Where does nepotism start?

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Nepotism = when those who have power show special and unfair favour to family or friends, giving them an unfair advantage over others. For example, someone might choose to hire their son or daughter rather than giving other people a chance to apply for the job.

Nepotism is difficult to avoid – and sometimes difficult to spot – because it can be hard to tell when loving support ends and nepotism begins.

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Two people work in the film industry – they are both famous

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    The couple have a child called Ema

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Ema grows up in a wealthy household because of her parents’ success

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Ema spends a lot of time with her parents’ friends, who all work in the film industry

  • Step 5

    Step 5

    Ema often goes to work with her parents and learns a lot about film sets

  • Step 6

    Step 6

    Ema’s parents are rich and pay for her to go to an expensive drama school

  • Step 7

    Step 7

    Ema’s mother gives her tips about acting

  • Step 8 12

    Step 8

    Ema’s father gives Ema a role in his new film

  • Step 9

    Step 9

    Ema’s parents’ famous friends share Ema’s film on social media – she becomes a star

  • Step 10

    Step 10

    Ema often talks about her parents when she auditions for new roles

  • Step 2 11

    Step 11

    Ema has her own child, Kash

  • Step 8 12

    Step 12

    Ema gives Kash a role in her latest film

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  • I would like to point out one particular problem I have observed on Step 10. Ema has no right whatsoever to talk about her parents when she auditons for a role, because that is when nepotism comes into play. Auditioning for a role is to display your speciality in drama and the variety of emotions you can portray. If I were her parent, I would feel disappointed that my child is using me as a tool to get what she wants hence she is not maximising her full potential. If another talented girl auditioned but her parents were poor and this is her only opportunity, she cannot speak of the exceptional things her parents have done, she will rely on herself to earn the role. And that is how it should be from now on. Not talking about your distant cousin, or your great grandmother or your mum's cousin's sister. It is about you. YOU are auditioning for the role. YOU are displaying your talents. YOU are the one performing. So, I believe the nepotism starts there when they talk about a person other than themselves to seem more talented.

    1. I agree because its Emma life and future and she should not be too dependent on her parents name and because anything can happen in the future and because she is soo dependent on her parents name it could affect her future negatively

    2. I agree with you, in addition I believe it all started from step 8 when her dad gave her a role in his film without her auditioning for it. This is an act of nepotism. I believe she should have auditioned for that role like everyone else. Now she is going around using her parents names when auditioning not hers. Taking advantage of her parents, she does not even think it is an issue so she just does it and feels she is entitled more than the others who do not have famous parents.

    3. I agree your thoughts on this issue accurate_atom. I understand your concerns about nepotism in the entertainment industry and how it can give unfair advantages to those who have connections.

      I agree with you that auditioning for a role should be based solely on an individual's talent and ability to portray a character, not on their connections or family background. It is important for actors to showcase their own skills and unique qualities during an audition, without relying on their family's achievements or reputation.

      In this particular case, if Ema is using her parents' success as a way to boost her chances of getting the role, it would be considered unfair and could potentially harm her reputation as an actor. It is important for actors to be honest about their own strengths and weaknesses and let their own talent speak for itself.

      In conclusion, I believe that auditioning for a role should be based solely on an individual's talent and potential as an actor. It is up to the actor to prove their worth and stand out during the audition process, without relying on nepotism or family connections.

      1. Failing to consider the fact that her parents can be a guide for her is my issue with this comment. Of course there are bad sides to nepotism as the ones you think you are helping might turn on you giving the excuse that you used a corrupt means to put the person in their present position.
        If someone is given a title and responsibility without earning it, he or she really doesn’t know what it takes to succeed. Without working up through the ranks, you don’t really know the duties you are now supervising. This is a major disadvantage of nepotism. Further more giving special treatment to certain employees can also produce resentment affecting the wider workforce. Not holding everyone to the same standards exposes the hypocrisy in the organization’s leadership, worsening the relationship between staff and management.

    4. That was a very good observation acurate_atom and I totally agree with what you have said and I believe that Emma was trying to get an advantage over others in the auditioning by talking about her parents success but what she didn't know is that it is not all about her parents achievements but her true talents.
      Basically favoritism is just what it sounds like; it's favoring a person not because he or she is doing the best job but rather because of some extraneous feature-membership in a favored group, personal likes and dislikes, etc. All the fame begins to fade away when it is proven that celebrity nepo babies have no talent for what they do but are only there because of NEPOTISM .

    5. Yes, i totally agree with you accurate_atom. For instance, if someone more talented than her auditioned but did not get the role because she got the attention of the judges by talking about her parents, that would be very unfair.
      From what i have seen Ema should have no problem acting since she attended an expensive drama school. If she really wanted to be an actress, she should have used her own efforts and talent instead of bringing her parents into the picture. Maybe everyone else that came to audition spent weeks or maybe even months practicing, but all Ema had to do was talk about her parents and she got the role. Young people should learn to depend on themselves and not on their parents influence. What if Ema was to audition for a role in a film making company that did not know her parents. Would she still be able to get the role based on her own hardwork?

    6. I completely agree with your statement. When auditioning for a job/role the individual's chance of success should only be dependent on their own talent and qualities. Bringing up their family background, their success or fame to try and boost their chances of succeeding is just blatant nepotism. Instead, they should present themselves, display their talents and personal qualities to show why they themselves are worthy of that job/role.

  • Nepotism can be a nuanced concept, and different people may have varying perspectives on when it begins in the given steps. Here's a breakdown of the steps and potential points of discussion:

    Step 1: Two people work in the film industry – they are both famous.

    At this stage, there is no direct indication of nepotism as it only establishes the background of the individuals involved.

    Step 2: The couple has a child called Ema.

    This step still does not involve nepotism. Having a child is a natural part of family life.

    Step 3: Ema grows up in a wealthy household because of her parents' success.

    This step indicates that Ema has access to privileges due to her parents' success, but it does not directly involve nepotism yet.

    Step 4: Ema spends a lot of time with her parents' friends, who all work in the film industry.

    While Ema's exposure to the film industry through her parents' friends may provide her with insights and connections, it does not necessarily constitute nepotism.

    Step 5: Ema often goes to work with her parents and learns a lot about film sets.

    Ema's exposure to the film industry through her parents' work can contribute to her knowledge and experience but doesn't involve nepotism yet.

    Step 6: Ema's parents are rich and pay for her to go to an expensive drama school.

    This step highlights the financial support Ema receives from her parents, which could be seen as a form of privilege. However, it does not directly indicate nepotism.

    Step 7: Ema's mother gives her tips about acting.

    Ema receiving advice from her mother about acting could be seen as familial support, but it does not necessarily cross into nepotism.

    Step 8: Ema's father gives Ema a role in his new film.

    This step is where nepotism could be argued to begin. Ema receiving a role directly from her father can be seen as an unfair advantage over others who may have been more qualified for the role.

    Step 9: Ema's parents' famous friends share Ema's film on social media – she becomes a star.

    While the promotion from her parents' famous friends contributes to Ema's success, it is not inherently nepotism. It could be considered an indirect benefit of her connections.

    Step 10: Ema often talks about her parents when she auditions for new roles.

    This step indicates that Ema may rely on her parents' fame or connections during auditions, which could be seen as a potential advantage. However, it may not fully define nepotism on its own.

    Step 11: Ema has her own child, Kash.

    This step does not directly involve nepotism. Having a child is a personal decision and unrelated to nepotism itself.

    Step 12: Ema gives Kash a role in her latest film.

    This step represents another instance of potential nepotism. Ema giving her child a role in her film could be seen as unfair preference based on familial ties rather than considering other candidates' qualifications.

    It is important to note that opinions on when nepotism begins may vary, and some steps may be more contentious than others. The discussion can revolve around where individuals draw the line between natural family support and the unfair advantages associated with nepotism.

    1. Yes It could be that nepotism started from step 8. Where EMA's Father gave her a role in his new film. But again because of the mentorship she received from her parents and training from an expensive drama school, Ema must have been qualified for the role. My believe is nepotism comes in when the candidate lacks experience or qualification for a specific role, and was given. And just because she is from a rich and famous family, she shouldn't be deprived of an opportunity.

      1. I agree because... I agree with you.
        Favoritism is an accurate concept when a person wants to work with it. He must think well. When Emma's parents wanted to give her an important role in their film, they did not think that this would negatively affect her future. In step 10, as I mentioned, Emma often talks about her achievements in the name of her famous parents. In steps 11 and 12, when she gave birth Emma is a child whose name is Cash. Emma reverted to her parents' actions. She gave her child an important role in her latest movie. She did not think that her son would not depend on himself and would remain dependent on his mother. He will think that the reason for his success is his famous mother.

    2. Thank you quiet_swan for the detailed breakdown of the steps and whether it can be considered nepotism or not. I agree that there was nepotism at steps 8, 10 and 12. In step her father shouldn't have given her a role in his film without auditioning because different talents are looking for roles in the film and were denied. In step 10 she talks about her parents when she auditions this gives her extra advantages which she normally will not have if her parents were not famous. Then lastly in step 12 she also gave her son Kash a role in her film just as her father did in step 8.
      This continues on and on and on becoming a culture in the society like the Khan family in India. Nepotism is not good.

      1. I agree because... in step 8 Ema's father was being nepotic by giving Ema a role in his movie. It is from this point that Ema grows up thinking it is right, which results in her giving Kash a role in her latest film in step 10. People often grow to be nepotic thinking it is right because their parents did it too. Ema grew up rich not because she earned it but because her parents did all the work for her, which she also did to Kash. In cases like this other people who also deserved a role in the film wouldn't get it because of nepotism making them feel neglected and unappreciated. Both Ema and Kash will be known as people who had everything given to them on a platter of gold.

        1. I agree because... the problem starts in number 8.
          It shows that Emma's father gave her a role in his new film, Emma's father should have given someone else their job but instead they gave Emma which shows a sign of nepotism. Although they are other people in need of a job but Emma was not auditioned and was given the role denying others to show their talent.
          Being from a famous family doesn't mean something big, and everyone deserves to have the job even if they don't come from a royal/family.
          Also in number 12 it shows that Emma is doing the same thing her parents did by also giving her child Kash a role in her latest film.
          So to prevent nepotism we need to employ qualified people not only our family and friends to bring development to the nation.

    3. Well,you have really made an educating point,you have enlightened me more in when nepotism occurs and when not using the story of Ema.But I think Nepotism is not acceptable in work places, nepotism may occur in schools,industries, companies and many more, nepotism is unacceptable in work places because it is based on choosing someone based on reasons, connection, material things and many more other than merits,for instance nepotism occurs at work place when undeserving employees get undeserving merits rather than giving it to qualified candidates or deserving employees,we can clearly see that Favoritism or rather nepotism has occurred there,and that can lead to the down fall of the company because when undeserving employees are favored,they begin to form a non challant attitude, obtaining loans from bank without permissions from people that are in high ranks thinking that even if they knew there is nothing they can do but to favor them in that case.It can also lead to bad reputation of the company whereby, dissatisfied employees frame up false accusations of unethical conduct,in that process the company's reputation may be ruined,a good name they say is better than gold,so therefore, nepotism should be acceptable mostly in work places inorder not to ruin names.

    4. In the steps above, you forgot to indicate that Ema had exposure to the film industry enabling her to get used to the process and syntaxes in acting. I do not feel this is nepotism because her parents might have seen potential or talent in her in which they wanted to build upon. With her parents being in high places in the acting industry, it is more of an advantage to her as she can easily develop her skills in acting not allowing it to die out.
      My main point is that if a person is up to the task at hand and a person in power is sure of this, then it is considered as positive nepotism. Because you have a pool of family members or relatives of employees, your recruiting costs will be lower, as will training costs since many may have worked part time while going to school and have familiarity with the business. Making their relatives proud results in a more committed employee who wants to learn quickly. Family members are usually very dedicated resulting in lower turnover. There is a higher level of commitment since relatives want to see the company succeed. Loyalty, morale and trust are also high.

      1. Can't agree more. It's right that Emma's parents used their power to help their daughter get a chance but apparently, they did their best so that Emma becomes fully competent and qualified enough through observing and rehearsing to hold that position, so she aptly deserves this chance and this is the positive side of nepotisim as you said my dear that reflects positively on working environment. However, I can tell that nepotism starts at step 12 when Emma immediately passes the role to her son without giving us any background about Cash's hard work or training as her parents did with her. Therefore, this is a clear example of nepotism and we can say that Cash is born with a golden spoon in mouth.

    5. Great comment, thank you for taking us through each step!

      We see in the example that Ema got a role from her father and Ema gives her child a role too, do you think this cycle should be stopped or not? What if they are all really good actors who just happen to be family?

  • I think she started at the eighth step because Emma's parents gave her the starring role in a movie, although she is still a beginner, even if her mother taught her acting. He has to find himself and shine like a star. As for what Emma's father's friends did, he refers to what we are living now. We see that most artists are fake and that fame goes to those who don't deserve it. Many of the content on YouTube platforms are repetitive and boring. From my experience, I see that there are many other channels that deserve fame.

    1. The task doesn't mention how talented Emma is. Would it affect your opinion if Emma was very talented?

      1. Of course not, because I have seen someone with the same talent as her, but he did not rise to stardom at the same time because the circumstances of his family do not allow. As for Emma, a person is not a child and learns to walk without training him. He must crawl and practice walking. He may fall, but he must learn to rise by himself, and this is what I see it as suitable for Emma, so if she started with secondary roles until she trained, in acting there is nothing called a small actor, so every role needs mastery, even if it is small. Then I understand your saying that Emma is talented and that her mother used to train her. What if something happened to her parents, what would be her fate as a star? I see that Emma will leave the field of acting because there is no one to give her important roles, and as I said that she is talented, a director in his film may choose her and give her a secondary role, and as I expect, Emma will reject it because she is used to the main roles, as she sees the secondary roles for the losers, and until she accepts the idea of secondary roles, we will see that She became acting in failed films with small roles. As for the other talented person, he will become a world star. As for my advice to Emma's parents, if you see her wanting to act, find a director who is characterized by justice to start Emma's career to become a famous star. My advice to Emma is that some people love secondary actors, even if they are A shot because he is really good at acting, and it affected me, as he not only acts, but makes you feel his own reality.

      2. It is possible that there is a kind of nepotism in this step, as her parents helped her because of their fame, so she was able to talk to celebrities and take advice from them, on the contrary, the rest of the academy students who cannot reach celebrities and take their advice, so when Emma works, You will be more professional and superior to the rest of the students

      3. It will not affect my opinion even if Ema was talented because it was her father that gave her a role in his film without audition which is an act of nepotism and she is a Nepo baby. I believe that if she had auditioned like others it will be fair.

      4. For me, as long as she is better than others in this field, then she deserves to take the job, but if there are better people, then the job is first for them.

      5. I think that if Emma is very talented, then she has the right to highlight her skills and talent, but it is possible for her to show talent without a mediator. I say that she must overcome difficulties, like other people, in order to show her talent more, because I think that she must overcome the stages herself

        1. Off course, she will definitely have lot of knowledge and skill, step 5 states that Emma often goes ti work with her parent and learns a lot about film setting, and when you look into step 7 which says Emma's mother gives her tips about acting. So definitely Emma will have the knowledge about acting. I agree with you totally, your comments states that is it possible for her to show talent without a mediator, yes it is possible when her parents are wealthy, so many opportunities for her to be a star on her own, there are opportunities for her to become a star, she should be self reliant and make use of opportunities, because we are not able to live with our parents forever, we should be self reliant. So Equality should be upheld with utmost standard and for Equality to be held with utmost standard, rules should be put in place. I have a question for all topical talkers, will you prefer to have success with your own hard own money and be known for your hard work or let your parent succeed for you and be known for your parents work

      6. I disagree because... I disagree with this statement as, if Ema was very talented they should be able to find their own way by going to auditions and showing their skill. Not by name dropping!

  • Oh, I loved it to learn, and other than that, her parents always give her good advice. I want to be like her, educated, and I think she likes to learn everything like her parents, in order to become a great actress and star famous all over the world. I think she has great talents in these skills, and I loved That and I believe that her parents are keen on a future as they pay exorbitant money and precious schools to educate their daughter very well for her and I want to meet you because you liked me very frankly

  • Favoritism starts from step number eight. In this step, her parents distinguished her from the rest of the students in the academy, and then her parents' friends helped her as they announced her movie for free.

    1. Can you think why some people might argue it begins earlier, at step 4 for example?

      1. It is possible that there is a kind of nepotism in this step, as her parents helped her because of their fame, so she was able to talk to celebrities and take advice from them, on the contrary, the rest of the academy students who cannot reach celebrities and take their advice, so when Emma works, You will be more professional and superior to the rest of the students

      2. They are wrong. Life is experiences. I learn from my father, but it does not mean that my mother is a seamstress. I will be like her. We all have ambitions. Tailoring is a talent for me. I do not want to be like her. I want to be a doctor. Sewing is now just a pastime when bored. Now in school, many students are taught by their mothers. But I don't, and that doesn't give them an advantage over me. Einstein didn't pass in school, and he invented gravity. Everyone can stand out on their own, and there's nothing wrong with asking for help, because favoritism gives you a chance at the expense of others.

  • I kind of notice step 10 {Ema often talks about her parents when she auditions for new role}
    In this step we notice that Ema often talks about her parents when she auditions for a new role she talks about her parents who are successful and famous so maybe while talking about her parents the casting directors acknowledged the fact that she was a child of famous people and gave her the role or maybe since her parents were famous in the filming industry they were friends with one of the casting directors or maybe are parents are possibly the owners of the places she goes to audition and this to me was were nepotism began which is the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives, friends, or associates, especially by giving them jobs or opportunities possibly more deserved by others.

  • From my own view I think nepotism began when Ema's father gave her a role in her film and that was in step 8 because obviously her father is famous and because it is his own film many young and uprising actors and actresses will most have auditioned for the role but because of their family relations he would not even scrutinize and check if they are better candidates for the role and he will just choose his daughter and she did not even auditioned and from there it continues and the problem is that the people who do it know what they are doing but just cover with 'loving support' when really they are just giving too much privileges and advantages over people who have were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth but continuously practiced and honed their talents with not much support from ones family just for ones dreams to be shattered because of a bias employer or individual and the thing is that some times they give their relatives unfair advantages over others and most at times they are not competent enough or capable to handle the position given to them and then we see that the person will have challenges which could have been avoided if they chose other people who were better for the position and for capable. Honestly I am not saying that relatives helping one another to achieve success is bad it is just that most people give the help in excess and because the individual will not work for it rather they will be undisturbed because they know their relatives will bend or alter the normal process of gaining employment, positions or even roles and this is one major reason why my own country suffers they give vital important roles or positions to their relatives and these people lack competence and capability and we know suffer because of their lack of integrity it is just like giving a baby to fly an airplane and in the end they crash that is how some people play with our future and status as a developing nation. People should reduce their help to their relatives because they relatives which receive their aid will not be hardworking and try hard to hone their talents and because of that they will believe that is ow life works but in truth life is not as easy as it seems to the nepo-babies till they get a rude-awakening.

  • I think nepotism begins at step 12 because for the other steps that include Emma I really don't see it as nepotism because Emma grew up literally in the film industry with company of her parents who are actors and their friends, she has seen everything they do there, she has also gone through a nice drama school and on top of that also been given tips about acting by her mother and to make the whole process worth it she is given an acting role in her father's film and then her often talking about her parents is probably like to assure them that she can do the post well because she has skills from her parents.
    Then as for step 12 where Emma also decides to give her child Kash an acting role in her movie I consider it the beginning of nepotism because flirts of Emma is not considering the fact that also other people from other families other than hers deserve a chance to act in movies and also make their dreams happen and also get chance of recognition. Kash will probably not like the job and he will do it without passion and he will still get more movies to act in due to the family ties yet they are people who are willing to die for the job and if they are to apply for the same acting role as Kash and they rehearse and some other person does the role better than Kash the role will still belong to Kash because he is a child to Emma a famous actor who also has parents who were also famous actors. And if they don't give Kash the role he may tell his Mom who may pull some strings with friends it the film industry to see that her son gets the role.

  • Welcome
    Nepotism begins in Step Six because the principal and teachers are shocked at the exorbitant sum.
    This is where nepotism begins.
    The school was in the fifth grade and it was our teachers and the teacher in our class.
    I hope to solve the problem.

    1. I disagree with you.. There is nothing wrong with Step 6.
      There is only the truth: whoever wants to learn drama and acting must enter a school, whether it is expensive or not.
      Reconsider the matter, because in the eighth step, nepotism begins...because it was entered into acting without taking the test...

      Since she entered an expensive school to be talented in acting, Emma had to sit an audition to be worthy of the job.
      Anyone who wants to prove himself should take a test or an exam.
      I hope I have helped you with my information.

  • Aloha,
    I feel nepotism began from step 8 where Ema's father gave her a role in his new film.
    Why do I say so?
    Well for starters through all the steps it showed that Ema grew up in a family where both her parents had a passion for the film industry. Ema also grew to also have a passion for the film industry and she decided to pursue her passion. I'm in support of all the steps from step one all the way to step seven at step eight was where the nepotism began. Personally, I think she should have just worked for the role instead of just being given a role by her father and she emulated this character and went ahead to also give her daughter Kash a role she did not rightfully earn. I feel instead of her dad just giving her a role I feel he should have just encouraged her to audition for the movie and if she passed the auditions she would receive the role she rightfully earned.

    1. I agree because... I feel like Ema should not have been given the role in the film instead I think that she was supposed to work hard and earn the role based on her efforts. The way Ema's father gave her the role I think his action showed nepotism because no matter who it is he is not supposed to give her the role if he continues like that Ema might become a very lazy person and that can make her to lose her passion for acting. This even led her to give her own son a role in her latest film.

    2. I disagree because I think it started at step 7 since her mother used to give her tips on acting. This means that the mother was planning to give a role. As you said she did not audition for the role herself. This makes step 7 is where nepotism started. Then she repeated the same action that her mother did with her son Kash.

    3. I agree with you. Nepotism start in step 8. That's because, step 8 mentioned that Emma's father gives Emma role in his new film. That's where nepotism began. As you can see nepotism, refers to giving your family members more attention than other. So, nepotism started from step 8 to step 12. And step 12 says that Emma gives her son Kash a role in her latest film, this means she had gotten used to being favored and doing the same thing to her own family. So should nepotism be allowed in the society or should other have rights to unfair to people.

      1. Hi magnificent alligator,
        I like your comment and agree with your point of view. Nepotism should not be a character that should be embraced in our society because little by little more people will begin to emulate and imitate the act of nepotism and favoritism and sooner or later nepotism will become the order of the day and we will be creating a society where inequality will be supported and actively encouraged. So as the upcoming next generation we should try our best to discourage nepotism and embrace acts of equality and fairness. Like the American lawyer Justice Potter Stewart said "Fairness is what Justice really is"

      2. I agree that nepotism should not be allowed in society. nepotism, which involves family and friends over others undermines fairness and equal opportunities. It perpetuates a system where personal connections outweigh merit and qualifications, hindering social mobility and diversity. By prioritizing meritocracy and equal opportunities, we can create a more just and inclusive society that rewards talent, hard work and innovation. I also agree with the fact that nepotism creates an environment where personal relationships take precedence over fair competition and equal chances for success. It hampers social progress by limiting opportunities for individuals based on their family connections rather than their skills and capabilities. Embracing meritocracy and equal opportunities ensures a level playing field where everyone has a fair chance to thrive, fostering diversity, innovation and a stronger society that values fairness and merit above personal relationships.

    4. I agree because... I have observed that from step 8 is when nepotism started because after Emma's father gave her a role In his latest film , her parent friend helped increase the popularity of the film through social media .
      After that Emma has been using her parents popularity as a way to make other producers give her roles with ease with out having to work hard for it.
      In my opinion if I were Emma's parent I will be disappointed in my daughter for using her parents as a way to get more acting roles
      Personally I will say that Emma is using nepotism in order to get more acting roles
      in stead of working hard for it and she has also extended the attitude of nepotism towards her son

  • Welcome...
    I will express my opinion and it will look different from the rest of the opinions... When a person is born into a rich family, it is not his fault but rather his destiny... When a person lives a rich life it is his right, but if he is preferred over someone who looks better than him, then this is (nepotism) And I started at Step Eight... Everyone has the right to learn anything. wants and whatever. But when he wants to prove himself in a job or profession, he has to pass some exams and appointments, but… Actually, Emma's father made Emma participate in his movie without any exams or qualifications.... There may be better than Emma.. I don't deny that Emma may be better than them...but with some tests she has to prove herself... Whatever the star is, this is nepotism... It means excluding qualified people. .... And when Emma gave a role to her son Cash in her movie, that too is nepotism... It is contagious... The poison of nepotism spreads like a snake and is a form of corruption.. We have to face it. And we exclude it 👍
    This is my opinion and I would like to hear your opinion to find out more...

  • Hello!
    In my opinion I feel nepotism is a bad thing because in most cases the relative or friend priviledge to be given a work ahead of others may be under or less qualified than those who are not given who may be more qualified and but I feel it is a double-edged sword. It has many disadvantages but, in my opinion, I think the major disadvantage of nepotism is INCOMPETENCY OF ORGANISATION OR STAFF
    Nepotism is the hiring of staff in an organization primarily on kinship and relation and not based on actual competence or ability to do work which can lead to low quality work and incompetency of work and based on the fact that the workers are family and friends there will be a hesitation to sack or relieve them of their duties.
    In my opinion the major advantage of nepotism is that it saves time and resources spent on holding job interviews and others and since a close relationship has been fostered there will loyalty and trust leading to commitment among the family members towards the business.
    All in all, I do not support nepotism as more qualified people than the relations or friends who are given the job are deprived of work thereby leading to them turning to make a means of livelihood through other vices as common in my country.

  • In my opinion, I would actually say that nepotism can start/ is likeably to happen anywhere. I say so due to the fact that if we look around even our immediate environment, we witness nepotism.
    It could be in a family where the parents have their favorite child and therefore favors him/her more than the rest/other.
    It could also be amongst friends, a friend might like one of his or her friend and not really like/ dislike the other and therefore treat the other like they are irrelevant 💔
    Lets even talk about the ones that occur at workplaces and institutions or even polities itself. In our modern/present days, individuals have neglected a true virtue known as TRANSPERANCY which could be seen or defined as the act of being truthful and open on all issues.
    Employers at workplaces favor their employees due to the fact that the employees parent are famous or they are being bribed or another case. They treat some employees better than the others and promote them easily and freely more than those who put in their all in all[best] which is saddening.
    Then we come to the area of politics. In my opinion, I would say that's where the highest rate of nepotism and favoritism is being carried out and practiced. The individuals who actually deserve those position are replaced with those who have no idea of their responsibility there due to they fact that either they are related or are from same ethnic group. With this act, there will be no progress in the country. This is so because those individuals who rightfully should be those aren't all in the name of NEPOTISM and FAVORITISM.

  • From my own view or perspective on this issue. I would say Nepotism starts from home most especially in the very wealthy and powerful families where they claim to have connections.
    So many parents mostly the rich ones tend to spoil their kids with expensive things that even destroys their future and this makes them Nonchalant in many things especially their education, because they feel that their parents are so rich that working hard would sound like punishments to their ears.
    In the aspect of education, these sets of children perform low in school performances but with the help of their parents they get promoted to higher classes and even to the higher institutions. Parents use their money to help them pass to other classes by paying the teachers jn charge and now this is when corruption comes in. When they finally get to higher level of education they become more lazier than ever, instead of them focusing on their books, they go around partying while their mates are studying and passing in flying colour through hardworking.
    This is when you get see people who are graduates but can't properly write a good formal letters to organisations for job applications and they end up being jobless
    So I'll advise that Nepotism should be stopped. Moreover it's not only the rich who practice Nepotism even the poor practice it.So therefore Nepotism could only be stopped from the home, because CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

    1. What about children who work very hard at education AND have opportunities from the parents?

      1. Yes, if they have the experience or knowledge, they can work even if they have opportunities from the parents because in the end they are able to achieve and develop. Favoritism can appear. Do you agree?

      2. From my point of view, Children who work hard at education and have opportunities from their parents are not necessarily engaging in nepotism. Nepotism refers to giving preferential treatment to family members or close associates, regardless of their qualifications or abilities, and without considering other candidates who may be more qualified or deserving.

        If a child has earned their opportunities through hard work and merit, then it would not be considered nepotism. However, it's important to consider whether the child's opportunities are solely due to their qualifications and abilities, or if their family connections or financial resources played a role.

        In any case, it's important to ensure that opportunities are being offered fairly and without bias towards any particular individual or group. Transparency, equal opportunity, and merit-based selection processes can help to mitigate concerns of nepotism and ensure that individuals are being evaluated based on their skills and qualifications, rather than their connections or family background.

  • In my opinion nepotism is favoritism based on kinship. Nepotism and referrals are same but has major difference. Nepotism is mostly seen in film industry. The things about nepotism you said above is correct. Here, the nepotism begins at step 3 because Ema's parents are wealthy and so she is having a healthy household if they weren't wealthy she would have a normal household. If she has a real talent she will be able cast a film without her parents influence. But here, this is not her hardwork it is full of her parents influence and that's why she is praising her parents in all stage.
    Here, all is about money. When we have money we can do everything. She goes to drama school and becomes a actor. Whether she goes to drama school she will be definitely a actor. In her starting of her career, everyone know her as a daughter of famous couple. Afterwards she will be able to rule the industry. It can be someone else chance. But due to influence someone else chance will be grabbed.
    For example, Mahesh bhatt is one of the famous bollywood director. With his influence her daughter Alia bhatt came to the industry and became hit.
    Donald Trump hiring is daughter and son-in-law as senior White House advisers.

    1. Is nepotism mostly seen in the film industry? Or does it happen in all industries?

      1. Nepotism is everywhere not just in the film industry, but it's there in the corporate world, politics, sports and mostly every field. As said by Aristotle, "Equals should be treated equally and unequals unequally." Nepotism is when one favours relatives and friends due to kinship. The one thing which is really bad about nepotism is grabbing others chance is what I think. If they has real talent they will really be successful in their life.
        1. Nepotism in politics
        Politics is now just have become business. If father is an Chief Minister, then their child will be minister in field of education, sports,etc..
        For example, The first prime minister of India leaded the Congress party and after his death the party was taken over by his children. Now, it is the opposite party and ruled by Priyanka Gandhi.
        2. Nepotism in film industry
        As mentioned in the above example, Ema's father gives her a chance in his new film. Like this due to influence of parents, if she is not a good actor/actress he/she gets an opportunity to act which grabs the opportunity of real talent. As a result, now bollywood industry is facing a setback.
        For example, Athiya shetty, daughter of actor Suniel shetty acted in just 2 films. She has accepted that she is not a good actress herself. If she hasn't done these 2 films someone would have gotten a chance.
        3. Nepotism in business
        It is in which persons in authority appoints relatives or friends for high position without any talent and it leads to setback.
        As said by respectful mood, it can be a good example.
        4. Nepotism in sports
        I don't know about other sports but I know about cricket so I will explain nepotism in cricket. A player who has famous surname gets picked by the state or IPL team. We don't know whether he was selected based on talent or due to influence.

      2. I think it happens in all fields, because many rules must be put in place that do not exist in our country

      3. In my opinion, if you want to search for corruption, you will find it everywhere, meaning that nepotism is in all businesses and places, even bribery and other types of corruption as well.

      4. Yes nepotism is seen mostly in the film industry and it happens in all industries.
        Nepotism the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs,” can elucidate Nepotism.
        Nepotism is prevalent in every single industry, be it film or politics. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about it .For example actor Kangana Ranaut, who fearlessly accused filmmaker Karan Johar of being the “flag bearer of nepotism, a movie mafia”, raised the controversial debate. Ranaut also held Johar accountable for being intolerant to outsiders in the industry.
        Although nepotism is ubiquitous in all industries, the film industry, however, is the perfect example of nepotism.

  • This seems to be a topic taken, straight from Indian film industry, since this is one of the most debated topic. Mumbai film industry is a huge one and attracts many talents. It has churned out many brilliant movies. Having said that, in the last few years the entire Hindi film industry is facing a setback, because it lacks original story line, sincere performances. It's because of the NEPOTISM prevailing here, where fresh new talents never get a chance to perform, instead it's the kids from affluent families who knows the nuances of how the industry works, are given opportunities to work. I work and I become famous, and then I want to give my mantle to my son/daughter and this continues.

    While nepotism is seen in every industry, for example a doctor starting his hospital would like to give his hospital to his own kids. However, if the kid is not able to make it to become a doctor, its done. Here it doesn't affect any other doctor from starting the hospital. Similarly, a powerful industrial house would like to leave the industry to their own family, if it works well its Good, and if it doesn't, the industrial house is done. However, it doesn't mean that no other person can start his/her own industrial house.

    However, in the film industry, the opportunity that should have been given to others, is snatched by the nepo kids, which is absolutely wrong! Unless this process stops, it won't do good to the industry! And that's exactly what is happening in the Hindi film industry in India, currently, which is a sorry state of affairs.

    1. i totally agree with you ,when u say the opportunities that should have been given to others is snatched away by nepo _kids,also limited opportunities for outside talent ,for instance there are large pool of people of talented film makers who don't get a chance in the industry due to nepotism , how ever nepotism is prevalent in every single industry, be it film or politics , unfortunately nothing can be done about it ,

    2. I understand that the issue of nepotism in the Indian film industry is a hotly debated topic and has been the subject of much discussion and controversy in recent years. It is true that nepotism exists in many industries and is often seen as a way for families to pass down their wealth and power to the next generation. However, when it comes to the film industry, the consequences of nepotism can be particularly damaging, as it can limit opportunities for new and diverse voices and ideas.

      While it is understandable that parents want to give their children a leg up in the world, it is important to remember that talent and hard work should be the primary factors in determining success in any field. When people are given opportunities based solely on their family connections, it can create a sense of unfairness and resentment among those who are excluded.

      In order for the film industry (or any industry) to thrive and remain relevant, it is important to create a level playing field where everyone has an equal chance to succeed. This means providing opportunities for new and diverse voices, investing in talent development programs, and promoting a culture of fairness and meritocracy. Only then can the industry truly reach its full potential and continue to produce great works of art that resonate with audiences around the world.

      I have two to question to ask you respectul_mood and the question are

      1.What are some potential consequences of excluding fresh new talent from the film industry in favor of established families?

      2.How can the film industry balance the desire to pass down family legacies with the need for a fair and meritocratic system?

      1. To answer your second question, One way the film industry can prioritize talent and hard work over family connections is by establishing more open and transparent audition processes, casting calls, and hiring practices. By doing this, I think we can ensure that opportunities are provided to everyone based on their potential capacities rather than their family background. Like another idea is we can create mentorship programs that provide guidance and support for aspiring filmmakers and actors from non-film backgrounds. And there have been several programs like this that have been successfully running and nurturing new talents based on their merits.One such program is the Yash Chopra Saathi Initiative, which was launched by the Yash Raj Films production house. This program aims to provide a platform for aspiring filmmakers and technicians from underprivileged backgrounds to learn and grow in the industry. And ofcourse many artists emerged due to these programs, For example, Taika Waititi, the Oscar-winning director of "Jojo Rabbit" and "Thor: Ragnarok," is a graduate of the Sundance Institute's Director's Lab.Similarly, Ryan Coogler, the director of "Black Panther" and "Fruitvale Station," is an alumnus of Film Independent Project Involve. These filmmakers have not only achieved critical and commercial success, but have also paved the way for a more inclusive and diverse film industry.By recognizing and promoting talent irrespective of family background, the industry can create a more fair and meritocratic system that benefits everyone involved. And I have seen that in recent years, there has been a growing trend of film schools and colleges conducting auditions and talent hunts to discover new talent in the film industry. Many successful actors and directors have emerged from such talent hunts and have gone on to make a name for themselves in the film industry. And this would be a powerful way to promote diversity and inclusivity.

    3. Thank you for sharing your perspective on the issue of nepotism in the Hindi film industry. It's true that the topic of nepotism has been a subject of debate and discussion in the Indian film industry and has garnered significant attention in recent years.

      The concern you raise about the lack of opportunities for fresh talents due to the prevalence of nepotism is valid. When established industry figures predominantly favor their own family members over other talented individuals, it can hinder diversity, creativity, and the discovery of new voices. This can lead to a stagnant industry that struggles to bring forth original storylines and sincere performances, as you mentioned.

      While it is understandable for individuals to desire to pass down their legacy or businesses to their children, it becomes problematic when it limits the chances for deserving and talented individuals from outside the industry to showcase their skills and contribute to the field. Merit and potential should be the primary factors in determining opportunities, rather than familial connections alone.

      Promoting a more inclusive and merit-based system in the film industry can help foster a vibrant and diverse creative landscape. Encouraging open auditions, talent scouting, and providing platforms for aspiring artists can ensure that deserving individuals, regardless of their background, have fair opportunities to pursue their dreams.

      It's essential for industry stakeholders to reflect on these concerns and take steps towards creating a more inclusive and level playing field that encourages the growth and development of talent from various backgrounds. By embracing a more transparent and merit-driven approach, the industry can thrive and produce exceptional work that resonates with a broader audience.

  • Good..
    When we know nepotism is the preference for "relatives" because they are friends and not for their competence.
    There is discrimination and favoritism between relatives and ordinary people who apply for work. I will ask my question before starting the topic of Emma..
    Do you think when hiring a person who does not have a degree or any experience in a job that he does not deserve is wonderful?
    While not hiring someone with experience or certification?
    Well, when looking at the subject of Emma, ​​she also used to go to courses to learn.
    In the steps that I put forward, I do not think that there is favoritism because Emma's parents work hard and earn money well, so they put their daughter Emma in the highest positions.

  • In Step 8, Ema's father gives a role that she played and through the father's friend who is a social media influencer made the movie go viral thereby making Ema an instant hit. There are issues for me, did the father throw open the cast for the best artist to vie for? or was it a result of nepotism? One may argue that after all, the parents sent her to one of the best drama schools but the Holly Wood remains the place of broken dreams probably for those who do not have friends in high places like Ema's father and mother.

  • 🌸Favoritism begins in Step No. 8 because the father gave his daughter the opportunity to act in the movie, despite the presence of many qualified actors, but this famous father gave his daughter the opportunity because she is one of his close and favorites, but the people who were supposed to take the role did not share their intelligence in acting because The existence of nepotism that unfairly discriminates between people, and I myself do not agree with the speakers on this topic because many people lose the opportunity to work or study because of nepotism and inequality.🌸

  • Hello, I have read all the steps and analyzed them from my own point of view, and I believe that there are many reasons that paved the way for favoritism, but the point where favoritism began to appear clearly is the eighth step,As we have seen in the previous steps, which are similar to the short story, The couple used to pamper their child a lot and support her greatly, and that made this child depend on her parents a lot, and her parents’ care for her and providing her with help became a natural and fair matter for her, and this was their biggest mistake,And i noticed that from step one to step seven,All of them are considered as care and support for their child only, and cannot be considered nepotism, but from the eighth to the twelfth step, it is considered clear nepotism.
    In the eighth step, the father gave his daughter a role in his new movie, and this was a mistake, so it was better to let his daughter depend on herself and show her competence by participating and succeeding in playing roles in films other than his ownAnd after that, after she becomes a good actress with her own effort, her father can let her act in his films, and in this way he will have employed her in a fair way and avoid favoritism, and at the same time he will teach her a good lesson, which is self-reliance,But the father did not do that, so his daughter grew up relying on nepotism to play her roles, and in the tenth step we see that she has become dependent on her parents and deliberately mentions their names in job interviews in order to get acting roles that she wants And then in step 11 we see that she has done exactly what her father did, she made her son participate in her latest movie..Therefore, I would like to say that the excessive support provided by the parents may turn into favoritism. The children use it and pass it on to their children, and then to the grandchildren. Therefore, the blame falls on them because they did not correct what they did wrong, despite discovering their mistake. Therefore, if we want to get rid of this problem, we must act on the saying “get rid of the rotten fruit before the rest of the fruits spoil.”

    1. Thank you for sharing your analysis and perspective on the situation storytelling_fig. I agree with your observation that the excessive support and favoritism shown towards Ema by her parents ultimately led to her dependence on them and her reliance on nepotism to secure acting roles.

      I also agree with your suggestion that the parents should have let Ema prove her competence and talent by participating and succeeding in playing roles in films other than their own. This would have been a fair and just way of employing her as an actress, and it would have also taught her the valuable lesson of self-reliance.

      However, the parents' decision to give Ema a role in their new movie in the eighth step was a clear case of favoritism, which set the stage for further instances of nepotism in the following steps. It is important for parents to recognize the consequences of their actions and correct their mistakes, in order to prevent their children from perpetuating the cycle of nepotism in the future.

      As you have rightly pointed out, if we want to address the problem of favoritism and nepotism in the entertainment industry, we must take proactive steps to eliminate it at its root. This includes holding parents and other influential individuals accountable for their actions, and promoting a culture of fairness and meritocracy in the industry.

  • NEPOTISM started in step 10 to me, this is because Emma had to make everyone understand that she is the daughter of affluence and so they needed to favour her so as to be in the good books of her parents.

  • I would choose step 9; my reason is because, the videos were able to go viral as a result of Ema's rich network, a normal or modest family wouldn't attain that height easily because of their lack of wealth and affluence.

  • In light of the overall context of the previous steps, it can be said that Emma's nepotism began in step 8, where her father gave her a role in his new movie, followed by a number of events that indicate Emma's interaction with the world of cinema, including her appearance on social media, talking about her parents, and giving a role to her son in her latest film.

    There can be debate about the true beginning of the nepotism, as step 3 could be considered the starting point of this scenario due to the wealth generated by her parents' success. However, it seems that the nepotism actually began in step 8 and evolved from there.

    Note: Other people may interpret this scenario and see a different starting point, depending on their perspectives and interests.

  • For me nepotism begins at step 5, the reason is because her parents had already exposed her to the film world and fame. Exposing her sets her up for success as the right environment has been created for her, meeting high-achieving people and watching them in their area of specialization is a great plus for her.

  • To my understanding, nepotism started from step 8; this is because Ema's father had to give her roles in his movie not minding if she is competent for the role or not, I guess casting for that role wasn't done and so no other person was there to cast for that same role.

    1. Do any Topical Talks disagree with step 8 being the tipping point?

      1. Hi Tiff, I disagree with step 8 being the tipping point.
        From my analysis of Ema's story, I find that she had a lot of luck that many people lack, as she is a child of a rich family famous for their work in film industry, and this gave her the opportunity to become a star:
        Step1 to 6: To spend most of her time with her parents' friends who work in the film industry, and this gave her a good opportunity to learn. Being from a rich family enabled her to enroll in an expensive drama school.
        Step 7: Her mother from her experience in acting gave her important tips about acting, which made her special.
        Step 8: Because her father, the employer, he gave her a role in his new movie, and I think this is not nepotism. If he didn't found in his daughter something suitable for this role and working on its success, he would not give her this opportunity. And the fact that the a
        new movie work is his own, there is no harm in his daughter participating if he finds it appropriate. of course he will prefer his daughter.
        Step 9: In my opinion, it is normal for people, for parents to be happy with the first participation of their daughter and her success in acting, and to share this on social media. And here it helped her to become a star directly and indirectly. I think that if she had not been successful in playing the role or she did not have the talent and passion, the clip would not have spread in this way.
        * Step 10: Here, I think that nepotism began because the girl took advantage of her parents' fame by mentioning this matter whenever she played a new role. Here, she may have obtained opportunities at the expense of others, without there being equal opportunities. However, what happened before that in the previous steps is normal for parents to support their child and provide her with appropriate opportunities to learn and work. As for what happened after that with her son, it is a repetition of what happened with her, and this child may succeed if he has the talent, or he may fail.

      2. Yes Tiff ,I disagree that the step 8 is the stage for nepotism so many of the other topical talkers considered that as an act of nepotism which stated that ema's father gave her a opportunity in his movie .I disagree because it is the wish of every director and producer to choose the appropriate character for their movie it could be any one so we cannot consider this as an act of nepotism even after her father provided her with opportunity whether she becomes famous or not depends on her own depends on our own talent and skills.

  • The last step represents nepotism in a big way. Why did Emma think that Cash is creative in acting? And did Emma see Cash's high efficiency to take on something important? Shouldn't Amy do a rehearsal before choosing the right person for the role? Emma made a mistake when she chose Cash quickly. Someone has more talent than Cash. This is what Emma may have to think about before choosing, but I liked the role of parents in developing and giving experiences to their daughter, Emma.

  • For me, step 8 is where I see nepotism taking place; this is because Ema's father gave her a role in his movie not minding if there might be others who would be better fit for the role after a proper audition has been done.

  • I believe it starts from step 8, it is at this stage I feel the nepotism started because her father gave her a role in his movie not minding that there might be someone better than his daughter.

  • Favoritism begins when a person is not fair between his children, or a responsible person employs his children, who has no right to do so and does not know how to manage the profession at all. From my point of view, I will focus on community issues, the most important of which are people and the sons of presidents And the celebrities who drain jobs and money unjustly and discriminate under the pretext of white people and black people or people with special needs who if we exploit the money that goes to waste in holding artists’ concerts In establishing schools and projects that guarantee people with special needs and educate them without dealing superficially according to their appearance, rather they are like us and may even have more abilities than us.

  • Nepotism starts when a person in power gives his or her relative or close friend a position over those who are qualified for the job. Most times people mistake love and support with nepotism. They are two different things. Love will encourage you and make you put effort into what you want to do while nepotism just pushes you ahead even when you are not ready for the "help".

  • I think nepotism could have started at step 6 itself as Ema’s parents pay her to go to an expensive drama school. By providing her financial support, her parents are giving her an advantage over other talented actors who may not have same financial support. Though this is not as direct as providing a role to her in a film, it still feels like a form of favoritism. Financial support can be given if shes really talented and has the potential to make a positive impact in her chosen field, but there's also a limit to it. It is important to ensure that such support is provided in a fair and transparent manner and does not create the appearance of favoritism or nepotism.This could be done by providing Ema with a scholarship or other financial aid that is available to all aspiring actors who meet certain criteria. By doing so, Ema would have the opportunity to pursue her dreams and develop her skills without being unfairly advantaged over others. By doing these things, it helps to built trust among others actors , colleagues who are on the same industry. It also benefits Ema for her long term run.But the actual nepotism act starts at step 8 where her father gives her an opportunity to act in his film because that role could have been given to an really aspiring actor who been waiting for this opportunity for so long. I believe if Ema is really talented her parents can encourage her, motivate her to go a step ahead in her life but these direct opportunities like giving her a role or providing her to join In an expensive drama school is just unfair and their parents should not do it. And I think these act not only affects the talented people who are waiting for these opportunities but also Ema’s own life. Because she may not get an opportunity to learn how to compete with other artists who are on the same field, she may not able to develop skills she require to survive in her competitive field. And also being seen as a nepotism baby can lead to criticism and resentment from other people especially actors because they might feel that they are being denied to equal rights and opportunities which could damage Ema’s own reputation and personal relationships.

  • Well it depends if Ema is actually knows how to do the job according to what you said Ema has been going to series of schools to know how to act drama so she is probably qualified for the job.Nepotism is when those in power show unfair favor to their relatives. If Ema is actually qualified for the job I won't call this nepotism but if she is not this can be called nepotism. Here is an example of nepotism:For example, if two equally-qualified candidates are up for a promotion, and the boss gives the job to his daughter-in-law, that would be an example of nepotism.

  • Nepotism is favoritism to members of the family . Nepotism is giving relatives special treatment, especially in the workplace.
    Nepotism is also the favoring of relatives or personal friends because of their relationship rather than because of their abilities. Favoritism shown to relatives especially in appointment to desirable positions.
    Nepotism begins from step 8,11, and 12 but from step 1 to 7 there is no nepotism there.
    And what I think is that there is nepotism because in step 8 Ema's dad gave her a role in his new film and what nepotism is about is favoritism to members of the family or giving them special treatment. In step 11 Ema has her own child kash and that is nepotism because favoritism was shown to her. Step 12 is about Ema giving Kash a role in her latest film and that is also nepotism because she showed favoritism to Kash in desirable positions.
    So what I think is that nepotism should be avoided because it can make some people feel bad for example Ema's friends can feel bad because they were not given a role in the latest film and she was given special treatment. So there should no be nepotism but equality that's what I think.

  • From the following steps, nepotism occurred in step10 and 12
    In step 1o,"Ema gives Kash a role in her latest film", Nepotism occurred because Ema had used her parents success to gain an acting role when she would have just gained it on merit. Using peoples success to gain yours, to me is the same as cheating others the chance to gain it fair and square and maybe if Ema had just trusted in her abilities, she might have gotten it, instead of following the wrong method.
    In step 12, "Ema gives Kash a role in her latest film", which does not even elaborate on whether he/she gained it on merit, and for the fact that Ema did not get her acting role on merit, I feel like Kash also followed his/her mothers footstep.
    And true secret to everyone's success is that they have strong ideals/values and live a life that is true to what is important to them. It's easy to be 'wishy washy' when you don't have clear values about life. Successful people don't tend to just accept life as the way it is. They constantly ask why and they constantly look for ways to improve the way it is.
    Along with drive and patience, successful people also have discipline. Once they are motivated to accomplish something, they work hard to achieve it and are consistent in their efforts. Having a strong work ethic makes people more successful.

  • Nepotism begins when one tries to help his or her family member by giving that person a small job then slowly starts bring the person up from maybe the persons job was cleaner than he or she all of sudden goes up to admin director then to manager.And most at times some of these family members are not educated but an educated person comes and applies for a job and is denied the opportunity to someone who can not do the work appropriately.This is one of the problems causing unemployment to many people across the world today.

  • Nepotism started at stage 8 were Emas father gave her a role in his movie. He should have allowed her to audition with the other artist and choose the best among them for the role instead he used his power to raise his daughters status. Family and friends also help in promoting her which made her feel it was the right thing to do. Ema has gotten used to this favoritism and is now doing the same to her child.
    These actions deprive other talented artist from showcasing their talents because they don’t have any connections in the industry.
    This practice of nepotism is very common in my country which reduces development of that organization

  • Nepotism in film industry does not choose actors by the means of merit.And sometimes it can have bad effects on the film industries. But most actors who get chance of acting in films by nepotism don't shine in the later years.
    1.Limited opportunity for outside talent.For instance there are large pool of talented film makers who don’t get chance in industry.
    2.Increased struggle for middle class guys.
    3.Lack of choice for audience,which is often served low quality and filthy content.
    4.Stagnation in the film industry.
    Nepotism is happening in the industry because the children of actors wanna become actors . To make them actors ( with normally NO talent ) the directors sign them up for the roles . The people who have talent aren't selected due to these people as the role is already given .Do we all agree?

  • Favoritism is the preference for relatives or friends because of their kinship and not because of equal opportunities. Favoritism is widespread in my area, where people who are related to the work manager are employed, not educated people who have experience in their field.......... Favoritism is a form of corruption spread in society, this phenomenon causes poverty for the society...... and nepotism negatively affects the institution, such as reduces work production and deprives people with experience from work, and also has effects on members of society, as it increases hatred among members of society, and I have an example of that in my family where my mother She works as a teacher in a school and wants to be promoted from her position, as she wants to become a school principal, and no one becomes a school principal except the successful person. Before becoming a school principal, she must take an exam, as if you pass this exam, you will be appointed as a school principal. My mother took this exam and succeeded in it, and when it came The date of selecting people for their employment. People who had a wasta were selected, and my mother was not chosen, as she submitted this exam several times and succeeded in the exam. People who had a wasta were chosen.......And Emma, ​​if her parents were not actors, she would not have become a successful actress and personality in her community

  • Where does nepotism start? Well in my opinion nepotism in the above steps starts at step 8? Why? As we all know nepotism is when those in power special, unfair and unmerited favour to family and friends, giving them unfair advantage over others. Ema was fortunate to be born into an affluent family giving her an advantage over others. In my case I dont blame her. I blame her parents for not letting her go into the world and make a living for herself rather it was handed to her on a platter of gold. Nepotism is a bad and unfair practice that prevailling in most countries of the world. It has become so popular that you dont even necessarily need to be a son or daughter of the famous person, just no someone who knows someone who knows the driver of the famous person and "wala" you have gotten an unmerited job. Nepotism overshadows the talents of others willing to impact into the development of the buisness or enterprise. It spoil children and make them to be less of a contribution to a society and even more in the nation. Nepotism reduces the dependency ratio of youths in a country because they always feel at their comfort zone because everything is provided for them at a ring of a bell even the opportunity to fend for themselves is deprived. Parents should encourage their children to be more dependant in them selves and then children on their own side should try their possible best to not look at their parents pockets that is they should not look at what their parents have but they should fend for themselves.

  • first of all, nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives, friends, or associates, especially giving them jobs. I think nepotism starts in step five because when the child learns more, the parents will pay him/her twice as the other workers which will cause hatred between the workers and the parents of the child and also some workers will quit because there is no equality between the workers and emma.

    To add on that, in Uganda here, like lets say the boss of the business has a child in the particular business, he/she will show off to the other workers in a way that they might quit or do a bad act towards the workers and the child might be causing the industry to collapse.
    More so, like in the film industry, when your child learns those skills he/she might start critisizing the other workers of the business.

  • Perhaps the nepotism started at the eighth step when she took a role in the movie. I wonder when they chose her, did they try other people for that role, maybe there is someone better than her to take the role. Favoritism is found here, since Emma's parents are rich, so there will be affairs that her father will make to make his daughter known

  • I think that nepotism started from 11, because Emma really grew up in a rich family, so it is natural for her to use the money in many works, but Emma used it negatively because she did not use the money as a means of fame and happiness, but whoever wants fame must not use bribery and nepotism, if Emma becomes She uses the money in her life to facilitate everything that is difficult for her, until she bought a child with the money, this negatively affected the life of this child, because she used the child as a means of fame, there are children of other families who were waiting for a role to act in this movie, so Emma goes with her parents’ money to buy roles from you like?! This spreads injustice and corruption, so we have to educate children on a life of simplicity and not negligence and indifference in the use of money, except using it for what is beneficial to us. 😶👍

  • Nepotism arguably begins at Step 8, where Ema's father gives her a role in his new film. This is because Ema is being given preferential treatment in terms of job opportunities due to her family connections, rather than being hired based on merit or qualifications. Step 12, where Ema gives Kash a role in her latest film, also falls under nepotism for the same reason.

    However, some may argue that the earlier steps, such as Ema growing up in a wealthy household and having access to her parents' famous friends, already give her an advantage over others in the industry. Others may argue that it is not necessarily nepotism if Ema has the talent and ability to succeed in the industry, and that her family connections only open doors for her but do not guarantee success.

    Overall, the concept of nepotism can be controversial and subjective, and opinions may vary on when exactly it begins in a particular scenario.

  • The only step where nepotism was involved was in step 10. But apart from that she deserves the role because she's well trained and experienced. Also the reason her parents took her to drama school is because they want the best for their child which we expect from any parents who is as privileged as ema's parents.

  • The nepotism starts at step number eight it says that Ema's father gave her a role in his new film but Ema didn't do any auditions not like others that work hard to get to that point but they didn't get to do any auditions because the parents just gave the role to their daughter which makes it unfair to others. The nepotism continues through the other steps .The one that really stand out to me is step 10 because it says that Ema is talking about her parents when she auditions for new roles which means she is trying to use her parents fame to get an advantage for the auditions which is really unfair and bad.

  • Nepotism has its beginnings at stage 6. At stage 6, her parents begin to freely support her by giving her the ability to have opportunities most people lack. This is the start of the parents' nepotism. While this isn't nepotism itself, it acts an example of how the parents are willing to go very far for Ema. This willingness to go through great lengths to ensure their daughter's success acts as the beginning and sets the precedent for the future, inclining them naturally towards nepotism.

  • I think while there's a little nepotism in the other steps, step 8 is the most blatant and obvious example of nepotism. Ema's father goes out of his way to give Ema, because of her relation to him as his daughter, a role in a film that could've been taken up by a more experienced and more worthy actor.

  • I think that the first stage is the absence of indications of favoritism because it identifies the concerned individuals and specific people, and the second stage is a natural thing to have children in the family and family life, and the third stage shows that Emma enjoys a life full of money and wealth and does not lack anything and finds everything she asks for, and the fourth stage I think it does not constitute Necessarily favoritism towards relatives. The fifth stage. She liked that she works with her parents and helps them. She has agreed with her in knowledge since she was young. This is a good thing. She will depend on herself for everything in her life. The sixth stage. This is considered a form of privilege. This does not indicate direct favoritism. The seventh stage is encouraging. For Emma, ​​the eighth stage is a great encouragement for Emma, ​​because she becomes an actress and masters the role completely

  • According to my understanding of the concept of nepotism, nepotism starts from step 8, when Emma's father unlawfully gave her a role in his play because she is his daughter (i.e. her kinship) and without even conducting any audition to choose the most qualified of his daughter, and of course because of the fame of her family and her taking important roles in the plays I participated in Through them, she will be famous for the rest of her life, and nepotism is complete when Emma gives her son Cash a role in her play without his competence, just because he is related to him, that is, because he is her son. She used her fame to prefer her son's interest over the community interest.
    It is important to be wary of this phenomenon because it is the biggest cause of corruption in society, so from this story we learn that with the presence of these people in society, corruption spreads without our realizing it, so we must fight corruption because fighting corruption is a collective responsibility.

  • I think that nepotism is a life cycle, because Emma's parents and her friends worked to make Emma famous, and Emma worked to make her son Cash famous, and so I think that nepotism was in the ninth step because Emma's famous friends worked to publish her movie on social media, and the twelfth step because Emma gave a role to her son Cash and worked on his fame. This is my opinion, can you tell me your opinion about nepotism?

  • Favoritism is giving opportunities to those who do not deserve it, and there are those who deserve it more than them in all fields. Nepotism is unjust and leads to corruption in society and destroys it.

    i see in points (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) that there is never any favoritism because all this is due to the efforts of the parents and it is the duty of every parent to do so

    Then I see that nepotism has appeared
    In point (8) when the father is the director of the film, it is natural for him to give his daughter the most beautiful role in the film, and she will be the heroine in this film, and there are people who deserve the role . more than her, so this is definitely nepotism

    And in point (9) I also see that she has favoritism, as she started in point (4), but if she is limited to her, she will not become favoritism, as she completed her role in point (9) and made her Friends share her new movie, and it is possible that they agreed to publish her movie

    point (10) I don't see any favoritism because her parents worked very hard with her from the beginning and it's nice to have him in her movie.

    in point (11-12) there is no nepotism, but she will do with her child as her parents did, to make him famous because of her fame, make a movie for him, and make him a hero, which is to recreate her life with her son

  • Favoritism is the preference for friends or relatives because of kinship, not competence, for example:
    When a manager hires or promotes one of his employee relatives because of their kinship instead of another more efficient employee, but he has no relationship with the manager, then the manager has used nepotism in his work, not equality, and this is not fair to others.
    Favoritism has an impact on society in that it is the most widespread type of corruption in the administrative milieu. It is considered a crime and an assault on the foundations of justice and equality.

  • Among the 12 steps, I feel that when Emma's father gave her a role in his new movie, and also when Emma gave her son a role in her latest movie, this is an example of nepotism, and this is unfair and unfair to the candidates for the roles, and wastes their effort and effort. As for the rest of the steps, they were like family support

  • In the entertainment industry, nepotism is a common practice, where relatives of influential people are frequently given roles and positions over candidates who are just as qualified or even more so. Nepotism in this situation begins when Ema's father gives her a part in his new movie, raising moral questions about fairness and meritocracy in the film industry. Not only could it be perceived as compromising the project's quality, but if it became known that Ema received preferential treatment due to her familial connections, it could damage both her and her father's reputations as filmmakers. All professionals in the industry must avoid nepotism and work to be open and impartial when choosing candidates for positions or projects.

  • Nepotism begins when relatives or personal friends are favored because of their kinship rather than their aptitude. For example, if a manager hires or promotes a relative who is an employee due to a blood relationship instead of another employee who is more qualified but not related to the manager, then the manager is accused of nepotism.
    In addition to the large spread of nepotism in our world, as it expresses a painful reality and is the most widespread and ugliest type of corruption, because it works to oppress the most qualified people.
    The wrong person has become in the wrong place, as the job is assigned to a person who does not deserve it and is not commensurate with his capabilities and experiences, and thus we see the results of its negative impact on society and the people.
    Also, when moral principles and values ​​are absent, what is forbidden becomes permitted and what is prohibited becomes permissible.
    Human relations become governed by interest and the control of the forces that help many in facing their life situations, but in return they threaten the safety and development of society.

  • Favoritism is the other side of injustice and is the cause of the backwardness and decline of societies, where the incompetent assume chairs and positions that they do not deserve and do not understand anything about, just because this person is a relative or the son of an important person. In the end, the most ignorant and least deserving of people will rule our interests. Favoritism is not limited to favoring the relatives and children of important people in the community, but develops into a violation of rights, widespread injustice, and a sense of persecution. This is why ambitious people who are trying to achieve their dream do not get a chance to get a job and if they get a job it will be after trouble, hardship and rock breaking. Unlike someone who has an influential relative,
    Opportunity comes to him easily and quietly, so you find someone with less knowledge and experience sitting behind the desk, reaching the top while others are still looking at the bottom.

  • I feel the step here which shows the most nepotism is step 10. Ema using her parent's fame to get acting roles for herself is unfair on other qualified and maybe even more talented actors. Here, she is obviously manipulating the people in the film industry, using her parent's success to build on her own. This also shows that she is not independent, for the fact that she still relies on her parents' name to attain good acting roles, instead of her own talent, hard work and education. This is unfair on other actors without influential parents who had to work for their roles.
    As for steps 8 and 12, it's sort of hard to tell where family support ends and nepotism starts. If Ema's parents saw good talent in her, and she did in Kash, appointing them roles in their movie isn't nepotism. When, however, both parties are aware that their child is not best fitted to the role, and that there are more suitable applicants for the roles but still pick their child, nepotism begins. Wanting the best for your child is different from unfairly supporting him or her. I heard somewhere that if you want to help your child, you don't try to remove life's obstacles for him(or her), but guide him to face those problems on their own. Giving a child unfair help benefits nobody. It leaves no room for that child to develop his skills and prevents the spotting of other young talent. This proves that nepotism is a lose-lose for everyone.

  • Hello!
    According to Google "equality is the right of different groups of people to have a similar social position and receive the same treatment" and nepotism is the act of granting an advantage, privilege, or position to relatives or close friends in an occupation or field.
    Based on these definitions I feel these two meanings are not similar and don't have a connection in any way instead they contrast each other meaning from my point of view that nepotism cannot be acceptable in our modern era which champions equality and fair treatment. We can also deduce that if we perform nepotism, it will override equality because equality means fair treatment and nepotism means giving someone better treatment than others based on kinship and close relations.
    All in all, I don't think nepotism should be allowed don't get me wrong helping your friends and family is agood thing but doing it to the detriment of others shoud not be allowed.

  • I believe that nepotism begins at step 8. At this step, Ema is given a role in her father's new film. This would indicate nepotism because there could have been many other skilled and experienced actors who would have been a better pick than Ema. This suggests that Ema's father wanted to give her a chance to present her capabilities, but this limits the chance of other actors being picked. This would cause anyone to believe that this is nepotism.

    1. I extremely agree with this because it would not be fair at all. Especially to the people who actually work very hard for their roles.

  • In my opinion, nepotism began in the eighth step because she does not have sufficient experience in the field of acting, and it is possible that there is a creative person in this field more than Ema. Also, I noticed in the fourth step that Ema does not have friends to spend her time with as an ordinary child, and she only goes to the shooting location and spends Times with her parents' friends who are much older than her and that there is no one to take care of her and in the tenth step we see that Ema has completely relied on her parents and did not depend on herself and that she started talking about her parents in press interviews to draw attention in other works and in the twelfth step that Ema has done What her parents did exactly, and she gave the role to Cash without auditioning to choose the right person, and that Cash has no talent, even that she supported him for the wrong thing.

  • To me step eight is when nepotism begins because that is when Ema is given the direct opportunity rather than just tips and time spent learning about the film industry. The role Ema's father gave to her could have been an opportunity for an upcoming actor to have their big break but instead it was given to Ema because it was her father's movie. Showing nepotism in which Ema was able to skip multiple auditions until the right chance comes demonstrating the advantage Ema was able to receive. This movie becomes famous because of her family's connection allowing Ema to move onto better roles by using her parents name. Although she was able to learn about the film industry and go to an expensive drama school these advantages never gave her the starting point of a career using the nepotism given to her by her parents. Now the line of nepotism will continue with Ema's child and people who work hard for roles will lose roles because of connections given to children with famous parents. Overall an advantage will be given to one person but do they really deserve it more than anyone else.

  • Hi ,
    I think nepotism started at step 8-9. in step 8. Emma learned some things, not all of them, from her mother. Acting has rules and experience, and Emma must have taken a few of them, not all of them. Here, of course, we say that nepotism exists. As for step 9. How did Emma become a star? Of course, not because she was tired, but because her parents favored her. This is not fair (favoritism), as many graduates who studied acting, got tired, worked hard, and took all the experience, but did not get a job! They simply don't have relatives to hire them. Work is a natural right for every graduate who has sufficient experience, and not Emma has only some experience, and thanks to her parents, she has become successful. I see nepotism as a great injustice. Finally, I hope that every diligent and successful graduate will get a job opportunity as soon as possible.

  • Favoritism started in step 8 because it is normal in the previous steps that a person born into a rich family will acquire a lot of useful things in his life and also acquire the skills of his parents in their work if possible, but not to an unreasonable extent, where she ends up depending on her parents for everything Something while there are other actors who started their acting lives from scratch, while their parents are actors, and this indicates self-reliance because their parents will not continue with them either, as they say. As credit can be attributed to his parents for his arrival to the acting arenas, but not all credit will also be attributed. Thanks to the actor himself, because he trains a lot, learns a lot, and does his best to reach the arena of acting. In conclusion, I say, "Do not depend on others, because you do not need that."

  • So far, this topic has just been based on nepotism and so on....then, we come to "Where does nepotism start?" What would actually be the first thing to come to mind???....
    Well, while there is no single cause of nepotism in the workplace, it often arises from a combination of factors, such as tribalism, poor management, cost-cutting, and risk aversion. By understanding the causes of nepotism, organizations can take steps to prevent it from occurring. But do organizations do anything to crop such acts???The unfair advantage takes the form of better growth opportunities, better incentives, preferential treatment for promotion, and so on.
    What is the best solution for nepotism?
    According to my research, there are actually many ways in which nepotism could be curb even though its a little. Therefore, there are strategies to prevent nepotism in the workplace which might include the following;
    Detailed job descriptions.
    Nepotism specific policies.
    Transparent recruitment and promotion processes.
    An approval process for hiring and promotion decisions.
    Fair and equal employee treatment.
    Objective decision making.... and so on

  • Please am sorry the 'f' that was being submitted by me was a mistake, so straight to the point. I have been doing a lot of research concerning Nepotism and i have discovered that Nepotism for the past 3,000 years, nepotism has been common in China's clan and extended family based culture.Nepotism is an even narrower form of favoritism. Nepotism starts in various ways and it is practiced everywhere around us, would i say Nepotism starts from no where except from within us, people who practiced Nepotism were either been influenced or taught of it and began practicing. As of me the major place i can say Nepotism starts from based on my research is us the humans .
    From the steps can deduce that Nepotism starts in Step8:Ema’s father gives Ema a role in his new film. Ema's father practiced Nepotism in Step8 he could had given her an opportunities for her to perform her own film rather than him giving her a role in his new film.

    1. I agree because i think nepotism is result of insecurity in financial ways
      Nepotism can pass down from parent to child and it keeps going on just like step8 tells us which started from Ema's father and then to ema
      and am also sorry about the mistake i sent THANKS

  • I think nepotism is shown in point (4), here I am thinking why parents allow their daughter to play with their friends who work in cinema and also not for a short time. Rather, most of her time, I see that favoritism was instilled in the girl from her childhood until she grew up with her in point (9) as the parents thought that when her new movie is published by her famous friends she will become more famous, and they have already published her new movie, and I think that this is the favoritism that accompanies Famous friends from childhood to help EmmaWhen you grow up to be famousAfter that, I see that Emma gave birth to a child, and she will certainly apply the same life to him, which will make him accompany friends and celebrities in the cinema, that is, she will restore her life with him to become famous and after that he grows up and becomes famous and does what his mother did with his children, as well as favoritism is passed on from generation to generation

  • From my point of view, I see that nepotism starts from step 8 and step 12. It is true that Emma is studying in a drama school, but she has not finished her studies yet, but because of her father’s wealth, he gave her a role, and there may be someone who finished his studies in acting and did not get this role, and this is unfair by giving opportunities as friends contributed Emma's father is in favor in step 9 with Emma's father because he is rich and they promoted the film in which she participates on social media to make her a star at the expense of others and restore Emma the same way her parents are in favor of her child Cash and give him a role with her

  • I think that in the fifth step, nepotism begins, because it was possible that someone was older than Emma, and an educated person who understands films, perhaps he should have been in Emma's place, and in the eighth step, Emma's father should have given the role to someone who deserves the experience, or at least he should have to try many auditions. Perhaps there is a person who deserves this role more than Emma, and in the twelfth step, nepotism has spread, or in a more precise sense, corruption has spread, and it will be inherited from family to family. And all because of Emma's familiarity with movies, nepotism can be a positive whenThere is a person who needs a job, and he really is in dire need of this job. One of this man's relatives can find him a job and try to convince the work manager which is very unfair, as in the same previous example when Emma's father preferred his daughter to someone else. In my opinion nepotism should not spread because it is one of the worst forms of corruption .

  • The other steps don't involve nepotism
    Step 2: The couple has a child called Ema, which implies that Ema is related to them and could potentially receive preferential treatment because of their relationship.

    Step 6: Ema's parents pay for her to go to an expensive drama school, which could be seen as giving her an advantage over other aspiring actors who don't have the same financial resources.

    Step 7: Ema's mother gives her tips about acting, which could be interpreted as providing Ema with an unfair advantage over other actors who don't have access to similar guidance.

    Step 8: Ema's father gives her a role in his new film, which could be seen as a clear example of nepotism since he is giving preferential treatment to his own daughter.

    Step 9: Ema's parents' famous friends share Ema's film on social media, which could be seen as providing her with an unfair advantage over other actors who don't have the same level of exposure.

    Step 10: Ema often talks about her parents when she auditions for new roles, which could be seen as attempting to use her family connections to gain an advantage in the industry.

    Step 12: Ema gives her own child a role in her latest film, which is another clear example of nepotism since she is giving preferential treatment to her own child.

  • From my point of view, I see that nepotism starts from step 8 and step 12. It is true that Emma is studying in a drama school, but she has not finished her studies yet, but because of her father’s wealth, he gave her a role, and there may be someone who finished his studies in acting and did not get this role, and this is unfair by giving opportunities as friends contributed Emma's father is in favor in step 9 with Emma's father because he is rich and they promoted the film in which she participates on social media to make her a star at the expense of others and restore Emma the same way her parents are in favor of her child Cash and give him a role with her

  • I noticed that the nepotism started at step 8 when ema's dad gives her a role in his new movie.Their might have been other people that tried out for that role but he probably gave ema that role because she is his daughter.Then in step 9 ema's parents' famous friends share ema's movie on social media and she becomes a star.Now she is more famous so if she goes to a audition for another movie people might show her nepotism since she is more famous and they want a famous person to be in their movie.Then in step 10 she talks about her parents when she auditions for roles.Often if people talk about their parents to get a role they are talking about the problems that they had when growing up or if they had financial problems they had or have.Then the people in charge of the audition will most likely feel sad for them and give them the role.Then finally in step 12 after ema has a child name kash and she gives them a role in her film.That shows nepotism because she most likely gave her the role just because they are her daughter.

  • I don't think Ema's parents are supposed to give her a role in their film even though she knows a lot about acting, I mean there are a lot of people out there who might even be able to act better than her. And when she auditions for roles I don't think she's supposed to be talking about her parents, it's nepotism. Why will a family member give a job to another member of the household when other people outside are in need of it? I know that there are lot of people who can act very well who auditioned but they didn't get they were not chosen because they want to give the part to someone in their family. If it were up to me I would have given a job to anyone that doesn't have one that way there will be no more nepotism.

  • Personally, I think step 8 is where nepotism really began. Ema's father is already engaging in nepotism by offering her roles in his movie on a whim. Nepotism is the practice of persons in positions of authority or influence favoring family members, acquaintances, or friends, particularly by GIVING THEM JOBS. To demonstrate her true skill, Ema was meant to acquire such assignments on her own. To be quite honest, it's incredibly challenging to work with an untrained actor even if she does have these talents and her father just offers her jobs in movies. And why worry about a novice actor when there are other excellent young actors auditioning who could be chosen but wasn't because he selected his daughter Ema

  • Stage 8 is when nepotism starts. Ema gets a part in her dad's upcoming movie without having to demonstrate the skills and abilities required. This restricts or denies audition opportunities to those who could have been better suited for the role. I also notice that Ema has grown up near friends and family who continue to provide her with more fame after the movie comes out.

    The previous steps also show that Ema lives a life of privilege and wealth because of her parents’ success. She was able to attend an expensive drama school because of their wealth.

    At step 10, she utilizes her parents’ success to audition for new roles. This is unfair because rather than focusing on her own skills and capabilities, she instead uses the skills of her parents to obtain roles. At step 12, the final step, Ema only repeats the cycle by giving her child a role in her latest film.

  • According to the analysis Nepotism starts from step 9 because prior to the election that took place in my country Nigeria , a nobody became a somebody through the internet . In a collation center Peter Obi a presidential candidate had the highest point so a man started cheering, then someone videoed him an posted him on social media, nobody viewed it ,but when the influencer viewed it and then he reposted it and it went viral because he had 6million followers. so what i am trying to say is that Emma would not have become a star if not because of her parents famous friend and if not because of the influencer Tunde Edmot that unknown man would not have become famous.

  • I think that Emma was talented in imitation and acting, so her father chose her to act in one of his films. The task did not mention that Emma was forced to work, although she is a beginner, but perhaps Emma enjoys acting or watching those who act, so she loved working from a young age, but the 11th step I think is a child Emma will be forced to work with his mother's Emma in cinema and films, as it was mentioned that Emma gives Cash a role in her latest movie..

    But does Cash like working? Is he talented? They didn't mention that Emma gave him advice or anything, but why the nepotism? It could be that Cash loves another profession and his dream is to become something other than an actor. Why is nepotism??....

    It is corruption in society that we hope to get rid of....

  • I think that each of us has a different opinion, and you have my opinion that she starts from the eighth step, why because her parents gave her a role and this is called nepotism because she used personal relationships to obtain this advantage

    This indicates inequality in access to employment opportunities, leads to feelings of frustration and mistrust, and leads to the disintegration of society

    But some people believe that nepotism can help in obtaining job opportunities that they would not have had access to without it. Nevertheless, nepotism must be used in a way that preserves equality and justice in society.

    The point that no one paid attention to was whether the child was gifted or not. In my opinion, whether she has talent or not, employing her parents in the field of acting is wrong because it puts the child at risk and prevents him from getting a good education and the opportunity to live freely and choose her. future. Educational opportunities must be provided. Suitable for her to achieve her dreams and future goals

    Her parents must teach her that nepotism is an immoral practice of favoring people because of their personal relationships rather than choosing them based on their competence and skills.

  • I think that nepotism starts in the step 8 and 12. Because in step 8 Ema's father gives a role in his flim. This step is the reason of starting the nepotism because her father gives her a chance in the film industry just because she is the daughter to him, he can even make anyone as a star but her father choose ema to be a star. So here is nepotism starting. And in the step 12 ema gives a chance to her son just because he is her son. So i think that in the step 8 and 12 nepotism starts.

  • The nepotism begins at step ten because Ema starts using her parents to get auditions to get roles in movies.

  • In my opinion, I think nepotism starts at step 12 because her daughter, Kash, did not work for any job or role in anything, but her mother, who is a movie star, automatically gave her a role in her new movie without auditioning or showing her acting abilities. Meanwhile, other participants work hard to play a role in a new movie and they have to earn their spot.

    1. Can you find any Topical Talkers who think it starts earlier? Why might they think this?