Weekly Competition #20

08 February 2019

educated_economics and committed_physics

The winning question this week came from educated_economics who asked, 'Why do young people feel the need to carry around a weapon to save their own lives when it usually ends in them taking another person's life?'. We thought that this really got to the root of the problem and sparked some interesting thinking about causes and experiences.

The winning answer from committed_physics was very different to other things we had read and suggested that restorative justice could reduce violent crime. Their open-minded and empathetic approach drew on Sephton's story, who is an an example of someone who uses their experience to educate other people.

Absolutely brilliant questions and answers this week. Well done!

Q&A Competition!

Our competition this week is a tough one and a little bit different. Are you up for the challenge? It's all about curiosity-rich questions and answers to other Burnet News Club members.

We'd like you to choose whether to write a question about this Issue, or answer one of the questions written by another BNC member.

The first few people to enter will want to ask the questions to get the conversation started and if you find one that you'd like to answer then please click 'reply to this comment'. We'd like nice open-ended questions that will spark some interesting thinking!

There won't necessarily be a primary and secondary winner this week - there will be one WINNING QUESTION, and one WINNING ANSWER. Good luck! Winners will be announced on Friday.

We'll hand over to you now...

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