International Women’s Day: good or bad?


On Friday 8th March 2024 it’s International Women’s Day – a day when women are recognised and celebrated for their achievements. The day also marks a call to action for speeding up gender parity (when men and women are treated equally).

Read the following opinions about International Women’s Day:


“International Women’s Day is great because it reminds the world about how incredible women are.”


“International Women’s Day is a bad idea because it makes the world think that women only deserve to be celebrated for one day.”


“International Women’s Day will make a big difference for gender inequality.”


“International Women’s Day will not make much of a difference for gender inequality.”

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  • I agree with A. International women's day is a day to remember the things that women have done. It reminds us how incredible the female gender is and what they have done. It is a day to recognize and celebrate all the things women have done in our social, economic, cultural, and political environment. It is also a day to raise awareness of the achievements made towards achieving gender equality.
    I disagree with D. International Women’s Day will actually make a really big difference for gender inequality. Celebrating something will often help you see it's worth and see it's importance. Celebrating women will help men to see their worth and to appreciate them. International Women's Day is a day specifically set aside to celebrate all the ordinary women who have done extraordinary things throughout history. International Women's Day is also a day for women to advocate for their rights. Women's international day is not just about recognising women, it is also a day of celebrating the equality that women have. It is a day which encourages us to taking action and promoting gender equality. By engaging in this celebration, you are indirectly raising awareness which can contribute to creating a more equal society for everyone.

    1. I agree with option D and think that International Women's Day will make a really big difference in gender inequality.
      But I disagree with option A. Celebrating Women's Day will bring confidence in the women and make them think the fight is over, but the reality is that the fight for gender inequality has just started. In remote areas, practices like stereotypes and abortion still exist which is a major global concern.

      1. I agree because the fight isn't over for women. There still are disagreements around the world on the topic of 'should women and girls be treated the same men and boys?'
        Option D makes sense to me because the more people learn on this day the more respect they earn.

      2. sadly I am going to have to partially disagree with your opinion. I believe that gender is a very difficult subject to discuss as if you seem like you swing to far to one gender you seem to get penalized for believing in a stereotype when the matter of the fact is that all you want is equality for men and women hence why this topic is so widely unspoken about. my view is that in first world contrives the gender barrier is being broken very quickly with new generations seeing each other all as equal unlike the older generation but as they die out i believe so will the vast majority of this gender barrier.

        1. That's an interesting point. Can you think of ways in which the older generation could be brought on board with 'breaking the gender barrier' ? Also, why do you think the older generation don't see men and women as equal?

          1. Older generations hold traditional perspectives on gender inequality due to many reasons.
            Firstly, the fact that those societal norms were ingrained into them in their upbringing and traditional belief, the same way this generation is weaved with technology-you can’t live without it!
            Secondly, Women were always viewed as fragile, lower than men or incompetent and few of them actually stood against that claim so the ideology stood.
            Thirdly, Those generations were not privileged with the chance of exposure to diverse views and cultures which do put men and women on an equal scale.
            Lastly, many of them were resistant to change, settling for the societal norms that have already been established, this is the reason why many ladies were frowned upon if considered different according some proses and texts at the time ‘it was very unladylike’.
            However, there is hope, in order break the gender barrier with older generations communication and evidence is key. Respectful dialogue and awareness contributes to change as the individuals would be enlightened and aware of the great potential within the female gender and proof of the great works of powerful women can help solidify those claims, then it would be undeniable and very believable.

        2. Your talk is good but I disagree with what you said that when the older people in older generation dies out, gender barriers will die out too. As life continues, the older people die out yes, but there are some people who still believe in those rules made by their forefathers and so they will not want to depart from it and would want to keep doing it as a way of honouring their ancestors. So you should see that as the older generation die out, some of the elders that are following will want to keep doing it and that is why it is still existing in some places if not it will have been put aside many years ago.

      3. I agree with you. Option A can have both advantage and disadvantage.
        Disadvantage in the sense that it is going to make them feel the fight is over as you have said and because of that it can lead to their down fall.
        The positive side of celebrating them is that it is another means of encouragement and showing our appreciation to them. This will surely make them want to strive harder to cross the finish line and get victory also. In another way, it is teaching others never to give up or let go of their dreams but instead go for it and It could even be an inspiration to others.

        1. I agree like you, also have its advantages and disadvantages but also I think we need to make a effort, a big one for LEDCs because usually there is less equality for women in the center of the point.

      4. I agree because Women's Day would strike a huge balance between gender in equality. I disagree with A because the fight for equality will long last till the minds of the public or men think that we r not good enough so we must fight. In my community women are portrayed as women who are supposed to be at home and wait for their husbands to comeback from work and serve them and repeat the day all over but that shouldn't be the case we should be and are able to do what men can do, who said what men can do women cannot do that's a lie.

      5. Just to clarify - option D states that “International Women’s Day will not make much of a difference for gender inequality.” You are saying that you agree with this and think that International Women's Day will make a really big difference in gender inequality. Which of these 2 statements are you supporting? Could you also give a few examples of the stereotypes practices you are referring to? Thank you!

      6. I strongly agree with digital_fern. I also believe that the international Women's Day will bring confidence in the woman's heart and she will stand to fight for her country. Celebrating the international women's day will make women in a particular country to be glad and will feel loved. By celebrating the Women's International Day every year, women will start to build their faith and be courageous. With support from the male folks, organisations and the government, marginalized women will achieve great things.

      7. I disagree with you because international women's day is a day women are celebrated. Women do a lot in the world and deserve a day of celebration as it reminds them of the works of their determination and efforts. They have dedicated so much in the society and so that is why i agree with option A ,but I disagree with option D because women deserve to be celebrated for all their hard work.

      8. I strongly disagree with you because there are some places where there is international women day but the women are still harassed. I agree with A because I think international women day won't make a difference.

      9. HELLO!
        I disagree with you if people continue to celebrate international women's day equality will be achieved faster and gender inequality started long ago and in some few more years or decades equality might be achieved. And when you said you agree with opinion D I quickly disagree with you it makes a huge difference.
        THANK YOU!

    2. I agree with you because women have an important place in our life.
      Also It's an opportunity to celebrate women's accomplishments. History bursts with important events that have made the world a better place. Women have always played essential roles in the movements for voting rights, civil rights in addition we must keep giving our mothers gifts.
      On the other hand,i disagree with point D because they know that we really appreciate their hard effort .

    3. Celebrating Women's Day is essential to boost women's confidence and give them hope that gender equality can be achieved. Unfortunately, in my country, women are still not given equal rights and opportunities. They are mostly confined to the role of housewives and are not allowed to participate in political affairs. But by celebrating Women's Day, we can not only empower women but also raise awareness about the need for gender equality. It's time to break the barriers and give women the chance to shine in all aspects of life.

      1. That is sad that in your country women still aren't given equal opportunities and rights. But I'm happy that want women to have equal rights. But I have one question. Why do you think your country doesn't give women equal rights or opportunities?

        1. I think that the reason why our country doesn't give equal rights or opportunities is due to our mindset. The citizens in my country are still living in the past and are not ready to understand that we are in a new and developed era, so some things that were happening in the past can be stopped now.
          However, I would like to say that women in my country are not given equal opportunities as men to some extent due to the risks of the job. F or example: I don't think that a woman can do masonry work that requires then to do a lot of shovelings, carry heavy cement blocks, etc. for a whole day. I also don't think that woman can be driving for more than two hours when it is 11:00pm at night. It would not be safe for them.
          There was recently a robbery that happened in a bus, the driver who was a male had total control over the situation, and nobody was hurt, do you think that a woman would be able to handle that situation calmly?

          1. In answer to your final sentence, devoted_starfish, yes I do! In fact, women are often a lot better at resolving highly stressful situations (such as a robbery) than men.

    4. Hello articulate moment

      I concur with what you are saying as option A says that ''International Women's day is great because it reminds us on how incredible women are. As we know it today, there are many women that have have had a great impact on the lives of countless people. They include the following;
      1. Dr. Dora Akunyili (1953-2014):
      Dr. Dora Akunyili was born on the 14th of July, 2014 in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. She was the daughter of Chief Paul Young Edemobi. She impacted on the planet at large by drastically reducing the rate of drug abuse after she watched her sister die at the age of 21 because she had illegal drugs injected into her body in order to cure diabetes. She is remembers to be the Nigerian woman who has the highest amount of awards with a total of about 900 awards in her lifetime. She will always be remembered as a woman of integrity who changed the world with her diligence towards stopping the use of illegal drugs.

      Thank You!!!

      1. I agree because celebrating international women's day come motivate and inspire other women to pursue their ambitions. This is because some women may feel that they are not capable of making a difference or achieving their goals but by seeing the progress and impact that other women are making they can feel empowered to do the same.
        So in my opinion celebrating international women day is important because it helps to raise awareness about the achievement of women and the importance of gender equality. This will inspire women to pursue their own ambitions and make a positive impact in their communities.

        1. I think that many women need to be inspired by other women because they often feel insecure about their rights.
          International Women's Day is a fantastic opportunity to increase women's independence and sense of acceptance in society.
          International Women's Day ought to be recognised by all communities, in my opinion.

          1. Hello peaceful penguin
            I agree with you that many women need to be inspired and they need to have hope because the need for women to have faith in themselves is good. It is good and fantastic because when women have faith in themselves the country has an advantageous opportunity because with the women's skills and determination, the country can become a better place. Therefore, I feel the International Women's day can help positively to inspire them towards achieving greatness.
            THANK YOU.

        2. I agree with you celebrating women and dedicating a whole day to them is really nice and this would help them feel important and useful and not just like the inferior gender. Many women are afraid and doubt that they could really make a change or even achieve their goals due to how the society and the people that surround them make them feel unimportant and inferior. However, by celebrating women around who have made great differences in the society other women could really be motivated to try to achieve their goals and try and make a difference in the society. In summary celebrating International womans day would be able to motivate and encourage women in the society and also create awareness about the need for gender equality.

        3. Thank you for your comment. Could you give a few examples of how International Women's Day is celebrated in your country?

          1. Hello Karla.
            International women's day in my country Nigeria is celebrated through organizing matches and rallies which highlights the importance of gender equality.
            Some NGOs also organize activities to educate and empower women and girls. In some part of my country v
            are cultural celebrations which involves musical concerts, art exhibitions and films showcasing the achievements and contributions of women in Nigeria. Celebrating women's international Day in Nigeria raises awareness about gender equality issues and also enlighten us about the achievements of other women in the country and the world at large.

      2. I also chose A “International Women’s Day is great because it reminds the world about how incredible women are.” This is because women are powerful and capable human beings. They can handle several tasks and do it well. I believe women should be celebrated, which is why a day has been set aside for celebrating them. I think one day is not enough to celebrate these extraordinary beings, but it is good to know that March 8th has been set aside to celebrate women. When we celebrate women, we make them feel loved and create a more balanced society for everyone to strive for. Celebrating Women’s Day provides women with the opportunity to know that their efforts are been noticed and that one day we might have a gender-balanced society.

      3. I agree with your comment because, women need to be celebrated for all there achievements and struggles they had to do to make a differences. I for the motion that women have to celebrated because , this can inspire young girls that don't have to wait for men like, Elon Musk, Bill Gates Jack Zuckerberg etc. to make a huge impact on the world, we girls of the future can also make a huge achievement to the world.
        One woman who should be celebrated is Dr. Patricia Bath the first black woman who discovered and invented a device used in surgeries known as larserphaco. This device was used to remove cataracts from a patients eye. This device has help many eye surgeons around world and has saved many patients from going blind and improved their visions. She was born November 4, 1942 and died May 30, 2019 at the age of 76. She is not only to black girls but to all girls around the world that you do anything if you put to mind to and never give up.

      4. I also agree with option A. ''International Women's Day is great because it reminds us on how incredible women are." I think that this importance of international women's day also plays a significant role in the future of women's right movement. On international women's day we get to celebrate late, current and even upcoming women and this can stand as encouragement to women all over the globe. Let's use Greta Thunberg as an example, she never let her age get in the way of her achievement and as far as I am concerned, she is classified as a woman, she can stand as a notable model to all young girls who are about to be women and this act alone reminds all women how incredible they are.
        I think that women are incredible and having a special day to celebrate them can boost their moral a lot.


    5. I disagree with you articulate_moment as I think that there should be a day for men and another for women or nothing. I think that should be like that because, if we want gender equality, we should have the same things for both men and women or nothing for anyone, because in any other way it will be unfair for one of the parts.
      I agree with you when you disagree with D but only if it keeps been celebrated like now-a-days, because it seems like women are also important, but as men´s do not have a day some people cuold look at it as controversial, because il could seem tthat women are more important

      1. Hi allowing_piano, did you know there is an International Men's Day too? It occurs on the 19th November every year. If the day exists, why do you think it is not marked or celebrated in the same way as International Women's day?

        1. Hello Steff,
          I think that's a great question to ask. I've been thinking about issues around gender equality and gender inclusivity in society. From all the research and information I have gathered on this issue, I have come to the conclusion that it will never be possible to provide equality or equal rights to the common man and woman. You may think otherwise and that's absolutely fine but you may also argue with me regarding my opinion but the reason why I am saying this statement is because Throughout history whenever we tried to make equality in that process we have lower one whether its men or women, to prove one superiority once capability we have tried to continuously lower the other. It is also absolutely true that women have been neglected and still being neglected in various sector and it is important for them to get the opportunity. But I have to say that in the present context we have worked hard and we have created some kind of justification or justice for the women's and their right to prove themselves. On the path to success or justification, women did not obtain their rights as readily as men did. Therefore, I perceive women's rights, and the International Women's Day, as significant milestones that we have diligently worked towards achieving. That's why they hold greater prominence and recognition in our collective consciousness. That's why I think the international Women's Day is more known than the international men's day because in ancient history we have seen over and over that man were giving a significant position or right to rule and lead others that women were not given It took a lot of trials and a lot of protest for women to get this right , that's why we appreciate this more but I do think International men's day should also get some kind of recognition because they also deserves to celebrate themselves.

        2. Hi Steff @ Topical Talk, I didn't knew about it at all (thanks for the fact), but I think it is not as highlighted as International Women's day because, in my opinion, women think that they are less recognised in society (which I think is true, because in now-a-days society we talk more about men's successes than women's ones) and women want men also to recognise them as women recognise men's successes. I think Men's day is less celebrated because men are already recognised so they do not need to use that day for society to see what they have done, so this is why I think Women's International Day is more known and celebrated than Men's International Day.

        3. Hello Steff.
          I knew about International Men's Day but your question made me think and I think I have the answer.
          I believe that Women's Day is celebrated more or is better known because the media or people want it that way. Here in Spain we have some examples in the media. Recently a Spaniard won a fighting competition (UFC) and I saw a lot of news criticizing him, but also a few months ago that same newspaper talked about a woman in a fighting competition and said that she was a star to watch.
          I also think it is less known because there is more gender inequality in women and if the media comments on that day because of inequality it will mean that they will not comment on men's day because there is less or no inequality for them.

      2. I understand where you are coming from. If we want to fight gender inequality, women must not be put above men. That being said, there is also a day to celebrate men. November 19, International Men's Day. This a day that is set aside to celebrate all the wonderful things men are also doing. The thing is, for equality to be achieved, no gender should be seen above the other. There is even a system in which women are superior to men, matriarchy. For inequality to be completely solved, matriarchy must also be stopped. Just because females have been discriminated, does not mean men would be pushed aside and women made superior. Equality is a state of being the same when it comes to status, rights and even opportunities. For equality to stand both voices must be heard. No gender can exist without the other and the purpose of equality is for everyone to realize this. If equality is properly achieved, both men and women will be protected from discrimination and harassment. This is something I think we should strive for.

      3. Hi allowing_piano do you think men or women are currently seen as more important than the other at the moment - if so which, and why?

        1. Hello Jenny,
          Personally I think the topic of gender is really toxic at the present. I think gender equality is nothing like it used to be and that doesn't help society. Now a days, if you just think about the word equality, people think that if they are feminists, they need to hate men, and if there are masculine men, they need to hate women. but honestly equality isn't about hating anyone it's about providing opportunity. But Today, instead of focusing on providing opportunity, we constantly focus on everything else but opportunity, and I think this particular path around gender or feminism has become very toxic, You all need to understand that we as human as individuals are constantly relying on each other therefore it isn't gonna work if we say that everything should be ruled by man or everything should be ruled by women we are constantly dependent and we need to depend for able to create a sustainable or productive society and community for everyone to grow and improve. So it isn't about one it is about both.

        2. Hi Jenny, Associate Director @ KPMG, I think that actually I men are more important, becuase I find men more recognised in society. I think this occurs because media, televisions, newspapers, etc. focus more on men's activities and successes rather than, from such a powerful place such as the information source of your country, making both men and women seen like equals. Also I think institutions should change because they are focusing all powers such as governments and important positions in companies (except in some places that are starting to change this - only a 7% of governments are leaded by a women), and I think both men and women are able to do this type of jobs and they should be divided fifty-fifty.

      4. I strongly agree with you because every day is a celebration in the life of a person so I think the women should be celebrated every year and the same should be done to the men for the purpose of gender equality.

    6. I agree because I also believe that celebrating international women's day raises awareness about the contributions that women have made to the society. By celebrating this day people around the world will be able to know about the achievement of women in different parts of the world. This will make women feel valued and important and they will know that they are making a positive impact in their community.
      Also celebrating international women's day can help raise awareness about the importance of educating girls. In some communities girls are not given the same opportunities as boys and their education is not seen as a priority. By celebrating this day we can show people that women are capable of achieving great things and but educating girls is just as important as educating boys. If this happens the people in other communities will have a positive mind to send their girl child to school.

    7. Hello articulate_moment
      I agree with everything you have stated in your comment. I 100% agree with that A is the one that I agree with. I agree with A because it is a day to celebrate all women around the world for their hard work. As you stated in your comment, we need this day to become a reality because we have to celebrate women by what they have done in our society, economy, cultural, and political environment. Women have done so much that they should get a day for them to spend with family or just a free day from work. As you said in your comment I will say the same. I also disagree with D because International Women's Day WILL make a difference for gender equality. I agree with the information you said. Men should appreciate women for what they have done for them. If there weren't women there weren't be any men. So I agree with you on everything.
      Thank you

    8. I agree articulate moment! Opinion A is what I agree with because women throughout history and even now have made major impacts on our world, so why shouldn't we celebrate women? Women clearly are as important as men, but because of gender inequality, they are underestimated and treated worse than men. International Women's Day is a day for women to be appreciated and celebrated and I believe it is an amazing day. I also disagree with D as International Women's Day may change the way people see women and may even lead to them treating women better. The day is a day women's talents and potential is showcased, people being able to see how amazing and talented women truly are, it could bring people aware of how they underestimated women and may get them to change their ways.

    9. I strongly agree with Option A and think that one day of the year celebrating the achievements of women is more about bringing awareness to how far we have come over the past years. Giving a day to reflect back on past achievements could encourage more women to strive beyond what has already been achieved. It's main point is to focus on how our society can do better, as well as bringing up attitudes towards feminism. International women's day should be more recognised as a day to think about making differences in the near future as well as reflecting and building on the past.