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The expert I was so inspired by and impressed is Mathew Ball. Mathew Ball is a renowned writer... Competition #6 Expert learning 17/5/23
In my opinion, I think nepotism starts at step 12 because her daughter, Kash, did not work for... Where does nepotism start? 10/5/23
I extremely agree with this because it would not be fair at all. Especially to the people who... Where does nepotism start? 10/5/23
I also agree that the topic of Earth Day is related to the topic of the metaverse because as you... Competition #3 Making connections 24/4/23
I think we discussed this topic properly and we talked about the pros and cons for some laws we... Suggest a discussion 21/4/23
I picked yes because I would like to be someone in the metaverse who saves lives and helps... Metaverse poll results! 14/4/23