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Immersive = the word to describe an experience that feels so realistic that it makes people believe it’s actually happening.

The metaverse is an immersive virtual world online where people can socialise, play games and work – but also do lots of things that they might not be able to do in the real world.

This gave us an idea for this week’s poll! This week we want you to think about the question:

For last week’s poll we asked you to share how you felt about the following statement:

Would you choose to create a character and join the metaverse? Yes or no?

The results are in, and here's what you thought:


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  • I am eagerly anticipating the possibility of the Metaverse having a feature that enables us to create physical models of our ideas. This feature would revolutionize the way we express ourselves creatively and expand the horizon of imagination and creation to a whole new level. With the ability to create physical models of our ideas, we could bring our imagination to life in a tangible form, allowing us to explore our ideas in a way that was not possible before. If the Metaverse can offer a range of tools and resources that can enable us to create and design virtual spaces and objects, It would enable us to explore our ideas in a more tactile and interactive way, and would provide us with a deeper understanding of our creations. This feature would provide us with new opportunities for learning and education. By creating physical models of our ideas, we could explore new concepts and ideas in a way that is engaging and immersive. This would be particularly beneficial for those who learn best through practical implementations. This feature would also have significant implications for entrepreneurship and innovation. It would enable us to prototype new products and services in a more efficient and cost-effective way, and could lead to the development of new industries and business models. I believe the addition of a physical modeling feature in the Metaverse would be a game-changer for creative expression, learning, and innovation. It would provide us with a whole new level of creative freedom. I am excited to see where this technology takes us and how it will shape the future of creative expression and innovation.

    1. It is good yes but also first look at disadvantages of making virtual realities.Some of them are;
      Thieves will use this opportunity to steal and make virtual realities for themselves so that no one identifies them.
      Murderers will also kill people and do the same. This will increase the death and crime rates since no one will be arrested hence putting people's life and property in danger.

      1. I agree with you, but I believe the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks because, in the future, many people will be fine with fewer social interactions and more virtual interactions, unlike what happened with COVID-19, when people were afraid of the thought of isolation. Many people are now comfortable working virtually from home; people no longer need to go to the physical workplace every day because much can still be done from home. The idea of the metaverse and what it might be capable of in the future excites me greatly.

      2. Yes, I know that making virtual reality can have a disadvantage, remember that every good thing has a bad thing. But look at the bright side, it make us to socialize with people, playing games and work. we can stop all this bad behaviors of theirs rather we can try to help them understand and help them to stop all this. I will definitely choose to create a character and join the metaverse, and I will like to be a super hero. A super hero is a stock character that typically possesses super powers, abilities beyond those of ordinary people and fits the role of a hero typically using his power to help the world become a better place or dedicating themselves to protecting the public and fighting crime. This way the disadvantage will reduce and making it easier for people in the real world and in the metaverse. Rules can come in to make it easier for me and my fellow super hero.

      3. Could you possibly explain how people would be able to steal and murder, the metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds, meaning no-one can physically harm someone else, or take a real life item. Please correct me if I am wrong in any way.

  • I would like to work on a metaverse cartoon character aimed at children, because we know that children follow applications and technology a lot, so this character that I would like to have is useful for children because children are very affected by what they see, so if they see what is useful and positive, It will be good for the child and society when he grows up and I think the use of the metaverse will be widely used in the future, as the children will know what this metaverse is and how it is used and its effects in the future

    1. I agree because children are influenced by what they see on TV. So showing them positive things will make an impact on them.

    2. I agree because... Kids follow what everyone else follows so if everyone follows this then it would be good for kids to do it

      1. I have liked your suggestion but some children like in my country will not be able to follow this because their parents cannot afford televisions for them to watch these cartoons.

      2. I agree because children are addicted to movies and games so the metaverse can give them a chance to learn more about the earth twin sister. We learn good characters from watching cartoons like in sofia the first the cartoon teaches us how to always say the truth, respect others and be kind to one another.

    3. Yes, it is very cool and I agree with you, The metaverse offers potential positive aspects such as enhanced virtual communication, collaboration, and social experiences, allowing for global connections and creative expression in a digital realm. It can also provide new opportunities for business, education, and entertainment, creating a virtual space for innovation and exploration.

    4. Well, there are a lot of climate laws because there is a great importance to preserving the climate, and having a lot of climate laws is better to avoid pollution of the environment, to reduce our carbon footprint, to reduce the impact of climate change🤗

    5. Hello, yes I agree because children are young and do not know what to do, they are at a stage that is strongly affected by those around them, so if everyone follows this, children will follow it, but on the condition that it is useful because children's minds are affected quickly,🤗

      1. Yes, as we know, artificial intelligence should target children through content directed at them to be useful because they are greatly affected by the prevailing thing or what is called the trend, so they imitate those who follow them or try to be like them, so they must create programs that target their minds that are affected quickly so that they do not follow the trend

  • Yes, i would like to be a police avatar in the metaverse. Since metaverse will be a twin sister to the real world ,a lot of criminal activities will also be taking place in the metaverse . Being a police officer will enable me to reduce some of these crimes by making people follow the rules and put the criminals in the metaverse to justice.

    1. This got me thinking... do you think police in the metaverse would be the same as police in the real world? For example, if people could have "super powers" in the metaverse, how might that affect what crimes are committed and how police deal with them. Is a crime in the metaverse a real crime?

      1. I think law breakers in the metaverse should be punished in the real world. A universal constitution should be made and punishments should be allocated to law breakers in the metaverse based on the level of crime committed. Also, police should be given power that beats any other character. The police characters should be given to people of integrity in the real world.

        1. Yes,there may be punishments but you do realize it's a VR(virtual reality) right?....not reality.
          And what kind of punishments would u say will proper or should be applied for the law breakers?

        2. That's an intriguing idea. In the "real" world, though, different countries and cultures have very different ideas about whether something is a crime or not and what the punishment should be. How do you think we could get all countries to agree on a universal constitution for the metaverse?

          1. First of all, a board of individuals with prestige and integrity should be scouted from around the world, each continent should have atleast five and at most seven representatives inorder to keep the issue of inequality in check, these people will be those responsible for drafting the Universal Constitution .Inorder to have a fair Universal Constitution, major constitutions from all over the world should be obtained and closely examined for similar laws that will form the first part of the constitution. For the second part, laws that may not be in all the constitutions but are in the majority of the constitutions should be picked. Furthermore, the universal constituion must encompass universal laws because they are laws that are universally accepted. In addition, the constitution must be support a democratic system of government, a system that is ruled by the majority of the masses but also one where the minority have their rights and say, a government of the people for the people and a government by the people.The constitution should also have strict policies that will ensure proper seperation of power to avoid dictatorship . Lastly, after the constitution is made, it should be displayed to the people in the real world before being enforced in the metaverse so if any country is against any law or have any law in addition they should present their request with enough facts to back it up and if after thorough deliberation processes are carried out and their request is seen as one of worth it should be granted.

            1. That's a very thoughtful answer, affable_bird. Well done. I think a lot of countries in the "real" world would benefit from a constitution like that too!

        3. I support you because if law breakers in the metaverse are not punished, they will keep on commiting more crimes hence destroying people's property and also life.And also if we talk about people of integrity to be given the posts of police, this will help us realise justice in the real world and also in the metaverse. The police with integrity will not take bribes from law breakers like the police we have now who take bribes and let law breakers go free.

        4. This will only work if all law breakers are brought to justice without segregation. In the world today you find that there are people who will never be brought to book because they belong to a family of high class or they are linked to government officials.

          1. You are right but to solve this problem,police offices should be given to people of integrity.If these people are given power, there will be no segregation among people and government.

            1. I agree because... these people of integrity will also help to reduce strikes hence reducing the death rates and this will lead to peace and security.

      2. A crime committed in the meta verse can be considered a real crime depending on the crime committed. A crime is an action or omission which constitute an offence and is punishable by law. A crime in the meta verse can only affect a person virtually so the action that should to be taken should be done virtually. The crime doesn’t have to be a real life crime for the person to be sent to jail and punished. Being sentenced to jail virtually doesn’t sound correct because will you be in jail for a given time but yet in the real world still moving freely. Also, if that even happens a person can just make a new profile and username and start afresh. So overall a police officer in the meta verse isn’t going to do anything like the police officers in real life and wouldn’t be more than a police themed avatar.

      3. That's a great question, Katie! It's possible that policing in the metaverse might be different from policing in the real world. With the metaverse being a virtual world where anything is possible, there could be new types of crimes that don't exist in the real world. For example, there could be virtual theft or hacking, or even virtual assault or murder. Additionally, as you mentioned, if people have superpowers in the metaverse, they might use them for criminal activities.

        However, it's also possible that the same types of crimes that exist in the real world will also exist in the metaverse, such as fraud or harassment. In terms of whether a crime in the metaverse is a real crime, that is a complex question. From a legal standpoint, the metaverse is still a new and evolving concept, and it's unclear how laws will be applied to virtual environments. However, from a moral standpoint, if a crime in the metaverse has real consequences on someone's emotions or well-being, it could be considered a real crime.

        Policing in the metaverse will likely require new approaches and strategies to address the unique challenges of the virtual world. It will be interesting to see how law enforcement and legal systems develop as the metaverse evolves.

    2. As the metaverse grows, there may be a need for virtual law enforcement to keep the virtual world safe and secure. This could include monitoring for illegal activities, enforcing virtual laws and regulations, and responding to emergencies.

      However, policing the metaverse can present unique challenges, such as determining jurisdiction and handling cross-border crimes. Additionally, policing in virtual environments raises concerns about privacy and potential abuses of power.

      1. You are right but who will introduce these virtual laws? And who will enforce them?

    3. " A proper criminal justice system exacts justice - that is, punishes criminals for their crimes."
      People commits crimes for their need.
      They commit crimes due to various reasons like unemployment, shortage of money, etc..
      If a person creates a crime in the metaverse, let the person be punished in the metaverse itself because metaverse is similar to world but not the real world. If they commits crime in metaverse and they are not punished, they will repeatedly do crimes and what is sure that they will not do it in real life. So, they should be punished in metaverse so that they can come know that they are moving in a wrong way and they can correct themselves and move in a right way.
      For example, if a crime is done by a person by robbery he/she should be punished by putting him/her inside bars whether it is in metaverse or in real life. A severe punishment should be given so that they will not repeat it.
      " Punishment is not for revenge, but to lesser crime and reform the criminal."

  • Yes I will like be a research scientist in the Metaverse. This will enable me have easy access to make research on the causes of cancer and come up with a permanent cure for it. If I’m able to come up with the cure, we can use the knowledge in the real world to cure cancer patients and the world will be free from cancer completely.

    1. Out of curiosity - why would you choose to be a scientist in the metaverse instead of in the real world, harmonious_river?

    2. I do not agree ..
      I am sure that for the first time the students will experience the Metaverse, they will be distraught and not commit crimes...
      Then it is certain later that in such a world there is a police for the corrupt or an organization that will punish them...
      Although everyone has a different opinion, I am surprised that you reject Metaverse so strongly..
      For me, on the contrary, the subject of Mr. Matthew was very remarkable, and I liked it the most ...
      A beautiful and useful topic that alerted us to what we did not know...
      Thank you, Mr. Matthew.
      Also thank you, coordinator_ferr... But for the sake of winning the good point, look at it from two sides so you can see clearly...

  • No, they shouldn't because people believe that the metaverse is just a new world which you can do whatever you want to do without getting punished when they have make an offence, so they would get used to it and will start to get addicted to it so they may start to act recklessly in the real world forgetting that they are not in the metaverse due to how impressive it is.

  • If i am opportuned to go into the metaverse, i would like to become a climate change activist so as to be monitoring the weather ,foreseeing the dangers facing the metaverse for people to take heed of it and also find premeasures for the particular climate problem. In most aspect ,usage of electronic gadgets contributes to the climate crisis we have,so i will have to enlighten people on the dangers of using these gadgets for a long time in order to protect the metaverse from climate crisis.

    1. I like the way you have made a link between our two topics so far! Are there any other links between the climate and the metaverse?

      1. Personally,I like riding a motorbike in our real world. If I ride more more in the bike it pollute our atmosphere which lead to the climate change so, I will ride in the bike on the metaverse which will not pollute the atmosphere at all.

    2. I liked your way of thinking, as you used your thinking to solve global issues that we face in reality in order to develop them in the new world, Metaverse, and I liked the idea of ​​being active in the field of climate change and raising awareness of its seriousness, but there is a question that raised my curiosity: since we say that Metaverse is a new, developed technological world that we are entering Through virtual reality and modern technological devices, so I do not think that there will be human crises regarding the climate. Then, how will your awareness of the climate crisis be? ?
      But I think that when we enter the world of Metaverse and get addicted to it, we will face a huge increase in climate change, since modern technological devices are the most carbon-emitting devices, and thus the problem of climate change will exacerbate.

  • Yes, I would like to create an avatar and join the Metaverse, Because the Metaverse is just like a virtual twin of real life, but you can do more things in the metaverse. So I would like to join the Metaverse and do things that couldn't be done in real life, like going to other planets and researching them, experimenting on things that cannot be experimented on in real life. I think that the metaverse experience can provide an idea of what the future holds and the limitless possibilities.

    1. I like your thinking about Metaverse
      But I would like to ask you whether the enjoyment of the experiences that you will do, such as space exploration, will be the same in reality

    2. What are the two things that can be experienced in the metaverse?!

    3. I agree because...
      l support you because if you are a student and join the metaverse, you can make a virtual reality to represent you at school as you move around in places to find more about them.

  • Properly no! Are we already in such a so called simulation? The universe is in fact such an experience. We only need to sleep and to dream to experience the actual-reality that we ignore when we wake up to this so called material reality. What is real? What test can we apply to determine what is real or not so real? We are told as children to pinch oneself to see if something is real or whether it is just a dream.

  • Of course yes ! Many benefits for me as a student!

    Let me start with the future of education, and it's powered in the metaverse! Metaverse revolutionizes the way we learn. We can have immersive experiences, real-time feedback, and personalized instruction can transform education forever. The metaverse offers immersion that traditional education simply can't match. Students can learn by doing, experiencing, and interacting with subject matter in ways never before possible. The metaverse aids students understanding and pinpoints areas for improvement. We can create personalized learning paths by analyzing performance and preferences.

    1. Wow! This creates a more efficient educational journey overall, helping students to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

      The metaverse boosts collaboration & accessibility, enabling students to work together on projects, experiments regardless of location. Anyone with internet access can join, breaking geographical & financial barriers.

      However, challenges and drawbacks do exist. Ensuring quality educational content, securing transparency and trustworthiness, and addressing the digital divide and privacy concerns are all critical factors that must be addressed.

    2. I agree because...
      I agree with you because the students need a much wider learning environment which will help improve on their mindset and widen their thinking capacity to better their understanding.

  • I want to make an avatar and join the metaverse because I want to go places that I can't go now. I however feel that it will increase my carbon footprint because it's technology will require power. Also want to feel safe that is why we need the companies that make the metaverse to put safeguards in place such as suspension of accounts that break the metaverse rules. Accounts can be deleted if they are a threat to users safety. Lastly, background checks should be done before users can join the metaverse.

  • I would like to create an avatar and join the metaverse because, I would be able to do unimaginable things that couldn't be done in the real world like we could be able to explore the solar system without using rockets that pollute the air. These explorations can help solve issues around the world like global warming.

  • to maintain the same level of law and order they should be judged the same

  • One of the information I most want to know is: Where did the term Metaverse come from, in addition to whether this term is recent or from ancient times

    1. I agree because... In the research, it was mentioned that the word Metaverse consists of two parts, meta, which means (after) in Greek, and (verse), which means the universe or the world. In the end, it can be said that the Metaverse represents a major shift in the current technological revolution and is capable of changing the way we interact with the world and our environment

  • Yes, I would and my avatar will be a ..........drumrolls please.....psychologist because I have always wanted to study the mental state, emotional processes and behavior of people to provide new perspectives and identify and eliminate bad habits that some people possess.
    Thank you.

  • Honestly I don’t like the idea of the Metaverse but if I was to create an avatar it will be a doctor or a care giver that will ensure that the health of everyone in the Metaverse is good and they get properly treated in case of any form of injury , illness or outbreak. This way the risk of anyone dying , getting hurt or getting infected will be taken care of .

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, reserved_wolf. Do you think you should have to have qualifications to perform a job in the metaverse? For example, training to be a doctor in the "real world" takes years - do you think you should have to do the same training to be a doctor in the metaverse?

      1. Well we can use the Metaverse in the field of education it can help in training under the medical field, but to be doctor that works and operates in the Metaverse you don’t need to train to become a doctor because the Metaverse can allow you to be whomever or what ever you want to be .

    2. Very true because because in the metaverse the people there have a right to good and healthy life too.
      I like the doctor Stephie in the metaverse who takes care of all the lives of her playmates at all times

  • Yes, in order for bad things to be identified and eliminated, and not to separate the virtual world from the real world, and those who break the laws must be punished in Metaverse

  • The metaverse is my ambition .. I am overwhelmed by its possibilities. If I go to the metaverse, I want to put the character of someone dear to my heart on a cartoon character to feel his presence. Otherwise, if I go to the metaverse, I will impose a language that people who do not know how to read and write can understand, to make it easier for them. If I go to the metaverse, I will build houses and palaces for people who don't live in homes. And if I go to the metaverse, I will build big companies and give half of their profits to the poor and to charities. And if I go to the metaverse, I will fulfill one of my dreams, which is to build a place to solve people's problems through confrontation or communication.

    1. This sounds like a lovely world you would like to create, focused_clam. Can you think of any problems with having such a big contrast between your virtual world and real life?

      1. Yes, I can think of problems in the metaverse. Addiction to the virtual world may occur, and it may lead to non-acceptance of reality and involvement in the virtual world, and this may cause depression and flight from real reality. People can use it to do negative things and it can reduce social bonds.

  • Yes, I'd like to be an avatar of the judge in the Metaverse, where I can make the laws of the Metaverse, where there will be fun, but with limits, and punish lawbreakers.

    1. Can you think of examples of laws that you think would be needed in the metaverse?

      1. Yes, of course, there must be laws everywhere to control matters and benefit from them and use them properly. Some of the laws that I suggest are: 1- Respecting the privacy of others. 2- Browsing on Metaverse in an ethical manner 3- Opening Metaverse at specific times and an organized time so as not to get addicted to it 4- Immediately punish lawbreakers so that they serve as an example to others. 5- Absolutely not bullying, not violating human rights, and many, many others. If these laws are adhered to, our society will develop and the fun will become greater in Metaverse.

        1. How do you think lawbreakers should be punished in the metaverse? Do you think the laws in the metaverse should be the same as in the real world?

          1. Outlaws can be punished by closing their accounts as an example to those like them paying fines and many more As for "Do I believe the laws in the metaverse should be the same as those in the real world?" From my point of view I say no because if they are The laws in the metaverse exist in the real world, so they may violate the rights of citizens and are not suitable for them."

  • Yes, I would like to rule the metaverse world by making people in it abide by just laws and to adopt a new system in the way of life so that it is a conscious system since we live in the real world and we know the mistakes we made, we can fix these mistakes we can fix these mistakes and create a world that is better and conscious of ours.

  • Metaverse should not be judged by the same standard as in the real world, because the metaverse world is unrealistic, expensive and would be a great distraction for the younger generation.

    1. I disagree because...I believe that the Metaverse domain is independent of the movement of Bitcoin and alternative currencies in ups and downs, and depends on the strength of the project, its demand for it, and the volume of trading on it. As adolescents, we must keep pace with development and know how to use and invest in it because it is important in our daily lives. We use it in communication and projects, while its negatives are represented in sitting In front of the program for long hours and isolation, I really advise the necessity and importance of organizing time

  • Well in the real world people don't get the appropriate opportunity to use their creative side and exploit what wonders "outside the box" has. I mean waking up to see yourself with the same name, the same job, the same friends and the same pet can really be a turn down but now that there is an ultimatum to that boring life, we can use it to the best of our knowledge and recreate some of the things bad in this reality and bring out something good. I would like to be software developer in the metaverse because software developers in our world were able create that world and who knows what developers can do in that world?

  • yes, I would like to become a doctor avatar, perform surgeries in the metaverse to prepare me for real world surgeries, so I'll learn from my mistakes that I did in the metaverse and not repeat it in the real world.

    1. I agree with your opinion, I too think that the metaverse would be a helpful tool to help those that are trying to be aspiring doctors or nurses. They would be able to practice on non-living people to make sure they get the practice and accuracy they need to accomplish this in the real world.

  • Why, when people invent something, they don't care about the negative angles of something that harm people, and this is an example of the metaverse because they only looked at the positives, but its negatives are more dangerous than its positives, because it is expensive and provides the disintegration of families, and it also eliminates some jobs, so there will be unemployment and lack of job opportunities, and some people do not know work on him

  • Depression is one of the major things that affect people in the real world. Most of the people suffering from depression would love to be in the metaverse to escape from their sorrows.
    I will like to create an avatar who is a psychologist in the metaverse to counsel and guide these people. Being a psychologist in the metaverse will help me come up with the best counselling method to use for these patients and i'm hoping that it will yield positive results so that y the time they come out of the metaverse, they'll be completely free from depression. The metaverse will now be a place for them to go and get help not a place to run away from existing problems.
    My avatar will be there always in the metaverse to counsel those who are in need of help.
    This will also be of advantage to the creators of metaverse because the more people use it, the income they have.

    1. I agree with your take on this because not only are you helping those in need, but you are also helping the developers to receive more income on their work.

    2. I really love your idea. I'll definitely come during your counseling. And can I know your ambition of you don't mind??

  • I will like to create an avatar who forms an eco club.
    Eco club is a club created for the purpose for addressing climate crisis and to create awareness for this crisis. Mostly this clubs are created in schools in the real world. Some people are not aware of these clubs.
    Creating this club in the metaverse will help me bring awareness about the objectives of this club and it will also hep me enlighten people about the control measures to reduce the the excess use of things that emits carbon footprint.
    People will also be aware of the activities that increases climate crisis as well as the dangers that awaits the world if they don't find ways to reduce these activities.
    With this knowledge from the metaverse, people can now come out of the metaverse enlightened and they can encourage more schools to form more eco clubs.
    If these clubs are created around the word we have a 50% chance of reducing some of our carbon footprint.

  • Yes, of course I want...
    I will gain many benefits and information about science. Where if I get the opportunity to work in the field of the metaverse, I will know how they can use education as an educational tool to create immersive science experiences for students, and how they help students learn better and make classroom sessions and lessons attractive and wonderful for students.
    In addition to how students can contribute to diversifying the use of learning methods within the metaverse environment, cooperative learning methods can be introduced.
    As the metaverse contributes to training in the practice of skills that are difficult to interact with in real environments, for example: training in performing a heart operation, through the metaverse it is possible to create a virtual heart in which they can train before performing the actual heart operation.
    For me, I love the field of electronics, and if I have the opportunity to work in the field of the metaverse, I will create characters that benefit the world and facilitate their lives and happiness, and therefore I will be happy to make other people happy.

  • Yes, I would choose to create a character and join the metaverse because, there are no laws that support the bad use of metaverse. So I would like to be a superhero, to santion anybody with wrong doings. This way it will become a lot easier to serve justice and administer deterence to people who did wrong.

  • Yes, I would like to be someone who is in charge of stopping climate change. Why I say so, how we all enduring here in the real world because pollution, increasing the green house effect and so on. I also don't want to endure the same in the new world, because of the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of our activities. There has to be someone who is in charge of stopping climate change in the metaverse, since in the real world, there are also people who stop climate change, then it will even more better if there is someone who is charge of stopping climate changes in virtue world. It will be so good in the next big stage of the internet, is free from all of the bad things that is happening in the world

  • if I am opportuned to go into metaverse , I would like to become an arborist in order to learn a faster and esiest way to noture and maintain trees and woody plants. Learning this will ensure thier healthy ,safe ,and attractive condition remains intact. This will also increase my knowledge in the chemical application repairing ,cabling, fertilizing ,watering, pruning , and removing of any dead disease or declining trees or other woody plants . With this knowledge i can come back to the real world and enlighten people about the easiest and fastest way of planting and nuturing of trees. I believe this is one of the major ways one can use to slow down climate change .

  • I think that if I were an avatar in Metaverse, I would be the avatar of the inventor because I dream of developing the world. If we developed from Metaverse, which is the twin sister of the real world, then a great development would take place in the real world and it would be more protected, more advanced and more prosperous.

  • I disagree. If you committed a crime in the Metaverse, 1. What would the crime be?, 2. The owners would always be watching over your chats and speech, and they can restrict things you can do in the verse. I feel like people are overreacting at the metaverse, as it is just an extension, or sister to the internet we have now. Even if crimes were allowed to be attempted, why would you be punished in the real world? Crimes such as shooting and robbery wouldn't have actual repercussions because you wouldn't be stealing actual money, or really shooting a person.

  • No because the metaverse is not a real place. Everything in the metaverse can be done in real life and in real life you can get the full experience and the full satisfaction in real life you achieve some knowledge breaking. For example, finding the cure of cancer you might not be able to replicate it in real life but if you manage to do it in real life you can make several copies of it because it is right in front of you.

  • I think behavior in the metaverse should not be held to the same standard as in the real world because it is a completely virtual meaning people are not doing things they do in real life. Also online games including players interacting have always had bad behavior but it still does not get held to the same standards as the real world. So I don't think that just because you are able to create avatars and interact with others more than in other games the metaverse should still not be held to the same behavior like in the real world. But, overall bad behavior virtually or in real life will always be bad but it just has more power in the real world.

  • I think that the metaverse isn't that serious. I have been interested in technology for all my life and I think that people are overreacting with the metaverse. I think that the metaverse is the same as any other thing on the internet. I think if someone was to break a crime in the metaverse, they should not be punished as if it was real life. The metaverse isn't real and for someone to break a crime in the metaverse, why should we punish them for things that aren't real. I also think that the metaverse isn't going to have a real impact on the world. I think for people who do stuff like go to school in the metaverse, it is going to be the same as people going to school online. I don't think the metaverse is going to do the things that people say it going to do, I think people could the money invested in the metaverse to do other things like provide cheap or free healthcare, decrease poverty, and feed people how need food, but no people decide to spend 120 billion dollars on a thing that probably won't make a big impact.

    1. Do you think that money spent on medical advances in the metaverse is well spent?

      1. I think things that can help a doctor practice surgeries and other medical tests without having to do it on a real person are good things. I think doctors having headsets on while doing surgery is a waste of money because from what I have seen it's just x-rays and not stuff that we can't see with normal medical equipment.

  • If I were given the chance to join the metaverse and create my own character, I would. This is because I will be able to express myself virtually and I can also have access to games that replicate places in the real world. This could be helpful because some may not be able to afford to travel to these areas. In addition, many places around the world are getting polluted due to a large tourist population, if more people access these landmarks via metaverse, it could possibly help reduce climate change as well.

  • No, because if you hit someone in the metaverse they will not feel it because it is not real, or if you rob a bank you will not actually get money and the bank would not lose money. At the end of the day the metaverse will not affect the way you live in the real world in any way because people will probably behave differently in a new artificial world than the actual real world we were born in. Also if you are punished in the metaverse, you could just shut off your system and there will be no consequences.

  • No, behavior in the metaverse should not be judged by the same standards as the real world. This is because accomplishing tasks or dreams in the metaverse is significantly easier in the metaverse. This suggests that the standards should be higher than the real world standards.

    No, I would not choose to create a character and join the metaverse. I would not create a character and join the metaverse because in the metaverse, people are able to achieve their goals and do much more things that they wouldn't be able to do in the real world. This may seem like a good reason to say "yes," but the downside of accomplishing all of these tasks is that people would want to keep accomplishing things. This means that people would not be able to do things that they used to want to do in real life.

  • I picked yes because I would like to be someone in the metaverse who saves lives and helps people. Like a superhero! If I could be one, I would save hundreds of lives and help out a lot. I know people would think this is deranged and we are not actually performing these tasks in real life. However, if I could just have that feeling that I could actually accomplish these things, I would be happy and just love it as it is.

  • Yes, i would and my avatar will be a psychologist to evaluate and treat psychological problems that emerge from mental health in the meta verse and to promote healthy behavior by preventing diseases while enhancing the people's well being.

  • I disagree because the metaverse is a fake world where people aren't affected by the things that happen in it. I know the metaverse is immersive, but It's as immersive as something like roblox because of how the metaverse currently looks. While the metaverse is immersive, nothing is as immersive as real life.

    1. I know the metaverse is a fake world, but people, are affected, by what happens. Just think about it if you are a surgeon, and you are about to perform a procedure, you can practice it in the metaverse. This means that there would be little room for mistakes, and there will be less deaths due to a failed surgery. Also sometimes people need to just relax, and have fun. Everybody needs to cool off, and escape the daily hassles of the real world.

      1. I agree with your creative and wonderful point, people are affected in the metaverse. And quite alright there is room for mistakes, so that when we get to the real world we learn from the mistakes we made in the virtual world( which is the metaverse) to avoid reoccurance.

      2. I agree with what you are saying, because the people inside the metaverse are real and they can be affected by things that happen inside of it. They can also practice important moments, like the surgeon example you used.

    2. I disagree because the metaverse is actually a cool way to experience something new. Even though it's a fake world people enjoy it and stuff like VR seems real. This is why I disagree.

  • Yes, I would like to be a bank owner. Because in the metaverse, and even in the real world you need someone to handle your money. Life is nothing without money. We use it for our everyday expenses, and if you are smart with it you can have a fortune. Not only would owning a bank increase my leadership skills. It would help me learn how to manage money. This would also be a very good experience for me.

    1. Do you think there will be traditional banks in the metaverse?

      1. Actually no. Because in the real world you would go to the bank receptionist, and have your situation be taken care of. However in the metaverse there probably would be bots, or nonliving characters that have all of your account information, and all you would have to do is say what you want. The facility would not need security guards like the real world. Because robbing a bank would not be possible.

  • I do not think behavior in the metaverse should be judged the same as standards in the real world. The only thing that could and should be judged the same is education because regardless of if you're in a physical classroom or virtual classroom you will be learning the same subjects and material. What if someone commits a terrible crime in the metaverse, what punishment would they receive. No punishment in the metaverse could actually equal the same as the real world. I see how others could see the positive side of the metaverse more opportunities will be provided in the metaverse regardless of your life in the real world. But the cons are certainly out-weighing the pros with what the metaverse could cause . It can easily cause cause addiction, depression, and other mental health issues.

  • I feel that because of the Metaverse's digital existence, and it's ability to be governed over much more easily than the real world, it shouldn't have the same weight of the real world. If someone commits an act of wrongdoing within the Metaverse, such as robbery, it isn't the same as real life robbery as it is non-tangible object, that you physically can't use. But there are exceptions for certain things, like education and certain jobs, like being a lawyer or a public speaker.

  • I wouldn't make a metaverse character, but I would join the Metaverse. In most games I usually just randomize the character I play because i'm not too good at creating them. I do have already have an Oculus however, so I have already joined the Metaverse. I typically only play single-player games, and if I do play a multiplayer game it is usually with my friends. The game I play most frequently is SUPERHOT which is a game that moves when you move. It is a highly immersive experience and I recommend checking it out.

  • If I were given an opportunity to create an avatar in the metaverse I would like to be a female politician. As a politician, I could have a lot of influence over the virtual world, and potentially make an impact on real-world issues as well.
    Additionally, as a female politician, I could serve as a role model for other women who are interested in politics and public service. I could use my avatar to connect with other women in the metaverse and share my experiences and insights, as well as to encourage more women to get involved in politics and leadership roles.
    As you see in India comparatively men politicians are more than women. So I could also use my avatar to network with other female politicians or aspiring politicians in India, and provide mentorship and support to help them navigate the challenges of entering politics.
    Overall, women politicians could play a powerful and transformative role in the metaverse, using their avatars to connect with others, promote important causes, and create positive change.
    Moreover when it comes to politics, politicians can drive meaningful change and make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

  • We must frequently deal with it like normal life because it is the future and it governs the world and produces an advanced generation and develops the world and even children learn great things from it. In conclusion, there is a question that worries me: How was the metavirus discovered?

  • We must frequently deal with it like normal life because it is the future and rules the world and produces an advanced generation and develops the world and even children learn great things from it and in conclusion there is a question that worries me how the metaverse was discovered

  • Yes I would love to create a character that looks like my favorite cartoon and I will join in the metaverse. And I will search for a friend in the metaverse because I don't have any friends in the real world. So I will search for a friend.

    1. Please, who is your favorite cartoon character? Why choose it?

    2. I disagree because... virtual reality is not real, in real life itself it is hard to find true friends who are trustworthy but, In the case of metaverse we cannot be sure about the identity of that person and we cannot predict the character of that person. You can have this metaverse friendship for gaming purpose and for that moment alone, we cannot rely on a metaverse friend like we do in real life friend.