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A new topic means a new chance to test your knowledge of the news story.

This short quiz is a good chance to see what you know about businesses and their political decisions. Good luck!

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  • 11/12!!! I was really impressed by prominent Business's actions to stop wars and violence throughout the world. Honestly, it is highly significant that the large brands with high financial stability take the first steps into solving the most critical of world issues. These businesses are quite financially independent. Their statements even, can change markets and public opinions as a whole. I believe majority of businesses should learn from these ventures and contribute their little bit towards the environment.
    To sacrifice personal gain for a global is truly something to look up to. If all business powers set their personal gains aside and work global, we just might be able to establish a safe, no-war world sooner than expected.

    1. I outcome 10/12 and this quiz has helped me a lot and has given me more information about other parts of the world today. Considering the news of Adidas cutting ties with Kanye west. It is quite amusing that he would say such. I've grasped the fact that if you are in business do not take your partner for granted because it might cost you. Let it be business only because "what we focus on determines our reality" don't get carried away.
      When we are in business, we should try our best to eliminate things that will bring conflict because it starts with us before it spreads to others.

      1. I scored 12/12. I would say the fact that caught my attention here was regarding the ending of contract between Ye and adidas. I must say that they noticed that if they didn't withdraw from the contract then it might have a negative impact on their brand, since the sole aim of any business is to make money, there is definitely no need having a face of the brand who will make them loose money and customers. it is actually not the first brand that have backed down their contract with Ye (Kanye West), we have the likes of Gap, Balenciaga, JP Morgan Chase and so on. If i have a brand in future, i would definitely not want to have a brand ambassador like him. It will also take a toll on Ye because other brands will be skeptical about going into contracts with him which might make him loose money, it shows that our actions can affect us both socially and economically.

    2. I agree because... I believe Businesses and brands have the power to stop crises in other countries in positive ways. They can act as mediators or influential figures to encourage peace between nations. By using their influence and resources, they can urge conflicting parties to cease hostilities and work towards resolution. Additionally, businesses can invest in countries experiencing conflict, providing employment opportunities for people in need. This not only helps stabilize economies but also fosters peace and cooperation. It's inspiring to see how businesses can make a difference beyond just profits, and by working together, we can strive for a more peaceful and prosperous world for everyone.

      1. Alright, ambitious panther, you mentioned that business owners can use their resources and influence to positively create change and promote peace. However, I have a question for you: what if the business uses this influence to negatively create problems? You know, people these days manipulate and use their power because they want to achieve evil goals with it. As a result, instead of promoting peace between nations, their influence and power can destroy it. Thus, do you believe that businesses should only focus on turning a profit and meeting the demands of their clients, or should they also continue to promote peace?

        1. I feel that businesses should focus not just on making profit and meeting the demands of their clients, but should continue to promote peace. First of all, the peace of the country where the business is sited affects the business too. If the place where the business is sited is unsafe, then the business is at risk too, affecting the clients whose demands it wants to meet.To ignore the issues of the area would not only be selfish but detrimental to the business itself.
          Businesses are influential in the areas where they operate. The bigger the business is, the more areas where its influence is felt. The business may even affect both the warring parties.
          There is a difference between desiring and acting towards peace and manipulating the countries at war to gain profit. Any business that does this would just be adding fuel to the fire, which could come with disastrous consequences.
          So, happy mulberry, I feel that all businesses should not be prevented from chasing peace just because some may use their influence negatively. Sometimes you can't use experiences of a particular set of people to judge what everyone else does. I do agree with you that this is a real concern, but the abilities of a business to positively influence bad situations cannot be denied.
          All I'm saying that the business should strive to pursue peace, not orchestrate chaos and that any business that does otherwise can then be sanctioned.

      2. I got 12 out of 12 and have learnt that businesses have a lot of influence on people so businesses can encourage people to vote and tackle environmental problems such as climate change. For example, some clothing lines can sell or give out clothes that have captions that encourage voting and protest about bad governance. Other food businesses can encourage voting, climate change reduction, recycling and reduction in pollution on the labels of their products.
        Businesses also use their influence and certain celebrities to support a particular political party or candidate. They can't exactly tell people who to vote for, but they can convince people to vote for a particular candidate.
        Thank you.

    3. I also scored 11/12! I totally agree with you as many businesses affect a country's socio-economic face and contributes to make its citizens lives better. I believe that the purpose of running a successful business should be to look after your employees in their thicks and thins like how the brand Avon chose to stay in Russia to support its employees when all the other brands left the citizens helpless and hopeless, a business should also go for donating money ,medicines and food in the countries in need and create a better life for them.

    4. I agree because... I think many businesses should make themselves more open to help contribute to the planet . They can do this by changing their packaging or there ingredients or even the transporting system they use to get their products in their shops .

    5. I agree with you that businesses have a big role in making a difference in the world, especially during crises. They can contribute to peace by their actions and words. Additionally, they can support areas affected by crises by providing job opportunities. Therefore, I think businesses should prioritize peace over profit. While profit is important, maintaining peace should be their main goal. Thank you for bringing up this important point.

      1. lovely._planet,i know that's just one of your point of views but I would want to say that, that idea of prioritising peace over profit is overly fatuous considering what we have answered in the quiz itself that the business has to make profit its main objective. I got a 10/12 in the quiz and it was helpful getting to know some other things I never knew such as Mr West losing partnership with ADIDAS . However , as a surviving business, I strongly believe that the only thing that makes the business survive is giving it its desired profits . So now when we prioritise other things over the main objective we are leading our business into its own catastrophe. Of course AVON business was doing it for supporting the females in Russia but don't you think while they decided to do this, they sat and looked over at their profit margins to finally make a decision to keep the business running ?? Maybe AVON had a higher market share and was scared to lose it.A decision to keep the business running was made under certain thoughts and peace could have been one of them.
        All I'm just trying to say is that putting peace over profit shouldn't really be made the top objective unless really it calls for such attention.

    6. I agree because... I also got 11/12 and it has taught me that many businesses in Russia or even other countries withdraw from their businesses because of the war happening in their country. I also learned that Although it's been more than 12 months since Adidas parted ways with Kanye West, a fresh New York Times investigation late last year documented how the German footwear company tolerated years of bad behavior and anti-Semitism from West (now officially known as Ye) when other sponsors severed links with the troubled.

      THANK YOU.

  • Scored 12 out of 12. Already knew most of the information because of the resources provided on the Hub itself. Was interesting to hear about how Patagonia was informing people how to vote and bring about a more Pro Climate Change Office. And how Avon continued to conduct business processes in Russia in order to support the women working for the company whose entire livelihood depended upon it. It is also good to know that even companies like Ben and Jerry's are calling for an end to the continued senseless fighting in Gaza. It is overwhelming to see that these companies are working for the betterment of all and not just their own selfish motives.

  • Wow I scored 11/12 I never believed that I could. Sincerely speaking I learnt so many things in the before I never knew that businesses works together elections,and I never knew that fashion brands like Nike and Adidas promotes vote during elections.
    And am happy to hear that a brand was so considerate to have not moved from Russia during the war in order to help the females who work in the company. These has also created awareness wow.

  • 12/12, it really is a fascinating quiz. I had never known such information about businesses. It really is a sacrifice from the Avon to continue the business for the women who worked there and were dependent to the job. Climate change surely is a criticizing issue of the world and the Patagonia informing the people how to vote and an effort of concluding the Climate change is really a true service. The business with better financial stability should get motivated on such selfless acts. The famous 'brands' should really act for the world and bring out peace and freedom on the world.

  • Yes, it is important to back up your opinions with facts and examples in order to provide credibility and support to your argument. Using facts from the quiz within your argument on other posts can demonstrate that you have done your research and have evidence to support your point of view.

  • I got eleven out of twelve, and I was really surprised just how many companies care about climate, politics and even wars, and the amount they put into it this and could also help me to further explain just how much a business could affect politics like how Patagonia labeled their clothes tags with instructions to people about how to vote during the 2020 American election, or how even in my county many businesses have had a hand in politics by sponsoring specific candidates, I could also use this information to back up a point about why companies should or should not be allowed to persuade their consumers into voting.

  • I scored 12/12 and one question that I had to guess in was Kanye West's ending of collaboration with adidas, Through this question I have learnt that every comment you post on the internet will affect someone somehow and has effects so before posting on social media, think carefully about your post and the emotions of someone, also think about the possible outcome, for example Kanye West post was indirectly affecting the Jews.
    I have also seen that many companies stand for justice among people of the world, this shows that those companies don't show partiality and are willing to promote unity. This has taught me that businesses are mediums of encouraging peace and have a role to play in peace making.

  • I received an 11/12 on the quiz. I was honestly surprised that a company like Ben & Jerry's, which is in the food division has the ability to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. It was fascinating learning that Patagonia used their own company to help with climate change and elections. If businesses and companies use their brand to solve more important things we might just be able to fix most of the problems going on int he world today.

  • I scored 10/12. I thought it was legal for businesses to tell people who to vote but the quiz told me it wasn't. I think this was a new fact that I learned. Also, I was glad to see Ben and Jerry's question in the quiz. The Patagonia information was also new to me. Such a fun quiz!!

  • Greetings,
    I scored 9/12. This was a really amazing quiz .I helped me a lot in aquiring some knowledge about business or politics . I was really impressed and happy to know that some brands like Avon and Patagonia are trying to make a positive change in this world. It's really goodto know how brands are encouraging people to vote for the right leaders that will make a positive change in the solving of climate change and how brands are trying to stop wars and are trying to reduce unemployment. It really makes a huge and positive difference when big as well as smalll brands step in to make a positive impact.
    Thank you

  • 12/12!! Im extremely satisfied with how many companies are able to stand for what they beleive is right. Avon choosing to stay in Russia to support the women who depend on the work is remarkable, it shows that humanity still has a chance.
    Ben and Jerrys siding with the motion to ceasefire in Gaza is another admirable action as not many people in the country can't stand up for themselves and Ben and Jerrys were one of the companies who gave them a voice.

  • It was a fascinating quiz, in which I scored 12 out of 12. The quiz came up with various facts and opinions, which were related to the combination of politics and business. When they get mixed, they can help create a better nation. As we think that, business is on the other side and politics at the another. But, they are totally interconnected with each other, which work together for the better functioning. Some of the facts in the quiz were astonishing which were new to me, and gave me extra knowledge on this topic. It made my mind curious to know about these facts, and go deep inside this topic, which would get us all a better interest into business and politics. Such as, it was a great fact that businesses also help in creating awareness about elections and making the citizens acquainted to vote their representative. Therefore, the business just can't dominate any one leader, and advertise about them in their products and brands, which would lead to oppression amongst people. We also got to know about Russia's business which got a halt due to war in that region, also an important fact reveals that a beauty brand avon continued its business as many women were connected to this company and were totally dependent on the brand. Recently, the quiz also depicted that Adidas was in news- Adidas stopped working with a celebrity named 'Kanye West' , as the industry says that they need to focus on new celebrity and think tactically for different celebrity partnerships. Hence, amazing news about the business and politics made us eager to get updated regarding that topic.

  • I scored 11/12! I was really shocked when I got to the question that said the beauty brand Avon stayed in Russia to support the women who worked there because it would be really hard to continue to make money in a country that is fighting and most of the people who lived there would have left the country.
    The ice-cream makers, Ben and Jerry's called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and I think they are doing the right thing because I think there are too much going on in the world: climate change, wars... If the wars did not stop, more and more countries might want to help one of the countries that had been fighting in the first place. it might eventually evolve into one big war.
    I was really happy when I know that the brand Patagonia tried to get people to vote against parties that were not taking enough action against climate change, using tags! Climate change is already causing a big impact on some parts of the world.

  • 11/12!! To be honest most of these were just lucky guesses, but it makes me happy to know that majority of these brands care more about making a positive impact in society and in the world as a whole rather than just making a profit. Adidas showed its care for equality through dropping Kanye West for making anti-Semitic comments because had they continued to support him and his claims, it would have shown that all they cared about was making money by using a well known socialite as the face of their brand and nothing more. it is even more refreshing to see brands show their concerns for the environment and how they would like to protect it. It shows that they are looking into the future that they will leave for the following generations and would prefer to keep intact which is truly wholesome.

    1. You're right; you should prioritize your morals over financial gain. They demonstrated concern and had a constructive influence on society, as you previously stated. I'm glad that other people share my beliefs and considerations. You're also correct that brands can contribute to environmental protection in addition to generating profits. I had a great time taking the quiz; it was enjoyable and somewhat difficult at the same time.

    2. I'm not sure about this because, even when they dropped Kanye West their profit would be increased by the popularity of this action, that would eventually give them more profit than if they were not to drop him, but even in this I am not denying that there was a sense of concern from Adidas.

      1. I agree because the amount of fame possesed by Kanye West can instantly increase the profit of any company threefold because he has over nineteen million followers on instagram alone, and if he was to endorse a company no matter how unpopular the business was, endorsement from Kanye West will make that business popular. But for a company as big as Adidas, Dropping someone as prominent as Kanye west will definetely boost their fame because of their bravery and audacity.

    3. I completely agree with you! Scoring a 12 on the quiz is fantastic, and it's eye-opening to see how businesses and brands are working to protect the world. I used to believe that businesses were only focused on profit and didn't care about global issues, but I was mistaken. Learning about examples like Russia showed me that businesses can play a significant role in ending crises and protecting the climate. By using their brand name and influence, they can communicate with people and raise awareness about important issues. It's inspiring to see how businesses can make a positive impact beyond just making money. I'm glad you took the test and gained this valuable insight! Let's continue to support businesses that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

  • Hi everyone,
    I scored 8 out of 12. Honestly, I just guessed some of the answers and I got them right. I learnt that there was a war between Ukraine and Russia which I was not aware of. I learnt that the the Ben and Jerry's ventures made ice cream. Finally, I learnt that Avon continued working with the Russians in order to support women whose whole was depended on it. I am so grateful for this quiz because it has helped broaden my understanding. Thanks.

  • HELLO!
    I scored 11 out of 12. The question that got me thinking was the one on can businesses make people of a country or city vote for a candidate in elections? I thought the answer was yes but it was no. The quiz was very helpful to me

  • Wow! I got 12 out of 12. I didn't think I was so good! Of course I knew all the sport brands and I should say that I am in favor of Adidas stopping the cooperation with Kanye.
    The face of a brand and especially a worldwide brand should respect the organisation. The face of a brand is a role model and when we are talking about millions of money they should consider their behavior and their opinions on sensitive issues.

  • I scored 12/12 in the quiz. Before taking this quiz, I never knew some companies actually cared about the political situation in the country they have branches in, neither did I know they were empathetic towards the people that had worked with them. It also showed me how much some businesses care about the environment and encourages buyers to vote for presidents who tackle the problem of climate change.
    I now know that some companies do not only think about their financial gain but also their customers and the situation they are in.

  • After the taking the quiz, I learned that during a crisis, it is important not to pull out investment from a country if you are not losing money. By keeping investments, you can help people in that country who are affected. It's like being a hero, helping others even when things are tough. Just like how AVon didn't pull out their investments in Russia in order to support and empower the women in the country.
    I believe we can also support people in other places by not taking away our helping hand.

  • I scored 11 out of 12. i would say the fact i could use from this quiz is about Ben and Jerry's ice cream company who openly called for cease fire in Gaza. it actually cast my mind to one of my comments on "Countries behaving badly". In that comment, i stood in between , this is because i feel that one shouldn't always run away from problems but try to proffer solutions to them. You can only choose to go when the situation has gone out of hand, i believe that in human relations, conflict is a part of interaction which might tend to come up once in awhile, it is better to look for a lasting solution than run away from it.

  • I scored 8 in the quiz and I learnt that businesses are not allowed to tell their clients who to vote for in elections.And I also like the idea of Avon staying in Russia to support the women that need it.

  • I scored 12 out of 12 and I learnt that a brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that distinguishes a business's product from other businesses. I also learnt that a business is an organization that aims to make money, and many businesses have disbanded from countries in war, a question that made me curious was the question about a company's legal right to tell its customers to vote for a certain I thought that telling its customers who to vote is an act of electioneering, but then I realized that some consumer's like to jump to conclusions and thus a business's say might be destructive and chaotic as some crazy fans might act out against people who are not supporting them, a business should be smart about campaigning and should use their intellect when campaigning. I also learnt that businesses could have a large impact in conflicts and global matters, as their say influences many people's actions.
    Thank You.

  • I got 9 out of 12
    Something that really captured my attention was the fact that Avon decided to continue to do business in Russia to support the women who work for the brand. I really admire Avon for supporting women in Russia through their funds. Avon decided to do this just to support women whose livelihoods depend on them. I do not think other brands would have been able to risk their company just for the women who work for the brand. We must all learn to be considerate about others who cannot provide for themselves. Other companies left without thinking about their employees or customers. I do not actually blame other companies, but Avon decided to take the bold and selfless step which I think is awesome.
    Another thing that caught my attention was patagonia's clothing tags. It was really smart to use clothing to urge people to vote against politicians or parties not taking enough action against climate change. I really admire the fact that they went that far to help the planet. This is something we all must strive to do. Using our available resources to pass out messages that will save and benefit our planet. Businesses are not allowed to tell people who to vote for, patagonia knew this which is why they decided to share their opinions. Passing out information is not wrong, it is just how you do it that matters.

  • I scored 11/12!!!! I really love talking about business and I personally think that a businessperson should be resourceful just like the way Mr. Ailko Dangote (my role model) when he was 12 years old, he borrowed a loan of three thousand naira from his grandfather to start a business, and just with that 3000 he is now one of the richest businesspeople in Nigeria. He now sells lots of things like cement, salt, sugar etc. So as businesspeople we should all be resourceful in our business.
    Thank you.

  • After the quiz, I realized that some businesses indirectly influence politics by using their brand to sway people's decisions on who to support. I believe this isn't right because it might lead people to pick a brand over the best person for the job. This could result in choosing the wrong leader, which can harm the country.

  • I had scored an 12/12 I was really happy that i got all of the answers right. And I have learned that a business in Russia did not leave because it would not be fair to her workers and they would end up jobless so she stayed there for her workers.

  • I participated in the quiz competition and scored 12/12. It has increased the scope of my knowledge about the world. I am impressed by the extraordinary steps taken by businessmen on various global issues. The role played by the businessmen during the Russia-Ukraine war is admirable. Also, I am very happy to hear the positive attitude shown by the businessmen towards the women officers associated with their business during the war. The role Patagonia has played in getting people to vote and raise awareness about climate change is amazing. In this way, if all people come together to deal with the various global problems, then a peaceful world will develop.
    In this way, if all people come together to deal with the various global problems, then a peaceful world will develop.

  • My score was 10/12 , I didn't really much about business that much but when I attempted the quiz, I guessed some answers and got them correct. Now I have known much more about it, I was really impressed by the fact that business can also help against the climate change. I think it's good way to solve the problem of climate change and it can be effective too. By the help of business we can increase the awareness of people about the climate change.

  • I got 11 out of 12. The quiz was very informative and interesting. Through this quiz, I came to know about the aim of business, brand and how they can take measures to stop the war and supporting the suffered country. When all the country was withdrawing business from Russia, the beauty-brand Avon didn't left Russia because many Russian women were engaged with the business. This is so good of Avon that they actually thought about the general people and women of the country. It is true that when a country declare war again another nation, the citizen of that country also suffered along with the other country. Similarly, the citizen of Russia was also suffering and leading a tough life, but no one was thinking about them as the government has taken the courageous decision of starting a war. The beauty-brand Avon was an exception. While others were boycotting Russia, Avon stayed there just to support the general people because they were not involved in the war, they are just common citizen of the country, though Avon don't support Russia's declaration of War against Ukraine. Then again, the company Ben and Jerry publicly called for cease fire without worrying about the political or later consequences. In addition to that, through this quiz, I came to know the great role of different business in encouraging people to vote in the election. Through different campaign they motivate the buyers to vote the right candidate. Overall, the quiz was quite good, and I enjoyed it.

  • I did not know one bit of businesses and politics but I got 11/12 I do feel like I could have done better but an 11% is fine I love this experience
    thank you!

  • 12/12 I was quite impressed about the number of successful and well known business's involvement in issues such as climate change and war, especially since these businesses are financially stable and dependent, I really think that with the influence these businesses have, they can make a difference in these cases. I was also quite interested about the part where Adidas backed out of the contract the had with Kanye West that I did some research and I can say that it was a smart move and that it will affect them positively but it might affect Kanye negatively because this not the fist time he has had problems with a major brand. Thank you for providing us with new information.

  • I scored 8/12. I had never knew that much about the business and politics but due to this quiz, I knew many facts about business and politics. I was so happy to hear that some brands like Avon, Patagonia, etc. are doing something for this world.
    Thank you!

  • I scored a 8/12 I was shocked to know that businesses in Russia are leaving because of the violence and war going on. Also, I learned that Kanye West stopped working with Nike. I understand why businesses in Russia are leaving now though because it is very dangerous and they probably don't get as much customers because people don't want to go in these areas during war.

    1. I don't think you should be shocked.
      I don't want to blame the Russian that left because not everyone can withstand war, boldness is natural.

      I also want to appreciate Avon for their relentless effort and contribution to the female workers under their employment
      This demonstrates their humanity and patriotism.

  • 9/12!!, I mostly knew the facts but some of them were new for me. Honestly I was fascinated by knowing that some businesses are openly having a say on global matters knowing that there large influence can make a positive impact just like Ben and Jerry's urged a ceasefire in Gaza promoting peace, other businesses should also take inspiration from them and even if they can not contribute money they can do the bare minimum by using their reach to spread positivity and awareness. If every business starts doing the same the world will soon become a better place to live in.
    Thank You.

    1. I agree. Businesses need to be the first ones to take initiative on these matters. If a business decides to intervene politically, there's a lot they can change. Politics is heavily affected by businesses after all. Several policies are implemented for industrial growth, because the main aim of politics is development, and the best way to develop is industrialisation. Hence, several political governments try to create an environment where businesses can thrive. As a result, many political empires and more-or-less dependent on businesses.
      How impactful would it be, if businesses decided to make a change? All these political parties and world leaders would have to yield. They will have to change their ways and make the world a better place.
      I don't believe ALL businesses are money-hungry global powers.
      If Avon and Ben and Jerry can do it, then why not other businesses? If these Global Sharks speak up, the whole world will listen. And the whole world will become a better place.

  • I scored 10 over 12! I learnt that a lot of brands have left Russia since the war started. Avon is part of the remaining companies that are there despite all the challenges they faced and the social pressure they are facing. NIKE has also removed a lot of celebrities because of talking too much or saying the companies’ secrets to the social media.
    Ice-cream makers, BEN and JERRY have said to be on a ceasefire since Gaza and Israel war started. I think the company should stop selling their Ice-cream in Gaza till after the war.

  • I scored 1o out of 12.
    The benefit of this quiz was that it made me realize how much bigger companies value their customers' needs in addition to their bottom line. Whoa! My opinion on major organizations changed as I worked my way through the questionnaire and discovered that Avon was still conducting business in Russia to support the women who worked for the company and whose entire livelihood depended on the company. That was really considerate of Avon. My initial impression of big businesses was that they were solely focused on making money, but this actually completely altered my perception. I now see that they are also concerned about other people.

  • I scored 10 out of 12. I was shocked to learn that Businesses are not allowed to openly support one candidate over another. I thought as a citizen of a democratic country they have the rights to support but it’s not true. I learn another news about beauty brand Avon. Though many brands withdraw from doing business in Russia because of the war, Avon is still doing business. Avon is doing business because of their women worker.

  • Hi, i scored an 11 out of 12 and there was one question that stood out to me, and that was that the makeup brand Avon did not stop selling in Russia in support of women. Now i found that interesting because it was the first time ever hearing about this even though previously i had heard about brands actually stopping selling in Russia, and this makes me hope more people know about the good thing that Avon did because it seems people only know about the negative that happened. This quiz gave me insight on lots of things but also reminded me about things that have occurred like the end of Kanye West's collaboration with adidas because of anti semitic comments, but hearing about that also made me remember about the Famous actor Johnny Depp Trial because when that had occurred Disney actually cut of their deal with Johnny just because of the allegations that where made about him from famous actor Amber Heard. And this made me realise that if brands see that their "face" of the brand is getting into legal problems they'll have no problem cutting ties with them to ensure they don't stop making money.

  • I am really glad to answer all of the question correctly . I scored 12/ 12. I am really suspicious to know that addidas disconnect the relation with Kanye west. I think business man should make strategy to make healthy relation with celebrities. Remember that the day when Cristanio Ronaldo keeps water forward comparing to the CocaCola which make a huge loss in the selling rate of the cold drink Cocacola. In my perspective If you want to promote your brand we should avoid the disputes because we born it but it will make huge difference for others.

  • Hi
    I got 11 out of 12 in the quiz and it really got me to change the way I thought toward businesses. Although business are set up with the sole aim of making money, the also would sacrifice that profit to support some good morals. Take for example Kanye West and Adidas. Kanye made some offensive remarks which led to uproar on social media. Adidas knew what Kanye did was wrong and they did the needful which was to end the partnership. Companies paly a crucial role in the community and what they do speaks a lot about them.

  • Hi everyone 😊.
    I scored an 11 out of 12, and what I learnt from the quiz is that many businesses have stopped working in Russia since 2022 because of the ongoing war. I also learnt that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has had a significant impact on businesses in Russia, evident from the fact that hundreds of companies have exited the country due to the conflict. However, it has been reported that certain companies are still doing business in Russia, thereby funding Putin's war efforts. Despite these challenges, it is evident that various businesses have made strategic decisions based on their unique circumstances and considerations.

  • Hello
    I scored an 11/12 in this quiz, In my opinion it feels refreshing to see that companies out there are actually helping to spread the news about climate change and other things. It shows that big companies want to help with the problem Earth faces even though from my experience the stereotype is that big companies don't care about the Earth and only want money. This quiz can open alot of eyes to the hidden things and they even promote peace like Tom and Gerry's did.

    Adding onto that I think that maybe other companies who may be hurting the planet with what they produce and how they produce it should learn from these people because we need a change in actions. I also think this should be applied to people and that if we really truly want climate change to end we need to LEAD BY EXAMPLE, Its even one of the soft skills needed for success.

    Thank you

  • 12/12!. This quiz made me realize my potential and knowledge about businesses. It made me realize the importance of a business. It made me realize that businesses are directly linked with country's economy. It helped me to know about the impact of a business on a country and it's people. It also helped me to understand how business can also effect economy.

  • Scored 8 out of 12. Though I knew that brands tend to use political issues for advertising, I didn't know that they actually encourage people to become politically active or draw their attention towards important issues. And they really care about people working for them. I was impressed by the steps taken by companies, like Avon and Adidas. I realized that not all businesses focus on making money.

  • Am really impressed of a 10/12 score. I learned many things from the quiz. I really didn't know much about how business is mixed with politics and many political issues. I knew that Ben&jerry is a ice-cream maker company but didn't know that theycalled a ceasefire for Gaza. Having finishing the quiz I realised that how a business can make influence to the society to vote an organisation or to not vote an organisation. Because of the quiz and answering the questions I cleared my wrong thoughts I had and known very much about the link of businesses with politics.
    Thanks for the quiz

  • I am happy of my 11/12 grades; I had no idea I knew how much I knew, but now that we are having this particular debate, I will definitely test my knowledge once again.and I'll definitely be back next year👍😲🥈

    1. We look forward to hearing from you again next year steadfast_effort! Enjoy the rest of the Topical Talk Festival :)

  • I learnt that we should always try our best to stop negative action people do if we do that it will reduce the amount of danger happening in our society.

  • Hello,
    I got 11/12 and learned quite a lot from this single activity. Well, something that stood out to me was actually the purpose of a business. I learnt on how there is more to a business than actually making profit. Firstly, we see how Nike stopped partnership with Kanye west and secondly, we see how Ben & Jerrys spoke about their opinion In Gaza. These two actions made me think of the purpose of a business deeply. What I was able to come up with was how brands are actually quite HUGE influencers, they plan strategically an act as examples to other people and upcoming businesses lets also take coca colas withdrawance from Russia as an example, brands don't like to get associated with anything negative but rather positive to teach little ones what is right to do, they also get involved in critical conditions such as supporting the people: like the action of the beauty-brand Avon which considered the women in the country of Russia rather than their profit. To me I think that brands help a lot and we should support them in as much as they are supporting us.


  • My score was 12 out of 12. I believe it is important for people to be aware of the fact that businesses are currently working to stop climate change. For instance, in the quiz, Patagonia labelled their clothing with tags urging people to vote in the 2020 US election in order to support candidates who would take more action to combat climate change.

  • 10/12!!!, I don't know much about business but to be honest I was really impressed by the fact that there are some brands that do help in the world and of course I know the logo of the brands , now I can learn more about business. Thank you so much for these new facts.

  • I scored 11/12 it amazed me to know that I had knowledge about this!
    I saw the mention of Avon and how it wants to support women in Russia, it has been receiving criticism a lot lately but I think that their reason was Valid, because of the situation of war and tensions between two countries many brands are receiving criticism, some are backing down which is causing huge economic losses but also it has an other side.
    Suppose a certain company closes its chains in a country because of war, first of all the company faces losses but that can be fixed with time but the employees working in the store are deemed unemployed because the brand withdrew itself from the situation, people are dependent on their jobs.
    I also agree that companies would not want to interfere in matters of wars, but I still believe that Avon's decision was made with a broader vision, and thinking about welfare of its employees.

  • The previous quiz was a great manner to test my knowledge on facts about businesses and political issues. There were several things that I had never heard of, however I magaged to score 11/12 with the help of some luck and of course my consciousness and my plethora of knowledges.
    Although there were many facts illustrated in this quiz, there was one thing that drawed my attention and it kind of made me feel shocked and astounded. To be more specific, I was very surprised to see that businesses aren't legally entitled to support one candidate over another by encouraging people to vote him in elections. I used to believe that a business can show their preference on who should be voted as expressing their opinion and predilection about an issue is pivotal due to their experience. However, after seeing this fact, I became aware of how voting in elections work and that promoting one specific person is illegal.
    A fact that I had already been aware of and I can use it within my arguments from another posts is the abandonment of Russia due to the agrresive behaviour indicated against Ukraine. The main purpose of a business is to be able to distinguish a bad or a good decision and therefore be able to withdraw when needed. A business should put ethical, moral and spiritual values in front of the individual avail and if a county shows agreesive behaviour, they should also stop marketing there as businesses did after the invasion of Russia to Ukraine with violence.
    Taking everything into account, I believe that this quiz helped me realize various things that I had never heard or thought of. Moreover, it also enhanced my knowledges on business matters and political decisions and it made me think more responsibly and compliantly.

  • I scored 12 out of 12. I have learned in this topic that Avon's spokesperson said that it will continue to do business in Russia to support the women who work for the brand. I also learned that Ben and Jerry's made their stance clear by calling for a permanent and immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This was because they previously tried to stop sales in Israel. Im really impressed that Avon was supporting women as well as men. I believe that men and women should be payed the same amount of money for working. This quiz really was helpful to me when it came to understanding about the concept of businesses.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my response and putting together that wonderful quiz.

  • I got a score of 10/12. This was a very educational quiz and what I learnt that completely changed my perspective of things is how considerate businesses can be. I always thought that businesses only aim was to gain more and more profit, but when I found out that Avon decided to satay in Russia because of the fact that many employees rely on working at Avon as a source of income, my mindset on businesses is now completely changed.

    And the fact that Ben & Jerry's publicly called for a Gaza cease fire is another example on how considerate companies can be. It actually fills me with joy knowing that companies actually care about things like climate change, their employees and wars.

  • Hi,
    I got 12 out of 11 . Really, the quiz was amazing. I learned many things from this quiz. But,what intrigued me the most was beauty-brand Avon doing business in a warring country like Russia.

    I believe business is main power point of a country.We can change a country by increase the sectors of business . While other companies left Russia when Russia was at war, beauty-brand Avon did not. Maybe Avon brand didn't want to leave Russia due to having a lot of skilled workers. However, whether it benefits the band or not, Russia has benefited greatly. We all know that a business or a band can make an economy go a long way . So, we can easily say that Avon brand helped Russia win the war a lot without knowing it. Mainly for this reason, this topic was very interesting and intriguing to me.

    Thanks for give me a chance to present my thoughts.

  • Hi,
    I got 11/12 on this quiz . I found this quiz quite interesting . This is because I did not realise big brands such as Adidas and Nike try to persuade their customers to vote for a certain party . This is interesting to me as I did not realise that brands have personal values and beliefs in political situations .
    Another way we see this in the case of wars . Brands have many different beliefs on wars . We see the difference in beliefs with the war currently between Russia and Ukraine . The brand Avon decided to carry on their businesses for the customers but other businesses decided not to make the country earn less money as consequences for their actions .
    Overall this quiz was quite eye opening to me as I did not realise that that many brand had that different of opinions on how to run their brand as I thought they all followed one sort of structure or political standing .

  • Hi there!
    The proactive involvement of financially stable large brands in addressing critical global issues holds significant influence due to their substantial resources and widespread reach. These businesses possess the capacity to drive market trends and shape public opinion through their statements and actions. By leading the way in environmental initiatives, they set a powerful example for other businesses to follow suit and contribute towards positive change. This demonstration of prioritizing global concerns over individual gains underscores the potential for collective action to address pressing challenges. If more businesses emulate this approach and prioritize global well-being over narrow self-interest, it could accelerate progress towards a safer, more peaceful world, free from conflict and strife.

  • Good day everyone,
    9/12 II was very impressed from this quiz and also get information about those questions we are not able to do ,In this quiz they ask about brand ,election ,business ,politics and many more. It also let us know that why many brand stopped doing business during the war in Russia and why make up brand not stopped their business during the war in russia. It also let me know about why Adidas stopped doing business because of kney west and many more information about happening in the world
    Thank you for giving us opportunity to do quiz
    Thank you

  • Good day to all ,
    Business and politics quiz.

    I scored 9/12 in the quiz . The quiz was very informative and I got to know many things by the quiz . There were question related to buisness, election , brand and many more. I also know about why many company stoped doing business in russia and one of the question was about the company Avon which continued it's buisness in Russia during the war as they didn't wanted to make the woman's jobless. The question that I liked was about Adidas that was caught in news because they stopped working with a celebrity known as Kanye West . And they were alot of more questions which were very informative.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this wonderful quiz
    Thank you

  • In fact, I received a 12/12, which gave me great satisfaction. I never imagined that I would succeed in everything, but I did. To be quite honest with you, I just guessed at the solution, but even so, I learned a lot. I had no idea that the makeup industry remained in Russia. They have their own ideas instead of copying those of other businesses, which is why I think it's a great idea.

  • I scored 11/12 on this quiz.

    One of the facts that surprised me was that Avon continued working in Russia due to wanting to leave jobs for the women. I think that this just shows that the brand wasn't only just thinking about themselves and their reputation, but also their workers and the effect that leaving would have on them. Staying in Russia has meant that the women can still bring in money for their families and support themselves. It simply shows that just because your country's leader has made some controversial decisions it doesn't mean that it has to have an effect on your workers and your business.

    Another thing that shocked me was that Adidas stopped working with Kanye West after him sharing anti-semitic comments. This shows that Adidas was standing up for the right thing any showing Kanye West that the things he does and says has an impact on other people and therefore he faces consequences for his wrongful actions.

  • I scored 10/12, I really didn't expect myself to know much about the war politics that has been going on lately and definitely did not expect myself to get this much, but I did, which teaches me that I actually know more than I think..... Honestly, I used to think that brands only care about themselves and their profit, I had no idea that they would actually do something to make their customers more informed, although, once I thought about it, I realized that this was not only a great way to make people more informed but also a great marketing strategy, as it not only makes the business more popular, but it also builds a mindset in the customers that the the owner, the designer and the whole team who is responsible for this are noble people and want everyone's good and thus builds more trust in the customers' mind which leads to more popularity and so, more profit, as most people have the mentality that businesses and politics have corruption on all levels.
    Thank You!!

  • I scored a 12/12!! I am astonished as well as curious about the facts the discussed in the quiz above. The point that grabbed my attention is that some companies are hesitant to contribute to the environment. I believe that financially independent companies should contribute some funds to the government or the NGOs that can actually create a good difference for the environment. These companies should change their packaging from non-biodegradable plastics to degradable materials. Since, a lot of people from their people just dispose the packaging in an open dump-yard, this can create a major difference and this may also double-up as a marketing strategy for these companies. I opine that this is an amazing strategy to cope up with demands and also increase their profits. Thank You.

  • 11/12! I was actually thrilled to come across the fact that people encourage people to vote for their nation as well as make the profits of their businesses uphill!

  • Hi everyone!
    I scored an 11/12 and was surprised that even though a business can encourage people to vote they are not able to encourage people to vote for specific candidates legally, it is great to to see businesses pushing for climate change-aware individuals in places of power, I am thrilled with the fact that brands like Avon continue to work with Russia because of women's whose lives depend on it even though they might face bad publicity with the media. Most of the questions were based on hub resources so most of the information was unsurprising.

  • HELLO.
    I scored 8/12. And l learned that the celebrity showen on the broadcast are the "face" of the company and people are gaining profit in different jobs /proffersion

  • I scored 9/12 which is quiet suprising! I didnt know that nike stopped working with Kanye West but now i know its because nike refused to pay Kanye Royalties on Yeezy sales because he 'wasn't a professional athlete' which I find a bit shocking since Kanye did work with them. Its also intresting find out how buisnessess cant force people vote for someone but they still manipulate people to do so through advitising and other things.

  • With a 10 out of 12,I would say this quiz was informative,I honestly didn't know that adidas has cut ties with Kanye, though that was just a mere lucky guess. It's good to know that even businesses want the best for the society at large. As of Kanye, he should learn to have respect for his business partners, after termination of his contract with adidas now, other brands will be skeptical about hiring him as their brand ambassador

  • I scored 9/12 on this quiz which means that I need to do more research on business and politics to improve my thinking ability. This quiz has taught me many things considering business and politics showing me logos of different brands and telling me some of their products. I also learned the definition of brand, at first I thought that it was the definition of business but now I know it's the meaning of brand. This quiz is educative in many ways, for example, I did not know who Ben and Jerry were and the products they make ,and I also thought that there were few ice cream making producers but from this quiz I now know that there are a lot of producers.

  • I got 11 out of 12. I've learnt a lot from this quiz. Firstly, I've learnt that that businesses cannot directly tell people about which candidate they should vote for and what party they shouldn't vote for, but they can influence the decisions of people. I've also learnt that when a celebrity appears on an advertisement for a brand many times, they are said to be the face of the brand. Lastly, I learnt that businesses could terminate celebrities' contracts with them if they do anything that tarnishes them image. This quiz has broadened my knowledge behind decisions taken by businesses.

  • I happened to get 11/12 even though I don't have too much knowledge on politics and business. That quiz helped me as a person to understand politics and businesses and how hard it actually is. Businesses have quite a lot of pressure to produce the best items. If a good business -that lots of people use -is being mean to costumers, we all are -probably- going to know because we use it a lot or something else. The world is going to know everything with the:
    The news
    Social Media
    And many more.

  • I choose the brand should have some control over the celebrity. Firstly a brand uses a celebrity to get a wide spread of their product and to send positive feedback to their audience and this helps to increase brand awareness in the short term. The brand should control what celebrities say in public because they have paid the celebrities money to promote their products in a positive efficient way, therefore, the brands should have some level of control in order to ensure that the celebrities being paid are doing their job and doing it efficiently.

  • hey Kim @ Topical Talk In this quiz I scored 12/12 cause I'm engaged with the current situations and this question was all about wars and business involvement like nike,adidas etc.
    Talking about businesses taking action to stop wars like the one between Ukraine and Russia is a complex topic among us . Businesses are playing a crucial role in promoting peace by supporting peace and other conflicts. It's important for businesses to consider their impact on global stability and to support peace initiatives whenever possible !!

  • I have a pretty good one I got 9/12! I almost did 10 but I failed a few questions I like taking these quizzes because they are educational and fun for students. I was also surprised by Adidas stopping the collaboration with Kanye west.

  • It was a sensational quiz! I enjoyed it a lot. I learned som things about companies around the world and came up against things I already knew as well.

    1. Can you explain some of the things you learned about companies worldwide?

  • I managed to score 10 out of 12,I learnt lots of fact and new things,I learnt that products are also based on business and politics, I learn't that many popular brands like Nikes , Adidas and etc.. have left Russia because of their war they have with another country (Ukraine).
    I also learn't that BEN and JERRY are ice cream makers and they are known for their iconic flavors due to my research. In my opinion,I think Ben and Jerry's company should stop selling their Ice-cream in Gaza till their war with Israel is over . Otherwise they won't have enough income and profit.

  • I scored 12/12!!! What caught my attention in the quiz was the decision Avon made towards the choice of leaving Russia. This act showed what they valued which was the well-being of people and not the assumed "aim of a business" which is profit making. This act of theirs's can boost business because people will understand that the company is not all about the money rather it is all about the people. Without considering the fact that they might most likely run at a lost, they still decided to stand up for their employees in time of trial. This encourages us to put first the interests of other people before ours and to discourage selfishness amongst ourselves.

  • I got a 10/12. While I try to stay up-to-date, I never knew businesses spoke up about these issues. I did know that Adidas stopped its collaboration with Kanye West, though.

    I do not blame Avon for staying in Russia. As I said in one of my previous comments, if you withdraw from an entire country, you would be putting hundreds if not thousands of people out of a job.

    I also like Patagonia's approach of telling people about the environment on the tags of their clothes.

  • I scored 9 out of 12. I was happy even though I didn’t score a lot but I scored majority. I was happy with the knowledge I gained in the quiz. I’ve learnt a lot about businesses. Honestly speaking, it is important for the war in Russia to come to an end for the country to be among the better nations and forever peaceful because war or fight is only downgrading these nations . Business can never continue in this type of situation because nobody is safe.
    A business which is peaceful shall gain a lot of profit. THANK YOU.

  • I scored 11 out of 12 even though I seriously don't like businesses.l enjoyed it,it all teaches me how prominent businesses are trying to stop wars.Making logos can stop crimes make people vote for the right person that will bring peace to the world,and create jobs for people

  • Hi,
    I just took the quiz and i scored 11/12! I was honestly impressed by the connection that busnesses and elections have and the influence that the opinion of brands have on people. It is kind of frightening that people will just follow their favourite brand and vote whatever they tell them to. Isn't it scary that humans do not have a mind of their own and need to get influenced by someone about which person they should vote? I feel like we need to realise that it is alright to admire a brand and buy its products but we should not do what these brands wants us to. Everyone should have the right to vote whoever they want.

  • I'm impressed by myself because of my score 11/12 . I want to admit that I only know a little bit of business and I just gave random options but it turned out to be the answer . I'm so proud of myself because . The thing which I know little I want to learn about it more and more that's my personality .

  • Hello! I received a 9/12. I did not know the businesses could not legally tell people who to vote for. I understand why they aren't allowed to however. I believe that if a business owner is friends with a politician, the owner might put hints to vote for that person in their products. That politician, however, may have negative views on certain things and their actions might harm the environment. If the business tells people to vote for that politician they may not know how it will backfire on them. This might even backfire on the business because they told people to vote that person so people might even start to boycott the business. To conclude, it was really interesting to learn that it is illegal for a business to tell citizens who to vote for.

  • 12/12! I was surprised in how much I know about politics. Most of the time I refer to these as random facts. Like with certain topics I am very politically involved to the point I will read for hours and spread the information but with others It floats over my head. So not only was this quiz interesting and helpful it helped me realized how politically engaged I actually am.

    1. Great to hear you did so well on the Quiz - can you share some of the things you have learned?

  • I'm very impressed by how some businesses can try and stop certain wars and with statements solve critical world issues.

  • I got 7/12, it's not my best score but i tried my best. I'm glad that a business can't tell people how to vote for it, it's their choice so they should choose who they want or what they want.

  • The questions of the quiz very really very interesting and the designing of quiz was really very interesting and I gained much knowledge about connection between businesses and elections and how the business are involved in elections . earlier I was knowing about the brand Patagonia but the quiz also taught me that how this really very impressive brand contiributes to save our climate and protests on climate change and even makes people aware about it . Even same like this brand we should even be involved in saving our climate and make sure that government is also doing same as saving nature's beauty is our duty.

  • 11\12!! I loved the quiz so much, and i think it had some questions which were quite challenging, which I found made it more fun! The interesting thing about it was that there were lots of facts i never knew, and now i know them I feel really curious to dig deeper into those interesting topics. At first the Avon question confused me until my teacher explained to me that Avon had lots of women who weren't officially working for them, which was interesting and good to know. Also, i liked how there were also questions about logos and brands which might be more helpful for some people! Thank You!

  • I scored 10\12. I think I can use facts from the quiz on other posts because I learned a lot of things about brands not operating in certain countries for different reasons, businesses ending collaborations with celebrities, and that businesses are not legally allowed to tell customers who to vote for. These are a lot of facts I did not know about, and I noticed that some discussions on this topic have questions about companies operating in different countries, and if we think they should operate in a country. There is also a discussion about the "face" of a business, and the quiz shared some information about that. In conclusion, the main reason I think I can use the information from the quiz on other posts is because it had a lot of political facts, and I can use this information on the other discussions.

  • I scored 12/12
    This quiz was really very fascinating to me as this mademe learned how businesses and elections are linked to each other and how are large brands are taking initiatives to be involved in these types of critical issues around the world The topic which pulled my attention most was about how the large brand patangonia approached
    people to vote for someone who would work more too tackle climate change this was really very impressive that Patagonia brand is thinking about the condition of our environment

  • Hi,
    I scored 9 out of 12. I learned a lot from this quiz. I learned that after the sanctions in Russia Avon stayed to support the local women. Also, I learned that Kayne West did a collaboration with Adidas and left in 2022. I learned that a celebrity that advertises a brand is called the "face" of a brand. I was shocked when Ben&Jerrys ceased fire in Gaza. I already knew that bussinesses can't make people vote for a certain person. But, I didn't know that Patagonia( a beautiful place in the southest point of Argentina) voted against leaders because of climate change. I think that they have a right to critisize the leaders because they are doing nothing big about climate change. Bussinesses and politics are something very different from each other but I think that bussinesses should not have the opportunity to enter the world of politics in order to gain more power.

  • I scored 12/12! Truth be told I was stuck on the question about Ben & Jerry's asking for a ceasefire in Gaza. I had to ponder wether it was actually true or not since many big names in the food industry are funding Israel's wrongdoings and are still continuing to thrive. But to know that such an influential ice cream brand was not staining their hands with the blood of innocent civilians made me restore my faith in humanity.

  • 12/12!!!!i loved the quiz it really tested wether i was listening and i am still suprised by a few facts such as how much politics affects buissnesses as companies dont want to cause trouble or affect their links with politics as they help with global trade and due to brexit english buisnesses have been helped by the goverment supporting supply shortages by making it aware to the public. i also found that it was suprising how companies are not legally alowed to intefere in voting and yet they will still bend the rules by trying promote buyers to vote for a certain something ;eg: someone more eco friendly or like liz truss who was very finance concerned and to drop the costs of living.

  • 11/12 I was impresed about all the things the quiz tell you that you don't know for eg me i didn't know that kanye west stop working with adidas other thing i was impresed was about the beauty business stay in Rusia after the war.
    MY respect to that business.