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In my own honest opinion I see as if whether or not a person becomes more responsible or active... Responsible citizens 07/2/24
11/12!! To be honest most of these were just lucky guesses, but it makes me happy to know that... The business and politics quiz 06/2/24
I feel as though the topics business and politics and AI clearly resonate with one another. It... Competition #3 winners 05/2/24
I truly believe that a brand should have total control because its their image that will be... The “face” of a business 05/2/24
To be quite frank it is not at all surprising that 'Fito' was able to escape prison as there are... What’s the purpose of prisons? 03/2/24
I agree because prison should mostly be about reformation, as people need to made better for... What’s the purpose of prisons? 02/2/24