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Joe Burton is Head of Mentoring at Arts Emergency - a social justice charity that helps young people aged 16-26 without connections, flourish in further education and navigate their way into creative and cultural careers. Its programmes include; mentoring, coaching, work experience, and connecting young people to a network of professionals working in creative industries.

Joe's role involves leading a nationally distributed team that supports mentor pairs across the UK, helping them to achieve measurable and meaningful outcomes for young people.

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  • What was the motive that prompted Joe Burton to establish the Counseling Department and how did this department affect his community?

    1. I agree because... I think he built this section to consult people about his drawings or works, or to resolve any dispute between any two people

  • As an artist, how can you use the skills inherent in youth to recycle in a way that combines art with preserving the environment

  • Hello Mr. Joe, I hope you will answer my next question. In your opinion, is social relations related to academic excellence? According to your work experience, what are the most distinguished types of young people in her life (people who have good relationships with the family, or without them)?

  • Hi Joe Burton,
    I'm glad to hear about you and your profession sounds different for me. I'm very happy to know about such profession. I wanna know about your opinion towards nepotism and what does it actually mean ?Is it something good or bad?

  • In your experience, how prevalent is nepotism in the creative industries, and what steps can be taken to address it?

  • I liked what you are doing, because with this work you are developing your country and many writers and artists are becoming in your country, but my question is how did you think of this thing?

    1. I agree with you, Mr. Joe helps others well so that it gives them a motivation that empowers them to face life and look at life as if it is a video game that you can win. A nice question and I want Mr. Joe's motivation to do this beautiful work, and also Mr. Joe, how can you adapt to a life of volunteer work?  ???, and why did you choose the age group from 16 to 26????

      1. In my opinion, choose the ages between 16-26, because this age group is the most developed, flourishing and mature thinking group.

      2. In my opinion, he chose the age between 16 and 26 because they are the age of reckless youth, but at the same time it is distinguished as a time for developing ideas and building personality as much as possible, as it is an age in which a person can understand life and adapt to it, but a person in such a situation needs someone to guide him in order to be able Building in society is also the age of building, prosperity and reconstruction in society, and we must take advantage of these positive and strong energies in building society

  • Hello Mr. Joe, my question to you is
    1- What are the reasons that made you establish this institution and what did you benefit from this experience??

  • Mr. Guo, I'll tell you a story before I ask the question, a story that happened to me and it's about the greatest blessing. Before my mother put the "cheese sandwich" in my school bag, she would take the first bite of it, because I don't like the empty edges of the loaf, and I would look at her features and smile. And I was always at the break between the two lessons, I took the sandwich out of the bag and kept looking at the place of the bite, how can a mother leave a smile for her son on a piece of bread, this story affects me a lot because some people in our country do not appreciate the blessing of the mother, which is the greatest blessing. So the question is, have you ever seen someone this gentle in your work?! Have you lived with anyone who doesn't like being close to their family?

  • Hello, I want to inquire about how to set my goals as a distracted teenager

  • I liked your efforts for the community! Keep going!
    I would like to discuss with you
    The fuel of creativity among young people is the exchange of ideas and cultures,so in your opinion ,how can the government here provide these opportunities for creativity through cultural exchange programs between universities from different countries of the world?

  • If the idea of ​​ nepotism no longer existed in our world, what would happen?

  • Welcome. I hope you answer this question. Is our society today working to achieve equality between men and women, rich and poor, black and white? And how?

  • Hi Jeo,
    Instead of helping youths between the ages of 16-26 you can help the children between the ages of 5-14. Because ages with 16 to 26 are in college or working ages but ages with 5 to 14 are studying ages and they can not work anywhere. So think with this and let me know that why do you choose the age group between 16-26 for helping.

  • Hi Joe. It's good that you're helping people, and it's an honorable and wonderful job. Now I have a question:What is the best strategy that could be used to face favoritism or reduce it?

  • I believe that there is unequal treatment between men and women regarding the issue of inheritance under the pretext of the older brother, customs and traditions, so as a female, what is the best way to take my right?

  • When competence and high qualification are credited for hiring and promotions ,people compete in production and creativity, and society advances . However, in many institutions, nepotism is viral and it's the main basis for employing, isn't there a law that puts an end for such an act ?

  • Dear Ben what are the potential implications of the metaverse on education, entertainment and economy ?

  • Hello Mr. Joe, I hope you will answer my question
    Do you think that men and women must be equal in all aspects of life?

  • Dear Ben,
    Do you think that in mataverse we will care about our feelings and our private relationships ?

  • When I read about your wonderful efforts, Mr. Joe, in trying to restore equality, I admired them very much. For our Muslim society, equality is considered one of the main pillars, and nepotism is rejected because it's unfair and discriminates between people. My question is: Do you think that we live in a world of equality and justice? if not how can we reach that point?

    1. I disagree because... in religion things like gender are important more especially as a Muslim the way a male will be treated is different from the way a female is going to be treated, so some people think that it is gender bias, gender inequality or gender discrimination.

  • (Equality does not mean justice) For example, how are the learned and the ignorant equal?
    How can equality and the demand for it be a factor of injustice?

  • I Do appreciate your work as Head of Mentoring at Arts Emergency because it involves supporting young people aged 16-26, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, to foster their creative talents and pursue their career aspirations. This involves providing guidance, advice, and support to navigate the complexities of the creative industries and access opportunities that they might not otherwise have had. Overall, your work is focused on promoting social justice and creating a more diverse and inclusive creative sector.

    My questions are:
    1. what inspired you to pursue a career in mentoring and how do you approach guiding and supporting young creatives?
    2.How has your work impacted your own perspective on the role of creativity and culture in society, and what have been some of the most rewarding moments of your career so far?
    3.Given the current challenges facing young people hoping to pursue careers in the creative industries, what strategies and approaches do you think are most effective in helping them navigate the complex and competitive landscape of this field?

  • This is very wonderful and we need it in all countries of the world. My question is how does the change appear to these peopleIn this institution and how to reach the stage of creativity and how it affects their lives

  • Hi ,
    What does your work bring to you?

  • I would like to ask you about how can we achieve balance between the economic growth and the social coherence?
    specially that economy is the foundation of the country and the society is the one who is getting effected by it

  • Hi Joe !!! That's a very nice job of teaching. You've been helping children for their higher education that improves the literacy rate of the country. You them work experience so that everyone can survive in someway all this helps to develop the country and its economic condition. We require people of your thoughts in India for the development of our country. I am very much inspired by you and have decided to work in an NGO as well as achieve my ambition to help many people!

  • Dear Joe,
    You've posed a very interesting and sensitive topic which I think most countries suffer from especially when it's related to men and women. So, do you think that both genders must be equal in all aspects of life??

  • Hi Joe, When I saw your impact on the community, I was very moved by it. I am sure that all young people in the United States look up to you as a role model, because you are truly a wonderful and special person. Now my question is: If a family loves each other and there is an unemployed person who is employed by this family even though he does not work in this field (wasta), do you think that society will be just and equal? What do you think about this ? ✨

  • In light of the development and artificial intelligence and its entry into all areas of our lives, do you see that you are an advocate and fan of equality, non-discrimination and discrimination that metaverse will enter into human relations and will it have a positive or negative impact on the constants that we will not disagree on at any time or place, which is equality and non-discrimination and separation?

  • As the Head of Mentoring, what are the key challenges you face in leading a nationally distributed team and supporting mentor pairs across the UK? How do you overcome these challenges to ensure meaningful outcomes for young people?

  • Hello, Mr. Joe, I would like to ask you, what are the methods of limiting and minimizing nepotism that you follow? And how do you seek to spread justice and equality?

  • Hello, Mr. Leo, there is a question in my mind, why did you choose to help people between the ages of 16 and 26 and not choose other ages?

  • Hello Mr. Joe Burton, I am pleased to speak with the Head of the Counseling Department. I hope to answer my question: What are the results of the distributed team at the national level and how did this team affect the youth

  • Hello Mr Joe Humans suffer from nepotism and bias when hiring employees. Do you think it is time for humans to hand over the hiring process to machines that do not have these tendencies? Do you think that automating repetitive and dangerous tasks can improve our lives, or will it be dry and unemotional?

  • Yes, it is very interesting and good, as young people are helped in the development of their lives, and as we know that people in their youth do not reach full maturity and may make a mistake, it is good to be helped by a fully matured person to less mature people to teach them about his experience in Life and what did he benefit from it or what did he do to reach that position so that they could follow him as an example for them

  • Hello Mr. Joe Burton, I am pleased with your work in educating and educating young people.
    This is a wonderful thing.
    Well, I would like to ask you a question: What can you offer the company that no one else can?

  • I liked your effort in the community , Keep going You are skilled . I want to discuss with you about a topic . The fuel for creativity that exists among young people is to exchange ideas and cultures , How can the government grant these opportunities for creativity by creating a program for cultural and social exchange between other universities from all over the world ?

  • Hello my friend, I see that you have done a great job, I appreciate your hard work and your wonderful thinking in order to do this project, but what motivated you to do this work? Was that among your dreams and goals? I'm sure you had feelings and thoughts you wanted to realize before starting this project. I wonder, did you have bad thoughts that you are afraid of not achieving what you want? Did you achieve equality because I see that among your goals was achieving equality, which includes human rights that are not exclusive to certain groups, but are for all and all components of society all over the world. Is there someone who encouraged you and worked with you from a friend or family? And last but not least, I am sure you went through a lot of fatigue, but now you are proud of what you have achieved because you are a persistent friend.

  • Many thanks to you and to your initiative . But I really want to ask you about a challenge that I face nowadays. I want to know how can I reach my goals and achieve my dreams within the family .How can I build my personality according to my beliefs and at the same time keep up the good relationship with my family? Is that possible ? Especially me because my parents are somehow old-fashioned .

  • What steps can organizations take to ensure that they promote equality and prevent nepotism in their hiring and promotion practices?

  • Hi Mister Joe: There are many people in my country who do not know how to write well, so what should we do to develop people’s hidden skills?!... And how should we deliver a message to those people that knowledge is a weapon that people should arm themselves with in times of distress?!!!

  • Dear Joe,
    Finally, we found someone like you to shed some light on such a very sensitive topic that the majority of those in high positions give the cold shoulder.
    So, how can we fight this phenomenon, and what are the best strategies to follow?

  • Dear Joe,
    Another question for you, isn't it a loss to reject the ones with high qualifications and are competent enough and hire those with no experience just for the sake of blood relations? Doesn't this reflect negatively on the general interest of the company or institution??

  • Hello, Mr. Ben, can climate change affect the soil and land, how does this happen... and what is its impact on the surrounding environment, and is it possible to affect the quality of agricultural crops

  • Thank you, Mr. Joe, for your efforts to achieve equality and non-nepotism in British society, but how can we benefit from the UK's experience in achieving equality and non-nepotism in developing societies that suffer from inequality, nepotism and corruption, which is the biggest cause of their backwardness? Do you think that good cooperation between the countries of the world can completely eliminate nepotism and inequality?

  • Mr. Joe, what do you think is the reason for the low percentage of nepotism and inequality in European countries compared to developing countries?Mr. Joe, how can we imagine a world without favoritism and inequality?

  • Hi Mr. Joe Burton.
    Since you prefer to answer questions related to equality, there is a question that baffles me about metaverse related to equality.
    And blind people will not be able to benefit from the metaverse, they will not be able to wear the glasses of the metaverse and enter the virtual world!!
    Doesn't the Metaverse and its idea include inequality and discrimination between people?! I could not come up with an answer to solve this issue, I don't think that the Meta company will see this aspect, as it is interested in financial gains as it spent about 10 billion dollars in 2021, and the number increased to 120 billion in 2020, how will the number become in the coming years!! This is all due to the benefit of Meta.

  • I liked your efforts for making young people flourish and letting young people know they have a bright future ahead of them. So the question i did like to ask is : Being an expert on the field of nepotism and equality,according to your researches which country or even continent is best at act of nepotism

  • Hello Mr. Joe
    First of all, I am really proud of your specialization and your help to the youth
    I would like to ask you about whether social media had more positive or negative effects on young people??

  • Hi Joe Burton, I like your way of thinking about exploiting young people, as you have accustomed them to shouldering responsibility and providing them with culture, scientific and artistic creativity and experience, and reducing unemployment by making them work in creative and cultural professional jobs, but in our time there are many creators and artists, on the Despite this, they have a low achievement that prevents them from entering universities and completing their university studies, so they turn to some simple jobs to provide for their livelihood, so what is your position towards universities that reject them? In your opinion, should universities provide specializations for their creativity?

  • How does Arts Emergency collaborate with professionals and organizations in the creative industries to provide work experience and networking opportunities for young people, and what role do these partnerships play in the organization's overall mission?

  • What are some of the biggest challenges that young people face when trying to enter creative industries, and how does Arts Emergency address these challenges through its programs?

  • Good day sir
    I would like to ask, how does your organization put the issue of inequality in check when choosing it's participants because the vision of your organization is great and a whole number of people would like to join the organization but i feel there might not be space for all who desire it, do you have an exam to determine their entry? if not, what exactly do you do to maintain equality. Also sir, do you mentor in any order place aside the Arts Emergency. If you do i will like to invite you to come to Nigeria because most of the youths are wayward and it is as a result of poor mentorship and i will not like to suffer the same fate. Lastly sir, why does your organization not have branches in various locations around the world? I mean, it's a great vision why let the rest of the world miss out on it? Why not create an online platform where individuals from all over the world can sign up and participate in your programmes?
    Thank you

  • Really, I liked your idea of ​​great things because you are a person who supports social justice and helps young people in the steps of progress, but I want to discuss with you something related to equality. Equality is a right guaranteed in law and human rights. Everyone is fair. Is there equality between individuals? Is there equality in work and competencies? Is there equality between the sexes, different races, and different religions, because there are major countries that discriminate to the present time between white and black? a You explain to me where equality is and how it is done

  • In my opinion l support people to strike because it enables them to easily express their needs and exercise their assertiveness since when they keep quite their needs are not met as soon as they would like it to be .

  • Hello Mr. Joe
    Iam really inspired by your confidence ,you started a social justice charity that helps young people aged 16- 26 without connections and I thank you for helping the youth to get further education and helping them to achieve measurable and maeningful outcomes for young people

  • Hello, Mr. Joe, your work and efforts have drawn my attention. With this work, you are building the future of many young people. But my question is, what is your work strategy and what is the main goal of this work?

  • Hi, my question to you is, how do you think society will be without achieving equality in all its aspects, such as sexual discrimination between males and females, religion, color, and race?? What motivated you to seek justice? Finally, what do you want to direct people to achieve equality and justice??

  • Hello Mr. Joe Burton, I am so happy that you are someone who works to spread equality and help young people with their problems It's great when you share your experiences with people and help people get to where they're good at and I want to ask what are the ways that will help young people to get positive results??

  • *Can nepotism ever be acceptable in certain situations, such as in family-owned businesses or small communities?
    *What steps can be taken to prevent nepotism from occurring in the workplace, and what are some best practices for promoting a fair and equitable work environment?

  • Hello Mr Joe,
    1-In what ways can nepotism undermine efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
    2-How can organizations ensure that they are hiring and promoting based on merit rather than nepotism?