Weekly Competition #31

10 May 2019

eloquent_recipe and confident_swan

We loved reading your personal migration stories and the migration stories of others. It's so valuable in helping us understand different perspectives.

Eloquent_recipe used a story from a book which we thought was great and you might all want to check it out- The Boy at the Back of the Class.

Confident_swan shared a family migration story, like many of you. We loved how much was conveyed in a few sentences and particularly felt the final line was a powerful summary of migration: "It's leaving and finding home at once."


This week, our competition is all about curiosity and storytelling. We'd like you to research the story of someone who has migrated. Tell us where they moved to and what their experience was like. You can choose to research a famous person, or someone you know. Winners will keep their entries concise (short but meaningful!) and show that they have really listened to a different person's perspective.

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  • With the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, Anglo-Saxons (c. 5th century AD) and Vikings (8th century AD) invaded and migrated to Great Britain. In 1066, the Normans successfully took control of England and, in subsequent years, there was some small-scale migration.

  • Not very long ago, was Palm Sunday when Jesus migrated from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem. Jesus migrated because he chose to leave the Mount of Olives. A migrant is a person who chooses to leave their home and to flee somewhere else. An immigrant is a person who is forced to leave their home due to war, weather problems etc.

    1. A refugee is someone forced to leave their home. An immigrant is a person who comes to live in another country. A migrant is someone who moves from one place to another.

  • My parents have migrated from Poland to England and here is the reason why,
    my dad was working in a business where he was set to control his friends bus and the friend was actually going to different places so he was earning more and instead of sharing the money like supposed to he pocketed the money . One day my dad found out his friend pocketed the money . The friend offered to buy tickets for a flight to England and my dad accepted the offer . Right before my dad was going to go he met my mum and they both flew to England and are both still here to this day.

  • A couple of years ago, there was a woman called malina and there was a malicious conflict in Africa. Everyday when she woke up from resting she would be anxious because all she and her children could hear were peculiar noises (at this time Malina and her family didn't know that there was a war.) Malina's husband knew exactly what was happening and he had been timing this event for several years. A couple days after he decided that he had never cared about Malina so one day her confronted her and suddenly left in a hurry! Before this, Malina was very poor and was actually homeless everyday she would prepare herself and her children for sitting on the horrible streets of Africa for many hours. Malina started to run out of money very quickly... Luckily, a couple weeks after, she found out that one of her relatives lived in Nigeria. Then is when she started to realize that her old husband must have stole her passport,oh how she was sad...The next day she decided something had to be done, so she migrated illegally across many borders with her children. Day after day, she started to find more and more shelters for refugees. luckily, there was a happy ending to this story until...

  • Mo Farrah moved to Britain from Somalia when he was eight but now he's 32.He was an athlete and won 2 gold medals in 2012 Olimpics in the 5000 and 10,000 metre races.His victories made him the first British athlete to take the gold medal in the same Olimpics.He holds 5 gold medals and 7 global titles at the European Athletics Championships.

  • There is a story of a girl called Manar. She is from Syria and then they had to move to a camp near Lebanon. The people there didn't like them there but they kept on going and were there for a few weeks. After, they moved to England but it did take a while and they moved to Bradford because a member of her family was there.

  • There was once a girl (wishing to remain anonymous) that was 17 year old in Istanbul, her life was unbearably hard. She was brutally separated from her birth mother, only at the age of 13, by her dictatorial father who went on to abuse her and her brother in every possible way. She was regularly tortured by him and threatened with death. 'I have had the most incredible journey of escape under this threat!' she said.
    After an extremely risky process, she managed to make her way to Paris. Aged 18, she was terrified! She could not even speak French and had no experience of travelling alone. 'I felt all alone!' She spent 2 years at the Sorbonne, found a good job and her own flat. During holidays in England, she met the father of her 3 children. It was a huge surprise when she found out she was pregnant with her first child and had no idea what to do. So she decided to stay in London. She wanted the baby to grow up with her father and his family as she did not have her family. It felt precious. She became very emotional and did not want to hurt the father by taking the baby away.
    They got married and went on to have 3 children. They were born in London and they were British. She has not put them on a Turkish passport as she still has nightmares of her father finding her and her children. She has been working and paying taxes for years and brought up her 3 children as a single mother until her youngest child got killed by a 18 ton heavy goods vehicle on her way back from school.

  • My grandfather migrated his country and moved to England. Life was hard in their old country. They had to farm from sunrise to sunset and didn’t get any breaks. They still didn’t have enough money to support their families. So they came to England. There were many different work opportunities; not always high pay. My grandfather came at the age of 21 and worked in a factory. The living conditions were poor. There was only one bed which was shared between 8 people. They took turns sleeping on the beds. My grandfather sent the money he earned back home so that he could support his family. When his family had saved enough money they moved to England and rented out a house.

    1. Thanks for sharing this! Which country did your grandfather move from?

  • Mohammed Farah, who is also known as Mo, is now a famous runner after going through a thorny bush of obstacles. He migrated to England in 1992. Can you imagine migrating to such a huge place at the age of nine? As I had written before,he went through a big bush of thorns. At the age of eight, he went to the North Side of where he was born (Mogadishu,Somalia). Due to the fact of constant fighting. In Djibouti, where he moved to before going to England, he was looked after by his grandparents. At that time, his father was working at the Heathrow airport. (You know where you go when your off on holiday!)However it doesn't end there. When he was migrating,he had a problem. It is assumed he had problems seeking asylum. From there,he went to Feltham Community College where all his problems came to an end. A senior teacher, Alan Watkinson noticed his athletic talents and encouraged him to do his best in all his physical activities. Soon later, in 2010 he married a woman called Tania and asked Watkinson to be his best man. Soon then his hard work payed off and he is now the professional runner he ever wanted to be.

  • Freddie Mercury was a refugee from Pakistan to England. He had an amazing and at the same time a hard time because being gay was a bad thing at that time but he became a very famous singer with his band called Queen. He became very famous all around the world but fame comes with lots of problems like drugs. Saddly he died at 48 because he caught an incourable illnes but at least he lived an incredible life thanks to his career like a singer.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic´s father, Sefik Ibrahimovic, was a Bosnian Muslim who immigrated to Sweden in 1977 and his mother, Jurka Gravic, was a Croatian Catholic who also immigrated to Sweden. His immigrant parents met in Sweden and Zlatan was born in the country in 1981.

    His parents divorced when Ibrahimovic was just 2 years old and he spent a difficult childhood in the immigrant-populated district of Rosengard. By his own account, he was a bicycle thief and school bully before he honed his football skills.
    Aged 15, he was on the verge of quitting football to work at the docks in Malmo but his coach at Malmo FF convinced him to pursue a career in football. Thankfully Ibrahimovic heeded to the advice and we all know how his career panned out.

    Ibrahimovic was eligible to represent both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia through his parents in addition to Sweden. Croatia did try to persuade Ibrahimovic, but he opted to play for Sweden and is now the nation’s all-time leading goal scorer.

  • Bebe from the footballteamo Rayo Vallecano was a poor baby born in Portugal that was left by his parents and became homeless but in a couple of years he was in the Manchester United team for 7 million. He is a great football player!! 👌👌

  • my grandmother´s friend was a refugees from India to Spain she moved to Spain because of her poor job lackey she founded a better job in Spain. She started to save money to buy a new house. Now she is a happy woman enjoying live with her family.

  • I found a migrant who was the Duke of Edinburgh who left Germany since he was going to marry the queen in 1947. He migrated to England and he was the only son of Greece´s Prince Andrew. Prince Philip renounced both his Danish and Greek royal titles.

  • Bebe is a great football player.He was born in Loures, Portugal. When he was ten, his parents, who came from Cape Verde, left him in an orphanage. Between that home and the street he spent his childhood, and found in sport that escape from the harsh reality that so many children share around the world. In 2008, and thanks to that technical capacity that made him stand out in football, he was told to participate in the Homeless World Cup and several media said that Bebe had represented Portugal in the tournament. The following year, after the growth of his name in the local football scene, the Estrela da Amadora (from the Second Division of Portugal) signed him, paying him about 1,300 euros per month. Football has been his life, and the fact hat he has migrated to England and Spain makes him an extaordinary person and an example for everyone.

  • My cousins and my uncles moved from Madrid, Spain into Chicago in the USA. They moved there because of my uncle's work. They really like this change because it is like a completely different place and people are very different. The style of life is much more divergent and chill. They also like Madrid but to live in they prefer Chicago.

  • bebe is a famous footballer from portugal who plays for rayo vallecano who migrated from portugal to england to play for man united but now hr is playing for the sapanish tram rayo vallecano . he was abandoned and he was having a hard life in the childrens homes and i think football changed his life an saved him of what could of happend if he hadnt of had football