many can even think of.

      2. I would like to say what I think may make people to like the job which is the fact that as a prison staff, you are touching the life and mindset of an individual from thinking negatively to thinking positively, I think this way because some of the prisoners may gradually develop bonds with the prison staff and the prison staff can be able to correct the mindsets of the prisoner in their daily talks with one another which can be able to make the prisoner to follow the influence of his prison friend. This enables the prison staff to make both an impact in both the society and the life of the prisoner. In conclusion I think the mindset that should be used by the people to make being a prison staff a dream job is "You can impact the life of an individual and also the society by just influencing their decision making."
        THANK YOU.

        1. yes i think that's a concrete point because the prisons staffs help regulate the prisoners so that they would not escape from prison. prison staff are like officers who keep an eye on their prisoners

      3. Hi Tiff
        What people like about this job is because citizens that want to help in assisting they goverment in they contribution and betterment of the society will like to be a police to be able to catch thief's and those that commit in The society, so that they will be able to teach them a lesson that it is not good to commit in the society or thief another person's property, and let them turn a new lives when they come out from prison. Those that want to become a police, their interest is not only working for the government or they salary that is paid to them only, what they also want is to help people to stop corruption and bribery that's happening in the society, and to make they country or society grow.

    2. Nice talk marvellous hedgehog,you see if they are paid a lot of money ,they will consenterate more on their job and work harder to get more money. If they are paid a lot of money more people will come to get employed so not to become jobless or poor.If more people get employed there will be more security according to amount of staff that got employed.
      Thank you🥰👍

      1. I strongly disagree with what you are saying money does not buy everything, yes people care for money but there is this saying, "the love of money is the root of all evil" and I believe it. Most people now adays cannot be trusted because people just come to do work for the money, I like your point "if they are paid a lot of money, they will concentrate more on their job and work harder to get more money." for them paying a huge amount of money so criminals who can pay more may find out and since you are working for the money Therwill be a high possibility of bride and the workers will fall for it and help the criminals, an example of a place that practice this act is Nigeria when a car is being cheeked and there is an illegal thing the criminals will just bring out money and the officers will let the go, so the use of money to make a country better is a really bad idea because people can easily be bribe.

        1. I agree because... In the first place these prison staffs were not forced to pick the job. Most of them use the money they get paid to fend for themselves.
          You might be right but in most case it is not like this.

          1. I agree with you that these people were not being forced to pick the job, they got it for so many vital reasons. I say increasing their pay is better and yes in most cases it is not likely going to be that.

    3. I agree because the job is really difficult and the prisoners could injure them or worse and that could affect their lives.

      1. I agree because... the prison guards should be treated right

        1. Can you say why?

          1. because they are in severely bad conditions and they should be paid more to make the city better

    4. I agree with your comment because I think they are doing a is a great job keeping us safe.And as you said they rather be somewhere safer than just guarding and that is why they should increase thier salary at all cost.Also they have to be represented because they are doing a hard job.

    5. I agree with you. Better payment has most of the times proven to stop someone from resigning from their job. Especially dealing with serial killers and criminals may be mentally torturing and therefore they deserve better payment. They may atleast be satisfied that they are doing a risky job for a good payment.
      Considering the statistics given also a good pay may stop the ones who are expected to leave their job soon.

    6. I agree! Jobs like these often go unnoticed and the least that they should get for protecting us from the prisoners is a good pay. It is not easy to be constantly surrounded and outnumbered by people who are very much capable of dangerous things. It can make them re-evaluate their career choices so the increased pay can even act as a motivator.

  • I think the best option out of all of them is option C. While having a good pay is really good and can make you feel happy, it will not protect you and make you feel safe while at work. Extra training might put them at ease a little but even extra training won't prepare them for every possible occurence. Increasing the number of prison staff won't really solve the problem. While there is strength in numbers, it won't guarantee that all of them will feel safe. Once again this brings me back to option C. Providing support for their mental health will be able to help them with which ever trauma they might face. It might not be able to predict future occurences and prepare them mentally for it but at least if something does happen, they will be able to rehabilitate them. When someone is not mentally prepared for something, they won't be able to physically handle it. I think giving them support mentally is the best out of all the options given. When their minds are strong, they will be able to think fast and act under pressure in case of an emergency.

    1. I agree with you. Mental support is what we need most for the prison stuff. They spend most of the time in prison with the prisoners, seeing the punishment of them which will generally make them feel insecure. Again, the prison atmosphere is not good enough for them to continue their works. Again, different types of thought can come to their mind like they haven't done anything then why they will stay in the prison with the prisoners. On the other hand, the people who are very compassionate can't tolerate the suffering of those people. For this reason, we should engage prison stuff with a strong mindset and mental health. We should provide support for mental health along with increasing the pay of prison stuff. We should also increase the pay because they endure a lot of mental breakdowns through working and taking care of the prisoners. Their job is also risky cause the victim may did something life threaten or dangerous thing to get out of the jail. For this reason, we should appoint the stuff with good salary so that they won't do anything to help the prisoner just to get a little money or bribe from them. We have to make sure that they are strong enough to handle the victims and are of no need in money due to low salary.

    2. I quite like the way you approach this! Mental training would definitely get them ready to face every possible challenge. Strength of mind, throughout history, has always been regarded as the most significant strength of them all! Mental support would make them battle ready, and maybe even increase their decision making skills. That way, they would be a able to rely on their critical analysis in time of a crisis...
      But, the thing with Mental Health sessions, the biggest drawback in my opinion, is that even therapies have weekly sessions. Towards the end of the week, the impact the session made on one's brain will be wearing off. As a result, even therapies take longer to heal the patients.
      Wouldn't mental health sessions also have the same drawback? Mental Healthcare requires a lot of individual attention! How many therapists or trainers can one mobilise? Can we actually successfully aid over 7000 staff members (This is just an estimate)
      That's why, my solution kinda leans towards providing training. The officers can train on their own as well. If a person gets confidence in his own abilities, he grows far stronger than before.

    3. I'm not sure about this because... In my opinion all options are okay when it comes to the care of prisons staff but I think offering extra training for the prison staff is the best Because with the training they can be able to guide and protect the prisoners which will make the prisoners feel safe.
      I also think the extra training we'll go along way in preparing the presence staff mentally so that they can be able to face the challenges ahead. With the extra training the prison staff will have the belief and mindset to do what is right not minding the pay.

      1. Yes, i agree that extra training will help the prison staff to be prepared. All the options are good. Let us analyze all of them to find the most effective.
        1. Option A: The option of increasing the payment of the prison staff is not really that effective considering the fact that some people might not want to put their life on the line for a few more dollars. Prison staff need to be prepared for anything and just increasing their pay won't do that. Yes, it might make them more willing to do the work but it might not give them peace of mind or the necessary training that they need.

        2. Option B: Offering extra training will actually be a great advantage on the side of the staff. They will be able to tackle any situation more professionally. This means that when they get the training, they might feel like they can handle anything, thus they will have a little peace of mind and confidence.

        3. Option C: Providing mental support to the staff will really go a long way in keeping them sane and secure. The thing is that the prison staff might not feel safe while staying in the prison. Providing mental support will help them with their fear and anxiousness. They will be able to carry out their duties comfortably and confidently. Of course for this to be really effective, they need to be trained accordingly.

        Option D: Increasing the number of prison staff might be based on the saying "There is strength in numbers". This means increasing the number of prison staff will make the operations run more smoothly or handling an emergency easier. This is quite true. When there are more people, they will be able to handle a situation effectively, with the right training that is. But it might not give everyone complete peace of mind.

        After analyzing all of them, i believe that the most effective is actually offering the prison staff more training. The training could also include mental exercises that will help them get over stress and anxiety. This will help them work better and more comfortably.

      2. I side with your point precious swan some prison staff require extra training because of the way how some are towards the prisoners. Some of them cannot even handle the work of rehabilitating the prisoners because they are scared of what will happen to them a very cartoon, yet real and practical example is the joker from batman and Harley Quinzell's relationship with each other, which led to catastrophes in Gotham city.

      3. Yes exactly they need extra training both physically and mentally because as a prison guard you have to be strong especially when dealing with prisoner in the maximum security chain because those prisoners put in that chain can decide to break out one day because they are sophisticated criminals Who can take advantage of any situation and do whatever they deem fit for the prison guards to handle such criminals they must attain psychological training in the sense they are able to find out the next move of the criminals they handle and likewise in strength so as to avoid being over powered by such criminals.
        If prison guards are not strong enough even though they are well paid and they lack adequate training there is no way prisons can be administered properly because they are not able to deliver even though they are paid for that.

      4. HELLO precious_swan
        I totally agree with you because if the staff are not at ease they have the right to say so. I think that extra training will help them because it will prepare them for the future and for what lies ahead and challenges they will face and that's why i agree with you. Because if they don't fell safe they can't work. They need to well equipped especially emotionally and mentally. This will help in turn to be able to reform the prisoner which the main aim of people being sent to prison.

    4. I agree because... indeed if a prison gaurd feels at ease with they're mind, it would increase they're confidence while ensuring prisoners are in check at all times. Increasing their training may not always give them a sense of safety while around prisoners and though this may be a good change that can help with better safety, if a gaurd knows how to fight but doesn't have the confidence and bravery to, it cannot be promised that society will be safe.
      THANK YOU 💘

      1. Hi
        I agree with you charming_mode. Yes if a prison gaurd feel at ease they're mind, it will encourage them while monitoring the prisoners and increasing their training may not give a sense of safety but increasing their training can only improve their skills in fighting but without confidence they will feel weak.

    5. I agree with you because working in a prison environment can be highly stressful. Staff deal with challenging situations, confrontations, and emotional strain daily, and mental health support services, such as counseling and stress management programs, can help staff cope with stress, prevent burnout, and maintain resilience. Also, prison staff face unique stressors, including exposure to violence, trauma, and difficult interactions with inmates. Mental health support equips staff with coping strategies, emotional regulation techniques, and resilience-building tools. This enables them to handle their responsibilities effectively without compromising their own well-being. In addition, regular mental health check-ins create opportunities for early intervention. Staff can discuss their emotional well-being, identify signs of distress, and seek help proactively. Awareness campaigns can reduce stigma around mental health issues, encouraging staff to seek support when needed. Not to mention the many prison staff who witness traumatic events or interact with individuals who have experienced trauma.
      Training in trauma-informed care helps staff understand trauma’s impact, respond empathetically, and avoid traumatization. Staff who also feel supported and mentally resilient are less likely to react impulsively or aggressively. That's why mental health services contribute to a safer work environment by promoting emotional regulation and conflict resolution skills. Another serious point is that prison staff are at risk of experiencing secondary trauma due to their work environment. This makes me think mental health support can identify signs of distress, suicidal ideation, or emotional crisis, allowing timely intervention. I think one way we can do this is by combining mental health support with other measures (such as training and staffing) to create a holistic approach. Staff who feel psychologically well are more likely to engage in effective communication, teamwork, and crisis management. In conclusion, addressing mental health is not just about individual well-being; it also impacts the overall safety and functionality of the prison system.
      Thank you.

    6. I'm not entirely certain about this because in my opinion, an increase in salary can have a positive impact on the employees' mindset and motivation to undergo extra training. If they are paid well, it is likely that they already possess a developed mindset and are physically and mentally prepared to perform their job duties willingly. As the saying goes, money makes the world go round.

  • Actually i concur with the first option which say that their payment should be increased, I believe in this because as we all know when we work in return we need to et paid not only to be paid but also we need to be well paid, and in a case were we dont get paid many negative things get to happen which include collecting of bribes from rich prisoner and also 0ne who has the right attitude to work might decide to quite the job and look for a more well payed jobs.
    so think that when wardens get to be well paid, they will have no excuse to leave their jobs, because as they work they are been paid well.

    1. Educated harmonica I actually concur with what you are saying why because, perhaps like in Nigeria prison officers are not being paid well in this country whereby leading to what you said like bribery, looking for another job but the case of the country Nigeria one has no other choice but to stay and continue working because of our corrupt government. So I still will say that yes what you said is concurring with my own point of view.
      So in conclusion I am saying that I am going with opinion A, because of the rate of one's mindset is to do the job well and to get paid well so, I hope I have been able to convince you that yes prison officers should be handsomely so as to give them the mindset that they are doing well and to continue doing their good deeds in protecting the citizens of the country. Thanks .

    2. I'm not too sure about this because the prison staff wanting to quit isn't just because of the pay. They feel unsafe protecting and guarding prisoners, so maybe even if they get paid more, it might not change how they feel.

      1. How do you think would better help them aside from pay?

        1. Hi Eva
          This is a good question to answer
          It can help them aside from pay through it's essential to focus on training, well-being, and communication. Providing more practicing training programs can enhance their skills and confidence, making them better equipped for the challenges of their roles. Dealing mental health support, such as receiving guidance support services, can help staff cope with the challenging aspects of their job that require skill and dedication . Creating clear communication channels ensures that concerns are addressed promptly, fostering a positive work environment. Additionally, recognizing and celebrating their contributions through awards or acknowledgments can boost confident and job satisfaction.

        2. Hi Eva, I would like to answer your question.
          I think that focusing on their training, mental health, and communication would better help them aside from pay. I say this because their training is important in being a prison staff. After all, this can benefit you in situations that occur in prison. For example, prisoners escaping from prison and taking care of prisoners carefully without any problems. Mental health is a crucial part of their job. Mental health is everything they have to stay calm so that they won't hurt anyone inside. And last but not least communicating is also crucial. They have to speak up about things so that they would be helped with or just to ask any necessary thing without them being nervous.

      2. I completely agree with the statement that prison workers play a crucial role in keeping us safe. They are not only there to earn money, but also to protect us from dangerous criminals. Their job is of the importante job because without them, our safety outside would be at risk. Therefore, we should express our gratitude towards them for their invaluable service.
        Thank you! 😊

        1. Definitely, I agree with you that prison staff play a very crucial role in the country or society. If we fail to pay them well, they will get discouraged and this will lead to making all those who have prepared their minds to join the prison work also get discouraged and go away leading the country to be in great danger. So the best thing we do for the society and them is always to encourage and appreciate them to keep the life of everyone safe.

      3. I disagree with this statement. The prison staff's decision to quit isn't solely about pay. They're also concerned about the pay. They're also concerned about their safety while guarding prisoners. Even if their pay increases, it might not make them feel any safer.

    3. I definitely agree with you, them being paid very well is another sign that prisons are at work. If they are being paid well, they won't have to leave their jobs for another causing chaos in prisons because they all have vital things to do with money and it is okay because it is something positive that is being of done to earn the money and it impacts lives.

  • In my view Option C ,providing support for mental health is the best choice. Prioritizing mental health support can address the under lying issues contributing to staff dissatisfaction and feeling of unsafety, Leading to more positive work environment and ultimately a improving staff retention and well-being.

  • Hi
    They should offer extra training to prison staff would be beneficial. It would enhance their skills, knowledge, and ability to handle various situations within correctional facilities. Ongoing training can help ensure that prison staff are well-prepared and equipped to maintain safety and effectively support inmates' rehabilitation. They should offer extremely training to prison staff to be to control and keep the prison going smoothly

    1. I agree with you because the prison staff don't feel safe. With extra training, they would gain more skills and will learn strategies to deal with any problems.
      However, what if the training isn't good and the staff do not feel fully empowered to do the job?
      For this option to work, the staff training must of a good quality and it needs to make the staff feel that they can do their job safely. They must feel that they control the prison and that the prisoners are not controlling them.

  • Greetings !
    In my perspective, I go with option C because providing support in mental health is the best in all the options , it is because prison is a place where no one can feel safe , as it may have the chances to be attacked, chances of hostages and the people that work in the prison staff should be supported to their mental health because alot of people just get off with the job of prison staff and the people who work in the occupation should be appreciated and supported.

    Thank you

  • I think the best option is B. Training provides more specialized skills to the ones they already have. Times change and even the types of crime change because the causes vary. Training is important but only when it has a specific goal. They can ne trained for prisons with minor crimes, major crimes or prisoners with mental health issues . Additionally training should be led by specialist trainers who can guide them to improvement of their skills

    1. I agree! We need to train the soldiers keeping a specific goal in mind. Like, train them for prison breaks, or how to deal with violent prisoners. I believe another drawback of our system is that we are often unwilling to invest more in training of government personnel's. Neither is the government likely to sanction such funds, nor will the public, in most cases, approve.
      Hence, mobilising funds for heavy professional training would be another difficulty, considering how it does not affect the masses.
      But if we do manage to mobilise such funds, I agree, extra training is the way forward. We need to make the Prison staff more self-depended and confident. And that can only come with advanced training!

    2. Thank you very much for that wonderful comment, but I think that the primary objective of any worker is to get enough money that can be able to sustain him or her, and also when one get paid it is like getting appreciated what he or she has done so far, and as we all know that when one get appreciated for what he or she has done, that is the only time that person will have the zeal to continue that particular job, so even though they are been engaged in special training, and they are not been paid well, they will not have passion for that job and this will lead to either them to quit their job or to start engaging into bribery because they feel like they are not getting in return what they are soppose to get, so i think that option A is the best

  • I think the best options are option A and D. This is because some prison staff might claim their unhappiness to be from their monthly salaries. Watching over prisons is a very important job, if the staff are unhappy because of their pay, when a criminal escapes they is a high chance that the staff that witnessed it can be easily bribed or will be reluctant in restraining the escape of the prisoner. The person might even conspire their release even without their own free will, as they might be threatened to do so. Option D is very effective, especially for the unsafe and scared. These set of people will be those that will gain from this option most, because they will feel as if they themselves are in danger and their families if by chance a prisoner escapes, so the best decision to make is to increase the number of staff. This will guarantee their safety to an extent as the number of staff to fight are larger and less recognisable in specific if seen outside. In conclusion, I think the best option really relies on their fears and unsatisfaction ( happiness and safety ) with is best solved with option A and D.

  • I think the best option would be A because honestly the main reason why people work is to get money. People work to get payed to buy what they want and need. Without the money being offered in the job I don't think anyone would accept it. It makes them happy to receive something valuable after working. And with an increased salary they could provide themselves with mental support. Example seeing a therapist.

    1. Hi @helpful_idea, do you think it could be a combination of A and C as you mentioned mental health support?

      1. I don't think it should be a combination of A and C. I think A is just enough. And besides no one really cares about their mental health and I think they should give themselves support till it gets out of hand.

        1. Can you explain why you believe no one cares about their mental health?

          1. I think no one cares about their mental health because people don't visit therapists or psychologists unless a situation is getting out of hand or when they have or develop a mental illness like drug addiction, bipolar, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder etc. According to the internet, in 2022 approximately only 23% of people visited a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. If people really do care about their mental health, they would probably be visiting mental health professionals at least once every half a year.

    2. Hello, helpful_idea
      I strongly agree with you. With everything you have stated in your comment.

      I agree that option A is the best choice to agree with. I say this because prison staff are putting their lives in risk by making the prisoners feel safe. I think they should be able to get a high salary for putting their hard work into it. I also think this because many people need that money to buy the necessary equipment. Last but not least the prison officers will feel appreciated by receiving a high salary.

      In conclusion, I think that option A is the best choice to agree with because money it’s important to the prison officers.

  • It is imperative that prison staff receive a salary increase to ensure their safety against the unpredictable nature of inmate behavior. As we all know, inmates can be unpredictable and may harass staff members. For instance, if the cook provides poor quality food to inmates, it is not necessarily their fault and they should not bear the brunt of this harassment. A salary increase would not only improve the morale of prison staff members but also ensure that they can perform their duties without fear of harassment.

  • I believe option B would be the best option to proceed about with this. Humans always feel safest when they can rely on their own strengths. Studies show, that as times have progressed, humanity has become increasingly lonelier. The current generation, thus, feels that it can rely most on itself, and only on itself. Extra training thus would increase the capabilities and skillset of Prison Staff, making them increasingly self-dependent. If the staff can rely on itself to protect itself, the sense of insecurity could be minimised to a great extent.
    Considering all the other options, while extra pay would be a good incentive to make them stay, it would only oblige them to keep working. They might refrain from giving their best because of their fear and this would definitely impact their mental condition adversely.
    Giving them therapy would be just a temporary solution and increasing the number of staff would just add on to the people who fear.
    They do say Quality over Quantity!

  • I think option D is the best among all the options listed it is true that being payed extra and offered better training is realy good to help improve your work and have better work ethic these things will help you have the right attitude to be work but its different in this case because you are dealing with prisoners who are dangerous people and these people can over power other individuals these prison staff are highly trained so they are ready for the unexpected with prisoners but prisoners can easily be over powered the prison staff because the prisoners can attack in numbers on one person can take others numbers over power strength numbers plus tacktik over power bruth strength this why i think more what prison staffs are better if you had more prison staffs you could put all those stuffs in all those little little areas which having shortage of staffs wouldn't be able to cover this would reduce the risk of prisoners from escaping rioting Fighting etc they would feel more secure because there are guards everwhere to assist and protect them as and make their work easier

  • I believe option C is the best. Option C believes that police officers should be provided support for mental health. Support for mental health would assist police officers in recovering their mental health problems, which I believe may lead to happiness and them continuing to work. Option D does not work best because though more police officers would be hired, the amount of police officers does not mean the new police officers won't develop the same problems as the current police officers. Though option A could be a solution, you know what people say, "Money doesn't buy happiness.", the saying is somewhat true. People can be having several problems, and money is not going to solve those problems. Sure, people are going to be able to pay people to do certain stuff and spoil them, but is that true happiness? If so, wouldn't you still be fighting mental problems or current problems? Option A may work though due to the happiness people receive once handed or given money, but it is not the best as it does not help with mental problems like option C does.

  • I can't actually decided because all is important A is important because if their payment is increased they will have money to take care of their personal needs which will make them feel happy and better to work in the prison.B because they need extra training to know and learn more about their jobs. C because if they are provided with support for mental health it will help them discover some hidden illnesses inside. D because it will reduce too much work on little group of people. Thanks 😊.

    1. Hi @brilliant_personality, what do you think is the most important and why?

      1. I can't actually decided on a particular answer because all is required in my own prospective. Thanks.

  • I choose the option B. I believe in this because offering extra training to prison staff can be a affective way to improve their safety. Extra training can equip prison staff with the necessary tools and technologies to handle challenging situations. The training must include communication skills, cultural sensitivity and safety skill. So, there won’t be no chance of violation and they will be safe.
    Extra training offer them opportunities to expand their skill set and acquire new certification. This will motivate staffs to do their roles perfectly. Prisons face evolving challenges. Offering ongoing training ensure that staff stay updated on the current trend amd they tackle these challenges easily. Extra training can foster teamwork and communication between staffs. This will encourage the staffs to work together. They can maintain safety and help each other in high stress situations. When the staff members feel trained to handle their responsibility, it can boost their confidence. They can contribute to a sense of empowerment. By providing training, prisons can mitigate risks and potential liabilities. This can help prevent incidents that may lead to lawsuits and negative publicity.

  • Hi,
    Actually I will concur with the option A why because, as the survey went 42% of the people working in the prison are planning to leave which are in the UK and Wales, because of the payment they receive which is not enough for them and for those that has family wouldn't be enough. So probably to retain and also probably bring more workers the rare of the amount of payment should increase so as it will be enough for them personally and their family at large

    So in conclusion I hope that I have been able to convince you all that people working In the prison their payment should increase so as to sustain for them and their families. Thanks.

  • We all know that whenever people are much at work, a worker wouldn't be stressed out or get worried. That's the reason why I go with opinion D.
    Opinion D is the best because if prison staff increases it would make a great impact on both the prisoners and prison staff.
    If they are many prisons staff, prisoners like Fito who escaped from the prison in Ecuador couldn't have escaped from prison if they have been many prisons staff on duty he might not have escaped from prison.
    All other opinion are also important , opinion A which says that increase the in pay of prison staff; it's also important because if prison staff are paid well they would be eager to work and will not even collect bribes from prisoners if they want to escape,for instance we don't know if Fito has bribe some prison staff in order to escape from prison.
    As for opinion B which says offer more skill,if prison staff are offered more skills it could help them learn new strategies in catching prisoners that tries to escape from the prison.
    Lastly opinion C which says that provide support for mental health,if prison staff are you supported with mental health programs it could help reduce the fear of being hurt by a prisoners, we don't know if prisoners like Fito has threatened a prison staff in order for him to have escaped from prison.
    I think that all the options are very important in keeping both the prisoners and prison staff safe.
    Thank you!

    1. It's crucial for workers not to be stressed or worried when they are at work. That's why I support opinion D.

      Opinion A, which suggests increasing the pay of prison staff, is also important. Well-paid staff would be more motivated to work and less likely to accept bribes from prisoners trying to escape.

      Opinion B, offering more skills to prison staff, can also be valuable. Additional skills can help them learn new strategies to prevent prison escapes.

      Opinion C proposes providing support for mental health. This could reduce the fear of being harmed by prisoners and help prevent escape attempts.

      Lastly, opinion D is the best because increasing prison staff can greatly impact both the prisoners and prison staff. More prison staff would prevent incidents like the escape of prisoners, such as Fito in Ecuador, if there had been more guards on duty.

      I believe all the options are crucial to maintaining the safety of both prisoners and prison staff. Thank you for considering these important points!

  • I agree with option A because prison staffs need enough money to care for themselves,if we increase the pay of prison staff it will make them more committed to duty. I agree with option B because if we offer extra training to prisoners it will help them to become stronger and be able to stop prisoners from escaping. I agree with option C because if we provide mental support it will help them not to be afraid of able bodied prisoners. I agree with option D because if we have more manpower it will be tough for prisoners to get out.

    1. What option do you think would be the most important and why?

    2. I support option A because adequate pay is essential for prison staff to effectively care for themselves, and increased pay can lead to higher commitment to their duties. Option B has my agreement as well, as providing extra training to prison staff can strengthen their abilities and prevent escapes. Additionally, I agree with option C, as offering mental support can reduce the fear of physical harm from prisoners. Finally, I'm in agreement with option D, as additional manpower can make it more difficult for prisoners to escape.

    3. I agree with your views on option A. I think that the pay of prison staff should be increased because a pay increase gives them better incomes and motivates the staff to do more. It will also help improve the work family life balance as their family will enjoy more improvements in their daily lives. I also believe that it will encourage more people to apply for prison official jobs which will also increase the outlook on the prisons as other people with different views come into the prison system, the prison system will be elevated in different ways.

    4. Hi
      I agree with you succinct_cheater. A prisoner need some money to take care of his self and his family and if we increase the salary of a prison staff they will have some money to take care of their self and they will even be able buy equipment on their own and increasing their salaries will make them serious about their job through that they can have the courage to confront notorious criminals that are hurting the society.

  • I choose option B: "Offer extra training."
    When it comes to prison these staff need to be prepared for any possible situations. Training these staff for anything that can happen would be the most effective way to keep them safe. They can train them both mentally and physically and give them bonuses based on their performance's when working in the prison.

    Option A: "Increase the pay of prison staff."
    Analysis: Increasing the pay of prison staffs would not have much of an effect on these staffs. If you increase their pay this could influence more negative behaviors such as bartering and trading with the prisoners. I rather suggest giving bonuses to these staffs.

    Option C: "Provide support for mental health"
    Analysis: If we provide more mental health than physical training it could pose a problem to these staff. I say this because... prisons host nasty people who can do a lot of damage mentally and physically. If these staff are prepared mentally but lack the strength to fight, they could have a problem when prisoners begin to fight.

    Option D: "Increase the number of prison staff"
    Analysis: Increasing the number of staff in prison could be a bad thing. It would lead to room for more mischievous activities since staff are much, keeping staff low will help in room for monitoring the things they do.

    I personally think that if all of these activities were carried out in moderation the staff could become more effective, as human beings are not perfect. I suggest that the criteria for each position should be different to promote transparency in the prison.


    1. Hello glad outcome

      I agree to what you are saying but I personally feel that option B and C work hand in hand with each other because if they want to Offer extra training, they will Provide support for mental health because every one needs to be trained how to be mentally healthy so that they can do their work well. Based on my personal analysis, I respectfully disagree with you because:

      Option A (Increase the pay of prison staff)
      I personally feel that if prison staffs are paid more I feel that they will reduce the way they are being bribed since they are now paid more whish will lead to less corruption when it comes to prison staffs.

      Option B (Offer extra training)
      I feel this will go a long way in in reducing the rate of prisoners escaping because, if they are given more training I feel they will be more physically fit and more aware when it comes to how criminals escape.

      Option C (Provide support for mental health)
      I also feel this will go a long way in reducing violence by prison staffs to prisoners because I feel that prisoners are hard to control so I personally feel that every prison staff must be given this training to be able to control their anger and frustration towards prisoners.

      Option D (Increase the number of prison staff)
      I also feel that if prisons are to have many staffs firstly it will be a disadvantage which is that the country will spend a lot of money when it comes to payment of salary but I feel this will be worth it because it will guarantee the safety of the prisoners and reduce the rate of prisoners escaping.

      In conclusion I feel that all the points are important to make a prison a safe place and a place that changes people.

      Thank You!!!

  • By increasing the number of prison stuff, they might feel safer and it will also help their mental health.
    Prison stuff will feel safer because there will be more people around them to handle the criminals in case of a serious fight between them. And it will also help their mental health because there will be more people to talk to and higher chances to get along with someone.All in all In prison they can also use more protection to keep the stuff safe and prevent them from being hurt.

  • choose option D because if the prisons increase the number of prison staff then those prison staff that feels unsafe will feel more secure around the other prison staff because because they will solve and acomplish things together.
    And whith the increase in prison staff will reduce the chances of prisones escaping whith more guards on the job and even if the prisoner escapes with the increase of prison staff then they will find that prisoner in a nick of time.

  • Hi wonderful folks of Topical Talk 2024
    I agree with all of these options which will be an honour to explain my reason in this comment
    1. I strongly agree with option A which states that ” Increase the pay of prison staff” because when the pay of these workers increase, they will appreciate the job they do and feel happy when they do it. They will also put in their best when they are working. I feel that if their pay is not increased, they will never find delight when they are doing their work and they will not put in their best when they are working because they know that after all the hard work, their pay will be little. They will never appreciate the work they do which can cause most of the prison staff to resign and it will be difficult to hire more of them so the prisoners will feel that they can do what ever they desire because there is no one available to correct or instruct them.
    2. I also concur with option B which states that “ Offer extra training” because the prison staff can be overwhelmed by the behaviour given to them by prisoners and cannot tolerate them but the extra training can enable them to try and raise these prisoners to change their bad behaviour and they will realise how to tolerate and cope with the prisoners.
    3. I come to an agreement with option C which also states ” Provide support for mental health” because the prison staff might not feel alright with the event that occurs in prison and they can have long lasting trauma about an event, for example, getting beaten by a prisoner without being able to make a move. This might have caused them to get scars and when they keep on remembering the scene, they get frightened. So, I feel that they should have a psychological or mental treatment for all prison staff. They can have a psychological test to see prison staffs who need mental help and those who don’t so that in that case, then they can pay extra attention to those prison staff who have mental health problems and help them.
    4. Lastly, I personally approve option D which states that “ Increase the number of prison staff” because if the number of prison staff is increased with a good pay, there can be an extra eye on every prisoner and there will barely be a chance for them to escape or misbehave. I strongly believe that if there were many prison staff, the gang leader “Fito” will not have the opportunity to escape prison.
    Have a happy weekend!!😃😃👍👍😊😊👌👌

  • I think that all options would be a great help to keep the staff feeling comfortable. But, if I have to only choose the BEST one, then I would think it is B. Providing extra training is a great way to keep their staff prepared for what they are going to experience and could keep them calm. If a problem occurs, they would know how to act in that situation. Some staff don't have any experience and would freak out, which is mainly why they don’t feel comfortable in the prison. Extra training means having the experience beforehand. They would feel more comfortable in the prison when getting enough training.

    1. What do you think the training would involve?

      1. Hi Eva, thank you for replying to me! At first, I just thought that the training involves knowing what to do in a situation and being prepared for it. Either learning how to defend yourself or learning how to talk with the prisoners. But, once I thought about it further, I realized that it is a “two in one” since it also contains option C, Provide support for mental health. They also have to be mentally prepared for what they are going to see and experience. It includes extra training for their mental health too.

  • Each of the options presented plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and well-being of prison staff, but if I had to choose the best option, I would select Option C: providing support for mental health. Working in a prison environment can be incredibly stressful and emotionally costing due to the continuous exposure to potentially dangerous situations, high levels of responsibility, and mostly limited resources. Providing mental health services, such as counseling and therapy, acknowledges the unique challenges experienced by prison staff and offers them a constructive manner to manage their stress, trauma, and their emotional state. By prioritizing mental health support, prisons can create a sustainable environment that values the psychological welfare of their staff, ultimately aiding a healthier and more resilient/persevering workforce.
    Increasing pay (Option A) can improve job satisfaction and reduce financial stress, while offering extra training (Option B) can improve staff skills and confidence in handling hard situations. In addition, increasing the number of prison staff (Option D) can arise workload pressures and decrease risk of burnout among existing employees. Therefore, a vast and well thought strategy that contains elements of each option would likely bring about the most effective results in ensuring the safety, happiness, and retention of prison staff.

  • As it was stated above, many prisoners plan to leave their job and most of them fell unsafe and discouraged during their work. So what it should be done to make them feel better? One way is to increase the staff's salary. This way, the staff will gain confidence and they will know that if they work hard , this will be adequately rewarded. Another way is to increase the number of prison staff. They will feel safer and when they are in a difficult situation they will have more people to depend on.

    1. What do you think would be the most impactful factor to keep prison staff?

      1. The most impactful factor would be to increase the number of staff and especially staff with specialist knowledge so as to be placed appropriately.
        Some will be staff to support their mental health, others their physical health and some to provide them with communication skills.
        In that way they can be both trained and more staff employed.

      2. Hi, Eva @ Topical Talk!
        I have a suggestion on how we can support prison staff. We can promise them a safe working environment, where they won't feel threatened by the prisoners. Additionally, we can ensure that they don't miss any significant events such as the birth of their child, a family member's wedding, or the Christmas holiday.

        1. I partially agree as this is much easier said than done as prisons are already under-funded in many regions, this will only increase the costs to run a prison which may be reflected in cost cutting across prisons unless funding is increased. this will cause more unrest among prisons resulting from a lower quality of life due to cost cutting.

          ensuring a safe work environment in a prison AND giving prison staff longer breaks will drastically harm prisons unless funding is increased leading to less security as they may become understaffed.

  • I strongly support option D as it would ensure that there are enough prison staff to maintain safety and order within the prison and reduce concerns about missed holidays such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However, we should also consider the financial implications of hiring and training additional staff. This could be challenging, especially since many state budgets are already under pressure."

    1. "I agree that holidays are important, so if there were more prison staff, each staff member could have shifts to ensure that no important holidays are missed. However, you are correct that increasing staff would require budget cuts and other changes within the prisons."

  • In my opinion, the most ideal option is C because the prison staff need surely mental support. I mean that many of these are really scared of prisoners because they have done something illegal in the past. Some of them may have even killed someone. The staff could be scared because they may feel of prisoners reacting violently in prison. It could be ideal if prisoners and staff had a close and constructive communication throughout their jail sentence in order both of them to feel safe .

  • Hello,
    After considering all options, I have come to the deduction that the most compelling and valid options are A and C.
    To begin with the former, rising the income of the staff is a decisive factor for their financial ease and of course their desire to remain and gradually love their job. So, increasing the pay of prison staff can work as incentive for them to continue working at prisons.
    To continue with the latter, prison staff witness daily many brutal events, they associate with criminals and generally the job on her own can be very depressing and miserabling. Thus, the provision of mental support and help can be very beneficial for the phycological health of the staff.

  • Prisons are the places that we keep people with the most despicable actions. But society to feel safe and keep them from running away we have prison stuff. Each one of them may feel uncomfortable or wants to quit. The main reason is that they feel stressed with working the most dangerous people. Training could be a way to relieve some of this stress. Knowing that they can defend themselves is a good way to keep them positive. Even an increase in their paycheck could alleviate their uncomfortable feeling as it is tough being with prisoners. I think a combination with all of them is a solid choice.

  • Hello wonderful topical talkers
    In my opinion option B is the best way . Because if a person is trained to face anything why should they be scared or why they should quite . I don't think option A is practical because already a the average Prison Warden in the US makes $104,932. The average bonus for a Prison Warden is $16,308 which represents 18.4% of their salary, with 5% of people reporting that they receive a bonus each year. Prison Wardens make the most in San Jose, CA at $207,176 averaging total compensation 97% greater than US average . So in my opinion they earn enough .
    Thank you

    1. I completely agree with you option B is the best way to help prison staff feel safer while they are working. Increased training will help them feel safer because they will have been taught how to properly manage a negative or dangerous situation if it occurs. Prisons need to come to the conclusion that they can't stop all prisoners from getting into fights or arguments with other inmates, but what they can do is ensure that when they do happen their wardens know what to do to keep themselves and every other prisoners safe.
      So based on the option you chose I agree that training will be and is the key to ensuring the guards feel safest when they are working.

      However, I disagree with the statement you made saying "they earn enough". I think it is important to keep in mind these people are the ones keeping the outside community safe from the masses of convicts kept behind bars for their horrific actions. When deciding whether a warden makes enough we are deciding how much both ours and their safety is worth, and in my opinion society's safety is priceless. So when you think of it from this point of view they don't earn enough.
      These statistics you have found are abnormally high compared to the rest of the globe, as in the UK an experienced prison warden will only make on average £40,000 per year or around $50,000, which is approximately half of what the average US warden makes. So if they are earning this much in the US, then the rest of the world's wardens should be making the same.

      - Prison and Probation jobs UK

  • I must confide that movies had an impact on me when writing about this topic. First I thought about prison staff fighting with criminals but in most cases I believe that this is not the situation. They are just people that even some of them may feel frightened about an urgent event that could cause disruption in prison. So for me they need to be trained for the best and the worst with special reformative actions that can use for prisoners. They should also feel that are rewarded so an an increase on their salary would benefit their effectiveness.

  • I think option a is the best way because,increasing the pay of prison staff can be an importan way to improve job satisfaction among employees. Higher pay can help attract and retain qualified staff, reduce turnover rates, and improve morale. It can also show appreciation for the challenging and often dangerous work that prison staff perform. By offering competitive salaries and benefits, prisons can create a more stable and motivated workforce, ultimately leading to a safer and more efficient environment for both staff and prisoners.

  • I think Option B is the best choice because it will give extra training to all prison staff. This training will make them feel more confident because they will discover new skills and abilities. It will also make them stronger, more agile, and give better endurance, so they can handle challenges better than before.
    So, in short, Option B is great because it boost staff confidence and make them physically stronger and more capable. This will help make the prison safer and more secure.
    Thank you for listening to my opinion!👍

    1. I agree because... Increasing the frequency of training can have a positive impact on the overall learning and development of prison staff. By providing regular opportunities for skill building and professional development, prison staff can gain new abilities and knowledge that can enhance their performance and effectiveness within the prison environment. Such exercises can help them stay up-to-date with the latest practices and techniques, improve their communication and interpersonal skills, and enable them to better manage and respond to challenging situations that arise within the prison.

    2. I agree with you that training prison staff will equip them with new skills and abilities to use in prison. However, the cost of training them will be immense, as well as the cost of hiring new staff, as prison staff are required to work long hours and may be deprived of holidays to stay and guard prisoners. Therefore, I don't believe that hiring more prison staff is the best choice.

    3. Hello, pioneering_impression,
      I agree with you because having extra training can have a positive impact on the overall prison officers. The training that they will get will make them more confident and more comfortable in their job. They will have more skills and experience to develop their own abilities.

    4. I'm not sure about this because then this will cause less people to apply for the police force as there is more training and a higher chance you will fail as the new skills wont be easy and people will be mad that they failed and try go against the police force.

  • Hi, I believe option B is the best choice. Here's why: if the people who work in prisons (we call them prison staff) get extra training from someone who knows a lot about prisons (a highly trained prison officer), they'll feel more confident and safe while doing their job. I did some research, and guess what? Scientists and psychologists (they study how people think and feel) have found out that when prison staff get trained by someone they trust and who knows a lot, it helps them feel safer.
    Imagine this: you're learning how to do something new, like riding a bike. If a super good bike rider teaches you and says, "Don't worry, you'll be safe," you'd feel better, right? It's the same for prison staff. When a super knowledgeable officer tells them, "There's nothing to be afraid of," they'll feel calmer because they trust that person.
    So, option B is a great idea because it helps the prison staff feel safer and more confident in their work.

  • I think I’ll go with option C, Because the prison staff should be in proper mental state so that they can handle any situation with proper logic. Also, it is important to have a proper mental state because if you’re keeping an eye on the guilty, then it is important to stay alert because if once a guilty is on loose then there will be a lot problems . Everyone will panic and will loose their emotions and it will be very difficult for the police as well as the government to handle the case . So this is the reason why the prison staff should by in proper mental state .

    Also giving them good amount of wages , it will keep the prison staff more happy and will make them active . This would make them to do there work more properly ………

  • In my opinion, the best way to address the challenges faced by prison staff would be Option C: Provide support for mental health.
    Providing help for people's minds is super important, especially for folks working in really tough and stressful places. This means giving them things like therapy sessions and tools for their mental health and making sure the workplace is all about being there for each other when it comes to talking about tough stuff in our heads. By focusing on providing help for mental health, the people who work in prisons can get the support they need to deal with how their job affects their minds. This can help them feel less stressed and make the workplace better and happier. When the workers are happier, they're more likely to stay, and they'll enjoy their jobs more. This means the prison will have a steady team of workers who do a good job.

  • There are many things to consider when we are talking about prison staff. The best option would be B as I think that training can provide better results. However they need to be trained with specific goals. For instance they have to be trained to remain positive whatever the situation. They Aldo should be trained to have good communication skills so as to cooperate effectively with prisoners. We should also keep in mind that all these require time so prisoners could br financially supported to enter these training programs.

    1. I actually agree that the fact that training can provide better results. Training of prison staff will help the staff to gain better experience in handling prisoners. Training helps prison staff to gain knowledge on how to perform their duties properly. It will also teach prison staff job to properly treat prisoners with respect and dignity. I agree that working in a prison can be very life threatening and unsafe which means it requires a lot of skills. Though it is dangerous, good prison staff are very important because they can encourage positive behaviour in prisoners. They can also help prisoners rehabilitate faster. This is why prison staff need to feel safe. When prison staff are put through proper orientation and training they will know how to handle different situations in prisons and help them feel prepared. In my opinion, being prepared makes you feel safer.

  • Well, are class actually had a discussion about this during are lesson on it, and we were saying about money (option A) and how prisons staff aren't being payed enough, meaning some are leaving their jobs or even being bribed into helping prisoners, like Fito, to escape. I also thought about option D, because I usually feel safer when I am with more people, especially in the case of a prison, when there would be a lot of criminals plotting on a way to break out.

  • I think option C ,providing support for mental health , is the best choice because it addresses the psychological wellbeing of prison staff. This support can include counseling services,stress management programs, and access to mental health professionals ; By prioritizing mental health, prisons can improve staff retention , job satisfaction ,and overall morale,leading to a safer and more productive work environment for both staff and inmates.
    Thank you!

  • In my opinion, government should provide safety and security to prison staff. Because mostly staff face this difficulty and pressure from different high level supportive authorities. Moreover, continuous training is needed to change their behaviours to be calm and positive and be vigilant and create positive environment. Then they can manage all things and solve issue positively.

  • In my opinion the best option to go for is option A which states that " Increase the pay of prison staff". Some prison staff may have felt unsafe while doing the prison work because of the inmates and that may have lead to the leaving of their job. Some of the prison staff may also believe that it is better to leave the prison work which is not bringing in much money so they rather find a safer job that pays more. I believe that if prison officers are paid well they may begin to see that the money being paid to them is worth the risk maybe because the person is the bread winner of the family and if he/she dies as a result of the prison work they may be no one else to cater for the family.

    Thank You.

  • I think option C is the right option. Because if they will provide mental support to the health then they will also feel safe to work their and they will be happy to work there. Providing mental support and keeping the staff happy in any field will make them safe to work their. People are leving the job because of mental stress it can also be because of salary but this cannot be a big reason that people are leaving their jobs. I think it is option C.

  • I think that b is the wisest choice because if the prison offers them extra training they will have more confidence and will be ready for most situations. I expect that they will be happy that they have improved in skill , IQ , experience. The extra training
    can reduce the number of escaped prisoners.

  • I believe that Option C is the best option, because the work is already very high risk, I don't think a small increase in pay will change that, extra training won't be necessary because most prisoners escape from stealth, and increased numbers don't mean increased quality.
    Mental health is something that is deteriorating every passing day. Whether that be from thug beatings or incompetent officers. Improved mental health will also make prison guards better at their jobs, and they will also be more calm and mannered towards prisoners. They will also be more calm towards their fellow prison staff.
    They will also care more more about their jobs, making them stay as prison guards for longer, which will improve the pay, because prisons will always be in the lookout for new recruits.
    So, in short, Option C improves prison guards' mental fortitude, it also makes them more lenient towards the prisoners and more hospitable towards their fellow staff, and it makes them be more productive with their jobs.

  • I think the best options are A and B because most of the prison staff are looking for money, which they need to provide for their families to help and support them. So if they do not get adequate/efficient money they will leave their job to look for another job.
    If they are also given extra training it will improve their defense and attacking skills, if any dangerous prisoner tries to breakout or escape from their prison cell. It will also improve teamwork and working together.