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Matthew Ball is the CEO of Epyllion, which makes angel investments, provides advisory services, and produces TV series, films, and video games.

He is also a Venture Partner at Makers Fund, Senior Advisor to KKR, Senior Advisor to McKinsey, and Co-Founder of the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF on the NYSE.

Matthew’s first book, THE METAVERSE, was an international best-seller.

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  • I'm really excited to find out what Matthew Ball thinks about the future of the Metaverse in gaming.

    1. Great to see you are excited to take part, marvellous_fig

      1. Me too,maybe I will lucky and subscribe
        I hope to be as good as you think

  • I want to work at Meta and get some advice from Matthew!

  • Mr. Matthew, after my research on the subject of Metaverse
    I've heard that metaverses will kill mobile devices, but how will companies like Apple and Samsung deal with this problem that threatens their market value?

    1. Apple & Samsun are two smart companies in the full sense of the word. I do not think that they will disappear and lose. Rather, I think that they will keep pace with the times and produce worlds of their own similar to the Metaverse, and they may buy shares from the Metaverse, and this is not strange to them, as they are, as they say, the giants of this age and the controllers in all channels of communication. I would not be surprised if they opened a similar branch within the Metaverse and sold advanced technology within it, and it may specialize in the field of avatars.

    2. Two global companies such as Samsung & Apple cannot lose. I believe that they can invent a phone with high and advanced technologies so that metaverses do not disable the device

  • I am really glad to join my questions with your honour!
    Mr. Matthew, we as teenagers, how can we balance between the reality we live in and the virtual reality in Metaverse or addiction in general?

  • What an excitement to learn about the Metaverse and how it will relate to our lives as students and our future visions!
    Mr. Mathew, can you explain how metaphors can help you in your work as a corporate consultant?

  • Mr Mathew I really like you but can you give me some advice to get into your way of thinking I'm working on I'm having a great future

  • Mr. Matthew after researching on the topic Metaverse.
    I found out there was an author called Neal Stephenson who described it in his novel “Snow crash “ his description about metaverse is it the same with the one we know now ?

  • When you were young, around the age of 16 or 18, did you expect to be like this now, or did you strive to be like now?

  • what is the role of VR And AR In the metaverse and is the metaverse real

  • To what extent have the developments and technologies of Metaverse reached

  • Did Balls first book, THE METAVERSE, influence Matthew Ball. And what is the effect on it

  • Metaverse is so strange that we cannot comprehend it until now, but after 2025, the metaverse will be real and will develop rapidly, and after 2030, we will not be able to imagine our life without the worlds of metaverse. Will this be the first stage in the distant future, and will the human mind be linked to the metaverse directly? What if our entire lives were metaverses?

  • Hi Matthew Ball. I have some questions for you.
    My questions are:
    1. How did you decide to enter this field? That is, was it passionately from you or encouraged by others?
    2. What kind of books are you most famous for writing? And why?
    3. Have you ever tried writing a book about your life with advice for others?
    4. What is the book closest to your heart?

  • Why are you racing countries around the world are developing metaverses.?
    Is Metaverse a double-edged sword, and does its pros outweigh its cons?

  • What if we lived hundreds of years inside a virtual world ?

  • Hello, I am really interested in knowing the social aspect and the impact of metaverses on social closures

  • Are Mataveses like there are many websites?? And it may be the next iteration of the Internet

  • Metaverse: An ecosystem of interaction, its name appeared in the nineties in the novel (Snow Crash) in 1992 / Question 1 -: Why are the countries of the world racing to possess this technology 2- Is this technology a double-edged sword in the sense that it has positives and negatives and I believe that its positives are more than its negatives

  • Dr. Matthew Paul, I want to ask you, how might the emergence of metaverses affect the way we experience and interact with virtual reality, and what are some of the potential benefits and drawbacks of this shift?

  • Hi
    The metaverse world is a very big world, and it can be used in many applications, and you can also easily log in to it, but on the other hand, you are responsible for it and you control what should be obtained and how this is very difficult, I want To ask you how you became an expert in this and how you were able to participate in more than one field in your scientific and practical life ?? And please give us tips on how to use it positively

  • What are the most important tips that you give in your book for beginners in the business world?

  • Hi Mr. Matthew,
    I have a small doubt about why most of the people are addicted in the virtual reality games than playing in the mobile games? What is the main reason and how can we come out of that addiction?

    1. The reasons why people become addicted to virtual reality games are the realistic experience, challenge, excitement, and escape from tangible and social reality. However, to overcome addiction, it is advisable to set goals, limit the time spent playing, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and balance playing with other activities.

  • Since you have a lot of work and projects, how did you find enough time to write your book, The Metaverse?

  • I'm really excited to find what Matthew Balls about the future Mataverse in writing

  • Mr. Matthew, I'm excited to see how the Metaverse evolves. Will it become a parallel universe, one vast, common, integrated, decentralized, common ownership, like the Internet, or will another idea come to replace it?

  • Mr. Matthew, can we participate in making the future, developing metaverses, and be the creators of the next metaverses?

  • I would like to ask you about how we organize our priorities as teenagers

  • Mr Matthew, after making my research on the topic the Metaverse
    It is said that the end point or the goal of the Metaverse is to replace the digital world ( internet ) with the virtual world. So how do you think people who work in the digital world will react ? Do you think they will accept the Metaverse to replace the digital world?

  • It is said that one can go to school in the Metaverse what if I decide to join the Metaverse school will I be certified ? Can I use the certificate to have a job there ? Can I still use the job in real life ? Can I also spend the money I make in the Metaverse in the real world ?

    I await your response

  • From the videos i watched about Metaverse, one can decide to live in it completely. My question is what happens to my body in the real world when I go in and decide not to come out of the Metaverse? How will I eat? Will the food I eat in the Metaverse sustain my body in the real world? If not will I die in the real world? What happens to me in reality if I die in the Metaverse? Will I also die in the real world? I’ll be expecting your positive response. Thank you.

  • M.r Matthew you as expret what will happens in the future in the Technolegy (phones)and does it will effect us as students

  • M.r Matthew is it possiple the education be on line (on the computer ) or not face to face and the teachers wont explanation and does the tochnologh relation with that .

  • Mr Mathew what happens to the real world if all the people in the world decides to live in the Metaverse? Will the world continue to exist?

  • Are you thinking of writing or publishing a new book? What is the idea or theme of the book you will publish??

  • I'm curious about this question after I read the text, Dr. Mathol What is the difference between Virtual Reality vs. Metaverse?

  • Hi..
    I think that not all instructions and advice that can make a big difference in climate change are difficult. We can change our habits after getting used to them, but the problem is how can we convince people to make these commitments? I think the issue of persuading people is more complicated than the laws themselves?

    1. This is a very interesting point. What do you think is the solution to this, how should laws be enforced?

  • Hello dear,
    It's my pleasure to have the chance to ask an expert on this topic. Now, I think that the age group that will be targeted by the Metaverse is children since they're easily tempted by virtual reality games and the 4D techniques which captures their attention undisputedly, so do you agree with me?

  • Hi there,
    I have a question that baffles me which is:  "When do you expect us to live in a metaphysical world?"

  • Do you think that the metaverse is like a blessing in disguise? If so, why?

  • Hello dear Matthew,
    What are the main roles of AR and VR in metaverse?

  • What kind of meta video games will be released and when?

  • From your point of view, how might the metaverse change the way we work,collaborate and conduct business ?and what challenges and opportunities do you see in the development of the metaverse?

  • Is there privacy for people's data in Metaverse, and if the answer is No what should we do in order to avoid the problems that we will face in the future?

  • As an expert, do you think people will follow virtual reality more
    from the real reality? And with the existence of artificial intelligence, can humans be dispensed with in the future?

  • Hello Mr. Matthew , I really care about TV series and movies, they are really great and I love to watch them, these things I really care about. Therefore, I want to ask you a question that caught my attention and interest, which is: What is the best movie or TV series that you have produced?

  • Can you, Mr. Matthew, tell me about the world of production and film? Because I really care about this thing and plan to be as productive as you are.

  • I am curious about working in Metta Company, what are the experiences and certificates that we need in order to work in the company, or are you the ones who teach and train employees how to work.?!

  • In fact, my question will not be about the company or work or how to deal with this, but rather I am very curious about (why might we resort to the virtual world.?) Why does development always resort to (abundance of time and effort)?!

  • I am curious about the uses of Metaverse and its importance in educational boards (universities, schools, colleges).!

  • As an expert like you in this field and achievements, I would like to know where your sea of ​​ideas began

  • How does the metaverse differ from virtual reality and if it changes the way we communicate with others on line what will we do ?

  • Hi

    Could superhiman powers be made possible via a virtual body?

  • What do you think of this question..

    Could the Metavesre help people to predict the future in the coming decades?

  • Mr. Matthew Paul, welcome.
    I have two questions for you/
    1- In your opinion, you and your friends are in the same business: Is the Metaverse fun?
    2- Will the Metaverse have a significant impact in the future and will it affect us as students?

  • Is the Metaverse, from your point of view, dear Matthew , threatening humanity in general, and what can we do to anticipate the risks that it will do in the future?

  • I would like to ask you and know your future vision regarding Metaverse
    Can Metaverse be a social issue with its development and spread in societies one day?

  • Hi Mister Matthew,
    It is an honor for me to ask you, sir, about the subject of Metaverse. Frankly, from my point of view, I see that it may change the lives of many people, perhaps all of them, in many areas of life. This topic was discussed in my class, and this question occurred to me: Can robots with artificial intelligence help solve the problem of climate change?

  • What are the companies and entities working on developing metaverses and what products and services do metaverses offe

  • How can users interact and communicate with Metaverse in a better and more effective wa

  • What are the tools and techniques needed to build a metaphor?

  • Hello,
    What technological achievement do you still wish to accomplish in your life?

  • Hi Mr Matthew,
    Really I have lots of questions for you, but I can't 😔 ask them all .l know. I have watched lots of videos talking about metaverse, but it's still full of mystery . My questions are,
    1 . According to what I have known that the crimes will increase,as a disadvantage of metaverse, so can the police catch the one who commits a crime and put him in a prison?
    2 . How can metaverse replace doctors and make operations for patients?

  • Mr. Ma Theo, do you think that we will completely dispense with the real world, and there will be no human communication between family and relatives?

  • I wonder with fear where we are heading in the virtual world? Will there come a day when we live in this world and our real world disappears?!

  • Hi, Mr. Matthew Ball, When I read about your topic and what you do, I was blown away. I was really shocked by this creativity. I will be like you in the future. You have made some of your achievements such as the game industry. I make a lot of games, and while reading about you, I'm definitely going to be like you. But sir, I'm curious about how virtual reality mimics our human senses? What are the disadvantages of this virtual reality?

  • l want ask you a question The metaverse has been touted as a potential solution to issues such as remote work, social isolation, and accessibility. How do you see the metaverse evolving to address these societal challenges and create new opportunities for connection, collaboration, and innovation?

  • I really like what you've done, it's pretty cool but my question is does violent video games affect real life

  • One of the golden rules of financial freedom is that you transfer your expenses from things that lose their value if you buy them to things that increase in value after purchasing them, for example if you buy a car the moment you buy this car as soon as you leave the showroom immediately, you lose from 10 to 15 percent of its value, if you buy clothes, glasses All brands lose their value, while if you buy things such as an apartment, real estate, shares in a good company, in the short term there are fluctuations, but in the long term there are good investments, but the question here is, is Metaverse investment a good boom for the world?! Will its value increase if it is used in this world greatly?

  • How can in the world of metaverse maintain the privacy of people? And how can Metaverse preserve values ​​and morals and build a Metaverse that is commensurate with the ethics and cultures of peoples ?

  • Hi Mr. Matthew
    What are the downsides of the Metaverse and How will it affect the world ?

  • Hello Mr.Matthew
    Do you think really one day metaverse will control our lives?
    Are You with or against the overuse of metaverse in films and real life?

    1. I agree because... It is expected that the Metaverse will become our workplace one day. It will change our personalities, make us able to bear the cost and create many experiences, change our creative thinking in the fields of programming and art, and enable us to open new markets. This is evidence that it will be our workplace. As for its excessive use, I am against it because it causes a person to communicate poorly with society. If this phenomenon spreads, it will affect the development and development of society, and the person will become dependent on living alone.

  • Hi ,

    Can metaverse reach to the total immersion? Can we build a complete virtual body that simulate all the nerves of human body? If so how can data collected by a virtual body relayed to our brain?

  • I think that closeness requires closeness. How could physical proximity be replaced by remote technology? Tell us how are virtual connections going to bring people closer?

  • Mr. Matthew Paul, I am curious to know: Is the Metaverse a real or imaginary world, and does it deserve to be developed, and after it develops, what effect it has on the individual and society, especially what it has affected us as teenagers, and how can we distinguish between it and our real world?

  • Hi Matthew!! The idea of metaverse is different but in today's generation people are misusing social media platforms. In that case metaverse is something where we can reach to any place virtually then how can we be safe??

  • welcome do you think it will be like I would like to ask you about the purpose of designing the metaverse and real life

  • Questions I am curious about:
    ●How can we ensure that the metaverse is accessible and inclusive to people from all backgrounds?
    ●What kind of legal framework is needed to govern the metaverse, and how can it be enforced?
    ●How do you see the metaverse impacting the future of work, education, and social interaction, and what opportunities and challenges will arise as a result?

  • I see that if Mr. Matthew made a cartoon about climate change and its damages, and this film addressed children, then in the future we will get young people aware of this problem

  • What are the difficulties of bringing small areas together in one platform

  • Mr. Matthew, I was pleased to know you, by joining your topic on metaphysics, and I hope you are happy with our topics.
    Metaverse is a good choice. Because it is something we always use and carry with us wherever we go.
    I hear about the Metavirus from my relatives, brother and grandfather, but I did not care about it like I did on this day.
    I was amazed by the abundance of information, and this made me ask myself some endless questions.
    Thank you for your kind person,
    Mr. Matthew.

  • Mr. Matthew, how can we as teenagers reduce addiction to phones and technology because it affects our real life

  • Mr. Matthew, after my research on the subject of Metaverse, I will have tow questions to ask and it is
    1.Why is the Metaverse generating so much excitement?
    2.How can businesses access today's metaverse-like world?

  • Mathew Ball, if someone is in the metaverse playing a game, if he/she has lost connection will that person stay in the metaverse forever and will not be able to come out.

  • Hi Mr. Matthew, can you explain to us the effect of Metaverse on teenagers and what parents should do to keep their children away from its negative effects?

  • Mr. Matthew paul,Hi
    /I have two guestions for you
    1- What is the purpose of the virtual world?
    2- What are the types of virtual world?

  • Hello, Dr. Matthew Ball.👋🏻👋🏻
    I was pleased to know you and I hope you like my questions.
    The virtual world is wonderful and controversial, and I am sure that it will spread quickly in the future, and I have read your book [the virtual world book], and I have loved, and I would like to ask you a lot of questions about it, for example:
    1. Where did you get the idea of the virtual world from?
    2- Do you think that the virtual world will continue or fail and end?
    3- Do you think that everyone will be able to deal and coexist and understand the virtual world?
    Will there be revolutions in the future due to the virtual world or not?

  • Hi Mr. Matthew Paul I want to ask you a question what are the benefits of the metaverse?
    Can people live away from the metaverse?

  • Hello 👋

    I would like to ask you some questions about the virtual world 🌏
    I hope to answer it
    1- What are the applications of virtual reality?

    2- How does virtual reality mimic our human senses?

    Thank you 💕

  • Hi Mr. Matthew, I'm glad to talk to you despite the long distance between us. I'd like to ask you a question about "How does virtual reality mimic our human senses?"

  • "I am very happy to join my questions with the honor of Mr. Matthew. I have been following the news about the metaverse, and I have heard about the sale of virtual real estate for more than 2 million dollars on cryptocurrency-based metaverse platforms. This raises a question in my mind about how something in the virtual world can have such a high value?"

  • I am really happy to communicate with Mr. Matthew, I have two questions about the virtual world
    1- What is the purpose of virtual reality?
    2- What are the types of virtual reality?

  • What are some of the key ethical considerations that companies and individuals should keep in mind when developing and participating in the metaverse? How can we ensure that the metaverse is a safe and inclusive space for all users?

  • We have already discussed metaverses in the computer department at school, and we have taken some questions about it, such as how metaverses help in human life, such as helping to organize administrative work, study and distance learning, or enjoying the company of friends and relatives from whom we are separated from long distances, or contributing to some games, and other applications The process, and we have taken its harms, positives, and harms What are the dangers of metavirus? It is considered one of the most prominent possible damages of the Metaverse, which is the loss of its users the ability to communicate with the real world and deal with it. Addiction to Metaverse and spending more time with it may lead to an unwillingness to acknowledge the existence of a world other than this virtual world, and thus losing contact with the physical world.We have discussed its importance or pros as companies can take advantage of Metaverse to create customized virtual workspaces that are ideally suited for company management and employees. Create virtual learning spaces or virtual tourism. New marketing opportunities and greater ability to customize products and services to users. Thank you

  • Hello there, I just wanted to say that how will we be able, using Metaverse technology, to talk to others, for example, if an American person wants to talk to someone else who uses Metaverse, how will he communicate with him knowing that there are millions of people who will use Metaverse and all of them are different in language, it will become boring if you cannot understand What others say, and the possibility that you will find someone who speaks your language is not that great, so if we can solve this problem, people will be more likely to buy Metaverse because of a sense of enthusiasm to get to know other people from other countries and visit places they dream of visiting.

  • Dear sir Mathew Ball if i was in the metaverse can i have access to a movie or cartoon by entering the cartoon and talk to the characters inside the cartoon.

  • Hi Mr. Matthew
    I am really proud to meet someone like you
    I would really like to ask you about Metaverse, do you expect people to use it well??
    In your opinion, will people's preoccupation with Metaverse affect their social relationships??
    Do you expect people to be restricted in Metaverse, or should they be left to their own whims

  • Hello Matthew Ball , How did you make it when you were writing your first book THE METAVERSE and also how does it fell when you are done writing it and it is time to release it ? Can you please tell me more about the Epyllion company . THANK YOU

  • Hello Ball
    I am really inspired by your book and i am a fan of all your movies,and video games. You have allowed people to use
    their imaginations

  • Hello Mr. Matthew, I am very excited to enter the fictional world of Metaverse, but at the same time I am afraid that it will completely control my mind, so do you think it will destroy or develop society?

  • Hi Matthew Ball,
    How are you doing ? And my question is what or who inspired you to publish a book about Metaverse.

  • Hello Mr. Matthew Paul
    What are the most important pieces of advice you give in your book?
    For beginners in the business world? And also I have a slight doubt about why most people are addicted to VR games instead of playing mobile games? What is the main reason and how do we get out of this addiction?

  • I would like to know if the concept of the metaverse were to come into our daily life besides games such as meetings, classes and so on would really put mobile businesses such as Apple,Samsung,Tecno and many others out of business or will they find a way of using it to improve their products .

  • Hi Mister Matthew...
    I want to ask a question...
    What language will we speak in metaverse space?

  • As young children, what can we do to protect our selves from the disadvantages of metavers?
    we love tecnology?

  • Hello Mister Matthew...
    I want to ask a question (Can children enter the Metaverse space, or is there an age limit?)

  • Hi, Mr. Matthew Ball
    My questions are
    1. What can we do to avoid the abuse of metaverse?
    2. What can we do to improve or help the metaverse?
    3. What is the future of the metaverse?
    4. Why is the metaverse so expensive?
    5. How does the metaverse improve the educational sector?

    1. I would like to answer number 1: what can we do to avoid the abuse of metaverse?

      One of the things we can do is to limit the time we spend on metaverse to avoid addiction, we should try to spend more time on what is going on in the real world and also try to be connective and also spend more time with our family members.
      We can also try to use it for educational purpose rather than gaming and other things that can derive our whole attention from the real world.

  • Very excited to know more about the Metaverse but I have a question, how do we protect ourselves as teenagers from the risk of addiction to such games, and can these games affect and overtake the use of smartphones?

  • Hello, Mr. Matthew, should the issue of the Metaverse be raised to develop it or close it? Do you think it is the ship that will transport us to our developed world or to perdition? Do you think it was reckless or an evolution?

  • Hello Mister Matthew🖐🖐
    What is the dark and frightening side of social media and metaphysics, and can we mitigate its danger?

  • Well, Matthew, my question to you is: do you think people will deal well with the metaverse and how will it affect them positively or negatively, especially teenage students because at this stage they are greatly affected by what is around them, especially social media and modern electronic devices??