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How does staying informed about local news help you become more responsible and active in your community?

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  • Unity in our community can be achieved if we are informed by our local news. And this was a perfect example when a major event can occur. For instance in 2020 when an earthquake hit our city being informed about where and when to go and how to act was a saving act for all of us.
    Furthermore, even announcements from the media that are for example for our community football team can make us all united to support it .

    1. I completely agree with adventurous_river. Keeping up with the local news not only helps us stay prepared for emergencies such as earthquakes but also brings us closer as a community . Being aware of what's happening around us allows us to come together, support each other, contribute financially to the community, and work towards making our community a better place. And the main reason is two preserve our community for future generation because if we will help anyone he or she will also help us in the future or our next generation.For example we are playing a football match and if we will pass the football to another player that player will also pass the football to me in other match or in that match only. This proves that every action has equal and opposite reaction in same way if we help anyone he or she will also help us.

    2. Very true adventurous river. Being informed about your sorounding situations really does have an impact on your safety. The news is a very important part of being a dedicated citizen. It is impossible to call yourself a Jamaican if you are unaware about your own country's independence day in the same not knowing the truth about whatever is going on around you can take a toll on your own life as a citizen in forms such as unity, awareness, safety, entertainment etc

      THANK YOU 💘

    3. I agree with you because if people can keep up with their local community news, they can use it to become responsible citizens. By staying informed, they can take appropriate actions and be among responsible citizens. Thank you!

      1. I agree with you thoughful_hedgehog because if people are aware about the local community news, it a help them to take a correct decision and you can help to be a responsible citizen if you can take appropriate decision which is best for your community.

    4. I completely agree with you news about your local surroundings can be very helpful and at times can even save your life. I have a similar experience , during lockdown we were able to get oxygen cylinders for some of our relatives just because the local news was guiding us where to find them as well as thanks to the local news we were able to get to the hospital on time because it broadcasted the hospitals which were already full ,saving our time and helping us reach the hospitals which were still accepting patients.

  • Local news is crucial in informing the community about events and developments that may affect their daily lives. If such news is not communicated to the public, it could have negative consequences on the community. For instance, a lack of information about a natural disaster or a health outbreak could lead to panic and confusion among the residents, which could worsen the situation. Therefore, it is important for local news to be accurately reported and widely disseminated to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

    1. I agree with you. I think that when news inform us about major events such as natural disasters or health hazards then this is the best of our safety. Additionally news can and should inform us about what happens in our local community such as events, change of schedules, traffic congestion and so on because this can change our daily activities as we used to do them

    2. I agree with youas even I believe that local news is a good source of information and can even make people updated of their you rose the point of natural disasters local news can help us to be awared and be prepared for such accidents.

    3. I totally agree with you because,if we are informed in our community about event and development that may affect our daily lives,we can know how to prevent and unite together and give advices that will bring positive changes to our community.we can also communicate with other people we don't know on issues that will bring peace to the nation.

    4. To provide evidence for my claim:
      For example, during the 2011 earthquake in Japan, the lack of immediate and accurate information led to widespread panic and confusion among the residents, causing further distress. Similarly, during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, misinformation and lack of clear communication led to increased fear and anxiety among the public. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 68% of Americans reported feeling more anxious about the pandemic due to misinformation and confusion. Therefore, accurate and widespread local news is important because it plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

  • Staying informed about the local news is really important to form responsible citizens. If the citizens are well known about the things happening around them, it can make them aware of how to solve it,take what actions and how to spread awareness making them active and responsible. If the citizens aren't informed about the news it will be more complicated to be responsible and make positive impacts in the community. Staying informed about local news can allow the citizens to express their thoughts and opinions.

    1. Hello , gutsy_starfish @ topical talk .
      I agree because... as a "responsible citizen", if we receive local news and information , we are expected to carry out respective solutions to problems that differ in the society . Carrying out action towards a problem is what determines the responsibility of an individual or group of people . We cannot come to a conclusion that everyone in the society is a responsible citizen as we all know that some are not . It is a sacrifice that we all have to make to be responsible citizens which is not only to the benefit of humans , but also to animals and nature as there will be a healthy and peaceful environment.
      THANK YOU .

  • Staying informed about local news helps us become more responsible and active in our community because it keeps us aware of what's happening around us. When we know about local issues, we can take action to address them, whether it's volunteering, participating in community events, or contacting local leaders. For example, if there's a story about a park needing repairs, we might organize a cleanup or fundraising event to help fix it. Moreover, I remember a time when a local news story reported on a shortage of supplies at our community food bank. After hearing about it, my friends and I organized a food drive at our school to collect donations and support those in need. Lastly, if local people weren't informed about news in our area, it could have a negative effect on our community. Important issues might go unnoticed or unaddressed, leading to problems getting worse over time. Without knowing what's happening locally, we might miss out on opportunities to make positive changes and improvements in our community. Being informed empowers us to work together and make our community a better place for everybody.

  • Staying informed about local and global news is essential in fostering responsible citizen's. By being aware of global and local events,individuals can actively participate in addressing economic challenges on a global scale. Conversely, a lack of news awearness can have determinal effects on the society, including insufficient knowledge,poor decision making and misconceptions. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to stay updated on global and local news as it promotes peace and unity.

    1. I agree with you because It is crucial for news to reach rural areas so that people there can understand the consequences of their actions. In rural areas, some people unknowingly harm animals, leading to the risk of extinction. If they are informed about the dangers of this behavior, they may seek alternatives to prevent animal extinction. Additionally, many individuals in rural areas habitually cut down trees for cooking and selling, unaware of the adverse effects like deforestation and bush burning. By listening to the news, they can become aware of the environmental impact of their actions, prompting them to find sustainable solutions. In essence, spreading news to rural communities is essential for fostering awareness and encouraging responsible choices.

      1. I agree because... Sharing news within the local community can greatly benefit both the country and the larger community. It helps people become aware of how their actions affect the climate, empowering them to make positive changes. Even those who don't attend school can develop their green skills by engaging in activities like planting and farming. Without access to news, people may remain unaware of environmental issues and continue harmful practices. Thus, sharing news is vital for protecting the environment. Additionally, being a reporter can be considered a green skill as it helps educate and inform the community about important environmental matters. Overall, spreading news within communities can lead to positive environmental outcomes and empower individuals to take action for a healthier planet.

      2. I agree to your point precious swan people in rural areas are not aware of the consequences of their actions because some are not educated enough to understand what it is that happens if they perform some certain actions. Like animals running extinct most is because of continuous hunting of those specific species a very good example is the elephant which is hunted for its tusks which are made of ivory, ivory has a very high demand in markets and is extremely valuable it can be used to make furniture, decorations and all other stuff.
        But my point is that we shouldn't hunt the creatures indiscriminately.

    2. Hey educated_fox,
      You've made an excellent point and I completely agree with you. Being aware and informed of the things happening around you, helps you gain more understanding of the world around you it provides insight about different cultures, it calls attention to different social and political issues happening around you. It gives you knowledge and with all the knowledge and insight gained you can make the right decisions which could help improve the condition of your community and the society at large

      1. I disagree because... you said hearing news gives you knowledge and with all the knowledge and insight gained, you can make the right decisions. We hear news every day, everywhere, and day and night yet we still don't make the right decisions. We:
        use AI for tests- we hear news about external papers and tests been cancelled because of students using AI to cheat however we still do it!
        burn unnecessarily- we have heard about the effects of burning unnecessarily however we still do it.
        Commit crimes- we hear about people been beaten up miserably or been caught by a police officer or going to court, but we still commit crimes.
        Despite hearing news about what goes on, we still do the wrong things.

        1. well, we all know the popular saying "Ignorance is bliss", but i think that this is completely wrong. Even when people are informed, they decide to do the wrong things. That is their choice. But some people receive that news with open arms and are ready to change. They know that ignorance is dangerous. We can't deny anyone of news or information just because other people decide not to do anything about it. For example if there is a curfew in a country and the news is not passed around to the citizens then there will be consequences. But if the news is passed around, those who decide to use it will stay inside and those who decide to ignore it will still go about and this will attract legal consequences.
          To be a responsible citizen you must know what is happening in your own country. If you don't, you won't even be able to perform your duties properly due to lack of information. I think everyone is entitled to information even if not everyone will use it.

    3. I completely agree with educated_fox. Being aware of the news in our community can enable us to help individuals in need. For instance, if a boy requires financial assistance to complete his education, other members of the community can provide support by contributing towards his education or helping him in any other way possible. Being informed about the happenings around us can help us connect with our community and aid those in need. It is essential to help our community as it allows us to build a strong network of support where we can receive help when we need it.

    4. This is quite true, when people have at least a glimpse of what is going on they can try to come up with creative solutions. I'll give an example. Imagine you have not been participating in this competition and you are not informed about all the arising and current issues you will not even know what is going on around you talk less of finding out a solution. "A problem known is half a problem solved."
      I also think that it helps us to be more aware as responsible citizens. When we hear of the things going on in our locality, we can be safe and help to solve problems. Personal awareness and responsibility include the skills, strategies, and dispositions that help students to stay healthy and active, set goals, monitor progress, regulate emotions, respect their own rights and the rights of others, manage stress, and persevere in difficult situations. If we moderate our awareness and responsibility, we well be able to solve a lot of problems in our community.


    5. I absolutely concur with your very compelling and convincing perspective and I also believe that being apprised about news worldwide is of major importance as it contributes in our well-being and it enables us to become compliant and active citizens with a desire to participate and be acknowledged of news in our community. The direct transfer of events, helps us keep up with the latest evolutions and most pivotally it raises our awareness on several things and it urges us to be careful. So, not being aware of local news can pose detrimental consequences due to people's lack of awareness and information and therefore their indifference and nonchalacy to try to change a problem that bothers the community. This way, many problems will be generated, accumulated and therefore after specific time period they will have a negative effect on the community and the people in it.

    6. I agree because staying in touch with local news and being aware of our society can have a great impact on our society. Also, paying attention to the local news can lead to acquiring of knowledge and proper decision making among the youth of our society. So in conclusion, listening to news regularly will improve our national consciousness to what is happening in our country and our society.

    7. We can't fix the problems in our society if we don't know anything about it. We must know our climate, political, societal and environmental status and where we lack in them so more effort can be put in there. You can't complain about the government if you don't fulfill your civic rights of voting. You can't campaign or run for a political office if you aren't part of a political party or know the past and present political status of your country. You can't help your country's climate change status or environmental status if you don't care to know the problem. Poor knowledge of the society leads to bad decision making.
      Ask if you need to, but do not assume. Look around in awareness. This doesn't only help the society politically but socially, as it unites us.
      Thank you.

    8. I agree because. Saying informed about local and national news can increase the way we care about our community and about our home align not to think of ways to promote peace and unity.

  • I think staying informed about the local news helps to become more active and more responsible in your community because when we are staying informed about the local news we can know what is happening right now in the community and do the works accordingly which helps to make us active and responsible. If we are not aware of the local news than it creates negative effect in the community like less participants in the development works of the community because of the lack information about what is happening in the community, it makes a person irresponsible and inactive.

    1. True, I completely agree with you. Local news helps us become active and responsible by taking part in decision-making. Also, I would like to add that when we participate in local happenings then we also engage with our community. We get to connect with our community and people more closely. We form new bonds and relations. These people sometimes tell us their experiences, findings etc which makes us get to know more things. Further, when we watch our local news sometimes we also get to know about the crimes happening close to us. If we are pre-informed then we can take measures to stay safe and increase our security. So I think along with being active and responsible we also develop safety and community engagement.

  • I feel being informed about news is very important to both the literates and illiterates in the society . This could be very useful and can help us in making responsible choices by informing us about nearby danger and its likely solutions . I feel everyone is entitled to news and if it is not passed on to local people , they may not be aware about cases happening around them which is bad as a common saying states that prevention is better than cure . In this case , prevention of danger rather than thinking of a way to solve it .

    1. I agree because... News is what everyone need both the rich, the por, literates and the illiterates, as far as you are still breathing, you need news in your life, you need to be updated in all aspect of life. It is important for to note that "it is more encourageble to know little about everything than to know everything about one thing".
      News is the only thing that will make us to be aware of our environment, news still plays a curtail role in keeping us away from danger, and since it prevent us from danger I strongly agree with you that prevention is better than cure.

      1. I agree because... Without information, how will the people be able to communicate effectively? What I am trying to say is that everyone in this universe need to know a little about what revolves around them and how to solve any problem arising and also what do to avoid them.

    2. I support you because... information plays a very huge role when it comes to responsibility. Firstly, one who doesn't know his responsibility cannot even carry out the task given to him because... he/she doesn't even know what he is supposed to do. Someone who doesn't know cannot solve a problem responsibly because he/she still is not even aware that there is a problem. Information is key when it comes to responsibility as you need to be told what to do before you do it.
      I think that more needs to be done to inform people who don't know so that they can become responsible citizens.


    3. I agree that being informed about the news is crucial for both literate and illiterate individuals in society. This knowledge can be very useful in helping us make responsible choices by providing information about nearby dangers and their potential solutions. I believe that everyone has the right to access news, and without it, local people may not be aware of the world happening around them. In my opinion, prevention is better than cure, and in this case, it is better to prevent danger rather than trying to solve it.

    4. Yes. Not only will news help inform the literates, it will also help to give insight that is lacked by the illiterates. In most rural areas, there are more illiterates than literates and this means that most of them don't know what goes on in their own country. It will be really bad if out of a community of 100 people, only 10 of them are educated and well informed. I think we should work towards spreading news to the rural areas so that everyone will be informed. Whether educated or not, we are all citizens of our various countries which means we should be informed about the events around us. Not informing the uneducated will only put them at a disadvantage.

  • I personally think that if local people don't hear of news, they will be without power in the sense that news is collected information about the happenings in the society. I think that people listening to news is a source of empowerment because it gives information on societal happenings and if local people don't listen to news, it will be difficult for them to be able to know new laws, world happenings, possible threats in the society and even societal trends such as technology, fashion, politics, and social values. But if they know about news, they will be able to know about societal happenings such as climate change and possibly lock down dates and possibly change of government. This to me is the reason why news is empowerment to people and why everyone deserves to listen to news.

    1. Hi topical talkers!!
      I agree with devoted_television, the news prevents alot of danger from happening and it has evolved from the stone age to the computer age. Starting from the stone age, news has been crucial for the survival of humans, during hunting cavemen used sign languages and verbal communications to spread their own news. In the olden days which is the rural age, people usually select a particular person whose responsibility is to move around the kingdom spreading information from the king to the village, this person was commonly referred to as the town crier, this was their own primitive method of broadcasting news. This is to show that the need for news in our society is very essential and the use of news is as old as man's civilization. So the need for the news in our society can never be overrated, people are very reliant on the constant supply of news from our newspapers, reporters and journalists because it doesn't just keep us safe but it also keeps us informed on the happenings so that we won't be left behind socially, economically, politically, globally and even in areas of technology.

  • Hi,
    Staying informed helps us to be very responsible citizens I say this because... "information is power" there is a huge difference between those who know and those who don't know. Having access to information firstly helps of us to know the problem, it helps us to solve the problem and it helps us to be alert incase anything is happening. Someone who doesn't know what is happening cannot identify the issue talk less of tackling it.
    Well, I have actually done something for my locality before, after hearing of the news of destroying of a hectare of farmland by terrorists. I decided to plant flowers and crops around where I live to make up for the hectare that was lost.
    When locals are not informed about the news near us it could have a detrimental effect on the community when we talk about hearing of news, we deal with them knowing of the things happening around them both good and bad, if in the first place they did not know they cannot in any way solve or even prevent problems from coming.
    To me being informed is the root of being responsible. "Half a problem known is half a problem solved".


    1. I agree with you glad outcome 👍, because of information has power to many things. When you know that something bad is happening you can decide to do something that will help in the bad situation. But when you have no clue about anything you will just be clueless and something bad may happen to you. When we have information about people's problems we can share opinions to solve the problems.

    2. I agree with you, one of a responsible citizen is one who stays informed, when he/she is informed, he/she atuomaticlly becomes responsible. Yes, INFORMATION IS POWER, if we are informed about any problems in the society, we may not be the ones affected by the news,because we are informed, if we are informed about the problem we can be aware and prepare to avoid any danger, this why information is power, you are able to be safe and secured in the environment. This is a responsible citizen. But, those who are not informed and are not aware about something that is going on the environment, that is not a responsible citizen. He/she can face more problems than citizens who are informed. INFORMATION IS POWER. So being informed is very important.

  • Being aware of what is happening in one's local community can be reflected in becoming more responsible and active in the same for two reasons:
    1- Creating Awareness of Community Issues: Local news channels provide information on issues, challenges, and events that are related to members of a certain community. With such knowledge, it becomes possible for one to know what the community requires and where there is a need for action or even support.
    2- Civic Engagement: Awareness of local news establishes civic engagement. Informed people are likely to involve themselves in activities concerning a certain community, attend meetings related to the context of the community, and participate in discussions on issues that concern the communities in the locality.
    News alerts that do not exist around the premise at hand could have negative impacts on the community. Without enough information, it would set in blind decision-making and a loss of community involvement in activities that may require an extra pair of hands. It also causes an increased tendency for matters to fall through the cracks since people remain uninformed on varying issues affecting them. Without information, communities could lack identification of problems or solving them hence impairing their development and prosperity.

  • Every responsible person should be aware of what is happening in his country and around the world. Staying informed with topics happening can help raise awareness about problems that can have severe consequences on us in the short or long term. For example, staying informed about local news of topics like natural disasters can help us know the precaution to protect ourselves. For example, during the corona pandemic, if we didn't know about this dangerous virus we would have been infected with it and we would have suffered a lot. However, we were informed and had knowledge about this problem, so we took precautions and wore masks and we washed our hands every time we touched a surface outside or if we met other people.

  • Good one Kim!
    Staying informed about local news fosters responsibility and community engagement by providing individuals with pertinent information regarding civic issues, public policies, and community developments. This awareness enables informed decision-making, encourages civic participation, and empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully to local initiatives. Additionally, a well-informed citizenry is better equipped to hold authorities accountable, thereby promoting transparency and fostering a sense of shared responsibility within the community.

    Furthermore, staying informed about local news aids in developing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within one's community. This depth of awareness allows individuals to advocate for and support initiatives that align with community needs. Moreover, by staying abreast of local developments, residents can actively collaborate with local authorities, community organizations, and fellow citizens to address pressing issues, fostering a cohesive and responsive community environment. In summary, staying informed about local news not only enhances individual responsibility but also serves as a catalyst for proactive and collaborative community involvement.

    1. I concur with what you have said because every individual should be nationally conscious because when one does not know what is going on in the society one will not be a good citizen because he or she may not know how to help solve a common problem.
      I personally feel that children should be taught on how to care for their county and how to be nationally conscious so that they will love, care and be able to sacrifice what they have for their country sake to be able to be good citizens in the future.
      THANK YOU.

    2. Absolutely, I wholeheartedly support this statement. Being aware of local news is essential for promoting responsibility and community engagement. It equips individuals with the necessary information to comprehend civic issues, public policies, and community developments, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and actively participate in their community. This knowledge also facilitates holding authorities accountable and promoting transparency, creating a sense of shared responsibility. Additionally, staying informed about local news provides individuals with a comprehensive understanding of their community's challenges and opportunities, empowering them to advocate for initiatives that address community needs. Through active collaboration with local authorities, organizations, and fellow citizens, individuals can make meaningful contributions to their community and create a cohesive and responsive environment. In summary, staying informed about local news is crucial for enhancing individual responsibility and promoting proactive and collaborative community involvement.

  • Regarding your second question, yes, if local people are not adequately informed about news and events in their area, it could indeed have negative effects on the community. Here's why:
    1.Lack of Awareness: If people are unaware of important news such as community events, local policies, emergencies, or developments, they may miss out on opportunities or fail to take necessary actions.
    2.Decreased Civic Engagement: Informed communities are more likely to participate in civic activities such as voting, attending town hall meetings, and engaging in local initiatives. A lack of information could lead to apathy and disengagement from community affairs.
    3.Impact on Decision-Making: Without access to relevant news and information, residents may make uninformed decisions that could have negative consequences for themselves and the community at large.
    4.Social Cohesion: Being informed about local news and events can foster a sense of community and social cohesion. When people are aware of what's happening in their area, they are more likely to come together to address common challenges and work towards shared goals.
    5. Economic Effects: Local businesses rely on information about market trends, regulations, and community developments to make decisions. A lack of access to such information could hinder economic growth and development in the area.
    Overall, being informed about local news is crucial for the well-being and functioning of a community. It allows residents to stay engaged, make informed decisions, and work together to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

  • Hi,
    In my opinion, being informed about local news in my community is a good thing and it helps in being a responsible citizen.
    Being informed about local news in the community will help me to know the world around me and create a sense of safety. It will help to create a sense of belonging and pride in the community. It will also help an individual to broaden His or Her view and have knowledgeable understanding about different things or experiences. It also helps policy makers to make informed decisions about the needs of the citizens.
    In conclusion, participation in community news makes people to trust you more.

    1. I'm with you on this idea, and not only does it help us be better members of that community but better citizens as a whole because knowing exactly what is happening in your locality, will allow for the harmonious cooperation of all citizens.

  • Staying informed about local news can help me become more responsible and active in my community by:

    - Increasing my awareness of the issues and challenges that affect my community, such as crime, education, health, environment, etc. This can help me make informed decisions and opinions, and participate in public debates and discussions.
    - Motivating me to get involved in civic activities, such as voting, volunteering, donating, or joining community groups and organizations. This can help me contribute to the common good and the well-being of my fellow citizens.
    - Fostering a sense of connection and belonging to my community, as I learn about the history, culture, diversity, and achievements of the people and places around me. This can help me appreciate and respect the values and traditions of my community, and celebrate its successes and strengths¹³.

    I have sometimes acted on local news stories, such as donating to fire victims and joining a fundraising campaign. I felt that it was my duty and responsibility to help my neighbors in need, and to show them that they were not alone.

    If local people were not informed about the news near me, it could have a negative impact on my community by:

    - Reducing the level of civic engagement and political accountability, as people would be less aware of the actions and performance of their local leaders and representatives. This could lead to lower voter turnout, less public scrutiny, and more corruption and inefficiency in the local government .
    - Weakening the social cohesion and trust among the community members, as people would be less informed of the events and activities that bring them together. This could lead to less communication, cooperation, and solidarity among the different groups and sectors of the community.
    - Hampering the economic development and innovation of the community, as people would be less informed of the opportunities and challenges that affect their local businesses and industries. This could lead to less entrepreneurship, investment, and competitiveness in the local market.
    Some sources that helped me giving my opinion :
    (1) Civic Engagement Strongly Tied to Local News Habits.
    (2) Civic engagement declines when local newspapers shut down.
    (3) Local news and citizen engagement in the Internet age: Pew Research ....

    1. I agree because...... It is good to listen to local news about what is happening in the community with my following reasons :
      1: to let people to know what is happening in the community, this means that when an external invasion, with the help of modern way of transmitting information it will inform the people of the invasion that is happening.
      2:If you listen more to local news, you will know how to handle situations that are bad and how to make more inventions to help the community.
      3: it help the community to know how to prevent future disasters.
      It help in involving in the rule of law, like you said during voting in the local government.
      And with this reasons i have given, I was able to agree with you on your opinion, to enable individual or citizens of their community to contribute for the benefits of the community.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH.........

  • Staying updated on news holds importance for us as young adults because it enables us to be more accountable and engaged in our community. Here's why;

    Being Informed; Local news keeps us informed about the happenings, in our community. It's like having knowledge about everything that directly impacts us and our neighbors.

    Making Informed Decisions; When we are aware of what is going on we can make choices. Whether it involves participating in elections supporting community initiatives or actively engaging in discussions being well informed is crucial for making responsible decisions.

    Getting Involved; Local news often highlights events, volunteer opportunities and nearby projects. Being aware of these allows us to join in and contribute to the action building our community and connecting with individuals along the way.

    Being Prepared for Uncertainties; Local news helps us be prepared for emergencies or unexpected circumstances. It acts as a warning system so that we can come together as a community when needed – be it during weather conditions. Supporting one another during challenging times.

    Advocating for Change; Having knowledge about what's happening in our community empowers us to voice concerns, about issues that matter.
    When we are aware of the issues it gives us the ability to actively contribute towards improving services addressing unfairness and striving for transformations.
    Of course there will be negative impacts if people weren't informed about local news we won't be able to improve our community. And we will lose the ability to make things better.

  • I think staying informed about local news plays a crucial role on our well being. Being updated on local news makes us aware of issues around us and lets us strive for an advocacy for change. Local news highlights topics that need improvement or change. With the information learnt from the news, a person can fight for positive changes that can change the community for the better. Speaking out about issues that matter to the community can also help people address important issues.
    If people are not informed about the news around them, there will be missed opportunities for improvement. Local news highlights problems that require attention. If people do not get this information, communities can miss several opportunities to address the challenges around them and implement positive changes which deteriorates the overall well-being of the community.
    To conclude, staying informed about local news helps create a community that is engaged and genuinely cares about their area. Local news empowers people to contribute to their communities and work collectively to make the area better.

  • Staying informed about local news is very important for being an active and responsible member of the community. By knowing what's happening around us,we can get involved in local events, rocognize the problems that are arising in the community, understand the issues that are affecting community growth, and participating in discussions about the solutions of the arising problems. Its like taking a chance to advocate for a positive change in the community/a place where we live. Plus, being informed can help make more effective decisions and be aware of opportunities where we can volunteer for the communitie's sake.Overall being informed about communities activity we can make a difference and become a responsible and active citizen of the community..!!

  • I think it's important for people to be aware of their surroundings and what's going on in the world in order to be able to make any changes or reactions. A lack of information about local news and events in our community can have a profound impact on every aspect of our lives. Consider a real-life example where a lack of timely updates on upcoming weather conditions left a community unprepared for a severe storm. Residents are unaware of approaching danger and are therefore vulnerable, and their ability to respond to emergencies is hampered. This kind of surveillance harms public safety because without the necessary information to take preventive measures, individuals are put at risk. Beyond emergencies, the impact extends to community engagement, civic activities, local governance and holistic measures. Economic opportunities and development may be overlooked, negatively impacting local businesses and economic growth. Furthermore, without access to information about health counselling, educational opportunities and community services, residents' well-being in terms of health, education and social cohesion may be affected. To mitigate these potential consequences, it is important to establish strong communication channels, improve media literacy, and ensure residents have reliable access to the latest information on local news and events. In the aftermath of the storms described above, implementing effective communication systems can play a vital role in protecting communities and minimizing the impact of disasters. Community engagement and information dissemination are key elements in building prosperous and resilient societies, as evidenced by the importance of staying informed during critical situations.

  • Hello,
    Staying informed about local news helps me to become more responsible and active in my community by providing me with knowledge about important issues and challenges. This awareness allows me to make informed decisions, take action, and engage with others to address local concerns. Additionally, staying informed foster a sense of community and encourage civic participation, enabling me to contribute towards positive change and a better future for my community.

  • When you stay informed about local news, you're able to understand the issues and challenges that your community is facing. This knowledge empowers you to take action and contribute to positive change. By being aware of local initiatives, and opportunities, you can actively participate and support causes that are important to you. It's like being part of a team that works together to make your community a better place. So, staying informed is not only responsible, but it also helps you make a difference.

    1. Well said calm cloud,Being informed about the events in your society is crucial. It entails having knowledge about local occurrences, enabling citizens to identify well-performing sectors. Specific areas, such as healthcare and environmental sanitation, benefit from informed citizens who can take initiatives to address issues.

      **Healthcare:** Citizens discovering deficiencies in healthcare facilities can contribute by providing necessary equipment and drugs, potentially saving lives during emergencies.

      **Community Clean-Up:** Recognizing the impact of an unclean environment on health, individuals can volunteer for community clean-up initiatives, preventing the spread of diseases and promoting a healthier living environment.

      **Unemployment Eradication:** In response to issues like robbery due to unemployment, citizens can create skill acquisition programs, fostering entrepreneurship and gradually reducing unemployment rates.
      Road Repair: Awareness of poor road conditions can mobilize the community to come together for repairs, preventing accidents and enhancing overall safety.

      The power of information empowers citizens to contribute to societal development, making informed decisions and fostering a more secure environment. Being responsible citizens requires active participation driven by awareness.

    2. I agree because... Staying informed about local news is crucial because it keeps us aware of what's happening nearby. This knowledge helps us respond in emergencies and take steps to stay safe. For instance, when a flood occurred near us, the local news alerted everyone, allowing people to take preventive measures and protect themselves. Being aware of such events enables us to be prepared and take necessary actions. In conclusion, staying updated with local news is like having a superhero guide that keeps us informed and ready for any challenges that may come our way.

  • Being informed about the local news in the society is very important to everybody both those with power and those who does not have power. When you are being informed about a particular news in the society, it is true that sometimes we cannot do anything about the news but can create a hypothesis towards the things that might have led to the news and to be able to know what to do in our own particular area even though we cannot do anything about other places, we would be able to do something in our own world In order to improve it and change the situation for good. But if we are not informed, will will no be able to know what is going around us and thus, we cannot find any solution to it.

  • If people are not informed about a certain big or small news in an area it can definitely affect the people there negatively. This is not a huge problem for urban citizens but the people from rural areas face this problem daily. Let's take an example of covid 19. In India, some small villages were not informed about it, so the life of the people there was endangered. Apart from this, there are many news stories that were not spread equally throughout the country.

  • I think that staying informed about local news is crucial to being a responsible citizen. Without accurate information, people may not know important events and issues affecting our community. This ignorance can lead to a lack of action towards solving problems and improving our community. Therefore, it is vital to staying informed about decisions and contribute to a making a better society.

  • Hi!,
    Staying informed about local news is essential for several reasons:

    1. Awareness:Being aware of local events, issues, and developments helps you understand the needs and challenges of your community.

    2. Informed Decision-Making: With knowledge of local news, you can make informed decisions about issues that affect you and your community, such as voting in elections, participating in community projects, or advocating for change.

    3. Community Engagement: Being informed encourages active participation in community events, volunteering opportunities, and discussions about local issues, fostering a sense of belonging and connection with others in your community.

    4. Problem-Solving: Understanding local news enables you to identify problems and collaborate with others to find solutions, whether it's addressing infrastructure issues, supporting local businesses, or advocating for social justice.

    Overall, staying informed about local news empowers individuals to take responsibility for their community's well-being and contribute positively to its growth and development.

    Thank you!!

    1. when we are informed about local and global news does it really help us solve problems?because we can be informed and can't solve problems

  • In today's 21st century, where data and information are our biggest assets, it's important that we stay aware of local news. This not only increases our understanding of our community but also inspires local people to work for it since the information covers have the most impact on them. Take an instance of the Jessica Lal case of 1999 in India where 34-year-old Jessica Lal was shot at a club in Delhi. The trial court released the accused due to a sheer lack of evidence presented in the court. Infuriated, the people held protest rallies and candle marches on the streets of Delhi demanding justice for the young girl, and the high-profile accused faced condemnation by the localities, which was conveyed through news articles and broadcasts. Their demands did not go unheard and finally, the accused was given life imprisonment. Had these people ignored the news headlines of those local newspapers covering this case like many nowadays do, another culprit would have gone unpunished.
    This is only one case; there have been several such times when it's the people of the community who bring urgency to the matters, and news is the key to providing them with the information to take actions. If we wish for global change, we first need to begin at the ground level. The first step to which is becoming aware of what's happening and not neglecting our own community's welfare. Therefore, I believe that being informed about our local news is integral if we aspire to a well-developed community and country

  • Hi there!
    Staying informed about local news is crucial for me to become more responsible and active in my community. By being aware of current events, I gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within my local area. This knowledge empowers me to make informed decisions and contribute positively to community initiatives. Being aware of local news also fosters a sense of civic responsibility, as I can identify areas where my involvement or support is needed. Additionally, staying informed promotes a sense of unity, creating a shared awareness among community members and fostering a collective effort toward common goals. Overall, staying connected to local news enhances my ability to actively participate in and positively impact the well-being of my community.

  • I strongly believe that being informed about the news has a huge positive impact on us.The news informs us about current happenings that helps us to stay alert in whatever we do. Even if the journalists stop working for just a second, we will lose a lot of information because a major event occurs every moment. This is the main reason why even during holidays, journalists are always available to tell us the current situations because anything can happen at anytime. For example, if you are in your home and you need to hide somewhere due to a bad weather condition and the news fails to alert you, then you might be a victim of this tragedy.

    1. I agree bustling_cliff, being informed about the news helps us be aware of our surroundings and what is happening such as the weather so we could be prepared anytime. If we weren't informed about the news we would be in serious trouble. Knowing the local news around us also helps us be good citizens as we could inform others about what is happening. This is a simple act of being a good and responsible citizen.

  • Keeping up with local news is really important for everyone in the community. It has a big impact on both individuals and the whole society. First, it helps people feel like they belong and encourages them to take part in local events. This makes the community stronger and more united. Knowing about what's happening locally also helps people make smart decisions about where to live, work, and invest their money. It's especially important for everyone to be aware during emergencies, so they can stay safe. Local news also tells us about job opportunities, business news, and events in the area. When people know about these things, they can make better choices for their careers and support local businesses. Learning about cultural events and community celebrations through local news helps create a sense of identity and togetherness. Lastly, local news sheds light on important issues and gives people the power to speak up for positive changes in their community. In short, staying informed about local news is vital for being an active part of the community, making good choices, staying safe, and helping the community grow and improve.

  • Staying informed about local news is crucial for responsible citizenship and active community participation. By staying informed, we become aware of local happenings, community initiatives, and opportunities for involvement. Being informed also promotes a sharing identity and fosters joint action. Meanwhile, i feel that if people are not informed about the happenings around it can have significant consequences for both individuals and communities.
    When community members are uninformed, they may miss out on pending matters related to local government, elections, and civic events. As local news coverage slackens, an information vacuum is created. In its scarcity, divisive national political discourse often fills the void. Access to local news informs residents about public safety, education, health, and community events. Without it's coverage people's quality of life can suffer.

    1. Also staying informed about local news will give you understanding about what is happening in your nation. It will help to be aware and make a move to help and contribute to your country's welfare. It also improves your connectivity with people. Most importantly you will be a good citizen if you participate in civic endeavors.

  • To begin with,
    In nigerian, every December to early January we have this seasonal change
    This season is a manageable cold weather.
    But early this year the cold has been more severe.
    I thought it was a normal seasonal change until.
    Information reached my dad from EPA(ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY)
    That the current change in weather in weather or atmosphere across the country is not HARMATTAN,but rather,an extreme form of air pollution with dire consequences on human health.
    The effect are :
    1.Reduced lung function.
    2.Respiratory infection.
    4. Oxidative stress (low level of anti oxidant which even creates the imbalance in the body).
    We were also advised to mask up,stay dehydrated
    Cover food and water
    And stay indoors as much as possible.
    We were also informed that the condition might prevail for a considerable period of time.
    I am sure if this peice of news us released the wrong way could cause panic.
    So i began by sending to all my friends the notice of information.
    And those whose contact i do not have i spoke to them directly and advised them to also share the news
    I also do not forget the principles my teacher always say.
    A message to one is a message to all

  • Staying informed about global and local news is key to knowing things that are occurring around you. Staying informed about news helps you in schooling in global perspective and matures your awareness in daily taxes. Lack of being aware of the latest news makes you enabled in discussions in classes like Global Perspective, and in news you can learn the latest scientific discovery but failure in watching news enables your awareness in the latest discovery.

  • Staying informed on local news help you to know what Is happening in the world. Like my dad tells me everytime to watch the news because we may not know when the country is heading for war or if a disaster is coming so we will be able to run. This also help in making you a good and responsible citizen of your country. Watching the news help you to
    1. Keeps you updated on your community
    2. It also benefits businesses
    3. It strengthens a community
    4. It can also benefit children
    If the locals are not informed on what is going on in the community it will be detrimental as they are not up to date on activities taking place in the community.

  • Staying informed about local news is essential for becoming better citizens. When we stay in the know, we become more aware of the issues and events happening in our community. Here's how it helps us become better citizens:

    Firstly, staying informed allows us to make informed decisions. Whether it's voting in local elections or supporting community initiatives, having knowledge about local news helps us understand the impact our choices can have. We can weigh different perspectives, evaluate candidates or proposals, and make decisions that align with our values and the needs of our community.

    Secondly, being informed about local news encourages us to get involved. We become aware of volunteer opportunities, community projects, and events that need our support. By actively participating, we contribute to the betterment of our community. Whether it's joining a neighborhood clean-up, supporting a local business, or attending town hall meetings, our engagement can make a real difference.

    Moreover, staying informed through local news helps us understand the challenges our community faces. We become aware of social issues, economic disparities, and environmental concerns. This knowledge allows us to empathize with others and take action to address these challenges. We can advocate for change, support organizations working towards solutions, and work together to create a more equitable and sustainable community.

    Lastly, being informed fosters a sense of civic responsibility. We become aware of our rights and responsibilities as citizens, and we recognize the importance of actively participating in the democratic process. We can hold our elected officials accountable, engage in civil discourse, and work towards positive change. By staying informed, we become active contributors to the well-being of our community.

    In conclusion, staying informed about local news is crucial for becoming better citizens. It empowers us to make informed decisions, get involved, understand community challenges, and fulfill our civic responsibilities. So, let's keep being curious, staying engaged, and making a positive impact in our community through staying informed about local news!

  • Staying informed about local news is essential for fostering a sense of responsibility and fostering active engagement within one's community. By keeping up-to-date with local happenings, individuals gain insight into the challenges, needs, and opportunities present in their immediate surroundings. This awareness enables them to make informed decisions about how they can contribute positively, whether through volunteering, advocating for change, or participating in community initiatives. Moreover, being well-informed allows individuals to hold local authorities and institutions accountable, ensuring transparency and effective governance. Ultimately, staying abreast of local news cultivates a sense of ownership and empowerment, motivating individuals to take an active role in shaping the future of their community and making meaningful contributions towards its betterment.

  • Staying informed about local news is crucial as it helps you stay aware of community issues, make informed decisions, participate in discussions, and engage in activities that contribute to the well-being of your community. Being informed about local news also helps you understand the needs and challenges of your community. If people are not aware of the news, many critical issues might go unnoticed and remain unaddressed. For instance, a girl near my area needed money for surgery for a Brain Tumor, and her parents didn't have enough money. They raised a donation camp in their area, but people from our area were not aware of it, and enough money could not be collected to save the girl. If this news had reached the people the girl's life should have been saved. This example highlights how crucial it is for people to stay informed about the news in their communities.

  • Staying informed about local news is an important aspect of being an active and responsible member of the community. By being aware of what is happening in our neighborhoods, we can make informed decisions that affect our lives and the lives of those around us. Local news can inform us about upcoming events, local politics, community projects, and public safety issues. This knowledge can help us become more engaged citizens and active participants in our community.

    Moreover, if local people were not informed about the news near them, it could have a detrimental effect on the community. Lack of information can lead to misunderstandings, confusion, and even fear. For example, if there is a crime wave in a particular area but the residents are not aware of it, they may not take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their property. Similarly, if there is a public health issue, such as an outbreak of a contagious disease, lack of information can lead to the spread of the disease and put the community at risk. Therefore, staying informed about local news is not only important for our personal growth but also for the overall well-being of the community.

  • A year ago, there was a news in the Newspapers about 3 teenagers speeding on a bike, who were hit by a truck and instantly passed away. A few more days later, a speeding car smashed into a pole. All the passengers were severely injured. The news of death, injuries and extremities due to traffic accidents are not exactly uncommon. We decided to take this up.
    Our school listened to our concerns and took this issue up. 2 months later, we conducted a street play in few most popular parts of the city to make the people aware about their duties towards traffic norms. I am not sure if everyone listened, but we managed to make a difference to those who listened.
    I believe, in today's world everyone is aware about the major problems of society. We do not carry out awareness campaigns to tell people what is going on, and neither to tell them how to make a difference. We take up issues in our society and spread the word to "REMIND" them that they know what they need to do. It's time they actually take action.
    Even the rural areas, the remotest parts of the world are not in the dark. They know something is going on. They know a lot it wrong....They know the temperature in Summers is not what it used to be and rainfalls will keep getting more unpredictable by the years. All that they do not know is WHY? And how can they do something to slow this down? All of us know need to tell those who do not know. And seriously, we are the right age for this. Teenagers. The world waits for us to be grown ups and change something. It knows we are the generation that is hyper-aware. So when we say something, they listen.
    I think it is crucial to carry out such street plays are awareness rallies in the villages and even the cities. It is time to let the world know that we have started making a change, you do it with us.

  • We live in a world of democracy. How can a system work if the group it aims to help isn't aware. Awareness is like being conscious to things around you without which how can you act rationally? News not only help us to know about the surroundings it also influences the thinking of the society. It inculcates the sense of diverse views and thinking which makes a person rational. With rationality one can never face exploitation and manipulation via various forces.
    Mindfulness is a virtue.
    Getting to know local news helps us to understand the existing reality in the society over various topics giving a practical sense. Hence if not provided it can be a serious issue. For example how would an unmindful person be treated in the world? To be made fun of , to be manipulated. Hence knowing the local along with global news can save the ship as it makes us aware of the situation and tackle it effectively as responsible citizens.

  • Staying aware of local news is essential. It helps us stay informed about what's happening in our community, including events, development, and issues that directly impact our daily lives. Local news provides valuable information about local government decisions, public safety while, education, and other topics that affects us on a personal level. It helps us make informed decisions, stay connected with our community, and actively participate in local affairs. So, keeping up with local news is definitely important! 🗞️📰

  • The advantages of staying informed to local news are numerous. A lot of lives have been saved as a result of being informed and I believe that I'm a part of those lives. The story we hear about on the local news are mostly what is going on in our society, that's why our teachers in school always tell us to stay informed and stay safe. There was a certain time the issue of flood in my society was of high concern, and after a series of investigation and research, it was discovered that the primary cause of the flood was the blockage of drainage. The drainage system was very poor because citizens were constantly leaving dirt on the road which eventually found its way into the drainage. After they reported that on the local news, I took the initiative of informing people about the dangers of poor waste management, I talked about it in school, my neighborhood and at church. Though I may not have been the only one who took action but I made a noticeable contribution to the society and in a few weeks the flood that was very high was reduced and lives and properties were no longer at risk. All these things was a result of paying attention to local news. If I was not informed about my own neighborhood, a lot of casualties would have been accounted, as the saying goes, "Charity begins at home", it's more important to know about your own surrounding than to know about others.

  • I believe that it would be detrimental to the local community if its citizens didn’t know what was going around them and didn’t read their local newspapers.

    Knowing what is going on in the area around you helps you become more aware and engaged in the community you live in. Let's take littering as an example, people have seen both on the news and social media that littering has become a large problem in our environment, so people have begun organising litter clean ups to help tidy their communities because of these news articles that they have been seeing.

    This shows that people knowing what is going on in their community can help them take action against issues that are affecting them and their families. If people don’t read about these issues in their local newspaper or magazine, then it would make them believe that a problem doesn’t affect them when it really does.

    If these people weren’t being informed about what is happening in their area then it would only have negative effects on the wider community. Such as people not getting involved, or not going to local events. People going to local events can help raise money to help their town or city, so if not as many people read the news article that informed them about this event then funding may decrease.

    However, being informed would help bring individual people together to form a society. Local news doesn’t only help relay the problems in society but the achievements that people have made. For instance, it may show someone who won a local competition or completed an award, which can help display some of the amazing people they have living amongst their society.

    In conclusion, I think that it is extremely important for people to read local news as it helps them get involved and have a say in what is going on in their area.

  • Staying informed about local news helps us to be responsible and patriotic citizens because if no one is informed about the news going on in their community both the good and bad ones they will be no development in the community because of lack of information and critical thinking to solve problems which will hinder the development of the community and as well as the country at large.
    However, it is essential for one to be updated on the news going on in their area to promote growth.

  • Staying informed about local news helps me to become more responsible and active in my community. It creates awareness of the issues affecting my neighborhood, empowering me to take action. By understanding local challenges, I can make informed decisions and contribute effectively to community initiatives. Local news also encourages civic engagement by covering government decisions, public policies, and community projects. It fosters a sense of community by highlighting local events and cultural activities, allowing me to participate and connect with others. Additionally, staying informed helps me identify volunteer opportunities, support local businesses, and engage in problem-solving, ultimately contributing to the betterment of your community.

    Lack of information about local news can have negative effects on a community. Without timely updates, people may be unaware of important developments, leading to missed opportunities and a sense of disconnection. Civic engagement may decrease, resulting in a lack of diverse perspectives and limited representation. Public safety can be compromised as people are uninformed about emergencies and unable to take necessary precautions. Local businesses may suffer, with decreased foot traffic and revenue. Social cohesion can erode, as misinformation spreads and trust is eroded. Access to reliable and timely information is crucial for informed decision-making, active participation, and a thriving community.

  • Being a social animal human persist in community .When more people are engaged with local news, it fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose within the community. This synergy can lead to increased efforts to improve public spaces, support local businesses, and address community concerns. By being well-informed about local matters, one can contribute to the creation of a stronger, more resilient community. Local news plays a vital role in preserving local culture and fostering connections between community members. It is through local coverage that we learn about local artists, authors, and musicians, as well as hear the unique stories of our neighbors. Sharing these stories helps to cement our understanding of the place we call home and the people who live there. Staying informed about local news aids in developing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within one's community. This depth of awareness allows individuals to advocate for and support initiatives that align with community needs. Moreover, by staying abreast of local developments, residents can actively collaborate with local authorities, community organizations, and fellow citizens to address pressing issues, fostering a cohesive and responsive community environment.

  • Staying informed about local news makes us responsible towards our community and helps us to build our socialization skills. It strengthens our sense of belonging by connecting us to our immediate surroundings. It also empowers us as informed citizens who make decisions based on reliable information. Furthermore, staying abreast of local news helps address societal challenges effectively while preserving community identity and culture. Being informed about local news helps people to get information about various changes happening in our society which helps in our further development.

  • I absolutely believe that staying informed about my community and what happens can make me more involved into different actions.
    The place we live and the people in it is a small world and we need to foster a strong and healthy relationship among us.
    By achieving this we can be involved in many different ways and that happened one occasion for me.
    Because of a natural disaster the news reported frequently directions on where and when to help. That inspired me and my family and we got involved in a charity organization that shared food to the people who lost their homes.
    It was a unique feeling of togetherness that had a positive impact on our whole society.

  • Yes, the information age has changed the way many people get their news, but local newspaper continue to serve as a valuable resource for readers. It is not only our only resource for information but, it is our trusted source for what is happening in our city hauls, schools and businesses. It also up lifts voices that would otherwise go un head. Local media allows us caught up in our day today lives to stay connected with what is going on. For example, small business owners often connect with community members via local newspapers . Also, local newspapers can benefit children as it can include soft items such as stories .
    For me, I am really into solving the crossword puzzle which improves my vocabulary, increases my knowledge and after several ups and downs and struggling with clues and then succeed in completing it , it gives me a sense of satisfaction and boosts my mood. Additionally , many sick homeless dogs were managed to be saved in my area thanks to the power of local media as people were calling for helping them.
    I thinks it makes sense that local news seems trustworthy as its content comes from people who share your community with you , friends and neighbors. When citizens read and engage with local news sources, they are encouraged to participate, speak up and think critically to solve the issues they face.
    I see the best example for this is " LOCAL PEOPLE KNOW LOCAL'' as reporters who were born and raised in a community, they have deep knowledge of local history and have connections all over the town. We have a local newspaper in our city that is specialized for employment and publishes any vacancies in work places.
    Local news whether it is positive it gives you a sense of hope and makes you feel optimistic and motivates you to do more and more or it is negative, it encourages people to take an action to overcome it.

  • Staying informed about local news help people become more responsible and active, simply because people get awareness. If someone read a case or a news about theft in their neighborhood, from the next moment they would be cautious and even spread the news.
    There are times where news have a detrimental effect on the community or country. It could have been observed during the lockdown or COVID era, where people were feeling threatened, confused, distressed, they even got hypered and then it was all the negativity that roamed on the empty streets.
    However, news make us know about our surroundings, the whole world, except that, it make us get a lot of knowledge as well. Therefore, news play and it should play a major role to help us become more responsible and active citizens.

  • Yes , it is very important to stay active and informed about the local news in the society .
    Because if you know the local news you will be able to take part in decision making and be a part of conversations . Also everyone will know you and will take your advice in making any thing . By doing all these things , the person definitely becomes responsible and do what it is important and necessary for the society .

    But we are not informed then there will be no responsibility for the betterment of the society and there will be a negative surrounding and no one will interact with each other .
    So by interacting we also give our contribution in making our community better and happy with a positive surroundings

  • A responsible citizen is a citizen that care for his or her society and carries out the necessary duties they have or the have been given to do. For you to be a responsible citizen you should always be hasty to hear news about what is happening in your country and help to contribute in solving the problem. If local people were not informed about the news of what is happening in our society it will have a negative effect because the more the people the faster work becomes. If you are informed about news it will make you active because you will be ready to help your society and if you help with your whole heart you will be called a responsible citizen.

  • The world has become quite great in the matter of information technology nowadays.Almost all the humans has access to things that can provide information.And being informed about local news can help some be more responsible and active .For the community the information is important as it provides us knowledge and helps us be more aware about the situation of the community.But now a days we are so invested in our personal lives that we don't have time to even acknowledge the information.We let those information come inside our ears and let it fly through another ear.We shouldn't do that.Thats not a problem of one person but everyone.

  • I agree with you because It enhances our ability to engage in meaningful conversations, make informed decisions, and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. By staying up to date on current events we are better equipped to discern fact from fiction and understand the broader implications of a news story. It not only contributes to a deeper understanding and connection to the issues that affect us all, but it’s also essential for personal development, informed decision-making, and active citizenship.
    Thank you.

  • Life Ghana demands the constant keep up with the all the most local news is definitely not just the habit; it is the commitment to become a responsible and active citizen. The local news is our guide, a compass guiding us to comprehend the rhythm of the community and the chasm faced by the community.

    I can honestly admit that I have been motivated to act by effective local stories. Whether it is global environmental concerns or community development ideas or fighting the battle of change with other fellow citizens, the news has been the man for the job.

    In our community an absence of consciousness would be like walking around with blind eyes, hence, the need to stay in-the-know becomes evident when reflecting on the likely outcomes of absence of awareness. A place without dynamic news lose its way in the dark, blind to the matters that require its attention. Community members informed by their own knowledge, education, and collective goals are the very essence of a healthy society.

    In the Ghanaian setting, being a responsive citizen is not just about consuming recommendations from ethnic news but adding oneself to the story. It’s an oath to look out for the well-being of the community, a covenant intellectual awareness, and a promise for positive contribution to that common cause that universally leads me towards progress. These, therefore, are why being glued to local news isn’t just a habit of Ghanaians; it is essentially a five-star strategy from which they form a nation that ultimately is stronger and more resilient.

  • Hi there!
    Certainly, from my perspective, the significance of local news goes beyond mere information-sharing; it becomes a linchpin for community well-being. Imagine a scenario where crucial local events, such as emergencies, policy changes, or community projects, are not effectively communicated to residents. In such a situation, the lack of awareness could lead to a fragmented community, where individuals are uninformed about issues that directly impact their lives. This lack of cohesion might impede collective efforts to address challenges or capitalize on opportunities. Timely and accurate information is not only essential for fostering a sense of community but is also the foundation for mobilizing resources efficiently in times of need. Without this flow of information, the community might face difficulties in organizing responses to emergencies, allocating resources effectively, or participating in initiatives that contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Therefore, local news becomes a vital thread weaving together the fabric of a connected, informed, and empowered community.

  • Local news is news that informs about your area. Local people not being informed about local new would lead to the community facing atrocious impacts. People being unaware of local news leads to problems increasing and becoming worse in the community. Local news is used to inform people about problems and events. People should be aware about any problems in their community, but in this scenario, people aren't, expanding problems and worsening problems. For example, there may be fire, burning down a building, local news would inform people about that and because people are aware, they can help in any way they can. If they are not aware, it would make the job harder for firefighters, police, ambulance, and more as they will not be getting assistance from anyone but themselves. According to "," the decline in local news leads to corruption, showing that local news makes major impacts on communities and the decline of local news would lead to corruption.

  • The personally responsible citizen acts responsibly in his/her community by, for example, picking up litter, giving blood, recycling, volunteering, and staying out of debt. The personally responsible citizen works and pays taxes, obeys laws, and helps those in need during crises such as snowstorms or floods.

    1. I agree because no matter how informed someone is, it is a personal choice whether to be responsible or not. The impact that a citizen makes on his country depends on many factors. One of these factors include pesonal choice. Young citizens can make little collective differences with the resources at their disposal while older, richer, more informed and more experienced citizens can make a greater impact. But this is not always the case as those minor differences can spark a major chain reaction of good things. The little things that we do that might not seem much can actually do alot.
      Thank you.

  • Being informed about local news make each person part of a community and you feel more responsible towards it.
    When you live,you work, you go to school, you hang out with your friends in a particular community you have to be informed about it. That way you can help when is needed and you will feel responsible .

  • Hi!
    My opinion is that citizens must be informed about the news in their city. If they were not informed about that , the city will be dirty , the crime will be increased and many other things will happen. So, I support that the news must be told to people because if they have an idea of what is happening in their town , they can make it better.

  • In my perspective,staying informed about local news is crucial for communities. Without it, there's a risk of making uninformed decisions, experiencing decreased community engagement, and developing a weaker sense of responsibility. Informed communities are better prepared to address challenges and contribute positively to their development.

    Now, let's consider an example like weather predictions. If we know the forecast and need to travel by plane, we can confirm whether the weather is suitable. It's evident that no one would willingly travel in risky weather conditions.

    Similarly, in the context of community matters, let's say there's a road expansion project affecting some houses and fields. If the residents aren't informed about the project, conflicts may arise. Information enables discussions, socialization, and a deeper understanding of our responsibilities. Therefore, being informed about local news is crucial for maintaining harmony and effective community engagement.

    1. Absolutely, hardworking_cherry, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. I recall a particular incident when I was scheduled to attend school on a Saturday. On that day, construction had begun at the junction near my school. Unfortunately, neither I nor my parents were informed about it. As we ventured onto the road, we found ourselves ensnared in a dreadful traffic jam that seemed impossible to navigate. It was a stark realization that staying informed, even about seemingly trivial matters like road construction plans, can profoundly influence your day-to-day life. Being aware allows you to sidestep numerous inconveniences and navigate through your routines more smoothly.

  • A responsible citizen is someone who has his/her role in the community, state, and world
    A responsible citizen has the following characteristics listed below:
    .Has to abide by all the law of the country
    .Feels a sense of responsibility to help when the rights of other are violated, no matter where in the world the live
    .Participates in government, church, volunteers and memberships of voluntary organizations
    Staying engaged in Local news engages political participation. It also helps residents live their daily lives and take part in the community.
    In conclusion my answer is yes because without or less local news can lead to more government corruption, less civic engagement, more misinformation and less knowledge about local and federal candidates.

  • Staying informed about local news is vital for aiding a sense of responsibility and activism within a community. Being aware of current events allows individuals to understand the challenges, opportunities, and developments within their local area. It enables them to identify areas where their help or involvement may be needed and to take action accordingly. Personally, I recall a time when a news story highlighted a significant increase in homelessness in our town. This prompted me to volunteer at a local shelter and advocate for more support services for those in need. Without access to this news, many people in the community may not have been aware of the issue or the ways they could contribute to addressing it. In such cases, the lack of information could indeed have detrimental effects on the community, as crucial problems may go unnoticed and unaddressed, leading to increased hardship and inequality for residents.

  • I believe that being informed about local news and becoming active in your community can help you become more responsible. I feel this way , because if you are responsible you are probably consistent and up to date.

  • I think that overall the local news updates us on the subjects that might be important later in life but sometimes they can be a bit misleading. I think that fake news is a very sore subject for people that work in the news industry as I think that sometimes you cannot believe what you're hearing on your mobile phones, televisions and newspapers just because of how they sound. Although the news can help you with a lot of things later in life sometimes it cannot support you on some of the incredibly important subjects because lots of people lie about them and from time to time if you look at multiple different news channels some have more details than others which can mean that they either could be lying about them or maybe they arent. So overall, i think that the local news helps up with important details later on in life but sometimes theyre hard to believe

  • Staying informed about local news is very important because if local people don't know about the news near them. Let's say the government has given a new rule in the country and the local people don't know about it, it will create a problem

    1. Can you explain some problems it may create?

      1. Changing a rule without proper communication is not right. It can lead to disorganization, confusion, unintended consequences, and a complete breakdown of trust in the government. Therefore, it is crucial to communicate changes clearly and effectively to ensure that citizens understand why the rule is changing, how it will affect them, and what they need to do to comply with it. Failure to do so can have severe consequences for society's well-being, and it is the responsibility of the government to prevent these issues by communicating effectively.

  • I think staying informed local news helps me to become more responsible and active in my community . Yesterday, through news I heard on a local television station, I learnt that since we were in the Harmattan Season(Dry air Season) ,there could harmful substance in the air that could be very toxic to those with or without asthma, so today I informed my family and class about danger of the air , advised them to have facemask on at all times and advised the asthmatic patience to have the inhaler by their side at all times .

  • When you are staying informed about local news and global, that helps you to understand the world around you and is there to tell you about what happens around the world . You get to see and hear what other people have to say about global news and even local news. Quite often, you get to witness what other people witness as well . It could be a malicious and violent view or it could be a peaceful landscape of a different part of the world that is trying to persuade you to show peace.

  • I honestly think that all citizens need to be aware of news because it is what we all need both the affluent and the destitute it helps them to be more active and more responsible citizens, it encourages them participate in problem solving in their society. It helps in empowering them by providing knowledge, skills to address their needs. It develops global awareness, it helps us to learn more about the world and different views and culture, it helps us to decide on Significant problems that affect us like the economic system in some of the underdeveloped countries and the weather.

  • I believe that being informed about your local news and even global news is an extremely important detail to be a responsible citizen. Being informed helps citizens in your community know what's happening around them in order to keep themselves safe and prepared. By not being informed by news locally, could potentially put you in danger by not knowing what's going on around you and can lead to poor decisions being made or misunderstandings. SO in conclusion citizens being informed on global and local news promotes safety and union among your community.

  • I have never sprung to action because of local news however, staying informed about local news can definitely benefit you and your community. First of all you can stay informed about any issues and it can be a way for you to connect with other people and build relationships. If everyone in your community stays updated and involved you not only build a bond but you can solve problems, and with such a great messaging system you can also plan community events. You can come together to make your community a more enjoyable place to live and you can look forward to fun events. Overall it's just a great bonding and problem solving experience that benefits everyone.

  • Personally, i believe staying informed about local news is very important. This is because incase of an emergency, you would have time to prepare instead of being the last to find out. Aswell as this, it allows you to have an upperhand on helping the community as you are not completely oblivious to the world around you. I think it is important to be apart of the culture and humanity of your community. Staying aware helps you use certain skills in cases of desperacy. For example, during the Covid-19 Pandemic people who had experience in healthcare were rushing to help others even with the little skill they had. It is our job to help eachother as humans.

  • In my own honest opinion I see as if whether or not a person becomes more responsible or active in their community mostly depends on how morally upright they are rather than what they are told by the news. If a person is truly willing to change and understands that they need to make an impact in their community, then staying updated on news will help them become more responsible. To demonstrate this, the situation in Palestine has been going on for a while now and people have been constantly informed of the situation through various outlets, but that doesn't mean everyone is in support of Palestine. Some people don't even care enough about the issue to listen and try to understand what is going on and try to help make a change. Whereas we have celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez and Janelle Monae who are fighting to make a change meaning that the news has made an impact on them and they feel the need to make an effective change. The same goes for the Russian-Ukraine war. Many citizens of both countries know that Russia is being unjust towards Ukraine but that doesn't mean they are going to do anything to stop it. Most of them are just leaning back and letting it flow in whichever direction it will. This shows that even if citizens are informed about their local news or global news it doesn't mean it will make them a better person if they already have a questionable character.

    1. Do some of your claims make assumptions about all people? For example, is it fair to suggest all people not taking action on international wars have a questionable character?

    2. Hello, sociable_attention @ topical talk .
      With due respect, I disagree because... I can bear to think about it but if someone gets "bad news" about something or someone in relation to their personality, it may make him / her spring into action as he/she may be affected negatively. Not all people have a questionable character towards the news . It depends on people's willingness to respond either positively or negatively as an individual firstly and secondly as a group to a particular issue. So I believe positive behavior towards news starts with us as individuals and also we should set an example to others and educate them on how their attitude towards news matters.
      THANK YOU.

  • Once we are aware of what occurs in our locality(community), we would be capable of knowing and understanding what happens what is happening around us and how the economy is. Also, we would be able to properly interact with our environment and know when to be alert of anything going on around us.

  • Yes, why I say so is simple because when they are not aware of the latest news, it can cause serious problems like lack of awareness, this makes most people miss out on the latest news 😞 and also about the latest event.

  • Being informed about the news of the world is becoming increasingly important as to a certain degree everyone on earth is affected by the news in one way or another. A lot of youth don't listen or aren't interested in the news which could be fatal as laws or dangerous criminals could be reported on the news and the world and the youth has not realized.

  • I think that staying informed of things that appear on the local news is very helpful. It helps you be more responsible, stay active, and be aware of local news. When you stay informed of stuff you will know what happens in everyday life. Being informed is really important because our knowledge grows, it helps us have different opinions, and we can be involved in really important conversations. In conclusion, staying informed on local news is helping us be informed of the economy, and current news is essential in today's world. If you are not aware of the local news it's bad because it creates a negative effect in the community which you will not be responsible for which will be a problem for the community. And there will be less participants to help the community.

  • In my opinion, staying informed about local news helps you become more responsible and active in your community, by helping you to be aware of local events and possibly participate in them. For example: like a charity is holding a fundraiser by opening a food place, and you could go and buy some great foods and simultaneously support a charity at the same time if you were informed about it by the local news. Also, local news can be a great source of information about changes that was made,so that daily people can be aware of the changes.

  • Hi,
    Yes, if local people are not informed about important news in their community, it can have a negative impact. For instance, they could miss out on crucial information such as the spread of diseases or incidents that could be potentially hazardous to them. In addition, lack of information could lead to misunderstandings and confusion which may cause fear and panic amongst locals. As a result, it is essential for authorities to ensure that residents are adequately informed about all the latest developments in their locality.