Space: a positive human future?


If you did this lesson in class, you would have discussed the BIG QUESTION for ‘Space: a positive human future?’

This topic’s BIG QUESTION is:

Is space exploration important for a positive human future? Why or why not?

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  • As someone who has always been interested by space, exploring space is definitely positive for human future. Space is something which is so logical yet mysterious at the same time. It has it’s own rules and it follows them, always. However what fascinates me is the fact that everything is so precise! If we had a little less or more gravity the universe would not exist. Similarly if the magnetic field were stronger or weaker we would not have existed. Space is the future and genius minds like Elon Musk, founder of spacex, agrees with this. Physicists like stephen hawking have always emphasised on the fact that space is the future.

    Yes, this might be way ahead in the future but considering how the human race is treating this planet we will definitely need another. Space exploration will not only make life easier but also help us look for more civilisations and thereafter answering the prolonged question- How do we exist?

    1. I can get that you are interested in space and all that but what do you mean by how the human race is treating this planet 🌏 I mean there is no way to treat a planet but the thing that got me the most is that how can space exploration make life easier just think about that space exploration is not that important it's just another thing that you can do in the world 🗺.

    2. What a thoughtful response. Tell me more about why Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk were the people you associate with this topic.

      1. Being a student of physics i love to explore the natural phenomenon and happenings in space. Stephan Hawkins is a big inspiration who firstly given the idea of black hole and travel through warm holes and space exploration. He was first ever scientist who encourage the idea of peaceful co existence of human and the alien is possible.
        And Elon Musk is going to launch the Starship rocket system. His contribution for the plans of Mars Mission shows his interest in the continuity of human race and provide a second homeland to the habitants.

    3. I agree because I'm also interested in space and you made a good point saying that space is so open an ready to be explored but yet so mysterios. I totaly agree with your point of view.

    4. While I agree to your statement, I am curious as to what sacrifices are made for such exploration, NASA while leading in the research in climate change, is releasing rockets (such as the new Artemis moon exploration) which release tonnes of carbon dioxide and have fatal and disgusting effcets on our own earth. I am curious as to why we should search space above when we still cannot sustain and care for our own planet.

  • I believe that space is important for a positive human future! I think that although you learn about space in your school journey, space is important to realise about some of the incredible features and amazing scientific discovery’s ! In NASA they shoot rockets to explore a new level of science.

    1. I agree space is more than just rockets and planets . Space is beautiful in many different ways . So yeah i agree!

    2. I agree because space is just not all about the features out there but is to discover what surrounds us and how we can use it to our advantage for example the idea of building a colony on Mars .

    3. Great response, explain a bit more about what kind of scientific discoveries space has helped us find.

    4. I also do believe this is important but it t very expensive and the money used for this can also be used for more important things like planting trees and cleaning oceans. Instead of finding a planet that we can go to just in case we should save the planet that we alredy have.

    5. I understand that going to space is unlocking a whole new level of science but ask yourself really, what is the point? Instead, we could spend the millions of pounds on helping LICs afford the basic necessities which will lead to less crime as more people will not have to steal to get what they need. Additionally, why exactly do we need to know about things outside of our planet? Surely, we should be spending money on things on the planet as this is the place where we actually live. I don't understand why so much money and resources are being used just to go out of the planet and learn about other things because what we really need to focus on is Earth, every human's home

    6. I disagree because if people go to space we will want to build there and destroy it and what lives there.

  • I agree that space exploration is imporatant for a postive human future as the benefits from space exploration are rooted in the generation of new knowledge, which has inherent value to humankind. Scientific knowledge acquired from space expands humankind's understanding of nature and frequently unlocks creative and useful Earth-based applications for society. The knowledge accumulated over many missions and the expansion of human presence into the Solar System help people gain perspective on the fragility and rarity of life in the Universe and on humankind's accomplishments, potential, and destiny.

    1. Very interesting, can you see any downsides to space exploration?

  • The discovery of space changed the world. We were able to discover many things in space, such as planets, stars, the moon, and many other things. Communications also eased because of satellites. And there are space stations in space. The first cosmonaut was Yuri Gagarin, a Russian national. Space is about 100 km or more from Earth. Space is predominantly black due to the lack of oxygen, which makes the sky blue. This is some information.

    1. honest_cat that's a lot of information, tell me how you researched this.

      1. In fact, I sat down with my family and they told me a little bit of information and I put it my way.

  • Is space exploration important for a positive human future? It's an interesting question as no one has ever thought of why scientists are exploring space? Do they think it has advantages for us? Ummm... In my opinion, yes, it is important, despite the huge money and a lot of time that scientists spend in space exploration, but this time and money did not go in vain. It also provided us with science and important knowledge to educate and educate people about the composition of our planet and the entire universe, such as the discovery of distant planets and galaxies. When I was browsing the news, I found that the budget of NASA amounts to about 20 billion dollars annually. This is a very large amount. Several question marks crossed my mind, so I went to answer them, as I read about the benefits and advantages of exploring the judiciary, as space exploration contributed to getting rid of water crises, as many countries suffer From the lack of water and has also contributed to its purification and also contributed to solving the climate problems that the world suffers from, which was one of the greatest fears of astronauts, as well as giving space exploration a different view of the world, as the astronauts who traveled to space were overwhelmed by the feeling of belonging to the planet Earth and not to their country It just enhances the sense of belonging.

    1. thanks for thinking about this so deeply, how did you find the process of finding out this information?

  • Although space exploration is necessary for an important future. We must keep in mind the fact that this may also lead to wastage of time , resources and money. Space exploration is an important factor on which the earth is depending upon for sustainable development in future.

    1. That is a very good point. How would you go about cutting down wasted time and money?

      1. How would you go about cutting down wasted time and money. I would be ashamed of myself for wasting time and money. Because other people could use that money like the homeless and people that could just use the money. And I would never waste money or waste time.

    2. I think that your very right about space exploration is necessary and it being good for our future.

    3. Thanks crafty_owl, tell us more about this wastage point

    4. I agree because it is very expensive to go into space.

    5. Thanks for your comment as it piqued my curiosity
      How can you say that space exploration leads to a waste of time, resources and money, what are the reasons?
      How can this problem be solved for you

  • No doubt ! it certainly is important for mankind on a long run. As a physics person i know that there are many experiments that could only be done in space this opens many doors to the proper understanding of some physical phenomenon such as" bose-einstein" condensate and the physical impacts of no gravity on biological organisms.
    Not only physicists can take advantage from space exploration even laymen like me can achieve some luxuries from it like the recent starlink project . using the knowledge about space travel we can improve out space transportation .
    So we can clearly see the benefits of space exploration and its completely lame to say that its not worth it.

    1. Thanks zestful_deer, tell us what is the best thing about being a 'physics person'.

      1. i am totally in love with it .What's the great part of it ? Physics is everywhere where ever you look .When you know about "einstein's theory of relativity" even sitting on a chair and feeling that what's actually going on makes it interesting. In my free time i am mostly indulged in physics. Actually why people run away from it is the way it's taught in school.From the smallest particles to biggest galaxies and then to multiverse it keeps getting interesting. ⚛👩‍🔬
        Thanks for asking .

    2. I agree because... space is important things to discover new horizons for the human race and governments must spend on space exploration because it helps fuel technological progress and creates commercial opportunities that benefit the economy, and this in turn leads to an increase in the amount of the money that can bespent on solving the most pressing problems in the world.

      1. Thank you for your comment @sensible_bee. Can you name a few discoveries made by humans by exploring space?

        1. *Well we discovered helium from the sun.
          *Above all that we are able to study about the fifth state of matter only in space.
          *dark matter and energy.
          *black holes neutron stars .
          *verification of einstein's theory of relativity.

          The goes on ......

    3. But the thing is with the benefits, there are a lot of disadvantages. Three of these disadvantages would be increased levels of air pollution - climate change is getting worse by day and launching a huge rocket or whatever into space will not help it. not only the actual launching of the rocket but the transporting of materials to the place that builds it and actually building it itself. that is a lot of emissions giving off which does not help our current situation. The second issue would be the rays from the sun being harmful to astronauts. roughly 30 astronauts have died in space and if we keep sending them out there then many more will and we wont discover anything new. a third reason is that it is way too expensive. money should be spent on housing homeless people, importing food, clean water, education, work places - overall just making life better for hopefully every country. one extra issue I have thought of is the waste from building everything. the material probably will not be used again and how do we know if they get thrown away properly? again, bad for the environment. this is four of many reasons on why we should stop investing money and sending people out to space

      1. Yes it has a lot of carbon emissions but as compared to other sources like industrial waste or car emissions this is nothing and if we abandon it there would be no internet and pur infrastructure would collapse.

  • Space plays a vital role in developing the nation and making us proud of the achievement we have attained today. Without space programs, we wouldn't have GPS, accurate weather prediction, solar cells, or the ultraviolet filters in sunglasses and cameras. Lots of medical researches are happening in the space right now so as to find another treasure in the planets that could cure diseases and prolong human lives. However as of now, these experiments can't be done on Earth.

    1. Thanks introspective_economics, tell us how you found out this information about medical research being done in space.

      1. It is just your self knowledge to research about the fields you want to enhance the development in future. Thanks a ton for reading my comment

    2. Although space exploration has helped us understand how things OUTSIDE of our planet work and helped us come up with different theories like the multiverse theory, wormholes, etcetera, it requires a LOT of time, resources and is financially exhausting to keep up with. Every year, NASA spends approximately 3 billion dollars on the maintenance of the International Space Station. In comparison to the money spent, the amount of understanding we gain of space, matter and time is very low in my opinion. This money could have been spent on dealing with issues like poverty, world hunger and other such problems on our very own planet. But ideas about space are also intriguing. I believe all opinions on this matter should be taken into account and the solution decided on their basis.

  • As an aspiring astrophysicist I think that exploring space is certainly positive for human future. Space is the one domain where we can question the roots of our existence. By exploring space we aren’t only helping ourselves with more knowledge about what lies beyond us but also trying to get closer and closer with little steps to our aim of finding civilisations and life other than us. The wide range of the universe is what actually gives our what ifs an imagination and hope. It is said that the way we are living we may not have our planet for long. That’s where the question comes. Where will we go, if we have to in the future? Where will we go to survive? How will we survive? And for this purpose millions of scientists are working day long. Finally, I would like to say that the only way we can actually discover that if how and by whom were we created, it is by the exploration of what lies way beyond us.

    1. Great comment focused_seed, tell us what inspired you to want to become an astrophysicist

      1. Sure. One day when I was watching Lost in Space( A TV series) around 4 years back I think, I saw the picturesque and heart melting view of the newly found galaxy. Although it was CGI it made me wonder about our existence and what lies in that darkness we are unaware of. Thus inspiring me.

  • According to me, space is a box of secrets carrying a lot of mysteries. Every step forward into the space is leading us to a better future. Human is in the run of opening the closed book of space that can finally benefit him. Like a Russian scientist, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, he was the one who gave the idea that artificial satellite was practical. Finally the first artificial satellite was launched in October 4, 1957. Now a lot of satellites are launched that may make our future better.
    We are in search of life on other planets. Like frozen water is found on Mars. scientists think that the end of world is near to occur due to negative aspects of human activities. If they succeed to find life in space, they shall set up a whole new world
    Such kind of exploration would definitely lead us to a positive future.

    1. Thanks for this reflective_orchard, that is interesting to learn about Tsiolkovsky. Tell us why the artificial satellite inspired you.

  • Why are we exploring space?! What is the point of the billions and dollars spent on space? The truth is that space exploration is very expensive and the problems that exist on Earth want solutions such as poverty, disease and war. The question is, “Why?” Is space exploration worth the billions of dollars spent on it and the high effort? Imagine yourself going to a new city? Can we just walk around your street you can't go to any other street? Do you not try to know this city and just sit at home exploring space and important planets. A very powerful geologist lesson. Exploration isn't just for fun. If we had explored space, we would not have known that Mars is similar to Earth. Space exploration is the reason for the existence of new technologies and advanced research since the beginning of space exploration. We are developing faster. For example, if we did not go to space, we would not have GPS and we could not have predicted the weather. We did not know anything about solar cells and phone cameras other than Medical research that works in space and for astronauts that lead devices to explore new treatments, including experiments that cannot work on Earth. Most of the new technologies were research, designs, inventions and innovations that worked mainly. For example, robotic prosthetic devices that work based on magnetic resonance imaging. Function al Magnetic Resonance lmaging. This is other than cancer research. Space exploration was one of the most important reasons for exploration and development of treatment methods, for example, the development of special studies and treatment of osteoporosis because pioneers Space is affected, for example, by the risks of space travel, such as the effects that astronauts have in space. Astronauts must be in a very high physical and health condition. They are affected by a very strong impact and lose muscle strength and bone fragmentation. To compensate for this, it takes four years on Earth without problems In the body and circulatory system, so exploring planets such as Mars and the moon TLtan is very useful. We can live on it. Why don't we explore a planet like Earth but empty for science. Exploration is one of the most important things in our lives and science has been named because we have to know why it was called exploration to live With new experiences and this is the nature of man who ignore knowledge and experience.

    1. Thank you for such a thorough response skillful_dragonfly . Which of the discoveries/developments you mentioned do you think has been the most influential and why?

    2. I think this is a really good comment because it also answears to many interesting questions about the amazing world of space but it also asks many questions so you can think
      about it and that doesn't make the text boring.

  • In my opinion space exploration is positive for the human future. There is still a lot to explore and understand in this big void of mysteries. My personal interest to explore would be gravity. It makes things act a lot differently than they do on earth.

    As far as today space has always been a huge contribution to humanity. It has helped in communications, google maps, satellite services, and much more. In the future, it can offer many advantages given that there is a whole new environment in space. No gravity is a whole new way of experiencing things and doing experiments.
    recently I had seen an experiment on how fire acts differently in zero gravity, in the earth we see flames rising up and long but this is actually because cold air is heavier and gives the way for hot air to rise up
    but in zero gravity hot air being heavy does not rise down due to absence of gravity. So the flame burns in a sphere-like structure which is surprisingly beautiful to look at.

    But looking at today's scenario of how humans are depleting the resources and are not using them judiciously, we will be forced to find a new home in the future. Then rockets would be used as cars to help us evacuate the earth.

    1. That is an interesting viewpoint - do you think that space exploration can provide new insights and innovations that will help ameliorate the situation back on Planet Earth or only serve as an escape from it?

      1. I think the more we advance in outer space, the more we discover it. It will probably only serve as an escape from earth. Considering people are still not using resources judiciously we will be forced to flee the planet

    2. Thanks illuminated_globe, tell us more about this exploration of gravity.

  • I do believe that space exploration is important,and it is some thing I have always been interested in.
    In a few million years the earth won't be habitable. By exploring space we can find many habitable exo planets like Kepler- 186f and gliese 667 Cc. We may find a way to travel at light speed, if the "helical engine" concept as nasa claims works there is a chance that we can reach a planet with all the necessary resources for our survival in the future.
    It may give us a chance to interact with intergalactic civilizations.
    We can explore the compounds found in different planets. Like researchers are reaching for "biosignature" gases to predict the presence of life.
    It can answer the question that does a multiverse exist?
    And discovering many horrifying yet magnificent interstellar objects and planets like tres-2b , rouge planets and neutron stars helps us realize that we are living in an extremely safe place.

  • Space exploration is kind of important for the human future because if we look into the future, we would be needing the help of the resources from the space and we already use many types of technology in space like Starlink which is used to provide internet coverage to 40 countries. Many satellites have been launched by humans in space for the storing of data, providing internet and communications to them. Space exploration is also important because it helps us in protecting the Earth from any cosmic injury by predicting the path of asteroids, planetary motion and many other things.

  • yes exploration is important for a positive human future because diving deep into space enables us to discover more stars, how long these stars have lived and how long it will take them to die. talking about discovery, astronomers have discovered a blackhole close to our own planet Earth.
    Exploring space will also give us clear answers to domination of other living species surrounding us, how these living things expand in number, how these living creatures move, basically their living standards compared to humans
    So i still agree that exploration is very important for the positive human future.

  • I'd say that space exploration might be one of the best thing that humanity could do because man kind could discover new sources of power that could help power the earth in a clean and sustainable way they could also find new elements that can help create faster and powerful technology. With the previous space expeditions humanity has come up with different inventions like scratch-resistant lenses, tap water filters, ear thermometers, satellite navigation and memory foam if we were able to discover things like that that are used almost every day imagine what great inventions await if we go deeper into space. so in conclusion I would say that yes space exploration is important for a positive human future.

  • With no hesitation , space exploration is one of the vital thing that mankind is depending on for a bright future and with my expectation it looks like humans have a very bright future with the space exploration .
    In the near future once space exploration has finally advanced , many more humans are most likely to benefit for it in the ways below;
    1. Once space exploration has finally advanced , thousands of job opportunities are to be made and this will most definitely solve the on going problem of unemployment in the world.
    2.Space exploration will also enhance on the communication and transportation in the world, for example , we will have so many improved means of transportation such as space cars, space trains and so on.
    3.The space exploration we also help to answer the going questions about our position in the universe and the history of our solar system
    4.This will also improve on the technology and robotics in the world hence making mans work easier and faster.

    We should also not forget that space exploration can also be a disadvantage /problem to the human life in the following ways;
    1.Once space exploration is made an occasional practice , this will definitely become a bad impact on the life span of humans since every time someone travels out to space many radiation enter his / her boby and this can turn out to be really bad for the human life span.
    2. We also can forget the amount of money that will be spent of all the different projects some of with may turn out to fail.
    3.Lastly , I can forget the number of lives that may be lost during the space explorations and this many be due to the damage of space crafts and astronaut by the asteroids in space.

  • What all scientists strive for is discovering everything new to achieve a positive human future. They spend a lot of time and a lot of money just to improve the standard of living. Many of the things they discovered in space also contributed to the knowledge of the life system, such as knowing the amount of gravity and the movement of planets and galaxies, and When they foresee the climare,people can be prepared for it, when astronauts went up and risked their lives to discover the new.

  • In my view, I think that the discovery of space is important and inspiring as well. I love discovering what is happening around space, and it helps me to think and discover. Also, if people and scientists pay more attention to space, things that are useful to us that we do not know will be discovered, and inventions around the world will increase because of the discoveries in space. In my imagination, when the passage of In a short time, there will be no cars. There will be vehicles that fly us. We rely on them to transport us from one place to another. It will be one of the most important inventions that man uses.

  • Space exploration is very important for a better and positive future for us but it is also mysterious and not easy to discover, it needs more thinking about how we will discover new things in space and how we will Access space.
    Going to space isn't as easy as we think it needs money and time, but the country that can travel to space will be successful and advanced in the future, so space will help us in the future to discover new things and new planets. Also, space will help us to develop our thinking.
    When we discover space completely our life will be easier than now.

  • Space is not important for a positive human future because incase there are many people who would want to travel to space this would cost the government a lot of money to pay for the equipment needed, workers who will work on building the rockets and at the end that country will run bankrupt because it would have spent a lot on that project because there are high possibilities of this failing and a lot of money will be lost and therefore the country won't have enough money to improve or provide for it's citizens social services which will lead to the downgrade of the country and this will make it underdeveloped.

    1. Do you think it would still be worthwhile if countries joined forces to share the costs?

      1. Yes, it would be worthwhile because people will be able to undergo special training where by they will learn different skills which will help them to even apply and get a job as an astronaut which is a high paying job and this can help many afford for themselves and their families. Though the problem may come in in ways like distributing the earned money from the project among the countries where by they will all not get equal share so this can result into wars.

        1. This is an interesting point -- but the question is broader: do you think space exploration has a positive impact for _humanity_, not just for the lucky people who get to go to space?

          1. yes, space exploration has a positive impact for humanity because it helps one discover new things, it helps some scientific theories and it also enhances safety on earth like incase there is an asteroid or meteorite about to hit earth this helps them to find ways of protecting it.

  • Of course ,I think that without space exploration we would have missed alot in this world like for example the earth and moon's movements. If there was no space exploration people would still wonder how the four seasons happend and how the day and night cycle was formed till now.
    We did learn in school that space was also used in medical ways to cure diseases and that most of the experiments can't be done on earth .
    In my point of view I think space exploration is important to humans because it expands our knowledge and technology .
    Space exploration was also used to know what's going on around our planet earth like when a meteor or a star would fall on earth , they can warn before the action happens.
    And the more we explore about space the more we know about our planet earth.Without space exploration we wouldn't have found out how different our planet is from others in gravity temperature and the planets texture .

  • ↳ Space with planets can be a shelter for human beings when the Earth is exposed to natural disasters, and people flee it towards viable planets. Space can also pose a threat to the Earth because of comets and planets, a vehicle that may collide with it or the Earth is exposed to cosmic radiation that is harmful to life on it

  • The space exploration is important for positive human future because space exploration allow us to prove or disprove scientific theories developed on earth studying solar system for example, has brought us insights into such phenomena as gravity, atmosphere and the geologic evolution of other planets without space program we wouldn't have GPS, accurate whether prediction, solar cells , or the ultraviolet filters in sunglasses and cameras there's also medical happening in space right now that could cure disease and prolonge human lives , and these experiment can't be done on earth

    So in my view space exploration is important for us

  • Being a student having interest in space I do not hesitate in agreeing the statement that "Space Exploration is important for a positive human future." Long-term Survival,International Collaboration,New Technology,The Economy,Inspiration,Perspective are some of the best reasons for space exploration. It opens several doors and ways for mankind; as it is a very long way for mankind to run. We got inspiration that surely contributed to many civilizations starting from cave drawings, through the Greek myths and philosophers, until today when we mostly use a scientific approach. Today we can say that we have already reached several significant achievements in space exploration, for example going to the moon.But this is just the beginning of something way bigger.
    Looking back, we can clearly see the effect of the money spent on space exploration and how much we achieved with it. I hereby say that space exploration is one of the best areas to invest in and is essential not only for humans, but for any intelligent species across the universe. It influences the society on many direct and indirect levels and has thousands of applications in technology.

  • Yes space exploration is very important for a positive human future.Space exploration is contributing much in improving the facilities on Earth.Space exploration has improved communication on Earth like it helps people to connect with each other.It is also much needed to enhance safety on Earth like with the sattelite information,we can predict the natural disasters and it can help to support emergency relief.Space knowledge also challenge our assumptions and pushing our boundaries by exploring the unknown.Moreover, in the present age it encourages youth to take interest in science,technology and to gather information about the planet in which they live.So yeah in my opinion,space exploration is much needed for positive human future.

  • Due to the advancement of technology in the 20th century, this had been made possible; It became feasible to send animals and machines and then soon enough humans to space. Space exploration isn't an easy quest and billions are being spent on it - contrary to popular opinion who believe that it has much better use here on Earth. I believe that Space exploration paves way for many more scientific discoveries and that is beneficial for us to move forward and develop. I believe Space research is key to having a positive future.

  • I expect that the answer should be yes, because there are many influential people who aspire to build cities on live in them any thing bad happens to the earth in the future

    1. That's an interesting point. However do you think this is positive? Some might argue that the resources spent on space exploration could be put to better use by improving the situation of the planet.

  • I think exploring space and advancement in human race are proportional to each other. Not only it open us to think beyond our imagination and have something substantial to debate upon but also nurture the young minds to explore and research about the unexplored.

  • Well, only the blind would say space exploration is useless because if you are a person of vision, you can clearly see that with the climate change that is going on upon the earth, space discoveries might be our only hope if we don't act very fast. In actual sense, space exploration has enabled us to find out more about the universe we are in, created more technical jobs for the youth and has also enabled us to know how to protect our planet from getting destroyed. Countries are able to enhance their security through space exploration and research has shown that some industrial raw materials are acquired from space for example water and oxygen which also equally support life. Space discoveries also inspire young people into astronomy and this is a sign that we have a bright future since the young generation is also interested in such an important aspect. Actually in most space movies, they bring the ideas of saving humanity by finding a new home in space.
    So all that makes space exploration WORTHY of every single MINUTE and CENT spent on it.

    1. I agree that space travel is very important in researching how to protect humanity's future, some people argue though that scientists and governments should be doing more to protect their people in the present. What do you think about this?

      1. Well, protecting people is important but we have to as well protect the future world where descendants will live and given the current situation of climate change, space might be our only hope to save humanity's future because its through space exploration that countries are able to research about the problems threatening Earth's future for example depletion of the ozone layer, greenhouse gases and their anticipated effect as well as global warming. Still its through space countries are able get clues on how to slove these problems so as the protect the future of humanity. In conclusion, I think it would be selfish to let the future die so as to live in present of high threats.IT IS BECAUSE PEOPLE IN THE PAST FOUGHT FOR OUR FUTURE,THAT WHY WE HAVE A PRESENT TO CHERRISH.

  • No doubt !space exploration is important for a positive future Experement that occur without gravity occur in space We only study about solar system in space We test many physics theory in space .space exploration allows us to prove or disprove many theories developed on earth .In space we study about different planets and we study about there atmosphere or if live possible on these planets which things are required.In future without space programe we would not have GPS ,accurate weather prediction ,ultraviolet filters etc .Many medical research tapping in space to cure diseases
    👉🏻positive effects of space exploration
    🏷️improving health care
    🏷️making scientific discoveries🏷️Enhancing safety on earth🏷️Commonication on whole world
    Using the knowledge of space travel we improve our space travel .I think so space exploration give benefits in future

  • Although exploratory space flights are very expensive and sometimes may be dangerous, but they are very important, as they open up new horizons for us to see all the creativity and unfamiliarity, such as exploring other moons and planets.
    The exploration of space made us think away from the expected and exceeds to the the unexpected ,like the sudden climatic changes that may occur in a particular country we expect and take care of what is going to happen, and the opportunity to see other planets is in itself a wonderful challenge also to deviate from the ordinary and challenge oneself with new and creative cosmic creations and conclusions.

  • The space is a very massive place with giant heavenly bodies.I agree with the statement that space exploration is positive for human future.Exploring in a very mysterious place having no starting and ending .The places may vary in each other due to it gravity and distance from the hot star Exploring on space has many advantages which makes us learn about other many planets like earth. Living in this polluted planet makes every youths and adults desire to migrate on another planet. This will be possible if great people try it .Some benefits like different kind of health care and saving our planet are advantages of it.It makes us learn about scientific things and discoveries .The space has been a wondering question why scientist ,NASA always does research on space spending millions of dollars?It's for saving our mankind and making more civilisation . I conclude my lines saying space exploration is for positive and better human future.

  • From my point of view, Yes!! Space exploration is important for a positive human future.....

    Beacuse it concerns many things that benefits humans and it also discovered many things that amazed the human mind!!!

    I believe space itself is a different wolrd....
    The discoveries baffle my mind so
    " The sunset of mars appears blue "
    "There is a Planet made by diamonds"
    I'm always curious to know about space things. It is doing many things to make human life easier.

    Also, it's quite good to know mysterious things about EARTH....

  • It is because it helps you see earth from a different point of view.Like on earth there are buildings,cars,people, houses,and it's loud.But when you go to space you see the whole world like the oceans,grass,and clouds and it's
    just quiet just you and your mind.And the best part the stars.The stars are the best part because they're pretty and they shine as bright as the sun and it's just you and the stars.I do think that space exploration is important for a positive human future because it helps you think and when everything is quiet you can think about the things you want to do or be in life and you go for it.

  • That has led to the development of various technologies that feed back into the economy and improve our lives on Earth. Without space programs, we wouldn't have GPS, accurate weather prediction, solar cells, or the ultraviolet filters in sunglasses and cameras.

  • In my opinion , I believe Space Exploration is important for a positive human future because it can let us know what is happening in the atmosphere and if it is something bad that could affect our life on Earth , we would know what's coming and how to avoid it.

    1. I agree for example what if an asteroid is about to hit the earth ? And I love this idea that the scientist had to discover the threat which is the asteroid and blow it up before it reaches earth.

  • In my opinion, Space Exploration can be important for a positive human future because , I believe it would be good to know about the atmosphere, and any one else that can possibly be out there. Also if anything was to happen that we couldn't control based on the information we gathered from the exploration, we would know some place that can suit our needs the same way earth does . (not exactly) .

  • Space has many variabilities and dangers, however, I personally believe that space travel has many benefits for human society. Space could be full of useful resources that could be used in many different methods that could benefit the lives of all the citizens on Earth. Many scientific breakthroughs could become reality and maybe we could even contact and form bonds with other living life forms in distant galaxies or planets.

  • I think space exploration is important for a positive human future. The reason why I say that is because imagined when the people of NASA explore space and find something new from a planet in outer space, and then after they research the new item from outer space and it could possibly be the beggining of something new for the Earth. Also exploring deeper into space could also be good for future astronauts to find to more information about Earth.

    1. I totally agree with sympathetic apricot. Because knowing about other places would be a really big impact on earth because we could possibly live in those places.

  • space can be use as a place that we can use when ever earth becomes to harmful to humans so we could go tho the moon and get water and food from the earth often and we could try living and we might be able to survive a few more centuries till we find a way to get back to a safe earth.

    1. This is active_statement logical thinking, but when the food crisis, pollution and global warming spread, there will be no clean water or any food that we can eat, so we must fix the land that we spoiled instead of finding alternative solutions, which may be difficult But on the other hand, as a physicist, this is very important and very good for us in the future, as the population is increasing, and there is no place for them. It would be useful that we have two habitable planets

  • For us,It is very important.Not only it lets us explore the universe,It also helps us with future exploration.It inspires people to make their dream to explore space.The ISS helps relationships between countries.Satellites help explore space.NASA launch rockets to the moon.Together,people can help make space make a better place.

  • I am a huge fan of outer space , I always dream about going there some day. I really do think exploring space would make an impact in our future as humans . Thanks to scientist and technology these days we are able to use a telescope and see the beautiful starts. Also scientists curiosity has helped us see how climate change is affecting our galaxy and glaciers.
    It really fascinates my how in outer space there’s no gravity and on earth there is . Without gravity we humans would not be here . Exploring outer space has also helped schools learn about them too .
    Just imagine what other extraordinary inventions will be made to help us learn more about our universe ?!

  • Without space programs, we wouldn't have GPS, accurate weather prediction, solar cells, or the ultraviolet filters in sunglasses and cameras. There's also medical research happening in space right now that could cure diseases and prolong human lives, and these experiments can't be done on Earth

  • Yes, it will play a big role because I am interested in space, which is a very good idea. If they explored space and were able to come to people, I would suggest a solution which is (Planet Earth has a congestion crisis. If we find planets, we will transfer a few people to the other planet. This thing will help us a lot in the phenomenon of global warming because If we move people to the new planet (the population, and thus the greenhouse effect will decrease), then I will have solved two problems, the problem of global warming and the problem of congestion.

    1. Do you think this is an easy solution, sceptical_journalist? What might some of the challenges be?

      1. I agree because... What all scientists strive for is discovering everything new to achieve a positive human future.

  • i agree with blithesome_instrument,What all scientists strive for is discovering everything new to achieve a positive human future. They spend a lot of time and a lot of money just to improve the standard of living. Many of the things they discovered in space also contributed to the knowledge of the life system, such as knowing the amount of gravity and the movement of planets and galaxies, and When they foresee the climate,people can be prepared for it, when astronauts went up and risked their lives to discover the new.

  • Further exploration will potentially involve expeditions and the other planets and settlements on the moon as well as establishing mining and fueling outposts, particularly in the asteroid belt. Physical exploration outside the solar System will be robotic for the foreseeable future.

  • What is the safest secure currency in the world. The swiss franc (CHF) is generally considered to be the safest currency in the world and many investors consider it to be a safe-haven asset. This is due to the neutrality of the swiss nation, along with its strong monetary policies and low debt levels.

  • I think space exploration is important for a positive human future because you can get an interest in space and you can be an astronaut or study space or anything interesting, you get to discover something new, and scientists make a lot of money doing it.

  • I would say yes, I said yes because I feel like space is very important because earth is outer space. We live on earth so therefore it is very important.

  • According to me space exploration is literraly definitely positive for human future. Exploring space has always brought about proving the scientific exploration and theories, man has got to know more about the solar system which makes it logical and mysterious. That is why positive and fore sighted people like Elon Mask are investing in the space exploration. I think space exploration is the future for human cause in future some raw materials will be got from space like the hollywood movies we normally see this makes me think that we have to advance in technology so that we benefit from the space exploration

  • Exploring space is certainly positive for the human future because we don't know what's beyond the universe and we don't know if there is a planet that has life being on that planet. Also, it helps us discover new things in space that we never discover and it also helps us discover asteroids that may hit earth or other planets. Furthermore, exploring space has features that we don't know about and it helps discover a new stage of space.This why space is important.

  • I believe space exploration is important. Why do I think its important you may ask well because it might seem scary but you never know whats out there it could be a whole world out there that we don't know about so I believe that we should explore space and get more into whats out there. Another reason I believe we should explore space is because we could live on Mars or other planets which would be pretty cool.

  • Is space exploration important for a positive human future? Why or why not?

    Space exploration allows us to prove or disprove scientific theories developed on Earth. Studying the solar system, for example, has brought us insights into such phenomena as gravity, the magnetosphere, the atmosphere, fluid dynamics and the geological evolution of other planets.

  • I really do believe that space exploration is really important and also fun beaucase you can discover some really instresting discoveres and shocking facts about space, especially from NASA. Then they come home and tells us all about it.

  • I think that the act of space exploration is important for humanity's future. Even though mankind HAS stepped on the moon, there is still multiple things that we don't really know like wormholes in space and even other planets from far away galaxies that we don't know but I know we will find them... someday. We have and we hopefully will find more material that will help us to find more ways to cease things like globule worming, etc.

  • i dont think that space exploration will benifit our future as it will take a long time for humans to live in space and it is practicaly impossible for a human to live somewhere where there is not breathable air and no life or water so to have a human live on mars they would need masses of oxygen tanks but that probably won't be enough. even water would be impossible to drink as you wouldn't be able to breathe without a oxygen mask wilst drinking water.

  • When I think of space I always think of the infinity of the universe, the time, the stars, the blackness, and the splendor of this perfect creation.
    I have always been interested in space and astronomy, and I also believed that as human beings we have the mind and the ability to realize that it is our duty to explore, learn, benefit and reconstruct the earth. On the other hand, I have fears of negative interference by humans in this creation and causing an imbalance in the universe.

  • The idea of ​​settling humans on Mars was ridiculed which was the plan of "Elon musk" ( companies: Texla and SpaceX) but people agreed when NASA joined their plan.

    How can people live on Mars??
    According to an information "Artificial robot are send on Mars so that these robots makes a protective shelter for humans. In 2026 a group of human beings are send on Mars with their huge luggage for pass their 2 years. According to scientists, at first they green house in which only potatoes and beans are grow. As the plants grow, Oxygen, essential for human survival will be produced, but this oxygen is not enough for all human beings for living. But this is enough for some people and these people trying other experiments."but...

    After 50 to 100 years they'll successful to make Mars like Earth 🌏

    1. I agree because i feel like living on mars is nearly impossible but with the money they use it for this but....
      think about it we can spend it on other things orphans,widows or even countries as of now the UK is in a energy crisis but this can go to a good cost!

  • Allah Almighty has blessed humanbeings only with thw qualityof pondering upon reaities of this universe .So to know abt unseen had always been very excitung nd attractive .
    In my oponiin space exploration is vey imporatant as its benefitting humanity when they sit comfortably in their homes nd relishing the comforts of knowing weather pridiction . Live matches sessions of any program . Besidespeople r also enjoying many things in their daily life that owe to space exploration . So its important as a positive human future . Space exploration has opened doors for us to know that life is also possibble on other planets too .

  • In my opinion, the flights of space scientists and their spacecraft required a lot of fatigue, time, effort, resources, years and financial budgets, but their results and what they obtained reached us and exceeded all these thresholds and were greatly beneficial, as they enabled us to answer even a few of our questions that revolve in our minds about outer space .
    I can say that space exploration is agreat and valuable amount of knowledge and science to raise people’s awareness and teach them about the basic understanding of the planet we live in, the entire universe, distant galaxies and what we see in our daily lives from the sun, moon, stars or even those satellites that we may not see.

  • I believe that we have just started to understand our universe but still I believe that there is more to what we have found ,we need to incorporate more scientist from the developing countries so us to spread the knowledge to others that we have a huge world to discover ahead of us .

  • It is important because a human needs to know about space before he go's to it

  • I always wondered that what if we are not alone in this universe what if there others literate and civilized
    life form different from us in terms of morphology and intelligent as discovered by the ISS .

  • I believe space exploration is the next great frontier and a very positive thing. There is a lot of potential in the future. If we could discover ways to reduce the space exploration cost, we could do things like asteroid mining that would allow us to to stop mining earth and get important minerals and other metals from space. That would be great for earth. Space Exploration also has indirect benefits because we are also investing in Science so it propels more and more students towards STEM education which obviously is positive.

  • Space is a massive exploration ground for humans . In space there can be just about any anything .It can be good and bad , so I feel that the risk is worth the reward. Because we just might know whether it'sthe solution to our next problem

  • For me, I am always interested in space and I. Sure that many of you are interested too so exploring space is positive for human future.

    There are lots unknown things in the space and the scientists only discovered a very small part of the space and there will always people who want to discover the space.
    Day after day we discover new things in the space and knowing that space or the universe is very large compared to the Earth or the Solar system is an impressive thing.

  • absolutely! space is full of secrets and mysteries that are yet to be discovered. Exploring space allows scientists to prove and disprove scientific theories developed on earth. for example, studying our solar system brought us awareness of such phenomena as gravity, and the atmosphere, understanding the evolution and origin of other planets, and discovering our primary source of light and heat OUR SUN! without the exploration of space we wouldn't know any of the information above. And considering the fact that we are currently going through an environmental crisis, we are in desperate need of finding another planet that we can possibly live on. space is mostly a fantastic playground for scientists or in other words an endless source of knowledge and learning that's helping answer some of the questions about basically EVERYTHING!! and as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said " if you want to reach the infinite, then explore every aspect of the finite"😉

  • i would say that space exploration is very positive for humans because it let us to explore more and more about the world and universe . And it is also the nature of the man that he want to explore where he lives.
    space exploration also lead us to know that where else could we live as we all know that the climate of earth is increasing day by day and one day will come when we won't be able to survive on Earth
    i also really want to explore space and want to enjoy by floating in space , Without gravity how does it feel!
    but unfortunately my country don't have enough resources to spend money on space as it take million of dollars
    But he one question that arise in my mind is that why are we spending billion of dollars for space rather we could spend this money in improving the condition of our own planet
    I am not saying that we should stop exploring , i know we can't and we should not because we should always have a knowledge about the universe in which we are living but i think that we should reduce the expenses spend in space