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I have liked your poem accurate atom . The way you have used poetry to send such a wonderful to... Climate change in your country 27/4/23
I disagree because...the corruption of presidents is a lot more than that of kings and queens... The role of royals 27/4/23
In Uganda, we mostly experience tropical climate so it rains a lot and the temperature is... Climate change in your country 26/4/23
All the points mentioned above are not new in my country . Most workers strike due to under... Working conditions 26/4/23
I would like to know if the concept of the metaverse were to come into our daily life besides... ...Matthew Ball! 26/4/23
l think you have to work hard , follow your dreams and remember to never give up on your dreams. Ask Tina Brown! 25/4/23
In my opinion l support people to strike because it enables them to easily express their needs... …Joe Burton! 25/4/23
By the way, I also think your right about that. Competition #3 Making connections 25/4/23
Hello Matthew Ball , How did you make it when you were writing your first book THE METAVERSE ... ...Matthew Ball! 24/4/23
Hello Dr. Rachel Clarke , How did you manage to handle being a doctor at the same time you... Ask Dr Rachel Clarke! 24/4/23
Hi Mis Tina Brown , i congradulate you upon all your achievements . I would like to ask you a... Ask Tina Brown! 24/4/23