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Tina Brown is an award-winning journalist, editor, and author. She has been editor-in-chief of Tatler, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. She was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen for her services to journalism in 2000, and inducted into the Magazine Editors' Hall of Fame in 2007. In October 2008, Brown launched and edited the digital news site The Daily Beast, which won the news website of the year award in 2012 and 2013. For a decade she organised and hosted Women in the World, with summits in New York, London and Delhi, and smaller salons throughout North America.

Brown’s book The Vanity Fair Diaries was chosen as one of the best books of 2017 by Time, People, The Guardian, and The Economist. She wrote the 2007 best-selling biography of the Princess of Wales, The Diana Chronicles. Her follow-up, The Palace Papers, was named one of the New York Times’s 100 Notable Books of 2022, and one of The Times of London’s 37 best books of 2022.

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  • I liked your efforts for the community! Keep going!
    I want to discuss with you some questions. The first question, according to your experience, what are the characteristics that a successful person should have? Is there something you still want to achieve? What is your message to young people now?

  • Hi Tina..
    It was said that you are a journalist and an author, but I am surprised because as far as I know, I know that journalism is a profession and writing is a hobby.
    Is this true.. Did you like writing and did you get involved in journalism? How was your career in the beginning? Was it difficult, and if so, how did you overcome it...
    I'm interested to know so maybe I'll pass it on by your name to my school and my description.

  • I congratulate you for your efforts, but I want to ask you, should people set an example for them, or should they follow themselves as an example for themselves, and was your journey towards success easy, or were you facing some difficulties, and thank you for continuing

  • Hello Mrs. Tina, how are you? It is nice to hear from you, my question is how did you balance your work as a journalist, editor and writer???, and how did you feel when you achieved success that no woman in the world achieved, and how did it feel when your book was chosen as one of the best books in 2017 And a feeling when you received a medal from Her Majesty the Queen??, Is there anyone who encouraged you when you were young and you want to give credit to him??, I am waiting for your answer

  • What has inspired you to write your book " The Vanity Fair Diaries" ? Why do you think Time chose it as one of the best books?

  • Hello, Mrs. Tina, how grateful and happy I am to talk to a successful person like you. My dream is to become a journalist, but when I saw your achievements as a journalist and also a writer, my dream became bigger and you became my role model.
    I would like to ask you some questions
    1 . Who is the first supporter in the life of Mrs. Tina Brown?
    2. What advice would you give me to be a successful person like you in the future?
    3. What journalistic work has influenced you?

  • Good to hear about you Tina Brown, my parents use the daily beast often at home and i never new you were the Founder, I have had dreams of becoming a journalist and i have got to found a role model like you now. So i have got these question to ask: How have you managed the stress of tight deadlines?

  • Mrs. Tina, what did you do to get all this respect and appreciation? Can you give us some tips that will help us to have such success?

    1. l think you have to work hard , follow your dreams and remember to never give up on your dreams.

  • Hello Tina Brown, my question to you for today: 1- What is the content of The Vanity Fair Diaries book, what are its advantages and the motives that made it one of the best and most popular books of 2017, and how can we as teenage students benefit from it?

  • I was impressed by your achievements and I hope to see more achievements
    planning it for this year.
    I have a question? Was it your dream to be a journalist or was it your lot to become a journalist?

  • Hi Mrs. Tina
    I am very proud to be talking to a successful person like you. I hope to become a successful journalist like you one day. You are now my role model. I hope to become one day like you. I would like to ask you some questions.
    1. Who do you send a thank you letter to?
    2. My dream is to become a journalist. What advice do you give me to become successful like you?
    What is your next book

  • You have a wonderfully intriguing story!
    How did the book (Diana's History) contribute to your fame and the development of your relations with the ruling family?

  • Hello, Mrs. Tina: Your wonderful efforts drew my attention because you will be a role model for women, but I want to ask you how you took this step and who encouraged and supported you. Are all women girls able to take this step and did I follow your words or the words of people?

  • What are the most important topics in your journalistic career that qualified you to reach this degree of success?

  • What ideas were discussed at the summits in New York, London and Delhi?

  • Hi tina good to hear about you I really dont know u before but when I searched about u got really inspired that being a women u have done alot in journalism. I my self interested in journalism but in our country mostly in rural and remot areas even this profession is considered as worst for females . And this profession is stigmatized u can say . I just want to know what u suggest how such mind set can b changed by living in limits of values fixed by society and tribes?? And proving that becoming jounalist is not a rebellion against values?? Looking forward ur reply

  • Hello, Ms. Tina, thank you for your efforts in the field of journalism and writing. I would like to ask what difficulties you faced when writing the biography of Princess Diana, and tell us some of the human and feminism aspects that we do not know about Princess Diana.

  • When I read about the words that describe you above and that you are a journalist, I remembered that a question came to us before that, “What are the qualities that make a journalist successful?” I would like to ask you this question about your journalistic career.

  • Hi Tina Brown.
    I am happy to talk to a famous and successful person like you.
    My question to you is about Topical Talk Festival. It's a good project and a great application of technology and useful for students. I'm glad to be a part of it and to be an expert in this project. .. My question is who is the owner of the idea for this project, and how did it start and spread to the whole world?

  • Hi,

    What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as a journalist, particularly as a woman in a male-dominated field?

  • Hello Miss Tina Brown,
    As an award-winning journalist, editor, and author, you have worked really hard to achieve these awards. My question is are there or were there any barriers or fears that you had to overcome to become what you are today? Were there anything or anyone trying to stop you or is there still anything or anyone trying to stop you to this day?

  • I love talking to successful people like you, Ms. Tina Brown, and have the honor to ask you some questions behind your impressive success.
       1. What is the reason for your success and brilliance in your life?
       2. What motivated you to continue to succeed and not despair?
       3. How did you manage your time between journalism, editing and writing?
       4. What advice would you give to people who look up to you and want to be like you?
       I hope you will answer my questions, because I would like to take some advice from a successful person like you.

  • How do you balance the need to be objective and impartial in your reporting with the desire to tell compelling, emotionally engaging stories? Considering your book about the Princess of Wales, Princess Diana.

  • Hello Tina Brown, my question to you for today: What are the consequences of organizing and hosting the women of the world and how did it affect the women of the world??

  • Hello Mam, Greetings!! My wish is to become a Journalist. I had a chance to know about you and your family, you are one of my inspirational people. I have a few questions to ask you

    How do you see your achievements for every given moment, do you dedicate your achievements?
    I am sure, you might have compromised many things in real life for your success – Can you share one or two with us?
    How come you manage your work-life balance? Any situations that required your attention parallelly?
    I see you are a successful woman, what might be your dream if not a journalist?

    Your response will make me happy and encouraging – Thanks.

  • I really love your achievements. Looking at you I feel that even I can do many things. However my profession and passion is not to become a journalist but even I want to do service I want to help people so I have decided to become a doctor. You've become one of my inspiration. You are a best example to show to the world that even girls can do anything. My question is, is there any small issue in world which might grow and affect us in future?? And what is the problem in today's children which we have to change?? And can you please give us some tips to achieve our goals please!!!!!

  • Hi Tina Brown
    Since you are a woman working in the field of journalism and have hosted many women around the world, have you ever thought about solving the issue of violence against women or plundering their rights? I believe that your field allows you to seek a solution to this issue by bringing the voice of every woman who has suffered from that problem in solidarity with her, and if you have sought to do so, how have you done it?
    Many people think that journalism work is very easy and that it is easier than any other work, do you agree with their opinion or not? Since you work as a journalist, is there a side we don't know behind the cameras?

  • Dear Mrs. Tina, my question is, have you ever encountered a rejection of one of your reports, your opinion???

  • Hello Tina,
    I dream of becoming a journalist in the future like you but people around me don't encourage me and keep telling me that it's a dangerous job especially because I'm a girl. So, do you think that they're right? And what are the positives and negatives of being a journalsit? One last question: Do you encourage me to become a famous journalist like you? 😊

  • Dear Tina,
    You work as an author, an editor, and finally a journalist. Now which of these jobs is the most interesting, the most daring and the most difficult and why?

  • Hello dear Tina,
    I'm a big fan of journalists as I describe them as the strong and courageous ones. I have a question for you and I hope that you'll answer it. 😍
    Based on your experience in journalism, what qualities do you think a journalist should have in order to be successful and popular?

  • In our country Palestine, the job of a journalist is too risky and critical because journalism is the real face of reality since everything is documented through pictures and videos. Do you think that being a journalist in your country is also dangerous, if yes, tell me what makes it so?
    Thanks in advance

  • What advice would you give to female students who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism?

  • Women face challenges in Arab societies, such as searching for work, participating in social activities, or obtaining government positions (we would like you to tell us about the most prominent challenges you faced in your career); And who was the supporter who helped you to continue? (And what advice do you give me as a student at the beginning of my journey to search for myself in society?)

  • Although you are a famous journalist, you chose to write a book even though we know that journalism and news are an important and useful means of communicating news. My question is, do you think that communicating information through writing is better than communicating it through the media and the press?

  • Hi Miss Tina. Did you have enough experience writing books? Or was it a hobby and you worked to develop it? And how do we as students explore this hobby?

  • Nice to hear all this great information about you....
    My question is, did you have a supporter in your career, who was he? Would you like to thank him in the coming days?

  • I was really amazed by the duration of your fame and the extent of your diligence and hard work to reach the best. I want to ask you, how did you overcome all this effort, fatigue and exhaustion to reach this position and value in society?

  • Women face many difficulties in their lives in terms of work, participation in activities, or obtaining a promotion (a higher position) in the Arab society. Can you tell me about the most important challenges you faced in your working life? . Who was the reason you kept doing this? Can you give a speech to Arab societies about the importance of women in societies? Also, can you give a word of encouragement to women not to give up their rights?

  • Hello, Miss Tina Brown. I was very pleased to hear about you. I would like to ask you some questions: 1. How did you reach this distinction and success? Have you ever faced rejection for one of your reports? 3. What is the problem with today's children that must be changed? 4. What are the biggest challenges you faced as a journalist?

  • Hello! My question for you is that in Nigeria there are many cases of male chauvinism and that is because they feel males are more important than females so what advice will give the females for them not to be intimidated by the males and for them to believe in themselves and their innate talents which could help them significantly change the world and lead to development.

  • Hello Mrs Tina,
    What do you do to reduce your carbon footprints?
    If you had to pick a job in metaverve what would you do?
    What would you advise the government to do to compensate the students that have been affected by the strikes?

  • Hello dear Tina,
    You have a very distinguished profile and I really admire you. Such a gifted journalist!
    Now, since you are a well-known journalist, which do you think is better being famous and everybody knows you or being away from fame? And why?

  • Miss Tina Brown as a journalist, editor and an author how do you feel to be always writing or typing good and interesting books for years and you are still known for your job, haven't you ever get tired or run out of ideas. So please if you have can please tell us what you do to get more ideas coming.

    1. I agree because... most people run out of ideas and intend to steal other people's ideas inorder to get famous for something they did not do and make others miserable.

  • would like to ask Tina, despite your great achievement, what was the biggest obstacle you faced during your work and how did you overcome it?

  • I enjoy reading about women who are making a difference in the world, and I know you are one of them. Some people believe that we should abolish royalty; what are your thoughts on this?

  • Hi Mis Tina Brown , i congradulate you upon all your achievements . I would like to ask you a few questions. First of all I would like to know if your journalism career affected your writing in any way . Secondly, are all your books containing similar information or some contain different information and what lessons do we young people in this generation get from your books .

    1. I agree because... l would also like to know if your journalism career affected your writing in anyway.

  • Hi Tina Brown,
    How are you doing? It would be nice to meet you . And my first question is what or who inspired you to organise and host women in the world, with summits in New York, London and Delhi, and smaller salons throughout North America. And I would like to also ask for your experience as a journalist, editor and author in life.

    1. I agree because she is a very inspirational woman and of course every one wants to be successful like her

  • Hi Tina brown, As soon as I read about you immediately wanted, how did you become an editor-in-chief of tatler, vanity fair and the New Yorker. And also isn’t being an editor, journalist and author too much, how did you cope with all that work?.

  • A question I have for Tina is why did she choose to be a journalist of all disciplines and careers to be chosen? Was there a particular reason that attracted her to it?

    1. I'm not sure about this because... She might have had the spirit or maybe she was also encouraged by someone or family member or she might have studied alot about it since child hood.

  • My questions are as follow:
    1- What were the difficult situations that you went through during your career as an editor and author, and how did you overcome them?
    2- Would you please provide me with advice that you followed throughout your career that helped you to encourage me to achieve my dream to become what I desire?
    3- Also, do you still love this profession and do does this love stay the same until now?
    3- Also, what inspired you to become an author? Is it your love for books, or what?
    Sincerely, I am eager to hear your wonderful response❤️‍🩹.

  • Hi Tina, what can the world do to make royals and non-royals be on good terms and what can it do to reduce corruption?

  • I agree because... being such a successful person like *YOU* is the thing every one would wish for.
    I love the spirit Tina Brown keep it up . Encourage other people so that they can be the next Tina Brown.
    thanks for giving me the spirit

  • How can the government of Britain equalize with other countries?

  • Hi madam
    I wanted know how experts actually become what they are?

  • Hello, Dr. Tina Brown, it was a pleasure to talk to you. You are an example of a hardworking and ambitious woman. I want to ask you how you reached this stage and what motivated you to become a journalist, editor, and author. I know that each of these professions is tiring and arduous. Why didn't you choose one profession and wanted to go into three arduous and tiring professions? ? I hope you answer a question and I hope to be like you when I grow up.

  • Hello, Dr. Tina Brown, I would like to ask you a question. You are now a newspaper, editor, and author. Do you think that your job in journalism and editing influenced your profession is authorship, and was the job of (the newspaper and editor) the reason for publishing and popularizing your books?? I hope you answer my question

  • Hello, Tina. 🤍
    In our country Palestine, it is difficult for women to work in the field of journalism because they may face risks and have a difficult job for them. Did you have problems or risks when you chose to intervene in this field? Do you advise us as students to think about this?

  • Hello, Mrs. Tina. I admire all of your achievements. I want to ask you, what are the obstacles you faced in your journey to obtain awards and this experience?
    And how do you think we can face the person who tells us we can't
    I wish you more success❤️

  • i like your efforts , in future i want to be just like you

    1. She is making a lot of impacts in lives . Her achievements are astonishing

  • Do you know the republican system? Can you, Miss Tina Brown, tell us how the governor is chosen in that government, because this question has occupied my mind

  • I'm thinking in the future to be a journalist. Could you, Miss Tina Brown, give me some advice for that?

  • Hello, I admire your achievements very much, and they are very impressive, and I congratulate you on them. My question to you is, do you prefer the monarchy over other regimes, and why?

  • Miss Tina Brown my question is did it ever get to a point when as an author you felt like changing your passion . Did you feel like engaging in something different

  • Hello Tina
    I've heard you are a journalist, writer and editor, as impressive as that is, how do you manage it all, how do you balance it all and have time for each one and yourself?
    Under journalism and writing, which came first?. Did you find journalism through writing or was it the other way round and which do you like the most, journalism or writing? in journalism you record information from the public and other resources but with writing, you express yourself through the books you write and you interpret reality in a way that makes it unique. So which do you prefer?

  • I am really impressed by your successes. I really hope to be like you as a successful person. I would like to discuss with you something that I do not like in my society, which is preventing women from completing their university studies or jobs, and they should only pay attention to their homes, husbands and children. Hear your opinion on this topic