Climate change in your country

Climate change often makes global and local news – but the stories can be quite different from country to country.

Look at the pictures below.

Which one best represents how your country is experiencing – and reacting to – climate change? Why?


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  • hey! I am from India and the letter which best describes my country is A. In India I have observed that people have started to take climate change seriously, people take steps like planting trees, reducing energy consumption water harvesting and conservation and also saving and using renewable energy. Several places have used solar powered panels as well. Indians have taken into account the climate change and have been very precautious about it.

    1. I totally agree with nice_ferret's sentiment. It's amazing to see how people and communities in India are taking proactive steps to combat climate change. They're doing so much to promote sustainability, like planting trees, conserving energy, harvesting water, and adopting renewable energy sources like solar power. It's inspiring to see their unwavering commitment to protecting the planet for ourselves and future generations. These aren't just symbolic gestures, either; they're real, tangible actions that are helping to mitigate the effects of climate change and build a more sustainable future for us all. By recognizing the vital connection between environmental, social, and economic well-being, Indians are showing us how we can all work together to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time. Their dedication, ingenuity, and resolve are truly amazing, and I think we can all learn a lot from their example.

    2. As an Indian, I totally agree with you @nice_ferret. It's true that Indians have been striving hard to mitigate climate change . The government is also working towards it. The government of India has started various schemes for the same too. One of them is National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC) that aims at fulfilling India's developmental objectives with focus on reducing emission intensity of its economy. Solar Panels have been installed in many villages in India. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, The use of Solar panels in the states was 53% and 14%, respectively, of installations as of June 2022. As of November 30, 2022, the country had 61.97 gigawatts (GW) of installed solar capacity.
      Another initiative by India was that In August 2022, India updated its NDC according to which India has an enhanced target to reduce emissions intensity of its GDP by 45 percent by 2030 from 2005 level, achieve about 50 percent cumulative electric power installed capacity from non-fossil fuel-based energy resources by 2030.
      Thank You.

  • I would say A. I say this because some people in my country do use solar panels for their homes or businesses. There are also lots of windmills in different parts of the country, I see them a lot on road trips. I would also say that we have some characteristics from D with extreme weather patterns because we have been having a lot of rain lately and it's been very cold.

    1. I totally agree with plucky_piccolo's comment. It's awesome to hear that your country is adopting renewable energy sources like solar panels and windmills. This shows that you're taking a proactive approach to combatting climate change, which is fantastic. I also think it's interesting to note the extreme weather patterns you've been observing, such as increased rainfall and colder temperatures. This highlights the importance of both mitigation and adaptation strategies in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

  • I personally think my country is a mix of all of them. Climate change is making weather everywhere more extreme, which is affecting sea levels, growing crops and much more. I think B, C and D really illustrate this and the effects of it. However A and E shows what we are doing to help. Slowly and surely the government is trying to make a difference, like manufacturing electric cars and recycling efficiently. Our world is being destroyed by our human actions, but once we all work together, we can fight against it.

    1. Hey there! I totally agree with healthy_snow's thoughts! It's really important to understand the different aspects of climate change and how it affects us. There are several measures being taken to address this issue, and it's great to see that options A and E showcase the positive steps being taken towards mitigating and adapting to climate change. At the same time, options B, C, and D highlight the complexity of the issue. It's crucial that we all work together to combat the challenges posed by climate change. Collaborative efforts, such as government initiatives promoting the use of electric cars and efficient recycling, are essential in achieving a more sustainable future for our planet. But the factor of electric car will not work now because the most of the electricity that we use to power our electric car is also generated from coal which leads to pollution but in future it is the most powerful tool .Let's all work together towards a greener and healthier tomorrow!

    2. I agree because... lots of people try and help as illistrated in a and e but most people dont switch to elecrtic as the cost is quite high but i dont think england is d or c as i think its not that bad I pesonaly think is mainly a and b as its not too bad buts its not to good

  • Hello everyone,
    I want to share that our country is also effected with climate change no doubt but there is also some progress can be seen. Like mostly people are preferring solar panels installation rather than electricity, grow plants even school levels too. Some schools established nurseries and to send plants to other schools to promote plantation. Our school also took the initiative that each student would plant a tree with their name in school and some students participated too.

  • Hi everyone, I am from Nepal and I have chose the letter C. In recent years, Nepal has been suffering from soil erosion, land slides, floods, droughts and the rest. In Nepal, People are not taking climate change seriously and not taking some precautions about it which increased violence and impacted on their lives. Some countries and some organization like scout and red cross society are helping Nepal by donating Food, Clothes, money and a place to live. I hope that Nepal will be like Option A in future years otherwise the climate change and weather will disguise itself into a disastrous form.

    1. I agree with your stance because in America, we have recently been facing stressful events because of our lack of recognizing our issues. For Instance, one state in our country, Georgia, used to have snow daily. But now, Georgia hasn't snowed since 2017-2016, which should be alarming. I also agree with you that I hope our country can be like A in the near future.

  • In my personal opinion I think its B because I haven't heard anything in the news myself about us doing something to decrease climate change rather its getting worse because if you drive around you see alot of people instead of taking garbage to a local dump they burn it and they cant be blamed entirely because the trucks don't come often so I think that we as a country need to come together and stop climate change.

    Additionally, We shouldn't just focus on the capital of the country we should go all round into every region and we shouldn't just focus on ourselves we should also talk to other countries, start programs with them, encourage the youth to do something about and also encourage the adults themselves because what the adults do is what the youth will grow up with and if the adults themselves don't do it then why would the youth be inspired to do it

    In conclusion I think we need to come together or else nothing will happen.

    1. I believe the answer is B. This is because, in Ghana, we do not take enough precautions in disposing of our waste. We tend to throw it in the sea, on the ground, or burn it. Some people even make excuses like the garbage trucks are not coming, as Centred_ Lynx pointed out."

      "I also agree with Centred_Lynx because our capital is not the only place that travellers visit. Focusing only on the capital may not be the best idea as we should consider how citizens in other regions will react to this. It is important to think about the whole country as visitors often explore different regions and see if there's a way to improve moreover if they see that only one part is flourishing while others are not, it may have a negative impact."

      People living in remote areas will certainly develop eco-anxiety, causing them to worry about what will become of them, but we can prevent it by taking powerful measures to protect our planet and spreading awareness on social media. It's critical to stay informed, take immediate action, and join hands to save the planet. Let's be proactive and resolute in our efforts to protect our home.

    2. I agree with you centered_lynx, the reason being is that since the garbage trucks don't often come for these citizen's garbage, they have no choice but to burn it, because how long will they keep piling garbage in their house?
      Moreover, you are right about going to different countries and different regions in the country to encourage them to stop climate change. This is because if we do it in all the regions, we can bring everybody together to create a safe country, and if we involve other countries, we might encourage people who have no hope of us having a safe country back. We can all join hands to create a happy and safe world, where we all can live peacefully.

    3. Under the circumstances in Greece, i believe that the letter D matches our country the most. First of all we suffer from a lot of earthquakes and many buildings are being destroyed. Something i want to add is that Greece also suffers from a lot of heatwaves in general, which results in crops being damaged. However,i would like to add that i think that all of the other pictures also apply to our country. For instance, in picture C we can see people trying to protect themselves from fires and in Greece during the summer fires are very common.

      1. You are right. There is a combination of some of these pictures B,C,D. In general in our country we suffer from the consequences of climate change. There has been an increase on heatwaves in summer, constant rainfall that result in flooding and an increase in temperature. As it is estimated by 2050 we will have more frequent heatwaves and that mean drought.
        We can understand that drought will effect farmlands and it will be destoy their farms.

    4. I agree because this is our planet and in order to live a happy life, we have to take care of it to live properly in order to promote good living and maintain a good hygiene. If we do not take care of our environment, we could contact all sorts of diseases and viruses, there by crumbling our society. We should try to take care of our society in order to further promote good and healthy living.

      1. I agree because... We human beings depend on our environment on various kinds of things for instance; food, clothing, income gain, and many other things for survival. If we do not protect our society from danger, we may not have easy access to our natural endowments, due to some natural disasters for example earthquakes. We are to focus on protecting our society from destruction, so that living in it will be much easier.

    5. I agree because no matter who we are, or where we come from, at least we should contribute even if it is a little to develop our society, if we do not keep our environments clean we can damage the health of other people as well as ourselves. So we should try our possible best to contribute to the growth of our society.

    6. I agree because... I haven't seen much news of people doing anything to stop climate change besides California trying to make electric cars mainstream. But honestly, I think that there isn't much we can do because we've adapted to the way we live for so long, it's nearly impossible to change; it's not our fault. The younger generations have been taught that they've been able to change things when they get older with hard work. But we weren't told it costs lots of money to improve climate change.

      1. You said here that there's a lot you didn't know. Is there anything else specifically that you'd like to find out about these things?

        1. I'd like to know more about how electric cars are produced and how they actually help the environment, because I feel that all we hear about is how the companies are making products that "help" the environment, yet I never hear about what they actually do. And I also feel that the issue of climate change has been pushed back for more recent news, like AI.

    7. I agree because in order for us to experience happy living, we have to take care of our environment in order to achieve that. We are being tasked with the responsibility of keeping our society clean to promote good health and good living. So far we have received different reminders on the need to take care of our society. Some of us have obeyed the instructions and catered for our community, while most of us have been completely ignorant on the reminders. The reminders that we receive about climate change are not given to us to state at it, they are given to us to inspire and encourage us to maintain a good hygiene, thereby promoting healthy living and protecting our society.

      1. why most all people take place in cleaning our society? isn't it better to appoint some people to represent other people in cleaning society? or people should be paid so that they can obey?
        THANK YOU.

        1. I disagree because... If only a selected set of people clean the society, it wouldn't be fair. Some people may not know how to clean properly, and this could lead to a negative impact on our environment. If everyone doesn't clean, the society will become worse. moreover, if people are paid for cleaning, they may start demanding more money, which could lead to greed and corruption all over again.
          Thank you👍🏻.

        2. I disagree with you, thoughtful_headghog. I believe that everyone should participate in community cleanups efforts because they will benefit the community in the following ways:
          - It won't require much time.
          - it will benefit those who engage in it daily.
          - it will promote contentment.
          - It will encourage good hygiene among neighbors.
          These are a few advantages of communal cleanups. In some states in Nigeria we have the monthly environmental sanitation program where people are expected to clean up the environment, every last Saturday of the month. Leaving cleaning to just a few people will make them tired and they can lose interest. However, if it's a paid service they will have some payment that can kep them going.
          Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
          Thank you 👏.

          1. I disagree with creative_personality because not everybody can easily help clean up their environment, especially:
            1. People who are ill.
            2. People who are sick.
            3. People who may not know much about the environment or how to help.
            These individuals might face challenges or limitations that make it harder for them to take action. So, while it's important for everyone to do their part, we should also recognize that some people might need extra support or accommodations to participate.

    8. I agree because...In this life, we human beings depend on all sorts of natural resources for example gold for proper living. In order to still have access to our natural endowments, we have to take care of our environment. Nowadays, we have been getting reminders about the negative effects of climate change for example global warming, earthquakes, flooding, and many more. It is because of our reckless behaviors that innocent people lose their houses and homes. No matter our position or our state (situation), we should contribute, even if it is a little, in order to promote peaceful living amongst ourselves

    9. I agree. Not many people pay attention to what is happening to the environment and it's really only causing more damage. Sometimes, my neighbors start burning trash because the garbage truck only comes by between a few weeks or even a month. Trash companies should really improve their service in different areas..

    10. I agree. If the government is only focusing on one place and garbage companies aren't going around as often, it is only causing harm to the environment...Sometimes, my neighbors start burning trash and it is very common here because of the garbage truck that doesn't come around as often as it should. I believe we should focus more on getting garbage companies and the government to expand more will definitely help make the country a better place.

    11. I agree to centered_lynx.It's commendable that you're passionate about addressing climate change. Taking collective action at both local and international levels is crucial. Encouraging collaboration among nations and involving people of all ages is key to making meaningful progress. Your insight highlights the importance of addressing the issue comprehensively and inclusively.

    12. You are right centered lynx,
      As humans we are meant to take care of our planet earth because it is the only place we have to live in. But some of us cause more harm than good to the environment. We should try our best to make the earth a more safe and secure place for us to live in.

    13. I agree because... I believe that Ghana needs to come together to address climate change, as there is a lack of news about efforts to reduce it. I suggest that instead of focusing solely on the capital, Ghana should consider the impact of waste disposal on other regions and countries. The importance of considering the impact of tourism on different regions and the potential negative impact on the environment essential. The need to take action and spread awareness on social media to prevent eco-anxiety in remote areas is vital. I believe that by involving other countries and regions in promoting climate change, Ghana can create a safer and more peaceful world. I conclude by emphasizing the need for proactive efforts to protect the environment and encourage the youth to take action.

      1. You have spoken very well about the conditions of climate news and action in your country, it is certainly very interesting to hear about the discrepancy between the capital and more remote regions. Do you think and increase in tourism would be good or bad for your community?

  • I really wish I could choose only one but I can't. It is a mix of all these pictures. First of all let's start with picture E. I would definitely say that this ideal representation does not suit my country. Electric cars and so much green. Unfortunately the last 3 years the news at my country is extremely concerning. At summer so many fires in the forests and extremely hot temperatures, at autumn flooding in many parts of our country. People seem confused but also angry as picture D indicates and try to save their homes, lands, properties as picture C indicates. However I want to be a little optimistic and commend that at times I can see some action taken as in picture A, solar panels are put and there is an effort to plant trees.
    All in all I should say that yes there are so many environmental problems but on there hand people are starting to take action.

    1. You're right. There is a mix of effect of climate change in my country. Unfortunately nature alarms us and we can see the harmful consequences of climate change. We have floodings, forest fires and in summer a high increase of temperature that affects severely especially the big cities in land. But on the other hand, I think that the government tries to find resolutions to these problems by imposing severe fines like using too much water, energy.

    2. As a person living in the same country as you i can confirm what you are saying. Last year was a year full of disasters like forest fires and big floodings all around the country. I think that the bad use of the environment is coming back to as... Is time for the Greek people to start taking action. By reducing the pollution on the environment i think that we are going to see some big changes in just some days.

    3. It sounds like your country is facing significant environmental challenges, including forest fires, flooding, and extreme temperatures. It's encouraging to hear that there are efforts being made to address these issues, such as the installation of solar panels and tree planting initiatives shown in picture A. It's important to remain optimistic and continue advocating for positive change, even in the face of adversity.

  • In my opinion think the option i pick is option B.
    Because climate change in my country is rising very slow and there are constant change in weathers, and i don't hear much news about climate change in my country so i really don't know how climate change is now but now climate change has reduced now beacuse people are driving bycicles more than motorcycles and that has reduced our conjestion and gasses on the road. and now a days people prefer taking pubic transport more than thier own cars beacuse the cost of fuel has increased drastically. and now whith that we are trying to reduce our congestion by building windmills, solar panels e.t.c. and now if we try our best and come together a i sure we will succeed.
    Thank you.

    1. I agree because our reaction to climate change in Nigeria was not so heart pleasing because many people thought that Nigeria was not being affected by climate change until last year, where there was a slight weather change with the country becoming hotter, and ever since then the reaction to climate change has greatly improved, because people are now trying to use clean and renewable sources of energy, which is helping our country. But this is also a warning to everyone that if we are not taking the issue of climate seriously, we will regret it so this option B is also like a warning picture that climate change is affecting everywhere across the globe, and we should take our reaction to climate change seriously.
      THANK YOU!!!

    2. I agree, because in Nigeria efforts to combat climate change are gradually making a difference due to various initiatives. I am optimistic that continued changes will contribute to achieving a more balanced and sustainable environment.

    3. I disagree because... is not all people use public transport or solar panels, many people use their cars and bikes. And also some people practice bush burning or deforestation. So there will be much lot of heat


      1. I agree because... Nigerian people are not very interested about climate change and also 95% of Nigeria's population use solar panels and 65% of it's population use their own cars and bikes. Also, people practice deforestation and burn fossil fuels. so i think it's question B. Thank you.

  • It's a complex issue, and changing behavior can be challenging for various reasons. Some people may not fully understand the urgency or impact of their actions, while others might feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to make a meaningful difference. As for me, I try to make environmentally conscious choices, but there's always room for improvement. Education, awareness campaigns, and accessible alternatives can motivate people to do more. What are your thoughts on this? 😊🌍

    1. Thank you for sharing your ideas - I think that if each one of us, just like you, try to make environmentally healthy choices, it is already a big step in the right direction. Could you please give me a few examples of the conscious choices that you make on a daily basis?

  • I choose C because, every year Ghana produces 1.7 tons f rubbish every yearly ,because of the large amount of waste, Ghanaians have no choice but to burn their waste. People cut an burn trees to create room for their farms and to build more factories and houses. Fumes from old cars and plastics factories are affecting the air we breathe and increasing carbon emissions. Because of this Ghana is experiencing extreme heat , crops and animals are dying due to the extreme heat and decrease of food. Waterbodies are dried up making hard for farmers to water their crops. Because of this food prices and water bills have gone extremely high. Due to drying up of waterbodies fishing has become major problems for small villages that live near these waterbodies.
    But I believe there is a way we can prove our countries' crisis, instead of cutting down trees people can more plants, for examples in listening to a documentary I heard that mangrooves are able to store carbon in their roots which can enrich the soil. WE can recycle waste such plastic and papers instead of burning. Car using diesel and petrol must be banned , instead bicycles will be very effective for the environment.

    1. I agree with the answer being C because, in the United States of America and more continents like Asia they produce many products for example: hair spray, toys, and more, so there will be lots of factory and because of that there will be a lot of pollution that damages Earth it will also decrease Earth's lifespan, so lots of pollution will decrease Earth's lifespan to much and it could kill Earth.In the picture the pollution is making the Earth's surface hot that is effecting our climate and when that happens the leaves of trees will burn and the trees on earth is our source of oxygen and without the trees every human on Earth would die and that is why I think the answer is C.

  • In my opinion, I think that the letter that suits my country currently is C. The reason being is that most of the time when we are in the months that the weather is supposed to be cool and cold, the weather suddenly becomes exceedingly hot.
    Last year December, I went out with my family, I remember clearly that it was very cold and cool in the morning, however, when it was around 11pm, the weather suddenly become hot, and this sudden change of weather happened not once or twice.
    In my opinion, I think the reason for this sudden change of weather is because most of the citizens of my country have sent a blind eye to the impact their actions have.

  • Hello everyone.
    Currently climate change is a big problem in our country. Climate change has increased due to the development of more industries, increased traffic, deforestation, use of greenhouse gases, use of pesticides on agricultural land, etc. This is causing a lot of damage to our country. For example: melting glaciers, frequent earthquakes, droughts, changing seasons etc. I think, if these problems are to be solved, then more industries should be built, vehicular traffic will increase, deforestation, use of green house gas, use of pesticides on agricultural land will have to be reduced.
    Thanks all .

  • In my opinion I think that Egypt is represented by both B and C as Egypt is affected by the climate change in different ways but the most important two are : 1) Extreme temperatures And 2) Elevated sea levels and coastal flooding.

    1) Extreme temperatures ( C )
    Recently in Egypt the weather is colder than the usual in winter and in summer the weather is extremely hot . The climate change in Egypt will lead to heightened temperatures , unpredictable rainfalls and huge increases in heat waves . Egypt is already facing these issues and it is said that Egypt’s average annual temperature may rise by 2.1 degree Celsius by the middle of the century.

    2) Elevated sea levels and coastal flooding. ( B )
    Egypt is highly vulnerable to climate change and the impacts of the climate change are already being felt. Egypt’s Mediterranean shoreline is already at severe risk of flooding . Between the year 1993 and the year 2010 the sea levels in the Mediterranean rose by 2.6 cm per decade , so by the close of the century they may rise by 22 centimeters. As a result coastal communities on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast are dangerously exposed to climate change.

    All in all , l think that the consequences will be severe , very painful and harmful, so huge steps and actions must be taken to solve the issues.

    1. Your analysis of Egypt's vulnerability to climate change is really insightful. It's clear that both extreme temperatures and rising sea levels pose significant challenges to Egypt's environment and communities, as you've pointed out. The impacts you've highlighted, from unpredictable weather patterns to coastal flooding, really underscore the urgency for action to mitigate these consequences. Your call for substantial steps and actions to address these issues is well-founded and really emphasizes the importance of taking proactive measures to address the impacts of climate change in Egypt. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • in my opinion I think that option (c) best describes the climate that my country is currently facing i have not seen any news about people trying to reduce the amount of the climate change after seeing the effects of climate change but each day it just keeps getting worse i think that an additional cause is because the garbage truck operators aren't paid enough so people just burn their trash instead of disposing their garbage properly but that alone isn't the only reason there are other states that dispose their garbage in other ways that do not benefit our society.
    climate change is a responsibility that has been left for the youth of our country but this is not for them alone our current actions can affect our future and society but when every one comes together for the cause we all can affect our society in a positive way.

    1. Knowledgeable message
      I agree because... I also have not seen news that anybody is trying to reduce the climate change and another cause is because the factories in Nigeria here do not have enough facilities to give proper treatment to factory wastes, also they don't power the factory with renewable energy, the law enforcement agencies still takes bribes from them. I think these are some reasons why the climate is being affected everyday.

      1. I agree because...
        Nigeria factories do not use too much engines that releases smoke to the, and if there is our law enforcement agencies will deal the factory and they come to their office to settle and also agree not to do such anymore.

      2. Yes I do agree there is no news about people trying to help save the planet yes it is true Nigeria does not have good factories to properly dispose of our waste. In Nigeria renewable energy doesn't seem important so the law enforcement is easily paid.

  • I believe that its quite difficult to choose one of all those pictures;
    Since, India's current condition is most accurately depicted in picture B, showcasing the rising sea levels and irregular rainfall, which pose a present peril for my country. This vulnerability is evident from the frequent occurrence of events like floods, cyclones, and droughts. In Kerala, situated on the southern tip of the country, floods frequently inundate farmlands, and fishermen from as far as Mumbai struggle to catch fish due to cyclones. With 75% of households in India relying on agriculture, they are facing challenges with lower yields owing to frequent droughts and reduced rainfall. While the central belt of India experiences a decrease in annual rainfall, the Lakshadweep Islands are threatened by rising sea levels, leading to a loss of biodiversity, including a decrease in their reefs.
    However, India's efforts to combat climate change are conveyed in picture E. The government's domestic policies on climate and environmental action include protecting regional glaciers, greening the railway system, reducing single-use plastic, and promoting the production of clean cooking fuel. The government, along with several cooperatives, is proactively promoting the use of electric vehicles. Between October 2022 and September 2023, electric vehicles accounted for 5% of total vehicle sales, with projections indicating a potential increase to over 40% by 2030.

    In conclusion, while the climate crisis is worsening with each passing moment with united efforts by government we may successfully achieve the utopic world depicted in picture E.

    1. You have used some statistics to support your points - which sources did you use?

      1. Hey Alicia, thank you for your question. The statistics mentioned are mostly taken from the government of India's webpage - Niti Ayog, the online article by Nature newspaper on climate disasters and by the London School of Economics and Political Science. As for the numbers regarding the growth of electric vehicles, they are taken from the page of Bain and Company.

  • I choose option B because we have recently faced a flood in Chennai, which caused a lot of damage to houses and other things. It took us a week to recover from this disaster. In 2015, we faced a more powerful flood, and it took us around two to three weeks to recover from that. Unfortunately, we have faced many floods here in the past. Despite this, we are actively working to protect our country from such disasters. We have many organizations, such as the EFI organization, that are doing great things for our environment. Additionally, our school has taken many initiatives to protect our environment. In conclusion, I firmly believe that we are responsible for creating environmental problems, and we have the power to protect our environment as well.

  • As soon as I saw the images, I knew that India had to be chosen as option A!

    The image itself is the entire explanation.
    As I looked at it, I noticed small details such as the girl planting the tree, which reminded me of Chami Murma, a 52-year-old woman who is an environmental activist. She has mobilized hundreds of women from her area and planted trees in over 500 villages. After 36 years of effort and planting over 28,000 trees, Chami Murma has been selected as Padma Shri from Jharkhand!

    The Solar Panels remind me of the recent news where the Government of India launched the "Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana" with the aim of installing 1 crore rooftop solar on houses. This scheme will not only help reduce electricity bills for the poor and middle class, but also help India achieve its objective of self-reliance in the power sector.

  • My preference "is option B" I'm from a city named Chennai, in the southern part of India. Also, an active student of this younger generation extended my support through (EFI) and Young Indians (YI) awareness projects supported by our school on Climate Change.
    One incident that I could recollect, was last year we had an impact of Climate Change that caused severe floods resulting in a shortage of electricity, food, and other basic needs, during the period of heavy rainfall on December 04, 2023. The flood was named "Cyclone Michaung" The storm caused at least 17 fatalities and more than 32,000 people were evacuated and temporarily relocated, over 500 personnel of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and Tamil Nadu Disaster Response Force (TNDRF) were deployed. Joining with my family members, we helped our neighbors who needed basic needs like milk, water, and bread packets, who were unable to come out of their residences due to high water stagnation in our area. Additionally, the vehicles (cars and scooters) got drowned in water which affected our routine life and we spent heavy expenses in getting them back to working condition. I'm happy to contribute by joining the awareness program through my school and do my best to keep my Chennai people aware of Climate change and its impact.

  • From my personal everyday experience, Letter B is a perfect description of what a country looks like, and I feel it looks like that due to negligence and some other factors I'll explain. Many schools and civilians in many countries are aware of how some of their everyday habits affect the climate, but some seem negligent about it, and others just don't adhere to them because it doesn't fit their lifestyles. My country also resembles Letter B due to
    1. Industrial Activities:
    In places where lots of factories and industries are buzzing, the air and water can get pretty dirty. All those factories release stuff that's not great for the environment, and most of them are aware yet lack other profitable means to carry on with their work.
    2. Lack of Environmental Regulations:
    Some countries, like mine, don't have strict rules about taking care of the environment. One country I adore is Singapore, and for this reason. Their measures for taking care of their country are just superb. That means companies might be doing things that aren't good for nature, and no one's stopping them. And Lastly
    3. Population Density:
    In spots where a lot of people live close together, there can be more pollution. It's tricky to manage waste and pollution when there are so many people in one place. For instance, the ghettos or suburbs in areas like these need to be educated on how to dispose of their waste and keep their surroundings clean. Thats why my school want to embark on an excursion to the ghettos to provide them with some provisions to help them dispose and recycle their waste better and educate them to our best capacity

  • I agree with picture B because in Ghana we are victims of climate change. We see protests of climate change, yet fellow Ghanaians do not pay heed to this vital information instead you would see people cooking using wood and charcoal, open waste burning, surface mining, and pollution due to the absence of waste treatment. Mining is the main cause of climate change in Ghana. 'Galamsey' ' which means gather them and sell' is due to how disrupting the Economy is if there were Jobs the youth wouldn't have to engage in such disturbing acts and there would be lower percentages of greenhouse emissions nationwide

  • I personally think that my country is picture C. The reason why I think this is because of the extreme weather changes we have been experiencing. The week before last week we couldn't come to school because it was extremely cold. Last week, it felt warm and a little windy outside, along with some rain when it was the weekend. But now, it's no longer warm and it's just cold like the week before last week. And because of these reasons, I believe that C is closest to explain what my country is doing currently.

  • In the United States I feel there is a mix of picture A and D because we have drought, severe weather and there are a lot of trees being cut down in certain areas. Like in picture A around the country people are using solar panels and trying to do better with helping the earth. Where I'm from when I drive past other peoples homes I see my neighbors contributing to the earth by planting plants, being responsible about their trash and waste, and trying to make the community and neighborhood a better place.

  • In my opinion I think letter C. I think letter C is best for my country because in the news it talks about our country having a Snowpocalypse in Atlanta, and the winter storm bringing the metro area to a complete halt. This winter storm also changed the way many people in Georgia look at the winter weather. Also children were forced to sleep in schools, because of the slush that froze on the roadways, which is trapping drivers from getting where they are supposed to be. Also, did you know that the air was so cold that the forecast models struggled to completely estimate correctly the type of wintery participation that was about to happen.

    So I need all people from around the world to ask more questions about your country, to show that you care about this climate change that is going on in your country.

  • In my country we have a mix of most of these photos. First off the pictures A and E, these pictures both show people supporting the earth in two different ways. Most people in my country help our planet using picture E by using more electric or hybrid vehicles instead of gas. And in the picture A, people in neighborhoods in my country often have plants in front of their house. I also see people install solar panels on houses to use less electric power. Although people in my country using E most times may sound great our country is also like C. One of the things in c that is most seen in my country is wildfires. Unfortunately wildfires are starting to become more common. Another example from picture c is the raised temperature. In my country the summer is terrible because we always have heat waves. Last year there was a terrible heat wave down in the southern area of my country which started some of the fires. My final example from c is the factories. In my Home state of Michigan there are many factories causing terrible pollution and there have been many problems with clean water. My own grandmother has asthma because of the factories. This problems need to fixed if we want to save our planet.

  • I think it is B because, climate change in Ghana is affecting the economy, agriculture, energy, and forestry sectors due to changes in rainfall, weather conditions, and sea-level rise. Access to freshwater is expected to become more challenging, negatively impacting hydropower. Malaria and cholera are also expected to increase. The Jubilee offshore oil field may result in long-term gas flaring, causing 1.5 million tons of CO2 annually. Crop yields are expected to decrease by 2050, and fisheries production may decline, causing $200 million in imports annually. Ghana is developing a National Adaptation Plan to mitigate climate change impacts.

  • In my opinion I would have to go with C because, if you know the US, Alaska is the coldest state and has a temperature of 30.7 F° and glaciers are melting, and the Mississippi River had a drought in the early fall of 2023!
    there was a massive storm that affected everywhere around America. All around the summer where I live the average temperature is 80 and 90 fahrenheit!

    Last year, July 3, 2023 in the US, was the hottest day for all of america! The recorded temperature was 118, during that year Kansas and Nebraska had a drought, for these things are why, in my opinion, I chose C for my country.

  • In my country, it's a mix of D and A. Why I believe this way is because in picture D you can see a man looking at the earth worried and that is because he has Eco-Anxiety (Eco-Anxiety is when you get anxious about the planet getting destroyed.) from the news since there are people on the news spreading this information that the earth is getting ruined each day as you can see in the picture, for an example many people gained Eco-Anxiety and had to get psychologists for this illness. Why I believe why there is a mix of A because in the picture you can see a woman planting a tree which is contributing to planting a tree and in the background, you can see windmills and solar panels which help contribute to climate change. How solar panels help contribute by reducing greenhouse gas, gas emissions and mitigating climate change which helps by protecting humans and ecosystems. How a wind turbine helps by replacing electricity generated from other sources like fossil fuel power stations, and wind energy can lead to an overall reduction in carbon emissions.

  • Hi,
    I believe that what is happening in Nigeria is option "B" which shows a man looking at disastrous things happening to the planet and doing nothing about it. I feel this is what is happening in Nigeria because most Nigerians have a care free attitude towards climate change which disturbs me. Sometimes we do things unconsciously, which negatively affect the climate but where we are wrong is when we do nothing to help the climate. A thing that happens in Nigeria that shows Nigerians doing things that negatively affects the climate and leaving it, is the use of fossil fuels. Most people know that the use of fossil fuels pollutes the environment because of the production of carbon dioxide but instead of trying to adapt to the use of renewable energy they decide to continue using the fossil fuels.

    Thank You.

    1. Thank you for sharing your ideas Jazzed - I think that it is already a step in the right direction the fact that you are able to distinct those actions which are not good for the environment. What are some simple actions do you think would help instil awareness around the negative effect of the use of fossil fuels on the environment?

  • I think that the image that has the best way of changing the bad climate is A because as we grow more plants and trees it makes the atmospheric layer conclusive for humans to breath in and breath out carbon dioxide so that plant can take in. But one of the major problem affecting the ozone layer is cutting down of trees it reduces the level of oxygen in the atmospheric layer( which is also called the ozone layer) a d that makes the heat rays of the Sun.

    In conclusion I thick that the youth should do something to stop the damage of the climate change ( atmospheric layer).

    1. Hi 👋 brilliant_plantain,
      I strongly agree with you because here in Nigeria, the ozone layer is really depleting because of the system of deforestation. And also, in addition the use of chlorofluorocarbons by scientists to make refrigerators also leads to the depletion of the ozone layer. And so, in conclusion I suggest that awareness should be made to stop the damage of the ozone layer. Thanks.

  • As for Egypt, i think the best choice is C. Because of the extreme weather we experience most time of the year, and due to no steps done to lessen the effect of climate change in my country. In most cities, streets are filled with cars and buses and other vehicles, which are all harmful to the environment and increasing the effect of climate change.
    In the smaller cities of Egypt, land is filled with green due to growing crops and other farming purposes, but this is simply not enough.
    Electric cars and much more plants should be introduced in Egypt and other countries so step by step we could decrease the effect of Climate change.

  • Sadly, my country is experiencing C and D. I wish that we could get to E ,but I feel like nobody is trying to stop climate change. Every time I try to speak out I am ignored. The following are problems that my country( United States) is currently facing :

    1. Extreme Heat and Cold:
    During the summer of last year it was on the hottest years on record. This heat was very bad for agriculture and people's health. The heat would melt cars, trash cans, and even parts of homes. The cold was equally bad, cities would lose power for days to week. People were stuck in their homes with no heat and low on food. Crops died during the heat and the cold of my country.
    2. Hurricanes
    Hurricanes would wipe out homes and buildings. Many lives were lost in Hurricanes like Hurricane Idalia. Hurricane Idalia at its peak was a Category 4 storm. People were left without power and no place to stay. Many fled and others decided to tough the storm out. The storms is in 2023 were the worst since 1950.
    3. Wildfires
    Due to the extreme heat many wildfires started and were very hard to contain. The fire emitted toxic air pollutants. send a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The smoke affected was and still are Children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

  • I think my country is experiencing section c. In my country the state I'm in is experiencing cold while if you're travelled towards the Northern area you notice it is very Hot.the main crisis that is going on the country is that we are loosing 3.7% of our forest in a year this is either caused by flooding or heat condition. If nothing gets done we might loose all our trees.

  • I think that point C is the most accurate one in my country because I live in Egypt which is Known for its warm weather but in the past few years many things changed now the weather is so hot in summer and also so cold in winter and that wasn't happening before and this is an impact of the climate changes and my country is trying so hard to increase the awareness of its citizens and also my school is trying, for example my school has hung banners on its walls about the climate changes to increase the awareness between the students and even the teachers

    1. I fully agree with that comment, and that’s coming from a person who lives in the same country and goes to the same school as fascinating_wilddog.
      First let me start by assuring the weather change point; if we went back to the near past, we would find that Egypts weather almost didn’t change throughout the year besides Egypt has always been known for its hot weather during summer and mild weather during winter but things have changed completely this year, so the summer was boiling hot, higher humidity…, and the winter is freezing cold to the point where some people don’t want to leave their houses.
      Second point is that not only has our school hung up banners and posters about that matter everywhere around the school but our English teachers specifically have been talking about global warming and climate change for a few years now .

  • I choose option C because here in Nigeria, we witness more hot weather as a result of the temperature of the sun. The temperature of the sun is always too high that it feels like the world is about to come to an end. Now we are entering the dry season, and lots of people are bothered about the season because the sun's temperature is always too high that it dries up all the water available thus, bringing about scarcity of water which makes people so dehydrated.

  • hello everyone,
    Due to pollution of the environment, negative changes in the world take place one day. Similarly, it is not possible to make people aware in one day. It may take a few months or a few years. If you cut 10 or 20 trees a day, the environment will not change much, but the constant cutting of trees is the main cause of environmental pollution. In the past, people cut trees to build their homes, for food and fuel, but now people are cutting trees for urbanization. Not only are they doing various negative activities like illegally smuggling sand from trees or rivers. Lack of trees reduces water supply to the soil resulting in drought. Illegal dumping of river sand disrupts the normal flow of the river, and Due to the failure of the river, many areas along the banks of the river are submerged under water.

  • In my personal opinion I think it's A because I haven't listen anything anywhere about my country is doing some enormal activities against the earth or environment. My country is not opening big industries, nor doing forest fire, nor polluting any natural resource`

    1. I also agree with you because In our country , our enviromnent is fresh and healthy. Our country is not opening big factories or industries, only few industries are present. Nepal is rich in natural resources and green forest so our country is safe from this problem. People are not engaging in deforstation, forest fire and all. That's why I choose opinion A for my country.

  • In my personal opinion I think it's A because I haven't listen that we or our country is doing some enormal activities against the nature. We aren't planting more big industries, we aren't doing any activities that causes greenhouse effect, we aren't doing deforestation. We are making people's aware about it. We giving them proper education about that. We are not letting people's to do such activities than causes decrease or increase in climate change in our country. We are sending that garbage maintainers to people's home to manage garbages and wastes.

    Additionally, we are slowly slowly importing electrical vehicles, we focusing towards the most populated cities and regions wheather they are making environment polluted or not, we arr planting more trees.

    So in conclusion I want to say that all the countries in the world should come together to stop this problem.

  • From my perspective, I think It is B, and D. Unfortunately, in the recent years, the sea levels has been increasing significantly and this poses a great threat on the coastal cities. These cities are threatened by coastal erosion and they are expected to be drowned in few years. The government has made a lot of practices to decrease global warming and climate change effect in Egypt, these practices, for instance, are planting trees and using electric cars. However, civilians aren't aware of the problem and continue in their harmful practices( polluting the environment) which lessens the government's effort impacts. Egypt has also experienced a significant increase in temperature, this is because the harmful fossil fuel burning emissions from cars, and wastes from industries. So, our rule is to aware people of the hazard we are facing and its circumstances, to help the government in its efforts for decreasing the climate change effects.

  • I chose image A which depicts a country that is making a conscious effort to combat climate change by adopting renewable energy sources like solar power. India is one of the leading nations in the world that has been investing heavily in solar energy. The government has set an ambitious target of achieving 170 GW of solar energy by 2025. India's solar capacity has already reached around 73.32 GW, and the country is on track to achieve its target. This shift towards clean energy has not only helped India in reducing its carbon footprint but has also created numerous job opportunities.

    In addition to embracing solar energy, India is also taking steps towards a more sustainable future by planting trees. The country has launched several afforestation programs to increase its forest cover. Recently, the government announced the launch of a new initiative called 'Catch the Rain' campaign, which aims to conserve rainwater and increase groundwater levels in the country. Such initiatives are crucial as they help in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development.

    Overall, the image A reflects India's commitment towards building a greener and more sustainable future. The country is taking positive steps towards reducing its carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy sources. India's efforts in combating climate change are not only commendable but should also serve as an inspiration to other nations around the world.

  • I think the picture that represents India is A. India is country with a lot of diversity in its flora and fauna so it has to keep a check on a lot of its biodiversity . The picture shows a girl planting a tree which reminds me of the people of the country who plant a tree for every firecracker they burn on the festival of diwali. The solar panels remind me of how recently the delhi government launched a new policy fo install solar panels on the rooftops of our houses. The rain reminds me of the rain water harvesting done by people of Tamil Nadu where it is mandatory to do so. So almost all of the things in picture A, remind me of the initiatives taken in our country so I chose picture A.

  • I think it is option B. I say this because there have been rising sea levels in southern cities such as Lagos and other coastal areas, increasing vulnerability to flooding and waterborne disease. A lot of the Nigerian coast is low lying with the consequence that a 1 to 3 meters rise in sea level, which may result from eustatic or climate change, will have a catastrophic effect on the human activities in these regions. Furthermore, Lagos's low-lying topography exacerbates the vulnerability of many neighborhoods. Rising sea levels pose a significant risk to Lagos. Projections indicate that by 2100, sea levels could rise by over a meter, displacing millions of residents and businesses along the coast. This is just a piece of what is going on in the southern cities in Nigeria, especially Lagos.

  • In my country, I think its E because nowadays,people are buying electric vehicles instead of dieselic or petrolic vehicles because it is cheap also and it is eco-friendly too.Government is establishing charging points in different places which also proof that
    our government also wants to change our country.People are also now involving in different afforestation programmes.Also they are doing different awareness programmes related to climate change and its effects.It is my point.
    I hope you will correct my mistakes and give suggestions.

    1. Are electric cars cheap for everyone?

      1. Though this is the tough question but also I want to say that electric cars are more cheaper compared to petrolic and dieselic vehicles.Mainting cost is cheaper of electric vehicles than petrolic od dieselic vehicles.Money to buy petrol or diesel is also saved.Also,environment is also not polluted.So,I want to say that in compared to petrolic or dieselic vehicles, electric vehicles are really cheaper.I hope you understand my point.
        Thank You ?

        1. Thank you for answering!

      2. Not, they aren't. There are some parts of the world where electric cars are really, really scarce which makes them extremely expensive. The worst part is that these countries really need them and yet resources aren't enough to get them. Yet, if some of the resources put into oil and gas is directed towards production of electric cars, it will be very beneficial indeed for both the planet and the people.

        1. I concur with you. In my country, electric cars are seen as a luxury and not because of how much they cost. In 2022, the first electric car assembled by stallion group was made. Two tears later, less than 200 units have been sold. This is enough evidence to show that electric cars are not common. Most of the time, they don't even see the price as the problem. Their main concern is the maintenance. How are they going to charge it? Where are they going to get a power source that strong? These are the questions they ask themselves. The thing is they are absolutely right. There are no charging points for their cars if they choose to buy it. The cars will eventually run out of energy and just sit there because the owner can't find a conducive power supply. I believe that if the necessary facilities are provided to aid the use of electric cars then at least they will be put into consideration.

  • In my opinion, option B seems like the best fit for my country, although there might be a few challenges along the way. The reason I went with this option is because I've noticed a lot of people in my community switching to e-vehicles, and many big companies are also showing their support. While we still have a long way to go and some people are still sticking with traditional gas-powered vehicles, I'm hopeful that India will get there in a couple of years.

  • In my opinion option B and E are best for our country Nepal. In our country the waste materials are not being managed properly which has created lot of pollution in our country. Our country Nepal is rich in water resouces, we have many rivers for generating hydroelectricity but such resources are not being utilized properly. Our country Nepal has a capacity of generating 83,000 MW(Mega Watt). So, our country should focous on generating hydroelectricity which will also be helpful for running electric veichles whic will be helpful in controlling pollution. Our country should also focus on managing the waste resources and utilize them in a proper way.

  • My country would be best explained with picture A. In the picture, you can see a woman planting trees, which was a lot of fuss once in the U.S. In the news, there was a lot of talk about paper companies; and, how their man-made forests were causing habitat shifts, deforestation, and soil erosion from cutting down so many trees. The U.S is a big producer of wood and timber. So that is a lot of trees! There was a huge campaign on the popular site Youtube by a popular Youtuber (Mr. Beast) in 2019, where he would donate money to combat deforestation and plant trees, which is still going on today. That's what the lady planting trees reminds me of.

    The solar panels in the picture remind me of the recent push for more Americans to use solar power to cut down on fossil fuels which contributes to global warming. According to the Department of Energy, the U.S had nearly 3.9 million solar panel systems installed in residences. I know a lot of people getting solar panels, and on the news I see solar panels continuing to be a growing market all over the country.

    The wind turbines on the top of the Earth remind me of how in my country, as of recent years, a lot of big companies are trying to cut out fossil fuels and opt for wind turbines to produce energy. It became a big story when Elon Musk (the owner of Tesla), mentioned in 2022 to news outlets that wind energy is the future of our country. He also mentioned that wind energy had a lot of untapped potential, which I agree with. The USGS (United States Geographical Survey), reported that there are more than 57,000 wind turbines across the nation! So that picture reminded me of the growing use of wind energy.

  • I think that E is the best one to pick it's a safe world in E.A looks good but it's using more energy and the only thing that e is using is fuel and fuel is not electric so its not using gas and others are clearly bad B is to plain and desarty and D has a meteor at it's planet. And C is way to hot and it's nueclear.

  • Today the topic climate change has become a global topic that is commonly seen in global,national or even local news.Many countries are giving a lot of efforts in fixing this problem. My country is also trying it's best to give a little contribution and help to fix it .In my personal opinion, in Nepal it is more like A as Nepal is already not facing that much climate change and most people believe that even in the future Nepal will not face that much climate change as many people are aware and are willing to fix it.This thing is taken more seriously especially by students as they have been well educated about climate change, it's effects and how to make it fixed. Nowadays,Nepal is focusing more on reducing uses of non - renewable resources and reducing usage of plastic. In Nepal,keeping our environment clean and well balanced is taken as a basic skill of discipline ,so many kids (the future of the nation) already have learned to make the surrounding better. Our government has also conducted many awareness programs and has pledged to net zero emissions.
    Thank you

  • Choosing one picture doesn’t feel right, when India is depicted in almost all pictures above.

    Picture A depicts India’s drive for a sustainable future. More individuals are actively participating, contributing to a positive global impact. Additionally, India's renewable electricity is growing faster than any other major economy.

    Picture B reflects the vulnerability of India to floods and other such calamities. Out of the total geographical area of 329 million hectares more than 40 million hectares is flood prone.

    Picture C accurately captures the destructive reality of global warming. India has faced heatwave and recorded maximum temperature in various states and cities over the last year.

    Picture D for me portrays the state of alarm caused to a person due to eco-anxiety.

    Picture E is the perfect representation of the vision of India to make the country a developed nation by 2047, with a major focus on the shift towards electric vehicles.

  • My mind is split between A and B. On the basis of the current situation, or the steps taken by the Government, the answer can differ.
    If we take the current situation of India, on an average it can be stated to as B

  • My mind is split between A and B. On the basis of the current situation, or the steps taken by the Government, the answer can differ.
    If we take the current situation of India, on an average it can be stated to as B.
    But if we talk about the steps taken by the Indian Government to overcome climate change I would proudly say that figure A is relatable.
    I really applaud the efforts we have put, are putting and will continue to put even in the future towards a clean and green India with freshh air and pollution free environment that we all hope to see one day. One or the other way, this is a huge step towards becoming a developed country because in today's times climate change is the most horrible thing that the whole world is facing and trying to overcome it with such great results is a big deal.
    India has developed its policy response through missions and programmes to reduce its climate vulnerability. On 30th June 2008, the National Action Plan on Climate Change was released. It was a national strategy of several sub-missions to help adapt and magnify ecological sustainability in India's development path.
    Not just this but the Government also took it into their hands to clean the major rivers of India and so far we have seen a lot of change.
    Efforts are being made to switch to renewable resources and reduce plastic and other non biodegradable resources.
    Another project which has been one of the greatest success is the, 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan', which was a project to make a clean and green India.
    The thing that made it a success was probably spreading awareness. People took it upon themselves to clean their cities. They did their part by not throwing garbage here and there and separating wet and dry wastes. I can personally relate to this because I come from Indore, the cleanest city of India 7 times in a row, which could not have been possible without the support of the people, municipality, government and most importantly the cleaners and workers who cleaned the roads every day.

  • In my opinion, Letter B resembles my country "Ghana",I don't really hear news about climate change in Ghana but as you drive on our streets instead of people recycling waste and re-using them,they dump them into gutters which gives us a higher rate of flood,In my country there are lots of changes in rainfall, our weather conditions and sea-levels are rising up. Honestly I believe Ghanaians should come together and stop climate change because it's getting out of hand.
    I personally think we shouldn't just focus on ourselves, but we should try and negotiate with other countries about our problems , because it's negatively affecting both farming(Agricultural) and fishermen.
    In conclusion we need to work together as one or it will become worse.

  • Hey there! I really think that picture B perfectly captures what's happening in our country. Sadly, many people just sit back and let climate change happen. Today, we saw garbage burning near our school, but did you know that even though garbage trucks don't always collect waste, it can still be used as compost to make our farmland even more fertile?

    I also totally agree with Centered Lynx's point of view that we should focus not just on the capital, but on other areas of the country too. It's important to remember that we're all in this together!

    According to the latest news and research, Ghana is projected to get even warmer in the coming years. By 2050, mean temperatures are expected to increase by 1.0°C to 3.0°C, and by the end of the century, by 2.3°C to 5.3°C. Unfortunately, this warming will likely happen faster in the drier northern areas than in the coastal regions.

    We shouldn't just sit back and watch climate change happen. By making small changes in our daily lives, we can help prevent living in a polluted world.
    Thanks !!

  • During the years climate change has affected my country. I would say that C could represent my country in Greece especially in summer and in cities not near the sea.
    The temperature has risen enough at summers and because of this there are many forest fires that destroy our natural environment and beauty.

  • I believe that the icon that corresponds to my country is c!
    In recent years, my country has been so hot even in the winter that it used to be bitterly cold. I believe that each of us in our daily life does not have the time to think about the environment around us, but in a few years he will see it in front of him and he will understand the mistakes he has made but then it will be too late for him and for others.

    unfortunately time goes by and humans learn new things about the planet we start to harm it more and more not understanding that we are also harming ourselves

    unfortunately or fortunately every country has its own climate threshing is good but it is disappointing, my own country I can say that it is somewhere in between.. we all have to have our opinion on this issue to be able to save our planet for to be saved ourselves

  • I believe it is option C, due to the intense level of heat. Lack of response to climate change has made the situation worse. Damaging gases are being released into the air by industries, cars and other machinery which in turn affects the atmosphere negatively. A simple solution to climate change is planting of trees, as trees absorb the carbon dioxide in the air to produce oxygen, which will help in purifying the atmosphere. Recycling also helps in reducing climate change because it reduces pollution. Creating awareness to the adverse effects of climate change will encourage people to make an effort for the betterment of the society. Climate change worsens the air condition not only by increasing heat levels but it also increases drought which causes decline in farming. In some cases it can also cause a high level of storms which will result in flooding.

  • l live in London . l think l am experiencing E because there is a lot of pollution and deforestation in London . In my opinion , l think there is not too much bad news because there is different people in the world who are suffering from climate change and we as a country need to unit and stop climate change .

    In conclusion, we should stop climate change together as a country .


  • I believe that the situation in my country matches picture B. As I go around every day, I hear only unpleasant news about our country. First of all, the prevailing weather conditions are contrary to what they should be according to the seasons. Also, the floods are increasing more and more each year time. Like the tragic flood that hit the region of Thessaly this year in September, creating many disasters. Another phenomenon is the fires during the summer with the result that the forests burn and the production of oxygen decreases. All these and even more happen every day time but unfortunately all these are increasing more and more.Imagine with the help of a time machine we pressed the button and went to 2056. What would it be like? Would there be an environment? What do you say?

  • Its a mix between A, B, and D. I think this becausethe county is going through all of that at the same time. Were trying to fix what we have with what we have. And some people are trying to make a change