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I think that the climate change and metaverse are related because The arrival of the metaverse... Competition #3 Making connections 26/4/23
The metaverse is the next evolution in social connection and the successor to the mobile... Test your knowledge 21/4/23
I agree because...Poll finds people have the wrong climate action priorities for tackling carbon... Earth Day poll results! 17/4/23
My country is affected by climate change very much because we have unexpected rains and our... Climate change in your country 17/4/23
I think there should be a discussion about economical crisis in different part of the worlds Suggest a discussion 17/4/23
In my country climate change is impacting the people in my country in several ways as the... Climate change in your country 13/4/23
I think law 2 is abnormal because even though can vegetables and fruits can lower blood... The law in your hands? 13/4/23