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Hey, I totally agree with you. In my opinion women can play any type of sports just as good as... Women's sport 21/3/24
I picked option A. In my opinion, it often is forgotten about the role women play in society.... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 10/3/24
When we talked about the UK`s Rwanda policy in scool, I honestly was quite confused. It doesn`t... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 06/3/24
Honestly, I can`t really choose an option because that is exactly the biggest issue about AI:... AI accident: who is responsible? 04/3/24
I totally agree with you. I actually thought it would be around 40 % of young people being... Show what you know 25/1/24
Hi, I chose curious because I really am interested in what ways we can use Artificial... What's your reaction? 25/1/24