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Josie Verghese is the Assistant Editor for BBC News. She has worked for the BBC for 20 years and leads the award-winning BBC Young Reporter media literacy project. Josie focuses on sourcing and commissioning stories from underserved and unheard young audiences.

Watch Josie’s video to hear about why she did not feel represented by the news she saw as a child.

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  • I don't think that in the terms of gender people are fairly represented in the media. This is because of the headlines we see across both social media and the news. The Sun recently posted an article with the headline "England Lionesses star Lauren Hemp relaxes in bikini on hotel spa getaway before international break". This shows how the majority of women are portrayed in the media. They are shown as people who only care about how they look instead of their career. This article stated nothing about her skills or how they believe she will perform when she goes on this "international break".

    Whereas, if you look for news articles surrounding men's football and what they do on their time off, you will find nothing but them training or in the gym. This just purely shows how women are misrepresented in the media, instead of showing the world their talents we are shown how they spend their weekend or where they got their new shirt.

    1. I completely agree with your point that the media fails to represent women adequately in the news. Instead of focusing on their accomplishments and successes, the media primarily emphasizes their appearance. For instance, women's football is just as entertaining and competitive as men's football, with world cups and other tournaments, but the media doesn't cover it as extensively as they do with men's football. Moreover, female footballers are paid significantly less than their male counterparts.

      Therefore, it is essential that we focus on female success stories too. Numerous women like Mary Barra, Malala Yousafzai, and Joycelyn Elders have made significant contributions and changed the world, but their accomplishments are often overlooked by the media. It is high time that the media start showcasing women's achievements and talents instead of solely focusing on their looks.

      1. Hi precious_swan,
        I really love your interesting points. It is very important that the media should favor the woman in strong degree. I also believe that the media heavily emphasizes on their appearance. The emphasize so much on mostly their appearance to the point that that these women are over-represented as voices of the general masses - home-makers, parents, students, children, and those who belong to specific occupational groups such as - health and social welfare workers, service industry workers, and those associated with ‘women’s work’. These same women are also under-represented in ‘hard news’ content - current affairs, factual news, etc., and all the authentic, professional, and elite sources. Men dominate all these.
        It is not fair that women are more often shown in commercials like cosmetic and domestic products while advertisements for men generally focus on cars, business products or investments.
        To sum up, i feel that women should be fairly represented on screens , as it fosters understanding and tolerance and erases struggles of people trying to develop their identities, and having negative perspectives of their own groups. It is time for the media to display women's true potential and abilities instead of concentrating on their semblance.

        1. I disagree with you based on what you said that women are only used to make advertisements like cosmetics and domestic products. Women are also use for advertisement like latest mobile phones. For example, the Nigerian musician who is known as TIWA SAVAGE is used to advertise latest phantom cell phones, Tecno camon and also drinks like Pepsi. It does not really matter who can be used for advertisements but people who do advert like to use people who are popular so that their goods will be liked by everyone so it depends on how popular you are.

      2. Indeed, you are correct. They don't value women as highly as men. For example, if a woman and a man save people from danger, the reporters will only write about it and discuss it. Even though the woman participated in the rescue, she won't receive the same recognition and gratitude as the man. Some males even teach their male offspring that women should not be respected and that men are superior to women, but this is completely incorrect, and if society keeps acting in this way, it will just increase their self-confidence and never end.

        1. You made a good comment but I have a question that I would like to ask you. I know everyone here has been talking about women not being represented well but no one has talked about how it's can be solved so how do you think this issue can be solved lovely planet?

        2. I agree with this comment because the lack or recognition and appreciation is truly evident in the news today. Women accomplishments and achievements are not considered nearly as important or valuable as that of the men. In things such as sports like womens football and womens basketball. As well as in things such as art (visual and applied). Even in the world today, where topics such as feminism and so much more are promoted ever so actively, there is still neglect and mistreatment of successful women around the world. This truly doesn't help to represent women and does help the young ones feel encouraged.

        3. You’ve just said it all that women are not respected as men because they think that women are not so important. They believe that women education all ends in the kitchen and so they have no say or choice as regarding to politics most especially. Some believe that anything relating to the government or the country that women are not supposed to be seen or participate in the decision making for the well being of the country. Everyone in the country is meant to have an equal right in decision making. This means that every body’s opinion should be heard and not only a particular gender because inequality those not exclude the men.

      3. I agree with you because there are some faults of media that they are not showcasing and not focusing on the achievements of women , empowerment of women , unity of women etc but they only focus on their appearance and their looks . Recently , there were news that hijab is being banned in some parts of india, although there are 22 crores of muslims living india, why only women are targeted everywhere? Women have some rights about what to wear and what not, it totally depends on her and I totally agree that women are misrepresented in the news about their looks , their clothes , their appearance etc instead of focusing on their background and career and when the same statement comes for men nobody will judge to a men on his appearance, looks , clothes . Why does only women gets misrepresented? I think everyone has its rights and choice .

      4. I totally agree with you precious_swan that women accomplishments are often overlooked in the media.
        But here's a question for you, do you think if women are represented and acknowledged in the media will gender inequality be stopped globally?

    2. I totally agree the media does not represent the female gender well. If we notice in the media the hardly talk about the female gender unless the have achieved incredibly. I personally believe that women should be represented equally as men are represented.
      Women are only shown in the media when they have made an incredible achievement and this is not supposed to be so, women should not be shown based on the achievement the have made. The media should start showcasing women not only because of their achievement but also because of the effort the have made, this would help the women to be encouraged and know that their efforts are seen.

      1. Very true, if I was in charge of NTA which is the Nigerian Television Authority, I would always search for news that have affected both men and women, learning about things that have affected both men and women can help the society to help and understand the feminine gender better, once we understand each other we will have less gender inequality cases.
        Thank you for seeing my views.

        1. I concur. The majority of the time, the NTA talks on politics and the government instead of women's or men's issues, which I believe should be lessened.
          The rights and issues pertaining to women should make news more often.

        2. I agree with you because, I think that most women journalists understand other women better because they are of both gender and understand their fellow women because they ca relate with lots of things and can help represent more women. In my opinion, if there are more women journalists, women news broadcasters, and more public enlightment on gender crisis people will begin to see their parts what they do that contributes in gender inequality and possibly correct them. I also think that if schools teach more on gender crisis and if more books are published about gender inequality most people will be influenced and want to make a change in their community or even world wide.
          I also feel it should not just be in TV stations alone but it should also entend to radio stations, religious gatherings or meetings.

      2. I agree because as you have stated many women are not represented well in media and are shown based on their achievements but should rather be shown for their efforts, take for example the story of Gunjan Saxena which was published as a movie, and also the story of the great Emmeline Pankhurst, these womens' story has been able to encourage women that they can make an impact in the society, also if women are published when they make an effort, it can encourage other women to be able to learn from the individual's mistakes or learn the right procedure to follow to achieve their goal. So I think that the media can do better in encouraging women. I would also like to suggest to the male gender to also give the women a chance and see the impact they can make in the society, we men can also play a key role in encouraging these women by pushing them to their best of their ability and picking them up when they fall like Frederick Douglas who fought for equal rights among both men and women for African-American civil rights.
        THANK YOU.

    3. I strongly agree with your perspective as stereotypes has made women seem 'week' or like the only thing they care about is their looks; but in reality, women can do the same things men can do as we are all human.

    4. I agree with your comment because with the stereotypes of women in media are considered, “not as important” or “most likely to not be as successful as men.” But as a fact woman are mostly showcased as figures and models, which throws off the idea of woman figures completely. As us women are just women and are purely misinterpreted in media.

    5. I respectfully disagree with you @ accurate outcome. This is not quite true.
      People in the media nowadays are represented based on content and popularity, and when it comes to women, they end up finding themselves at the top because... of the kind of wonderful content they make.
      If we want to talk on media, women are also beginning to dominate the news. For decades and decades, we hear about the accomplishments of men but of recent people are getting tired and want to see a change. In the year 2022 the percent of women journalist in the top 12 news agencies increased by 40%, showing us that there is improvement in the representation of women. People are represented based on what they do; for example, Hilda Baci, she is a Nigerian chef who broke the world record for longest cooking marathon with a record of 119 hours and 57 minutes. This simply shows us that women and men can equally be represented on the media but factors such as popularity and media coverage hinder this representation, meaning that the news you see that are good about women might not be seen by everyone else making it seem like women are not represented well.


      1. Hey there glad_outcome,
        I understand what you are trying to say but I beg to differ. I understand that when it comes to women being represented it is usually based on popularity but that is not how it is meant to be. Although some people might say women are beginning to dominate the news or the media, I would say that this is untrue because most of the time, half of the women you find in the news are majorly the elites or the one percent in the society. You will mostly find women that have been pushed into the spotlight for one reason or another. But it is not only the elites in the society that need to be represented, but the minority also have a voice, but they are being underrepresented. Their voices are not being heard just because they are the minority and this is not right because we all have a voice and we all deserve a say, we all have the right to be heard and being part of the minority should not change that. I would say that women that belong to the minority are being under-represented and marginalized, and this is really unfair because if they are not being represented how will their voices be heard?

        1. Hello jubilant accordion, I understand your perspective and where you are coming from, but I don't think that you quite understand mine.
          Let me explain, you have said that the way things are looking there seems to be no improvement in the representation of women but I'm here to tell you it's a lie. From the research of scientists as of 2013 only 27% of women were journalists but as we speak, we see that 40.9% of women are now journalists. When observing on this kind of things we need to take our time and analyze these cases well or we could be misjudged, you say that the elites are brought up for something spectacular they have done, but what I really see about this is that they are brought out to encourage other women and even little girls, let's look at a common idol such as barbie, she was invented to encourage women to be anything they want, and over the years it has helped women even in representation of news. From this doll alone empowered a lot of women who were going through identity crises and majority of these people alone were journalists and you can then imagine what a real-life role model can do.
          What I have been simply trying to say is that elite women are on the news for the duty of empowerment and women representation is actually increasing. They help those who are local to stand out and even push for feminism. They are an important part in women representation and are not just brought there for fancy.


    6. Very true,
      Issues concerning women are hardly stated on the news like that of men. In terms of sporting tournaments and other claimed activities, people of the society make it centered around men some of these activities include; mechanics, carpentry work, some parts of technical operations, etc. If I could remember vividly, football was only for men at the beginning but on the 7th May, 1881 this opportunity was given to women.

    7. I agree that men are portrayed as either always in the gym or training. However, many women are also portrayed like that. Yes maybe not as much as it should but sometimes it is.

      To be honest many women who are in sports or in the Olympics aren't always depicted as on holiday or having a "girly" time. Just because one article said a lioness is on holiday doesn't mean that every women is showed like that. She may have just been on holiday.

    8. I totally agree with you. Women are usually misrepresented in media. Media only focuses on women with regards to appearances. And with regard to sports like you mentioned, always there are news and highlights regarding men football or any other sports but we rarely find anything about women sports. The limit is that even girls/women who are crazy behind football are most of the times unaware about the updates of women football. They may like football but still are totally into men football because the media doesn't provide much information about women sports. This is even for sports like cricket and all

      Recently in India WPL (Women's Premier League) of cricket, RCB That is the Bengaluru cricket team won. It was all over the news because from the time the IPL(Indian Premier League ) That is the Men Cricket league of India has begun, RCB has not even won once. But up till now very few were even aware of the existence of WPL and which team had been winning. Only the victory of RCB made WPL popular all over media.
      This shows how less women are represented in comparision to the Men.

      1. I completely agree with you selfassured_bat!
        The recent win of RCB in the Women's Premier League (WPL) showed how little attention women's cricket gets compared to men's cricket, like in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Even though the WPL was happening, not many people knew about it until RCB won. This difference in coverage highlights the unequal treatment of women's sports compared to men's, and it's important to give more recognition to women's achievements in sports. Now, with people celebrating the victory of women's teams like RCB, there's a growing awareness of the need to support and promote women's sports.

        Thank you!

        1. In IPL RCB men had not even won one trophy throughout this 16 years of IPL. But now RCB women won the WPL trophy for the first time. This shows that women have the same power as men and women can do anything that men can.

          Thank you !

  • I feel like the news in our country, Nigeria, doesn't always show women fairly. Most of the time, they talk about men and how they help the country grow or make it proud. Like when our football team came second in the men's AFCON recently, they kept saying how proud they made us. But when a woman does something amazing, like Toby Amusan breaking a world record in 100m hurdles in the 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Athletic Championship, it doesn't get as much attention in the news.

    And it's not just about good things. When something bad happens involving a woman, they often blame her. Like when a woman defended herself against her husband who was hurting her, instead of talking about the real problem of domestic violence, they focused on her like she was crazy.

    I think it's important for the news to show all sides of the story and to treat men and women equally. Everyone deserves to be represented fairly, no matter their gender

    1. I can understand why you feel that way, but I still think there are some examples of women being represented fairly in the media. For example, I think the coverage of women's rights activists in Nigeria is often very positive and empowering. I also think that there are many female journalists who are doing a great job of reporting on important issues in a balanced and objective way. So while I agree that there is room for improvement, I don't think it's fair to say that the media is entirely biased against women.

      In another opinion, every achievement has their time and duration especially in Africa where there a lot of things going on. You mentioned Tobi Amusan, she won her championship in 2022 that's two years, Nigerians really celebrated the woman at that period ( We came second in the AFCON barely two weeks ago so celebrating that over Tobi Amusan is not that bad because that is a current achievement.
      Another insight I would love to mention is when Asisat Oshaola and the Super Falcons of Nigeria reached the semi finals on the women world cup vs England( we were all happy at time. Honestly, some people were insulting the eagles that they haven't achieve anything for us recently.
      So in my own view, I don't think there is any form of discrimination in Nigeria 🇳🇬

  • I agree with you, accurate_outcome. We women should not only appear on screen to showcase our fame or wealth, but we should also appear on screen to show how we have contributed to the country through our words and actions. I don't mean that men are not important, don't get me wrong. I mean that we women should just strive to make our country better and not to showcase or lavish our social life. Hope you understand.

    1. Exactly! I think that women should not only represent fashion and lifestyle and how famous they can be. If they want to be heard they should use their wisdom and strength to empower women in countries that may not have the same rights as in theirs.
      Their voice should be heard on how they can be represented everywhere.

    2. I like how you added the fact that men are also important, because at many times people when talking about equality, just focus on women disregarding men and this would tend to cause many problems for the male gender as many education centers for those who can't afford education are only for females. At many times people use facts from 3 or 4 years ago to back up their points about why women aren't given enough education, if this doesn't stop we will continue to use old information to disallow men of their fair share of education.

    3. HELLO!
      I agree with you succint_cheetah Women should be involved more in the news and the affairs of a country. It should not be only men who handles the affairs of a country, it should be shared equally between both men and women
      THANK YOU!

    4. I agree because... there are many female cricketers of india that are contributing more than male cricketer but the media focuses alot in men's cricket .. when the india player league (ipl) media focused on men but I think the women s contributions are as same as men .. why women s are been hidden by the media when it comes to their achievements and contributions... when the mens cricket cones people buys crores of tickets just to sit in the stadium abd when it comes to women s cricket , few people would be seen in the stadium... this is because media is not showcasing the power of women ..

  • I sometimes feel represented by the news.

    1. Can you explain why you only feel represented "sometimes" and not all the time, serious_keyboard?

      1. GoodDay Everyone,
        well not speaking for serious_keyboard because he/she may have a different reason but for me I sometimes feel represented in news because the news stories are in relation with my society which makes me feel that my society also belongs but I sometimes feel unrepresented in news because I feel we children should also be given a shot or a chance at reporting news even as low as local levels so that we may be encouraged and better trained for the future of news reporting.
        Thank You.

        1. I agree with you jazzed_armadillo because now a days thing are happening everywhere and not only adults or journalist see them mostly they are seen by the children. So children should have rights to also report news.

  • I feel very represented in the news today as i see many english people, males and children in the news

    1. It's great you feel represented. Who in your community might not feel so represented? What effect might it have on them?

      1. I feel that in my community, the poor, less privileged and people living in rural areas might not feel so represented.
        As is the rule in a democracy, the ,majority have their way, while the minority have their say. But that's not always the case. The majority are well represented, especially politically, because their views are the views of the people in power, but the minority may have different ideas that the political leaders do not consider, because, well, they are a minority.
        The plight of the poor and less privileged is not always adequately conveyed, and the magnitude of their situation isn't always fully exposed. They sometimes only have human rights advocates to fight for them, because they hardly ever have a say. Those living in rural areas do have their representatives in government, but sometimes, those living in the heart of villages are almost cut off from the rest of society. Despite the fact that there is little availability of modern technology and few social amenities, their plights are not always conveyed to the government to do something about it, and this definitely affects them.
        If they aren't represented, there is no way their needs can be catered to. They may even start to feel that they are unimportant members of society, since their views aren't aired. We need to put an end to this.

      2. Hi.
        I’m not really in support of the LGBTQ+ community but they aren’t being represented enough in news and society.
        The existence of the entire community is controversial and there are a variety of perspectives and views on them therefore, they should be represented adequately in society.
        It can affect them negatively, many might feel unheard, forgotten or rejected by society, they might feel abnormal, maybe the world is so much more different.
        Additionally, with inadequate representation, fewer people would know of them, their behavior, belief, culture etc, and this lack of understanding and awareness could lead to misunderstandings, ignorance, lack of acceptance into society, discrimination and so much more.

        1. Can you explain what you mean by you "aren't in support of the LQBTQ+ community"?

          1. Ok.
            In my perspective, my values, my religion and my goals do not align with theirs. My upbringing frowns upon people from that community.
            Yes, there is no discrimination, no injustice I would treat a person from that community like every other human being but we won’t be close at all, I’d voice my opinions about the community and let you be.
            I personally feel like not everyone should support or accept every other person but treat them as they treat others.
            I don’t appreciate it when this community cancels those that don’t believe or support it, it’s like religion, not everyone supports religious beliefs like Christianity but you don’t see people getting cancelled for it.
            I feel there should be a topical talk discussion on matters of supporting communities like LGBTQ+ and creating equality for both black and white people.

  • Often because everyone has equal rights.

    1. Are you sure?

  • very often l feel fairly represented by the news

  • Me being a man yes, I very much feel represented by the news please don't take me for a gender discriminate or anything like that, but when I don't feel represented is when protests and arguments about gender equality start I am in a boarding school so I will tell you of my experiences there was a time we were having our lunch and then one of the girls on my table broke into an argument with the boys on the table and then what she said pained me she said "is it because I am a girl!" I myself felt that this was an outrage but again I also felt yes you are a girl, and it wasn't your fault you were born a girl so why do you make you gender look so primitive and make it look like we as men are the ones that were made to dominate you? so, if I would like to answer this question, I would say that we are represented fairly.

    1. Can you explain what you meant by your question: "Why do you make you gender look so primitive?" For what reasons might the girl in your story have reacted that way to what she saw or heard? Does thinking from a new perspective change how you feel?

      1. Charming artist, it felt good to hear from a boy, and it sounded energising too. Yes, most girls take things far too personally, even certain things that are in no way about gender in the first place! Being a girl myself I know all about this. And I support your point of view that although women are sometimes discriminated badly, beyond all that lies some false accusations, especially towards men. Many organisations and people feel that women should be fought just like this one , and yes they should, but what about the men who always get blamed for harassing women even when they are innocent of this. Even though Charming artist is in Nigeria, we in Europe face the same thing, in my class, when someone innocently asked " how is it that women can work in factories, I thought it was only men!". The girls in my class called him a " sexist" . This situation is also very essential, there are some unforgivable crimes that men are accused of such as sexism, assault and rape that men are taken into prison for, that guarantee extreme shame and indignation, which turn out to be false set ups, misunderstandings or lies. Women nowadays are taking things too far, especially in schools like you said Charming artist, where small arguments result in accusations like this, they are also very annoying, confusing and angering to the men and even a few girls like me too. I fully understand how most males feel now, and I respectfully suggest that you ( Charming artist ) should find a way to firmly and calmy contradict girls who raise things up like this as it can result in bigger accusations in the future like false accusations of sexual harassement. I also want to support and suggest the idea that perspectives like this should be raised because the excitings the mood of the discussions, help us see see form different viewpoints and makes the content more diverse.

        1. Do you think men also take things personally or just women? If so, why do you believe this?

    2. I understand what you’re saying. I am a girl. I understand why you don’t feel represented because of an argument about gender equality. Let me try to explain what you mean. You know, most people believe that gender inequality is caused by men. So, the way I view your comment, is like you want to see change in gender inequality. Now, you said that you don’t represented because of an argument about gender inequality in your school. Like I said, most people believe that gender inequality is caused by men. Maybe, that is why you don't feel represented. Now, in the case of the girl, saying because she girl. I get why you feel bad. And that girl did not say the right thing to say because she was a girl. She is trying to make other people feel bad. And she is weakening herself by saying she was a girl. She is discouraging herself which is wrong. She should had ended the argument without saying that. No girl should feel bad this way. Instead encourage yourself

  • As a latin Woman I don't feel fully represented as others. I feel like there aren't many women like me represented.
    This is because many latin women don't really talk about their problems while yes there are a lot of them who don't really feel like they would be heard.Also since i'm Guatemalan I dont see alot of my people mostly I see Mexicans being represented and I feel like i dont be heard as a Guatemalan

  • Well as a hispanic girl I feel that our culture is not well represented by the news since most women in television are always either to give the weather for the week or just 30 seconds in the television I feel that this is not fair for our women also the news are always saying or bringing the fact that hispanic women are just for home. I feel not represented by the news.

  • In my opinion, women are portrayed as figures in the media. One such example was stated by Accurate Outcome, where the Sun portrayed Lauren Hemp for what she did at the spa, but not concerning her training.

    In my country, during major sporting events like football, the men's teams get more spotlight in the media than the female teams. Many women have also made breakthroughs in the field of life sciences and deserve to be acknowledged. Some examples are Biochemist Cynthia Kenyon, Jennifer Doudna & Emmanuelle Charpentier, and Nina Tardon.

    In most Western News Media, people like me are thought of as those who speak unintelligible languages. Our home, Africa, is also viewed as a jungle or desert landscape. This information was found out by the Illinois State University.

    This is not fair because we have made breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. One such person is Scientist Percy L. Julian, who made significant contributions to the field of organic chemistry. Julian's work led to the discovery of steroids and the development of glaucoma treatments.

    This purely shows how women are misrepresented in the media. Instead of the world being shown their talents and what they are capable of, we are shown how they spend their vacations or where they got their outfits.

  • As a young female i've noticed more representation in the media compared to the representation a few years ago. The growth in female opportunities has started to grow in use as the economy expands and we find equality . Representation of the youth has also been an issue. Before overuse of social media the opinions of younger people were ignored and swept under the older generations. Now with more ways to connect across communities it is easier to hear everyone's opinions .

  • As a typical teenager in Greece I do not feel so often represented by the news.
    I can see a lot of political discussions, about how well or bad the economy goes in my country .
    Teenagers are not presented and unfortunately nothing is discussed about their problems and how we try to overcome our fears about school.
    Ok bullying is a topic that sometimes we can see it but Noone says about those children that did remarkable jobs, like my classmate who is in a wheelchair but a total genius in math winning so many competitions.

  • I believe that as a muslim hijabi I am not represented enough in the media, I feel this way because when you watch the news the news anchor is always a pretty white or black woman with beautiful straight hair or just a man, this can bring little girls who look like me not feel good enough or pretty enough. By growing up in America and never seeing people like me on tv discouraged me to feel confident in myself but now I realized that I am my own representation so I now know that even though i am confident with myself i want other little girls who are like me to feel represented and feel right in their own body and skin.

    1. I feel you. I get what you are saying. I love what you said. They do not feel good enough or pretty enough. They think we are to local. By wearing hijab and covering ourselves can make us look not pretty enough,when we see others without hijab and their straight long hair. It feels they are the pretty ones. So, I want you not feel discouraged at all. Being local is better than being modern. I want to be representative for other to feel confident about the hijabs we were. I feel proud to be amongst the people who wear hijab.

  • I think that the gender of men are sometimes misguided by the news. I believe this to be true because very often in the news you will see a man to be portrayed as a murderer or an abuser. which is not always true sometimes you have cases where a woman is playing victim or abusing the man and the man defends himself. not saying that a man should defend himself against a woman at any time the right thing to do is just to walk away, but to see a man always being portrayed as the bad guy or the enemy is just a negative way to show men.

    1. Do you think that this is reflective of male and female crime rates?

    2. I agree with you! I know women are seen as the victims of all sorts but we forget the fact that men are victims too! Men have always been seen as the bad guys on the new like 'woman freed from male abuser' or 'male killer caught' but women are too. In a case in the 80s a couple called the Moors murderers killed a bunch of kids and society were shocked at the idea of a woman killing. Society are never told this as often so when we see it it is more of a shock. Thats my opinion anyway.
      Thank you

  • Hello!
    I don't think I am fully represented by the news, because most of the time they are just what politicians have said to each other and don't really afford real problems. In terms of gender, I think that women are overrepresented because most of the journalists in TV are women. Also I think news try to represents everyone, but most of the times they don't represent important parts of the society just to try to represent more other minorities of the society. Anyways, I think it depends on the news channel, because some of them really represent people fairly but others just don't.
    I think this should change if we want everyone to feel fairly represented by the news, but always having in mind that everyone is equal to everyone, no matter what.

  • I don't think women are fairly represented in social media or news because for many years women were always undervalued becouse they always talk about something the men has made or has achieved and sometimes it doesn't have lots of importance in what they want to show us but then a women invents something hilarious and impressive and they don't even care about it. I believe that not only women should be in the news but both of them becouse what we want is to give visibility also to women and not only to men just for doing something, there should be equal visibility on both sides in order to reach the real equality we are talking about.

    I "sometimes" feel represented with news about women becouse in terms of discrimination for being a woman when doing something usually happens, but although I have never received a comment like that I feel very close to all of them and all related, I empathise with them and I see and think that what is happening is not fair, despite everything as they are adults and we are just teenagers I think that I don't feel very identified with that as it doesn't represent everything because of the age difference and the things that concern each of us.

  • I don´t think that women are fairly represented in social media because normally, in social media, women´s achievements are overshadow by another kind of things related to their physical appearance or by their personal life, for example, if you read an article of a celebrity probably it will talk about ¿How many esthetic surgeries had she had? or ¿How many boyfriends had she had? instead of their professional career. Or if a singer or an actress make a performance everyone will talk about if she has gained or lose weight instead of how they performed. Also, if a women is partner of a famous man, everyone will know her as "the girlfriend of that famous person" instead of learning about her achievements or professional career. But,if you look a new related to a men, it will probably talk about his great discoveries or achievements. For example,the last controversy I have heard is in the Oscar´s awards, Ryan Gosling was the only person nominated to best actor in the film "Barbie", you can think that he deserve that, of course, but it´s curious that in a film that a lots of women works, the only person nominated is a man, being the principal character a women.

    1. You make a really great point about the difference in dialogue around female celebrities, and you use an example to illustrate this. This shows great use of our Topical Talk skills

  • I feel represented as a girl in my country. But mostly on social media. I know that older people like my mother, grandmother would say that girls being on social media are not the perfect role models.
    But why do we have to say that? We are just girls that want to have fun, tonlisten to favorite music and we can even talk seriously about any event that happens in our country as we are doing here in Topical Festival.
    It doesn't have to be one or another way we can do both appropriately.

  • Women have been misrepresented in the media for so long that it's been really refreshing to see new filmmakers and journalists trying to shine a light on different minorities' realities. Not only women, of course, - homosexual people, people of color and others as well. It feels like over the past couple of years there has been opening a space for those kinds of representational media. Whenever I watch a movie and see someone talk about the unrealistic expectations that are being put onto women I feel delighted. When I watch the news or a documentary and see women on the streets protesting for their human rights I feel a sense of pride for the world that I live in. There is so much bad in the world but when I see news stories that show people coming together advocating for human rights for people of color, women and everyone in this world it makes me feel so happy and thankful that I live in a time and country where equality and human rights are valued so profoundly. And of course there are always exceptions, movies that reinforce stereotypes and show women in a bad light, see them as one-dimensional beings, but there is also so much good media out there - if you know where to look.

  • Sometimes, I might not feel fully represented by the news I see. That's because the people who present the news and the stories they choose to cover might not always reflect who I am or what I care about. For example, if I'm from a certain background or have certain interests, I might not see those represented in the news very often. It's like if I love playing soccer but all the news talks about is basketball, I might not feel like my interests are being shown. Also, sometimes the news might focus more on big events or famous people, which might not always relate to me directly. So, while I appreciate the news for keeping me informed, I know that it might not always reflect every part of who I am or what matters to me.

  • The media has statistically been dominated by men, who hold the vast majority of power positions. Only Few women have been in leading positions than men ,they made only 28.3% of the television news directors and 30.5% of the managing editors. Less women have been partispating in things like engaging in business for example in the US 42% of women own their business while the remaining 68% is owned by the men therefore more women should be able to come out and partisipate in various activities that more men than women participate in so that there would be a balance in gender equality

    1. Interesting ideas. Where did you find your evidence?

      1. I think he found his/her evidence by maybe news or just exaggeration or maybe he/she did a little research but put it in his/her own words.

  • I don't think gender on the media is fair because for example on the news more men are seen as journalists more than women and also because on Radio 4 men used to have all the credit back then,there is now something called women's hour where on Radio 4 women only get an hour to explain things about women . Also men are seen as more entertaining on the media than women as women are seen as non-entertaining people and want to here what the men have to say about what's happening all over the earth . Women don't get their freedom but men do. Women need to be recognised because without women we wouldn't be here and also why women have their football and things like that. Without the media women wouldn't get the recognition that they have today.

  • I don't think woman are repesented in the same way that men are and woman are not payed the same way that men are like woman footballers don't get near the same way that men get (our teacher told us this fact) and every time on the news if it is a good cause then a men will repesent that cause.Woman are always being told really nasty thing about then when we were discussing in class about woman in media the teacher assistant said that every time she drives men drivers say really bad stuff about her saying things like ''she shouldn't be driving,she is a woman" also woman are really being talked bad in the news like chelsea woman football player had a knee injury and i have realised that all woman football players have had that kind of injyury

  • I am happy to hear that some people reject gender bias and strive to set an example for everyone. I feel that by being brave and decent, they try to represent everyone. I feel represented when I see people talking about women and the independent, self-sufficient women who stand on their own two feet and create a name for all women worldwide.

    1. I totally concur with you. I personally feel very happy to see women represented in media confidently without a reason for being scared. But very sad, some women are still treated badly and without compassion. Especially in some part of Africa, women education is believed to end in the kitchen while men are allowed to go to school. Women are also expected to take care of the home and not allowed to voice out their opinions in the public. Also in Nigeria, since she got her independence from Britain the presidents have always been men. I see this very unfair because women are rarely involved in politics. And finally I would say that if women are allowed to voice out their opinions in the public and allowed to access education we would see that women are very intelligent and useful in the society.
      Thanks 😊

  • In my personal view , nowadays news are equally represented from both women and men at least in my country.
    They both report news including many topics, from the most serious to the ones that show lifestyle. Actually I can see many dynamic women on TV stating their opinion and express a sense of power to the public. I would dare to say that women journalists in my country give me the sense of being respected in many ways.
    For all these reasons I feel represented as a female and I think I am totally supported from women journalists.

  • In terms of gender people are fairly represented in some instances but mostly , I feel that women are often portrayed as the one who is always helpless, shy , meek rather than showing them as self- built, outspoken and bold . I often feel that its not the people but the media setting a certain stereotype like if a woman is to bold or outspoken she is represented in a negative light and often becomes a victim of great criticism , whereas if a man is being bold or outspoken its completely fine for them , but if he is acting meek or is seeking help he is defined as a weak person , media does not focus on the accomplishment made by women but rather are shown as the one carrying the victim card and only talks about their fashion sense, their clothes etc. whereas a man is portrayed as someone who is task oriented and is always shown as the busy one. Media should be responsible for breaking the stereotypes rather than creating one .

  • No, In my opinion us women don't get represented like we need to. The point of the news is to show diverse experiences including us women but genuinely we don't show others unique experiences and we aren't fairly represented in the media. For example some men play sports but when women play we don't get as much praise and validation on what we do and how back in the day we had to fight for our rights to vote. It is important for the media to show equality but we don't, and speaking for many other women they also don't feel as represented as we need to be. Another reason why women "equality" hits the headlines mostly shows us portrayed in various bad things as well on how the media doesn't represent us for who most of us truly are and just make us viewed as "bad people" and that "men are better". One thing i do believe though is that us women should feel more respected in the media and in general anywhere without being viewed with a biased opinion on us. Last thing I believe could help us feel more r