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I would choose Mathew from the book The Goldfish Boy as he is very observant and is good at... Who could change the world? 02/12/22
I got 'You would be a great TV presenter or news podcaster.' I don't disagree with this as that... Competition #5 Journalism jobs 02/12/22
A girl once sent a letter to the owner of Disney. She asked him why none of the Disney... Films that make a difference 28/11/22
I think that Qatar shouldn't host the world cup if other countrys disagree that they should host... Controversy in Qatar! 17/11/22
also i think that you are right but children are protesting and having to hide their faces do... Iran: Should people speak out? 10/11/22
Yes i don't think it has to be a responsibility but i still think that people from outside of... Iran: Should people speak out? 10/11/22
what will you mention in the next cop meeting? how important do you think it is that you hear... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 10/11/22
i dont think that space exploration will benifit our future as it will take a long time for... Space: a positive human future? 10/11/22
I think that the one at the top 'seed drones' would be the most helpful as it can plant 40,000... Get creative, save the planet! 10/11/22