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If someone happened to get cancelled, I would tell them to retrace their steps. Then they should... #42 Good advice 08/7/21
Picture A could symbolise, society nowadays. This women could be getting canceled because of her... #41 Picture this! 02/7/21
Picture B shows that people's culture may be erased. Culture helps bring us together and it can... #41 Picture this! 01/7/21
The Recipe for justice: Jubilance Equality Wisdom Common Sense Not being Naive Method and... #40 Recipe for justice 24/6/21
How to make justice pie: 100ml of anti-prejudice 10g of sympathy A spoonful of mutual... #40 Recipe for justice 24/6/21
Here is a simple snack, a justice salad. Ingredients to execute: Resilience, Evidence and... #40 Recipe for justice 24/6/21
I would encourage people in schools to do graffiti. Yes, it isn't morally correct but this... #36 Work for the world! 27/5/21
My rule would benefit our environment. Eligible people are to be seen attending an environment... #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
We should conserve water. Sacred water supplies like the River Ganges in India get polluted... #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
Keep your garden or greenspace chemical free. Cut down on your use of herbicides and... #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
Ways to help in climate change use more renewable power (although this is not that... #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
Although you are correct, it's inevitable that we can save it due to us needing to burn fuels to... #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
This image right here shows the impact of our actions. We are continually burning more fossil... #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
This image shows how we have cared for this world for millions of years. It's up to us to save... #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
To help reduce climate change, I would invent a contraction. It would have a vast shovel to pick... #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
Ways to reduce water: Go to communal pools as it reduces water used for bath and shower. Use... #34 Caption this! 13/5/21