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I think I would choose an elected president to govern a country, because the president will be... Suggest a discussion! 05/5/23
I think in ASUU will strike and end up killing themselves and will earn anything unless they ... Can everyone strike? 27/4/23
Though farmers can't strike they should go to the person in charge of farming activities in... Can everyone strike? 24/4/23
I agree because some of the schools strike about food and they end up with nothing. they... Can everyone strike? 24/4/23
Tougher climate laws should be allowed. why? people will follow the ordered laws if the... Suggest a discussion 22/4/23
I agree with you wonderful_fruit because this will make the people be happy, have love for their... Can everyone strike? 20/4/23
l think everyone can strike when wanting to get justice and help from people for example ... Can everyone strike? 20/4/23
I think every one can strike according to his or his or her brain,i mean the more advanced ... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
oh yeah,i agree with you that forests give us so much to our health, in terms of medicine,most... Suggest a discussion 19/4/23
Climate change is a change in the climate of a place. Our country has different climatic... Competition #1 News near you 14/4/23