Weekly Competition #21

15 February 2019

placid_meerkat and genuine_literature

Thanks for brightening up the Hub this week with all of the good news stories that you found! It was almost impossible to choose a winner. We went for placid_meerkcat who kept their ideas short and sweet, and a truly heartwarming tale from genuine_literature, which really peaked our curiosity. Well done to everyone who gave it a go!

PS. We noticed that lots of people entered the competition more than once in order to win stars. As this has disproportionately affected the Leaderboard, we have had to change this so that only one entry per person could be awarded a star. Sorry!


Not all news is bad news! This week, we'd like the Burnet News Club to think positively. Be curious about the world and find a good news story. Something that is positive, makes you smile, or is a just really good to hear. It might be something small in the local paper or a massive headline we might have missed.

Please share the headline below, with a short explanation about why you think it's great.

Winners will be announced on Friday. Good luck!

Comments (344)

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  • Cafe staffed by people with down syndrome. This makes me happy as it gives people with down syndrome the opportunity to work and have a normal life like everyone else. This also teaches society to accept people for their differences because everyone is equal and should have the same opportunities.

    Flamingo Land has released information that told us that they are now opening a new theme park in Scarborough, I can't wait they have told us that this is going to be the ultimate theme park!!

    1. Opening a new theme park can be fun because you are spending time with your friends and family and going on amazing rides, that, in my opinion fulfills people happiness. But, theme parks produce multiple amounts of smoke, which is bad for the environment because smoke is breaking the o-zone layer, which in the future the sun will shine brighter and has a risk of the human species dying. This is a risk that we need to fix now, and by producing more smoke to the environment, we don’t know it, but we are breaking it.

  • These first two entries have made my day :) Thanks for the good news, Bruntcliffe! Keep the good news coming!

    1. We've enjoyed making your day keep thinking happy thoughts

    2. We have enjoyed making your day, keep smiling and the world will smile back :)

  • This means that there is going to be much more reward trips for schools!!

  • Toyko 2020: medals are being made from recycle waste . this shows that the earth is very good a taking care of the environment and to show their passion and spread awarnes about recycling.this shows that people are taking more responsibility of the earth and hoe much they care!

  • Ring Camera Shows Dogs Running For Help After Owner Collapses
    There was an accident on the 7th of February 2019 a woman called Maureen Hatcher collapsed in her home from a clot that cut off blood flow to the right side of her brain.
    Maureen Hatcher collapsed in her home from a clot that cut off blood flow to the right side of her brain. This show how amazing dogs can be.

  • Recent studies have shown that a cafe run by adults with down syndrome have given others with down syndrome an opportunity for a job and money. The cafe opened in 2014 and one opened in Leeds.

  • The elderly in India are being given the chance to go to school. As India is an LIC, very little people have an education and by giving older generations this privilege, they can pass their knowledge on to younger generations for free! This is positive because more people will have the knowledge and could educate them on how to make the world a better place for others as well as for themself.

  • 'Camera shows dog running for help after owner collapses from a stroke'. I think that this is a positive headline because it's not everyday that you see an animal physically helping its owner. The reason i have chosen this headline, is because most people without pets think that pets are useless and just do nothing; but really they can protect you from any harm or danger. They can also be great help if they see any suspicious crimes going on or anything that doesn't seem right to them.

  • A little boy gifting a shoe to the homeless.
    Cheikh Faizal 9 year old rushes to the aid of a homeless woman and her son to give them his shoes. This is a positive story due to a little boy recognizing that homeless people are just humans so why should we treat them differently?

  • can we trust the police? of course we can do there are many crimes which have been solved and if u are in a crime or have seen one don't keep silent !

  • A woman threw a 30th party for 130 abused children

  • Director Peter Jackson is Making a New Beatles Documentary With 55 Hours of Never-Before-Seen Footage
    A good news story i found is that Peter Jackson is creating a 55 hour documentary on the Beatles. I believe this is good story as it can inform fans of the band what life was like for them. This is a positive news story because this can also help the finetics which wanted to see more of the great group.

  • Cop Stops To Play Catch With Kid Who Was Playing By Himself In The Cold
    January 24, 2019
    When a police officer spotted a teenage boy playing outside in the cold alone, he stopped to play catch with him.
    this shows that the police don't only care about the bad people in the world but care about the good.

    1. I think that is a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that we now know cops have a good heart and care about others, but the bad thing is if all cops start to do that more and more criminals will think if they do a crime they might get away with it. So my conclusion is that cops can do that but only when they have spare time and are not in a car chase or going to a serious crime scene.

  • California Deputies Help Lost Elephant Seal Find His Way Back Home
    A lost elephant seal needed help finding his way home, so three deputies came to the rescue.

  • "Good samaritan pays for 70 hotels for the homeless during freezing temperatures"
    I think this is a great act of kindness since even the homeless deserve somewhere to go during freezing temperatures and it is so sweet of this man to offer to pay for hotels for the homeless.These homeless peaple were camping out in tents whilst others snuggled up by the fire.

  • New pill can deliver insulin.
    Some diabetes patients will soon be able to say goodbye to needles after MIT have created capsules that does the same job. These capsules deliver insulin to the stomach of type 2 diabetes patients via the digestion system.
    These can help children because they do not have to carry needles around with them. This can help as guards do not having to question parents at music concerts due to having needles. this can make lives easy.

  • A dog saved her owner by sprinting for help after she had collapsed from a stroke. Since strokes need to be catered for immediately her dog undoubtedly saved her life. dog helps owner.

    1. How could the dog save there owner?????😗😗

  • Director Peter Jackson is making a new beetles document with 55 hours of never-seen-before footage...

  • a dog saves there owner for having a strock

  • Chicken Chaos as KFC Closes Outlets
    Basically KFC has run out of chicken and people are in uproar so they took to the internet posting memes on social media such as:
    people have even interviewed a lady who is outraged by the fact that she had to go to Burger King for chicken and she wishes that they "sort themselves out."

    1. Can you explain why you think this is good news? We'd like an explanation for the headline too!

      1. so people can understand what they are going to read before they read it so you understand your own commets and shair it with your friends

  • sorry i was going to say that is amazing for a dog

  • A dog saved a baby bird after it fell out of a tree. The dog caught the bird and made its owner aware and the owner climbed the tree and put the baby bird back in the mothers nest while the baby bird new he was trying to help so the baby bird kept calm and managed to stay alive and started chirping two minutes later.

  • The thing that makes me happy is seeing people giving to the homeless and being kind for no reason. When people help endangered animals or homeless animals just animals in general. It makes me so happy. I love it when people stand up to bullying and conquer their dreams and goals. I love seeing people happy and enjoying life and not caring about what people think of them.

    1. These are lovely points, but don't forget that the competition this week is to find a headline from the news that reports on something good!

  • Golden Retriever lead ambulance through a maze of alleyways to save its owner.

  • The headline that has made me happy was that A high school recreated graduation for a student who missed it because he was in a coma. This makes me smile because it shows is that even when something bad happens you can always catch up and it will show you that even though you may not realise it, people are always on your side.

  • The headline that made me happy was that children are being helped with air pollution risks in London. This made me happy because if the air pollution gets any worse, it can affect children and their health: it might damage their lungs. Furthermore, if it keeps them health and safe from the pollution, it is good because it prevents more young children and kids getting sick because of the contagious airs.

  • "She travels to tell stories, hear the homeless, and feed them" Annalisa Parent travels around the world, telling stories to the homeless, and in return they tell theirs to her, and she is always there to listen. As if being friendly wasn't enough, she goes ahead and feeds them too! This made me feel really quite happy, because the homeless are still people, and Annalisa treats them that way - the proper way! I also think doing this supports them, and leaves them feeling joyful and hopeful!

    1. yeah i woud definetly agree with you she could change peoples feellings on how homeless people feel and on making their day and by making them live for so much longer

  • Might I just say, I have been scanning through these comments are they are all really happy and heartwarming!

    1. Agreed!

  • News Headline: Ministry Stories Gives Kids A Voice. This headline made me happy because, like 2019 live, I think everyone should be able to have a voice, and it’s even better if it is children. I think it’s good for children to have a voice because, in my opinion, children are more creative than adualts- therefore it would for adualts to be able to hear kids opinions. Furthermore, kids aren’t able to vote in elections until they are sixteen years old in a England, and by letting children have a voice in the world fair because in my opinion everyone should have free speech and be aloud to have a voice that should be heard.

  • For some reason I can't find any happy news. Are we able to make our own up?

    1. Real news stories only this week. Keep looking!

  • ‘Touching moment three young men help an 89-year-old woman and 100-year-old husband into their car is recorded by a cop struck by their kindness’

    I think we need to see more positive acts and images from all walks of life from the media, especially ones like this because people are so quick to label young men with negative stereotypes. So for once it was so nice to see these young men been applauded for their kindness! I highly recommend everyone to see it because it will definitely put a smile to your face!


  • Free hotline for youngsters has helped hundreds of thousands with everything from homework to sadness.
    I loved this headline because teenagers are likely to go through a lot of crisis's like stress because of exams, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.. I have sometimes been very disgruntled by this since I don't want people my age going through something like this when they've got their whole life ahead of them. Knowing about this hotline made my day.
    As teenagers we sometimes find it hard to talk to the people close to you because we might feel embarrassed or we don't want to put to much stress on our loved ones. But now that we have this hotline we have someone to share our burden with and just to talk to. This hotline might even save lives!

  • A news that makes me happy is when our country wins the war or maybe our parents country wins the war. Also when like something funny happens

  • Director Peter Jackson is Making a New Beatles Documentary With 55 Hours of Never-Before-Seen Footage

  • And also cookie monster has been going viral on the internet especially Reddit where he has done a ask me anything session.

  • Headlines high make me smile are something like young people help homeless people by renting them hotels or giving them food, money or doing anything helpful for them. This makes me smile because at the end of the day both of them are happy because one of the person helped the someone and the other person is happy because they got something to eat or somewhere to stay.

  • We have watched "Wonder" and I thought to myself when no-one wanted to be August's friend "I would be his friend!" but I have also learnt that even if people say you are ugly what matters most is what their personality is like not their appearance.But I'm thinking ,is everyone completely different?What are the chances of being avoided?Do secondary school children always say to their friends,"oh,don't go near that person,you'll get the plague!"whenever they talk about a person they call "UGLY".In my opinion everyone is beautiful,yes you may think a person is disgusting but they might have a sense of humor .What I would advise you to do is just be normal and talk to that person and find what they actually are like.

    1. A nice story, thanks for sharing! Remember that this competition is about news headlines.

  • Disney: Girl asks why movie Princess never wear glasses
    This girl wrote a letter to Disney asking why none of the princess' wear glasses. Furthermore, I think that the majority of us believe that Disney Princess' are beautiful. Most young girls dream of being a Disney princess, but some of them may wear glasses. Lowri doesn't want young girls to feel as if they aren't beautiful just because they wear glasses.
    This is a very important message to spread because we should be happy with who we are.

  • I found one saying 'cop stops to play catch with a kid in the cold'
    This made me happy because it tells me that although there's crimes going on,there are some good people who are in this world also it comforts me and makes me feel optimistic about the rest of my day.As well as if you also forgot about the good aspects of life,then I hope this restored your Faith in humanity.

  • A dog in India 'adopts' a monkey with only three limbs as its own after the monkey was left on the road by its circus.

  • Meet the Woman Who Bought 20 Hotel Rooms for Homeless During Polar Vortex:
    This shows that there are still people in the world who always do an act of kindness and there are people who care for others besides themselves. This makes me feel happy because it shows despite all that is happening people are still loving to people lower than us. It also brings hope that some day the world will be full of peace, harmony and equality to all through a little act of kindness. Also it encourages us to do the same even if it's not the same or greater than what this woman did but it does make a difference in the world.

  • A cat saved a dry turtle on the beach after it was washed up on shore. The cat did save the turtle before it died on the beach, the cats owner was aware and the owner picked up the dry turtle and lifted it back into the turquoise, blue water. Whilst, the baby turtle was swimming in the water the turtle was understanding why the cat was saving him and the turtle was managing to stay alive and started swimming away to his family!!!!!

  • The newspaper title that made me joyous is that doctors have finally found a cure for cancer. My cousin had cancer this year and when I heard that there was a cure for cancer, I rushed to the hospital and showed the newspaper to the doctors. Sadly, the doctors did not know what cure this was talking about so I told my cousin's mother that we needed to take him to a different hospital: they had the cure for cancer. She agreed to take him to one of the hospitals that had the cure for cancer which was London Bridge Hospital. When we got there I saw doctors all around my cousin until his mother asked the doctor if they have the cure for cancer. He said that they did have the cure and they immediately took him to one of the hospital wards. I came back two days ago and I saw that my cousin looked alright and healthy. So that is the newspaper headline that made me happy.

    1. That made me smile as well!
      That's great news!

    2. That is also a very heartwarming story happy_guava! I hope your cousin is fully recovered!

  • Frozen Cat Revived After Being Found In Montana Snow Bank
    Fluffy the cat was brought to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell after her owners found her buried under the snow. He was then later rivived. This made my day :)

  • Children in places [ where water is low ]water wells are being placed so that they don't suffer.This made me happy because lots of children before were suffering but now they will not get ill from drinking dirty water.

    1. that has just made me happy hearing that
      mine is the one about the barbies

  • Kids On a Mission to Ban Plastic Straws
    In the UK we use 8 billion plastic straws a year; most of the time we only use them once and then throw them away. This news makes me happy because if we use less plastic, the UK would be a lot cleaner. Also, fewer animals would be getting hurt.

  • A headline which made me smile is that people donate hair to make wigs. This shows how much they care for other people as well as themselves.

  • Be this saves city!
    This really made me smile as this boy as this boy was recovering from cancer treatment. That was a big reason for why I thought this was such a positive headline. The child was said to be very brave! I am so happy for the boy and all of his family.

  • The man helping children in care to ‘carry their lives with dignity’

  • The one that made me happy was the one written about a cat saving a turtle before it died. This made made me happy because it shows even animals can be kind so why shouldn't all humans do the same instead of violent crimes.

  • Hero Pit Bull Breaks Out of Home to Fetch Police and Save Her Family From Gas Leak

  • Boston mayor helps driver whose car caught on fire

  • One heading that filled my heart with joy was one that stated "dogs run to owner who has just collapsed"this made me so happy that these dogs(Bella and Sadie) were so loyal to there owner and saved her life.

  • Please make sure you're checking that headlines are true before you post them! It would also be good to include where you heard/read the story, and don't forget to include why it made you happy.

  • Something that made feel happy is When an 87-Year-old Fell Down in Winter Storm, She was Rescued by a Dog (Now Being Called Lassie)

  • In the news there was a massive car that was like a transformer that assist rescue crews. That is very good so not every single news is bad and i am thrilled that if there is something really dangerous the walking car could go there and save the citizens. And it could be used if there transport is broken.

  • in England the government is adding CPR to to the curriculum so children will know what to do if someone is in need of medical help.
    In England the government s adding CPR. children are being taught how to administer CPR. right now only one in ten of 30000 people a year survive cardiac arrests (heart stops)

  • Something that is happy is when sadly a cat was frozen in the snow and it was unresponsive until it made a miraculous recovery!

  • I read about that a woman who had a stroke after she asked for help from her to Labrador

  • When the Camp Fire forced thousands of families to flea their California homes back in November, many pets were separated from their owners in the confusion of the evacuation.Thankfully, there is an animal shelter that has been dedicated to reuniting rescue cats with their families.

  • My favourite headline is ‘Scientists are working on a machine to park cars’ Instead of looking for a parking space a the machine pulls your car there and less time is wasted.

  • ‘On camera homeless dog goes and steals people’s food, (in Africa) at local cafe. He had been seen a few times on streets and searching for food. Man was arrested for trying to take the dog home and hurt it. Dog is now safe and cared for in local pet rescue center in America, thanks to young woman who saw him looking for food out side her house, and was told that she could name the dog, and she chose Charlie.’

    The lady who saw the dog (hungry) has said, “I think someone should have called the pet rescue center as soon as they saw the dog, especially as the dog was constantly being seen, on the streets! I was horrified but now relieved that Charlie is now safe!”

  • A positive headline is ‘Pilot turns plane around to help grieving family’.They were late for their flight and the plane was going away from the gate.The pilot saw they were coming and decided to turn the plane around.

  • The news that filled me with delight was ‘They Set Up Emergency Shelter Near Wildlife Disaster Zone and Took in Dozens of Wandering Cats’. This made me happy because recently, I have seen lots of homeless pets; the article tells me that maybe the same ones now have a place to live!

  • Girl with cancer gets to fulfill her dream of being a police comes true. I think this is a good story because having terminal cancer can be hard. Furthermore, she gets to achieve her dream. This made me happy because the girl looked really chuffed and really excited that she had become an officer. This is a good story because it is sharing that even if you have had any problems you can still do what you want to achieve. I found out the story on BBC News.

  • He built his own Prosthetic out of Legos and hopes to provide a Cheaper solution for others who need a hand. This made me happy because this person gave others inspiration and that is a great thing to do.

    1. Can you share the link to this story so everyone can read it?

  • When an 87-year-old fell down in Winter Storm, she was rescued by a dog (now being called Lassie). This made me happy because it makes me believe there are real life hero's out in the world (even if it is an animal).

    1. Can you share the link to this story so everyone can read it?

  • 'Man gives homeless man never ending pasta pass' Olive Garden's “Never Ending Pasta Pass." The Italian-themed chain let 1,000 people pay $100 for the pass that gave them unprecedented free reign to its pasta.When the man spotted the homeless person they decided that there was someone else in need of the pasta

  • Hockey Player Revives Teammate Who Didn't Have A Pulse For 5 Minutes

  • Mexican Scientist Cures The Human Papilloma Virus

  • 'Mexican Scientist Cures The Human Papilloma Virus' this is positive because many people are getting sick in very bad ways and there is not normally always a cure for that problem, the reason I have chosen this is because it helps people who have Papillomaoma to get well soon.

  • 'Watch Firefighters Revive Family Dog With CPR' I have chosen this headline because there is not always gonna be a chance when your pet dies to revive it, but this lucky dog was able to be revived which I find really cute.

  • 'Boy donates hair to child cancer patients '
    I think this is great headline because a boy gives his own hair to someone who is suffering in the world,it could be anyone,any age. I think that this is really kind of this child to do because he is giving up part of him to make someone else happy.

  • Scientists invent a ingenious bottle able to hold solar energy from summer to winter.

  • A fast food restaurant encourages a obese man to lose weight. He just shed 140 pounds in 15 weeks!

  • Hockey Player Revives Teammate Who Didn't Have A Pulse For 5 Minutes. This is a very positive headline because the hockey player went into a cardiac arrest but luckily one of his fellow players was an emergency room doctor. He did CPR and eventually after some time in hospital he had recovered well and looked good as new. As I said, this is a very happy news story.

  • And here's the link to a website with happy news stories:

  • Women in Science Day: Meet these amazing Scientists Making a Difference
    This put a smile on my face because these girls have high aspirations for life and want to make a huge difference. Also, experts have said that not enough girls are doing enough STEM based careers. Furthermore, they are very inspiring people. They are continuing the fact that women can do anything no matter what.

  • New York pet fashion show: Diva dogs in amazing costumes
    I'm going to be honest and say that i'm not a huge 'fan' of dogs; however , when I saw these picture, it put a smile on my face because I thought that they looked so cute!
    ( I'm not sure if this is actual news or not )

  • “Boxer donated 9 million purse from fight to house the homeless“

    I think this is a good headline because this shows that the boxer is not a self-centred person. It also shows that he is a friendly person and cares about the homeless, most people don’t respect the homelessness around the world. Donating money like that can help prevent homelessness. Seeing people sitting on the streets makes me feel quite emotional as they sit there in the cold and they must be hungry without any food. So getting a home for them is the right thing to do.

  • A headline that made me smile was," Boy donates hair to make wigs for children with cancer" The boy had grown his hair for two years for one reason -to cut it so he could donate it to charity. I believe this is good news because it shows that the world is a loving and charitable place and that good ( this boy) can overcome bad (cancer). In addition, it can make the children with cancer feel happier and give them more hope.

  • Teen gets vaccination after asking ready ! This made me happy because his mum couldn't let him have it because of her beliefs and when I heard he could have the vaccination I was overjoyed because we all need a vaccinations

  • South Africa newborn baby rescued from storm drain.

    I think this is so nice because people have saved a child's life and even taken out their own time to save that child. I got this headline from BBC.

  • The news that gave me joy was, 'This old lady was saved by this dog when she was in the middle of the road in
    London. This dog was just walking without an owner and saw the lady and saved her. The lady had given the dog all the food that she had as a reward. Now we just have to wait for the pet rescue centre to give feedback , for the lady to keep the dog.'

  • more vets are helping homeless animals and are having a new home and later have new owners

  • Hockey player saves teammate from telling medical team that his teammate does not have a pulse for 5 minutes

    After this man was given a pulse he was so joyed that his friend saved his life.

  • My news is that , EX CONVICT CREATED AN ‘INSTAGRAM FOR PRISON’ SO INMATES CAN KEEP IN CONTACT WITH THERE LOVED ONES , This also links to our term topic because , if a teenager or anyone for that matter gets locked up in prison there is a practical and easy way to contact as they’re are also FaceTime and audio calls for you to use

    1. Hi exhilarated_globe,

      Was this allowed by the prison? Would this affect your opinion of the story?

      1. Hello Tiff, I'm not exhilarated globe but just to answer the question. Whether the prison allows it or not, I don't think would change anyone's opinion because as much the convicts might deserve to be in prison they are human and need to maintain relationships with those closest to them. Many prisons obviously won't allow phones for security reasons but prisons at least in my opinion are ineffective when trying to maintain the relationships between people.

        As for my opinion, I think that this is a very good idea but even if I know the fact of whether this is allowed or not it wouldn't change my opinion.

  • Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU.

    This makes me happy because this person called Alex is sharing information that will happen during Brexit. It is a big thing and people need information about this. It made me proud.

    I got this information from BBC News. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-32810887)

  • A headline that made me smile was, “ Dad Makes Wheelchair-Accessible Snow Fort So All Of His Children Can Play Together. This made me happy because if you aren’t able to play because you are in a wheelchair, you are missing out on all the fun you can have as a child. Furthermore, as the dad has given the girl an opportunity to play in the snow with her siblings, it is fun that you can rarely have if you have an illness or condition. I hope that she enjoyed playing with her siblings.

  • America a baby gets dumbed by his mother

    I think this is really bad for the mother and the child and father.

  • Also I got this information from Facebook.

  • "Pret a Manger is Opening Homeless Hostel That Will Provide Jobs and Housing to City’s Rough Sleepers!" I found this article and it really brought a smile to my face, and I hope it does to you too! I love this, because the homeless will get wages - therefore, they can save up for an actual home after time, so not homeless! In the meantime, though, they can live somewhere and have that good feeling in their hearts again!

  • "Colourblind boy is stunned into silence and then breaks down in tears when he sees bright balloons for the first time EVER after his family surprise him with a pair of correction glasses"

    I was looking through news articles and this one headline got my attention. This is one of those headlines that makes you smile even if you're having the worst day. The article also shows a video of the boy's reaction and I'd be lying if it didn't bring a tear to my eye. He was basically shown balloons with different colours and when he realised they were the real colours his reaction was priceless.

  • Salon offers a haircut for homeless people: I think this is a good story because homeless people don't get cared for and it must feel good for them as they feel like they actually are being looked after. It is also nice how the people doing this are letting them get a haircut for free. This made me happy because of how the homeless people were smiling and showing they really appreciated the salon workers help. I found this story on BBC News.

  • New Barbie has a wheelchair and prosthetic limb
    This headline put a smile on my face because Mattel are celebrating differences and diversifying their collection. Furthermore, children who are disabled will be able to play with a doll that looks like them and represents them in this world. Also, disability charities have given positive feed back.

  • “UK pupils to join global strike over climate change crisis’

    I felt very proud about this story when I first read it because I really thought our generation didn’t care about the environment not to mention all the many species that are close to dying out. So yes I was very pleased so maybe there’s hope after all! I think its very important that we all become aware of our global climate change and how to mitigate the crisis after all we only have one earth so it’s up to us to look after it!


  • 'Champion Boxer Donated Entire $9 Million Purse From His Big Fight to House the Homeless'.
    These are all good things that we seem to miss out when we listen to the news.Why do we choose the bad side of news over good ones?Is it that it is more intresting?More editing?
    People say theres not enough good news in the world however if you dig a bit deeper,you will find new things everyday.Good news everyday.
    This made me happy when I saw this and brought a smile to my face because it helped many people and wasn't a small thing either .This kind-hearted man gave something that you know the homeless people will appreciate every second of.However what about the fake people who fake being homeless just for money.The fact that this happens a lot makes me frustrated because them people who give you money could have given it to someone else or may have needed it themselfs .However the joy the people who foundout they have a home just melts my heart with joy.I hope this brings a big smile to your face like it did to mine.

  • Young Arias to celebrate youth radios
    This put a smile on my face because its a competition that allows young people to expose their talent to the whole country! Also, its a great annual opportunity. Furthermore, things like this can help people to gain their confidence.

  • A girl raises £62,000 for care home residents: this story made me smile because lots of care home residents can be ill and this girl made a three wishes project (she did a list of three things that the elderly people wanted). She raised a huge amount of money to make life sweeter for the elderly in the home. This made me really happy because she is caring for people she hasn't really known for a long time and she is making the care home a pleasant place they can live.

  • Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker was told to change her look
    So, this 'headline' isn't exactly optimistic but the article under it is. This may not put a smile on some peoples faces; however, I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan so I've chosen to talk about it.

    Jodie explains that people have been telling her to change the way she looks but she refused. This is amazing because we should all be happy with how we look. This is very inspirational for self criticizing people. This is why it made me smile.

  • Harry Potter will be back, says Daniel Radcliffe
    This is very recent news!
    This put a smile on my face because Harry Potter could be coming back! After the last ten amazing movies ( including Fantastic Beasts ) it would be great to see another one coming back to our screens.

  • A good place to find positive news stories is on BBC Newsround.

  • People raise over $200k for Fyre Festival Caterer who lost her life savings. This makes me happy because it shows how the community can band together to help one person: this is very selfless of this comunity.

  • Former presidentcial chef uses lottery money to feed the homeless. This makes me happy because it shows that even somebody who is wealthy can give to the needy.

  • ‘They Set Up Emergency Shelter Near Wildfire Disaster Zone and Took in Dozens of Wandering Cats’ This article made me feel content because the company, (The Alley Cats Recovery Centre) has been saving vulnerable cats for a long duration of time and it seems like they are very passionate towards what they do. This made me emotional as I am inspired by their occupation. Furthermore, they are also giving the animals an opportunity to become re homed and have a better life (they put each cat for adoption for thirty days however sometimes it is longer so that the cats can reunite with the correct family.). So therefore, not only are they saving animals which deserve to be saved, they are helping the animals by giving them another chance. For instance, in one of their cases, a cat was submerged in snow however the company assisted the cat and they made an exceptional recuperation. Overall, the article was astounding, and it made my day. To summarise, here is the link if you would like to read more: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/they-set-up-shelter-near-wildfire-disaster-zone-and-took-in-wandering-cats/.

  • Cop stops to play catch with little kid playing by himself in the cold. This makes me happy because it shows me people who must be serious can protect us in the smallest of ways.

  • Croiffle
    This headline made me smile because: its a croissant and a waffle mixed together( very wild, I know ).
    And they are both really good foods. Furthermore, it is not a very common food yet, so eating one would be a real experience! Hopefully it'll make its way to the UK.

  • 500 Words 2019
    This put a smile on my face because it's one of the biggest writing competitions in the world. Also, I personally think that writing's very fun. The prizes are very good as well.
    : )

  • I don't think that the comment about 500 words is necessarily 'news' ( again ). But I've decided to write it anyways.

    1. Thanks for sharing it with us!

      1. its fine any day i can comment about anythink

  • Oh, I have just seen another person write the same article as mine, so I have written another paragraph. Apart from the previous article, I saw another article which stated, ‘Chick-fil-A Opens on Sunday So Boy with Special Needs Can Fulfil His Birthday Wish’ This was very touching as Chick-Fil-A decided to open to make a child with autism feel content. The boy called Elijah was given the chance to give out cookies to the people who came through the drive-thru and then after he could celebrate his birthday. The mother stated that she was so happy that people were not judgemental towards her child. It made me feel emotional as people did not say anything that would upset him. Therefore, this article made me feel content as his uncle and the Chick-fil-A team wanted to make a 14- year-old’s day. Overall, this article was astounding, and I loved reading it. To summarise, if you would like to read this article, here is the link: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/3174/Chick-fil-A-Opens-On-Sunday-So-Boy-With-Special-Needs-Can-Fulfill-His-Birthday-Wish.

  • The Croiffle link is wrong. Sorry.

  • Most of my links have gone wrong...

  • Stars show us their 'just stood on LEGO' faces
    This put a huge smile on my face because the video was hilarious to watch! I could relate.
    Not sure its news though.

  • "Football club to educate, rather than ban racist fans"
    This makes me overjoyed because now I know that people are aware of the rude comments that are made towards each other. Also, they aren't doing it in a harsh way and I want to see more of that around the UK. It's a win-win for everyone. They are happy.


    Headteachers back thousands of schoolchildren (Some with their parents) walk out (strike) of lessons in climate change protest on the 15th of February 2019.

    This headline makes me feel positive because the children are even missing their own lesson to help the Earth to protect from the air pollution currently happening around us, which is causing the climate change. This is vital since if the children or even adults breathe the toxic gas (such as carbon monoxide), it can harm anywhere in your body, breathing problems, reduced lung function, respiratory illnesses, cancer, asthma, reduced ability for blood to bring oxygen to the body, eye/nose/throat irritation, damaged brain, early death, liver damage and many more diseases. They are protesting since they are also trying to help the environment in the earth to thrive. The environment as well as all the living organisms are poisoned and harmed with the toxins. In addition, the air pollution will cause a crack in the ozone layer and the UV rays will come through the crack and harm our skin so it is essential that we keep the environment safe.


  • London knife crime: 'I don't know how many people I've stabbed'

  • Deaf children fall behind at school, says charity

  • im fine to shair anythink with anyone

  • There is a man who can barely move but for two hours in eighty days has found a way to cycle just to help the children at his local hospital. I find this respectful and kind because he is trying his best to help not himself but the children in the same hospital.

  • Pret a Manger is Opening Homeless Hostel That Will Provide Jobs and Housing to City’s Rough Sleepers
    i think this is a good thing because it means that less people will be on the streets and more people will have a home

    1. Very sorry, healthy_cotote, but I've already said this article!

  • To reduce potholes and help the environment, there is a plan to us recycled plastic to build roads.

  • Plastic is being used less meaning less fish are dying and the ocean might just survive. Companies are also developing more ocean friendly recyclable products.

  • They Set Up Emergency Shelter Near Wildfire Disaster Zone and Took in Dozens of Wandering Cats
    i think this is good because if we have homes why shouldn't cats or other animals have a home? i am proud of these people thanks to them cats that do not have a home now have one.

  • On 26 September 1983, three weeks after the Soviet military had shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007, Petrov was the duty officer at the command center for the Oko nuclear early-warning system when the system reported that a missile had been launched from the United States, followed by up to five more. Petrov judged the reports to be a false alarm,[1] and his decision to disobey orders, against Soviet military protocol,[2] is credited with having prevented an erroneous retaliatory nuclear attack on the United States and its NATO allies that could have resulted in large-scale nuclear war. Investigation later confirmed that the Soviet satellite warning system had indeed malfunctioned. This Is Very Memorable as he stopped world war 3 from happening.

  • "Big charity ball which raised £16k for Sue Ryder Hospice set to return." This has come from the local newspaper.
    In a world that is full of negative headlines I think this is something that is incredibly positive because it shows that the majority of the world still care and there are good people out there. Sue Ryder is a charity that cares for lots of people with lots of illnesses and the nurses do a great job but they need money and support to keep this going. They are optimistic that it will be a success this year because of how great it was last year. This means the care people need can keep on being provided for years to come.

  • I found the headline that says 'Tiger, lions and leopards living in same region on Earth for first time in 27 years after big cat returns'. This is good because it shows that the area is developing and conservation is working. The protection of tigers is working. There are less than 500 tigers in Asia so to see one on camera is a great sight because it could mean that numbers are increasing. This means the tiger population could eventually stop facing extinction.

  • "Champion Boxer Donated Entire $9 Million Purse From His Big Fight to House the Homeless" -
    This shows that even those that may be represented as cold-hearted and forceful can still be kind, generous and supportive.

  • Sustainability Just Round The Corner

    We have less and less to look forward to as optimism has disappeared within the news and has been replaced by a pessimistic thunderstorm of negativity. With a discussion starter on something to look forward to I hope this could be a turning point.

  • Brexit: Theresa May promises meaningful vote after more talks with EU is an important headline because it will decide the upbringing of children and it makes me upset because it means that if they go through with it children have less toys because we can't trade with other countries

  • I found the headline which read 'Surfing a plastic wave of change'. This makes me happy, because it can show that people have actually started to realise what an effect plastic has on our planet. People could have eventually changed their ways and stopped littering plastic, as it is finding its way into many dangerous places, such as seas and oceans. This can help our sea life as many sea creatures are dying due to them thinking that floating plastic is actually their prey. This means that many sea creatures may not be on the verge of extinction as they are now struggling to keep a grip on their survival!

  • Donald Trump’s diplomatic ‘dumpster fire’ on Iran.
    This makes me happy because Donald Trump is funny!

    This makes me happy because Shaggy is funny!

  • Tom Brady’s the best. Full stop.
    This makes me happy because Tom Brady's the best.

  • NASA Reports the Earth has more trees Than 20 years ago and It’s Thanks to China, India. Also India broke the record for most tree planted with 66 million in 12 hours.

  • Larry the Cable Guy is coming to the Montana State Fair.
    I think Larry the Cable Guy is funny and he makes me smile with his jokes.

  • 'Larry the Downing Street cat under pressure after rat filmed scurrying past No 10'
    I find this positive because it made me smile, as the news recently has been dominated by talk of Brexit deals, so the fact that they are now talking about Theresa May's cat is really funny and immediately put a smile on my face!

  • Boy who is 4 shares gifts with dementia patients: this is an uplifting story because people with dementia can feel alone as they haven't got a very good memory. This boy is being very thoughtful to these patients as he is giving them gifts and speaking to them. I think this is a good story because it is nice when people (especially how this boy is only 4) care for each other.

  • Wolfgang Puck Catering expanding to Houston!
    He is a good chef and the people in Houston will be happy because of food

  • I found the headline that says 'Pret a manger is opening a homeless hostel that will provide jobs and housing to city's rough sleepers'. This shows that is still good in the world and we are trying to fix the problem of people living on the streets.

  • Through Germany's open door: What life is really like for refugees. This is an article that looks into a life of a refugee and how well they succeeded in Germany, it is really great to see entire nations accept people that need help and set up social programs to help them.This not only is a great act of kindness but also a great example on how to run a nation as it helps to share the idea that we are all equal. Which is a great positive massage. Here's the article https://edition.cnn.com/2017/09/04/europe/germany-refugees/index.html

  • The simple meme that nails liberal-conservative church divisions.
    I think this is good because it shows no matter how small it is it could do something special

  • I found the headline that says 'Pret a manger is opening a homeless hostel that will provide jobs and housing to city's rough sleepers'. This proves that there is still good people in the world and we really are trying to fix the problem of people having to live on the street an especially a well known brand trying to be helpful. We aren't forgetting about the people that don't have a home to sleep in a night. This just shows that in this world there is still good people and people trying to make a difference.

  • Rare footage of wild giant pangolins -

    This is a brilliant piece of news because Pangolins are a rare animal/species and there are 8 species of pangolin in the world. Pangolin numbers are decreasing rapidly due to illegal animal smuggling. The fact that they have captured images of them in the wild suggests that their numbers might be rising! Even if this isn't true the new information could help people save the Pangolin species.
    I wish more of my comments could involve Pangolins.

  • UK pupils to join global strike over climate change crisis.
    Is good because we are off school.

  • In a world needing a revolution in love, Catholic marriage still works-

    This proves that some people are happily married and even though our world is full of conflict, there really is hope for some groups of people!

  • I found a story about 60 people who attended a man's funeral even though they did not know him, because he did not have any friends or family. This made me smile because it showed that people can be really kind, as they did this of their own accord, without a reward, just because they wanted this man to not be lonely. This made me happy as it shows that even with lots of bad things happening at the moment, people can still find the time to be kind and think of others.

  • The vets who help homeless animals

    I think this is a positive news story because people are now helping homeless animals and taking them to the vets to check them over and make sure they're ok. I think this is good because fewer animals will be suffering and ill and also it means that homeless people can keep their friends with them for longer and not be lonely. Who doesn't love to snuggle up with their favourite pet?

  • how will we resolve youth crime, I mean, what can I do about it

  • Thousands of positive messages posted in campaign to ‘reclaim social media for good’ -

    This week a campaign to reclaim social media and has reached more then 14 million people according to organisers and it has gone viral on twitter.
    It was originally made by technology-for-good company Lightful, this weeks campaign has been amassed by big and small charities from the UK,US and elsewhere in the world #ReclaimSocial

  • in my primary school they brought in a teacher from outside the school and we spent the day talking about knife crime and how we can solve it . This made me happy as we never did anything like this even though its such an important subject.

  • https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/nasa-says-earth-is-greener-than-ever-thanks-to-china-and-india/ page of website

  • Danny Dyer confirmed to play Northampton charity football game at Cobblers ground -
    This will be great for the fans, for the charity and create a positive environment for the British community. Last year they raised £6773.73. So hopefully they will raise more for the charity this year.

  • What makes everyone smile I’m going to a match with my sister and my dad ( this is my sisters first game) she is going to.And I got another thing you can tell someone what you like about them our saying something they done kind or brave e.g: I like your hair or you been brave to make them happy for the day so that’s what make me happy or everyone that done something nice bnc I do like how your work is well done

  • Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy


    You might have already heard about how petrol & diesel cars will be banned in the near future but a similar trend is happening with renewable energy. For instance, Germany is planning on shutting down all of its coal-fired plants. This made me happy because we only have one Earth and it will be a huge problem if it will be inhospitable, especially if we have not migrated to another planet. Even if we do manage to leave our current planet behind, every other animal will probably not be as fortunate enough.

    The great thing about this scenario is that this decision has been made by a well-known and powerful country, hence a lot more people and even the other governments of other countries will hear about it so it would be more likely to cause a ripple effect! Earlier, I mentioned that Germany was going to abort all of its coal power stations. Because it is quite a big country, this will equate to many tonnes of greenhouse gases being prevented from warming our planet. There are 84 of them situated there. This might not sound like that many but they generate gargantuan amounts of power so only a few are needed to power millions of homes.

  • 'Grandma strangles rabid bobcat with her bare hands'. I chose this headline because in a time of largely negative headlines, it provides an amazing story of a badass grandma who took matters into her own hands when attacked by a wild animal. DeDe Phillips, 46, strangled the bobcat in silence because her granddaughter was sleeping upstairs. She was in the process of attaching a 'women who rarely make history' sticker to her truck when the rabid animal attacked her. I think this story is a wonderful example of a brave, strong woman who wasn't afraid to do what she had to do.

  • Big charity ball which raised £16k for Sue Ryder Hospice to return. This makes me happy because she did something amazing for a charity that she really cares for

  • On the news the home secretary said that he will work hard to stop knife crime. This is good news because someone out there is trying to make the country a better place for us to live in.

  • NASA Reports The Earth Is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago- And It’s Thanks To China, India. This headline made me happy because as the world is cutting down more paper to make paper etc, I would think that there would be less trees. As an example there is more global worming these days, and that means that more ice is melting. Furthermore, NASA, one of the biggest Space administrations in the world, reported that there are more trees that 20 years ago, it because trees help people breathe.

  • Man Is Crowned Bodybuilding Worl Champion After Beating Cancer Diagnosis That Gave Him Weeks To Live. This news headline made me happy because it is good that thanks to medicine, more people are surviving illnesses and bad conditions they have. Furthermore, as after he survived, it is good that he had the oppurtinity to do his best to earn an award and proved that anything is possible.

  • New Barbie dolls made with different disabilities
    This made me feel happy because it makes people who have a disability feel the same as any one else. Before Barbie dolls had white skin with long blonde hair but now these dolls have different skin shades and different hair stiles to make everyone feel the same no matter how they are or what they look like.

  • Lincolnshire couple sat on knife-wielding burglar, I found this information at BBC News. I like this headline because it is funny but good at the same time that this couple stopped a burglar.

  • Camera Shows Dogs Sprinting For Help After Owner Colapsess From a Stroke. This headline made me happy because it shows the friendly, caring sides of pets. In addition, the owner would have a chance of being even more in danger if the dog hadn’t gone to get help. Finally, it proves that animals can do a lot,and that we shouldn’t underestimate other species abilities; as in my opinion they are just as important as us and that everything/everyone is equal.

  • Legally Blind Basketball Player Took One Shot In His Only Game- And He Sank It. This headline made me smile because if you have a disability or condition, you are normally restricted to be able to do things. As he is blind, it would be hard for him because he has a good chance of getting hurt. Furthermore, as he managed to get the ball into the hoop, it proves a great deal what people can do if they persevere and don’t take no for an

  • I found a headline which said 'Christmas gifts transform kids' lives'. This headline is related to people all over the world donating a shoe box with lots of mini presents inside. The presents go to a charity that collected gifts to give to children in poorer parts of the world so that they can get a present at Christmas! This makes me happy, because it shows that some people are kind enough to go out of their way and donate a gift to a child living in troubling conditions. The gifts that they receive can help provide them with resources that can help them out at school and whilst playing outside. The children that receives these gifts are so happy that it is emotional to watch!

  • According to an online technology news source, a wheelchair can be controlled by facial gestures. This really fascinates me because it shows me that everything is possible and the invention will go a long way to improve the lives of the disabled people who

  • The first trailer for Frozen 2 is out!
    One of the things that I've anticipated ever since I was six years old is finally coming!!!
    This put a smile on my face because the first movie's were( Frozen, Fever, and Frozen ) great, and now Disney's making another one! Also, we've only got to wait until the end of the year to watch it. I can't wait!!!!!!!
    You can watch the trailer here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/47227149

  • People leaving hats and gloves on the street for people who are cold to take.
    This means that anyone in need can take something in order to stay warm.

  • Rare black leopard finally caught on camera
    This put a smile on my face because leopards are very vulnerable animals- which means they could easily become extinct- and seeing photos of them means that we can't come to the conclusion that they're extremely extinct yet.
    Also, they are very beautiful animals.

  • Hugh Jackman announces that the Greatest Showman is opening the Brits
    This news put a smile on my face because the greatest showman is one of the biggest things in the whole world and so is the Brits Awards. So the two being paired up is a perfect match.
    Also, most people are huge fans of the Greatest Showman, so loads of people would be pleased about it. I wonder what song they're going to be doing?

  • Wildlife photographer of the year
    This put a smile on my face because these pictures are very close to the animals( so we can see exactly what they look like ) and they're all very beautiful and picturesque. My favorite picture is of the lions touching heads.

  • World Radio Day 2019: Five times radio changed the world
    This headline put a smile on my face because it shows us how far we have come ever since the first radio was invented and also for frequent listeners of the radio, it's nice to hear that it has its own special day. Furthermore, I listened to the radio this morning in the car and had no idea it was a world radio day. This made me happy because I really like listening to the radio.

  • Mexican scientist cures the human Papilloma virus. This makes me happy because now more people can explore their lives without being restricted by this virus.

  • Dinosaur: Incredible spiky-necked dinosaur discovered
    This headline made me optimistic because we're making new discoveries and expanding our knowledge of the world. Also, this is a very rare dinosaur and it's not every day you find a fossil of one.

  • Safety officers calm down violent man by singing and dancing. This makes me happy because people who you don't expect can be funniest people and can help the community in unexpected ways.

  • Something that made me really shocked and happy is when a boy is cured of an aggressive cancer thanks to Stem Cell Treatment using donated umbilical cord which show lots of great life-saving miracles can happen anytime even at the most serious times so this is the reason there not always bad news in the world.

  • The news that really makes me smile is that a boy is cured of cancer thanks to stem cell treatment and now this 9 year old is free from cancer.

  • Something that made me happy was hearing that NASA has reported the earth is greener, with more trees than 20 years.
    This made me happy because lately you hear alot of negative information about the planet so hearing this makes me happy because we know we are doing something right.

  • I saw a headline which said an elementary school teacher helped to save their student's parent's life.It was very recent and in Greenville, Colorado.The proper headline is 'When teacher sees student cycling down the Highway,she turns around and helps to save his Dad's life'.I like how the teacher helped to save his life even though she doesn't personally know him as a friend .This shows that every cloud has a silver lining.The bad thing , which was the father being in danger but the teacher saved him.

  • ‘Safety Officers Calm Violent Man By Singing and Dancing’

    After taking the wrong medication, Walker who has autism was attacking his parents and found himself in the ER. The officers spent over two hours singing and dancing children's songs to calm him down.

    This is one of those amazing, heartwarming stories that makes you think ‘wow!’ Such lovely kind-hearted officers that knew how to respond to a situation that could have easily taken a wrong turn. It also makes you wonder whether all police officers and emergency responders, should all be trained on how to interact with people who have disabilities or behavioural issues. How you respond can make a huge difference to the outcome of a situation.


  • Gambling: New rules to protect you from betting ads
    This made me happy because people are raising awareness about adverts.
    Also, they are taking young people away from irresponsible behavior.
    Furthermore, a lot more people will feel safer with these new rules in place.

  • 'How drawing helped me to talk about my feelings'
    This made me smile because people are showing their personal experiences on how they dealt with mental health.
    Also, its helping other people find their own way with dealing with mental health.

  • How are roads named?
    This headline made me smile because I finally know the answer to it!
    This question was in my mind for a very long time and now I can finally stop pondering.

  • Glasses: are they cool or nerdy
    This headline made me smile because it helps people find their confidence, and be happy with how they look.
    Also, some people may think that glasses are geeky ( only two different emojis wear glasses ). But this makes people feel a lot more proud about who they are.
    It's also reassuring people because lots of different celebrities wear glasses such as: Liam Payne, Demi Lovato and Emma Watson.

  • How one village celebrates Chinese New Year with a difference

    Because its the year of the pig a village decided to do an annual piglet race. This made me smile because one cute little piglet got confused and went back the other way ; )
    Also because of the village farming animals they have reduced poverty. So they are a big deal in the village.

  • 'A man Built His Own Prosthetic Out of LEGOS and Hopes to Provide Cheap Solutions for Others Who Need a Hand'
    This makes me over joyed as this makes you know to not give up and the resilience of this man puts a smile on my face.This determination makes me want to acheve more than I have acheved and try to get more than I have.

  • You can now do yoga with a field of alpacas! This makes me euphoric since it gives us as people to interact with animals without having to be petrified of them. Also its nice to see instead of us harming them we are working together with them doing yoga which is something you don't see everyday. Also it is all ages which gives everyone the chance to participate and contribute to this amazing opportunity.

  • A surprise Visit From some Penguins

    Annie (who is 92 years old) lives in a care home and it was her wish to see penguins up close. Her wish was their command.
    Two penguins called Charlie and Pringle came to see her.
    This put a smile on my face, for the fact that, it was so sweet that they let the penguins come to the care home just to make this old lady happy. Also, she got to see a penguin up close! How cool is that!
    This probably put a smile on Annie's face as well.

  • 'Dog fights to escpe house to get police.Later people find out that the dog saved them from a deadly gas leak'
    This is laterally the true definition of a mans best friend.This makes me so happy and makes me believe that dogs are capable of good things as well as things like rewining your sofa and things like that.

  • 'One dog will not change the world,but for that dog ,the world will change forever.'
    That is a quote from a dog shelter.This makes me happy as it motivates people to get a dog and help wildlife and others.Also it adds a sence of responsability into their lives.If I could ,i would adopt every dog in the world with a smile in my face .

    1. An interesting piece of information, but is it a news headline?

      1. 11-year-old Ruby Kate spends a lot of time at nursing homes in Harrison, Arkansas, where her mother works as a nurse.

        While there, Ruby Kate learned that many of the residents had little financial means. They are allotted $40 per month for "extras" - anything not covered under room and board
        Ruby Kate recalls the moment that sparked her project:

        "One day as my mom and I were leaving the nursing home, a patient named Pearl was glued to the exit doors staring for a long time at something. I figured whatever it was must be pretty exciting because I hadn't seen anything exciting all day. So I hurried to catch up to her before whatever this was disappeared. I thought maybe it was a baby bird? A wreck in the parking lot? Ambulance?

        I get up there and there is a normal dog being led out on a leash to a car by a normal lady. That was it! Boring. I asked her what was going on and she said that was her dog of 12ish years. The dog had come to visit for the day and she was staring at the door because she didn't know the next time she would see her dog again.

        Pearl's face was so sad. I thought of all the things in this world Pearl could have, she would probably just ask for more visits with her dog. I know it costs $12 for a pet sitter/visit. I'm eleven and I have enough money saved in my piggy bank to get Pearl a few visits with her dog."

        She wanted to help, so she started a project and Facebook page called "Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents."

        Her mother, Amanda, helped her set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the wishes.

        Ruby Kate grabbed a notebook and went from room to room asking residents, "If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

  • Ghost Apples


    This was interesting to look at as it made me smile. It was so cool to look at! Its an icicle shaped like an apple. Its a natural beauty of nature. Furthermore, they look beautiful still hanging off the tree.

  • 'Children go on a mission to try and ban plastic straws.'
    This makes me think of the innocent children who are thinking about the inviroment and realise that even small things like plastic straws will affect us greatly in the future.
    I feel proud and happy for the children who understand this and want to make the world better.

  • Sharenting: Holly Willoughby and Robbie Williams against the idea.


    This made me smile because 'sharenting' is a real word with a dictionary definition! Also, hopefully now more parents will start to rethink whether posting embarrassing pictures of their children is a good idea. To add, it's also good to hear from someone that everyone's heard of agreeing with the idea.

  • Attenborough's battle to save butterflies

    This made me smile because, Sir David Attenborough has launched a big butterfly count to try to help them. This will allow researchers to see how numbers are doing and what species have been found where! And now the beautiful butterflies will be able to live on. Furthermore, butterflies look beautiful so they need to be saved.

  • 3-D printed robot taught itself to skate!

    This headline made me smile because a robot is intelligent enough to skate itself with no programming. Researchers also hope that these kinds of robots can be used in the future for deliveries, helping people and search missions. All it had to know was how one skate worked on ice. This is truly a very special robot.

  • Whats the story behind chinese new year?
    This made me smile because people should know the true meaning of this festival.

  • The headline that made me happy was 'Boy is Cured of Aggressive Cancer Thanks to Stem Cell Treatment Using Donated Umbilical Cord.'
    This makes me happy because it makes me believe that the people who do things like this to help someone else is a true hero.
    This hasn't just helped someone,this has saved someones life.

  • The quote 'All NewsSports
    Amateur Cyclist Completes Toughest Stage of Tour de France Without a Seat– and He Did it for Charity'made me happy because this person is doing something amazing to raise money .

  • 'A eureka moment for the planet: we’re finally planting trees again'

    This is a really positive yet surprising stories because we hear so much bad news of deforestation around the world and the negative impact it has to wildlife and their habitats. So I was happy to read this very unexpected good news story! 120 countries which actually includes China and India have promised to plant and restore large areas of forest as a response to climate change.


  • UN agency says 250,000 refugees could return to Syria in 2019

    I am delighted to hear this news since people who have fled syria are finally returning home. This is the best news because people can now actually live in their own country with friends and also return with their family to their home. In addition to that all of the heartbroken people who had massive life hurdles can now live their life peacefully

  • 'Hero Dog Breaks Out Of Home And Saves Family From Gas Leak'

    This makes me happy because an 11-year-old pit bull named Sadie is being hailed as a hero for saving her family from a gas leak in their Tuckahoe, New York, home. Keeping people out of harm is a good deed and protecting people from crime.