#40 Recipe for justice

25 June 2021

Skill Description Competition Creativity

Winners announced!

This week’s competition was a tough one – but you definitely rose to the challenge! Thank you to everyone who entered. Our winners this time are...

sceptical_rock of Preston Manor School, whose recipe for justice included important skills like “good listening” and “good thinking”


patient_panther of Cheam Common Junior Academy, who showed superb creativity with their method for making “justice cakes”.

Great work!

In Session 2 of this Issue, you will be thinking about whether cancel culture helps to achieve justice. But what is justice?

Your challenge this week is to show your creativity by writing an ingredients list for justice.

You could think about what justice means, what needs to happen to achieve justice and what justice should feel like.

For example:


  • An unfair situation
  • Good listening
  • A fair consequence
  • ?
  • ?

Feeling extra creative and want a challenge? You could turn the ingredients into a recipe! For example: "First, put an unfair situation in a bowl. Then stir in a pinch of good listening. Finally whisk in a consequence until the situation has been made more fair."

The deadline for entries is Friday June 25th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

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  • Ingredients for Justice:
    • Equality
    • Some great friends to help
    • Equity
    • Some apprehension
    • Fair consequences

    First, beat some equality on its own to make it really soft. Then, add in some great friends and a bit of apprehension from them. Slowly sift in some equity, and finally, beat in some fair consequences.
    Enjoy with a helping of happiness.

  • Ingredients for justice:
    - A very unbalanced problem
    - evidence
    - Good problem solving
    - very good problem solving
    - The outcome
    - Thinking
    First, add a unbalanced problem to the bowl. Then toss in some good listening and mix. Stir in a bowl of thinking and wait for 5 minutes. Then finally sprinkle the outcome and mix well until the situation is upright.

  • First, pour in a melting block of a biased problem
    Then, add a good amount of teamwork.
    Finally, mix in a suitable solution until the problem has been resolved.

  • Ingredients for justice:
    An unfair problem.
    Friends who can back you up when it's right to.
    2 very important skills- Listening and speaking.
    A solution.

    First add the unfair problem.
    Then add a pinch of friends who can back you up.
    Afterwards leave to cool until it is not as heated as before.
    Thirdly pour in two very important skills- listening and speaking.
    Next, boil in a solution.
    Finally, leave to cool and enjoy!

  • eager_reflection here,
    My recipe for justice is:
    An unfair situation
    Proof (facts)
    A debate
    A discussion
    A fair punishment/consequence
    A chance for the accused to explain themselves

    Firstly, put an unfair situation into a bowl. Secondly, sprinkle in a few facts as proof. Next, pour a little wisdom and thought in and mix well. Have some friends around to whisk in some witness statements. After that, sift in a debate and a discussion before stirring again. Beat in a fair punishment or consequence and the batter is done. Remember to give the accused a chance to explain themselves, so put in their statement in the mix as well. Then you can put all of this in a tin and bake until the problem is solved.

    An unjust situation
    A debate
    Listening skills
    An explanation from the accused.
    An apology

    First put an unjust situation into the bowl. Then sprinkle a little evidence in. A few friends can always help make things easier. Adding a little thought could really change your viewpoint. Next put in a debate and never forget the listening skills. Now mix well for a long time - don't rush this process. Now your batter is ready to put in the oven and bake. Now for the icing, mix an explanation from the accused and an apology. Now, Justice has been served.

  • My recipe for Justice:
    .An unfair or unjust situation
    .information and documentation
    .problem solving and listening
    .a witness
    .debating and discussing
    .a fair and just trial
    First, put an unjust situation into the bowl as well as a witness. Next, fold in some documentation and evidence. Bit by bit, mix in some logic,problem solving and listening followed by debating and discussing. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
    Put it in a fair case and wait 2 minutes.
    Your justice is served!

  • Here’s how to make The Finest justice cake
    First add 500g Of racism
    Next add 200 g of inequality
    After adding 200 g of inequality next add 150 g of unequal rights
    After adding add a few drops of unequal race
    Now bake in the oven for 25mins at 300 degress
    Now take the cake out but there’s more to change about it
    Add sprinkles of race doesn’t identify you
    Pour no racism of the cake to make it extra sweet
    And add a little bit of equality for all
    And last but not least add a lot of justice sugar so the cake is amazing

    My recipe Is To show that We can conquer bad things are happening in the world if we stick together as a team and change our world or even to change the mindset inside of peoples minds

  • Ingredients for Justice:
    -A very biased problem
    -Good listening
    -Fair consequences

    First,toss a very biased problem into a bowl and beat it until it is equal.Next add 2 pinches of good listening and 6 pinches of fair consequences.Then pour in some equality to make it equal.After that,add some friendship which makes happiness and your problem will be solved!

  • Justice Ingredients
    1. Inequality
    4. Forgiveness
    6. Equality
    7. Justice

    Firstly mix 4oog of inequality, then add a sprinkle of consequences. After, mix for 2 minutes until a smooth texture. Put 1 tablespoon of conversation and leave to bake for 20 minutes. Once baked, add a teaspoon of forgiveness and a jug of friendship. Soon after 10 minutes of the cookies cooling down, add a cup of equality and then pour in a lot of justice.
    That's your justice cookies.

  • Here is my recipe
    - An unjust situation
    - Creativity
    - Fairness
    - Equitable solutions
    - Friendship
    First mix in the unjust problem and whisk till equality is achieved. Next add in a fair consequence and add some friendship. Mix until you are satisfied with the outcome.

  • An unfair situation
    A witness
    -If add lies you get-
    A worse punishment than usual
    Less forgiveness
    -Add some truth-
    A more fair punishment

  • Justice ingredients
    1. A mistake
    2. Social Media
    3. Cancelling
    4. The truth
    5. Listening
    6. Speaking

    First, take a mistake, then pour it into a bowl filled with social media and whisk until frothy. Once it settles down, add two teaspoons of cancelling. After this let it set in the fridge for an hour. Once you take it out, allow it to cool for about five minutes, then sprinkle a mixture of the truth, listening and speaking in the ratio 1:2:3. Put it in the oven andbake at 180 degrees for half an hour. Take it out and you have a bowl of fresh justice!

  • My recipe ingredients would be:

    A fair consequence
    A problem to solbe

  • 3 easy steps to Justice pie
    1. Teamwork

    Add 20g of teamwork to 120g of Kindness. Leave for a day to set. Once it has smoothed out,split in 2 and then add the Equality to the smooth mixture. Place the equality on top of the Kindness and teamwork. Cover the Equality with the rest of the mix to form a perfect, smooth mix. Cook for 10- 15 mins. Slice and serve around the world.

  • Ingredients for justice cake:
    An unjust situation
    Someone to trust
    The wrong-doer
    An explanation
    Common Sense
    2 types of consequence
    A bowl of questions
    A witness
    The recipe:
    First, melt your unjust situation and put it in the bowl of questions.
    Secondly, sprinkle in some evidence and put a whole stick of witness inside.
    Next, put in a chunk of explanation and common sense.
    Whisk in some forgiveness and someone to trust.
    Put it in the oven.
    After you take it out, decide what kind of consequence you would like to whisk into your icing and spread it on the cake.
    Voila! There's your justice cake.

  • Ingredients:
    A dilemma or mistake
    Imaginative Icing

    You will need to crack in 1 dilemma, or you can mix in 1 mistake for a quickly rising batch. Then pour in your 300g of equality, balancing it out with a dollop of patience. Then add a pinch of empathy and a dash of punishment. You can add your 400g of consideration and whisk until smooth. Then bake for 30min or until golden-brown.
    Cool off and add your Imagination Icing.


  • A challenge
    Barrel of teamwork
    A spoonful of fairness
    5 handfuls of understanding
    3 teaspoons of determination
    A bottle of your own opinion
    Your say
    A litre of truth
    Vital ingredient:
    Forgiveness, not to much not to little.
    Mix the barrel of teamwork with the spoonful of fairness, the understanding, determination, opinion and your say. Stir well. After that, apply to the challenge. Now add the vital ingredient: forgiveness.
    Warning: Beware of accidentally adding foolishness. This can ruin your mixture severely.

  • Theses are my ingredients for justice :
    4.problem solving
    First of all , pour 500g of listening.
    Secondly , pour in 550g of forgiveness and mix for 10-15 minutes.
    Then , pour in 250g of friendship and mix it all up.
    After , pour in 20 table spoons of equality.
    Finally , mix it all up and put the mixture in the oven for 20 minutes.
    Thank you for reading my recipe!

  • justice ingredients


    Firstly add a table spoon of kindness, crack 5 eggs of equality, pour a litre of compassion, a few dabs of forgiveness, some pinches of fairness and 150 grams of Kindness - Lovable_Lobster

  • Ingredients for Justice:

    An unfair problem
    Friends who always have your back
    Listening skills (hearing both sides)
    Problem-solving skills
    A fair action or consequence
    An apology

    First toss an unfair problem into the bowl. Secondly, sprinkle in some fair friends. Thirdly, you can’t forget to add the information and facts! Then whisk in some great listening skills, it’s very important to add both sides of the story. After that, pinch in some evidence, followed by beating in some problem-solving skills. Remember to include a fair action or consequence, with of course, some sweet justice. And finally, whisk in an apology at the end, and whisk it all together until the problem is solved.

    Justice is served!

  • Ingredients for justice:
    -Unfair problem
    -Listening skills
    -Unbiased judge
    -Two(or more) separate opinions

    Method for justice pudding
    1. First, you will need a fairly large bowl. Sprinkle a powdered unfair problem in. Take as much as you feel is necessary but beware: if you don't equal out the honesty, the pudding is ruined.
    2. Squeeze two drops of opinions in. This will add to the flavour.
    3. Take your unbiased judge and put him/her in. Whisk until the mixture is light and frothy.
    4. In a separate bowl, mix the fairness, honesty and witness/es with your hands. Gently pour this into the dry ingredients.
    5. Add a consequence and your evaluative skills in. Whisk for 10 minutes
    6. Cook in oven at 100 degrees Celsius for half an hour.
    8. Your justice pudding is ready! I suggest you add a sprinkle of sugar and any leftover ingredients to the top of your pudding. Enjoy!

  • . An unfair problem
    . Decision to help
    . Listening to both sides
    . See if both are OK.
    . Be suggestive.
    . Bring the problem to a conclusion
    . Check both agree and mend the problem.

    First, find an injustice problem which is going out of hand. Secondly, pour a decision to help on the problem and stir it in well. Next, add a sauce of listening to both sides to add a feeling of taste. After all that has worked out, get a powdery see if they are both okay to secure a strong base. Remember though, sprinkle a be suggestive on the base to make sure it look and smells nice. Then, shape a bring the problem to a conclusion so the ingredients don't collapse and to hold the shape. Finally, slip on a check both agree and mend the problem for the hint of extra flavour.

    Enjoy the food and repeat as often as you can!

  • My recipe for justice is:
    1. Get your potentially offensive situation bowl. The recipe will be a lot harder without this.
    2. Add 150ml of toleration and 200ml of humour. There's no need to take this to seriously.
    3. Whisk together for 30 seconds. Make sure you get as little sensitivity in as possible.
    4. Add a small sprinkle of understanding. Everyone makes mistakes, so don't worry if small things go wrong.
    5. Add 120g of freedom of speech. Make sure not to add too much, otherwise you may ruin the cake and have to start again.
    6. Bake at 110 degrees until you see a helpful outcome. It doesn't have to be perfect.
    7. If your potentially offensive situation bowl is at an offensive level above 5, add a fair punishment after baking (and after taking out of the oven).
    8. Enjoy your justice cake.

    1. An interesting recipe, loyal_pigeon. You say "make sure not to add too much" freedom of speech. Can you give an example about when there might be too much?

  • ~Smoothie of Justice~

    Here is how you make the most tastiest smoothie!


    . A situation where things are unreasonable
    . Empathy
    . Intelligence
    . Fair results
    . Forgiveness

    First, place a situation where things are unreasonable in plain cup. You should then plop in some Empathy and make sure its nice. Next, Squeeze in a fruit that has a Huge amount of Intelligence. The juice might not come out at first but that is when a Big spoonful of Perseverance comes in. If the juice still doesn't come out, apply a pinch of patience in the cup so that your resilience shines through. Once all the juice is out, your ingredients may dive into a blender. The blender doesn't function at first but because of your determination it magically decides to work. Have all your ingredients merged together? If they have, take the colorful solution and pour it into the plain cup you once had before. Last but not least, admire your fair result that you have spent all your time, effort and dedication on. Don't forget to sprinkle a bit of forgiveness. There is no peace without forgiveness.

  • My recipe for justice is:
    1) Looking from a different point of view or you can put yourself from a different person's show
    2) Freedom of speech to allow people to share their opinions
    3) Equality - Treat the people the same.
    4) Good listening skills
    5) A good thinker/suggester
    6)Evidence / information
    7) Injustice problem
    8) Solution

    First, clear your bowl ( mind). Listen to the different points of view. Don't choose one side just yet! We need the recipe to be good! Ask for different opinions for an extra touch for the recipe. Being fair is a very important ingredient in the recipe! Look at the information/evidence being provided . Pay close attention because even the little things matter in these situations. Now you should be able to get a good outcome!
    Extra Topping: Don't makes a mistake as the government did with Derek Bentley! ( He was a person who did not get his justice until years later but he was already dead.

    Enjoy your recipe! <3

  • My recipe for justice:





    and treat people like a member of your family

    First put equallity and all your ingreadients in one loving bowl and then you will get all the ingredients of justice in one.

  • The Recipe for justice:
    Common Sense
    Not being Naive
    Method and formula

  • -police
    this is my recipe for justice

  • My recipe for justice is:




    Standing up to people

    Mix them all up to make justice

  • How to make justice pie:

    100ml of anti-prejudice
    10g of sympathy
    A spoonful of mutual respect
    A handful of comprehension
    A sprinkle of whimsical
    Bake for 20 minutes (add some jubilance if needed, though it's optional)
    Add a dash of selflessness
    That's how you make phenomenal justice pie!

  • Recipe for justice:

    Unfair situation
    Good evidence
    Equal rights


    First, slowly add the good evidence and honesty to the unfair situation. Next, mix in a fair amount of debate and listening to the mixture. Finally add the equal rights and fair consequences and bake the dough for 30 minutes.
    You have now transformed an unfair situation to a just situation.

  • people outcome an unfair situation Good listening a fair consequence outcome as the ending people because you can't choose yourself

  • Here is a simple snack, a justice salad.
    Ingredients to execute:
    Evidence and mathematical equation,
    Empathetic, intuitive and cunning.

    First, add 500ml of resilience.
    TIP: There is no right or wrong answer.
    Then add a handful of evidence to help unfold the morbid truth.
    Then add some intriguing as anyone can be guilty, you just need to add
    Add a bowl of acknowledgement, no one is innocent so stay vigilant!
    Add a tsunami of intuitive to give a flavour (TIP- remember you have the element of surprise!)
    Also, add some cunning dressing and a side of empathetic!
    Then finally you've made a controversial snack that you either love or hate.
    Remember to be ambitious and do what's right if you know it's right!

  • . debate
    . Friends
    . Equality
    . Family

    First put


    First put all the ingredients in the bowl later mix it up and then put it in the oven. After that take it out and you will find an equal world.

    1. Woo! Go Sherwood!

  • What makes a just world?
    What i think a justice world would be made up of is:


    .World piece




    That is what i think would be a good world would b

  • The ingredients for justice are
    .Your problem that is unfair
    .Someone on your side to help you out
    .Statistics to prove your point
    .Evidence so people will believe you and won't think you are lying
    .The ability to stop and accept defeat{used only in emergencies}
    So first you will have to pour your unfair problem into so you can tackle it easily.Then,you will have to add 1kg of someone to help you out so that you will have backup if you ever don't know what to say .Sprinkle in your statistics for emphasis.Put a abnormaly large dash of evidence for proof you are not lying.Add some pieces of equality to make it fair.Mercy is very important to keep it fair .Only if it is important and your recipe has gone wrong put in a teaspoon of being able to accept defeat hopefully you will not need it but good luck and justice will hopefully be served.

  • My recipe for justice is:

    200g of Fairness

    1l of Equality

    50ml Evidence

    120ml of Honesty

    150ml love

    200g of Freedom

    Firstly you need to mix all the ingredients together minus the love. When you get the ingredients all together, add the love bit by bit. When you have the result put it on the oven and after 10 minutes take it of the oven and let it cool down. The next day you can eat your justice cookie.

  • My opinion about justice is if someone wasn’t to say they opinion and people let them speak but if they don’t it is not justice.

  • Ingredients for justice:
    - A very unbalanced problem
    -Some great friends to help
    -Fair consequences
    -Some apprehension

    First,get the problem and put it into the bowl also mix the evidence together with fair consequences and add some great friends to help and some apprehension and trust mix all together now you got your justice

  • Ingredients for justice:
    ingredient to justice:
    -equal rights

    -fair concequences

    -against racism/homophobic

    -peacful protest


    -standing up


    -speak out

    -human rights


  • Recipe for justice:
    Equality, Fairness, Access, Diversity, Participation and Human rights.
    First add fairness and equality into a bowl and mix. Then sprinkle in some access. Next whisk diversity into the mixture and wait for it to set. After that, beat some participation into the mix. Finally, pour some human rights into the bowl and voila, your is justice is good to go.