Why don’t people change?


There is no shortage of news about the damage that is being done by climate change.

However, experts believe that despite people knowing about how it's caused and about why it's dangerous, not enough is being done.

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  • There are several reasons why people might not be changing their behavior to protect the planet. One reason is that they may not fully understand the gravity of the situation, or they may not be aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. Additionally, some people may feel that their individual actions will not make a significant difference in the grand scheme of things. Others may prioritize convenience or personal comfort over environmental responsibility. Finally, some individuals may be resistant to change and prefer to maintain their current habits and lifestyles.

    I believe that climate change is a serious problem that requires immediate action from all of us. While I am aware that I am not doing everything I possibly could to combat this issue, I am trying to contribute in little ways by making sure to not use harmful substances like plastic. I have also started using public transportation more often instead of using private transportation wherever I go. Additionally, I try to reduce my energy consumption at home by turning off lights and unplugging electronics when they are not in use. I understand that these actions might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but I firmly believe that every little bit helps. I am committed to doing my part to help protect the planet and ensure a better future for generations to come.

    There are several things that could be done to encourage people to do more to protect the planet. One approach is education and awareness campaigns, which can help people understand the importance of environmental responsibility and the impact of their actions on the planet. Another approach is to provide incentives or rewards for environmentally friendly behaviors, such as tax breaks, discounts, or recognition. Additionally, policy changes can be implemented at the national or global level to encourage sustainable practices and discourage environmentally harmful behavior. Finally, technology can be developed to make sustainable choices more accessible and convenient for individuals.

    1. I strongly agree with your viewpoint and as a fellow Indian I myself have noticed that many people don't take any steps to protect our planet just because they are not aware about the same or simply don't care however one thing I would like to add on is that sometimes even though they are aware that their actions might affect the planet they simply cant do anything because they don't know about the substitutes or the right actions that they have to take. For instance people might not know that small steps like saving electricity and using public transport can bring greater good to our planet as they are already indulged and rooted in their daily habits and there is only one way to change it "spreading awareness" through campaigns, social media and any form, but the campaigns and message should not be focused on the crises that this world is facing but about the steps and solutions that individuals have to take to prevent any further damage.

    2. I totally agree with you when you say that every little bit that is done to make climate change to be reduced can be done.
      I agree with you because climate change is a big problem in the society and some people do not want to stop because they are not aware of the dangers that they are putting themselves into and they are used to their usual customs and do not want to change. Some people also do not think that the climate change is their responsibility, those people think that it is the job of the government or of the people in authority.
      Generally I just think there is needs to create massive awareness of climate change and it's harms to humanity and that ever person should try every little thing that they can do to stop the gradual planet decay which may eventually lead to it's demise.

    3. I agree because there aren't enough people that are responding to the current situation known as climate change. Because climate change hasn't affected the people, and others think that climate change is the responsibility of the government, but i think one of the main reason is because people try but their efforts has little effect and so they are discouraged and they give up because the pressure is to much all the weight is put on a person mainly people are not aware of their actions and how it my affect climate change or strengthen climate change.

    4. I agree because some people may think that them not doing anything can help the society improve. They may also feel very lazy and just decide on their own not to contribute to the growth and development of their society. Sometimes, they may also feel that the weight of the problems happening in our society is not so heavy and they forget about their society. At the end of the day, they regret not contributing to help the society when the negative effects of climate change begin to have their toll on them. No matter how small or big the situation of climate change is, we should try to make contributions to develop the society immensely

      1. I agree that human nature is lazy. We do not emerge from our comfort zone! We always look for what is easily available to us with limited effort. But there is always a choice between choosing what is right and choosing what is easy!! So the following of the first option is to be taught via awareness with a step by step approach showing pros and cons. Being a threat to environment and life it is more crucial and safer to choose option A.
        Also execution is always the toughest part of any habit so indeed we should try with little gains. As it is said slow and steady wins the race!

        1. I agree because... humans are either caught up in their smart phones or at home.
          It's a new era where people don't want to get out and enjoy nature!
          It's like the world could be in serious distress and we don't do anything!

        2. Yes, I agree with you that human nature is lazy and most of them feel that even with their efforts, it will not make any difference as there are a lot of people out there who could do it. Some may also think that it is waste of time while some people don't think of even looking towards to these things because of their troubles as they just want what will ease them.

      2. I strongly agree with you, people dont really care much about the environment or rather they dont really know how to care for the environment. The most dangerous things such as release of carbon dioxide from burning trees, loss of biodiversity and even pollution itself. People dont really know the negative impacts that they add to destroy the environment. In addition to that, even when people are knowledged about these things, they are sometimes lazy to act and do the right thing. It all counts and sums up to the destruction of the environment and it changes the conditions of the atmosphere leading to climatic changes. The news needs to spread EVERYDAY. People need to know about the climatic change! Different groups of people should do campaigns to alert everyone from every corner of the world It is necessary to even implement national climate day where people are taught how to reverse the cause of bad climatic change and implement the right actions before its too late!

      3. I have another reason why climate change is being solved. people rely on fossil fuels to give them energy but fossil fuels also pollute the air and other sources of energy cannot work all the time. Maybe in a way your right about humans being over reluctant about finding a non polluting source that works fulltime

    5. I completely agree with you a lot of people might not understand that if we do not all work together to save our planet in a few years from now our planet might cease to exist. Day by day we keep seeing news about sandstorms, hurricanes and floods leading to loss of lives and property and destroying their homes but a lot of people choose not to take action because nothing has happened to them yet, because they have not been affected by the adverse effects of climate change they choose to sit back and relax and not do anything about it but if things continue to stay like this then all the efforts being put in by a few people to save our planet will all be in vain but we need to work harder towards achieving our goal, we need to try and encourage more people to save our planet and work against climate change, we need to use every little opportunity we have to create awareness about the situation of our planet.

    6. I strongly agree to your point about people not thinking that their individual efforts would make a change, because naturally if you are the only one working for a change it may take years to happen however we are not the only, If we think of how many people might withdraw from making a change there might be thousands probably more. So maybe a single effort wouldn’t change the world but all of us combined will definitely make a change.

      1. I agree with you, because a lot of people feel that their individual efforts are waste of time and they would not bring any change to the society as lots of people are there and cannot help because as you've said, if it were to be one person ,it will take forever. I think no matter how small people can help, they should and never be depressed because no one is the same and small things or efforts can bring big changes to the society.

        1. I agree and appreciate your comment and again i would always want to emphasis on the point that 'बूंद-बूंद से सागर बनता है' this translates that drops make up the ocean so even an atom plays a key role than humans can vital roles with little contributions

    7. People's reluctance to change their behavior for the sake of the planet can stem from various factors, such as a lack of awareness about the severity of environmental issues or a belief that individual actions won't significantly impact the overall situation. Additionally, the prioritization of convenience, resistance to change, and a preference for personal comfort over environmental responsibility can contribute to a lack of proactive measures.

      Personally, while acknowledging that there's more I could do, I am taking steps to contribute in small ways to combat climate change. I avoid using harmful substances like plastic, opt for public transportation instead of private vehicles, and strive to reduce energy consumption at home. Despite these seemingly minor efforts, I believe that collective individual actions can cumulatively make a positive difference in the long run.

      To encourage broader engagement in environmental protection, initiatives should focus on education and awareness campaigns to inform people about the impact of their choices. Implementing incentives, rewards, and policy changes can also motivate individuals to adopt sustainable practices. Moreover, advancements in technology can play a role in making environmentally friendly choices more accessible and convenient for a wider audience.thank you

      1. I agree because... People hesitate to change their actions about climate change when they haven't personally felt its impact. Some think the media exaggerates, questioning if it's real. To address this, awareness campaigns with live videos could help. Showing affected areas would make people understand the true dangers. This way, they'd believe in the reality of climate crises and be motivated to alter their behavior.

    8. It's commendable that you're taking steps to reduce your environmental impact. Your efforts, even in small ways, contribute to a collective positive impact. Education, incentives, policy changes, and technological advancements are indeed crucial in fostering a broader shift towards sustainable practices. Together, these approaches can help create a more environmentally conscious society.

    9. Your thoughtful perspective on climate change and your personal commitment to making positive changes is commendable. Education, incentives, policy changes, and technological advancements are indeed crucial avenues for encouraging widespread environmental responsibility. Keep inspiring others through your actions and advocacy for a sustainable future.
      It's great to see individuals like you actively contributing to positive change. Small actions, when multiplied, can make a significant impact. Continuous awareness and collective efforts are key to addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Keep sharing your experiences and encouraging others to join in the effort for a more sustainable and healthier planet.

    10. I strongly agree and I also think that many people think this way: "It's not a big deal. I don't have to worry because other people will make a move to protect the environment". Effectively, the society will not make a development in the field of the pollution. Everyone thinks that the individual part of helping in this situation is not really important. Unfortunately, everybody expects the other to make a move.

      1. I strongly agree with your point of view. That's because people are feeling comfortable in this situation and the believe that nothing can cause humanity to come to a downfall. In addition, a huge amount of people are not willing to help and expect the others to take a step. Last but not least , the society is not forcing the people to try their best and save our planet and species and will probably not make a developement in the field of pollution. So, to conclude, i definitely feel that people should start finding solutions to this worldwide environmental problem.

      2. I agree because some people are not even aware of the situation, while others feel at ease even after learning about it and realizing that we will all be impacted soon. Eco-anxiety might be a normal reaction to the problems our world is facing. Through proactive efforts to promote sustainability, cultivate for the future, recycle, and invest in renewable energy, we are creating a more resilient and sustainable world for future generations.

    11. I strongly agree with your perspective, I believe that many people in the world think about too much negativity and never see the brighter side of the situation. Because of this, people are unable to change; but when you encourage people and inform people about what is going on in our planet and how we can help the environment, people might start changing. You can help change the world by spreading the word, pollute less, carpooling, recycling, and more!

      1. I agree with your response because people do only think about how the change is going to be hurtful or its going to change more.

    12. I agree because people may actually think at some point in time the society is in perfect condition. Some people may also think that even though we are going through hard times, there are people always there to cater for the society. No matter how big or small that you are, you should try to make an improvement in your society in the best way that you can. We depend on our society for natural resources and other means of survival, so we are expected to protect our society if we want to have access to all these things.

    13. Hello,
      I totally agree with your comment because lots of people are not making the right decision to help and protect the planet. The fact that many people say that the planet is not doing anything good for them is the fact that they are not doing anything to improve it. There are many lazy people that can't even do one good thing to improve our planet. they may not be aware of what the planet is going through. At the end of the day, they will regret not doing anything for the planet because it can totally affect our climate and the climate on the planet is very important.
      Thank you.

    14. i strongly agree because many people who are younger who want to make change find it harder as they aren't open to as much as a variety as others.But some others who do have such options do not choose to act upon recent problems and would rather ignore the problem because atleast for now the probelm doesn't seem to affect them or they're too greedy to want to change . But we know eventually everyone no matter where you live or where you work ect you will be affected by environmental damage.Personally i do still try to do the smallest things because you are correct lots of small actions together can make a big difference even if its just to stop buying single use plastic items. Personally within my family we have stopped or atleast avoided purchasing such items as we know the effect they have on the environment but unfortunatly some individuals find it easier to keep the same habits and not change thinking one person will not make a big difference Or big companies still sell single use items because they care more about the profit rather than the consequences.

    15. I strongly agree with you. I think there isn't only one reason because there aren't enough people changing its behaviour to improve the planet's living conditions.
      In my opinion, the principal one is that everyone thinks that if they don't care about the planet (since we're a lot of people) what is done will not be appreciated, whether for good or bad. And it's not true, since on Earth there's not just one, we're all living on it and we should care about our planet, since there's no planet B. We should all care about it. When someone doesn't care about the Earth, it means that his/her children or relatives would probably imitate his/her behaviour, and that they would do the same (not caring) at school, at work, in the park, etc. So, what in the beginning we thought wasn't going to have any repercussions, it would really have, and that's what is happening just now.
      In my case, I'm doing my bit with everything I can in order to save energy: turning off lights or wearing more clothes instead of turning on the central heating, closing the windows when the central heating is on or trying to spend as little time as possible to get a shower. Also, when trying to reduce the carbon footprint: I use recyclable bags, I buy only what I really need, I take my own tupperware to the supermarket or I buy recycled items and those ones that are going to be reused.
      In order to raise awareness, we should 'teach' others with our example. We need to be the first ones to care for the planet. We can't ask people to do it if we don't. Apart from that, I would try to convince people by making fun to live in an ecological and respectful way, by placing some games that could only be played if you have recycled before, for example. If that didn't work, I would make compulsory the sale of recyclable and reusable products, as well as avoiding those ones that don't have an ecological origin.

    16. I agree about the bit of people not understanding the situation because it is a very difficult thing to understand. I mean some adults still don't under stand how big of a problem it is!

    17. I agree because... Why people aren't changing their behavior to protect the planet is because,
      1. Lack of awareness many people might not fully understand how urgent and serious environmental problems are.
      2. Economic considerations some eco-friendly choices, like using renewable energy or buying sustainable products, might seem to expensive or hard to get from some people.
      Also what can stop people from helping to save the planet is.
      1. Behavioral habits it's tough to break old habits and start doing new things, even when we want to help the planet.
      Also what can make people do more is.
      1. Cultural shift if more people start thinking it's cool and important to take care of the Earth, it can make a big difference.
      In conclusion we will all join hands to take care of the Earth we can make it a better place. Thank you.

    18. I agree because... People are being given reminders over and over about their climate and the need to protect and defend their society. But because of their ignorance and laziness, many lives have been lost, including the lives of some of those who neglected the reminders about climate change that were being given to them. We are given reminders about climate change so that we can have a knowledge of the state of our society and come up with ways on how to improve it.

    19. I agree because many would not want to change their habits, especially in a society that doesn't easily adapt to newer habits like the US, which has a fast-paced late stage capitalistic society. People would much rather retain their convenient, efficient habits even at the cost of the environment.

    20. I agree, we should all be doing as much as we can to save the world and stop climate change even if it is as much as turning off lights when not in use or turning off the tap whilst brushing your teeth. It could also be as big as starting a protest.

    21. I completely agree with you. The attitude of the people is paramount in tackling such complex issues. Sadly, many people have simply adopted a mindset that they won't be personally affected by potentially dangerous scenarios, leading them to restrain themselves from taking any action. And of course, many individuals feel that their contributions won't make a difference in the grand scheme of things. These attitudes can hinder collective efforts to address these complex issues and concerns.

  • Most people are aware of climate change and about the current situation of Earth but they still don't find the need to take any action. This can be because of many reasons like they're busy in their lives doing other stuff or people, like those working in the industrial sector are prioritizing profit over the care for earth. The simple answer is that they simply aren't connected to the environment yet. For them, the short-term benefits are more important than the long-term consequences that we and our future generation are going to suffer.

    There are very less people in this world who actually care about this planet and are working hard to protect it. These people are doing this only because they are emotionally connected to nature and understand the significance of it.

    1. I agree with your opinion. I think it's also because we rely on it too much to change. I say this because most parts of the world use fossil fuel for electricity, fuel for cars, for cooking, travel etc. and if they were to change it would be very expensive.

    2. I thought of something what if all the waste gases from factories and other industrial areas are turned into something useful like electricity instead of coal and fossil fuels. Gases that mostly are from factories are sulfur and nitrogen dioxides, these gases dissolve easily in water and can be carried by the wind and these two compounds' carried together get merged with rain and this can cause acid rain which will dissolve into the ground and disestablish nutrients, magnesium, and calcium that trees nee to be in good health. This shows how the industrial sector can and will profit and also support the end of climate change.

    3. I just wanted to share something really interesting that 'benevolent_groundhog' pointed out. He made an excellent point that I totally agree with. Sadly, many of us tend to prioritize immediate benefits over the potential long-term consequences, particularly when it comes to addressing issues like climate change. But hey, we're all in this together, right? It's essential that we cultivate a stronger emotional connection to nature and appreciate its significance in order to develop an environmental stewardship mindset. Let's continue to spread awareness and advocate for sustainable practices to encourage more individuals to take action and safeguard our planet for future generations.

    4. Hi benevolent_groundhog , I agree with the comment that you made. I agree that the reason some people don't really take action to help the environment is that they aren't really connected enough with the environment around them. People need to realize that even if they are really busy with their lives doing other stuff, it doesn't have to be them doing a big thing to help the environment. They could start turning off lights when they aren't needed in their home or even turn off the water in the sink that runs when it's not being used. These are very simple things that people can do every day.

    5. I agree because... some people don't have a choice of changing their actions, since sometimes the job they work at or the business they run has to deal with activities which can worsen the climate change. I think some people don't know about the climate change, so if they should be performing a kind of activity which will worsen the climate change, they won't be able to realize what they are doing to the earth, since that is what some people have been doing most of the time. If these people discover what the climate change can cause, and they stop their activities they were doing before, I am sure life would be a little hard, because sometimes people don't plan what they will use as a replacement to something, incase of an emergency like the climate change crisis.

  • Wow. This is so educational. I love it!

  • People don't change their behavior to change the planet for multiple reasons. Number 1 is people are just lazy and naturally don't care and want other people to change for them even though they are aware of whats going on with the planet.

    1. I completely agree with this comment people are just waiting for other people they see online to do their job for them which is to do their small part on the planet they are damaging and living on. If we don't do much then eventually the earth will become a wasteland for people to throw their trash on even though that is not what earth is meant to be it is meant to be a nice place for us to live on and discover more about this peculiar planet we are living on.

    2. Hey, provocative view - not entirely untrue, either🫣 I’d love to hear your reflections on why we’re seeing what might be interpreted as laziness and/or disengagement in the face of an existential threat when we all have as a minimum: 1) an instinct to survive (motivation), and 2) the ability to act (capability).

      We’re motivated, we’re able - what’s holding us back? What mobilises individuals and communities towards a specific goal? And what can we do to create the conditions for that mobilisation?

      1. Hi Sebastian@ PA Counselling,
        The thing is, getting people on board with a cause often comes down to having strong leadership, clear communication, and meaningful incentives. It's about making everyone feel like they're part of something important, giving them a say in decisions, and showing them the benefits of taking action. Today, I was having a conversation, and I learned that some people just can't adapt to change, be it good or bad; they are comfortable where they are, and it affects us. I also got to know that habits can be derived from genes, and habits also contribute to this, whether we will see change or not. Another key element is fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among participants, ensuring that they feel personally invested in the cause. Here are some ways I think my country and other countries can come together to protect the environment:
        1. Neighborhood Clean-Up Events: Picture everyone in the community joining forces to clean up parks, streets, and other public spaces, making the area cleaner and more enjoyable for everyone.
        2. Youth-Led Eco-Projects: Imagine young people leading the charge on projects like planting trees or starting recycling programs at their schools, inspiring others to get involved and make a difference.
        3. Hands-On Environmental Research: Think about everyday folks helping out scientists by collecting data on things like air and water quality, giving them a direct role in tackling environmental issues.
        4. Spread the Word: Use social media campaigns or a series of workshops to raise awareness about environmental problems and show people simple ways they can help.
        5. Community Conservation Efforts: Picture local groups teaming up with businesses and government agencies to tackle big projects, like restoring habitats or protecting wildlife.
        To conclude, I've noticed that majority of countries about 85% of countries starts something but never finish. Please bear in mind that it is the end result that people see, so it matters, these examples can show us how everyday people can band together and make a real impact on the world around them, proving that when we work together, amazing things can happen.

    3. Although to a certain extent this is true, it is too easy to use this as the blanket reason for environmental apathy. What are the reasons for people not changing their behavior? Is it because they cannot afford to do so? Do they even have the local / national resources to do this? Is it too difficult to comply with such concepts?
      If the required actions take too much money, only the affluent will subscribe to these actions, if you are very busy and there are too many regulations in place, will people even be able to do them / allocate the time to it?
      It is very hard to expect people to make economic sacrifices for climate awareness when they see the hypocrisy of business and government wasting energy and other precious resources that imply massively outweigh any offset attempted by the public, whilst in effect being punished for their actions. Until tax relief and other subsidies reflect the actions needed, the actions of the people will not be enough alone. This is why we feel it is not simply due to the laziness of people alone.

    4. I totally agree with this comment because many people have done nothing to save or at least to help this planet. They are just waiting for others to do the job. When we all have to help because we all live in this place not just the people who are helping. This is damaging the small part of the planet that is pretty. We have lots of small amounts of water and planets. But a large amount of trash. The planet deserves better so don't give up and lets help out! :)

    5. I disagree because... if you use the word "people" u are trying to classify your comment by saying everyone is lazy and naturally don't care about the climate change. I think the reason why people do what they do to worsen the climate change is that, maybe that is the only way they can survive, especially some people who live poorly in the forests, since sometimes they are not given the proper information or education to know all about the earth, they will sometimes perform activities which can make the climate change worse, but without some of them knowing what they are doing to our earth.

  • One thing people can do more to change the Earth is to start recycling stuff instead of throwing it away. If people recycle more, then people can do less work around the world and make the world a better place.

    1. I agree because this is an assured way of saving the planet even though it may seem simple and not effective it will be extremely effective and the thing is its simple so anyone can do it meaning that anyone can save the planet so all they need to do is try

      Thank you

    2. Hello, I love the way you think. I agree, people should start recycling more instead of throwing it away.
      I understand your point but if we want people to recycle, they have to start putting trash in the bin first. Sometimes I go to the beach, to have a walk. Then you see a big pile of trash on the path, isn't it annoying? But there can be different ways to be echo. You could pick up trash and put it in the bin because bins are not made for decoration.
      Maybe you could walk instead of using a car. Or you could ride on your bike, if you know how. There are lots of ways to be echo but those two ways that I just talked about are the most easy things that you can do.

      Thank you.

  • Climate change is a major issue worldwide and it affects us deeply. There are nowdays so many information through the media about the effect of it and nevertheless some people don't chage at all.
    There are many reasons for this.
    Some of they just forget the importance of it because of their daily busy schedule.
    Some others may not experience the same depending on their location
    I am in general enough environmental sensitive but I think that I would more
    I use my bike, put rubbish on recycling bins but I think that the mayor and the community of its city play an important role on motivating us to take action.
    Well what could be done?
    I think that even small fines can be imposed or each government launch campaign that attract young people to be aware of the situation.

    1. I somewhat disagree with your viewpoint. I think that everyone is affected by climate change in some way or another, but people are ignorant and refuse to believe or are unaware that it is actually climate change. I also think that if people are too distracted by their jobs and tasks to notice and care for our beautiful planet that we are destroying carelessly, they are living their lives wrong. We should all care, and I think that people don't necessarily have to show that, but just acknowledge what is happening and i think that most people do, but just do not realize the severity of this issue.

  • There is a majority of reasons about why people don't change when it comes to the environment. One of them could be attributed by the news. The news tend to mostly show positive information to viewers and talk about all the achievements our species has made so far to fix the environmental problem creating a feeling of safety. Personally it might sound harsh but I thing that people should also be shown the downside of things they should be shown the results of heir actions on the flora and on countless animals who are suffering. I strongly believe that people have to realise that "THEY ARE TRYING TO FIX THEIR OWN MISTAKE" they have to understand that all this suffering is caused by them and only them.

    Another reason is the individuality taking over on our days. It is not small the number of people who have thought of doing even the smallest gesture that would contribute to saving the environment like for example recycling but have regretted soon later thinking that one person alone cannot make a change. On the contrary if everyone does at last the smallest and easiest thing the could do things would have probably been a lot better.

    Finally, the last reason I could thing about actually taking action and trying to change things is to make it a "trend".As it seems people are much more interested in being famous and being 'in" than trying to save the environment; so why not enhance it? From my point of view if it were to become a trend more and more people would help even if they weren't really doing it for the right reasons they would as a conservative estimate ameliorate the situation that predominates.

    1. Hi, I like your thoughts on starting a trend to nudge more people towards a climate-conscious lifestyle.

      Which trends would have the biggest impact and how could you start them?

      1. Firstly, thank u for taking the time to read my comment and ask questions. I believe that the biggest impact on improving the situation that prevails would be one where people will be able to take photos of them doing something environmentally friendly, like for example recycling or cleaning a public space. By uploading photos likes those they would collect points with which they could get discounts on different kinds of things for instance on clothing shops or markets. I would start this trend by cooperating with a famous influencer on the platform I plan on using and passing it later on to their followers.

    2. I totally agree with your last point. I believe people actually care a lot more about being liked and accepted than about the positive impact their actions have to the environment. Even though many people would take action after it becoming a trent, I think that change would be temporary as trends usually don't last for a very long time.

      1. I also think that people care more than the previous years and the media plays a role on it. However I am sorry to say that I don't think Iam doing everything I could. Maybe I could volunteer on some organisation's and help them. But unfortunately what is stopping me is the less free time that I have. My homework is overloaded but Iam mostly aware of our environmental problems and I hope I will have to chance to help.

    3. I Yes I agree with your first point. As you said that it can be attributed to the news (media) I also want to add that why some people do not change when it comes to the environment is that not all the people can afford to listen to news, for example in some rural areas, where there is no electricity, they might not be getting any informations concerning the climate changes because probably they have means of getting information of what is going.
      Finally, I will also like to say that when the journalist are presenting their news in the media, they tend to talk about the positive side of the climate changes, and I think that they do this because they are afraid that if they get to announce everything that they have discovered, some people might decide to die because of anxiety.
      In conclusion, I’m saying that the main reason why some people do not react in terms of environmental changes is because of the MEDIA…..

    4. I totally agree with valuable_journalist's perspective on this topic. It's clear that we still have a long way to go when it comes to addressing environmental issues, and there are several factors that make it challenging. For starters, the media tends to focus on the positive aspects, which can sometimes give a false impression that everything is going great. On top of that, many people feel like their individual actions won't make a difference, which can be discouraging. And let's face it, sometimes it seems like people care more about being trendy than doing the right thing. However, despite these obstacles, I believe it's incredibly important for each of us to do our part in taking care of our planet. After all, we only have one Earth, and it's up to us to make sure it's here for generations to come!

  • Climate change is a serious threat to our planet and our future. Yet, many people are still not taking enough action to reduce their environmental impact. Why is that? Are you doing everything you could? If not, what’s stopping you? What, if anything, could be done to make people to do more? These are important questions that we need to ask ourselves and others. We need to raise awareness, educate ourselves and others, and take responsibility for our choices. We need to act now, before it is too late.
    - Some people don't know or understand how human activities are harming the environment and what the consequences will be.
    - Some people have psychological barriers that make them ignore or reject the facts and the urgency of the situation.
    - Some people are influenced by their social and cultural context, which shapes their views and actions on environmental issues.
    - Some people are affected by economic and political factors, which make them prioritize other interests over the environment.
    - Some people face practical barriers that prevent them from living more sustainably, even if they want to.

    How can we change this? We need a variety of strategies that address the different aspects of human behavior. These include:

    - Teaching and informing people about the environmental problems and how they can help solve them.
    - Using communication and framing techniques that connect with people's emotions, values, and identities.
    - Encouraging and empowering people to join forces and demand change from the powerful actors who can make a difference.
    - Giving and showing positive incentives, feedback, and recognition for environmentally friendly behavior.
    - Making and applying effective policies and rules that support environmental goals and principles.
    - Finding and supporting innovative solutions that make it easier and more enjoyable for people to live more sustainably.

    1. I agree because people do tend to get lazy sometimes. The most common type of person to be lazy is a phlegmatic person which is one of the 4 personality types or temperaments.

      For anyone who doesn't know about them these are personality types which determine your strengths and weaknesses if you tend to be lazy you might be a phlegmatic with laziness being it's weakness but knowing that you can also discover your strengths which is being analytical. So to conclude.what I really want to say is we need to understand ourselves before we go out there yo do anything because if we don't we won't be effective enough or get the job done.

      Thank you

  • I think people don't change their behavior to protect the planet because they have not experienced local climate effects first hand, feeling unaffected. Other think it's the government duty not theirs to care for the planet. Some assume protective measures are already in place for the future.
    Personally, I often discuss sustainable choices with my parents urging them to consider solar power or alternative energy sources.
    It is important for everyone to realize our collective responsibility in safeguarding the environment for future generations.

    1. I agree because... People are not aware of the dangers they are actions posed to the environment most especially in the rural areas.
      I believe reason awareness is crucial, as not everyone has access to information about climate change. Physical visit to rural areas affected by deforestation and Bush burning can make a big impact. By enlightening people about the dangers during these visits, they will become aware of the negative impacts of their actions and are more likely to change their behaviors to protect the environment.
      I personally encourage my friends and the people around me to pick up litter anytime I see a place untidy and I also discuss environmental issues with my friends.

    2. I agree because you can't really relate to something entirely if you haven't experienced it yourself because the more experience you have with something the more you feel remorse or compassion for someone when THEY experience it. The same thing is in climate change or anything else in life. If you experience the negative effects of climate change firsthand then you will understand it yourself and even get betters ideas to stop it.

  • First of all, people don't change in order to stop climate change because we don't care, we are too comfortable living the way we are, & we don't fully understand how badly it will affect us. However, some people do speak up about it but it isn't enough. People like oil protesters (who glue themselves to the pavement), are the only ones I've heard about.

    1: The reason why some of us protest & some don't, is because a majority of us couldn't give two parietal lobes if our lives depended on it, literally. They also think that whatever is going on elsewhere like droughts, fires, flooding, storms,etc is not going to affect them. But it is going to affect them.

    2: We are way too comfortable living like this. And by this I mean...using a lot of our resources that we know are gonna run out, & just not caring about the planet A.K.A not doing anything about climate change. We use too much of our water supply everyday( which is not a lot) & we pollute the air by using gas & use oil( which is non-renewable). Hence the point of oil protesters. We should limit our uses of each of these and more that I probably have not said.

    3: Even if we do know what's at stake for not stopping climate change, it probably won't change a thing. More people may protest but that's it. Also, nothing's gonna change unless the government or the people/person in charge says something about it. The people don't have a say in matters like this 'cause it actually matters. People who have a big influence on people may change their minds but other than that, normal people protesting isn't nearly enough.

    Well, I haven't really done anything, most of my family notice when one of us is in the bathroom for a long time when taking a bath. We also say to turn off the water if you are not getting in the bathtub straight away. & we reuse our plastic water bottles.
    Like I said before, if someone with a greater influence on people took a stand, then maybe more people would protest and try to stop this problem.

    1. I agree with what you have said. I think that these problems can be solved if people that have influence on other start with themselves. For example, when we talk about a family, the parents have a huge influence on the children, so if the parents did something good, the children may try and do the same. Another thing I want to comment on is about protesting. I think that people should provide evidence of how climate change affects everyone to people who don't have knowledge about the topic. This way, people think about it and try to do what they can. On the other hand, some protests can be bad in the way they are done. Like when people block roads or do riots. This can give a bad image to the people don't understand the topic well and they will go on and do what they do without knowing the consequences of their actions

  • There are many reasons people may not be changing. One main reason people don't stick to things alot is because what they do is a habit. A book called the power of focus by Lewis Hewitt, Mark victor Hansen and Jack canfield says that the reason some people succeed is because they have focused on developing a habit to make them succeed, In this case people have subconsciously developed other habits that continue to make them increase climate change without even wanting to. Statistics show that it people quit 6 times even before achieving a new habit.

    Additionally, some people aren't even aware of climate change or they do not care about it. I think that there should be a global announcement done to stop climate change just as there was a global pandemic for covid - 19 to warn people about the disease that was spreading there should be an announcement for climate change. Statistics show that 40% of Adults have never even heard about this.The average carbon footprint for a person is 4 tons mean that 12.8 billion tons of greenhouse gases are released into the air because they had no idea of climate change and are not trying to stop themselves from releasing that amount.

    In conclusion I think that we need to address this situation globally in order for people to become more aware and break habits that stop them from stopping climate change.

    1. I agree with you that people quit 6 times before achieving a new habit because consistency is the law of achieving a new habit. The consistency principle states that people are motivated toward cognitive consistency and will change their attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and actions to achieve it. Consistency is hard to come by these days.

      I also totally agree with you that there is a need for more attempts at creating global awareness of climate change. After all, in the interior part of Sub-Saharan Africa, most rural people have no idea about the effects of the activities that lead to climate change hence they continue to engage in activities that hurt the earth such as tree felling, use of harmful agro-chemical for farming, bush etc. The government can go the whole 9 yards in the rural community to help ensure that everyone is in the know of the effects of activities that have adverse effects on our planet.

    2. I agree with you,
      Tons of greenhouse gases were released, but how did 60% of adults know about it, yet did not do anything. Even though they knew that their greenhouse was releasing chlorofluorocarbon into the society in the process of growing the fruits and vegetables that we eat everyday. In order to break out of an unhealthy, chemical filled foods, they have to grow foods organically without the use of chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. If people choose to do something about climate change it will soon reduce bio-diversity loss. So far 3.6 billion people in the world are affected by climate change.
      In conclusion, climate change needs to be made aware for the betterment of the society and to help the world go back to its evergreen state again.

      1. What factors do you think stops people from being able to prevent climate change?

        1. I think the factors that can stop people from being able to prevent climate change comes from a lot of reasons, some of which are bad habits, high cost of new solutions, lack of proper and relatable education, extreme poverty, corruption. This factors also depends on the willingness and commitment to make a conscious and the courage to accept change. Change can be frightening when the Intention is not fully understood. For some people change can be a nightmare because the alternative solutions is not just expensive but also not available.
          To lead people to change in favour climate improvement activities or solutions, the solutions must be available, accessible and cost-effective to make the poor of our society afford it.

    3. Hey, I like your reflections on how habits play a role in why people don’t change.

      Smoking still is one of the hardest habits to kick. But the number of global tobacco users (aged 15 and above) is expected to decline from 33% in 2000 to 25% in 2025, according to the WHO (2019).

      What factors are enabling this change? And what’s blocking it? Can we use learnings from the global effort to change smoking habits and apply them to the area of climate change?

      1. Hello, well I think some factors that could be enabling this change are motivation and dedication. The reason I say this is because at some point in time everyone realises that something isn't right and what they're doing is wrong so they begin to start work and another factor could be support from other people. I think that if anybody has a bad habit with support from friends or family you can get rid of it and get better. The thing that could be blocking it could be relief from smoking as the reason people smoke is to reduce stress and relieve themselves the same thing could go to climate change an example being AC which is used to make the air cooler and bring some relief. Yes we can use learning from the global effort to stop smoking and apply it to climate change.

    4. I agree to your point and I think some people are already aware that cutting down of trees{deforestation} ,greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere contribute to the causes of climate change ,but then they continue to do such activities that causes climate change. In my opinion, send strict warning to such people.

  • I think that people aren't changing their behaviour towards the planet because they aren't fully aware of what is happening. It's not about presenting problems but creating solutions. Many know that Earth is in danger but not a lot know about what to do to save it. It could also be due to the fact that masses are influenced by popular figures who do well. They don't have leaders or examples to follow. Therefore, when people don't have proof, they tend to do nothing.

    I believe that I try to do everything in my power to tackle this issue. Environment has been an important part of my life. I can't be present in spaces where there are no plants. I do my best to follow sustainable methods and ways to make sure that this small effort makes a difference. I avoid plastic, I use public transport, I am wise with water, I choose organic materials and I use my voice to make an impact. I don't step back when it comes to telling others to switch to better ways. Now, I don't think I'm perfect but I surely try.

    People always do things that benefit them. It's not a bad thing, instead it's a great thing. By motivating people with an incentive behind, can help our beloved Earth. By spreading awareness and spreading word through various social media platforms will always make people more serious about this. If the government provides some sort of rewards or a better advertising method then many can start improving this condition. The most wonderful way to transform our world is to talk. When people encourage each other, it will always be a success. Hence, with conversations that make people understand that even small steps matter, will hugely effect this horrible situation.

    1. I agree and I think it can be improved by not just sharing awareness, but also sharing and spreading solutions, because many people even though aware have no other method so this in turn forces them to continue using the harmful methods of fishing, farming and even creating paper. Many people believe recycling is a waste of time and have not been properly enlightened about how to recycle and its benefits.

      1. I agree because if we are just aware that something that actually threatens our existence has humans exists we need to spread a solution to stop it as well
        An example being Covid19 if we had only spread awareness and not how to prevent it then we would still be in a pandemic. The same thing applies here. Nothing will happen if the solution is not spread and no action is taken.