How did the lesson go?


Did you complete the lesson about Ecaudor at school with your teacher? If so, we’d love to hear about any good discussions you had in the comments below. You could tell us…


… about any good debates between you and your classmates. For example, about what Ecuador’s president should do next?


…how you changed your mind about something during the lesson. For example, did any new evidence make you think differently?


…about how you feel about the news in Ecuador. Has your country ever experienced a state of emergency?

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  • Hello
    Yesterday in class was so much fun! First, we learned about the lesson which was just magnificent. Second, our teacher split us up into 2 groups, then she gave us 8 of these cards with clues on them. Third, she gave the two groups 2 big papers to find out what went wrong in the prison where Fito was staying. Last but not least, me and my group put together the clues and we hung the papers on our classroom board. The other team's paper looked better than ours but that doesn't matter. So overall, the activities were super fun!

    1. It's great to hear the lesson was insightful! Can you list two things you learned from it?

  • When my class had this lesson I felt as if my opinion on prisons changed a lot. At the start of the lesson I thought prisons should be harsh as punishment. But towards the end of the lesson I realised that prisons should provide a sense of comfort for prisoners as in the end all the prisons are doing is locking up prisoners to keep the world safe. If prisons do not provide adequate comfort then prisoners are going to feel the need to break free and cause more mayhem.

    1. I agree with you because in my class we also had a little talk about the prison problem in Ecuador and worldwide, so, before this lesson I thought that a prison is a place where people that committed crimes are supposed to stay and be punished. I also thought that they were supposed to be treated harshly and maltreated due to all the crimes that they have committed. When this lesson came out, I was expecting it to be all about the ways that prisoners should be treated, but to my uttermost surprise I was wrong because the lesson was actually on how prisoners should be treated for correctional purposes and there were different options and not all of them were the same.
      I later discovered in my country Nigeria that there are skill acquisition programmes in prisons such as: hair barbing, sowing, carpentry, spray painting, tiling etc. These skills help most of them to get back into the society and contribute meaningfully while earning a living and not go back to a life of crime.
      In conclusion, I think that the primary purpose of prisons is for reformation.

  • Hi
    I must say that our class today was so interesting. We were given the steps as usual, the steps Includes ability to use body language and eye contact. Then a board was share to all of all in groups to create a trace map that is based on what had happened and why it had happened. Then e were able to findmout some of the reasons that lead to the escape of Fito. Some of the reasons are: two prison guards were charged to have helped him escape, it was also as a result that hs was made more comfortable than secured and he also had access to electronic gadget I.e cell phone. Then we debated on the things that was supposed to be allowed to prisoners with reasons. We also debated on the fact that prisoners should be made comfortable or be secured with reasons. And that came to the end of our lesson today.

  • Good day everyone,
    I can no longer hide my emotions the class today was superb and it was beyond my imagination. We were given the procedures of how to go about this new topic we are facing right now in the tropical talk and we learnt a lot about Fito the guy who is pressurizing Ecuador at this moment. I was amazed how he escaped such a maximum prison without much difficulties. We were asked to give clues on how and why he escaped from prison, some of the clues that helped him escaped from the prison was through the help of insiders in the prison and with the help of electronic devices ie cell phones and so on.
    We also had a debate on the things that are allowed in prisons and also the importance of prisons to the public, some of the reasons are it makes the citizens to feel secure and comfortable in their country.
    That was the end of our amazing lesson today.

  • afternoon everyone,
    our class today was quite interesting we learned lots about fito, the guy who escaped prison without lots of difficulties we also had a debat on how did the man escape?? Some assume that he digged a tunel some assumed that he used devices but i think that he had some friends at prison who helped him escape with a quick time we also disscused on what prisoners are allowed and not allowed to have in prison of course they aren’t allowed to have any kinds of cell phone and they are not allowed to have any harmfull weapons.
    Thank uu for ur time!!

  • Hello guys,
    My class was really interesting we talked about a man called "FITO" and so far, this is my Favorite class because we are going on an investigation about Fito. We got clues that will help us in our investigation we also talked about the damage in "ECUADOR" which is now in SOUTH AFRICA. We had question such as
    What should prison do for a prisoner? my answer is that the people in charge of prison should help in reforming the prisoners. And lots more of questions. I am looking forward for my investigations and I believe that there will be a change of characters in a prisoner's life and also a change in the way a prison is to be operated.

  • My class discussion today made me rethink my views on prisons. I realized that not everyone in prison is a criminal, but some are just accused of crimes and still face harsh treatment. I think prisons should be places that offer people a sense of belonging, compassion and acceptance, rather than isolation and rejection. I also think prisons should provide opportunities for prisoners to learn and develop their academic and vocational skills.
    Examples that made me rethink my views on prisons are:
    1.The case of Kalief Browder, who spent three years in Rikers Island without a trial for allegedly stealing a backpack. He suffered physical and mental abuse, solitary confinement, and eventually committed suicide after his release.
    2.The documentary 13th, which exposes the racial injustice and mass incarceration of African Americans in the US prison system. It shows how slavery was replaced by convict leasing, Jim Crow laws, the war on drugs, and the prison-industrial complex.
    3.The book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, which tells the stories of innocent people who were wrongly convicted and sentenced to death or life imprisonment. It also reveals the corruption, racism, and brutality of the criminal justice system.

  • Hello
    Our class today was spellbinding. We were taught and guided by our class teachers. We were given some sundry piece of papers to check and use our critical thinking to fix them we're they belonged to. We had a great argument on what the president of Ecuador in the South America should do. We compelled our thinking together and brought out the best out of them.
    Fito is a drug cartel who has escaped from the jail as at January 7th. Probably he had his cell phone with him he could use them to contacts his gangs as the a drug lord he is. Our teacher told us many more about fito.

  • I cannot express my feelings totally to this hub but out of a gentle heart I want to express my gratitude.Although this is my first time of joining this discussion I have learnt a lot of things. I learnt the purposes of prison which includes:
    I was also able to source out some possible reasons that could lead to the escape of Fito,but nevertheless I am still intrigued on how he escaped the prison without the consent of the warders,it could have been a planned event.
    And this is what brought to the end of our lesson today

  • Hello,
    I must recommend today's lesson it was splendid and I learnt alot today, it was so much fun interacting with people and knowing about the prison breakout in Ecuador

    1. Can you tell us one thing you learnt and your opinion about it?

      1. Well, I learnt that prisoners should be well facilitated and equipped so that the prisoners can at least feel accepted and they should also be punished under the law and also be kept busy with hard labour which will still benefit them and teach them to follow the right path. My opinion also about prisoners is that the government should also give them a chance to make up for their mistakes by making sure they do not go unpunished. In relation to fito's case, I can say that his escape was due to poor staffing and poor security footages which eventually led to his escape.

      2. We learned in our class what the people of Ecuador should do at this moment.

        1. **Government Response:**
        - Debates on Ecuador's president's next steps could involve discussions on deploying additional security forces, implementing stricter prison measures, or engaging in dialogue with affected communities. Students might explore the balance between maintaining order and respecting human rights.

        2. **Lesson Insights:**
        - Sharing experiences about changing perspectives based on new evidence in class can lead to discussions on critical thinking. Students could discuss how exposure to diverse viewpoints and additional information influenced their understanding of the situation in Ecuador.

        3. **Impact on Citizens:**
        - Conversations about public sentiment in Ecuador could cover a range of emotions, including fear, frustration, or a call for change. Students might explore how citizens' trust in institutions is affected during crises and the potential long-term consequences on societal cohesion.

        4. **Comparisons with Other States of Emergency:**
        - Reflecting on experiences with states of emergency in other countries can prompt discussions on the effectiveness of different crisis management strategies. Students may draw parallels and contrasts to identify lessons and potential improvements.

        5. **Prison System Reform:**
        - Discussions about the root causes of the escape and subsequent violence may lead to considerations of prison reform. Topics could include exploring alternatives to incarceration, rehabilitation programs, or technological advancements to enhance prison security.

        6. **Media Influence:**
        - Analysis of media coverage can involve discussions on sensationalism, bias, and the responsibility of journalists. Students might explore how media framing shapes public perception and the potential consequences of misleading narratives.

        7. **International Response:**
        - Conversations about how the international community might respond can explore diplomatic efforts, humanitarian aid, or collaborative security measures. Students could consider the role of global alliances and organizations in addressing domestic crises.

        8. **Social Media Impact:**
        - Discussions on social media's role could include considerations of misinformation, citizen journalism, and the mobilization of public opinion. Students might explore the benefits and challenges of social media in crisis communication.

        9. **Community Safety Measures:**
        - Exploring the role of communities in safety initiatives can lead to discussions on collective responsibility, community policing, and the importance of fostering resilience at the local level.

        10. **Long-term Solutions:**
        - Brainstorming sessions on long-term solutions may involve considering systemic changes, socio-economic interventions, and community development initiatives to address the root causes of crime and unrest.

  • Hello everyone,
    The debate brought quite a lot of mix-ups of emotions within me. We debated on how the gang leader "Fito" escaped from jail. We discussed on how it could have happened, I personally stood for poor staff in the prison because from my research I had seen that some of the staff were held hostage I also say this because... something like that can't just happen overnight, a gang leader all of a sudden escape with no traces? it has to be a product of poor staff and facilities.
    Also, during this lesson my perspective of news changed I'm talking from the point of how fast information spreads around, something which happened on the 7th of January just got to my hearing yesterday meaning that millions more of people have not gotten to know about it slowing down the rate at which the problems could be solved. I think more news broadcasting agencies has to be developed.
    In conclusion we also discussed about the state of emergency in Ecuador and I kind of feel sad as it is a result of poor facilities this is happening. Just imagine Ecuador had a better containment center Fito would have never escaped preventing anything that is happening now. But for now, the State of emergency is the safest and best thing that can be done.

    Thank you.

    1. I'm in agreement with you on all the things you have said, but there is a tendency that not only poor staff are the cause of FITO's escape, I also think that he escaped through connections with some of the police, because it baffles me that how can a well known criminal escape from the litoral penitentiary which is with high security, but how is one of the highest prison in Ecuador not even having CCTV footage of how he escaped from prison, because even if he escaped alone the footage should have gotten him trying to run away from the prison. Besides, the litoral penitentiary is at the outskirts of the city, so he can't leave there without getting caught, this is why I think Fito escaped through connections. But the President should be to extend the State of Emergency, tighten the security at the litoral penitentiary, tighten the search for Fito and finally spread the search to other countries, because he knows he is the cause of the State of Emergency in his country and should have learnt from the previous time he was caught in 2013 and leave his country knowing he is at the brink of getting caught again.
      THANK YOU.

    2. I must thank you glad_outcome I could not learn from the lesson because I was not in school that day. This gave me the information I needed to comment on the other Fito topics that I had no information about.

      1. Hi loyal_mandarin
        I'm so sorry for that but I must confess that the story of fito is a story that touches the heart according to what I learnt in the class,
        Some prisoners protested that they want to leave the prison when they heard that fito has left the prison house and that caused some lives damages because some of them were injured.

  • My lesson really changed my mind. I always thought prisons were suppose to be places where prisoners were tortured for committing an offence or the other. I always saw prisons as places where people endured humiliating treatment, inhumane conditions, abusive interactions and lots of torture as punishment for a wrong act they committed. Now, I have a change of perspective. I can see now that prisons are places where prisoners learn to change their attitude and gain encouragement in order for them to live a better life without crimes and violence. Prisons are to provide services and interventions that will contribute to the transformation of offenders as law abiding citizens into communities by ensuring that defaulters are rehabilitated, monitored and accepted by communities. At the end of their sentence, prisoners are supposed to reenter the community as changed people who now see the error in their ways. I now realize that prisons are not just places where people get punished for what they do, but also places where people change and transform in order not to make the same mistake again. That is the real purpose of prisons.

    1. I agree with you, articulate_moment. When I hear the word prison or jail, I thought that it was a dangerous place with gangsters and bad guys. But, they actually provide treatment for mental health. I think it is good that we have prisons for bad people to be able to change and have a second chance to become better people.

  • Good day every one.
    I really enjoyed the interesting class we had with my teacher yesterday and I was so concerned about how Fito could break out of the prison.
    This has took me period of times to analyse the information I got about Fito and I encountered the place where they said " handsets are not allowed in the prison and I think the main reason why Fito escaped from prison was that they gave more of comfort than security.
    He was been reached since he was with gadget it is very easy for him to escape from prison and another thing that made Fito escaped from prison is that as the leader of a powerful gang leader he will definitely have connections that will make him escape from prison.
    I also read the place that said he had two friends in the prison that assisted him escaping from prison so they are some of the connections that Fito has to escape.
    I think reformative is better than punishment because had it been Fito was been given education in how to be a better citizen, he wouldn't have had that mind set to escape from the prison.

    In conclusion, here are the precautions that I drafted out according to my opinion on the way prison wardens should act.
    1. The government should provide tight security gadgets or wardens to secure the prison effectively because had it been the prison was tight secured, Fito wouldn't have escaped.
    2. They should not be more of comfort in the prison than reformative because Fito was relaxed and that's was the reason why he had a gadget with him even as a prisoner.
    There should be more of education than punishment because you don't only get punished in prison but rather, you are been educated on how to become a better citizen in the nation.
    3. Prisons' wardens should have 100 percent trust that they will not get involved into bribery and corruption you matter the situation.
    4. Prisoners should be scanned or search appropriately to ensure that they don't smuggle gadgets into the prison.

    In conclusion, i think Fito's escape from prison was the prison's wardens fault because they didn't keep their eyes on his movements and he was too comfortable, that was the reason why he escaped from the prison. Thanks.

  • The lesson today was so informative. We actually focused on the purposes of prisons and the opinions were so different. Some believed that punishment is a top priority and others refotmative. Most of us prioritized comfortable last and I must say it was a bit confusing to some as to what we mean comfortable in prison.
    We talked about Fito.and how he escaped and compared prisonsin Ecuador with prisons in our country.

    1. Yes, that's true. Most of us put comfortable last and we couldn't elaborate on what comfortable really means. But what was strange was that we understood that we were really tough on our decisions as young people. Most of us thought that punishment was our first option and we concluded that really bad criminals need to be punished hard.

  • Good day everyone,
    Today we learned about the prison emergency in Ecuador. We learned about Fito's background and were told about Ecuador for basic idea. I learned that Fito escaped from the prison with around 40 other prisoners. And that how other prisoners are also encouraged to escape. I came to a conclusion that he couldn't have escaped without the help of the policemen there.
    We also discussed that how important prisons are. They are place where prisoners reflect upon themselves and therefore require proper maintenance.
    Hope that the situation in Ecuador is quickly sorted.

  • The class was very much interesting we had an investigation on the notorious criminal fito and causes of his escape. We also made an investigation board on how he escaped on January 7th 2024. How he escaped was with the help of electronic gadgets like phones, television. Which enabled him to get informations and send informations to his gang. And what we all found out was that without the help of an insider he wouldn't have gotten out of the prison.
    We also had a discussion on the importance of the prison to the economy, one is that it brings about safety, reformation, punishment, secure etc
    I also got something very important and it was that in a prison the people who were sent to the prison is to go for reformation and not to suffer, because most people commit crimes because of their past situations. And when they being surfered there, there would be no room for reformation
    And that was the end of our lesson.

  • In my class, everyone was really excited to learn about this. So, Ecuador is an country that lies in south Africa and it was an peaceful country. In Ecuador, a very powerful criminal called Fito escaped from the prison. I think it is really dangerous for the people of Ecuador to live there because of the criminals roaming here and there but what is the reason that an criminal escape from the prison so easily? Someone says that he had excess to electronic device, someone says he dug tunnel. I think that his friends were helping him in the prison or the police were talking it lightly. Now, the government of Ecuador is decided to make Ecuador a peaceful country again.
    Thank you

  • Good day everyone,
    My today class discussion was informative , and I got an clear concept of what was the topic about. We learnt about a guy named Fito who is right now a burden for Ecuador. I was astonished that,how did he got so much courage and valour to break through the prison . In the class , we were also given examples which helped us understand the situation more accurately.Well,this was the whole summary of the today's discussion.

  • Hello,
    My class was interesting and I learnt about an Ecuadorian criminal named ''Fito'' and I also learnt that prisons aren't just made to punish people and make them suffer for the crimes they have committed instead, a prison is meant to be a comfortable,safe and secure place for law breakers to be punished and reformed.

  • Learning about Fito reminds me of how resourceful prisons are to the world.
    From my research I learnt that he was born in the city of Manta in Chone Cantone, and that Los Choneros means the Choneros and a Chonero is someone from Chone Cantone, now Fito was not the original leader of the Choneros, but rather the founder was a man called José Luis Zambrano, also known as “Rasquiña,” when he died in 2020 he left Fito and a man named Junior Roldan in charge and that is the story of Fito. As I was researching about Fito I learnt that prisons should be respected and praised for correcting people with bad habits and for protecting us from crime.

  • Ecuador is a country straddling the equator on South America’s west coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. In the Andean foothills at an elevation of 2,850m, Quito, the capital, is known for its largely intact Spanish colonial center, with decorated 16th- and 17th-century palaces and religious sites, like the ornate Compañía de Jesús Church.
    In Ecuador, prison violence has become increasingly common, resulting in hundreds of deaths in incidents authorities have blamed on gang battles to control jails.The Ecuadorian government says that the riots are caused by gang warfare over control of territory and drug trafficking routes. Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa declared a national state of emergency as the country's most notorious cartel boss, Adolfo Macías, escaped from prison.The Ecuadorian prison system has suffered from problems of corruption, overcrowding, violence, and poor infrastructure.
    What I think that Ecuador's president Noboa should do is to increase the rate of prisons in the country and to minimise the amount of prisoners per prison and to provide employment opportunities for his citizens so they would not live a life of crime.

  • The class atted was really flowless. Everything going on in this topical talk is just blowing my mind and getting me more closer to it. The class was too good and informative. I've learr many things in that class and those things can be implemented in my daily life too. The most important matter for me in the class was the Fito matter.
    Thank you.

  • In our recent lesson about Ecuador, lively debates unfolded among my classmates regarding what the country's president should prioritize next. Some argued for safety reforms, while others emphasized the importance of reforming prisoners. The discussion prompted me to reconsider my stance on the role of sustainable development in shaping Ecuador's future.

    The news in Ecuador has recently been dominated by a state of emergency due to an escaped prisoner (Vito), creating a palpable sense of concern. The crisis has sparked discussions about the effectiveness of the criminal justice system and the need for reforms. It's a stark reminder of the delicate balance between security measures and protecting civil liberties in times of crisis. While my country may not have experienced a state of emergency, the incident in Ecuador has prompted reflections on the importance of a robust and just legal system.

    This crisis serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance needed between implementing security measures and safeguarding civil liberties during tumultuous times. Although my own country hasn't faced a similar emergency, the incident in Ecuador has prompted profound reflections on the imperative of maintaining a robust and just legal system to ensure both security and the protection of individual rights.

  • What action should the president of Ecuador take next? This is a challenging one; nobody wants to be in charge of things during difficult times like these, but only the strong, in my opinion, can persevere through them. In my opinion, the president of Ecuador ought to investigate the condition of the jail, the actions of the guards and administrators, as well as the benefits provided to the inmates. I also believe that those who collaborated with the inmates ought to be held accountable. Personnel with integrity, both men and women, must be extremely intelligent and productive in any establishment or organisation. It is necessary to take action to prevent situations similar to this from occurring in the near future.

  • Hi everyone
    During the lesson, my thoughts process can change in fews ways. First, if presented with a new information that contradicts my previous understanding, I am open to reevaluate my position. Second, engaging in discussions and hearing diverse perspectives from others can lead to change in my perspective. It is essential to weigh different viewpoints and consider alternative interpretations. Last when provided with logical reasoning or strong arguments,I may reconsider my initial thoughts. The key is to remain open minded and flexible in light of new knowledge or insights that arise during the lesson.

  • Today's lesson went like this
    Today in our class we had a discussion about "FITO" one of the biggest drug dealers in Ecuador. Fito had escaped prison with 40 more this created conflicts in the prison. Prisoners started breaking out and all the police force of the Ecuadorian prison were held hostages by the prisoners.Ecuador's government has declared a curfew from 11:00. p.m till 5:00 a.m . The president of Ecuador declared a state of emergency. Lessons like these are very informative and we become not only aware about our country but other countries also.
    Thank you
    By quiet_hurricane
    Allenhouse Public School Jhansi

  • The lesson which I had in my class was very intriguing and interesting. The discussion was very captivating and sparked my interest. We were explained about the situation going on in Ecuador right now and how Fito had the audacity to escape from a prison. He is one of the most famous drug lords in all of Ecuador. Fito, along with other prisoners escaped the prison which later resulted in the prisoners who failed to escape, taking the jailers as hostage. The step taken by Fito had given an immense boost of confidence to the other prisoners as well and they started rioting. A curfew had been announced in the country. The situation there is very critical. The entire country is going through considerable turmoil. We discussed about the situation in detail and how the people in Ecuador are suffering because of a few prisoners who are just not ready to succumb to their fate! I also learned about the different types of prisons today as well as the charges on minors and how they are dealt with if they commit a crime and I am excited to know more about the whole Ecuador situation.

  • Hi,

    How did today's lesson go?

    Today's lesson was very informative and educative. We discussed about 𝙅𝙤𝙨𝙚 𝘼𝙙𝙤𝙡𝙛𝙤 𝙈𝙖𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙨 or (𝙁𝙞𝙩𝙤) who is the drug dealing Lord from Ecuador who escaped the prison. Some authorities say that while fito was shifting to 𝙇𝙖 𝙍𝙤𝙘𝙖 he escaped. It is said that Fito Or Marcias controled all the crimes in Ecuador and he also controls drugs cartels and crime gang in South American countries although I enjoyed the whole lesson .

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  • We learnt about a man called Fito and we learnt how Fito escaped from prison and we also were told that he was allowed to carry gadgets to the prison and that led to the second escape of "Fito".and we were told that his prison room were decorated with muggus and it was not how it was supposed to be because too much of comfort can led to after the lesson we all had a little bit of information about fito.and after every thing we all Sayed what we learnt and we closed.

  • Hello every one I hope you all are doing good I would really say that today's class was just fantastic it was above my imagination I didn't even that a single person can just make trouble in a whole country just like feto did in Ecuador. And I just got shocked when came to know that that feto escape without having difficulties from the most secured prison in Ecuador. We also discussed that what were the reason and factor that resulted in the escape of feto so first was that 2 jailer helped them and the second was that they had the access to electronic gadgets for example cell phones etc.
    Today we had a lot of fun and THANK YOU!

    1. I agree because... It gave me a lot of interest and the comment got my attention and I would like to say that the comment was very high quality .. Well the lesson today conducted was actually very interesting as well as informative... THANK YOU!

  • Hi
    I enjoyed today's class .We learned about why the prison should be secure, comfortable, reformative and safe

  • I find the current state of affairs in Ecuador to be quite depressing, and I believe that citizens there ought to exercise caution and follow their president's safety orders. I can totally identify with the predicament that the people of Ecuador are in because we have experienced something similar in my own nation. That took place under one of our previous presidents' administrations. Prisoner rebellion resulted in chaos and stress, but by the next day, around half of the escaped prisoners had been apprehended again. Thus, in order to protect the public, the government imposed curfews and a state of emergency.
    I believe that the prison break was caused equally by dishonest prison officials and mediocre jail administration.
    In conclusion, both the government and the jail administration need to take their roles seriously in order to accomplish effective prison management and lower prison break rates.

  • Fito the drug lord, escaped from prison he also encouraged 40 more prisoners to escape he killed and kidnapped 4 policemen , and he made emergency in Ecuador ; and riots took place, a curfew from 5: 00 am to 11:00 pm . we leant about the good prisoners and the bad prisoners, we also learnt about reformative ways to be in a jail , specific time of punishment for many acts . today's class was so interesting we enjoyed with our teacher a lot .

  • According to my own opinion, i think prison is the perfect place for offensive ones.
    According to what I have gathered, prison is a place of correctional center or home where offensive ones are been kept for them to lean their lessons.
    Prison is supposed to have more of Reformation than comfort. Foto was been given more of comfort because, he was been allowed in the prison which a cell phone which he might likely going to call his gangs to rescue him from the prison.
    Prison education sk ola means advices or lesson for you to learn how to be a better citizen.
    Fito wouldn't have had that mind set to escape from the prison if Reformation take place. Thanks.

  • Greetings.
    Our today's class was quite interesting I can no longer hide my feelings the class today was beyond my imagination. We talked about a man called FITO. FITO is the guy who escaped a maximum prison without any difficulties. We discussed on how the gang leader "FITO" escaped from jail. We discussed on how it could have happened. In order to protect the public, the government-imposed curfews and a state of emergency.
    I believe that the prison break was caused equally by dishonest prison officials and mediocre jail administration. We can be able to find out some of the reasons that lead to the escape of Fito. Some of the reasons are: two prison guards were charged to have helped him escape, it was also as a result that he was made more comfortable than secured and he also had access to electronic gadget I.e. cell phone. Then we debated on the things that was supposed to be allowed to prisoners with reasons. We also debated on the fact that prisoners should be made comfortable or be secured with reasons. And that came to the end of our lesson.
    In conclusion we also discussed about the state of emergency in Ecuador and me kind of feel sad as it is a result of poor facilities this is happening. So, the government and the jail administration should provide tight security gadgets or wardens to secure the prison effectively because if the prison was tight secured, Fito wouldn't have escaped.
    Thank you.

  • Hello everybody,
    Here is a one of the recent debate, I had with my classmates was about what Ecuador’s president should do next, there are various perspectives and opinions that could be considered. Some possible suggestions could include focusing on strengthening the economy, implementing social reforms, investing in infrastructure, or promoting environment sustainability. Ultimately, the decision would depend on the specific context and priorities of Ecuador and its citizens.

  • It was a really interesting lesson.
    We talked about the purpose of prisons and their top priorities. But most af all we were really puzzled when we talked about jails being comfortable. Do we really need to make the prisoners fell well enough in a jail and to what extend? And what happens to those who committed to the most horrifying crimes? These were really questions that we discussed and we were surprised to see that we were strict enough with our suggestions.

    1. You are absolutely right. I also think that our suggestions were really tough concerning prisoners. But that was only to those who committed serious crime that can may us feel so disgusted.
      Additionally we concluded that if the prison functions well enough then reformation can be achieved.

  • Good evening everyone,
    Today's class was very nice. We learnt about the prisoners and prison .
    We also learnt about the
    Difference between good prisoner and bad prisoner. A guy named Fito( dealer of the drugs) who was in prison .Ecuador which was near South America .In Ecuador the people the people used to take drugs in high quantity which is not good for health and police and the government has also announced that they imposed curfew after 11p.m. to 5 a.m.the people were not allowed to go out of their houses.

    We also learnt, difference between the good prisoners and bad prisoners. After seeing the good behaviour/attitude, the government also released them on probation
    Today's session was really very informative.
    Thank you

  • I think the president should look for him, were he went to and what he will do next. When he has done that he should evaluate the situation and check both inside and outside of his country to know whether anyone has any clues about him.

  • Today's lesson went like this
    Today in our class we got to know about the country with the most crime rates in the world, which is, Ecuador. The chief topic of the discussion was of a man named Fito, a drug dealer in Ecuador who escaped from a prison with 40 other prisoners. This topic is likely to draw attention because of the fact that the prisoner had the courage and audacity to escape a prison with tight security, and taking the security guards of the cells as hostages. This information lead to another topic in our session which notified us about the difference between good prisoners and bad prisoners. This one escape influenced the others also to escape and hence prisoners from about 30 more prisons started riots in their respective prisons. This lesson was very educative and informative and forces us to critically think on the matter.

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  • Today we have discussed about Fito (A drug dealer).He escaped the prison in South America with 40 other prisoners.

    We also discussed about good prisoners and bad prisoners .The prisoners are released if they start behaving good.
    This is how we end up are informative session.

  • Hello to all !
    I must say that the lesson was very informative and I got to know about the prison escape in Ecuador. A Drug Lord "Fito" who escaped a prison . The prison had a really good security . We got to know that he was helped by two security guards and got some electronic gadgets from the insiders . I think that people like Fito would never stop this but the government of the particular country should try resolving these matters . We also had a debate about this topic
    Thank you.

  • Hey there!

    Today in class, our teacher sparked an intriguing conversation about the origins of prisons. It turns out they were initially meant to be correctional centers, but in places like South Africa, their original purpose seems to have gotten a bit lost. We've noticed things like an increase in drug addiction among people who've been to prison.

    A politician recently suggested a different approach to dealing with crime. Instead of traditional imprisonment, they proposed sentencing offenders to tasks like cleaning roads and gutters. It's an interesting idea aimed at addressing some of the problems we've seen with prisons lately.

    In our discussion, we also talked about a recent prison escape. It got us thinking about all sorts of possibilities—like access to technology or even collaboration with someone inside the prison.

  • Oh wow!
    The lesson we had in class was amazing, we were in the shoes of detectives trying to get evidence and reasons.
    I could not keep my mouth shut because I was filled with questions and answers. First in class we talked about why Fito escaped, and many people had different views, but I think the reason he escaped was to show his power. At first glance you will be confused about my reason; but I am here to explain. As a popular criminal Fito is he has many gang members who believed in him so he probably escaped in prison to show that nothing can stop him. And as soon as he escaped it was said gangs went crazy doing all sort of stuff, so in my opinion his escape was him basically saying: Nothing can stop me, gangs go and show your power.
    I hope you understand my comment, Kim

    1. Interesting ideas, @jazzed_ocean. Can you think of other reasons why a prisoner might want to escape?

      1. I also think due to discomfort. Prison is known to be very uncomfortable, in Ghana for example, there was a prison that had thirty prisoners in one cell. It will be extremely uncomfortable, and I am sure prisoners will do anything to feel comfortable even if it means escaping. But it is sadder when you are caught because your sentence will be elongated. For exa

  • Hello!
    Todays class was marvellous we had a discussion and used a board to link clues to try and to get to the bottom of why Fito would want to escape we listed some reasons like: uncomfortable, avoiding punishment and homesick we also had quite a lengthy and intersting debate about what Ecuado's president can do to imprison Fito again we came into some conclusions , that he is indeed the youngest president-elect in Ecuador and said he can and should close all the borders to the countries in order for the escape of Fito to other countries , send all military throughout and within the country. I also made a suggestion that the president of Ecuador should strengthing prisons by
    1. Effective monitoring
    2. Stronger prisons
    3. Management of high need offenders
    4.New legislations

  • Hello
    In class today we were making investigation boards trying to figure out why and how Fito escaped from prison in Ecuador. We were able to find out that two prison guards had helped him escape and that Fito had a spacious cell but had to move to a smaller one. We know that he had a connection to an electronic device which is normally not allowed in jail. I ended this lesson with a debate for if people are in prison but others have escaped everyone should be let free and on the other side of the debate is if prisons should be more protective of the prisoners. We took turns to speak our opinions.

  • Our class discussion focused on José Adolfo Macías Villamar, popularly known as "Fito," the leader of Los Choneros who escaped from Ecuador's La Regional Prison. The event sparked a broader investigation into the systemic faults afflicting Ecuador's prisons. As we analysed the news article, it became clear that Fito's escape was not an isolated episode, but rather a signal of larger issues throughout the country's correctional facilities. The extensive violence, rioting, and security breaches that followed exposed the jail system's flaws, including poor infrastructure, insufficient security measures, and possibly even corruption.
    The class discussion enabled us to relate this unique escape to wider ones, forcing us to consider what is going wrong in Ecuador's prisons as a whole. Personally, I found the inquiry to be eye-opening, highlighting the need for substantial reforms and a better understanding of the underlying reasons of such tragedies. It emphasised the significance of addressing structural flaws in order to prevent similar escapes and ensure the proper operation of the country's jail systems.

  • Hello topical talker's,
    We had an interesting lesson about prisons and it changed my perspective and how prisoners are treated,
    We talked about the purpose of prisons and what they do,we also learn't that the other name for prison is the correctional center.We were really brainstorming when we talked about prison cells and how the criminals escape and also how the prisoners feel comfortable. These are some questions that were discussed in the Class : do they extend the prisoners sentence after they escape and get behind bars again?, Are the prisoners comfortable ?and so on.We also had a debate on whether the importance of prisons are helpful to us, nonetheless we also discussed on some of the reasons why prisons make the citizens to feel safe and secured.Thank you.

  • Generally speaking, our lesson was really thoughtful. Fist of all we analyzed what are our top purposes of prison. We concluded punishment and reformation.
    What was surprising was that we all agreed that prisons where there are overcrowded, where drugs can be found inside then they do not fulfill its goal.
    We found out that in Norway the prisons are the safest and that's because they don't lose dignity and humanity.

  • Hi I am student in gifted and today we did the topical talk about prisoners and Ecuador. I only go to gifted on Tuesdays but when we do go we do a topical talk. Today was interesting so first we had be in groups and then our teacher gave us a clue and we had to find more clues and connect to sticky notes and other clues. We had to figure why we think Jose Adolfo escaped prison. We think its because he was planning something dangerous, he was being mistreated, or he was pressured to do all of that by some other gang members. After that we had a discussion between 3 groups on how we think prison should be. Then we discussed how prisons in Ecuador are based of evidence on our first activity. Lastly we had a debate whether if prisons are serving its purpose then just let the prisoners be free. One pair in our group of 4 has to disagree with this statement and the other had to agree. Overall I really enjoyed this lesson. And the first activity had to be my favorite activity I have done so far in all the topics in the topical talk.

    1. We're glad you enjoyed it, poetic_eagle!

  • During this lesson, my colleagues and I thought that Fito escaped prison so that he could continue running his gang and also because he didn't like prison (nobody really likes to be in prison), but as the investigation went on we realized he might've wanted to escape prison so that he could start a riot. We think that he might've planned out the riot and conducted it because the lesson said that he had a phone that had recordings of him and cell-mates relaxing so we think that they were members of his gang or he formed a new gang in the prison. My associates and I also realized that he might've wanted to escape prison because of the fact that he was about to be sent to a new prison and he might've left because he was scared that he would have to start over and he wouldn't have all of the connections that he had at his previous prison. This could be one of the many reasons that we think Fito decided to escape from prison
    Me and my comrades also discussed that the prison he escaped from was not safe enough and they did not do a good job watching the workers nor the crime-doers. We felt this way because the workers were helping him escape, he had illegally brought in an electronic device, and he made videos of him and inmates looking and feeling comfortable. We also felt like there wasn't enough protection because, how did he escape from a "maximum security" prison?

  • Hi there,
    Our lesson about this topic was a bit controversial. We learned about a gang leader named Fito and how he escaped from a high-security wing prison in Ecuador. While some learners didn't understand how he could have escaped, others concluded that he had help with both insiders and outsiders. All in all, all learners concluded that this topic might be a double-edged sword. Some debated that it was luck that made him get out, while others said he must be put back in. We also learned that a lot of prisoners are wrongfully put in prison and are judged heavily for it. In my country, Ghana, there are a lot of people in prison for wrongdoing; they found themselves there by following the wrong people; others, especially teens (students), found themselves there for committing accidents. I'd like to give this example. A teenage boy used an object to hit a mate due to the intensive bullying, and unfortunately, the boy died. This put him in jail for some time, so he couldn't continue school anymore. While others might think he deserves it, others might see it wrong and think he doesn't deserve it because he was being bullied. Fito's case took us into various perspectives about our viewpoints of prisoners. Most prisoners end up worse after prison. This is so because some encounter worse criminals and team up so they can execute their deeds for them if they come out before they do. Others too are due to the hardship they went through, e.g., bullying. The majority of prisoners end up in health facilities due to damaged mental health. In conclusion, a question still lingers in our minds: how can countries governments ensure or balance the need for effective crime prevention and punishment while adhering to human rights and providing healthy rehabilitation, considering the challenges of overcrowding, violence, and limited resources?

  • Greeting, everyone

    During this exciting debate, I experienced a storm of different emotions as we talked about how the gang leader "Fito" escaped from jail. We gave different possibilities to what exactly happened and the help "Fito" had. One of the groups in my class argued that poor staff in the prison could have contributed to "Fito's" escape. I came to this conclusion after researching the situation and learning that some of the staff were held hostage.
    My group and class talked about an event that happened on January 7th, which I only heard about what happened until yesterday. This made me realize that there are still a lot people not knowing what happened of what's happening or that could be in danger if he got out, which can turn out in many ways since a leader of a powerful gang got out. Fito might hold a grudge against whoever got him captured and might try to go after them.
    If Ecuador had a better containment center or put him in a different area that was more secure, Fito would have never escaped, so nothing of what is happening would have happened. The State of Emergency is the only thing that can let us know what will happen to this man, if he is still loose or if he gets captured.

  • HI
    The lesson went on great and interesting and I learnt a lot, I learnt that a criminal called Fito has escaped from prison and Ecaudor is in grave danger, and i am very surprised how fito escaped from a maximum prison

  • I completed the lesson about Ecuador and had a great debate about what Ecuador's president should do next. It was interesting to hear different perspectives from my friends and consider new evidence that made me think differently about the situation. I also feel concerned about the news in Ecuador and wonder if my country could ever experience a state of emergency like that. If you haven't done this lesson yet, I highly recommend it to gain a deeper understanding of current events.

  • Hi everyone!
    I loved todays topic and I hope you did too I learnt that fito a gang leader escaped form
    jail on January 7,2024 and he is out there in the world somewhere everyone around the world be careful especially in Ecuador.Ecuador is in great danger.I think we should be careful in our country because no one knows the future.

  • Hello everyone! Today in class, my class was split into 2 groups of 4. We had to have a debate where we argued if prisoners should be set free or not. My team, said that they shouldn't be set free because they could commit really bad crimes, like murder and terrorism. The other team said they should be let free because they can live in a gated community with other prisoners, me personally though, I don't think that will work because they can start a riot and escape, while with what we said in our group, "Prisoners should be put in prisons deep underground where they can never escape." is more reasonable because we cant just let these prisoners stay in this nice neighborhood that has sprinkled security here and there because they can still escape, while if its underground, and heavily guarded, nobody is getting out. Thank you for listening everyone!

  • During class we had a debate between 2 groups of 4 students.One group had to debate that they believed prisoners shouldn't be free and the other group had to debate that they believed prisoners should be free,even if they didn't believe that truly.My group had to argue with our beliefs that the prisoners should be in a gated community away from outsiders.the reason we picked this out of 3 other choices is because the prisoners would not want to escape a nice house in a nice neighborhood.the "prison" would be monitored with cameras placed almost everywhere but the prisoners would still have privacy of their own.During the debate my group gave our opinion then actively listened to the opponents opinion.They all had a great argument but i had to keep the current mindset of having the prisoners in a gated,and protected community away from public places.This day in class was very different from other days but it was very interesting and fun!

  • Greetings everyone!
    Today in gifted, there were eight children so we were put into groups of four. Me and my group had to write about why we think prisoners shouldn't be set free if the prisons aren't fit for purpose and make it into an argument. I shared what I thought with my group and I listened to theirs. I would say we were a great team if I said so myself. The other team had to say why prisoners should be set free. Once I listened to what the other group had to say. I really liked their thoughts on the scenario. So from this information, I feel like this lesson was terrific.

  • I must say that our class today was so interesting. We had an argument with our classmates about the prisoners in Ecuador that we should let prisoners out Prison or not. . On our team we changed our mind set to let the prisoners out of prison . We talk about the Prisoners in Ecuador being in a house like a normal person but the prisoners would be on a house arrest but by the FBI they can track the prisoners . This is what my group and I talked about in class .

  • Good Morning Everyone. Today in Gifted, we had a debate with our classmates about the prisoners in Ecuador. We were on separate teams. The team that I was on was talking about that the prisoners in Ecuador should not be released from prison. Our team went on Google Docs and wrote notes and shared it with the 4th grade Gifted students. We only had a little bit of time. The arguments were very interesting. Both of the teams had 2 speakers and they read their notes. I really loved the lesson. That is what we were debating about in Gifted.

  • Hello!
    We are having a fascinating conversation in my class on prisons in Ecuador.We talked about how it impacts the populace and how Fito managed to get away. We had a discussion about how Fito's escape affected prisons and how they plan to apprehend him.

  • One of the best debates I had with my classmates was about what Ecuador's president should do next. We all had different opinions and ideas on how the president should address certain issues in our country. It was interesting to hear various perspectives and concerns. On a similar note, we often had conversations about how we felt regarding the news in Ecuador. Sometimes, the news can be quite overwhelming, and it was reassuring to discuss our thoughts and emotions with each other. Sharing our experiences and insights helped us gain a better understanding of the world around us.

  • Hello!!
    i must say that i really enjoyed this lesson, as when i'm older i want to become a detective. Every single moment doing this i enjoyed and made me excited about my future, I love the fact that everything on the slideshow was fun and entertaining instead of it being boring, talkative and filled with just writing. To add to this, how about you add an after taste after hes been found, I would love this, I would love an ' what actually happened with José Adolfo Macías' and someone interviewing him about his life!!

    Thank you and have a good evening!

    1. This is a great idea for a follow-up lesson, honest_heart! Thanks!

  • Hi
    I must say this lesson was so interesting.I found it interesting because we were finding out clues about why he would want to escape prison and it was also fun because we didn't just talk about boring stuff like a bunch of writing on a board but in this lesson we actually talked about things I was genuinely interested in.

    1. That's great to hear! We are pleased that you're genuinely interested in the news and that you enjoyed the Topical Talk lesson.

  • we looked at the serious thing going on in ecuador and done a investigation board with clues to find out why he wanted to escape and what actually happened. we figured out that he wanted to sell drugs to his inmates and other people in his prison

  • Hello,
    Today in class was very interesting. We made an investigation board on Fito and the drug gangs in Ecuador we had done this in groups of four. We also spoke about why he might have done this, we found out that 2 guards helped him escape. It was so interesting how we found out that he had escaped a maximum security prison with no complications, they gave us clues to help us find out more. Then we had a discussion on if they should change anything about prison, we said that they should make it more intense so that whoever is in prison gets what they deserve. I have to say it was a very interesting subject.

  • Hello
    Today in class we talked about Fito and him escaping prison. After discussing we got into groups of four and put together clues to figure out the situation. My group discussed how he managed to escape, why he would want to stay in the same part of the prison and what he was doing in the prison. We came to the conclusion that he escaped with help from the guards and fellow gang members. We also decided that he might have wanted to stay in the same part of the prison because there were more people. This also ties in with what he may have been doing in the prison, which we thought was selling drugs, and there was evidence to back this up like the fact that the prison is considered to be the base of operations for the drug gangs and that there were riots after he left, and if peoples' drug supplier left they would be angry.

  • In my opinion the lesson went well and i found it very interesting and i want to do more lessons like this

  • I learnt that people cannot do everything themselves,we should always try to do our best to protect our country. I also learnt of how a prison works it functions and purpose. I also confirmed once again that good always win over bad,I know people are not too worried about fitos escape because they will still find him and catch him.

  • I am emphasising on the fact that the need for preventing crime and investing in community programs, education, and services to build stronger, safer communities. The implementation of restrictions in Ecuador to prevent ransom kidnappings and shootings. I believe that prisons should be reformative to change the people they serve, as the risk of escaping endangers the public.

    1. Thanks for your point of view openhearted_region. Can you think of examples of types of restrictions that could be implemented to prevent ransoms and kidnappings in Ecuador?

  • Hey there!
    The lesson we had was really in depth and exciting, and not only was fun but also taught me a lot of important things i otherwise wouldn't have known. In are lesson we were acting like police detectives, stringing up clues and then joining them together to see which ones connected. Using are clues, we started to build up a possible outcome of the whole situation.By the end we had a full explanation of are own saying how we think fito managed to escape. I found it super fun!

  • When we had a discussion on prison, most of us were surprised to hear that people enjoy been in prison because they have company. We learnt that just like how children could no more care about getting punished, prisoners could care less of going to prison repeatedly. At the end of the lesson people thought prison was just not enough. And honestly, I thought prison was meant for consequences, but I heard that it was also for reformation. It was torture to hear that prisoners were granted amnesty like Fito and It seemed like the law was not strict enough. Now we are wondering if prisons would exist in the future or if there would be something worse and terrible because of the crime rate currently.

  • Last week my class talked about prisons in Ecuador. First we were introduced to the escaping of Fito. Next we looked at an investigation board and all the information on them. Then we got steps to create our own. After reading the steps we got clues to make our own. We had to make sure to include which clues connect and how they connect. Last we had five reasons why prisons are made, and we had to sort them based on the way we thought they were most important. My group put punishment as most important and comfortable as least important.

    1. Thank you for sharing what you discussed in class! Can you share some of the reasons why prisons are there in the first place?

  • Hello everyone! On Wednesday, my class and I, were discussing about Ecuador and the prisons, which let the malicious, malevolent Fido, escape magically from. Some children, who thought that if the prisons are not good to keep dangerous, reckless prisoners in a prison, should let them free, would go on one side of the classroom, and the children, who thought that if the prison is not good, the prisoners should just go in another prison to complete their sentence and punishment, would go on the other side of the classroom. I thought that if a prison is not good, the prisoners should go in another prison because they committed a crime and they have to earn that. The victims of a crime, want justice! Ecuador's president, should keep everyone, in a community and everyone else, safe. Additionally, they should also move the prisoners, to a more safer and secure prison.

    I haven't change my mind and opinion about Ecuador's prisons' and the prisoners being released and free as the prisoners should reflect on their actions on hurting and disrespecting the law. Despite this, I do think that Ecuador should acquire better quality in order to be a phenomenal country with stupendous prisons for vein, vicious prisoners. Leading to the case about Fido, Fido could have easily escape the prison that he went to in Ecuador, which is called the la Roca prison. However, I do wander why the president of Ecuador, didn't do something about the prisons before. Do you know why?

    As my teacher released the facts about Fido and Ecuador, I felt a bit shocked and dumbfounded. Imagine being in Ecuador! My country, has experienced lot's of crimes. For example, stabbing, murdering, abusing, drug dealers, many gobsmacking things. Anyway, thanks for reading this comment!

  • Hello,
    I did the lesson about prisons in ecuador and I really enjoyed it. First we got 8 clues and a board to work on. we had to do an investigation on how fito escaped prison, and why he escaped prison. we could glue in the clues any order, draw a line between clues that we thought connected, add stars, question marks, exclamation marks, and add notes. when all the groups finished their investigation, one person in each group was picked to say how and why fito escaped prison in one sentence. it was fun and I can't wait to learn more things about the prisons in ecuador.

  • In my opinion if I lived in Ecaudor i would be scared because if Fito was not secure then he could hurt me

  • In our class lesson we talked about the escape of FITO. We all agreed that his escape might have been planed months ago ,since it is not easy to plan an escape from maximum prison in just one day, and that also he probably he had acquaintances such as guards or people in high places.
    We also had a boys vs girls debate about whether or not prisons were actually correctional centers for prisoners.
    During the debate I realized how unfairly prisoners are treated. For example, In my country , prisoners are fed with £0.11($0.14) a day, which is not even enough money to buy a bottle of water, and there are about 30 prisoners in a cell meant for two.

  • Honestly, the lesson about Fito was so much fun! Many people thought that Fito could have escaped using his lawyer who might have secretly given him a phone. We were all intrigued and wondered what actually happened. I thought that he escaped by convincing the other prisoners to help him escape because he's a drug leader who has a lot of power. I really enjoyed the lesson!