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This discussion was inspired by logical_tsunami of Cantonment Public School and College in Bangladesh, who wants to talk about women’s sports. They have won five stars for having their idea published!

In many countries, the popularity of women’s sports is on the rise. In their discussion suggestion, logical_tsunami mentioned the “outstanding” standard of women’s cricket and football in Bangladesh.

However, there is still a long way to go before equality is achieved. For example, in many cases, women’s sport is still given less funding (money) than men’s.

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  • The media plays a crucial role in supporting women in football by showcasing their various experiences.
    The media highlights both well-paid and underpaid players, making the world aware of the challenges they face. Without media coverage many wouldn't know about women's football, hindering its improvement and promotions.

    1. I agree because...the media plays a crucial role in supporting women football.
      While government support is important, the media effectively highlight and broadcast the governments efforts aiding in the promotion of women football.
      Fans also contribute significantly by utilizing the media to showcase their support. I believe without media coverage, the government's initiative and the fans' barking wouldn't reach a wider audience.
      In comparison between the government, fans and media support, the media stands out as a key player ensuring women's football receives the attention and support it deserves.

      1. Brilliantly said ambitious_panther, the media, fans and government contribute largely to the support of women's sport, they use their publicity as a tool to attract the support of influential persons in the sport world.
        I want to especially talk about the support the fans provide. Fans encourage the players not just during the match on the field but also on social media, they spread awareness on the importance of women's sport and indirectly encourage gender equality in the society. The effect the fans make on the public has the ability to affect multiple areas that are experiencing gender inequality.
        However, I believe WOMEN themselves should also be responsible for their support, if these women athletes take the initiative of going to schools to support female students and to create awareness that they can be whatever they want as long as they work towards it, this will encourage them and also preparing a gender inequality free generation.

        1. I agree because... I believe that the fans and the media play a crucial role in promoting women's football. Without fans, there would be no audience for the games, and without media coverage, people wouldn't be informed about the matches and their schedules. The government also has an important role to play in supporting and funding women's football. Before our female footballers were unknown but now they are very popular like Azizat Oshoala who won African female footballer of the year. Their popularity is also due to their own efforts making their matches exiting to watch.

          1. I think that your suggestion is right for many reasons. I believe that women have the same abilities to play this sport as men. They are strong too and they have very good cooperation with the other members of the team. Also by fans and media's women football will be known all over the world. So, for these reasons we all have to support these ideas!We are all equal and women can continue playing football if that makes them happy!

            1. Brilliant comment friendly cherry I do say that women are as equal to man as ever all they need to do is push on, woman have the same capacity as men physically and mentally it just depends on how they use it and the focus and determination they put into it.

              1. Nice point charming_artist, even though if it comes to sport matters, majority among sport fans think that a man is better than a woman. But currently speaking, we have a lot of good sport participants. For example, there are some sports that I suggest women are always better than men because whenever I try engaging myself in such a sport, I find it difficult to improve in that sport, but when I saw a girl who is younger than me playing the same sport,I feel impressed for a girl who is better than me. I then think about how perfect she would be when she engaged in that sport. So I am very happy for women to participate in sports. THANK YOU.

            2. I support you when you say that women should be allowed to play football if it makes them happy but where I will like to oppose is where you say Women are equal with Men. I'm not trying to be gender bias in anyway please, don't get me wrong but the truth is that if you do your research well and observe properly, it is quite evident that men are more strong and rigid than women and that is fact. The beauty of men's sport is in the strength and agility they put into the game while the beauty of women's sport is in their flexibility and the passion and joy they derive from the game. Women are different from men and their difference is what makes them unique in their own special way so instead of women trying to mimic men and show that they are equal, they should accept the fact that they are different from men and continue been special in their own way.

              1. Ineffable_wasp, you are right in that, generally, men are physically stronger than women because they have different bodies. However, you must be careful when discussing "equality", which is usually a term used to describe how people are treated and perceived. It is also not correct or fair to say that only men are strong and agile or that only women are passionate and flexible. This kind of language enforces negative stereotypes and is based on opinions rather than facts. You are right that there are differences between men and women, however, your descriptions contain gender biases. What could you do in future to help spot - and stop - your own biases?

              2. I see your point but when I mean strength I don't only mean physical but also mental or emotional or whatever we could say it. Don't forget giving birth to babies needs all the strength your body has and lately I have seen in YouTube that an experiment was conducted when Men imitated the pain of birth. They couldn't withstand.
                Additinaly at my school football team girls can join and play with the boys and I must say that some of them are the best goal scorers. It's all what we were raised with what beliefs and that why not change?

              3. I agree because when the woman play any sport it makes her happy also the women the are same as men they have the right to play any sportAlso, the country or the government must support them by promoting them on social media or the in news. For example when women play football, fans support them by attending matches cheering for them. Also , the media plays important role by recording their achievements.

            3. I agree with you because I think that all of those plays very significant role in supporting women in football . Fans support the women by attending the football event and cheering them . Secondly, media also plays very crucial role by recording achievements, and telling incredible stories about women in sports which helps raise awareness and inspire future generations. Lastly , goverment helps and supports the women in football by ensuring equal opportunities, promoting gender equality and making good policies for women and many more.

            4. I side with you friendly cherry women have the same capabilities as men in thinking and physically they can also cooperate very smoothly with each member of the team women cannot be neglected because of their body stature but rather are equal to all men and have every right to play the sport that they wish to participate in without the media and fans quarrying them.

            5. You are right, there is an adage that says anything a man can do, a woman can also do. Women are capable of doing sports just as well as men do, some women that have made their name in the field of sports are; Marta, Birgit Prinz, Abby Wambach, Michelle Akers and others. In my opinion, if female footballers are encouraged and celebrated ,it will encourage other young girls that they also can make great achievements in the field of sports.

            6. I agree because... Women also have right, they are strong confident and even smart that why they have right to participate in any sport activities such as.
              3.long tennis.
              Football is also played by women,we are all equal in some ways,the reason I said in some ways is because when we go for war the mens can win that is why we don't send women to war but they can participate in other activities thank you 👍

            7. I agree with you because, women are also ment to play different sports not only men and if we continue to think in that way ,women will feel cheated. Women are very strong and nice in teaming up with their partners in games and when it is being published people will be very happy. Also,
              women can do any sport they like as long as it is pleasing them that could be called gender equality.

          2. Hi steadfast_effort
            I agree the fans and the government play a very important role in promoting women's football. I personally think that the government should support the women more and put more resources towards the women's football. Some people have undermined the ability of women I believe that there should be public enlightenment on the benefits of sports and also the effect of not participating in sports they should encourage female to participate more in sports activities not necessarily football the should learn to participate in any kind of sports the like. As we know Azizat Oshoala did not just become a good footballer overnight it was because of constant practice that she was able to win the award that she won, She also had fans who supported her throughout her journey in the football sport.

            1. Hello! It's great to hear your perspective on the importance of support for women's football, both from fans and the government. Indeed, investing resources and promoting public awareness about the benefits of sports, including football, for women is crucial for encouraging participation and fostering talent. Azizat Oshoala's success is a testament to the impact of dedication and support from fans throughout her journey. By highlighting such stories and advocating for increased opportunities for women in sports, we can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable sporting landscape. Thank you for sharing your insights!

              1. Hello steadfast effort your suggestions were great. But, I think you're forgetting that, media is also responsible for supporting woman sports. The present age is the age of digital technology. Currently any information is available through media. As a result, any information given to the media is spread to everyone in an instant. 84% of people in the world are fans of women's sports. In a short time, so many people can know about women's sports only through the media. It was through the media that we came to know about Bangladesh women's victory in the football game.So, I think it is important for the government and the fans as well as the media to support the women's game.

                1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

                  1. Hello, topical talkers.
                    1)What evidence do you want?
                    2)How can I add any evidence?
                    3)which evidence do you want?
                    (Please, don't reject this comment)
                    Please reply as soon as possible.
                    Thanks. Have a nice day.

                    1. To give evidence for a point you could share where you found your example and explain why the source is reliable. Or you could find another piece of reliable information that backs up your argument. What else do you think would count as good evidence in a debate?

                  2. Hi, topical talker Chloe.
                    I think that media is helpful for Women's sports.I also think that there is no substitute for the media to bring information about women's sports to everyone. Media can deliver any information very quickly. If you want to know the importance of media in providing information about women's sports, you can read some books or articles. Hope that I have been able to answer your question and provide evidence.

        2. I do agree women aren't aren't really supported in playing sports so the media and government largely contribute to the popularity of women sport the media is a very essential role it can affect how people support or are against the women sport the fans also contribute the government contributes largely to the publicity of the women sport

      2. In a situation where the government has control over the media they have been funding the media and they do not like sport how would you think that they would push women sports?

        1. I'm not sure about this. The Nigerian president Bola Ahmed Tinubu gave his own contribution during this AFCON to super eagles to appreciate their effort for reaching the quarter-final, semi-final and final. If it could be women cup Nigeria would not discriminate between men and women he would still be present in every Nigerian game.

      3. I agree. The media does play a role in broadcasting their events. Broadcasting sports like these helps support them quite a lot and has highlighted sports like this quite a lot. Without the broadcasting and promoting the media does, most sports wouldn't be as supported as they are. I also agree that fans take up a big part too. Without a fanbase, you can't necessarily spread the word of the sport or team or whatever it is. With a fanbase, funds also come and looking for more promotion methods becomes easier. I feel like the media is doing a good job in promoting the sport and showing how much potential it has in women's history.

      4. I agree with you but we are all forgetting that it is not only the fans, media and the government that help girls get into sports but also it is the educational facilities like the primary schools that would really help. It would also help if there was soccer camp for girls.

        1. Yes I agree because every gender should be treated fairly and we are all the same in our unique ways

    2. I agree with you precious_swan, media plays a critical role in not only woman sport but in sports in general, but also fans are as equally important, because they are there to cheer the club, to motivate them to inspire them to do better. So both are very important to sport's.

      1. I agree to creative_pesonality because... Wemen can engage in any sports because they can even help men to give them some advice if they know what men don't know about sports. THANKS.

    3. I disagree because... I think the media highlights and favours well paid players and more well known players more instead of the more underrated players . however I do agree that women's football and many other women's sports has come along way due to the media helping to boost there exposure .

  • Challenges appear to be part of the human experience. In the course of history, very little has come easily. The progress that women have made in sport in the United States over the course of the last 100 years seems remarkable for the amount achieved in so little time. In relation to the other advances made in this century, including men's sport, that achievement dims. While women have made great advances, they haven't, in comparison, come that far. It would appear, from the outside, that men's sport will forever have all of the advantages, all of the rewards, all of the prestige, while women's sport is left to perpetual inequality.Yet, not only are there sports that are considered "non-traditional" for both sexes, the obvious majority of these sports are "traditionally" recognized as women's sports. While there may be a very small number of teams of male synchronized swimmers or synchronized ice-skaters, there are virtually no integrated teams. Of the number of sports considered non-traditional for women, among them football and wrestling, women have gradually opened the door into these sports. In most states, girls even have the right to participate on boys' sports teams if there is no girls' team or even a girls' team which plays by the same rules because of the historical limitations on women's sports.However, in most states boys are not granted the same rights because there has been no such "historical limitation" on their participation in sports, according to the Women's Sports Foundation. While this may seem to defy the motivating spirit behind laws like Title IX, many view it as an "acceptable" situation. Boys who do participate in sports such as synchronized swimming, cheerleading and evenly equal arena is furthered. The more the current conception of what is permissible for either gender as well as what is possible is challenged, the closer we come to a re-examination of how unequal the history of sport has been for both sexes and the actions that need to be taken in order to prevent such inequalities from existing in the future. The more individuals take on challenges like this the more they force society to closely examine the way they think about what makes people and their activities different in the first place.

  • In my opinion the main cause of this discrepancy between female and male sports is because male athletes are more promoted than females.

    Females have a lot of potential to perform in sports considered "male sports" such as football or hockey.
    They are not as advertised as male ones, in result they don't get enough funds to be able to perform at their maximum potential. Also less funds equal fewer training possibilities.

    Another reason might be that male athletes, after a certain age, when they are considered retired from their sport they have the option to become coaches, in comparison to females. This opportunity brings them even more fame resulting in more money.

  • I think that the most responsible person of supporting the women's on football is the coach because he can makes
    the women's powerful and believe in their selves.⚽️⚽️⚽️In opposite the fans make the women anxious and embarrassed as a result they can't play well. Finally, I think that the coach is the only person that can make the women strong!!!!!

  • Hi!
    Honestly, I think we're all responsible of the few support of women in sports, but overall, the media has most of the "fault".
    When we turn on TV, we can't just decide what we want to watch, we just watch whatever is being broadcast. In the sport channels, most of the times there are sports in which only men appear. If we get used to only watch male sports, it's more probably for that watchers to get used to them. If other day, instead of men, there are women, since they don't know them very well, they will change the channel. Those in charge of statistics of the television programme, would inform that women programmes have less visualisers than male ones and that they are loosing incomes and viewers.
    That's why, the support of women in sports decreased in the last years.
    Little by little, women are recovering territory and power.

  • In my opinion the fans, government,the medias plays a vital role in women football. Mainly the medias plays a vital role . Media help to make a woman to play football because media talks about their talented in social medias and all the people's can know about that woman who want to play football or who are able to play football in international or national level.
    Fans are also important for the players of fan and media does not support them they can't be motivated also or there will be no one support them. In many countries in the world in women's sport governments do fund but they used to do less funding than men's. So I would like to say that women can also play better than a man. Many people used to think woman can't do this not a game of women this that they used but women can also do.

    1. Interesting points. Why do you think women's sport is underfunded in comparison to men's sport?

      1. You see, the reason why men's football is more funded than that of the women's is.
        Firstly, in the soccer aspect, the matches played by women are seen as boring not because the women do not know how to play or because they are not putting in efforts. The thing is the media coverage as compared to the men's soccer is very poor, there are fewer camera angles which means fewer cuts on shot and less exciting commentary, it is not paid attention to because people think that if the women deserved better coverage, they would have gotten it, afterall the media teams are searching for jobs to do.

        Now the women's football lacks all these things that are seen as essential in making the game lively and more captivating to people's attention. The men's soccer has all these things that is why people continue to spend money in financing the men's soccer sport.
        Another thing is people have gotten so used to watching men's football that when they start watching the female's the light difference in physical ability becomes so glaringly obvious this is another reason why people find it hard give into the female sports. Research has proven that the number of female coaches has dropped almost by 40% as compared to how many they were in 1980 and females have less play time as compared to the men.

        It would be unwise of me to think that all these problems can be solved overnight and that is not why I am writing this, I am writing this because I want to push this conversation and see how our personal efforts can work towards improving the athletic quality of female sports.

        1. Although the government, media and fans all contribute to encouraging women's sports, I would like to say that women themselves play a role in this too. Sometimes people are prevented from doing what they'd love to do by an inferiority complex. They may feel like they aren't good enough to do it, and then discourage themselves from doing it. Also, a lot of people, women in particular, who try to achieve something are criticized by others, even fellow women, and this may discourage them from making their dreams come true. A lot of women didn't let opposition stop them from achieving their dreams. For example, the first female doctor in Nigeria was Chief Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi, the first female doctor in Nigeria. At the time in Nigeria (precisely the year 1938), women were not exactly seen as important members of society. But she didn't give up and ended up not only achieving her dream, but also giving aspiring women a role model to look up to.
          Another problem though, would be gender inequality. Some people look down on women and don't see them as capable of doing things that formerly men could do. I'm not saying that women can replace men. Every gender has its purpose in the society. Where the problem comes in is where one gender is seen as more important or better than the other. That is wrong. Everyone is unique. My point is that people should stop underestimating women and give them a chance. We should support women who want to venture into sports if that is what they want to do.

          1. Interesting points raised. Why do you believe women may not feel as good as men in sports?

            1. I don't believe that women may not feel as good as men in sports. Women can be just as talented, skilled, and passionate about sports as men. It's important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of female athletes. Gender should never be a determining factor in someone's abilities or how they feel in sports. Everyone deserves equal opportunities and support to excel in their chosen sports. Let's cheer for all athletes, regardless of their gender!
              Women have proven time and time again that they can excel in various sports and achieve incredible feats. However, societal factors such as limited opportunities, unequal resources, and stereotyping can sometimes create barriers for women in the sports world. It's important to address and challenge these issues to ensure equal opportunities and support for everyone, regardless of gender. Let's continue to support and empower female athletes in their pursuit of greatness!
              While it is true that women have faced challenges and barriers in sports, it's important to recognize that these obstacles are not inherent to women's abilities or potential. Factors such as societal norms, stereotypes, and unequal opportunities have historically impacted women's participation and representation in sports. However, there has been significant progress in recent years towards gender equality in sports, with more recognition, support, and opportunities for women athletes. It's crucial to continue advocating for equal treatment and opportunities for all athletes, regardless of gender. Let's celebrate the achievements of women in sports and work towards a more inclusive and equitable future!

              1. Nice comment caring_spring.
                Women should never be underestimated or limited in their abilities and potential in sports. Society needs to challenge and overcome the barriers and stereotypes that have historically held women back in sports. Equal opportunities, resources, and support should be provided to all athletes, regardless of their gender. Let's celebrate and empower female athletes and continue working towards a more inclusive and equitable sports landscape.

              2. Well said caring spring,Stereotypes are widely held and oversimplified beliefs or ideas about a particular group of people, often based on characteristics such as race, gender, ethnicity, or other social factors. These generalizations can be inaccurate, unfair, and contribute to biases, as they do not account for the diversity and individuality within the group. Stereotypes can lead to misconceptions, discrimination, and perpetuate harmful assumptions about individuals based on group affiliations."Why is it that females participating in activities traditionally associated with males face criticism, while males engaging in female-associated activities do not receive similar scrutiny? This double standard can inflict significant emotional pain on women, leading to tragic consequences such as self-harm, as they are unjustly perceived as lesser individuals, unaware of their intrinsic value and capabilities."but this is who they really are "I am to be a commodity,part recreation,part reproduction,I am to be a currency ,a prize to pride over masculinity, i am to be all am told to be, but today am everything am not suppose to be.am a glitch in societal programing,am becoming a bug in the system,l am cracking the matrix wall,am wrecking balls, smashing doors, mashing laws.Am demanding,intruding,overcoming the lies and the prejudice and no am not easy ,am busy.making waves, making ways, making space in this place,in this world,am empowered to empower,I inspire,representation,inclusion and mutual respect.
                I am direct impact on society,I am EQUALITY,I am woman."(this master piece reflect who the women are,so it right time they are given their equal share in the society.)

            2. I believe that women may not feel as good as men in sports because generally, sports are seen as masculine activities. Sometimes, more funds are put into men's sports and men are mostly more supported in the sports sector than women. Some sports, such as figure skating and gymnastics are more feminine than masculine, but the more popular sports, like football are linked more to men.
              At this point, in my opinion, it all boils down to stereotypes. Some sports are tagged as men's sports, others as women's sports. So when any gender tries to do the other, they get discouraged, which isn't fair. Although women are more affected by this, there are men out there that want to venture into a sport tagged as feminine that can't do so because of the views of the society.
              And so, I feel that if there is any reason that women do not feel as good as men in sports, then it would be due to the higher attention paid to men's sports than to women's sports and also to stereotypes.

          2. You are absolutely right.
            Women themselves have the power to support what they are doing. When they feel that nothing can touch them negatively they can achieve everything they want. We need to overcome past beliefs about women and their role. We have seen that women are successful in many jobs . This is equality for me.

          3. Actually, the government, media and fans all contribute to encouraging women's sports, I would like to say that women themselves play a role in this too. Sometimes people are prevented from doing what they'd love to do by an inferiority complex. Actually it is true that we don't allow women to do what men can do. But some women have the zeal to do what men can do, especially in sport like football, in Nigeria, women football club is called the super falcon, while the men own is called the super eagle. For example, the first woman to win an olympic game in Nigeria was Chioma Ajunwa. At the early 1900s people said that women at not important more than men, if they have educate their women they will later end at kitchen. But now they say that if you are educating a man it means that you are educating a person, but if you are educating a woman, it means that you are educating the whole world. Chioma Ajunwa didn't give up and ended up not only achieving her dream, but also giving aspiring women a role model to look up to. In the world today they do gender inequality. Some people look down on women and don't see them as capable of doing things that formerly men could do. In the world today, that women can what men can do. My point that i am proving is that people should stop underestimating women and give them a chance. We should support women who want to venture into sports if that is what they want to do.

      2. I think women's sport is underfunded in comparison to men's sports because of the lack of coverage. In many parts of the world, it is a common occurrence for women to receive lower pay than men for performing the same job, and this trend extends to the realm of professional sports as well. Here are a few examples of the pay gap in sports.

        1. I'm not sure about this because Tennis is one of the few sports where women in the United States, on average, make more than men .The average earnings of U.S. women ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association were higher than the U.S. men by the Association of Tennis Professionals. Mostly , the top female player in the United States earn more than the top male player. We do have to stop the pay gap in sports but first we have to stop the gender gap , because gender gaps is something that is more important than pay gaps , beacuse when we look at the number of women working in sport at every level ,women workers are very low in coaching, especially at elite levels . A recent count of leaders in the top 20 sports by participation in England showed that across the roles of CEO, Chair and Performance Director, just 23% were women. LET US CHANGE THE GENDER GAP FIRST THEN LETS TALK ABOUT PAY GAP.
          Thank you .

      3. Women sports are underfunded due to people not having interest in it, because they underestimate the ability of the women. For instance, if you ask football fans which match they will prefer to watch, is it men football or women football, 80% will choose men football because they consider it more interesting than female football. Also, they think that men play better than women in the sport. Due to this
        reason, many sponsors have invested more in men sports than women sports.

        1. Brilliant point made hilarious_morning, the way women have been underestimated is not beneficial to anyone. Women possess alot of potential yet they are usually neglected in matters concerning men, there are just few countries that have a female as their president and this shouldn't be so. I believe women should be more involved not just in sports but also in politics, there are numerous things that can be done by women and a few of them have proven that. A good example of these women is Margaret Hamilton who was the lead software engineer for the apollo mission to the moon, the mission probably wouldn't have been possible without her. This is something a man didn't do, I believe women are capable of alot more. I think a topic should brought up about women in politics too.

      4. Women have been undermined because they are the 'inferior gender'. Women's rights are abused indirectly or directly, unconsciously or consciously. They are considered unskillful because in the last centuries, men have been doing things better than they can. Women are judged too quickly. They are considered boring and are only fit for chores and parenting.
        Centuries ago in Africa, women were not permitted to participate in anything, even decision making. I think women should be treated as equal as men.
        Women should protest and prove the worldwide mindset of 'women are the inferior gender' wrong because every human, male or female has equal rights. They shouldn't be silent and abuse their own rights by themselves.

        1. I agree with you because women do not get the ability to do what they want to do because of their gender. They are seen as housewives and they should cook and clean all the time. It is not fair for them because in some cases women play better than men in certain sports. Women should be able to speak up about the inequality they are around and the community should be able to support them.

      5. In my opinion I think that women sport is underfunded when compared to men's sport is because women's sport has been seen as less competitive, less skillful and less exciting than men's sport, and women athletes have faced discrimination, harassment and exclusion from many sporting opportunities and rewards.
        Another way is the lack of media coverage and exposure for women's sport, which affects the visibility, popularity and profitability of female athletes and teams.
        The gender gap in sport funding is a result of a vicious cycle that is hard to break. To change this situation, different actors need to work together, such as governments, sports organizations, media outlets, sponsors, educators and advocates. They need to challenge the norms and structures that make women's sport less valued and supported, and to create a more fair and inclusive sporting culture.

      6. Hi everyone.
        Women sport are underfunded because of the following reasons .
        1. Social stigma: In some societies women are not allow to practice sports.
        2. Lack of experiences.
        3. Lack of access: Women have 1.3 fewer opportunities to play high school sport.
        4. Lack of positive role model .
        5.cost: special protection and security have to be provided to women.

      7. I think that, women's sports are underfunded because those sports lakes the essential component that it needs to captivate peoples attention. let's take football as an example, women's football is not captivating peoples attention because most people watch men's sports more than women's sports. abd most games are scheduled the same time as women's sports which makes people choose and it is unfair. men's sports should rescheduled and people should put more funding to women's sports.
        THANK YOU.

        1. The underfunding of women's sports is often rooted in historical biases and societal norms that prioritize men's sports. While women's sports may face challenges in captivating attention, rescheduling men's sports events and allocating more funding to women's sports can contribute to narrowing the gap. By actively promoting gender equality in sports and providing greater visibility, we can create a more equitable and supportive environment for women athletes.

          1. Definitely, The reasons you have mentioned are absolutely correct.
            In my view, Another reason of this inequality can be the low number of participation of women as compared to men. If women themselves participate in high numbers, the organizers will be forced to organize more competitions and give women more opportunities, which we hope will over time bring about the equality we all aspire to have

      8. I think women's sports is underfunded compared to men because of :
        * The quality of players : In the football aspect ,even though women players are skilled, they are not as skilled as their male counterparts. For example, the Australia Women's National Football Team, who is ranked 12th in the world, lost 7-0 to team of amateur 15year old boys . So even women feel underappreciated, the quality of their players is not as good as those of the men.
        *Low viewership : Also in the football aspect, the women gain less viewership than men . This might be a result of lack of passion like for instance, women are not willing to put their body on the line to able to tackle someone as the men do. Another reason for the low viewership is people spend more time taking about unfairness of pay between women and men than actual watching the football itself. For example, I remember watching a news show where a group of feminists, who were talking about how unfair it was that the winning team of the Women's World Cup were earning around $10.2million but the men's team being paid $42 million but these feminist did even know one of the two teams playing in Women's World Cup Final .
        All in all, I think that women football need hype around it to be able to be at least close to men's football.
        By the way, this is just my opinion

        1. I strongly agree with you because it is not equally fair that the ladies who do better than the men, receive less funds for their matches. Why not support them strongly so that they can bring pride and joy to the country? If this underfunding becomes too overwhelming, ladies might eventually give up because there is no one available to support them even when they go through blood and sweat. On top of that, ladies might not feel appreciated because the people that come to watch their match anywhere they are or on the pitch are few but for the men, it is uncountable like a trillion!!!

      9. I feel the reason why women's sport is underfunded is because men's sport is more widely watched and recognized so most investors may feel they may lose their money or investment because people hardly watch the sport, that is basically the reason why the women's sport is underfunded.
        Thank you!!!!

      10. I feel the main reason Women's football is probably underfunded is because of-
        1) Mentality of people
        2) Media Coverage
        3) Habit
        4) The Government
        The biggest pillar to a sports is the fan following, some of those fans might think that women's soccer wouldn't be as entertaining or action packed. I am not that into football but the few times I have watched it I found that both women and men football are almost equally entertaining. I do watch cricket, badminton and tennis though and I have noticed the same result in them. These stereotypical ideas are based on false pretences. The blame for which should probably go to the media, to some extent. Media is supposed to cover both men and women sports equally, but sometimes that is not the case. Media is not able to build the same hype for women's sports as much as men's. Plus the Government doesn't release as much budget for women's sports in most countries. It is their responsibility to release equal funds if they want to maintain proper equality.
        To look upon another major reason we must go back to the fans, men's football has been around since couple of years before women's football. People are creatures of habit, once they like something they hold on to it, nowadays even though women's football has been popular for a couple of years, everyone was into men's football since way back so they may try to watch another form of it but it migh not interest them as much leading to less popularity and less funding.

      11. Hello Alicia!
        I think there can be many reasons as to why women are given less funding than men.
        1. Lack of awareness - Most people still do not know about most of the women players and their matches. For example- India hosts the IPL- a cricket tournament every year for men and India also hosts WPL - the same cricket tournament but for women. However, the number of people watching IPL is so much more than number of people watching WPL. This is because most people do not know such a tournament is being held. So the government might decide to fund those matches that are watched by the majority.
        2. Prevailing prejudices in society - As I said above, most people do not know about the tournament. However, those who do, think women's cricket is in no comparison similar to that of men. People still think it wouldn't be as fun to watch and women might not play well. Even the government consists of a majority of men, so due to similar prejudices they might give less funding.
        3. Habit among people - Ever since sports started, people have been watching men play all these sports. Now, even though women have also started playing, people have a habit of watching men. The government sees what people are habitual of and decides to improve men's sports as much as it can. Hence men are given more funding.
        Other than this, there can be many more reasons but I think these are the main ones.

      12. I think the women's sports are less funded because they dont have a huge fan following. And as there is not much participation in sports of women, there are not much people or organizations who care about this section . There might be many more reasons about it but currently these are the reasons i can think of.

        1. Your observations touch upon several factors contributing to the underfunding of women's sports. The lower fan following and participation levels certainly play a role in attracting less funding and support from organizations and sponsors. Additionally, societal perceptions and historical biases may influence the allocation of resources to women's sports compared to men's sports. Addressing these disparities requires concerted efforts to promote gender equality in sports, increase visibility and support for women athletes, and challenge existing norms and biases within the sports industry and society as a whole.

      13. I think the underfunding towards women in sport comes from how much they bring into a sports channel or website.

        Since mens football has many more people watching they tend to bring in a vast amount more than the women. Across the 2023 - 2026 period mens football is expected to bring in approximately 11 billion US dollars. This is a large amount of money due to the amount of media coverage and matches that they play. The number of tickets sold also adds to the amount of money they bring in. If the men are bringing in such a significant amount of profit then they will be provided with funding based on their revenue.

        Whereas in womens football they have less spectators at their matches therefore having less tickets sold. They only made 32 million pounds in the 2021/2022 period. This is significantly less than what the men make annually. If the women are bringing in less revenue then they will not receive the same funding that the men have.

        So in conclusion, the funding that a football team receives directly correlates to the amount of money they bring in. If women had more media coverage then they may begin to make more and therefore recieve more funding to help make their team better.

        Sources :

        1. Your analysis highlights a common argument regarding funding disparities in sports. Indeed, revenue generation is a major factor in funding allocation, and men's sports often attract larger audiences and generate more revenue than women's sports. Increasing media coverage and investment in women's sports could help address this gap by boosting their revenue streams and consequently increasing funding for women's teams. It's a complex issue with multiple factors at play, but increasing visibility and support for women's sports is certainly a step in the right direction.

    2. I highly agree with this comment. Women can play the same sports men do if not better. That just shows how much a woman can do as a man. It shows strength, courage and determination. It shows that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. No matter how hard you may fail or feel upset you should never give up you should always chase your dreams and be who you are!

  • I think media plays a vital role in taking women football players to a wider audience. But if media is able to project the records and achievements of women players in the same manner as those of men,women football matches will be seen with more interest and it will have a better reach. Women players should be treated with better care. They should be paid on par with their male counterparts.

  • I feel like the media is the most responsible. The women' s sports community is not getting the attention they deserve. Despite their remarkable achievements in breaking world records and delivering captivating games, TV networks do not prioritize the airing or promotion of women's athletics to the same extent as men's.

    1. Why do you think this is the case?

      1. I think this because people feel that women are traditionally suppose to be in the kitchen and because of that they might not be skilled as the male so promoting them might be risky move to take .

    2. I completely agree with you, vivacious_flower, that the media plays a crucial role in promoting women's football. However, if only the media supports them, it may not be sufficient to gain the support of the society (fans). This is because, historically, women were confined to their homes and only assigned to household chores and family responsibilities. Therefore, it is necessary for both the media and society (fans) to support women's football to help them achieve their goals and acquire equal rights in the sport, as men do.

  • I feel as if social media platforms don't have all the responsibility; just some. I feel this way, because social media platforms come in a big variety. Also, there is multiple users that use social media for different reasons. Either would go to social media for advice, help, make or either watch content, promote a business or a product , or to support someone or something. In this case individiuals whom use social media could support women sports.

    As I said before, there are multiple people who use social media to do things. The people that does use the media could spread awareness about the sports, and share information about upcoming events pertaining to the women that play football. However, the media might not be the best choice. I feel this way, because there are multiple people that use these platforms that have several different opinons. Also, there is a possibility there could be a lot of sexism. A whole war might start out as; "Whose better at football? Men:boys or Women:girls. " This would be a chaotic thing going around. Imagine if people world wide start to jump in? The media could either handle it as a positive or negative way. What are your thoughts?

  • I believe womens sports and underfunded due to sexism because of the media. The media barely ever shows any Programs on women's sports. When it comes to men's sports the funding is through the roof and all you see is men's sport ads. This is why kids believe girls can't play sports. It's important for the Government to represent all genders .

    1. Hi nice_knowledge
      Adding on to what you said about the media not usually showing women's sports is difficult to imagine because as a girl who does enjoy sports and wants to be successful. I believe that the media does show both men and women but sometimes it can come across men being programmed more than women. Thank you for your comment.

    2. Why do you think women's sports receive less media coverage compared to men's sports?

      1. You know, it's really unfortunate that women's sports receive less media coverage compared to men's sports. There could be a few reasons for this. One possibility is that historically, men's sports have been more popular and established, so they tend to attract more attention. Another factor could be the perception that men's sports are more marketable and profitable for media organizations. However, things are slowly changing, and there's been a push for more equality in sports coverage. It's important to celebrate and support women athletes too!
        You're right, it's not fair that women's sports don't get as much media coverage as men's sports. It's important to recognize and support the incredible talent and achievements of female athletes. One reason for the disparity could be the long-standing gender biases and stereotypes that still exist in society. But the good news is that there's a growing movement to promote gender equality in sports coverage. By raising awareness, supporting women's sports, and demanding more media coverage, we can help make a positive change. Let's cheer on all athletes, regardless of their gender!
        You're absolutely right, It's really not fair that women's sports don't receive as much media coverage as men's sports. It's a frustrating issue that many people are working to address. One reason could be the historical preference for men's sports due to societal norms and expectations. However, it's important to keep pushing for change and supporting women athletes. By raising awareness, advocating for equal coverage, and supporting women's sports events, we can help make a difference and give these incredible athletes the recognition they deserve!

      2. Different factors are involved in this, there's the one that people think that men are more athletic than women and as a result of that, they believe that men's sport is more interesting than the women sport. There's also the fact that due to the inequality between both genders, the men sport has gained more popularity and therefore it is broadcast on many television and radio so people find it hard shifting to another. I believe that if more women are involved in the media, people who will also gain interest in women's sport shift to it too.
        In summary, publicity in media about women sport will go a long way to increase it popularity and sponsorships.

      3. I believe women's sports receive less media coverage then men's sports because of lack of funding and sexism.