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AI is big news – and with every big news story comes a wave of mixed reactions. This happens because everyone views the news from different perspectives.

All of you have unique perspectives because of your personal experiences, for example, where you live, who you’ve met and what you’ve learned.

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  • Hi,
    I chose the something else option because honestly I have mixed feelings about it. From the way things are going AI is going to make a very big difference in the lives of each and every person both positively and negatively. On the positive basis it is going to increase the efficiency and accuracy of human work which is really good but then AI becoming a major part of everyone's daily life is kind of alarming because this technology will be made to do almost everything we can do reducing the creativity of the human mind, it will also make people lethargic (lazy) and the thought of solely relying on AI to perform activities we can obviously do on our own kind of disturbs me . So looking at all these reasons I think I would have rather picked the curious option, because I would really like to know whether AI will be more on the positive side like for example instead of reducing the need for human workers it will create new job opportunities or will my fears of AI being more on the negative basis come to pass like making people lazy around more.

    1. This is a very thoughtful and balanced assessment, giving_snail. I wonder if AI might actually increase our creativity and quality of life if we have to spend less time working in future - what do you think?

      1. I agree because... AI is a result of human creativity so I feel AI positively affects human creativity. They can only do what they are told to do and can't exactly bring new ideas. They also improve the quality of our lives and make certain activities easier and more interesting.
        Yet, AI can actually depreciate the quality of life by encouraging laziness and viruses when misused. Therefore, I feel there should be a limit to the use of AI; there is still fun in being original.

      2. Hi,
        As a matter of fact I do believe that AI can make the increment of creativity and the quality of life possible though I still have my fears of people becoming more lazy as I said but, analyzing it made me realize that there is a positive side to it taking over many jobs. Like u said we will have less time to work in the future, this will relieve many people of stress and it will help them clear there minds to help them think and generate more creative ideas that will help us in the future. Also relating to the improvement of the quality of life, stress does a lot to the health of people in a negative manner and with the the reduction of that stress people's lives will be healthier and easier. But while looking at the positive side I would also like to balance it by looking also on a negative basis, some people don't just do jobs just to earn a living , some do it because they have passion for it and also because they love doing it , just like them I to have a passion for medicine, gynecology to be precise and that is what is driving me to do well in my studies so that I can get my dream job, many people were like me when they were younger and finally when they reached the stage where they can get there dream jobs AI takes it away from them, that is actually rather unfortunate and to see that I may be one of those people also kind of baffles me. that is my opinion on this.
        Thank you

      3. I agree because I think AI can actually increase the quality of life in some countries. In my country Nigeria we are a little behind when it comes to our advancements with technology and this has caused so many people to undergo strenuous task that are sometimes life threating in other to survive, I mean some research has shown that the life expectancy of people in my country is within the age range of 50-65 years if not shorter. Asides stress, unsafe living environment etc. The lack of AI in my country is really having effects on us from my view. And with the introduction of AI in the nearest future life will be made easier in my opinion.

        1. I disagree because I really don't feel the reason for the backward state of our country Nigeria is the lack of AI. As painful as it is to admit, the people don't put in their own personal efforts to see effective and positive change in the country. They look for an easy way out of every issue they find themselves in, they always look for short cuts and the introduction of AI now my just give them that. Take a look at the history countries that thrive with AI today, they all put in efforts without AI and when they had it they used it effectively without abusing it. So, I feel Nigerians should start trying to make changes without AI and when it finally comes, it will be massive blast.

          1. I don't think you understand my point of view, so let me clarify the misunderstanding. Knowing fully well that sometimes Nigerians choose not to follow the right way and follow the easy way out of things, but the comment I posted earlier was trying to portray how advantageous AI will be in increasing quality of life. I am sure you watch the news, and it is clear that most of the cars driven in Nigeria are imported and not assembled or constructed here. It is just of recent that a company called INNOSONS was able to start assembling cars to the best of my knowledge. WHY IS THIS SO? Because we lack the necessary technology skill and personnel for the task, coupled with the lack of industries in my country. So, imagine a situation where humans are doing the work of machines, I tell you, that environment will be prone to many dangerous hazards that might be life threating, and also for the fact that us Nigerians are faced with situations where they have to undergo difficult jobs in order to earn a living. For example, a worker conveying blocks to a construction site on his head. All these experiences leading to the reduction of the quality of life😔. So, picture a scenario where all these difficult jobs are now carried out by machines, don't you think that the primary aim for the of the invention of AI as helpers of humanity is achieved. So, it is the job of the government to regulate the use of AI when it finally comes in the nearest future and educate citizens on the need to be upright and honest in every of their dealings.

          2. I agree that the reason for our backward state in Nigeria as you have just said is " people don't put in their own personal efforts to see effective and positive change in the country" because people don't like to contribute to the growth of the society and nation at large.
            But also, our slow development to technology is also a reason for our backward state in the country because when we do not advance in technology, we won't be able to find better solutions to our problems and when technology improves it could help terminate problems such as unemployment which is a very big issue in our country.
            THANK YOU!!

            1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

      4. I disagree because... Humans will feel slothful and rely on AI, and that reduces ones creativity scope. AI can undercut humans original ideas. AI can negatively affect humans motivation ideas and problen -sloving abilities, thus killing humans quality of life.

        1. Hi,
          I disagree with you, though, I understand your point of view but dwelling only on the negative aspect of it is what is going to draw us back, truth be told nothing can only be advantageous to us , everything has there disadvantages and it isn't different with AI . I to at a point dwelled on the negative aspect of AI but in one of my other comments I stated how I sat myself down and analyzed the whole thing, this technology actually has a lot of advantages that could serve us greatly. Like one day I sat down and I thought of something, okay, we as Nigerian children are meant to care for the house chores and seriously my worst house chore is washing plates and I imagined the thought of my mom bringing back a robot that will do all the house chores especially the washing of plates. I narrated this thoughts to my classmates and we all laughed about it though, I knew that they to agreed with me deep down, that if we could actually get our hands on it we wouldn't waste time to get it. So actually to me it will increase our quality of life and not completely destroy it.
          Thank you!

          1. I disagree because... People don't care about the world if they will fulfill their needs,they don't care about others. It causes laziness to humans which is bad to the health of people. If AI should do what humans do, the world will not be a human world but an AI world. Imagine how the world will look like.

            1. Is it fair to say people don't care about others?

              1. I am sorry to say that people don't care about others but most people just care about their needs while they get it, they just don't want to know the situation of other people.

              2. Hi,
                I think it is rather unfair to say that people don't care about others. We do not know the situation they find themselves in and we might tend to judge them, at times, people may appear to look self-centered and selfish, but I found out that caring about people doesn't necessarily mean that you have to agree with and do anything they say or always make their opinions right, for example, I and a friend of mine have a discussion and my friend says something that is obviously wrong but because he or she is my friend I have to agree with them and if I do contrary I apparently "do not care about them, their opinions and their feelings". That is how people are judged now, if you do not agree with a opinion of a certain person you are seen as self-centered, yes there are other ways to go about than being harsh and all, but honestly, telling people they do not care about others without proper judgement of the matter is totally wrong and hurtful. So before telling someone they don't care about others look from their point of view first, that is the way.
                Thank you!

              3. Sorry to say that. But some people just care about their needs while they get it, they just use it without thinking about the negative effects it can cause to the environment and other people.

        2. I agree because laziness will be implemented in human lives and AI limits the thoughts of a humans if I am to go to chat gpt they would give information that is so straight forward and it is not flexible for the mind to process and this can affect the good quality of human work

          1. I strongly agree with you because every human is inherently endowed with potentials. However, AI may limit humans thoughts to diminish their creative abilities. For instance, when searching for information, on the internet an individual, might struggle to articulate their emotions about a situation.

          2. Hello,
            Yes we can all agree that AI will make humans legarthic in some aspects but please let us not only dwell on the negative side of AI but also come to the realization of its advantages.
            AI has, many wondrous features such as,
            *It saves time and energy.
            *It is accurate and reduces human error.
            *It encourages automation, but could also encourage laziness.
            *Natural Language Processing: This function allows machines to understand and interpret human language.
            *It provides educational tools and personalized learning.
            Please, I hope I have helped you realize that AI also has its advantages.
            Thank you, I still remain wondrous_mode.

          3. I also agree with you because with AI doing all the work, this leads to humans stopping the work they do and developing lots of lazy tendencies. This then leads to non-complexed human minds. Then at a certain point the world will start to take a downward spiral due to the fact there are no humans controlling what is happening as far as the work field. AI is programmed by humans so they only know so much.

        3. I greatly disagreed with you when you said that the AI will reduce our creativity scope because we gave them the artificial sense that the AI is making use of so they can only be programmed to perform some certain jobs that they are doing today. So there's no way it will reduce our creativity scope.

          1. I strongly disagree with your disagreement, talented_cicada.

            1.Routine Tasks and Creativity:
            AI excels at handling routine and repetitive tasks, enabling humans to focus on more complex and creative endeavors. However, there is a risk that individuals may become overly reliant on AI for routine tasks, potentially diminishing their engagement in hands-on, creative activities. According to a study by the World Economic Forum, automation and AI technologies are expected to displace certain routine jobs, necessitating a shift in skillsets towards more creative and innovative roles.

            2.Creativity in AI Development:
            While AI itself is a product of human creativity, concerns arise when AI systems are solely designed to replicate existing patterns and data. If AI algorithms are primarily fed with historical data, they might perpetuate existing biases and limit exposure to novel ideas.

            3.Dependency on AI Recommendations:
            As AI systems provide recommendations based on past data, there is a risk that individuals may become overly reliant on these suggestions, potentially narrowing their exposure to diverse perspectives and hindering truly original thinking.

            While AI has the potential to enhance creativity in certain aspects, it also poses challenges that need careful addressal. The key is to strike a balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and maintaining human engagement in creative thinking, ensuring that AI complements rather than substitutes our innate capacity for innovation.

          2. I disagree because our increasing dependency on AI may be independently made is idle and when AI is used humans might become complacent and not fully acknowledge thinking skills

        4. That's very interesting, why do think that?

          1. Thank for the Question, Mike , humans are naturally intelligent and smart . We are very creative when it comes to creating new ideas and technologies. Afterall AI such as Series, Alexa and Contana was created by a human, if humans rely on AI they will feel relatant and hesitant to have more creative and efficient ideas. Just imagine a humans asking somethinghe/she has created for answer or ideas? I believe humans are naturally gifted when it come to creativity and ideas and we will continue to create better technologies and devices in future without the support or help of AI.

        5. I disagree because AI would not undercut human ideas but enhance them that is the whole point o f AI creation and it it is to help and reduce stress of working not make humans slothful but to assist and be productive whiles humans take a break.

          1. I strongly disagree with your comment because humans excel in creating new technologies and decives, artifical intelligence was created by a humans and can be destroyed by humans. AI didnt make humans slothful but made humans release their capabilities in creating better and advanced technologies. Humans are becoming more creative everyday, humans are creating robots that can express emotions like humans. Insist that exciting and thrilling? AI can reduce stress for some jobs , jobs such as teaching and therapy cannot be done by an AI because these jobs require, communicaton, sympathy and other humanly emotions. In conclusion I believe AI cannot undercut human ideas but strengthens humans to create better ideas .

      5. I agree because... I agree because... due to the fact AI is as a result of human's creativity, seeing that it has done a lot in improving quality of our lives by making things easier for us, we might feel the urge to invent something better and more mind-blowing. But there should be quite a limit to the use of AI so we humans don't get too lazy and depend on it do everything for us.

      6. I agree with you because how can AI increase ou creativity and quality of life when are not working as we ought to. AI can improve our creativity in the future because presently most of us let AI do most of our jobs such as; critical thinking , creativity and so on. If we are doing this presently how do you expect the future to be, if we do not minimize our use of AI to things we ought to be using our critical thinking for, the future might not be as we planned it to be .

      7. I personally think that AI is a really good way to improve creativity and it will definately improve the quality of life. But sitting back and watching AI control everything will make us dormant and once something is dormant it becomes inactive or inoperative. If we allow AI to take over, we will become inactive and just sit back to let AI run everything for us. Obviously this will affect the way we think. We might lose the zest to do anything actually. Yes, we will have a lot of free time on our hands but knowing that AI has us covered will make us a little too comfortable don't you think? Too much reliance will make us stop thinking of creative ways to help ourselves and start leaving AI to do all the thinking. When we work, our brain becomes active. An active brain leads to ideas and creativity. An inactive and comfortable brain leads to conventionality.

      8. I agree, because AI is all about enabling people to carry out tasks easier, faster and more efficiently. That leaves people with a lot of time to reflect and to enhance their creative skills. A lot of people are to busy working to do creative things like pottery or painting, but AI making work faster could change all that.
        And as for improving the quality of life, many workers are often overstressed and overworked, which could eventually lead to health conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, weight gain, stroke and so much more. AI can ease workers' stress to enhance and improve the quality of life.

      9. I completely agree with your point of. AI can increase our creativity and quality of life, but not necessarily if we spend less time working. If we look at it with a different, more competitive perspective it might even push us towards a major evolution in human history. We know we cannot compete with AI on the basis of efficiency and the huge amounts of data it can access but we can compete with AI on a human basis, our creativity which is very unique to each one of us and if we constantly try we won't become lazy or lethargic in nature we might reach a breakthrough which none of us imagined.

      10. well, I think Generative AI can help conquer these challenges. It can enlarge the creativity of employees and customers and help them generate and spot innovative ideas as well as improve the quality of raw ideas. Also, AI can examine colossal amounts of data and generate unique notions that might inspire an artist's next masterpiece. ...
        and 2...Visual Exploration: For visual artists, AI-generated images can stand as starting points for the latest creations. If we define creativity as the ability to generate valuable ideas or solutions, then some AI systems have the capability of being creative. For example, some AI systems have been used to generate new designs, music, or art that have been appraised as creative by human experts. AI algorithms can examine colossal amounts of data to note out patterns and generate new ideas that we may not have thought of it on our own. This can lead to the discovery of new creative techniques and approaches that can help us humans expand our creative horizons.thank you

        1. Hey focused_blackcurrant,
          It's understandable that opinions on the role of Generative AI in fostering creativity can vary. While some see it as a valuable tool for enhancing innovation and artistic expression.

          One point of contention could be the notion that AI has the capacity to be genuinely creative. Some argue that creativity involves a level of intuition, emotion, and subjective interpretation that may be challenging for AI to truly replicate. The concern may be that relying too heavily on AI-generated ideas could potentially lead to a homogenization of creative output, lacking the unique human touch and depth.

          Additionally, there might be apprehensions about the overreliance on AI in creative processes, raising questions about the authenticity of the generated ideas and the potential loss of human intuition and nuance in artistic expression. While AI can certainly assist in generating ideas, the true essence of creativity lies in the human experience, emotions, and cultural context that AI may struggle to fully comprehend.

          The debate around the role of AI in creative processes is ongoing, I think perspectives like yours, expressing skepticism or disagreement, are valuable in shaping a balanced discourse on the subject.

          Thank You!!!

      11. I agree because AI plays a materialised role in actively elevating human decisions-making, by adding a layer of data informed analysis to assist our creative decisions . AI will take the burden of annoying continuous tasks allowing a better sense of job fulfillment.

        1. I agree with comment AI can make tasks easy for humans after all AI was created by humans and it's created to support humans' ideas. AI can support humans in improving weather forecasting by examining the weather pattern. AI can help predict the next generation disasters. AI can help in construction by preventing an amount of costs in projects by identifying the potential cost, this money will save for other resources for the construction. AI can enhance building designs and humans lift heavy bricks and metals. AI can ensure safety in the construction site. AI can help in hospitals by analyzing's diseases and illnesses. AI can also help in drug development by using natural herbs and plants to manufacture drugs. AI can also assist in brain and heart surgeries. AI can agriculture by detecting pests and diseases, AI can assist farmers by controlling the amount of water and sunlight given to the plants. I believe AI can assist humans in many tasks but there are some jobs that AI can do and these jobs consist of emotions and collaboration skills.

      12. I disagree because, Artificial Intelligence will make humans lazy and rely too much on technology ,thus it's going to reduce ones ideas, suggestions and creativity ,Well Artificial Intelligence can have it's own negative impact on we humans such as critical thinking, unemployment ,Reduced human involvement in tasks,even though it helps us in some sectors like saving time ,and automating repetitive tasks, However it's slowly taking over and reducing our ability to solve problems.

        1. I'm not sure about your opinion because AI can actually help humans in many ways . AI can help with students their writing skills and essays. AI can help students with reading disabilities and with dyslexic problems. AI voice technologies such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana can help make communication easier for students that stama and are mute. AI can also help deaf student by generating the vioces of the teacher into words making it easy for deaf students to understand the topic. AI can help home schooled children understand many topic and help solve problems easier. I am not sure that AI can reduce humans involvement to tasks because jobs such as teaching require humans emotions and can help students with communication and analytical skills. In my opinion AI was created by humans and it is difficult to believe that can actually reduce humans ability to solve problems. The collaboration between AI and HUMANS so far has been phenomenal. AI has taken over the areas in medicine, construction ,education etc. AI supports the activities of humans and has come to make to life for humans better and simpler. The potential of the human brain cannot be compared to any AI system and as such humans will dominate AI for a longtime.

      13. Hello Marie,
        Humans are creatures that always seek comfort, and when they get it, it's hard to get them out . AI is a very crucial tool as it could be used in both negative and positive way .Although I appreciate the invention of artificial intelligence and how it makes our lives easier, and how it affects various sectors, especially the health sector, the invention of new robots based on artificial intelligence has made surgical procedures easier and faster, which is really helpful and has saved a lot of lives. But at the same time this impact of AI terrifies me for obvious reason. Although in the future AI might give us the opportunity to utilise our time more efficiently I don't think it will affect our creative mindset in a positive way. Because even if you look at the current situation, students and young people are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence and Internet tools into their daily lives. Currently, many children have begun to rely on artificial intelligence technology to write essay, which may hinder their ability to express creativity independently. Additionally, artists including painters and craftsmen are also experiencing the impact of artificial intelligence. While AI-generated reference can help artists, it raises concerns that it may not fully represent their original work and could negatively impact creativity. The widespread use of AI tools requires thoughtful consideration of its impact on individual creative expression and innovation. Therefor I firmly believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to be a valuable and transformative tool for the future of humanity and the planet. However, it is crucial to recognize the need to establish boundaries. Overuse of any technology, including artificial intelligence, can have detrimental effects on our health, minds, and overall well-being. Achieving balance and setting limits is critical to harnessing the benefits of artificial intelligence while protecting our physical and mental health.

    2. I agree with you about having mixed feelings towards what the AI will be like in the future. People may ask why do I say this well this is because the AI is like an endless sea of possibilities and you really don't know what to expect.
      Humans have a way of turning a beautiful gift into something destructive like fraud, invasion of privacy and many other activities.
      Also, when we overuse the AI we tend to rely on it too much and we start losing the natural skills and gifts we have.
      The future of AI can be filled with continuous advancements and development in machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. And we can all agree that one of the major positive effect of the AI is to improve efficiency.
      The productivity of artificial intelligence may boost our workplaces and homes like using smart homes, which will benefit people by enabling them to do more work.
      Well, all we can do is expect the unexpected!

      1. I agree because... I chose the 'curious' option because everything has the good and bad sides, even AI. AI helps us in most of our daily activities. It helps the world evolve. Yet, AI has its negative sides. Technology alone isn't enough to change the world properly; we still need some original human ideas. Like Einstein said, 'I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will be a generation of idiots'. Technology is a great servant but a dangerous master.

      2. This is also my fear. I worry about the future of AI. Why it brings many benefits like isn't the workload in education, businesses and healthcare, it also raises concerns. The rise in cybercrimes linked to AI is alarming. People exploit this technology to hack into accounts and commit various offenses. Despite its advantages, I fear for the future without robust security measures. It's crew shall to address these risks to ensure AI'S positive impacts and protect against misuse. Balancing innovations with safeguards is key for a secure and promising future.

    3. I choose something else because AI has both positive and negative aspects.
      On the positive side AI is more efficient than humans and can perform tasks at a faster rate. However, if AI malfunctions, the cost of resolving the issue can be substantial leading to delay in tasks that require immediate attention.
      I'm waiting to see what the future holds for AI.

      1. I can only agree with you. Indeed, if AI malfunctions, huge problems will follow. I think that if we are going to let AI become this big part of our lives, then we should also come up with some solutions for the possible problems. It is true that we will be figuring out many of them on the way there, but I strongly believe that we should be at least slightly prepared. Perhaps teaching in schools how to handle an error could be helpful. People so often say that children represent the future. Another thing we should normalize is being extra patient and careful with details. We tend to be in a constant hurry when working with technology. We expect every website to load quickly and get mad when it doesn't. I know sometimes we don't even realize how inpatient we are. By being more careful with details, we can avoid possible mistakes.
        Although we like to say that robots are perfect and can't make mistakes, we shouldn't forget that they were created by humans. They were programmed by humans. And humans make mistakes.
        From my point of view, we should remember that.

        1. Hi,
          I strongly agree with you because people tend to think that AI is so advanced and developed that its tendency of making mistakes is very low if not impossible but like you said we humans do make mistakes ,many mistakes as a matter of fact and people also forget that we humans are still the ones who created this technology so they to are prone to making mistakes. Before we started the festival officially , on Saturday we had an activity organized by topical talk and I am sure that this activity was done by everyone present here and we tried our best to do all the activities, and the questions asked were mostly centered on the struggle between humans and AI and I noticed that during an argument between me and the partner assigned to me for the activity she stated this same point, she believed that the tendency of AI making mistakes was very low and after the activity I decided to think more about it and I realized that the same humans that she was contradicting were the ones that made this technology that she supports so much and at that point I wished that I had discovered this then maybe I would had won the argument. I really do not have anything against AI because it isn't entirely bad, truth be told it has be advantageous to me to but I think that people should be careful the way they entirely depend on AI cause to much of everything is bad.
          Thank you!

    4. I agree with you as I feel that AI can make humans more developed. We can get to know about more information through websites such as Wikipedia. We can also research easily by using google and many others. AI has made our lives more easier.

      1. That is a good point but what do you think about "fake news" and general disinformation? If we put our trust fully in AI and what we find on sites like Wikipedia, we might be learning information that is not true.

        1. Hi,
          Fake news to me can serve as a great threat, though it may seem like something small it has something big to it.
          General disinformation can increase people's exposure to risk and there vulnerabilities. Imagine being shown a website that is meant to let's say double the money that u invest in it and to your dismay after investing a huge amount of money in this website you found you find out that it is a scam and you lose a huge amount of money because of this, this is one of the many disadvantages of general disinformation. This fake news can lead to the death of people too and many other diverse negative effects. I know that this may be too deep but the truth is that we need to look at everything with an open mindset and we must be ready to accept it no matter how difficult to believe it is and truth be told small things can lead to big things whether positive or negative.

          1. I also respect to your opinion. Fake news create various problem . Fake news is a threat for developing nations. Fake news create the situation of war inside the nation or between the nations. It creates negative impact in nations and people of nations

            That’s from my understanding
            Thank you

            1. Hello!

              I agree, fake news are a great problem, but we shouldn't allow censure to all what is said to be fake news, because from that there is only one step of losing freedom of expression.

          2. Hi ,giving_snail I agree with you that fake news can serve as a very big threat. I also feel that fake news is created to change people’s beliefs, attitudes, or insights, so they will eventually change their behavior. If you believe fake news, then someone else steers your beliefs and decisions. The most frustrating part about fake news is that it’s difficult for one person to do anything about it. In many cases, an article with false or harmful information has done its harm by the time you see it. Honestly, about what you said concerning ‘truth’ , we must be willing to accept it ,it is very real that "The truth is always simple, but rarely easy to accept".
            Thank you.

    5. Hi,
      I also appreciated the something else option, cause we cannot say correctly what type of situations it will create in our life. The word AI is a complex word. Besides having merits it has demerits too. It helps us in the every sphere of our life. It also make a man efficient and expert in every scope of work. On the other hand it also has negative sides. If AI become successful in all sectors, then the number of workers will decrease and then they will become workless. This negativity will effect our daily life. Many people will publish false news by the dint of it. If it continues, one day will come when no time or deeds will exist to solve it by any type of effort.

    6. I agree because... Same I have mixed feelings about it. From the way things are going AI is going to make a very big difference in the lives of each and every person both positively and negatively. AI can help us in the positive way in this following reasons:
      1. In education,AI help us the students to make research about our assignment that the teacher have given to us than making research's with our textbook that requires stress.
      2, In advertising our product: business men if the wants to let people to know about their product with the help of artificial intelligence they'll be able to advertise their products.
      In they negative way:
      1. Students go to website where they are not supposed to go and abused the usefulness and opportunity for the AI to be created or programed.
      2. Young youths also abuse the AI by using it to fraud people their money on website.
      So looking at all these reasons I think I would have rather picked the curious option, because I would really like to know whether AI will be more on the positive side like for example instead of reducing the need for human workers it will create new job opportunities or will my fears of AI being more on the negative basis come to pass like making people lazy around more.

    7. I strongly agree with you. AI can be both negative and positive to our world. It can take over people's jobs and cause unemployment. However, AI can also be very beneficial. It can help with jobs like manufacturing and software when there aren't enough workers. Although there are many more reasons why AI is both positive and negative this is the main reason why I believe AI is controversial.

    8. I agree because... AI has both its pros and cons. AI can help humans with their writing skills. Students who are homeschooled can use AI with their research and presentations. School children can use AI with their essays and difficult questions they can't crack. Apart for schools AI can help in construction sites by helping masons lift heavy brick and metals and preventing accidents from happening. AI can help with the pollution of bodies by finding ways for humans to dispose waste properly Artificial Intelligence can help in so many ways but is has it cons, AI can make students lazy and neglect their studies and rely on AI. AI cannot give emotional support and cannot help students with their analytical, collaboration, and communicate skills.

    9. I also agree with this, people are getting lazier and lazier day by day. Because nowdays people are depending on AI too much than needed. Like some students after they get assignment from their teachers, they aren't trying to do it by themselves but they are searching it from Google, and other apps. Which is generally affecting their studies. We know that nowadays children are the future of our nation. So, if AI will affect on children studies, then it will also affect on the future of our nation.

      1. Hi,
        I am happy you see it from my point of view, My teachers saw that we the students we're depending too much on AI and the internet , even when they give us assignments that is meant to make us use our intellectual skills and initiative we always run to AI for help, so the school management took a decision to reduce our access to the internet drastically this session to see what happens and sometimes our teachers will give us really hard assignments about things we haven't treated in the topic or things that aren't in our notes and textbooks and no matter what we are to submit a complete assignment as at when due and though sometimes it can be stressful but having to find answers to the assignments we are given with little or no form of research material is actually fun, I and my classmates would go from class to class ( classes of our seniors and our juniors) and we would inquire about the questions given to us in our assignments and truly with a little effort and little time we get our answers. This exercise increased our interactive skills and helped us to improve our abilities to use our initiatives. I mentioned this because I wanted to make a point clear, AI is not at all bad it is the way we use it that makes it bad, it's like money , money is not bad but the love of money is bad and that is how it is in AI , this technology was made to help us that not to do everything for us , they were made to be a means of enhancing our works and making them more exceptional. As for what my school did, this method can help a lot in schools in increasing students ability to use their intelligence and initiatives to the fullest and not allow them to abuse their intellectual activities and dull around, because "All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy" .
        Thank you!

        1. An interesting task set by your school. Should lessons always be like that?

          1. Hi,
            Honestly, this task is very stressful and time demanding , so it may not be accepted and seen as good for all, but actually schools can take up this task , it may not be as drastic as this but it can be used moderately. Not only these methods but many other different methods can be used, For example:
            Instead of always given written assignments, try other assessment methods like, surveys, interviews, experiments, and observations, these little things will challenge the students and put them to test, because these things are nearly impossible for AI to do for them because it is based on a personal basis and not on the AI generated answers.
            Another thing is developing rules, guidelines and policies regarding the use of AI generated tools, and the teachers should convey and enforce these policies on the students and also encourage about the importance of independent thinking and original work.
            Like the festival has done so that AI education can be available to students on the hub, students in their various schools should be educated on the capabilities and limitations of AI. The students understanding the concept o A can help a lot in guiding them towards the good way of using it.
            Another thing is also involving the students parents and guardians to also cooperate and contribute to the changes that the school are trying to do.
            with these few methods and many more the correct use of AI which is to enhance the students work and increase their intellectual abilities and not completely take over the work of their brains and minds, a change in schools and students will be evident.
            Thank you!

    10. I agree because AI is so helpful yet so scary to humanity's future;from jobs to normal chores in the house could completely change. 🤔

    11. Hello, Giving_Snail. I completely agree with you. Your opinions is great and I feel as if you couldn't have stated your opinions any better. I have also chosen the something else option. I chose the something else option, because I feel like the other choices does not apply to my emotion towards AI

    12. Hello,
      I share the same experience as you do. I have been having mixed feelings about the future of AI. I can see why people think it is mostly a good thing and why other people think it is mostly a bad thing. AI helps people with art designs, composing music, keeping track of their business, and much more, which is why I understand that AI can be a good thing because it helps people with difficult things to achieve. I am also worried about the future of AI because since it has become even more advanced, what will happen if AI takes control of a lot of people's jobs? It would be very tragic to lose your job, and your passion because something can do it better than you. As well as being able to replicate anyone's voice and make them say anything is also scary.

      1. Well done for replying to another comment.

    13. I strongly agree with you as AI useful for us as AI so dangerous if we do not put limits for it , AI is very important in some cases and they are able to do a lot of things that human does but on the other hand if we use AI robots more than usual it will be a disaster as many human will be lazy as you said and will not work also there weren’t be any creativity in the future as all people will stop thinking and let Robot think and do and nothing creative and new will happen in the future

    14. I agree with this statement it's going to be different when AI comes into our lives, yes it's going to increase the efficiency of everyone's daily life but at what cost, there is no doubt that it will decrease the creativity level of the next generation if we do not do something about it. Like look at what going on in the world university students are using AI to forge paper for their assignment.do u guys have any way we can stop this?

    15. I also have a clash of excitement, anger and curiosity. There is no way you can look at this topic in one perspective. There are some pros and cons. I get excited about AI when my mom tells me to start cleaning and doing house chores. It's nice to imagine the future where robots will be doing the chores for you. I get angry when students misuse AI in school on a work I put my all in. Sometimes I feel like AI should be something a parent must log into before a child gets access. Curiosity kills me like crazy. How are children going to be like in the future? How will the creator of AI feel after recognizing how AI has had a negative impact on the children.

    16. I agree to an extent because I believe that AI can be really beneficial if we use it when we need it. However, it does encourage an attitude of laziness as we feel it can do everything for us. In addition to this, AI can take over job opportunities that people who actually are willing to put in effort could do. This can be a problem as people will work hard only to not be needed as an AI has learned to do what they do much faster. I believe this is a problem as AI does not and never will fully understand human emotions, and so won't get the enjoyment out of doing these jobs as a human would.

      1. I disagree with your statement upbeat artic fox. I believe that we will begin to rely on AI more in the future because it means that us humans will not feel the stress of working and also, AI cannot make careless mistakes like humans can. I think that AI has a limitless "imagination", therefore it will continue to spew original ideas and create more unique ideas than any other humans.

    17. I completely agree with you, AI does have the potential to bring about both positive and negative impacts on our lives. Your concern about AI increasing efficiency but also possibly taking away some of the creativity and motivation for human tasks is valid. It's a delicate balance we need to strike. Your curiosity about whether AI will create new job opportunities or contribute to increased laziness is insightful. We need to explore these possibilities and understand the potential consequences of integrating AI into our daily lives. Keep asking questions and staying curious – that's the key to understanding the evolving role of AI in our world.

  • Hello!
    I think this topic on AI is very controversial especially from where I come from, this is because where I am from my people believe in upholding our past customs and traditions and they believe that the influence of Western education introduced to us is destroying our beliefs and ways of life.
    From my perspective having an educated background, I think AI has many advantages and also many disadvantages.
    Imagine a world where all occupations we do nowadays is done by AI such as medicine, engineering, and law among others, this will have an advantage as the performance of our everyday tasks will become faster and more efficient; a job that could have taken humans Houurs to accomplish can or will be done by an AI in minutes with the click of a button.
    On the other hand, does it mean that all other human occupations apart from writing codes and programs for AI will be rendered useless?
    There are a lot of things to consider before AI can and should be effectively put into use, but I think one thing is for sure AI is here to stay

    1. I strongly agree to this gregarious bee because in Nigeria ,we uphold our custom and tradition,Ai lacks cultural sensitivity. For example,the digitalization of indigenous object.
      Some years ago some traditional art were discovered in Nigeria,which are :nok art, Ife art and the Ghana Ashanti.
      The ife bronze sculptures are one of the most popular artworks in Nigeria.
      The Ashanti's who carved a fertility doll called akuaba,it serves as a symbol of fertility and it shows the richness in our culture.
      Let talk about the popular Aso òké that is produced by the Oyo's that show creativity and beauty of our culture.
      With all these beautiful indigenous artifacts created by human in other to preserve our culture,I don't think Ai would make a positive impact in our country, because we can't let our custom and tradition to be taken away by an Ai tool.
      We have to protect what makes our country Nigeria stand out,and preserve our cultural heritage.

      1. I agree with this comment. Here in Nigeria, we uphold our customs, history and traditions to a very high standard and we would stop at nothing to preserve it. We believe in the high value of culture heritage and we treasure things such as our languages, greetings, foods, dressing and so much more.

    2. Hi
      I see your point gregarious bee. I strongly agree with your opinion and I am actually worried about the same thing.To be more specific, I am scared of humans losing their will to do something and as you mentionted be considered useless. Sadly, many countries are starting to lose their characteristics because of AI and as my counrty is currently cherishing its cultural heritage, I hope that the next generations won't be persuaded by AI and forget to hold on to their traditions and culture.