“Nations that fail women, fail.”


Zanny Minton Beddoes was The Economist’s first female editor and became Editor-in-chief in 2015. She is the recipient for the 2017 Loeb Award for Breaking News and was named one of the "Most Powerful Women in the World" by Forbes.

Watch Zanny’s video to hear about how she champions gender equality as the head of a newspaper.

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Look at the following quotes from Zanny:


“Nations that fail women, fail.”


“It’s important not just to think about women’s issues.”


“Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men.”

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  • Hello.
    I have the strongest reaction to the first and the third quotes..
    I'm in full agreement with the first quote, because it shows the vital role that women play in the success and the thriving of the nations. When women are deprecated and underprivileged, nations won't be able to reach their full potential. I believe that it's salient for the nations to provide equal access to opportunities and rights in order for nations to thrive..
    Concerning the third quote, it carries a powerful message about the need to address the impact of societal structures and norms on women. This quote highlights the tendency for societies to prioritise men's perspectives and experiences over women's, also it highlights the importance of considering gender equality in all aspects of life..
    I strongly oppose the second quote, as it might imply that women's issues aren't important and should be overshadowed by other concerns..
    Lastly, it's essential for the societies to address these disparities and unique challenges and barriers that women face to create a more equitable society for everyone..

    1. I agree with you because as Zanny Minton Beddoes said that “Nations that fail women, fail.” I feel she makes a point by saying that in the society it is very necessary and vital to think about the issues that women face and to observe that everything around the society affects women in the same way it affects men. But regrettably have neglected the impact on women.

      One major factor is gender imbalance due to selective abortion because of rape or other factors or fatal neglect of girls in many places. It can lead to improper ratios of women that are single resulting in millions of young men remaining single, which can lead to social tensions and instability. Foreign policy plays a crucial role in advancing gender equality. When nations oppress women, they become more likely to be violent and unstable.

      I feel we used work to reach a point where no one is left behind irrespective of your gender.

      1. I Totally agree with you. Nation that fails , women fails, women are ;ike the pillars supporting a nation the same way as a pillar supporting a building. Women shouldn't be discriminated in order to keep the nation moving.

        1. Thanks polite_pomegranate, I am interested to hear more from you!
          Can you say more about how women are like the pillars supporting a building?

          1. 1. Strength and Support:
            Just like how pillars provide essential support to a building, women play a crucial role in supporting families, communities, and society. Their strength, resilience, and nurturing qualities contribute to the stability of our world.

            2. Foundational Role:
            Pillars are often part of a building's foundation, anchoring it to the ground. Similarly, women serve as the foundation for many aspects of life—raising children, maintaining households, and providing emotional support. Their contributions form the bedrock upon which society stands.

            3. Beauty and Elegance:
            Pillars add aesthetic beauty to architecture. Similarly, women bring grace, elegance, and beauty to our lives. Their presence enhances our world in countless ways.
            Just as corner pillars are essential for a palace's stability, women play an indispensable role in shaping our communities and societies.
            Women—strong, supportive, foundational, uplifting, and beautiful—are indeed like the pillars that hold up.

            1. Thanks reasoning_knowledge! These are really well thought through points and really makes it clear about women being pillars

          2. Okay, yeah, in many countries women are considered as the leading rod for many. It's not strange to us that women own the world. They give birth to both male and female in the sense that population increases.
            Countries like england, before the demise of queen Elizabeth ll it has always been a female ruling them, you don't hear about economic problems like money and food scarcity rather people would love to visit there. In under developed countries like Nigeria where men rule over everything he economy seems to be hard, tough and difficult. There is always lack of sufficient food to sustain the population living in that geographic location.

            1. Thank you polite_pomegranate! These definitely clarify the thinking on how women are like pillars

        2. I agree with you, because there should always be equality and if all we think is that women can never go anywhere or also be in authoritative positions, there is going to be chances of nations failing drastically. If nations fail women, the nation is going to be doomed because we also need women in our day to day lives. There are a lot of women who are out there doing great jobs and helping the society very well. Totally, women should never ever be discriminated against in any part of the world.

        3. I totally agree with you because, it is said that educating a man is like educating a person but educating a girl is like educating a nation and the whole world. My reason for saying this is that in the olden days, girls are not allowed to go school and that is why the world is like this today. For gender equality purposes, I am not trying to say this in order to favour the women but what I am trying to say is that the women should be given listing ears. Their are to be given the opportunity to go into power but today, it looks as if the politics is only meant for men and men alone.

        4. Thank you, women are part of the pillars of many countries. Behind every successful man, is a strong woman. and also behind every successful woman is a strong man. Women are a very essential part of our community and they are also the major pillars holding up some places, we might not have known but then they are a major part.

          1. do you think women can be strong without men supporting them?

            1. Yes, women can be strong without men supporting them but from my context- African context, I think that women cannot be strong without men as a support.
              A major reason why women can't be strong without men is because of stereotyping largely because of the strong patriarchal system, where men have more opportunities than women. This is seen in politics and leadership. In Nigeria today, there are a lot of men in the policy and decision-making space than women. That is not to say there are no strong women but the opportunities available to them are limited without the support of men. That is why there are many advocacy campaigns targeted at raising men allies, this is seen in advocacies towards increased participation of women in politics, advocacies to prevent violence against women and girls, promoting girl child education and so on.
              So, within the African context, women need the support of men.

        5. I really loved how you used pillars to explain a woman's role in society. The strength and variety of roles that women play in providing society with stability, nurturing, and steadfast support is truly admirable and crucial for the functioning of society.

      2. Yes I do agree I am most concerned about option (C) in my opinion I think option(A,B) is combined with option (C) every thing that happens affects both gender positively or negatively when women are underestimated there lots of disadvantage when gender inequality is mentioned it is mainly referred to the women but both gender can be experiencing gender inequality in different parts of the world so it is important not just only to think about women issues but the issues that both affect men and women

    2. I agree with you because I think that when a nation does not care and nurture the women in it will fail because of the many thing's that women do better than men such as multitasking. And in my country Nigeria, Women are better leaders than men. women also tend to be more attentive, flexible and organised than men. Women are known to generally more empathetic than men. In recent years more and more men have been involved in religious wars around the world but there re few women who are involved in war. To me women would be better leaders because of their higher level of empathy and unity

  • OPTION A: “Nations that fail women, fail.”
    This option is quite true, and I like this quote a lot. This quote represents countries where there is some sort of discrimination between women. Women are very important in the progress of nations as they possess a PERSEVERENCE trait. Where women are there is always advancement, an example is a protest led by women in 1911 namely the Triangle Shirt Waist Protest which ultimately led to the improvement of New York City as we know it today.
    OPTION B: “It’s important not just to think about women’s issues.”
    I'm not really sure of this because this quote can be very deceptive. Thinking about women issues is the bases of it all because... before anything can be done, we need to conceive the idea first. Thinking of women issues also brings about the solution. Before Malala Yousafzai got up to be an activist, she thought of it and then planned and made that thought a reality.
    OPTION C: “Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men.”
    I totally agree. Irrespective of gender issues both socially and even financially affect all of us since we are all humans. The funny thing about problems is that they do not target their victim. Let's take a look at climate emergency, it affects men as much as it affects women too.
    I think that women play a vital role in the lives of everyone, and the worth can never be undermined because... everyone is still human.


  • I positively agree with the opinion A. "Nations that fail women, fail. ", this quote carries a deep meaning with itselves. The whole world consists of around 8 billion people, out of which around 4 billion are women. Some countries are there which consider women worthless. These countries must know that if these worthless women get opportunities, they can win hearts of the whole world by their dedication and hard work. For example, Kelly Holmes, Kalpana Chawla, Karren Brady, Mary Kom etc., they shed their blood, sweat and tears to touch the highest skies. So, remember, "Nations that fail women, fail. "

    1. I'm not sure about this because Nations that fail women don't always fail. For example, let us take Iran as example It has 57.6% gender inequality, but it was in the top 10 countries that are developing the most and was ranked number 9 in the top ten richest countries in the world. Also, after some research, I found out that more than 80% of a nation's net worth is from men. I am not trying to sound biased; I am trying to further explain the situation that is happening in the world.

      1. I don’t dispute your point ambitious_panther however I have to raise the question. Does wealth guarantee peace and mutuality? A simple is answer is no.
        While yes Iran is thriving, but there is no peace between women and men in the land only constant suffering, pain and plight and that is no way to rule a country. Health equals to wealth and if this continues and war ensues or a revolution takes over or worse the population of women decrease the country would have a big problem.
        In Iran women are suffering from emotional, mental and physical abuse and I recon that this could lead to massive protests whether non-violent or violent and if care is not taken things would turn for the worse, even the most wealthy countries crumble at the face of war, take World War I and II for example.

  • I would like to talk about quote A “Nations that fail women, fail.” I think that these five words summarise everything that International Women's Day is about, it is about the fights that women have gone through to get where they are.

    Women make up approximately half the globes population, so therefore if you fail all women you fail the majority of the globe. I think that this is something not thought about enough, they make up around fifty percent of our globe. They should have never had to fight for their rights because they should have been given to them in the first place.

    If we fail half our planet then we have failed our entire planet. This quote gave me the strongest reaction because in such few words it shows how without equality we have all failed to become kind and considerate people.

    1. I respectfully disagree with you @ accurate outcome.
      “Nations that fail women, fail.” is quite all right but women's international day is a day worth more than these five words. It is not a day to fight but a day that can be utilized to advance women's right. This day is special to all women in the world because is separated for the special celebration of all women irrespective of where you come from, and this day should bring harmony to women rather than them fighting.
      This day is actually a day that reminds them that nations that fail women actually fail because they play a key role in a functional society, and when they are taken a way chaos happen.
      When women are taken away peace and stability go with them, Economic and social impact goes with them, and worst of all well-being goes with them.
      In summary, a nation’s success hinges on how well it supports and empowers its women. When women thrive, societies flourish; when they suffer, nations falter, and this just shows how important women are in the success of a nation.


  • I support the option A
    "Nations that fail women,fail
    I believe this statement is true The countries that do not support women ,not give them any opportunities to proof themselves, abuse women ,disrespect them ,not give them equality and believe that men are more superior than women are not able to achieve sucess .

    The women are always behind the achievement of the countries and if the countries doesn't involve women can't become superior.

    The women's thought are mentality are really very strong and they always are there to fight for their nation but if nation underestimate women's power and potential this causes failure of the country

    So , in the conclusion l would say that countries should respect and provide them equality and this provide a Positive response to nation itself as the women's are pride of the nation.

    1. I agree with you. I also chose A because a nation that fails women, fails" I agree that any nation that does not appreciate and realize the potential of women has failed, like the saying goes "Educate a woman and you educate a nation" Women when enhanced just like men will add to the development of a nation. Remember women are the backbone of the smallest unit of society.

      1. I also concur with what you say because the superior nature of women when it comes to leadership and care is something to be reckoned with and if nations were to make gender equality a priority, that nation would be in a very privileged position. It has been proven that women multitask better than men and are better leaders than men. Additionally, women are more caring and empathetic than men. For these reasons a woman in a position of power is a serious advantage.

        1. I concur that a country with women in government would strive as you have stated above but we should also note that even without women being discouraged into politics, some women by their selves discourage themselves making them lose the morale, their self-esteem and self-confidence to participate in certain tasks.

        2. can you provide any evidence to support your statement that women are better leaders than men?

  • I fully support the third option because it recognizes that issues affecting men can also impact women. It's crucial to acknowledge this because overlooking it can harm women's mental well-being. Let's explore some examples:

    Firstly, societal expectations placed on men, such as being tough and suppressing emotions, can also affect women. When women are pressured to conform to these standards, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy or stress.

    Secondly, stereotypes about career choices can affect both genders. If certain professions are labeled as "male" or "female," it restricts opportunities for everyone. For instance, if engineering is seen as a "man's job," women interested in this field might face discrimination or skepticism.

    Thirdly, violence and harassment can target anyone. While men are often portrayed as the main aggressors, women can also be perpetrators, and both genders can be victims. Ignoring this truth only perpetuates harm.

    Lastly, regarding pay disparities, women are often paid less than men for the same work, despite working just as hard. This unequal treatment can lead women to feel undervalued and even depressed when comparing their paychecks.

    On the other hand, I disagree with option A the most. While it does contribute to societal growth, it doesn't benefit women as much as men. Some argue that the majority of a country's income comes from men, approximately 87.879%. Moreover, the saying "what a man can do, a woman can do better" isn't entirely accurate. While women can excel in many areas, historical biases often favor men, even in roles stereotypically associated with women like cooking, cleaning, and sewing. I'm not trying to be biased, but I want to highlight the complexity of the situation.

    In conclusion, addressing issues affecting men is crucial for achieving gender equality and ensuring the well-being of all individuals in society.

    1. But I feel that men are responsible for the belief that some people have that issues don't affect them; sometimes they say that they are strong, they don't cry, and they are not scared like girls. Women are sensitive, emotional, and delicate; they don't really know how to react in certain situations when they adore something, they feel it's part of their world, and that's why the most unreasonable things make them scared and worried.

      1. That is a valid point, lovely_planet, but I believe that in order for women to achieve gender equality or rights, they must stand up for themselves. While the new economy is working to combat gender bias, I do not believe that this generation is to blame for the problems that still exist. Rather, I believe that the fault lies with the women of the past, who did not have the freedom to stand up for themselves.

        1. I believe they are scared to voice out their feelings and stand up for them selves they feel they will be undermined by men and the people of society and their ancestors thought them how to ignore their feelings and they also taught them and told them that it was part of their culture and their traditions so they are scared to offend them
          They feel that men and society will undermine them, so I think they are afraid to speak up for themselves and voice their feelings. Their ancestors taught them how to suppress their emotions and also told them that it was a part of their culture and traditions, so they are afraid to offend them.

  • I think I agree with B because if we focus too much on women rights and we might “reverse everything” instead of making it balanced. For example imagine a world where there are only books about women bias but no books about male bias. In our day to day lives women rights are increasing and mostly male rights are reducing, thereby having a world where they segregate against men and give more rights to women. If this continues for a long period of time people might regret overdoing women rights. We need more people to balance everything so that people will not be fighting for male rights later in a few decades.

  • I gladly agree with opinion A and C. And I strongly disagree with opinion B.because it's not really right not to think about women because they are also humans and they should all have a say.
    As for opinion A which says Nations.that fail women fails. This is because if any nation should fail women they would be a great chaos, because women's are the birth giver, they listen to their children more whenever a child needs attention,.they also help in the growing up of a state's economy.
    The main opinion agree with the most is opinion C.
    Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men.”
    Yes they're some particular thing that affects both the males and females, things like climate change: climate change is something that affects.almost all the countries in the world, to could be in form of high temperature etc. Things like this affect both males and females and even everything around us including the animals and unliving thing like buildings affected by flood, and the economy of the country might even be affected.
    Another example is Natural disasters, many people have died due to natural disasters both males and females, animals, unliving things. It could be In form of landslide, earthquake, tornado, etc.
    All these things can affect everyone and everything around us. I think that When we're discussing issues like this no gender should be left out.

  • i agree with the second one

    1. Hi !Can you explain why? I think most countries are not focusing on women enough . Of course it is true that focusing only on women's rights is incredibly wrong , but no country is putting gender equality in the first place anyway. So you don't need to be concerned about it.

  • Hi,
    I really think that a country that fails women has made a very big failure. Women are very important everywhere, from being mothers to wives and even to leaders, they do a lot from the smallest unit of a country to the largest and if they are not appreciated for it and rather they are disappointed, I think that that will be a really big offence.
    To me the significance of women in the world cannot be compared to any other, it is unique and special. They do a lot, make a lot of sacrifices and tolerate a lot of mistreatment from different angles, so to me if they are to request for anything or something is to be done in their favor it shouldn't be delayed or stopped at all because they won't ask for anything that will bring harm to others rather they make decisions and ask for things that will be an advantage to everyone.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello giving_snail.
      I agree with you because a country that fails women fails. I agree with this statement because a nation that does not acknowledge the works of women does not do well. I say this because that nation is risking a lot of opportunities both financially and economically because they think that the women can not contribute anything to the society. Well, the chances of the country not doing well are quite high because they are not aware of the ideas that the women are harboring in them to make the nation great. For example, in my country, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala served twice as Nigeria's minister of finance, worked at the World Bank for more than 20 years, and served on the board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.
      I think that if she was still the heading this positions, naira may have not been devalued as it is now and to know how to make wise decisions to boost up the economy.
      In conclusion I think that a country fails because it does not give much attention to women as it gives to men and I think that for a country to be better, it needs the ideas of both women and men. This is a little advice I have for countries that want to grow better and stronger.
      THANK YOU.

    2. I completely agree with you because women are very important in societies and they play a very vital role in the life of everyone. They take care of themeselves,the children and families. If these women are disappointed rather than appreciated, i think that other young females that are growing up to see , will be really offended and that will reduce their self esteem making them feel useless to the society.
      Women are very useful and they should never be discriminated anywhere.

  • I agree with first statement, because in my opinion women are too creative, intelligent and hardworking. If women would participate in politics she can think broad and deeper for development but we didn't not give them space even in chance of decision making

  • I strongly agree with option A.
    "Nations that fail women,fail."
    This stood out to me because, what is a nation without women if I may ask?
    The answer is nothing.
    A nation is a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.
    A woman bears in her womb an entire nation. So assuming there are no women how would there be a nation to begin with?
    Therefore, a nation that fails to value women has already faltered.

  • I am really touched by your speech Zanny Minton Beddoes, I believe that every lady has a great role in societies, I watch a lot of movies and I can say that through these movies I and other viewers have learnt that a society is better with a lady there, the Justice league has Wonder woman, the Avengers have Black widow, Captain Marvel, and Wanda Maximoff, the Disney princesses are true example of fulfilling dreams that inspire a great number of girls watching them, it also shows us that things that affect men also affect women, the 2 world wars have really affected women, immigration which we are discussing about also has a great effect on women. Everyone in the world should know that when a matter arises, we should listen to everyone's voice irrespective of color, nationality, or gender because at the end of it all, if the matter is not dealt with accordingly, it would affect everyone including women, again we should all treat everyone in the same manner because of the fact that irrespective of our differences we still are all humans.
    Thank you for seeing my views.

  • Hello!
    I have the strongest reaction to the first and the third quotes..
    I truly believe that nations that fail women, also fail because for example people always think that women can't do something much right? So no one would think something of them
    But what if they can do something really good for the nation?
    Well, the time has passed and they can't go back when they find out that women can do a really good job for the nation.
    I agree that men and women are all equal even though I believee that men are stronger than women but that still does not make a difference.

  • I have the strongest reaction to quote B: "It’s important not just to think about women’s issues." I agree with this statement because it highlights the importance of considering women's perspectives and experiences in all aspects of society, not just limited to issues specifically labeled as "women's issues." For example, in the news, we often see discussions about policies or events that disproportionately affect women, such as gender pay gaps, access to healthcare, and representation in leadership roles. By acknowledging and addressing these broader societal impacts, we can work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for everyone.

  • I strongly agree with option A since most nations usually doesn't take care of women issues around the world like they safety who in the nation assure us that women will not be receiving any threatening around us and our safety I feel that women are not safe going to a place without men looking at us in a weird way or receiving threats or even violence. Also women around the world we are consider as worthless and I also think that women receive a toxic masculinity version from the nation if you search or look about a female president in the United States of America there will not be results about female president in the United States of America yes we've seen females running as president but none of them has make it also if you see the wives of the president's most of them don't have a opinion they just have to look good and give a good reputation towards the president, that actually is awful. But nations mostly fail women in many aspects.

  • I feel strongest to opinion to A, but C definitely comes close to my attention as well. As time goes on, misogynistic opinions grow stronger. "Women shouldn't work, they should cook" "Men in the relationship put in work only" "Women always mess things up" instantly pop up in my mind, which shouldn't be a good thing. Going on social media, I constantly see governors and things a part of a political aspect talk down on women speakers which is disheartening to girls and young women who want to work. Not many people see it, but women put in lots of work in the world. Like the labor force and development of businesses at a higher rate than men. It's been proven that women contribute more to the nation, and if the nation fails women, there's no point in anything anymore.

  • C, A, B. CAB. My solution to gender inequality.

    -"Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men, and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men.”

    Yes, because through humanity's history, men have been known to have more opportunities than women. The surge in opportunities for men makes it so that men are going to be more successful. If this surge is removed, women will have more opportunities, which in turn will allow more inventions to be made, cementing mankind as the most powerful species to have ever walked the Earth.

    -"Nations that fail women, fail."                                                                                       Nations begin with women. Failing women is not an option. You will not fail economically, but you will fail socially. A nice example of that is Saudi Arabia: the country is thriving economically, but socially, women are not respected, and they have issues. These issues may transfer to them raising their kids, so their kids will be a failed generation, then the generation after that will fail, and so on and so forth.

    -“It’s important not just to think about women’s issues.”                                                Every single race and gender on Earth has issues, but you should not let these issues get in the way of human progression. These minor annoyances are tests, tests that test if humans deserve to be at the top of the food chain. The human mind will always be hungry for excitement, exhilaration, and adventure.

    There is still a chance for humanity to get out of the darkness; we just have to always accept that past mistakes are not failures; they are experiments, and we have to learn from these experiments.

  • I agree with Option C although it was quite tricky to decide, everything that impacts the world and the environment and people impact women. There aren't just women issues and different problems for certain genders, women are the mothers, the bearers of children and from this specific sex the world of humans were born. All issues about men also affect women because all men were given birth to by a woman, all living creatures were also in fact equally brought into this world by their females who eventually give birth to the males who impregnate the future mothers of tomorrow... During wars, women suffer the most, it is their children who die in the battle field and shed their blood in service of patriotism to their countries. When they are abandoned by the fathers of their unborn children, it is women who bear the burden in countless cases, the burden of caring selflessly for their family, in poverty, hunger and difficulties. Whether wanted, planned for or not, women always suffer and reap the decisions of the government, research shows that aside from people who were abused or living with foster or discontented parents, there is a 89% chance that gratitude to mothers are always said by graduates during their speech. People most times see women as a weak gender who always claim to have unsaid problem but it is necessarily vital that the world at large understand the astronomity of their decision whether politically, socially and environmental as it will certainly affect the lives of women across the globe.

    1. Can you explain why women are seen as the weaker gender?

      1. Hi Aimee
        Women are seen as the weaker gender mainly because they are known to cry a lot, be more serious about their relationships, friendships and ordeals. I would have said that this is just a discriminative stereotype by men but in actual sense all of this is true. Women aren't the weaker gender they just express their feelings more to the society, men on the other hand are better at hiding and masking their emotions to others. And in my opinion this is wrong, although women are more expressive to the public, men need to show their feelings too, it turns out that it is mostly men in the society that require mental help and all this is due to that saying about men being the stronger gender. Have you ever heard the saying " man up! " and " stop crying like a woman ". All this started centuries ago, when men would go to work and women would stay at home to help clean and cook. And from then on women were seen as incapable people who can't do certain jobs like working in factories ( like in my last comment ), being builders and worst of all owning successful companies and breaking world records. It hurts to think that society see females as people of inferior ability who don't have the skill to accomplish or surpass the doings of men. But although us women have our own little world of personal issues, we care about people, support our families and work extra hard because of our gender to attain great heights. I once read an interesting book on racism ( Room to Dream ), that can be applied to sexism . The young Asian girl was told to go to the back on Picture Day, not because of her height as she was short, but because she was not white. When she got home and told her parents, they said " Lupe, because of our skin you have to work twice as hard as the whites, to the point when they will have no choice but to put you in front! " . The world of today is similar to this scenario, and as women, just as the Lionesses who won the European Championship for Football fought their way up to be noticed, we also have to work hard to beat those who think we aren't able to do it! .

        1. I disagree with that statement that women are weaker gender and how too much, How please can you explain more because it is not only women cry even men cry and get more serious about their relationships, friendships and ordeals. If you say that women express their feelings more to the society and men are good at hiding and masking their emotions to others, for me it is not true because it is not only men that hide their emotions and feelings even women does that, some men express their feelings more to the society more than some women. It is not only women are more expressive to the public, even some men are expressive better than some women because some children prefer some men more than some women because they men provide anything faster than some women because if they children ask they women like their aunt that they want this, the aunt will ask them what they are using it for like toys, they will say that they don't have money, so they will ask their uncle and he buy it for them very fast, why some children prefer some women more than some men. Some men are livery more than some women in terms of comedy and some other things, why some women are livery more than some men.

      2. As a girl, I can speak from personal experience when I say that women are perceived as the weaker gender because of the way they express their emotions, which is through tears. When people witness a girl crying, they assume that she is weak because of this, which makes her appear helpless and weak. Men, on the other hand, are typically thought of as strong because they do not cry. Therefore, in my opinion, the fact that women cry is a sign of their weakness.

        1. can you explain why you think crying is a form of weakness?

    2. I think the reason why women and seen as the weaker gender is because they don't stand up for their self they don't speak out I think it is not the fault of this generation because this generation of people are trying to create gender equality and are doing very well at it this is because it's happened years and years back, back then women truly were not see as something but when they took a stand the world felt their presence and are feeling their presence too I believe if women are to stand up for themselves then and now, gender equality would be everywhere this is what I Believe ifmwomen had stood up for themselves then and now gender equality would be in the entire world but as of now we can still change and as we are changing them I believe as time goes on gender equality with the promoted
      Thank you 😀

      1. Yes, I agree with you. We are not able to stand for ourselves. This is a result of low esteem. They believe that their needs and desires are less important or not valid than others, this result to someone not being able to stand up for their selves, which is common among the women, since others discriminate them. So, this is a result of low esteem. But, let me make a point of fact, some women are very courageous and while some are born courageous, it shouldn't look as if that a women are seen as the weaker gender as a result of not being able to stand up for their selves. Women have learnt to adapt to the environment of where people discriminate between boys and girl. So, when women do not stand for their selves it shouldn't sometimes be a factor that makes a women weak. Do get my point.

  • I couldn't agree more than opinion A
    According to our history books women played an important role during war in our country. Maybe not by taking decisions about war fights but they were the ones that helped soldiers by making food, clothes and some of them chose to be dead than slaves to their own countries.
    I must say than one example for even putting herself in the battle, named Bouboulina was a true Warrior with strength.
    I think each country have its own examples of these representations.

  • It is a well known fact that nations fail to prioritize women and their achievements.
    But throughout history we have seen so many of them in the front raw.
    We have seen prime Ministers , famous singers, inventors doctors.
    If a nation does not appreciate them it does not appreciate equality.
    And if does not appreciate equality gender, it does not appreciate equality in many sectors.
    It is time for all nations to recognize that women are inclusive members of our society.

  • We agree that it is important not to just focus on women's issues however some news may be oriented towards how it effects men. We agree that it is important to focus on womens issues but to promote equality the news should instead focus on how it impacts "humanity" and not focus on male or female aspects unless it has exclusive implications.

  • Hi there!
    The first quote from Zanny is the one I feel more shocked about. I do agree with that because of course women are important in our daily lifes and lots of works needs women to float. We normally see in the news some countries that restrict women's freedom and don't let them work, and most of the times, the countries have failed in politics, having strong dictatorships ruling. I think the point of the quote is that we need women, leading women, to don't let the world to sink.

  • I totally agree with the quote "Nations that fail women, fail." It's important to give women the same opportunities as men in order for a country to thrive. Just take a look at the most developed nations like the USA, the UK, France, etc. These countries are successful because they give women equal rights and chances. If a country oppresses women, then it's only getting the best from 50% of its population. That's not a good thing, and it makes it much harder for the country to develop.

  • I disagree with the first quote. A nation does not necessarily fail if it fails women. Since ancient times, women were denied to take part in government policies. Countries like the UK, France, and Russia also treated women as inferior but they turned out to be the greatest superpowers in the world. Treating women as inferior may affect the world but they aren't the biggest concern for the demolition of any country.

    1. What effect does oppressing women have on society?

      1. Women are the backbone of society; they can solve complex problems and provide care and support for the family. If they are mentally anxious, it can affect their ability to do these tasks. When they are mentally ill, it can lower their self-esteem and make them feel stressed out. When a woman is mentally anxious, how can she take care of the family? Inequality between genders causes many problems for our mothers and sisters. Think about how the world would feel or change if mothers didn't exist. Since people who prefer to oppress women, should therefore go. People should stop doing all of this; women are human beings not toys who needs to be respected.

    2. Hi!
      I don't think the quote "Nations that fail women, fail" specifically talks about the success these nations have achieved or how strong their economies are. I think the quote rather depicts that the nation fails its people, values, and morals. I agree that even though women were treated as inferior in such big countries, the nations still became superpowers. However, What good is a nation that does not treat its people equally? What good is a nation that discriminates amongst its own citizens? "Hence, I think nations that fail women, fail."

  • The statement that I agree with is "Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men."

    One example of this is in the world of sports, where male competitors are given more attention than female competitors. For instance, if a female competitor gets hurt, it will not be in the news, but if a male gets hurt, the media will buzz all over it.

    Another example is unemployment. Most people think that only men will lose their jobs due to unemployment, but women are also affected by it. From sicknesses to economic problems, almost everything in societies seems to affect only men.

    In my country, there is a saying that "men don't cry." This is just a stereotype that suggests that women are emotional, but men aren't because they face daily challenges but women also face challenges to.
    It is important to recognize these stereotypes and work towards gender equality for all. We must strive to create a society where each person is judged based on their abilities and not their gender.

  • Hi,
    I feel as if quote A "Nations that fail women, fail" (Zanny) has the most impact on me. I agree with it because nations that don't give women power don't do well economically. For example, when the US didn't allow women to work during the mid 1800's, there was a high demand for work because most of the men in the country went to the military.

  • I agree with opinion B. It's really important not just to think about women's issue but to take proper measure to prevent and solve the issues. Almost half of the population of the world are women. Then how can we expect development when the half of the population are suffering? For the development of a country, women together with man has to work unitedly. We are continuously talking that women have to work together with man but are not creating the proper environment for the women to work. Then what's the purpose of talking and thinking about it if we are unable to take effective measures? In this world, nothing happens by only thinking. We have to take steps. We have to ensure the proper rights and safety of the women so that they can work along with man. Whenever an issue arises about women, we have to take the matter seriously and work to solve it. We should not neglect it. Planning without actions is worthless.
    When we are neglecting women issues, it not only affects women but the whole society. As women is a crucial part of the society, so the man also has to suffer the affects. Whenever an issue affects the society, it also affects both the man and women as they are an integral part of the society. So, we shouldn't neglect any issues whether it's related to women or man. We have to take effective measures to solve every single issues.

  • I disagree with the first quote which says “Nations that fail women, fail.”. It isn’t true that the nations who has gender inequality always fail. It is true that women are also a necessary part of the country but a country which believes in gender inequality always fails. We have examples from early 1800s, at that time women discrimination was at its peak, countries like America and UK had high % of gender equality, still they flourished and became superpowers. It can’t be denied that women also play a major role in a country’s development but their non-involvement can’t cause the demolition of a country.
    The third quote says “Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men.”, which in my opinion is wrong. Nowadays the situation is that societies often mainly think how everything affects/impacts women. Nowadays, if any law is passed then people first think about women then poor people then backward classes and then at the last people think about a common man who is working like a machine to feed his family.

  • Hello
    I really resonate with all 3 of Zanny's quotes and cannot disagree with any but to choose of the three quotes, the one that resonates most strongly with me is C: “Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men.” I agree with this statement because it highlights the pervasive nature of gender bias and the tendency to prioritize male experiences and perspectives in society.
    One example that illustrates this point is the gender pay gap. Despite progress in many areas, women still earn less than men for the same work in many parts of the world. This disparity not only affects women's economic security but also reflects deeper societal attitudes about the value of women's labor compared to men's.
    Another example is the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions. In many industries and sectors, women are still significantly underrepresented in leadership roles, which can perpetuate stereotypes and limit opportunities for women to influence decision-making processes.

    Overall, I believe that Zanny's quote highlights an important aspect of gender equality that is often overlooked, and it underscores the need for societies to consider the impact of their policies and practices on women as well as men.

  • From Zanny's quotes, I have the strongest reaction to quote ' C ' that " Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men". It carries a powerful message about gender equality. It highlights the need to shift the focus from a male-centric perspective to a more gender-inclusive approach. It shows that societies are prioritizing men's impact and neglecting women's impact. It emphasize that women's experience is equally important as men. This also draws attention of cultural and social stereotypes that perpetuate gender inequality. By challenging harmful stereotypes, societies can work towards creating more inclusive and gender-equitable environments. For example : pay gaps between men and women at the same workplace or instances of gender-based violence. Women are getting 77 cents per dollar earn by a men, even though they do the same work. But it is the right time to focus in making a gender - equatable environment.

    1. Tell us about where you found that statistic of 77 cents per dollar fearless_mandarin, and how you decided that it was accurate.

  • Some of the effects of oppressing women is the result of low self esteem, and this is seen mostly in the world as face discrimination. When the society oppresses women by discriminating them for job employment and political stands most have no choice but to fall back on the one type of job that was generally acceptable for women which are modelling, makeup artist, salon owners and other beauty related jobs. Some of these are most times the cause of social discrimination. Then the mentality that women are meant to always be beautiful and attractive for men increased and made many women insecure about their appearance. These days, women with scars, freckles or disabilities are regarded as ugly by several men. This is the effect of oppressing women and if those who are discriminated for jobs are desperate enough, they might go into prostitution and other low life jobs, many might then become vulnerable to the fake promises of traffickers, they can be easily kidnapped, raped or taken into slavery. It is crucial that we never oppress women because if we do we indirectly diminish the society of tomorrow.

    1. Very true, discrimination is a global reason why women are afraid to stand for themselves, but I think that with the right training women can be taught that their opinions matter and that they deserve to speak up and stand for their rights!

  • I react strongest to option C; "Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men.”
    This is true. I have, even at school, heard the expression, "It's a man's world" one too many times. A lot of times, men's opinions and feelings are taken into greater consideration than those of women. This isn't fair, because just like Ms Zanny said, it affects us all. Why should societies think mainly about how this impacts men?
    Some people regard women as the weaker sex, which, I feel, is disrespectful, because there is so much women are capable of. I'm not trying to say women are more important than men. They just deserve to be appreciated too. In the society, there should be equality. We all need each other to survive, so women shouldn't be looked down on.
    In a Sahara Reporters article dated November 17th, 2021, this issue was brought up:
    The Nigeria Police Force issued an order directing a large number of married female police officers and those married to civilians to vacate the premises of various barracks in Enugu State. This is not fair. Why didn't they also vacate men married to civilians? This isn't the first, neither will it be the last case of gender inequality if we don't take a stand.
    We need to do something about gender inequality. Sexism is a social vice that is ravaging our society today. It leads to feelings of inadequacy and inferiority among women. If we don't do something to fix it, our whole society would be turned into a place where women cannot comfortably thrive, because they are not valued.

  • I agree with the third quote because we are all equal and we all feel the same pain.
    We are also all the same people but we look different , have different personalities and different sports. Also we all want the same thing such as happiness and to be healthy .

  • I reacted the the most strongly to b “ it’s important not to just think about the women’s issues” I think this because women’s issues do not define them because if they’re looking for a job and they have had an issue and the job company find out about it this could cause the job company not want to hire them. and if this has happened, I believe this is not right

  • Option A:“Nations that fail women , fail.”
    Countries that fail women and are dominated by men are usually less peaceful and are very violent . This results in war and arguments.

  • I think all people should all be treated equally, considering that we all also we all fell the same pain and we all have different life skills and experiences.

  • I agree with Zanny Minton Beddoes because every woman she have their own rights to express their feelings on the media . I believe that social bias should be erased and every man and woman should live in harmony as one community . Although men come out as stronger and in control women like to focus on getting things done and also don’t focus on their egos .
    After a war I think a woman would be better at negotiating peace between other countries.
    If a man and a woman worked in the same job every time a man earns £1 a woman only gets 77p this is called the pay gap . Every man or job should let woman into their lives as they will help the uk become a safer environment for children but also for ourselves.

  • Quote A -
    Firstly, what is meant by 'fail'? Fail could mean a lot of things and can be interpreted in many different way. If you fail one gender you are failing approximately half of the population of that nation. If a nation fails their women then they are not reaching their full potential and success. Women should not have had to fight for their rights such as their right to vote, it should've been given in the first place. We are still failing some women because they still do not have the right to vote and get a say in their life.

  • Well, every but the thing affects women just as it does on men world makes it look like mens problems so are too much to handle they only concentrates on mens problems but it is not meant to be so.We should be bold as women and girls so that we will show the world how our problems matter as much as mens problems. Also, we should not feel some how when we fail instead find ways to fight failure .e.g.
    1. Accept your feelings and emotions.
    2.Know that when you fail it is not the end of the world.
    3. proclaim that failure is present in everyones life to make them stronger and wiser through experince.
    4. Learn from failures and be constructive.
    5. Learn and find positive inspirations that makes you better.
    6. Never give up.
    7. Be passionate and willing.
    8.Surround yourself with positive and good people.
    9.Do not isolate yourself.
    10. Choose or make decisions that are right so you would not have to change your mind at one point and get confused at the next point.
    We should not give up no matter what. There are other ways to avoid low self esteem and depression when failing but I can only give you few to support you, but stay healthy.

  • I strongly agree and feel connected to option B because most of the time we only talk about women issues but very little is really being done about it.
    Talking about it is good because it creates awareness but some actions need to be taken as well.
    For example the government can implement new policies that provide equal job opportunities for women without nepotism.
    Secondly celebrating women's international day is another way of creating awareness and enlightening more people especially those in the rural areas about the wonderful things women are doing around the world.
    I strongly believe that we should not just think or talk about this issues but we should find ways to put an end to all the challenges that women face around the world.

    1. You mentioned taking action rather than just talking about issues. How would you suggest raising awareness of gender inequality?

      1. Hi Molly O @topicaltalk, Thanks for your response. Here are some ways we can raise awareness of gender inequality:

        1. Investing in Promoting Gender Equality: This means putting money and effort into making sure boys and girls, men and women, are all treated the same and have the same chances.

        2. Supporting Local and Regional Events: These events happen in our neighborhoods or towns and work to make things fair for everyone. By getting involved, we can help spread the word about why gender equality is important.

        3. Hosting Events in Schools and Organizations: We can organize special events at school or in clubs to talk about why it's important for boys and girls to have the same opportunities. This helps kids understand why fairness matters for everyone.

        By doing these things, we can all work together to make sure everyone is treated equally, no matter their gender. Let's make a difference together!

      2. Hi Molly O @topicaltalk, Thanks for your response. Here are some ways we can raise awareness of gender inequality:

        1. Investing in Promoting Gender Equality: This means putting money and effort into making sure boys and girls, men and women, are all treated the same and have the same chances.

        2. Supporting Local and Regional Events: These events happen in our neighborhoods or towns and work to make things fair for everyone. By getting involved, we can help spread the word about why gender equality is important.

        3. Hosting Events in Schools and Organizations: We can organize special events at school or in clubs to talk about why it's important for boys and girls to have the same opportunities. This helps kids understand why fairness matters for everyone.

        By doing these things, we can all work together to make sure everyone is treated equally, no matter their gender. Let's make a difference together!

      3. Hello Molly O@ Topical talk,
        I think we can raise awareness about gender inequality such as talk about gender inequality and there solutions, hosting events about gender inequality, talk to any of your family members or friends. This can raise awareness about gender inequality. However, it does not matter about job or event, it is about the gender. That is why we need to treat women the same way treat men.

      4. Hello Molly O@ Topical talk,
        I think we can raise awareness about gender inequality such as talk about gender inequality and there solutions, hosting events about gender inequality, talk to any of your family members or friends. This can raise awareness about gender inequality. However, it does not matter about job or event, it is about the gender. That is why we need to treat women the same way treat men.

    2. Yes I like the fact that we should raise awareness and also spreading out the news about gender equality. An example of raising awareness is just like this festival where we raise awareness about issues in the news to different school and students to help create awareness . Do you know that this festival made me know about how women are being discriminated, because me being in the environment where I I have never witnessed discrimination between the girls and boys never made me think that women are discriminated in other countries. so taking action is better, because through this festival I was able to know that women are being discriminated, this festival was a way to create awareness. So, immediate action need to take place, rather than just talking about it because it does not create much awareness.

  • I think opinions A and C are spot on, which state that women play a crucial role in the growth and development of nations and countries. Without women, our very existence as a species would not have been possible. Additionally, for nations to thrive and prosper, they need to have a growing population and a strong economy. Therefore, it is accurate to say that the absence of women can harm the progress and success of a nation. This bleeds into opinion C where mostly men's impact is thought of but not women's but this is unethical and unreasonable as just said before women are the backbone of evoulution and improvment because Albert Enstein didn't birth himself.

  • I agree with option C because... it applies to our everyday lives. Women and men are all human and are to have equal rights, but the society sees women as the inferior gender. Then how is it that they multitask the most and are the most influential to children? Every decision the society makes affects everyone; indirectly or directly, positively or negatively. The fact that you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. In the same way, the fact women don't always complain about some things because they put others' (their husbands- men) opinions before theirs doesn't mean they are okay with every decision. Yes, we must all learn to sacrifice to live in peace but why must it always be the women sacrificing? I mean, the men are the superior gender, right? Which means they are more mature; so, as the mature ones, why don't they sacrifice?
    Men are not to have more rights than women. How then can we change this mindset and societal norm?
    1. Both genders should be given the same education opportunities.
    2. Girls should be encouraged to participate in STEM fields and other fields boys are known to be best at while boys should be encouraged to explore caregiving roles.
    3. Openly protest against gender inequality, directly or indirectly, by actions or words.
    4. Embrace diversity.
    5. Teach children gender equality and equal respect to both genders and its advantages e.g. peace.
    Thank you.

  • In my opinion, I agree with the first quote because women think differently from men according to studies and women are very powerful by themselves . Women are very mistreated by other people because they think that women are useless & people do not need them in this world. When in reality women cook, clean, and most often also have jobs outside of their homes and try their best in life. Women are misunderstood in many different ways and need to be respected more.

  • Hi,
    The first quote gave me the strongest reaction, for my reaction to the first one i felt a strong reaction because of the powerful message it gave about if nations fail women it overall fails. I had my reaction with this while also agreeing strongly on the statement since some nations aren't diverse enough and could care less about equality to women and I feel like they also fail since a simple male leaded nation has no diversity it gives no other power options since both men and women can do mostly the same thing but women have different advantages that most men don't or just can't do and I believe without a women to lead something it could cause many problems into the nation causing them to fail. It is a good idea to have both genders working together on problems.

  • I concur with opinion B and C.
    To begin with the former, just thinking about a women's issue will not make a change. What counts is the movement of people in order to end this discrimination and the effort to contribute to equality.
    To continue with the lattest, this belief prevails everywhere and women are underestimated because of their gender. So, when a problem is generated the society always thinks about the affection it has on men and not woman. This has to change urgently in order for social cohension to be achieved.

  • These are all powerful quotes! I think the one that flows with me the most is the one that says "Nations that fail women, fail." I agree that it's important to consider the impact of policies and events on women, as well as men. All too often, policies are created with only men in mind, and the negative effects on women are overlooked. An example of this is the lack of representation of women in government. In many countries, women make up a small percentage of the government, even though they make up half of the population. This lack of representation can lead to policies that don't adequately address the needs of women. It's not just about representation in government but it's also about representation in the media, in the workplace, and in public spaces. When women are not equally represented, it sends the message that they are not as important or valued as men. This can have a terrible effect on the lives of women and girls, leading to issues like gender based violence and discrimination. I think it's really important for us to address these issues, and to work towards a world where women are treated equally to men.

  • Indeed, women are not only suffering from issues that affect just them. If something goes wrong with the economy, then it is not just men facing problems, but women too. For example, if a war starts: Men will most likely have to go and fight. However, women won't be able to continue to just live their lives like nothing happened. Some will choose to defend their country, while others will hide. Both men and women will go through traumatizing experiences. From my point of view, it is inaccurate to only talk about what happens to men. I know that it is hard to focus on both sides while presenting the news, but it isn't impossible.
    Most times, when women try to get some help for their problems, people don't seem interested in getting involved, because they believe that it is only them facing such issues. In fact, it isn't true. For example: if they are affected by the pay gap and hardly manage to pay their bills. I am sure that the bills make no discrimination. They are the same for both genders (as long as they are consuming the same amount of water, gas or electricity). What really bothers me is the fact that women might have a harder time paying them, because they earn less money. There are definitely some men out there that can barely afford to pay their bills too. So, in the same domain, men might earn more money than women. However, the same women might make more money than men from a different domain.

    1. I agree with you a 100per cent! Gender discrimination causes huge problems to the female gender. For example, women who work in business places may suffer harassment and partiality because of their gender. I personally feel that each woman has her right and should be treated equally as men. There should be laws that guide the affairs of women to prevent any form of discrimination, in our society today, women are gradually being equally treated which is a very good one, but there are still a few women out there who suffer issues concerning "inequality" and should be taught to speak out.

  • A) “Nations that fail women, fail.”
    I don't really agree with this statement because when women are underprivileged or don't get full support, the country might not be able to use its whole workforce or reach its full potential. Though this won't have a strong impact on the country.

    B)“It’s important not just to think about women’s issues.”
    I agree with this statement because many times, while focusing on the issues related to women, we forget that men face problems too. We think that by giving more attention to females, we can reduce gender inequality. But we actually discriminate on basis of gender, that is, giving more attention to females than men.

    C)“Everything around us affects women just as much as it affects men – and all too often societies think mainly about how it impacts men.”
    This statement tells that how we give more importance to a male's perspective than a female's. It addresses the behavior of the society, where they value males more. The quote focuses on promoting gender equality in all aspects of life and I agree with this statement.

  • I have a strong reaction to the "A" quote."Nations that fail women,fail"-I actually agree with this quote. Both men and women contribute equally to the progress of human civilization. At the root of the development of civilization is the joint effort men and women. Since prehistoric times,the world's civilization has been moving forward by the hands of men and women. Contribution of both parts of mankind is important in this advance of civilization. But in the patriarchal society, women have been deprived, neglected and oppressed for ages. This discrimination should end.

    Abridgement of rights between men and women is a valuation of human rights. Male and female are complementary beings. People are building the present civilization with their talent and manual labor. Both men and women are equal partners in this construction journey. men has given energy and labor to organize civilization and women are always provided inspiration in that. In the path of human well-being, both must advance through the feeling of mutual respect and love. in this way , a world discrimination will be created.

  • I totally agree. In our country, we say that women are half of society , that's because they are the ones who influence all members of society, starting from being a wife who helps in her husband’s success until she becomes a mother who influences the upbringing of her children.
    They are the primary reason for the success of society through raising their children. Women are usually aware and educated, and in addition to that, they may be a constant source of tenderness and great sympathy for everyone. They have succeeded in many fields, such as technology, judiciary, and media, and have held political positions. In the end, respect for women is one of the basics of building sophisticated and advanced societies.

  • Hello everyone.
    According to me a woman should be compared to a good role model. But in today's society women are neglected from their various rights. We do not value women as much as men. We have forgotten that women are the biggest reason behind a man's success. Without the position of women, the whole race is dark. A woman is a mother. Napoleon Bonaparte said, "Give me an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation." So in my opinion if there is no educated woman then there will be no educated nation in this world. Education can also be provided by teachers. But, a child gets his first education from his mother. Mother is the first teacher of life for you and me or all the people of the world. So, to conclude, an educated nation expected by an uneducated woman is like a stupid animal.

    1. Hello.
      I agree with your stated point because everyone should use their education as an advantage to the society. We should not be led or influenced by anyone on a particular gender being better than another. We are all equal and should all use our education for the growth of the world around us not discriminating another gender.
      Thank you.

  • I strongly agree with statement A, 'Nations that fail women, fail'. If I look at this statement from a UK perspective, 51% of the UK's population are female. This leaves 49% at male. Taking into account this statistic, if the UK were to completely fail women, this leaves over half of the country in a position of failure. Therefore, a nation which has less than half of its population succeeding isn't really much of an achievement. I believe that even if the amount of women in a country were less than the amount of men, you are still failing as a nation because you would have completely eliminated a chance for 100% success. Yes, it isn't likely for every single individual to succeed completely and do extremely well in their chosen career path, isn't it better to give it a chance? In addition to this, if a nation fails women they are missing out on an entire range of opportunities, both for the individuals and country as a whole.

    Therefore, 'Nations that fail women, fail' as women take up so much of the world's population so putting all of that potential to waste would end up in failure, even if half of that countries population is succeeding.

  • I pick option B which states that Nations that have failed women have not failed but it doesn't mean we shouldn't focus on women issues. In developing countries like Argentina and rwanda the youths are trying their best to make sure everything is alright but among them are some who don't want to do anything for their because of lack of support. Katherine Johnson the first black to join the NASA task group despite the fact that people said some awful things about her she focused on her job and the operation of the friendship 7 rocket 🚀 was successful. If we have more women like this the world would be quite 🆗 with gender equality.

  • As women who have suffered from gender inequality, we have been bold to be able to cause a positive change in our world. e .g.Ramabai Pandita is also as Pandita because she could read and write in Sanskrit, during her time females weren’t allowed to study. She was a rebel. Pandita studied and proved everyone that even women can study. She also set up a mission in Khedgaon for widows and the poor, who were encouraged to be literate and independent.

    Laxmi Lakra became the first woman engine driver for Northern Railways. She is from Jharkhand and over there females aren’t encouraged to work or study. However, Laxmi broke the norm and became an engine driver.

  • Hello,
    I have the strongest reaction to the second one B, because say that women is looking for a job interview before u get the job they have to no all your issues just in case something happens then they will no a bit more for what to do.
    And it is the same if ,
    1) You go to school,
    2) get a husband or wife,
    3) Get a job,

  • Well I agree with C because now what ever happens in the news no one even cares if it effects women or not there just after men well to me I think that we should think on how it impacts on women as well as men because so,e.g. play a very important role in the development of the society so I think everyone should be equally represented both locally or nationally.

  • "Yes, I agree with A. A nation is formed by both genders, and rights should be shared equally. When women's rights are denied, that nation will certainly fail because they fail to recognize the potential in women. Saggy was appreciated for her talent and became a prominent, famous editor. She also mentioned that women are peacemakers because they're highly emotional and empathetic in a nation. Women play a lesser role in undisciplined acts like robbery, money laundering, and banditry. So when a nation fails to include women in its economy, it has failed that nation."

  • Hello,
    I think the strongest quote is the 3rd one because in my opinion not all problems affect men as much as they affect women for example women getting less advantages in sports that doesn’t affect men because they stents the ones with the disadvantages so I disagree with the first half of the statement but I agree with the second half that society mainly thinks about the impact on men because most things you see on the news is about how men were treated and put at a disadvantage but you only ever see the women’s side of it once in a while. And that doesn’t mean women get it less it just means the journalists and the media brings women’s problem less to light.

  • Out of all Zanny's quotes, the one that has the strongest reaction for me is the quote A: "Nations that fail women, fail." This statement connects strongly as it summarises the connection of women's rights and societal improvement. It explains the main reasons why the position and care of women within an area hints of its total success or failure. I completely agree with this statement, knowing that the state and empowerment of women are vital for the improvement of any society in the world. It signifies the important need of talking about gender inequality as not just a moral obligation but also an essential necessity for attaining effective development and social progress. Quote C is also essential, but it minimally reduces in effectiveness as it explains the widespread impact of gender inequality on all parts of the society. Quote B, also important, but is less powerful in comparison as it explains the need for a wider view on women's struggles but does not face the failures in quotes A and C.

  • I absolutely agree with statement A .
    A nationis responsible to make laws that protect both genders and especially women and their rights.
    If they think that women are inferior to men and instill these perceptions even from a very early age through their schoolbooks and their curriculum, then it is a nation that has already failed stopping biases.
    As a result citizens will be raised up with false perceptions and not facts. And these perceptions unfortunately will pass to next generations.