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I have the strongest reaction to quote B: "It’s important not just to think about women’s... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 20/2/24
Option A suggests that the company responsible for developing the AI is accountable for its... AI accident: who is responsible? 16/2/24
The age limit for various actions should be determined based on a combination of factors,... Age restrictions 07/2/24
John predicted that the intensification of climate change regulations would have a significant... How might the news affect businesses? 07/2/24
I completed the lesson about Ecuador and had a great debate about what Ecuador's president... How did the lesson go? 07/2/24
Its a mix between A, B, and D. I think this becausethe county is going through all of that at... Climate change in your country 01/2/24
In my community, a local inventor devised a unique solar-powered water purification device,... How to make a change 01/2/24
Behavior change for planet protection is hindered by lifestyle constraints, economic factors,... Why don’t people change? 01/2/24