Competition #2 Questions for leaders

15 December 2022

Winners announced!

Your competition entries this week were of such a high standard that we couldn't choose only two winners... so this time, we've got three! The winners are: charming_weaver of Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss in India, eloquent_impression of Kibeda School in Sudan and fascinating_goat of Elite Scholars Academy A in the United States of America.

You will each be awarded three stars. Well done!

  • charming_weaver | Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss A | India 07 Nov 2022

    This question would be to the Minister of Education of my country, India. What measures are you willing to take to make our students life-ready than exam-ready? How do you think the focus from academic based education to skill-based education could be planned and implemented in our country, where too much of importance is given to academic excellence alone? By When can we expect this transformation to happen in our country?

  • fascinating_goat | Elite Scholars Academy | United States of America 07 Nov 2022

    The questions that I would have for a leader that is running would be:
    1.) How is your leadership going to impact the nation?
    2.) What will you do with the high poverty rates in America?
    3.) What are you going to do about the rapid numbers of school shootings increasing?

  • eloquent_impression | Kibeda School | Sudan 10 Nov 2022

    I come from a country where females are granted very little freedom and hungry, homeless families line the streets, so I imagine a new leader to have a vision for immense change and to be passionate about being a better prime minister than their predecessor.
    I would ask a candidate the following questions to make sure that they have Sudan's best interests at heart:
    1. How do you see Sudan in 5 years?
    This is to ensure that the candidate has a direct vision for the future that they will carry out without hesitation to make sure that the overall state of Sudan steadily improves.
    2. How will you proceed with the Sudanese citizens so that you are accepted by them and lessen the general civil unrest?
    This is to ensure that the candidate is non-violent and will not attempt to force Sudanese citizens to stop the riots and protests that have become common over the past three years.
    3. Why have you joined the elections to become a minister?
    This is to ensure that it is not a thirst for power that guides the candidate's decisions but a genuine sense of loyalty and responsibility towards Sudan.

An election is when people vote to choose a new leader. The people who put themselves forward to be the leader are called candidates. During an election you’ll see candidates in the news more often, because they want to persuade people to vote for them.

Your challenge is to think of three important questions to ask a candidate who wants to be the leader of your country.

The questions could start with the following words:

  • Question 1: “What…?”
  • Question 2: “How…?”
  • Question 3: “When…?”

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  • It can solve climate problems, rebuild broken streets so that there is no flood in the time of rain and other things. Job problems such as the problems they face, including unemployment and lack of job opportunities, can solve this problem by opening free and available centers for professions for people Unemployed people who did not have the right to work and others.

    My question to the leaders:
    1/ What do we gain from being a leader?
    2/ How will you make your decisions? Do you think you will be with relatives, friends and acquaintances be fair or will you be unfair?
    3/ What will you do about the problems? Do you think you can solve all the problems and take control of your country?
    4 / When do you wish to be a role model, position and fame?
    I wish you a successful and beautiful driving...

  • My questions for a new leader would be: What do you hope to gain by being leader? How do you hope to influence your country? When do you plan to carry out what you said you were going to do?

  • My questions for a new leader would be
    1) What would you do to uplift the citizen’s economic status in your country?
    2) How would you create a structure that won’t differentiate between different classes so as to bring prosperity?
    3) When can this change of your vision be implemented to bring tangible gains?

  • 1. What is your vision for our country?
    2. How do think you can solve the effect of climate change especially flooding?
    3. When do you think is the right time to take step to solve these problem of climate change especially flooding?

  • My questions for anew leader would be
    1_ What will you do about people with weak abilities, workshop owners, and technicians in the learning sector?
    2_ How will the support for these people be, and will you consider them in the first list of those who have a brilliant future by providing them with job opportunities?
    3_ And when can people enter the industrial sector and provide them with industrial schools?

  • My first question to a candidate in election in my country or city will be

    ▶️what policies are they designing to reduce pollution?
    because in my city air pollution is a big deal and it's causing a lot of health problem including lungs cancer which is fatal .
    My second question would be
    ▶️How are they going to provide a safe and protected environment for children?
    Because child abuse is increasing rapidly and it is some thing that needs to be taken under consideration immediately.
    My third question would be
    ▶️What are their plans on building educational institutions (especially for women) and hospitals which provide medication for the poor ( especially for the dengue patients because it's a major cause of death in Pakistan)?

  • My questions will be...
    What will you do about the rapid spread of EBOLA?
    How will you make Uganda a safer and better country?
    When do you think the above things will be done?

  • My questions for a new leader would be;
    1.What will you do about the gender inequality in our community because their is a lot of inequality in areas like employment where men are being given frontline jobs leaving women out, women are not given chance to participate fully in politics and democracy.
    2.How are you going to raise awareness of gender equality and how do you plan to implement equality between men and women of our community. How are you going to bring women on board to see they are not left behind in are area in terms of employment,payment,politics and other areas where they are made inferior.
    3.As a leader with vision of prosperity of our community and when do you hope that gender inequality will finally be kicked out of our community and where do you see women of our community in years to come in your reign.
    I would ask those since its a major problem in my area and they would enable me to see how this new leader thinks of gender equality.

  • 1_What will you do to develop diplomatic relations with other countries to provide opportunities for cultural exchange and education development?
    2_How can a vote, that is freely cast, be a vote against democracy?
    3_When will financial and moral support be provided to young thinkers on global issues such as climate change?

  • I belong to the country where recent flood episode due to global warming played havoc to the highland tourism.
    I would like to ask the questions to the candidate are;
    1. What steps she/he going to take in order to make Tourism sustainable and environmental friendly in my country?
    2. How she/he is going to attract eco-friendly and responsible travellers?
    3. When will be the foreign tourists reconsider themselves safe from terrorism and sectarian violence in the country?

  • My question for a new leader would be. 1. What are you going to do about many youth dropping out of school?
    My question for a new leader would be. 2. How are you going to better how teachers are getting paid countrywide?
    My question for a new leader would be. 3. How are you going to solve the problem of shortage of food countrywide?
    My question for a new leader would be. 4. When are you thinking of starting to drill oil from Lake Kyoga?
    My question for a new leader would be . 5. How are you going to stop high crime rate in this country that won't stop committing crimes?

    1. These questions are very helpful since we will be looking for that leader that can solve all of these questions.

      1. I think leader who can solve all the questions is the leader the people choose with love and priority and he / she is trusted by the people

  • Hi I just wanted to ask a couple of questions to our leader. The major issues that the country is facing and how your going to solve them. These are my questions.
    1. What are you going to do about the Ebola crisis that is rising fast in the country? According to the research I made, 16 additional confirmed deaths and cases have been added onto the list since 28 October, 2022.

    2. How are you going to solve the issue of forced evictions? Are you going to build a shelter for all of the victims to this eviction or will they have to find new homes for themselves.

    3. Lastly, when are you going to start acting on the children's rights case. It has been brought quite a few times in the past.

  • My questions for a new leader would be;
    1. What will you do to stop the violation of children's rights in our country?
    This is because according to my research the cases of violence recorded in Uganda is on a percent of 52.6% and before we think of anything else we first have to ensure the safety of the children because they will be our next leaders in time to come.

    2. How will you see to it that the problem of pollution is controlled in our country?
    This because the rate of pollution in Uganda today is increasing a lot and around 90% of the people are affected by pollution.

    3. When do u hope for your country to develop when you are still in power?

  • 1.What
    -What do you want to achieve in your term/terms in office.
    -What do you think of your opponents.
    How you plan on achieving your goals.
    When shall you implement what you promised during campaigns.

  • My questions would be...
    1.What are you going to do about the spread of ebola which is killing many people?
    According to the news and my research we have heard 131 confirmed cases and 48 deaths so its your job to reduce on the numerous deaths in our motherland.
    2.How will you solve the problem of hunger in Uganda?
    This is because there are many people on the streets having sleepless nights because of hunger many people are dying each second and we are tired of this.
    3. When do you hope that these pandemics will stop?

  • This question would be to the Minister of Education of my country, India. What measures are you willing to take to make our students life-ready than exam-ready? How do you think the focus from academic based education to skill-based education could be planned and implemented in our country, where too much of importance is given to academic excellence alone? By When can we expect this transformation to happen in our country?

  • According to the problems in my community, I would ask an aspiring leader or candidate the following questions;
    1: Our community is affected by high levels of carbon emission and so it is country wide. What measures you as an upcoming leader put in place in order to solve these problem since the cause can not be eliminated because it is important to people's lives?
    2: We also have a problem of poor primary education facilities hence this primary education is very a useful part to the success of a person. How could you develop the primary education facilities so that the children in our area get quality primary education?
    3: The other problem is un safe working conditions that put workers' life at risk and no one can come up to speak out since most of them need the jobs, and the government has always promised to solve this problem.
    When is the government going to solve this?

  • Well, a really tricky challenge !
    I never thought about the questions that I wanna ask from a new leader.....

    My first question from the leader would be:
    What will be your vision regarding the country?
    I believe that a person who has a high vision can rule best....

    The Second question i ask:
    How will u implement that vision?

    If a person has a goal or a vision, he must know that how can he achieve it by adopting the best strategy.

    The 3rd question would be really simple:
    When will you solve the most important issue of the country?

    I think....he must know the best time to solve the crucial issues regarding the country.

  • My questions for a new leader would be.1. What would you do about children of our community who do not go to school?
    .2.How will you help them?
    .3.When do you hope that what you will do to help them will succeed or will be put in action?
    And what affects me personally is that most leaders of both our country and our community do not care at most times if children go to school or not and in most cases when children stay at home most of them are mistreated what can be called child labour.

  • My questions for a new leader would be.1.what are you going to do if another pandemic comes ? will measures to cut carbon emissions affect us as a country ? 3. when are you going to increase pay for workers ?

  • From your manifesto,you are saying you are going to do alot obut what i see,my community is facing a lot problem that previous leaders have failed to isolve for -example the sanitation of our area where rubbish is allover the places and sometimes it ends up in the wetlands,young going school children arenot schooling because of the few schools in our area and those that are few are far away from their homes which makes it hard for them to move long distances to go to those far schools thus resorting to stay home.This has resulted to a problem of a high dependence rate,young families(young boys and girls marrying each other),increased robbery where the young ones have resorted to stealing since they have nothing to do to occupy their minds and what to eat .The big quetion is "WHAT WILL YOU DO TO SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS"
    How will you manage to stop corruption in our area ?Because most of the funds that are meant to develop our community like building of schools,constructing roads is taken away by some leaders and sometimes they use that money to develop their family members instead of the community.
    When do you hope to do all this moreso when our country is financially not stable?

  • My questions are:

    ●What's your manifesto for executing throughout the country after becoming the leader?

    ●How will you implement on your manifesto with respect to time lines and plans?

    ●When you face dead ends in implementing your manifesto, how will you tackle the situation?

  • My questions for a new leader would be
    supposing he/she is contesting for president in Uganda
    1. What will you do about the problem of underdevelopment in Uganda? ,that is;
    there are so many factors that are leading to underdevelopment of Uganda for example unemployment of people whereby both illiterates and literates are currently wandering to find jobs which is leading to"brain drain" of the literates(skilled labour) into other stable countries leaving Uganda with labour of inappropriate qualifications .
    This is also because of the poor infrastructure( schools or education institutions) that is leaving thousands of children all around Uganda uneducated.Therefore, we would like to know what you are to do to solve the above.

    2.How exactly will you help reduce or even solve the problem of underdevelopment in Uganda?
    Honestly,poverty must be the main problem affecting Uganda that is, since education is key to solving this problem, many Ugandans are facing poverty whereby they can't cater for quality education for their children or even themselves causing illiteracy, So how are you going to make sure that all the children in the different parts of Uganda acquire the education and be supported by their parents or guardians because ingorance is also a problem in many Ugandans and if they study, how will you make sure that each of them gets employed according to their qualifications.

    3.When do you hope to execute whatever method you will have come up with and how long will it take?
    Considering Ugandan's situation,it will take you some good time and funds to cater for all the education and employment of all these people, but will the method you are to use be able to make it within the expected period of time? as in, supposing you were to establish UPE(Universal Primary Education) or any other education institutions, it would cost you a lot for the infrastructure and to make sure children attend the services.So how long will it take for your plan to work and if it fails what do you plan to do.

  • "My questions for a new leader would be. 1. What is your stand towards emancipation of women and what do you think a role of women is in bringing a healthy society/ nation ? 2. How can you spread the notion of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or "The World Is One Family" and amid the Russian-Ukrainian war how can you urge people to opt for world peace ? 3. How can you uplift the Economy from rags to riches ?

  • My questions for a new leader would be:

    1.What will you improve in this country, will it be improved ethically and without too much Carbon dioxide let into the atmosphere?
    2.How will you help this country become wealthy?
    3. When there is a crime, how will you use the police to react, will you make them guilty on your decision or put the case in court to be decided?

  • my questions for anew leader would be
    1- What is your plan for the problems that the country will face, such as (the effects of the destruction of wars / natural disasters)
    2- How will you encourage teens to study and learn
    3- When do you see that society will be filled with diverse professions and economic income will rise?

  • My questions:

    How are you going to change in our country?
    What are you going to do about the environment/Climate change?
    What are you going to do about ENERGY BILLS?

  • Before electing there maybe some questions .I have quite a few questions, they are:
    ●Why did you want to become a leader?
    ●When did you start wanting to be a prime minister?
    ●What power would you hold as being the prime minister?

  • my question for a good leader is ......
    1)what do we gain from being a leader.
    2)what is your vision for our country
    3)when are you going to carry out those tasks that you said

  • This is my questions for a new leader!
    1. What do you want to show our community?
    2. How would you take care of climate change to save our animals in the ocean?
    3. When are you planning to end our bad problems that is coming towards our country/community

  • 1. The youth are facing a number of problems whereby unemployment is there key problem. For example 1600 Britons are unemployed (youths) . This is therefore a global challenge so what are you going to do in order to reduce the level of youth unemployment in our community?
    2. The youths are generally known to debate on everything and hence want projects that give quick results. How are you going handle this and to ensure that they involve productively in what you are planning to do in order to combat this unemployment?
    3. Well, as stated in my second question, the youth want quick results. They cannot be patient with things that take long to give harvest. When are you planning to start you're plan on the fight against unemployment and make sure it works effectively?

  • my prestigous questions and anwsers may blow your mind. Firstly may I say we need to stop climate change,air pollution,recycle more,plant more flowers,stop bash fires (especially Astralia)

    My questions/asking for the leaders:
    . Can we choose a prime mister who cares about our life
    .help with money issues (cost of living)
    .help with climate change make a happier and fresh world

  • My questions for the candidates are:
    ●How would you help us develop as a country? e.g parents paying for school meals/bills We need to focus on this!
    ●What will you do about our crisis? e.g Jobs,education,energy crisis etc.
    ●Why should YOU be the candidate?
    Thank you for reading my points

  • My questions for the new leader would be
    1. What will you do about the high poverty rate in a country?
    2. How will you ensure food security for this increasing population?
    3. When do you hope to lead a non corrupt country of both people and leaders?
    Just one one spare question to really see if this person is worth it would be
    4.What is patriotism? and are u a patriotic person.

  • my questions to the leader are

    1\what will you do about the taxes,energy bills?

    2\which supporting skills do you think are more important for a good leader?

    3\what will you do about childrens education there safety and wellbeing and climate change how will you improve this?

  • one of the questions they might ask is what will you do to change the school or they might ask what it take to be a good leader to the school? those are some questions they might ask you i don't know any other questions but i do know those.

  • My Questions

    1. What are your goals for if you become the leader of this country?
    2. How and Will you better the living conditions of the citizens of the country?
    3.Will you protect and serve the people of this country?

  • My question for a new leader would be what will do about women education? what struggle do make for become a leader ? and what do you look up to for inspiration and mentorship? How do you keep your team motivated despite conflict and obstacles? What are your current goals ?

  • If I had the opportunity to ask the new leader, I would ask him:
    What would you do about the problems that the citizens have?
    how would you make yourself a good and desirable leader?
    when do you think you are incompetent and that a new leader should be nominated?

  • 1)Why do you want to be prime minister and lead our country. 2) What interests you to help people work hard to get more tax for the country. 3)How do you see yourself being a good prime minister for our country and raise a lot of money.

  • My questions for a new leader would be ,1.What would you do about the increasing temperatures in our country because recently there was an out break of drought and meteologists proved that this drought was caused due to industrial emission of GREEN HOUSE GASES that trap heat from the sun and moreover our country is industrialised?
    2.How will you bun industries and promote a high trade economy hence industries cause increase in temperature?
    3.When do you hope that we would control climate change and save the people?

  • For the sake of the reconstruction of our country, I will ask these questions to our new leader:

    1- What will you do about the problem of students overcrowding in classrooms? The number of students in one class is about 50 students in a small classroom devoid of new ventilation and modern means of education, and all this is due to the lack of sufficient schools for us

    2- How will you find a solution to the crowded numbers of graduates without work? About thousands of university graduates graduate annually, few of them find work and the rest are forced to work other than their specialization in simple crafts with a simple wage

    3- When will the electricity problem in our country end? We have been suffering for a long time from the electricity crisis, as it only comes for 8 hours a day, and this hinders our development in all walks of life.

  • Firstly, I would ask three important questions basing on societal problems for example things concerning the services to be provided by the government like electricity. I would ask the candidate how he or she is preparing to run the country in forms of decisions, laws and what kind of leader should we expect from him. Secondly, I would ask him or her that if we are to blame the unemployment of some citizens on the government, what would do to make sure that 7:10 citizens you find are at least employed and their is no child labor involved in this and how would make sure that unemployment does not affect children`s rights like a right to education and I would also ask how efficient will the programs fighting unemployment provided by your government be ? And lastly, I would ask him or her that due to the rapid break out and spread of the global pandemics , how would you prevent your country from such with out locking down the country which may affect its economy leading to backwardness of the country.

  • 1-What plans would you like to solve the problem of unemployed youths?
    2-How can you use youths abilities to develop a country in competion with other countries ?
    3-When will you work to exploit renewable energies in the various fields in the state ?

  • My questions is
    1. What did you do to support the poor families in your Country?
    2. How Can you solve the unemployment problem?
    3. When did you open the ministry of Foreign affairs?

  • My questions are:
    1. What do you propose to do to develop your country and make it one of the developed countries that export its industries abroad, and also what do you suggest to preserve the sources of income in your country and how will you protect your country from wars and conflicts?
    2. How will you respond to these problems and solve them and solve the problems of the people of your country so that they include all the people of the country without exception?
    3. When do you hope that your people will see you as a successful president for all of them?

  • There are loads of crimes nowadays,everytime I hear about it I always wish that London would be crime-free,bills are really going up, people are struggling to pay them so I suggest that you should put it at an affordable price so that people can't lose their homes and become homeless.

    My questions are:

    1. Will you represent our country well and be good to your people?
    2. How will you improve Great Britain for it to be a sustainable country?
    3. What are your plans? To be hard-working and then realise it was worth it? Or be as bad as some of our Prime Ministers were?

  • my questions are: are you willing enough to take on this decision and to be a new leader? Climate change doesn't affect me, but it causes severe injuries and damages to their country.

  • My questions to ask the new leader would be...
    1. What changes would you make as the leader of our country?
    2. How will you make a difference with your rules?
    3. When do you plan on putting an end to our issue with economy?

  • My questions to the new leader would be: 1- What are we going to do about unemployment in the country?! How can unemployment levels be adjusted for all age groups (young and old)?! While you will allow this problem to escalate in your country?! 2- When do you hope to solve this problem, is it too late?! 3- How would it be if we solve this problem with some of these solutions: to expand the production base common in societies, which works to increase job opportunities, and try to increase the education policy and sector with market needs, and raise the efficiency of human resources, and work on all projects beneficial to the youth group.

  • 1. What will you do to achieve a perfect alignment between the outcomes of education and the labor market?Every graduate in our country has the right to get a job; But in our country, many graduates suffer from not getting a job to provide for their livelihood, but they have become dependent on others and the state, and the state had to put in place a mechanism that would explain to university students what the labor market needs to reach a perfect match between the products of education and the labor market! And you, as a leader, must have in your hands the radical solution to this problem before thousands of graduates fall into it
    2.How will you reach a solution to the biggest problem in the Gaza Strip in particular, which is the water crisis? The safe water in Gaza is very little and is not sufficient for all the population. The reason for the lack of water, the Exalted, among Muslims, to be safe in Gaza is the mixing of the salty sea water with the groundwater, so it becomes unfit for drinking. As a leader who wants to nominate himself, this problem must be solved.
    3. When will the situation of the Palestinians change from the worst to the better in all respects? If you want me to say all of them, I will not end because it is too much. We want a leader who will change our lives. Thank you

  • If I were to address a leader about the problems, of course, I would say about the lack of job opportunities, because from my point of view it causes famines and makes our people in Gaza poor, and sometimes you find that we have young men and women. Those who graduate from university at a high rate but do not find jobs and this reduces the number of young people we have because they migrate to the Gulf countries because of the many job opportunities, but the thing that affects me is the lack of cleaners. I think our streets should be cleaned because they affect the air and become unclean and they should pay a good amount to motivate them to clean .
    My questions for the new leader would be:
    1_ What can you do to make us a strong and cohesive society and to make the climate mild
    2_ How do you deal with the competencies of the people of the country and people with special needs?
    3_ When will good job opportunities become available?

  • My question to the new leader is
    1: What will you do to better the world and our country the states ect. what will you do to help us as people .

    2: How will you help stop school shootings and prevent hate crimes towards people of color or people in LGBTQQIP2SAA or how shall you help people who really need it how will you help people safely get an abortion in a safe space even when it is not legal

    3: When will you better us and stop all the hate that is going on in our great country when will you step up?

  • Questions for the new leader:
    What will you do about the banning abortions?
    How will you make peace and equality between different states and countries?
    When do you think the world will be safe from viruses, violence, shootings and other issues?

  • My questions for a new leader would be:
    1)Unemployment is widespread, as it constitutes 26% in the country, so what will you do about reducing this percentage?
    2) The phenomenon of child labor has spread in the country, and this phenomenon has bad side effects, the most important of which is the failure to complete the study and education of the child. How will you eliminate this phenomenon and reduce its appearance in our country?
    3)Finally, according to your thinking and plans, when will our country be a successful and advanced country with great achievements in the world?

  • My questions for a new leader would be:

    • How will you work to end corruption and how will you work to unite our society?

    •When will you start doing charitable activities and events, and building charitable foundations?

    •What will you do about the extreme poverty and unemployment prevailing in our society?

  • I am really grateful for this information that you have clarified to us, I always see elections was about something like Parliament or leadership or something else and I will present my questions If you were to become the owner, leader, or minister of the city in which I live,

    1_ What will you provide and what will you do with us when you become the minister, the leader or the owner over us? What are your actions for us?

    2_How can I help you when you are in charge of us and how can you make us happy and help us with our requirements and how will you get our love to vote for you?

    3_When are you going to impose laws that are fair to everyone and not to be preoccupied with your position and to stay away from the responsibility of the city for which you are responsible?

  • My question is for a new leader. What can we do about the problem of water interruptions every period in some countries? . How can the waste in the streets be disposed of? My question is for a new leader. When will we fix the winding roads that may sometimes lead to numerous accidents. How can we help repair and rebuild damaged homes? What do we do about people who have great skills and don't use them for good things

  • My questions for a new leader would be:

    1. What will you do for the community/country?
    2. How will you take care of this community and make sure everything is in place?
    3. When will you start caring and making sure everything is in place?

  • Dear Leader, I want to ask you questions as follows 1• What do you want reform in the country you want to be a leader? 2• How will you be when you will be a leader will you be arrogant or a normal person 3 • When you take an opinion, will you take it from your mind or will you consult all people?

  • Questions for a new leader:
    What would you like to do as a leader?
    How will you impact our world?
    When will you achieve this?

  • "Dear Candidate I want to ask you about some of the things that you want to do when you become the leader of my country? 1- The first question: What will you do about improving the roads? 2- The second question: How are we going to improve the roads? 3- The third question: When are you going to implement this project? Thank you ."

  • The questions which I would ask someone who is running to be the leader of my country are:
    1) How will you bring a stop to climate change and improvise our planet?
    2) What will be your policies to uplift our country at the global platform?
    3) When do you plan to stop the world crisises which we can terminate as human beings?

    1) Why do you believe that you are the best leader for this country and should be selected as one?
    2) Who will you provide succor to majorly: the poor? Orphans? Charity? Or our Blue Planet?

  • My questions for the new leader
    (1) What will you do with the education problems in my country, among which is that education is not in line with the country's economy? Education in universities requires large sums of money and they are not able to afford it. One of the problems is the graduation of a large number of students who are not qualified for jobs (the high percentage of graduates and the decrease in jobs that work on a bad economy).
    The second question: How will you solve these problems without causing turmoil in the economy (of these solutions can solve these problems in my opinion)
    Providing educational needs and qualifying each person capable of taking full responsibility in his work. Giving teachers sufficient salaries and an appreciation of their efforts, reducing university costs to be able to teach
    The third question: When will the solutions to these problems that are exacerbated economically and create problems be implemented?

  • My question to the new leader is concerned with the Ministry of Health

    What would you do if the country was affected by the Corona pandemic again or any other epidemic?

    How will the Ministry of Health deal with this pandemic or another?

    And when do you think our country will need to link up with other countries to provide assistance?

  • In order to make our country safer, more beautiful and developed, my questions to the new leader will be as follows.

    1. What would you do about people who live in old, ruined homes?

    2. How would you react to crimes committed by people?

    3. When do you hope that the people who graduated and have not yet been employed and cannot find a suitable job for them will be employed?

    I hope you will answer these questions, with all due respect.

  • My helpful ideas for a new leader to deal with:
    . reduce the energy prizes because people can't survive
    . EVERYONE needs to make an action on climate change
    . give migrants the chance to live in a safe place
    . add bins that have a label of : food wast and recycle
    . help countries like Afghanistan, Ukraine, Serbia and places that are in need by donating food and water to make a difference
    I hope there's the right person to start thinking about these and to also remember the troubles in their own country

  • What is your plan to make this country green and more sustainable?
    How can you achieve this goal in the shadow of conflicts , poverty and financial challenges?
    When do you think that we can get rid of poverty and unemployment?

  • my question is for a new leader

    1- What do you do when the country is exposed to an economic crisis such as unemployment?

    2- How will you work to advance the country in all social and economic aspects, and how will you implement your strategic plan in the years of your rule?

    3- When will women have an active role in society and when they will have the right to participate in elections?

  • Nomination and nomination A candidate must be trustworthy in order for people to like him. If I meet a candidate, I will ask him three questions, which are as follows //
    1- How do you solve the problems in your country?
    2- What will you do about bad habits in your country such as bullying or arrogance?
    3. When do you hope to solve problems, and will you be willing to help?
    I hope that the problems in Palestine, such as the economic crisis, and the problems in society will be solve

  • My questions for the person who is gonna help are community would be .

    What will You do for the community?
    Why do you want to be a leader?
    How will you help being are leader?

  • My questions for a new leader would be

    1_What the methods and procedures will you take to facilitate movement and travel in our country?

    2_How do you think of renewing and repairing the infrastructure in the country?

    3_When will you give the country's retirees and employees what they deserve?

  • My questions for a new laeder would be:
    1/ Are you going to take care of the country or you only want be a leader?
    2/ What will you do about poor people who sleep in streets because they don't have a shelter to sleep in? About them being hungry, cold and tired from being in streets ?
    3/ How will you try to solve the problem of Social Media and how it effects on people ?
    4/ What will you do for teenagers who don't have the money to enter a school to learn ?
    5/ How will you save the earth from pollution and how it effects the oceans, seas, streets, health, animals, etc... ?

  • My questions for a new leader:
    1. What will you do about the gun violence and robbery happening in the state?
    2. How will you monitor the people who are able to use guns?
    3.When do you hope that people will feel safe enough to go outside without having to worry about gun shootings?

  • The questions that I would have for a leader that is running would be:
    1.) How is your leadership going to impact the nation?
    2.) What will you do with the high poverty rates in America?
    3.) What are you going to do about the rapid numbers of school shootings increasing?

  • My questions for the new presidential candidate would be :
    What are your plans to control the constant increase of insecurity in the country?
    How do you plan to improve the educational aspects of the country which includes making sure that every single child attends school instead of hawking on the streets?
    When would you put an end to the increase of price and scarcity of food and lack of constant electricity in the country?

  • Flood has been one of the main reasons for food crisis In the world especially Africa
    The raining season this year came with a lot of flood which destroyed a lot of people's farmland and the already reserved food crops which made people in the country strive to eat
    Flood in my country here made rice especially the diamond in the market while other food crops follow suit

  • If I was given the opportunity to ask 3 questions to a candidate who would like to be the future leader of my country, I would ask;

    What would they do about people who are not able to pay for certain necessities (e.g. food, clothes, bills)?
    Do they ever have doubts about being a superior person, people will come to them with questions and will demand answers. What happens if they cannot deliver right there and then?
    How do they feel about very important things like pollution and climate change, they are effecting them and the people, whereas starvation is only effecting 10% of people, not them. Would they deal with just the one that concerns them or both?

  • My questions would be:

    What will you do about the impact our country has on Climate change?
    I will ask this question as in school we were learning about all the flooding in Pakistan and I was really shocked by what I heard. Although Pakistan use only 1 percent of gas emissions in the world and other countries use a lot more, like 20 percent, THEY are the ones who have to suffer this disaster. The Uk is placed as one of the top twenty countries with most gas emissions and I want this to change.

    How will you use your money for good?
    Some people spend their money selfishly. For example, many people are buying fireworks at the moment but in my opinion I think they are not necessary and they are also polluting the air which is making us have a bad impact on climate change.

    When will you take a big action for climate change?
    I don’t want people to take too long to take an actual role in this current disaster. Soon, it may be too late and all the dreams us children have for the future will be crushed. There is no planet B so we have to act quickly.

  • Election is the process of choosing a leader by popular vote. During election, each election candidates have their manifestos for their campaign and it have to convince the majority for a democracy practicing country.
    Using Nigeria my country for example , in preparation for the forth coming general elections in February 2023, each candidates have started campaign in different states and they have their manifestos to convince people to vote for them and questions I will ask the person running for presidency if I had the chance will be as follows
    1.What do u think about the constant rise of banditry and insecurity in the county and in what way do u think u can take care of it?
    2. How do u think u can reduce inflation if u are elected??
    3. When do u think Nigeria's educational system will be better and wat are your plans to achieving a better system
    If he or she gives me a great reason benefiting me and others , I will give my full support

  • What will you do to raise the standards of your country regarding economic status in the world as our problem is to be strong economically that will make us respectable in the world now being a nation we need to work on it .
    How will you implement all those policies to work to uplift my country economically will you work on improve exports and get foreign exchange ? How will make country among developed ones ?
    When do you hope to solve this problem as economically we are going to be defaulters unless until this issue is not resolved we are hopeless and desperate.

  • I'm from poor country .My questions to the new candidate are:
    1- When will be the higher education free?
    2- How will you reduce youth immigration to other countries to look for work?
    3- What can you do to stop violence against woman and children?

  • Hi ,I live in palestine in Gaza strip and I want to ask three questions for our new leader ?
    1-How are you going to solve the problem of unemployment ?
    Unemployment is one of the most common phenomena in Palestine it is about the individual not obtaining a job despite his desire and his continuous search for a job opportunity but to no avail and we hope to solve his problem.
    2-When are you going to build more schools to be one-shift only ?
    Gaza strip suffers from a lack of schools and educational facilities. Where I found the problem of adopting two study periods a day, morning and evening therefore, we need to build schools in Gaza strip.
    3-What are your solutions for the high marriage costs?
    The high costs of marriage in my country have become a huge burden on young people who are about to get married especially those with limited income ,that would make them refrain from marriage .
    Therefore, we call on you to develop solutions to reduce the costs of marriage .

  • 1) What do plan on doing 2) How will you manage the homeless 3) when do you hope to become prime minister ?

  • If you where our leader, would you solve the problem of the cost of living ? Since we stopped trading with Russia, the economy has started to tremble and prises gradually have been starting to rise. Some people can't get enough medical treatment or enough food and this needs to cease. Also , there is a problem with this nerve- raking act; smocking. Apart from causing pollution in the atmosphere, it is not healthy to smock so I think it should be banned.
    Please if you become our leader, try to solve these issues.

  • I think if there was a new leader in my country,I would ask him these questions:
    *How can you show the talents of the citizens of your country?
    *What can you do for poor families ?
    *Is there a specific goal you would like to achieve?
    *How do you see your country in four years?

  • My questions for anew leader would be
    1-What will you do about the problem of unemployment and unemployed youth, especially when many degree holders do not find any opportunity to work,
    2-How will the job distribution mechanism be, will it be done through experience and efficiency, or through nepotism and favoritism,
    3-When do you hope that the entire society will be a working society and that no one remains in it who is unable to work and earn a living?

  • My question would be:
    We know the issue of food crisis is increasing daily and people are dying. How do you intend to solve this? And how quick would it be? Will it be of benefit to all?
    2. There are a lot of people who want to provide food for their families,but lack resources?How do you plan to solve them? Will lands be provided for them? If so,how quick would it start?
    3. In the past,how have you responded and learnt from your mistakes and that of others. How do you decide whom to trust? How can we earn your trust?

  • My questions to the candidate:
    1- What will you provide for education and what is its place for you?
    2- How will you divide the state budget? What are the things of greatest importance?
    3- When will you start the executive step regarding the exploitation of the renewable energy abundantly available in our country?
    And I wish to you a good luck .

  • My questions for a new leader would be
    * Are are worth to --- (This may be any position ) that post ?
    * Can you develop a country where there is no sufficient resources?
    * What's your aim?
    * Would you proud to say that you are a leader?

  • My questions for a new leader would be:
    What do you intend to do to unite the various tribes in Nigeria. One of the major problem in Nigeria is ethnic nationality, tribalism,sectionalism and religious bigotry. Nigerians are too divided along tribal,religious and ethnic lines. What do you intend to do to reorientate our citizens to change their pattern of thinking and doing things to favour only people of their own tribes,sections or religion and start thinking as Nigerians.
    How do you want to solve the perennial problem of insecurity in Nigeria? For many years now,our country Nigeria has been ravaged by high level of insecurities arising from the activities of Boko Haram,fulani herdsmen,kidnappers,Niger Delta militants to mention but a few. There is so much widespread of insecurity in Nigeria that both rich and poor are so afraid to travel from one part of the country to another. Foreigners are also afraid to come and do legitimate business in Nigeria.
    When will you start implementing the national policies based on your campaign promises on the area of human capital development, physical infrastructural development,food security and strengthening of our Foreign Policy? Universities are always on strikes,high level of unemployment, infrastructural decay,bad roads,hunger and starvation and finally the image of this country needs to be salvaged before the international communities.

  • 1) There are a lot of major problems citizens in Uganda are facing which are making their lives harder than they already are. During the election period and up to now we have heard of many opposition leaders disappearing or being imprisoned without reason.
    How would you deal with the cases of opposition leaders disappearing?
    2) Lately we have seen around Uganda how refugee camps have been understocked & underfunded yet there has been an influx of incoming refugees from Uganda's neighboring countries for example D.R.C. What measures would you take to overcome this problem and how do you plan on adequately providing for refugees?
    3) There has been a rampant increase in the number of children either idle or begging on the streets of Kampala. These have put both the children and the public in danger but unfortunately this problem has never been dealt with. When do you plan on tackling and eradicating this vice?

  • The problem that l think the leader can solve is the distance of schools from the border areas "far" and because the poor financial situation children are forced to walk a long distance to reach thier schools , so the leader must provide schools for them

  • 1) When do you think people would be out of poverty looking at rapid economic growth?
    2) How do you think deep rooted inequality in the society can be solved?
    3) What is the most bold decision you have ever taken?

  • My questions will be for a new leader
    1. How will the country be in terms of implementing the laws?
    2. What will you do about economic problems and youth?
    3. When do you hope our country will be the most advanced?

  • My questions for anew leader would be :
    1- How will you provide us with a safe life? We, as children, live in difficult and unsafe conditions.
    2 When can the citizen participate with state officials to eliminate the country’s problems
    3 What will you do to reduce the problems of soil, air and water pollution that negatively affect human health

  • My questions to the leader will be:
    1 What will you do about patients who cannot be treated in the country?

    2 How will you make your country a developed country, motivate your people, advance your duties towards the people, encourage development and define your priorities?

    3 When will you eradicate poverty, hunger and corrupt people in your country

  • The problem I wish to address is regarding illegal encroachment into lakes and ponds and water flowing area which leads to floods during monsoon.
    My question to the leader of my country would be
    What would you do to eliminate encroachment into waterways by illegal means ? How will you evacuate the people who have illegally occupied the waterbodies ? When would you review the law governing the land acquisition so that such things do not happen in future.

  • In Nigeria, we are currently going through a security crisis. People are being forced to stay home from school, work and even places of worship. After that, there were major floods in the country's areas which left millions of people homeless. In addition to that, we also have issues in our education system, healthcare, and the huge increase in price like things such as food. With the above information, I would ask a new leader the following questions;

    1) How do you plan on combating the issue of insecurity? Are you going to neglect the same way it's being neglected now or actually do something to better the society?

    2) What do you plan to do to help the people that have lost their home in the floods? Will you ignore them and leave them to live in slumps where they fall ill due to the horrible conditions? Or will you give them some funds or at least create the opportunity for them to live a somewhat normal life?

    3) Do you plan on increasing the amount of money the government puts into the education system? Because, as we're all aware of, the Nigerian educational system is failing, especially in public schools funded by government run educational boards. If you do increase the budget, do you have a plan that is set out?

    4) When do you hope to improve security in the country? What will you do to make sure the plans will be carried out properly and consistently?

    5) Are you going to increase doctors' salaries? Right now the ratio of doctors to patients is unbelievable as most of our doctors are going to foreign countries where they'll be treated properly. In or der to improve our healthcare, how do you plan on treating our doctors?

  • We need a good leadership to promote the economy. The problem are divide into different aspects.

    In my school,there are not enough classrooms , teaching aids like projectors, computers and libraries.

    The population is growing faster than the economy so there are not enough jobs for everyone, some people leave the country because of few employment opportunities job.

    My question for a new leader:

    1) What innovation do you have to bring to the country?

    2) How will you solve our previous problems?

    3) when should the citizens be expecting political and social development?

  • My questions will be for a new leader
    1_ What will you do about the crimes that occur in the country, for example (theft, assault or murder)
    Can you solve the problems we face?
    _What will you do in the story of gender discrimination?

    2_How will you ensure food security in the country you govern?
    _How will this country develop?

    3_When do you hope to get rid of the problem of food crisis?

  • My questions for the new leader would be :
    1. What would you do to solve the problem of poverty because of underemployment in the country?
    2. How do you plan to carry out these changes?
    3. When would you be able to achieve this for the betterment of the country?

  • The problems that I hope the new leader will solve this problem that is spreading in our society in an outrageous way is
    The problem of unemployment that leads to the collapse of societies. I also see that there are people who fly to leave their country in search of work to earn a living because of this problem. Some of the necessary items I see a group of young children extending their hands to people, so I cannot see this situation in front of me and I cannot do anything, so I give them money and I hope that their condition will improve and that God will grant them from his sustenance, so I hope the new leader will end the problem of unemployment and will not extend this society with aid and to provide these young people with job opportunities in order to earn a decent living.
    My questions to the new leaders are
    1- What is the first thing you want to do after being chosen as a leader to show people how much you love and appreciate them best for them and their children to show them how humble you are?

    2- How will you be a likable person among people and what will you do about the people who did not like you in the beginning and how will you change their view of you? What will you do about this matter?

    3- When do you hope that peace will prevail in the country that you will preside over, and what is the method and how you will send a message full of your concern for them, their safety and their comfort.

  • The president can do a lot to change the country. For example, he can help the poor and build shelters for them, because the winter season is approaching. Their homes may be destroyed by the rain, as well as the climate problem, and he can help build sidewalks and homes. And the renovation of many homes for the poor. My questions to the leader: How will you make the right decisions and will you announce laws that help the citizens of your country to adapt and coexist with the country and how will you manage the country’s affairs without errors?

  • My questions for a great leader ,would be :

    What will you do for your country for its reconstruction city buildings, hospitals and schools?

    How will you solve the problem of electricity cuts that cause the biggest obstacle to living in the country that causes a problem for production And to finish the work to the fullest, which also causes students a problem because they need electricity so that they can study to turn on the lamp

    When will you transform your country from a non-developed country to a developed country?

  • 1. What will you do about country's employment? (Cause employment will be a solution for much more problems: poverty and food scarcity etc)
    2. How will you manage to provide education for each and every child (Education provide knowledge and knowledge provides great ideas to solve every problem)
    3. When do you hope that our country could be a well developed country?

  • My questions will be to the commander.
    1- What will you do to get rid of the contraband (drugs..)!?
    2- How will the unemployment problem be solved?!
    3- When will you get rid of the food crisis spreading in the country?!

  • Congratulations on your victory, Mr. President. In the presidential elections, but there are some questions I want answered:
    What will you do about the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war that may negatively affect the country's economy?
    How will your plan be to facilitate the living of students In remote areas so that they can get their right to education?
    When do you hope that the country has reached the stage of self-sufficiency in the field of agriculture?
    Thank you again, Mr. President, and I wish you success.

  • I would ask a candidate? What are your plans for being a Prime Minister?How are you going to stop climate change?
    What inspired you to be the leader of a country?

  • My questions to a new leader would be;
    1. What will you do about corruption and poverty in your community? Following the fact that most problems in the community are based on corruption and poverty.
    2. How will you help the citizens in your community to control pollution of the environment and promote sanitation? A community that is free from pollution and has proper sanitation, has prevented and controlled a lot of diseases that are spread through poor sanitation for-example diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery among others.
    3. When do you hope that you will have fulfilled what you have promised?

  • The beginning of what worries my thinking as a citizen and student in my community is the issue of poor sanitation. Perhaps today the scene in front of me was sad, and here it is my duty to raise this problem, today all our areas were flooded with rain water in quick moments, and students were unable to leave schools, next to him were disabled students. Motorists in their motorized vehicles stuck in the rain, calls are everywhere and demands are on the news and social media sites. From here, dear next president, I will ask my questions in order to get some satisfactory answers from you. 1_ What will be your plan to address a problem that is bothering us all 2_ How will your directives regarding prioritizing this problem be 3_ When We hope that you will implement a radical and final treatment that will help us get rid of the catastrophic situation when the problem occurs.... All due respect to your honorable person...

  • Dear Candidate, I would like to ask you some questions
    1/ What will you do to support the unemployed youth?
    2/ How will you solve the problem of youth migration abroad in search of job opportunities?
    3/ When will you enable young people be work inside the Country with out going out neigh boring countries
    Thank you 💕

  • My questions would be
    Why should we vote u and only u
    What are the new benefits we will get that the people haven't experienced before basically in what way are u unique?
    How will u ensure that people under u are corruption free ?
    How would u ensure climate change doesn't effect lives of people and if it does what will u do to protect them
    Do u have any schemes that would be focusing mainly on environment issues

  • My questions for the new leader would be:
    1- What will you do to build your country with justice and unite the hands of your people with you to get rid of common problems such as pollution, weak economy, global warming and the food crisis?
    2- How will you protect your country in case you are exposed to the greed of human wolves? And if it is occupied, how do you liberate it?
    3- When will you start organizing voluntary campaigns to raise the economic level of the state, and will you commit to celebrating all important occasions and holding celebrations to entertain people and rid them of the atmosphere of depression?
    I want to add an important question
    Do you have enough experience to rule the country and manage things wisely and fairly, and do you have the high vision that qualifies you to be the father of your country?

  • The Palestinian environment suffers from wasting natural resources, environmental pollution, and low water levels, knowing that the population is constantly increasing, but the continuous neglect and disregard for environmental issues is one of the most important causes of environmental disasters, and what exacerbates the problem is the continuous Israeli closures and the lack of adequate support Therefore, I want to ask:

    1- What are the conditions that must be followed to solve this problem, as it poses a great danger to the state as a whole?

    2- How can we guarantee its support?

    3- When will our country be free of these problems? Will it be with this problem forever?

  • My questions for a new leader would be
    1 what can you do about if there are ever life emergencies happening.
    2 How will you help the people that are in need of some stuff and don't feel safe in the country
    3 when can you change my perspective of how you can help this country in difficult times and make us feel safe.

  • My questions for a new leader:
    * How will you work to develop clean energy sources and use solar energy to solve the problem of the Gaza Strip, which suffers from chronic daily power cuts?
    * What will you do about job creation for women and equal pay?
    *How will you develop vocational education and encourage young people to turn to it to solve the unemployment problem?

  • 1/What are the most important things which you are going to introduce to the community?
    2/How will you achieve these demands?
    3/When will you accomplish these demands?

  • As a citizen of Nigeria, I have the best interest in the development and well-being of the country.We are facing multiple challenges such as low unemployment rate, security breaches,corrupt government and large number of uneducated children. My question for the new leader are as follows;
    1. Nigeria has about 20 million children out of school, a large percentage of which are girls; What do you have to say about this and how would you deal with it?
    2. Do you think most problems that are troubling the country arise from the corrupt dealings of the government and the untruthful handlings of politics? If so, What would you do about it?
    3. What is your view on the amalgamation of Nigeria being a mistake and that the country would be better off separated?

  • Elections happen to choose a good leader for a country. My country Nigeria is about to begin elections, these questions may be thrown at the candidate:

    What would you do to foster political participation of citizens since it looks like the people have been constantly disillusioned by previous government administration, hence dwindling the interest of the people?

    How are your plans to build the public spirit beneficial to the country?

    When are you looking to have achieved thus plan from the beginning of your tenure?.

  • Pakistan is a democratic state nd here people decide which leader they desire to rule . Unfortunately hidden dictatorship had always been here to interfere in politics only becoz of the powers some institutions had been .so I would like to ask my new leader .
    1.What will you do to make ur foreign policies strong , strictly ban any other interference of any other country ? Any state is gotten after a huge amount of sacrifices as my forefathers ve given .why still me nd my dear country men not enjoying the freedom since the time we r free ? As we r a developing country enriched with natural resources we can prosper by utilizing our own resources nd with skillful man power if in some cases we cant ... IMF should contribute in our progress by helping us through peaceful treaties. We needrespect while we r given foreign aids .
    2.How will u promote ur peaceful teachings of religion Islam That other countries ve trust on us .they ve no security issues on their arrival in Pakistan. Also promte that other countries should know we r thefollowers of Islam nd islam is a peaceful religion that gives us clearlwritten rights of other human beings even taking care of animals nd all other creatures we find . So Muslims should b given respect by other countries .
    3.When will you fulfil the expectations of the countrymen? You will b selected after a great choice as people of Pakistan ve eyes full of hope for u . Try to fulfil ur promises. We had seen the performance of other candidates they had disappointed us. We need u to makea transparent just country for us

  • Emigration is a really big problem in Romania. We are the country with the highest number of emigrants in an area with no war. This is either because education is bad or because there are no jobs or people hate the corruption. So my questions for a candidate who wants to be the leader of my country would be:

    1) What are you going to change to make people want to stay?
    2) How are you going to make jobs easier to get and education better for everyone, especially in smaller towns and villages?
    3) When do you think you will be able to start working on this and stop the population shrinking?

  • Our country has a lot of problems so some questions I would ask a candidate are:

    1 What will you do to make sure that in the future the teachers get the right training and also that our curriculum is less focused on memorisation and more on critical thinking and practical skills?
    2 How are you gonna help the people who can't afford to buy a house because the prices are insane? This is a reason why people leave the country.
    3 When and how will you make companies pay the same salaries to men and women? Gender inequality happens all around the country.

  • 1.What do you as a leader hope to achieve by running this country?
    On a surface level, nobody would want to take over a country that has almost everything going wrong. The people are in a state of panic, people are starving and the world is judging us. I just want to understand a prospective leader’s goal and why on the earth they would subject themselves to an incredibly difficult job.
    2.How will you make a difference in only four years?
    Four years is not a long time to change an entire country. There should be a list of priorities and a list of places that a future leader should aspire to improve. How do you decide these priorities? Will you take a vote in the public or get advice from those close to you?
    3.Do you plan on being accessible and listening to your people?
    I think that any prospective leader should be a representative of the people. Being closer to your people and listening to their problems will relieve the massive amount of tension the government is placed under everyday.
    It could potentially stop issues before they become too large to handle - like the SARS movement.

  • We spoke about a lot of problems that our country has so I was amazed that there are so many things I didn't know about. There are a lot of questions I would ask, but I am going to focus on the problems disabled people face.

    1. What will you do about all the buildings that do not have the technology to give access to people with disabilities?
    2. How can you as a leader make people with disabilities feel more integrated and keep their dignity?
    3. When and how much time will it take for you to fix and add new functional technologies for people with different disabilities (ex.: people in a wheelchair, blind people etc )?

  • The questions I would ask a politician are:
    1 What are you going to improve in the country?
    2 How will you stop the problem that people have to pay bribes to have treatment in hospital?
    3 How will you stop other politicians from stealing money?

  • ☆rich people help poor people
    ☆give deserts water and plant it
    ☆help poor people to get work and keep them away from place that disaster happand in it•

  • 1. What will you do about the increased number of graduates and unemployment?
    2. How will you reduce the poverty rate, especially in the rural areas and undeveloped state?
    3. When do you wish to begin the project on increased number of graduate and unemployment?

  • I think an important problem in Romania is the hospitals. We do not have enough money for them. So people die because they get infections or there is no room for them in hospital or the equipment is very old. Also, there is a lot of bribery. So my questions are:
    1 How will you solve the problems of the healthcare system?
    2 How will you help the people who don't have money to pay the doctors themselves? How can they have equal treatment?
    3 When will the doctors have a salary that is good enough so that they don't need money from patients?

  • 1. What do you think are the most important issues facing our country today?
    2. How do you intend to solve these issues?
    3. When are you likely to start tackling these issues?

  • What would you spend our money on?

    How could you make this country better?

    What do you like about living in Romania?

  • One of the biggest problems that we face is the power outage, as yesterday the electricity was cut off for 10 hours, and also the problem of immigration due to unemployment and also I will not forget the problem of poverty
    . My questions to the new leader will be
    1. What are you going to do about the power outage problem??
    2. How will you deal with the problem of the emigration of scientific competencies and young people abroad??
    3. When will you try to take the first and most important step in solving the problem of poverty and other problems??

  • Nigeria my country is faced with some problems which need urgent situation.We have problems of Brain drain,Inflation scarcity, insecurity.My first question to the new leader would be,what would you do about Brain drain in Nigeria?Brain drain is the migration of educated and professionals from one country to another usually for better living condition.According to news update,70% of professional doctors migrate from the country every year this is a big problem.My second question would be how will you solve the problem of insecurity and banditry faced in rural areas?and my last question would be when would you arrest the problem of scarcity and bring Nigeria to her former glory?

  • 1. What are you considering to do about the riots happening in Sudan once you're elected?
    2. How would you please and fulfil the needs of the Sudanese citizens?
    3.When would you fulfil your promises since most of the elected leaders always give the citizens empty promises ?

  • 1.What will you do about the pollution in our country?
    In our country there is a lot of air pollution and land pollution. Due to the air pollution,people get health issues like chronic illnesses and due to the land pollution,water isn’t safe to drink and the soil is polluted which makes it lose its fertility so then people won’t be able to take part in different agriculture activities.

    2.How would you intervene in the warring factions of the parties fighting in DRC?
    The Congolese government accuses the Rwandan government of supporting the M23 rebel movement whilst the Rwandan government accuses the Congolese government of housing elements hostile to the Rwandan government.

    3.When do you envisage ending the illiteracy levels of the modern day and age?

  • My question to the leader
    1.How will you work on the poor education in most parts of the country and will what will you about the price of education in private?
    2. What will you do about the crisis happening in country ebola in specific because most people are leaving the country in fear of getting the virus and also of lockdown?
    3.How will you fix the fear of insecurity people are facing not only out of home but also in their homes like robbery, rape and domestic violence?

  • My question for the leader would be
    What would you do about the high food and fuel prices currently rocking the country amidst the wars and climate change issues
    How would you solve the issue of constant road accidents mainly happening because of the errant motorists and cyclists
    When do you think you will work on the uprising teenage pregnancies

  • My questions for a new leader would be:
    1)What can you institute as a policy to end the problem of street kids in our country ?
    2) How would you work upon safety and security that is now currently happening in most parts of the country ?
    3)When do you think such crimes and suffering can be solved for people to live a better life ?

  • My questions to a new leader will be;
    1.What will you do to ease the cases of failing mental health in youths?
    2.How would you address the cases of drug theft from hospital stores that are meant to reach its citizens?
    3.When do you reckon will be the most suitable timeline to implement your plans?

  • I would like to talk about the problems of corruption,forced migration and patriarchal society.

    My questions for a new leader would be
    1)What will you do, if you have the power, to eliminate the scourge corruption that has impoverished the nation?
    2)How will you lessen the alarming numbers of our hard working youths that are fleeing the country almost daily insearch of better employment opportunities ?
    3)When do you think you will address the issue of parents keeping their sons out of school to do manual labour and keep their daughters at home with intentions of getting dowry leading the patriarchal society?

  • My questions for a new leader would be
    1.What will you do about the increasing population in our country?
    2.How will you equally balance the scarce resources to such a huge population?
    3.When do you hope that your solution with regards to the problem of increasing population are going to be achieved?

  • my questions for the newly elected leader would be;
    1. what would you do to eliminate racism in your country?
    2. how would advocate for the equality for foreigners with in your country?
    3. when do you hope to work on this problem and what would you do incase the rules are not followed?

  • The questions that i would pose to the incoming leader would include among others the following;
    1. what economic policies do you intend to implement and/or adopt to help alleviate the inflation rates in the country as people's leaving standards continue to worsen?
    2. Uganda is an open economy that wants to improve on its GDP and subsequently economic development in relation to above.
    How shall you as a leader ensure investments in this country increase? and since Uganda operates a floating exchange rate, how do you intent to integrate the monetary authority( central bank) so that the exports of Uganda are internationally price competitive?
    3. Nothing lasts forever as some of our Ugandan leaders think when they do not think of leaving power for others. My question is, as anew incoming leader, will you surrender power for other interested , intelligent individuals to rule as well?

  • The questions I would ask are:
    1.What impacts are you willing to make by being a leader ?
    2.How would you help those in need (for example people that don't have enough to pay rent or are part of the homelessness community?)
    3.When would you start making changes(after you speak to your relatives? After speaking to other members of your job?)
    stay safe :) .

  • It can help climate change , stop the flooding in Pakistan and many other natural disasters in different countries and help all the people who are suffering at this moment.You can rebuilt the houses and buildings that have been destroyed by disasters and not a lot of rain that causes floods. No one deserves to suffer by losing their essentials.

    My questions are:
    What is your vision for your country?
    How will you fix these problems?Do you think you can solve these problems?

  • [1]if this country had a rich side and poor side and the people on the rich side is taking advantge of the poor how will you fix that?

  • My questions for a new leader will be about education

    1. How will the education development mechanism be and how will it work in your country?

    2. What will you do about the development of education in your country to become more developed?

    3. When do you hope that your country will be in the list of the most developed countries in terms of strength of education?

  • 1. What are your goals for you to become the leader of this country?
    2. How can this leadership help the country?
    3. Will your service help protect this country

  • I think my community is a good community because everywhere i go in my community there is no trash around the
    Something that effects me alot is when someone talks behind my back and i want it to change and how im going to change it is im going to make everyone get along with each other

  • My questions for the new leader would be:
    1 / What will you change in the country when it comes under your rule?
    2 / How will you be able to convince people of your decisions?
    3 / When do you think people will abide by the laws that you will set?

    The problem we are facing in our country is unemployment because there are many who have finished their education but do not find a job and are able to do this work. Unemployment leads to poverty and sometimes to extreme poverty. You have been elected as a leader, how are you going to solve this problem. As a person of people, I must express an opinion. I have some solutions that will help solve the problem, including: 1 / Eliminate wasta and nepotism because people who are not qualified to work are employees.

  • I think that facbook is bad for people and dangours there are scamers cat fish on social media like hacking killers bullys and everything

  • My Questions for a new leader would be
    1.What are some actions that you make to help the country?
    2.How would you pursue those actions and how would you lead this country?
    3.Do you have good problem solving skills?
    4.Will you consider other peoples opinion and not just focus on your opinion?

  • My questions for a new leader are:
    1. How will you work on the water and air pollution problem?
    2.What will you do to unite your country?
    3. When do you hope that your country will become more developed and advanced?

  • What would you do to help your cutores?

    How would you run the office?

    Do you have any bak store that wud people not trust you?

  • 1, What would you do if your country was short on money and inflation levels were rising?

    2, How would you help the country in a climate crisis?

    3, As a leader to the country, how would you react to hard, frustrating situations and are you willing to take risks to help your government?

  • My questions for new leaders would be….
    1) What would u do about my city’s bad air pollution.
    2) How would you see your self being a such good candidate.
    3) When would your plans or whatever you have for our community change the world?

  • “My questions for a new leader would be.
    1. What will you do about public places such as parks and playgrounds that are converted into commercial centers?
    2. How will you compensate the children and parents for their loss of the place they consider the only outlet for recreation for themselves during holidays and break times?
    3. When do you hope to respond to people's simple endeavors, which are inevitably their most basic rights t, and to begin implementing them on the ground?"

  • My question for the new leader would be.
    1. What would you do with the cost of living crisis ?
    2. How would you rule this country?
    3.When will you stop being are leader?

  • My Questions would be...
    1. What would you do about our water pollution?
    2. How are you gonna help stop the water pollution?
    3. When will you be able to stop water pollution from spreading?

  • I'd ask a new leader the following questions
    1. Do you feel you could encourage learning and extra-curricular activities?
    2. Do you think you can introduce equal pay between genders?
    3. Do you feel that you can solve climate crisis as well as cost of living crisis?
    4. Can you make sure that at least 80% of the homeless population is put into homes?
    5. Can you properly manage a country?

  • Some problems the US my country is facing is coin shortage. Most Americans are also concerned about economic issues facing the US since gas prices are so high that Americans can barely save 1 to 2 dollars and buy their groceries.

    Something that affects me personally is like I started economic issues because I sincerely worry that one day my family won't have enough money to pay for groceries. I would fix it by helping my parents earn money.

    My questions for a new leader, a president, governor, mayor, would be...
    1) Would you be willing to sacrifice everything or the majority to help the country with huge issues like food crisis and economic crisis?

    2)What would you do if a war broke out? Would you attack? Would you protect us?

  • My questions to someone who would like to be the leader of my country would be...
    1) Who or what made you want to become a leader?
    2) What are your intentions for the future in this country?
    3) How will you serve and help the people in this country?

  • For the past Century, Sudan suffered from denial of human rights, violence, political instability and countless major catastrophes. Sudan is in need of a fair, responsible leader that can resolve the issues present. As a candidate wanting to be the future leader of my country you should be able to answer the following questions:

    1.How are you going to unify the nation and grant people their rights?
    2.What are you going to do about homeless and uneducated children?
    3.Do you think you have the ability to grant Sudan the future it deserves?

  • My question to the leaders is:
    1. How will you help our country Improve and make it a better place?
    2. What will you do to help clean up this country and help people in need?
    3.When will you help our country and when will you help us?

  • The biggest problem that my country is facing is corruption, patronage system, inequility in the distribution of income, and climate change. So I will ask these questions to the new leader:
    1. When will they prioritize national interests over their own interests?
    2. What will they do to lower the poverty rate in the country?
    3. How will they tackle the problem of climate change that the world is facing today?

  • Let's say, for example, that one of these candidates will become the leader of our country! The questions I will ask him are as follows:
    1- What will you do about the economic problems facing our country, such as the lack of abundant job opportunities and climatic problems, such as the lack and fluctuation of rain water, which led to a decrease in agricultural production?
    2- How will you present yourself to people and be trustworthy in convincing those around you that you are capable of taking responsibility for an entire town?
    3- When do you hope that your country will be prosperous in all fields and become a role model for others in leadership?

  • For democratic societies election r must to make a government by the people. Hence I would like to question from my candidate .
    What will you do to bring change in my country? here r problems of climate change education, corruprion unemployment and social evils . Situation is very challenging previous leaders had also been doing to sttle everything ok but they r failure . As u know due to climate change weather is going to b severe than the last few yrs . You must b aware that corruption in Pakistan is the mother of all evils . Here the previous leaders been indulge in money laundering. They had been making money only
    Education is the basic right of every citizen but here lack of vocational institutions is still felt so instead children who show less interest in academics get a chance to learn some technical skills .
    How will you implement rules to check nd balance corruption judiciary rules should b revised .
    How will u stop global warming nd contribute in climate change
    When you fulfil dreams of the people who ve strong trust on you ? How much time u will take to solve these challenges .

  • I think some problems our country or community is facing is that one major problem facing the country problem is Health care affordability, also drug addiction widely viewed as "very big problems" facing the country. Also a major problem from the community is that pollution,Crime,Drug use and Child abuse.
    Also I think the new leader will solve it by what they can do as impossible as they can like to have news on tv saying "not doing Crime,Child abuse ,Drugs use, and making other people making sure that don't happen around the world.

  • How can you help our community and our needs and our children needs and helping schools that are poor shelters?
    Do you think you can run our country and solve our climate problems do you think you can run and lead to solve out climate problems?
    How would you help our country in details. cam you fix broken warehouse in make it into a store of a new warehouse can you fix cracks in the ground ?

  • One major problem is the cost of living crisis and it is extremely damaging to many people. I think this is a large issue and should be solved as soon as possible.

    My questions for a new leader about the cost of living would be:
    1. What are you willing to do to bring down the prices of basic necessities?
    2. How will you combat the issue of the public being unable to afford heating this coming winter?
    3. When is the soonest that you can put these plans in place?

    My questions for a new leader would be:
    1. What do you aim to achieve if you are elected as our new leader?
    2. How would you ensure that our economy remains stable?
    3. When will you start to take action to put said plans in place?

  • I will pose my questions to a new leader as follows?..
    1: What will you do about employing manpower that helps the development of my country and increase its production?...such as automating modern mechanisms and relying on robots in production lines..
    2: How will you be able to highlight the capabilities of your people and your country in the development of society?.. I think that highlighting them in international forums will be good and support them morally and materially..
    3: When will advanced high-specialties be introduced to society in my country to provide a bright future..and support them financially and morally?..

  • My questions are: What’s the solution to the cost of living crisis?
    How are NHS going to get more money to run services?
    How are you going to make our street safe for teenagers and young people?

  • One of UK Current Issues is Poverty. In fall 2022, the World Bank will update the International Poverty Line from $1.90 to $2.15. The second problem is Climate Change. Since 1860, factories have been producing greenhouse gases that trap heat and make the planet warmer. Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the last 150 years too, such as: Plastic and much more. Some animals are responsible too.
    Based on these questions, this is what I would ask the new leader of my country.
    1)What would you do to improve your country and what would make it more effective?
    2)How do you pass on the impactful lessons you learned from mentors?
    3)Do you have any hesitations about your qualifications?

  • First, the Palestinian economy faces many challenges, mainly represented by the Israeli occupation, where Israeli restrictions impede access to resources (land, water, electricity, knowledge, cultural heritage, telecommunications, etc.), and access to investment opportunities. I think the first question is what will He does regarding this problem, as a large percentage of the population faces a big problem in electricity, water, and other services
    Secondly, Palestine suffers from a high rate of youth unemployment, as it constitutes 62.5%, aged between (15/29) years my question will be how can the unemployment rate be reduced and the employment of young people to be employed to reduce the poverty
    Thirdly, the Palestinian prisoners suffer from a kind of psychological and physical torture, which led to the hunger strike of the prisoners and the entry of some of them to the hospital, and some of them died from psychological conditions and physical exhaustion My question will be when will they put an end to the occupation and issue laws against the occupation that stipulate a human right, which is peace

  • -What- Leaders should be of exceptional character and integrity.

    Those who would govern a country must possess great courage, ability, and resolve. True leaders always put the interest of their nation above their own. As Cicero says, governing a country is like steering a ship, especially when the storm winds begin to blow.

  • There are many problems with my country some of these problems are air pollution, lack of jobs and violence
    these are just some of the problems with my country . I hope most of these are fixed but for now my questions for the leader are:
    1, What kinds of problems will our new leader deal with?

    2, How will our new leader solve problems such as "unemployment and lack of job opportunities ".

    3 When do you plan on working on the problems above.

  • Right now, according to me, the problem in my country (London) is inflation - the increase of prices. To add to that, climate change is also a huge problem not just in my country - but everywhere. There is also going to be (according to the news) recession in a couple of weeks. In my opinion, we can stop inflation by spending less on supplies and services. Therefore, inflation will increase more slowly or a price fall. For Climate Change, we could carpool (where, if four people had to go in the same destination, they could go in one car instead of four). People can also buy electric cars so there is less gas. Finally, for recession, I suggest taking a job that robots or machines cannot replace, I think this because the world is slowly becoming more advanced, and filling with robots and machines. In the future, some jobs might be taken by them. Also, the new leader should open up a centre where all unemployed people can work and get money by finding the homeless and bringing them to the shelter.

    These are my questions for a new leader:

    1. How do you influence the citizens of your country?
    2. What will you do to help the country with all of its current problems?
    3. When do you think you will (mostly) solve all the problems?
    4. Are you doing this to help your country or to gain fame and money?
    5. How will you listen to all of the citizens' problems?
    6. How will you create a system so that no one will differentiate between the classes (lower, middle and upper) and not be bullied?

  • what will you mention in the next cop meeting?
    how important do you think it is that you hear the publics perspectives?
    when will you ban items that will polute the environment?

  • 1. What will you do about the inflation of prices?

    2. How will you improve healthcare?

    3. When will you repair and renovate the old buildings still in use?

    The world is in crisis right now because of the rising prices from the Russia-Ukraine war. Maybe my future leader could find a way to help with this. Healthcare in Romania is not so good because we have corruption which means only the people with money can get the healthcare that they really need. The poor suffer. Lastly we have lots of buildings which can be made beautiful again but instead they are falling down like my colleague's school. She said in class today that she is still waiting for her school to be fixed for two years now and I think that is really not fair. Bucharest could be so much more beautiful if we make the buildings nice again.

  • 1. What would you do about the big rate of corruption in our country?

    2. How will you manage the budgetary deficit and the big loans Romania has to pay?

    3. When do you hope that we will have better schools?

  • What ideas do you have about the economy of our country?

    What will you do about the problems of gas prices?

    When are you going to build new hospitals instead of statues and fountains?

    I asked the last question because the last leader cared more about beautiful structures than things that help us.

  • What would you do, so there will be less people without jobs? Technology is taking people's jobs everyday because of AI and we need to find a way to make sure that real people can make a living.

    How would you solve the problem of not being afraid to walk home alone at night for girls?

    When are you going to make sure all the old schools are rebuild in less time than it is happening now?

  • It's possible we could have sent a rocket to orbit Mars and return to Earth 30-40 years ago, but that's about it. There are many issues that we still don't have an answer to today regarding Mars, let alone back then. We don't have a technology to safely land larger craft on Mars due to the thin atmosphere and don't have a technology to take off again. It worked for us on the moon because it has less gravity and less atmosphere so is much easier to land and take off with less thrust than would be the case on Mars. Mars also has frequent dust storms with toxic dust that would cover everything - all the equipment, supplies, space suits, you name it. We don't have an answer for that. Radiation risks both in space and on the surface - don't really have an answer for that either. Perhaps the biggest difference is that if anything goes wrong on the Moon, you have a chance to send help since it's so much closer. On Mars with current technologies or those from 30 to 40 years ago, anyone needing help would be on their own. The distances are so much greater and the technology demands and challenges are infinitely more difficult. It's like swimming from Cuba toFlorida - challenging but it's been done (that's the Moon landing), versus swimming around the World without any places to land or refuel (that's more like landing on Mars and returning).

  • in my country Uganda, we face many challenges, from failing infrastructure to the rise in inflation and the unemployment crisis our hope is in the new presidential candidates to change all this. as our future leaders we look to you to solve these problems and make the country better.
    my questions to the leaders would be:
    1.what will you do about the ever growing changes in the prices of everyday goods and services? the rise in inflation is making it every difficult for the average Ugandan to afford the basic needs in society?
    2. How are you going to solve the issue of insecurity in the land, the fact that motorcycle thugs have started to rob people in broad day light is very concerning.
    3. Our local curriculum seems to be so hectic, not only to the learners but also parents who feel sympathetic for their children carrying heavy luggage, leaving when it is still dark(5:40 am) and come back still when its dark (7:30-8:00 pm).
    When do you think you will attend to these harsh conditions the national students are put through everyday? carrying bags two times their own weight filled with heavy books of various subjects a day , coming and going back home with out ever seeing the sun, and in some cases developing depression and other mental issues, the education sector needs to be reformed, so when will this be done
    Thank you.

  • My question for a new leader would be
    •-What will you do about climate change and food crises which are increasing day by day?
    Because many people will died only because of food crises
    •-How will you reduce the effects of pollution in environment and water?
    Because pollution cause many diseases such as blue baby disease which effect our health badly
    •-When you will see that the country are not progressing what will you do?
    •-What will you do about the education of country people?
    •-How will you make the country a developed country?

  • My question for a new leader would be:
    1.why do you want to be leader? you think you can be the leader? you think you can be fair to all people?

  • If I get any chance to ask the leader three questions
    First question i would ask that
    How are you going to enhance to the fundamental right for everyone ,
    What type of work will you make to help your citizen
    Second question which i would like to ask is
    Why you choose to become the leader and how many struggle do you made for it.
    Because there were also many other
    opportunities. What was the special that you choose to become a leader
    My last question would be
    What kind of changes will you bring in this country especially related to economy and agriculture

  • Uganda is a low income and tropical East African country which puts it at a high risk of experiencing climate change (unpredictable rains ,warmer nights and days and longer heat waves) The heat waves provide favorable conditions for the growth of female anopheles mosquitoes that cause malaria .According to the world malaria report 2021 by World Health Organization Uganda was the third highest contributor to word wide malaria cases.

    my questions for you as an aspiring leader for my country are as follows
    1: What do you have pipelined as a way to decrease malaria cases in Uganda and have a positive action on climate change?
    2: How do you plan on reducing on the malaria cases in Uganda especially Northern Uganda because the prevalence of malaria varies from 1% in southwest and central regions to 34% in the northeast (Karamoja region)?
    3:when will you enact the policies that would have a positive impact on climate change and reduce the malaria casesin northern uganda

  • My questions for anew leader would :
    1_ What will you do for the development of the country

    2_ When will you start the projects you are planing for the future

    3 _How will you promote the right to free expression

  • I think that COP27 is not that good, as people use a lot of fossil fuels to travel and not all people listen to children and they sometimes break their promise. People also use a lot of money to travel when they could use it for more useful things.

  • My three question for my leader should be
    # what whould you do for the country to make it better than others ?
    #how should you stop social problems in our country for us?
    # when will you give your people the time to explain their ideas to stop bad things in the country

  • Nigeria has been facing so many problems due to bad government,people elect the wrong leaders and it brings more problems. Every four years,Nigeria elects new leaders for so many positions.
    Another election is going to take place in Nigeria in 2023,if I was given a chance to ask some of the candidates of the election especially the president some questions,my questions would be,"Nigeria was once known as the Giant of Africa,but due to the high rate of corruption, problems and depts,Nigeria is now known as the Ant of Africa.So what are your aims or plans to return our good name and integrity back to us?how do you want to go by achieving your plans?and when do you want to start undergoing your plans? because many leaders has said and not done. After all the campaigns, manifestos and promises,when they get on the seat it is as if they never said anything or made any promises".

  • My questions for a new leader would be:
    1.Would you give us an opportunity to share our ideas and to make all of us happy not just you?
    2.What would you do about climate change would you make it better or worse?
    3.Do you just want to be known /famous, or do you generally want to help save the planet?

  • My questions for the new leader would be:
    Taking into consideration the Academic Staff Union of Universities[ASUU] strike:
    1) How do you intend to improve the educational sector in Nigeria?.
    How do you intend to address the level of insecurity, poverty,unemployment,corruption, insurgency in Nigeria?.
    In Nigeria,we have poor economic growth,if you were to be elected as the leader,how sure are you that you will make the nation's economy better?.
    How do you intend to improve tourism and foreign investment in Nigeria?.

    2) What should we expect the future of Nigeria to be after your tenure?.
    What are your plans in curbing the spread and effects of COVID 19 and other diseases in Nigeria?.

    3) When you leave this role, what do you want people to remember you for?.
    When do you think you would be able to achieve your aims and goals in making Nigeria a better and safe country?.

  • My questions for the new leader will be
    1) What impact will you have on the unemployment rate in the community?
    2) What role will you play in the preservation of animal and plant life?
    3) Do you truly hold the future of the community at heart?

  • My question for the new leader would be?
    1.What will you do to make Kenya a better place for the coming generation?
    2.How will you face food shortage in Kenya especially in Eastern and Northern part of the country?
    3. When will you accomplish to make Kenya a food sufficient country?

  • The question I would ask my leader
    *What do you have planned for the youth who are unemployed in our country ?
    *How will you curb the climate change and help the farmers adjust with the global warming and global food shortage?
    *When will you start on the project that you promised us as citizen of this country?

  • I have a lot of questions I would like to know the answer to from my new boss:
    1- How can you contribute to preventing violence against women?
    2- When will the problem of poverty in my country end?
    3- What will you do to get rid of the problem of illegal immigration?

  • What would you do if you are next leader.

    How will you make a good leader.

    When will you make important diseision

  • Our country has a bad economy at the moment it's so bad that a person can't feed their family on a daily basis. To add on that a person has to also pay taxes.
    Education is a key factor in a person's life . To find reliable education in my country is hard because teachers are striking due to lack of pay at the end of the month.
    Our country has alot of job opportunities but to a surprise the citizens of the country don't have jobs . This is because most of the jobs are taken up by foreigners.
    Climate changes in our country, I haven't seen any measures being taken to help reduce global warming. According to me their should be something to be done about that .
    Pollution is a bad factor which cause climate change.
    My questions for a new leader would be.
    1. What will you do about the economy in our country?
    2. How will you help the education system?
    3. When do u hope that our citizens will be the one's to actually work and build the nation?
    4. What will you do about the climate changes across the country?
    5. What policies are you planning to implement?

  • My questions for any candidates would be:

    What will make you a better leader than the others?
    How can you make your country contribute to fix your country's problems?
    When will you start implementing you promises from when you were a candidate?

  • If I get the opportunity to ask the candidate or leader three questions. I would have many questions blooming in my mind but the main three questions that i will ask will be
    1. How are you going to take steps to eliminate corruption
    Because corruption , it is the one of the bigest hurdle for any country for development
    The second question i will ask will be
    2. What are your major aims and visions for the betterment of country financially and economically
    The last question which i will ask will be
    3. How are you going to support and guide the young generation
    If i would be allowed to ask more questions i would ask
    - what contribution could you make for the betterment of climate globally
    - how are you going to help eliminate the poverty from country.
    What steps will you take to improve the condition of poor.
    Although many more questions are popping in my mind but there is always some rule while meeting a very special man such as leader of a country

  • My questions to the great leader would be :
    1_ What will be your response to the citizens When asked about your motives for ruling this country?
    2_How will your motives affect the level of community development politically, socially, economically and culturally ?
    3_When will your people be a developed people in all aspects?

  • Jobs and skills:
    1. What measures will you put in place to improve the lives of the unprivileged without encouraging work avoidance and tax evasion ?
    Resources and climate change:
    2. How will you manage to keep a balance between your decisions so that we live a good life now but not to the detriment of future generations?
    Foreign policy:
    3. When do you think our country would be entitled to step in the internal or regional struggles of a different country?

  • My questions to the leaders are :

    1_ Are you going to change [wages], where they are distributed equally to all employees and the job is [service to the country] not [service to the dollar] and the wage [service to the citizen] not [fuel for labor]

    2_ How will you allocate some budget to support the health and education sectors and plan to make them 100% free if possible, or at least nominal amounts.

    3_ When will our country be among the countries participating in the World Cup?

  • My questions

    1-What are your plans to reduce unemployment?
    2-When will these lines be implemented?
    3-How will you implement these plans?

  • My questions:
    What is the strategy that you are pursuing that makes improving job opportunities for young people possible?

    How will you convince everyone that you are able to create those opportunities and how will you provide Jobs chances?

    When will you implement what you said and create opportunities for development and progress?

  • Questions to ask an election candidate
    The first question: What are your suggestions and vision for unemployment?
    The second question: What are the most important business or issues that you will solve after assuming the position?
    The third question: What is your future development plan for the region?

  • My questions to the new leader are :
    1_When you will make the water and electricity production free with no charge and only chanrge customers what it costs to produce it?
    2_How will you control food prices?
    3_When would you crack down heavily on unnecessary packing on items,totally revamp our rubbish and recycling systems and recycling systems and reduce the amount of rubbish ?

  • My questions to the new leader are as follows:
    1/ What does a Palestinian citizen mean to you as president?
    2/ How will you make a fundamental change in the lives of Palestinian citizens?
    3/ When will you take a law to reduce violence against Palestinian women ?

  • My three questions to ask a candidate would be
    1. What changes would you do to the school meals ?
    2. How would you change our world 🌍 to be more litter friendly ?
    3. When would you change everything straight away?

  • The country’s purchasing and selling situation are dire and depressing. Our country’s annual profits have decreased, significantly impacting our country’s population. In our nation, only this issue has sparked at least four additional issues, including terrorism, theft and unemployment.
    Questions 1: “What strategy would be used to solve this challenge while achieving various objectives?”
    Question 2: “How will you ensure that this tactic is long-lasting or sustainable?”
    Question 3: “When should our nation's economy expect this change?”

  • My questions to the new leader:

    1/ What does home mean to you?

    2/ What will you do if there are demonstrations against you?

    3/ How will you eliminate racism and nepotism?