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  • They also play an important roll with charities between them members of the royal family hold approximately 3,000 patronages of charitable organisations

    1. Yes, the members of the British royal family do hold many patronages of charitable organizations, and their involvement can bring significant attention and resources to important causes. These patronages cover a wide range of areas, including health, education, the environment, and social issues.

      The royal family's involvement with charitable organizations dates back many years, and it has helped to raise awareness of important social and humanitarian issues, and to mobilize resources to support those in need. The royal family's support for charitable organizations has also inspired many people around the world to get involved in their own communities and to make a positive impact.

      However, it's important to note that charitable organizations should not rely solely on the support of high-profile individuals or celebrities. Sustainable funding sources and strong organizational structures are also important for the long-term success and impact of these organizations.

  • ☆Some people think that royal life is easy, but for the British royal family it is not.

    Where the British royal family is famous for its set of strong customs and traditions, and all members of the British royal family must abide by these customs, whether young or old.

    Among these severe habits that everyone must abide by are //
    ■ 1- Not getting married without the consent of the family.
    ■ 2- Their acceptance of gifts,
    whatever they are, even if they are something simple, small, and inexpensive.
    ■ 3- Strict clothing.
    The British royal family dressed modestly.
    ■4- Traveling in black clothes.

    In the event of any sudden death, they must attend the burial ceremony in black clothes.

    Those British royal family who adhere to these habits consist of only 7 people, and they //
    ●1- Prince William, the eldest son of King Charles.
    ● 2- Princess Anne, the second child of Queen Elizabeth.
    ● 3- Prince Edward, the Queen's youngest son, is ( married ).
    ● 4- Prince Andor is the second son of the Queen and has two daughters.
    ●5- Prince Harry who is William's brother

    1. Do you think the Royals need to modernise in the UK? Some argue that Prince Harry has modernised and now gets harshly judged in the Media? If you are born within the hereditary royal family, should you have to abide by its rules? I would be interested in your opinion.

      1. The answer to the question From my point of view, adherence to the rules of the royal family is difficult and requires patience, and any mistake is considered a disaster. Compliance with the rules of eating, dressing, speaking, walking, and so on makes a person feel that he is a god and that everything is calculated. If I was born into a royal family, I would change some of my rules and I would do what I feel like and make me a normal person like everyone else.

        1. Your words are more than wonderful, that adherence to food, dress, and royal rules is difficult. There is no discussion on this subject. I also liked the point that you do not like to be higher than others and the rest of the people if you become queen.
          The monarchy may have some defects, the most important of which is what you just mentioned
          1- The upbringing of kings and crown princes can make them sit above the members of their people and transcend them.
          In this case, there is discrimination in the state, and this indicates that it is fair among the people

          1. I would like to know, from your point of view, "What are the most important customs, traditions and laws that must be changed in the royal families other than the habits of eating, dress and speech?"

        2. I agree with you. We are in some. Rules we cannot abide. What about the royal family members who are forced to abide by these rules in spite of themselves? I think that the laws function to maintain a peaceful life, but I am not sure whether the laws of the royal family have any benefit or not?

          1. I respect your opinion and I agree with the idea that laws properly preserve life, but on the other hand, there are some laws that are considered unfair to members of the royal family, and there are some laws that do not deserve such cruelty.

        3. Nice one interesting_seed, this seed is truly delightful. Being of a royal blood is truly difficult because you have to monitor every single thing you do, nothing you ever do that doesn't go on the news. If an ordinary person like me should go to a park and frolic and play like a child, no one will even question my actions but if the prince should do it, the news will travel round the world even to my television here in Africa. This can be really demoralizing and personally speaking I don't think I would agree to it but I still wonder somethings which us to discuss. The questions in my mind is " Aren't those laws placed for a reason? ", " Won't there be disastrous consequences if the laws aren't followed? "," Could there be deliberations to find a replacement for these laws".

          1. In my opinion, laws are made only for the sake of discrimination, because laws only complicate the situation. The king's son eats in a way that distinguishes him from the poor son. That's what matters. Otherwise, the ranks will be equal. Therefore, the consequences of violating these laws are dire, so how can a son from the royal family play with mud so that people find themselves condemning these actions because they are accustomed to the fixed rules of the king, i.e. a simple mistake is a crime.
            We find that many kings have rebelled and rejected most of the laws of the royal family, and others have lived their lives searching for themselves.

            1. If we should look at it from a more careful angle we'll see that the royal family just like every other thing in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. Monarchy comes with its good side and bad side, I know you'll be wondering what is good about monarchy. I had that same opinion until I took a little time to research more on it, I found out that they are three types of monarchy.
              1. Absolute monarchy
              2. Federal monarchy
              3. Constitutional monarchy
              4. Mixed monarchy

              1. Absolute monarchy is a kind of monarchy whereby the royal family is in total control of the affairs of the country. They create, reject and establish rules and they can be found in Saudi Arabia.

              2. Federal monarchy is a monarchy that has the monarchy as the overall head and even has subordinate monarchies as government. After a particular period of time the subordinate monarchies will vote for their next overall head. This type of monarchy allows democracy and aristocracy.

              3. Constitutional monarchy is a type of monarchy that doesn't give the royal family any political power but only offers them responsibility of attending ceremonies for their countries and some other affairs. Personally I feel that this type of monarchy should be supported because they help the president by reducing the stress of his or her position and help the president to focus on matters concerning the country instead of paying attention to matters of other countries. The monarchy there take care of particular matters that help to promote effective running of the country and it also gives little accommodation for two systems of government

              4. Mixed monarchy involves the absolute monarch distributing powers in specialized ways specific to the country.

              From the third type of monarchy I mentioned, I hope you've been able to adopt some importance of the royal family to a country. I believe it all depends on the way each one of them decides to play their game but it should be stated that some countries still need monarchy to preserve their traditions. If they are able to play their game very carefully and strategically then maybe it shouldn't be stopped.

          2. I was very impressed by your words, to be from a royal family, you must be present with the royal rules in terms of dress, food, and the laws and provisions in them. Implementing the royal rules is a difficult matter, and there is no discussion about it, and if you are a queen, you must monitor your actions that you do, as a natural person can go to any Place freely, but a person from the royal family is bound, because if a mistake occurs in his behavior, this may lead to the spread of his news in newspapers and magazines

          3. I believe that if there are no strict consequences for neglecting the royal laws, then this will cause the kingdom to become weak and prolific. One of the results of the kingdom’s commitment to the laws is to call it the state on which the sun never sets due to the vastness of the areas of government in it.

        4. Hello, for me, many people think that the word king or prince means entertainment and comfort, but they do not know that members of the royal family are restricted to a specific type of formal dress and a specific type of food and drink. As for children, they must go to private schools for their education, even if They have grown up to rule, and for them we are very comfortable. Despite the hard work we do, they do ten times the work that ordinary people do, so do not underestimate their lives ❤️

          1. If you could live the life of a royal would y choose to?

            1. First, hello... If I were to choose to be a member of the royal family and to be a member of the traditional or ordinary family, I would choose to be a member of the traditional or ordinary family. Why? Because for me it is much easier than being a member of the royal family.. Thank you.. 🌹

            2. Yes, I bear the responsibility despite my young age. I know how to manage the country for its benefit, society, or even how to help everyone and help charities and small institutions that help feed the poor and the needy. Even the orphanage I would like to develop and make more rooms for orphans so that they do not feel inferior to those around them. I would like to do this in order to earn the love of God and the love of people and their satisfaction with me, and for them to come to me when any problem occurs without fear. I think I can do that

            3. An interesting question.
              Well, when we all see movies about the lives of kings, we are impressed and say, “If only we could live the life of kings!!”
              Of course, we will admire their lives and wish to live like them, but the question here is, is their life in the media the same as their life in reality? Well as we know there are many drawbacks to the monarchy in some countries.
              Therefore, we must ask ourselves, are there really kings who do not care about their people, do not seek their interest, or what makes them happy, do not provide for their needs, and be unjust and oppressive?
              I think the answer is yes. There are many peoples who complain about their irresponsible kings.
              But there are kings who are loved by their people because they are responsible and know how to preserve the rights of their people and their society, and there is mutual respect between the two parties.
              So I think we have to look at all aspects of royal life.

            4. Well yes I would love to because anywhere I go, I want to be an agent of change, I will love you change some of the rules of royalty, and modernize most of the things, I think this will promote unity because I will try and produce some concrete reasons on why we must modernize to the people who are against modernizing and make sure I have their permission before making any decisions to promote peaceful co-existence, which is an advantage because it promotes augmentation and development, if One continues to live on old things there will be no improvement, It is just like a student continuing to read old books while the curriculum is changing.

          2. I strongly agree with you, most people have this belief.
            From my point of view, what made the idea seep into people's minds is the idea of ​​money, the palace, transportation, a luxurious life, and other things.
            To associate entertainment and a comfortable life with happiness is unfortunate.
            Perhaps the reason for this belief is what people see on television or what you see in movies and series of clothes, servants, and cars, which makes the viewer believe that the life of kings is sleeping on ostrich feathers.
            I am not advocating for that or anything like that, but by reading one of the books on the lives of kings and knowing their lifestyle of eating and drinking and the strict laws that cannot be deviated from.
            And the rules also reach the way of walking, peace and other things that make life more complicated.

        5. I disagree because...
          "With all due respect to different viewpoints, your comment is truly exemplary and I liked it. However, the last part of the discussion caught my attention, which is to make oneself an ordinary person. I believe that the monarch should be distinguished in many aspects and fields because he is responsible for his country and seeks its prosperity, and I do not expect him to seek its destruction.

          As for the rules and regulations, I believe that some aspects of them may appeal to you, while others may appeal to others. Change can occur, yes, if you engage in the field that the monarch or monarchy has worked on, it will turn you into a better person, and the same will happen with the rest of the people.

          As for some criticisms, they can be resolved through consultation and understanding. Here, the monarch will be able to establish a prosperous independent state with an open-minded population.

          Thank you for listening."

        6. Hi interesting seed,
          I completely agree with your comment, being a royal comes with a lot of responsibility and in order to be able to adhere to all the rules you would need a lot of self control, you would need to be generous and also selfless(you would have to put the peoples needs before yours). I read about some of the rules and personally I think if I were part of the royal family I would be a complete rebel because I would find it hard to comply with all the rules, I would actually create my own rules and live my life the way I would want to.

      2. This is really a great question. In fact, I was watching some movies in which there was a royal family, and most of these royal families had a prince or princess who rejected this life and decided to live in peace like other people and were not bound by the rules of the royal family. In my opinion, if I were a princess and I was bound by these laws, then I would be like a bird locked in a cage. I would not be able to fly. It is obvious that I think of escaping and opening my wings to fly in this big world, discover new things and live a quiet life like other people.

      3. Yes, he must abide by the laws to be an example for his people... In your opinion, is it possible for the people to abide by the laws if the royal family does not abide?? Of course not. That is why the laws must be adhered to.. Yes, I know that laws require patience and silence at times, but he must follow them in order for it to be a regular state that every passing tongue talks about. He must follow the laws so that we are not like the people who “advise and do not act according to advice” so as not to Hatred is born. This is from my point of view

      4. If I were born within the hereditary royal family, I think I wouldn't abide by its rules because everyone individual in this world is the same so no one even a king is above in God's eyes we are all equal and share the same responsibility.

      5. The royal family has to change some of the strict rules they have in the palace because their rules work to restrict the person through dress, mealtimes, etc. And if I was born into a royal family, I would have to abide by the royal rules, but if I could change, I would change the time to eat and not go out with my protectors to feel comfortable, and I think the royal family is unfair in these things.

      6. If I was born into such a family, I would have modernized, I would have also tried to change some of those laws that guide being from the royal family, off course we are in a dynamic world, a world where by things change on a daily basis, I can't continue to deprive people in my family of living a life as if they are not normal humans, I think the best thing Prince Harry should have done was to try and make the late Queen and present King try to see from his own point of view and they[late Queen and present King] should have tried to make some changes to such strict laws and modernize some of the things and way they do things so that peace would reign, Prince harry too should have made a little sacrifice for the sake of peaceful co-existence. The main point is that royals should not be restricted and they should not be judged for modernizing some of their old practices, after all change is allowed.

    2. Thank you for sharing this information about the customs and traditions of the British royal family. It's important to recognize that being a member of the royal family comes with its own set of responsibilities and expectations, and it's not necessarily an easy life as some might assume. It's interesting to see the strict habits that they must adhere to, such as not being able to marry without family consent and dressing modestly. It's also worth noting that the group of British royals who adhere to these customs consists of only a small number of individuals. It will be interesting to see how these customs and traditions evolve over time as the royal family continues to adapt to the changing world around them.

    3. The royal family follows several traditions and I think that they should only have to follow those traditions if they choose to do. In relation to this, why is it compulsory for them to travel in black clothes? Shouldn't they be allowed to wear what they want?

      1. It is possible that this may be a traditional practice in certain situations, such as during a state funeral or other formal events, but I cannot confirm whether it is compulsory or not. In general, members of the royal family are expected to dress appropriately for the occasion and to maintain a certain level of decorum and respect for the position they hold. However, as for what they choose to wear on a daily basis, that is likely up to their personal preference and discretion.

    4. The royal family follows various traditions and I think that they should only follow the traditions if they have to do so,In addition to this, There's a strict dress code in the royal family, Example: Members of the royal family are expected to dress modestly and never overtly casual, Shouldn't they be allowed to wear what they crave/want?

  • We explained this topic at our online classroom and my attention was attracted by the protests that took place in Morocco in 2011. The protest against the King of Morocco achieved a somewhat positive result, as the King reduced his power and gave some of them to the government, they acheive democracy and took the right of expressing their opinionThis reminded me of what happened in the Arab Spring against rulers in some Arab countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.

  • In my opinion having a royal family or royalty is an autocratic system of government because power over that community is concentrated into the hands of a single person or particular group of people; it can also be called a centralised system of government. Mostly the power is concentrated into the hands of a king or queen. Their duty is to look toward the well being of their kingdom and they are normally held in high regard from their people.

    1. Are Royal families always held in high regards from their people?

      1. I don't think so, not all royal families held in high regards from their people like King of Morocco who was protested by his people ,but there are exceptions there are fair kings that are loved by their people. They have popularity like in the past, the king of Abyssinia, Ethiopia now, was knwon for being just and not oppressing anyone, and he was loved by everyone, his people and not his people.

      2. Not necessarily. The level of support and regard for royal families can vary widely depending on the country, the culture, and the specific actions and behavior of the royal family members.

        In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, the royal family is generally well-respected and supported by a majority of the population. However, even in these countries, there can be varying levels of support and criticism depending on the actions of individual members of the royal family.

        In other countries, there may be more mixed feelings towards the royal family, or even active opposition. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as political issues or scandals involving members of the royal family.

        Ultimately, the level of support and regard for royal families is not fixed and can fluctuate over time, depending on a wide range of factors.

        Here are a few examples of incidents that have affected the level of support and regard for royal families in various countries:

        United Kingdom - In the 1990s, the popularity of the British royal family was at a low point, due in part to scandals such as the breakdown of Prince Charles' marriage to Princess Diana and his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. However, the popularity of the royal family has since rebounded, in part due to the younger generation of royals, such as Prince William and Prince Harry, who have been seen as more relatable and
        Saudi Arabia - The Saudi royal family has faced criticism and opposition for a variety of reasons, including its close ties to the United States, its human rights record, and its involvement in regional conflicts such as the war in Yemen. The murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018, which is widely believed to have been ordered by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, further damaged the reputation of the Saudi royal family.

      3. The Royal family has along history that goes back to early days of British Iseles.The Royal family has been involved in many aspects of British society&culture including education charity work&the arts.They also have contributed to their prestige.Historically members of Royal family have also played arole in some significant battles such as the Battle of Waterloo,&Battle of somme.Its important to note that Royal family isn't held in high regard by every one.

      4. I do not think so. There are some countries whose people think that kings are tyrannical and stingy and do not care about their people. This is from the point of view of some peoples of countries, while others love their king with great love

      5. If this king is keen on his just rule and his ability to deal with the problems of the state and is able to satisfy the people and give them their rights, then this king will be very popular, not only in his country, but in the whole world, and if he does not have these qualities, his people will hate him and revolutions will rise against him

      6. I don't think ..because there are some countries that think that. Its rulers or kings are strict and stingy and do not listen to the opinions of their people
        And there are some countries that like to take a good picture of their kings.. This is spreading in most countries that the kings are fair to hear from their people, not like some countries

      7. It is possible for them to be appreciated according to their behavior with the people. There are royal families who do not respect and appreciate their people, and there are some of them who respect and appreciate the people . "I mean, the royal families are not always appreciated by the people."For example, those who do not receive appreciation from the people are the ones who do not treat their people in a fair way and other injustice, unlike those who receive appreciation from the people.

      8. In my opinion, some of them receive appreciation and respect from their people, and some do not.
        Not all kings are just and responsible to rule an entire people and country.
        Some mistreat their people, do not provide them with the necessary services, do not fulfill their demands, ignore their requests, and seek only their own personal interest.
        And some kings have mutual respect between the king and his people, and works to meet their needs and demands.
        Therefore, I believe that not every king is truly a king.
        If you want to be a king, you must be fair and responsible and aware that you have to run a country and an entire people.

      9. I think so because in Uganda, the royal family is given higher regards even in school they are given the privilege to do what ever they want and no one has a say in the matter. they do whatever they want and even the school leaders don't say anything.

      10. No, I do not think that it is everyone who is appreciated, because the good kings who help and sympathize with the community are the ones who will receive appreciation, love and attention from the community itself, but if it is the opposite, then the community will not love him, appreciate him or talk to him, but rather they will file complaints against him that he is an unjust and arrogant king. This is my point of view

  • What some people are yet to understand is that the power that royalty holds is not recognized without their people , the people are the ones that give this amount of power to royalty , without their subjects neither their opinions nor they themselves will be respected. Royalty also uphold constitutional and representational duties.

  • ☐ It can be hard to tell what the royal family's official duties are.

    ■Generally, every royal supports charities, appears at events, and occasionally travels the globe to strengthen diplomatic relationships.

    ■But some royals also have day jobs, and others have long military careers.

  • I believe that the people love King Charles and that King Charles is fair to them. I do not follow much news, but through the few clips that I watched, I could see the great love of the people for the royal family

    1. If we don't follow the news and rely on a few clips or pieces of information, are there any risks to us getting a broad understanding of an issue?

      1. We must delve deeper into the issue we are talking about, as it is possible that we see only the good aspects or only the bad aspects, and this gives an incorrect impression of this person

      2. I agree because relying on few clips isn't enough so we need to follow news resources like BBC channel to know the whole information which will help us in understanding the issue well

        1. I agree with him because I'm following the BBC news and I'm really learning a lot and I'm getting information and understanding the issue very well.

      3. I do not think that a few small passages can give me a complete and comprehensive idea of ​​the subject. When I search for something, I search all communication platforms in order to be sure of the information and look at it from all sides. Life is important, so information must be confirmed by radio, television, mobile phone and many others, because most of the problems arise through our knowledge of one side and our lack of knowledge of another side of the information and it can lead to the disintegration of society, so we must understand the information from documented and confirmed sources so that it does not have side effects harmful to society

      4. .I strongly agree with you..because many of us follow the clips or reels in getting the news only. This is not enough and we should delve deeper into the issue, so we must procrastinate in searching for the reality of the news and read a lot about the mentioned topic from different points of views.

  • I brought this question to answer it..
    1. What do members of the royal family do??
    I think this is his answer..
    Many individuals assist the King by taking care of public engagements and often pursue charitable works and interests

    1. Your question is more than wonderful, and I agree with your answer, but the royal family has a very important role in the life of the king and in the lives of the people, because a person from the royal family is the legal heir to the king, what? The king and the people, so that the king is not let down by one of the people, and they pursue charitable work and other difficult matters. Therefore, I extend my greetings to all the good kings and their families.

  • In my country Nigeria we practice a democratic system of government but some tribes still following our culture and customs from way back even when we are still under this system of government carry out the monarchy system by appointing kings and queens who represent them, most of the time the throne is inherited , it follows a blood line. For example: Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, he is the 51st and current Ooni of Ife who ascended his forebearers throne in the year 2015, he is the traditional ruler of the Yoruba kingdom of Ile-Ife . We treat our royalty with respect because even with the coming of Islam and Christianity some of us still think that our traditional rulers are connected to our ancestral gods but even with this we still respect our democratic system of government; this is the way monarchy is practiced in my country.

  • if you're going to ask what the point of having a king or queen is, I'll just point out that most of the best countries in the world (according to various indices of democracy, human rights, economic freedom, and happiness) have kings or queens.

    1. Can you name some of those countries?

      1. The Islamic kingdoms are (The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Brunei, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait

        Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of ,Oman

        Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kingdom


      2. According to my knowledge, there are not many people who are unjust. Except for King Abdullah in Jordan

      3. I should not count them or list them on you, because the truth is clear to the people of the people or the state itself, and there is equality between the citizens and there is no discrimination between them, and he is quick of judgment and acumen so that he can solve the problems of his state and he has the ability to take his decisions and put the right person in the right place so that he is not arrogant towards his unarmed citizens

      4. Brunei, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Swatini, Thailand .. This is what my teacher recalled. But I liked to add information that may benefit my friends here, which is the goal of the presence of a king or queen of my answer is that they protect the people from the catastrophic dangers. The people become firm below one line. Providing the daily food and food for the people .. And I add that this is strongly for this people without a king that governs these countries. The king is the head of the people ... This is what I wanted to clarify ..

      5. If you want to talk about what is ancient because the rule goes back to the ancient time, then I will mention you kings who were great 1. King Ahmose Nefertari 2. 3. Amenhotep the First 4. Queen Meritamun 5. King Thutmose I 6. Thutmose II 7. King Hatshepsut 8. Thutmose III, and we will not forget those who ruled the earth and owned it 1. Solomon 2. Nimrod 3. Dhu al-Qarnayn 4. Bakhtnasir These are the ones who ruled the whole earth from its east to its west, and there are many great kings

        1. What do you mean by "great", emotional_raccoon?

  • In today's society, what is the relevance and significance of royalty and monarchy in general? Should countries continue to have monarchs or move towards more democratic forms of government?

    1. Why not ? If the king applies the law and provides an excellent life for the people. Not all kings are bad. Look at Britain, for example, as a good royal model.
      I think it depends on the method of government and the results of used system. He may be a corrupt democrat who does not apply the law.
      Things differ from one people to another.
      I think it is important to advance the state and make progress in all aspects of life either monarch or democratic.

    2. Frankly, I do not support the monarchy, because in most kingdoms it is a dictatorial, unjust and tyrannical rule, and works to restrict freedom of thought, and does not give the people powers to express their opinion, and works not to preserve the rights.
      Well, here in my country, we follow the democratic system that makes us enjoy freedom of expression, works to preserve our rights, and provides us with the necessary services.
      Well, it is true that I do not support the monarchy, but I do not deny that it has important advantages, such as that it works to control matters in the state, and works to preserve its reputation.
      Some countries that follow the monarchy system are happy and this is of course the most important thing, but there are also countries that follow the monarchy but they are unhappy and restricted, so in my opinion its disadvantages are more than its advantages.
      In my opinion, the democratic system is better than the dictatorial system

  • I will compare the systems of government in the current era, "hereditary / Shura, i.e. elections". I will start with the hereditary system. I think that the hereditary system is a good system to some extent, but it has damages, such as the king ascribes power to his son immediately, but the characteristics of the king in his son may not be that he is unwise It is not prepared for ruling without consultation from the people. As for the electoral system, I think it is an appropriate system because it allows the people to choose their president and allows them to choose a wise and fair president through voting. From my point of view, most countries should work on the electoral system. This is from my point of view. Do you agree with me?

  • We have discussed in the class the subject of kingship, and the teacher has directed us some duties and I want a solution to them, and among these questions _ What are the most prominent challenges facing kings and how do they face them How is the king or queen chosen? On what basis is the king chosen? What are the qualities of a good king?

    1. I think he should be fair , helpful , educated,responsible ,,think about others and about his country and achieved many accomplishments

      1. Can you give me country names for fair kings and why do you think they are fair?

  • The royal family plays a largely symbolic role and most of their duties involve putting on social functions and entertaining esteemed guests. Technically they do hold some political power though.

  • I have a question that is important to me, what punishment does not apply to members of the royal family. Are there laws that do not apply to members of the royal family

    1. I do not think so, the king must treat them like the rest of the people, so that there is no racism in society, even if this is in paying taxes, they are part of society and they must receive laws like others, and even increase them, because they are the ones who will inherit the rule After the death of the king / queen, so they must set an example for others

    2. When Queen Elizabeth II was alive, the royal house paid taxes like the rest of the people, and there are ruling houses who do not pay anything and nothing of the law applies to them because they believe that they are only their place on the throne and that their money does not go out to anyone. This is only a category, I do not know if it is big or small that class

  • Well, I did a little research and it turned out that there are 32 countries that are still getting used to the monarchy, but I think that republican rule is the best solution, where the people elect the best person for them to meet their demands and improve the situation of the country, as he can be more intelligent and responsible than the crown prince himself, and he may be More righteous and beneficial to the state, but I still wonder what would happen if there were no sons of the king, would he resort in the end to following the electoral system?

  • If the monarchy was banned all over the world and the whole world became under presidential rule, what would happen? And how would the world become under this rule?

    1. If Monarchy was banned all over the world, the people of a country will have a more fair and even democracy. But when the whole world comes under presidential rule, we have to consider the fact that what is good for an individual need not be good for a country and what is good for a country may not be good for another country. Presidential system of rule has certain advantages and disadvantages
      1. Quick and decisiveness in decision making
      2. Fixed tenure of office
      3. Presidential discretion in appointments
      4. A single countrywide constitution
      5. Individual Ministerial responsibility
      6. Separation of powers
      7. Insulation from Political parties

      Disadvantages :
      1. Prone to dictatorship
      2. Friction among Government organs
      3. Lack of flexibility
      4. Expensive to operate
      5. Interference of political parties
      6. Process of lobbying encourages corruption.

      From the above information, it is concluded that presidential rule may be good in certain areas such as law enforcement, defence, technology, etc. But more regulations will hinder the freedom of people. Therefore, I say that people vote for a government which gives them more freedom and which fulfill their obligations and correct law enforcement. So implementation of presidential rule all over the world is not possible.

    2. I think that if the world came under presidential rule as long as it was democratic everything would be smooth and free especially nowadays seeing as the British Royal family don't take part in anything political.

  • okey...
    The late Queen Elizabeth gave birth to 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. Why do you think that King Charles III will be crowned soon instead of his brothers, for example?! ...I know that he is the first heir to the throne and speaks different languages, but this is not a sufficient reason for his sitting on the throne. Please tell me your opinion and explain it.

  • In my belief, we have reached a stage of progress, development, civilization, and the practice of democracy. Some countries still practice a monarchy that is controlled by a certain family that practices its own customs and rituals that distinguish it from other people. I believe that we do not need a monarchy as long as we are in Countries that practice democracy, and each individual has a role and responsibility in building civilization, whether he is a king, a prince, or an ordinary person. The holder of the title must be the one who achieves more and serves humanity better.

  • The Royals in Britain do not have any political powers. Can someone tell what royalty is about in a country that is democratically structured?

    1. Maybe some of our students in the UK can share their experiences!

  • It feels like the rich are " the Royal Family" and the slightly poorer are the " commoners" ( members of public.) Do you believe that the fact that the rich represent our country and the poorer do not makes you think that we are living in a plutocratic society?

  • The royal families are really good because these families teach or inspire people who are not even from royal families to work hard and live a happy life . The royal families also help children to know more about their cultures.

  • l would also want to know more uses of royal families in a country . Apart from fianacial help

  • I would like to point out that the existence of monarchical rule or republican rule both have advantages and disadvantages, but most saw that the negatives of republican rule are less than monarchical rule, so you find that most countries operate under republican rule, So that the people choose the president according to specific conditions, and his capabilities and promises that he announces and promises to implement, and it is said that in this way we give room for new ideas and creativity In order to spread in societies.
    Also, the election policy is based on increasing the strength of the individual's personality, and works for him to have a role in decision-making, and to be aware of the result of his choice, It is also a means of renewal and diversification.
    The republican system also provides the possibility of re-election and the selection of a new president in the event that the previous president is not suitable for the presidency and to appoint someone better than him, in contrast to the monarchy in which the king remains ruler of the country even if the policy of his rule was tyrannical.

  • If the brilliant brains ruled their country instead of some of un educated kings, what would happen????

    1. Society will develop and prosper, and interest in the scientific aspect will increase, which affects the development of all aspects of economic, social and cultural life. Achievements and inventions that benefit humanity and help save our planet. Find a cure for chronic diseases. And explore outer space.

  • A good question I have is what links the lineage with the rulers of old?

  • A question I have about royals that I think would make a great discussion is whether or not children conceived by mistresses or affairs, are legitimate and allowed to succeed to the throne.

  • King Charles III's reign is called the Carolean era.

    Just to add to the discussion:
    He is called King Charles the third because there was a former prince Charles that took over the British throne and the people where thinking if he would use His other name George when he becomes the king so he decided to give himself King Charles III so that was how the name King Charles the III came about and he is also the first to rule the United Kingdom in more than three years. I got this information from a presentation at graduation event that I attended 3 years ago the students decided to talk to us about King Charles III's coronation.

  • Did you know that being a monarch was such a dangerous job in the past.
    Including Scottish monarchy, 16 died in the battle field while 17 or more monarchs in the British Isles have been killed away from the battlefield, making it a very dangerous job indeed.
    In Russia, the last Tsar and his family were all killed by the Bolsheviks.
    In conclusion I feel that the way the monarchy is run now is better than before.

  • Hey dear Kim,
    I'm wondering if after the death of Queen Elizabeth II will British stamps, coins and passports change ?

    1. Hi honourable _city -- the answer to your question is, yes! The things you mentioned are now being made with the face of King Charles III on them.

  • Hello,
    Now when every king rules, he/she sets their own rules, but the question is do you think when the king/queen dies, any Royal Warrants issued by him/her become void??

  • welcome
    I do not support the monarchy. If we look at its defects and advantages, we find that it is a double-edged sword, but in my personal opinion, its defects outweigh its advantages.
    I think this is what I am going to discuss is the most prominent of its shortcomings
    I do not like what the members of the royal family are subject to. They enjoy more privileges than the members of the people. Other than that, they are very rich, and some of the people suffer from poverty and are in dire need of food, drink and clothing. Not every king enjoys the advantage of justice, and some kings do not carry out their duties to the fullest. What I want to clarify It is that appointing the king as a ruler until his death, and after him this crown prince comes, is the biggest mistake, because he may not have the competence to rule and oppress his people, and thus people will migrate to other countries, as my teacher told me that if they suffer from an unjust king, they will go to countries where there is a republican system of government And it is better because the people choose who will rule them through elections

    1. I agree with you. And I believe that the worst thing about the monarchy is that there is no authority higher than the king that can punish him if he erred against the people or fell short of his responsibilities.

  • In my opinion I think that the royal family is always going to be unjust as everyone in it is not picked by the people of the country, but by complete chance or by marriage. Most will be born into royalty and stay in it for the rest of their lives, having everything paid for for them. The money that goes towards them could easily be put towards the many other issues in the UK now.

    1. I agree because...
      I liked your opinion that "the royal family will always be unfair, because each member of it is not chosen by the people but by chance." Indeed, the royal family should be the same as the rest of the people, but I see that there is a distinction between the members of the people and the royal family, as the royal family will work and receive large sums of money without any fatigue, but the rest of the people tire a lot to take it, to the point that they work Strikes to receive full salaries, so I think there should be no royal family, but at the same time they are also under pressure because of the royal family's laws such as the unified religion for all and the dress code.

  • Does anyone think that the royal family brings any importance? I personally have a mixed opinion on this since this is quite a tough topic, I do think they have some importance since they do rule the entirety of the united kingdom, but I don't really think that they need to be given money by us since they already have quite a huge salary. I mean, don't you already have a giant mansion in London?