#35 Make a rule!

21 May 2021

Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

Winners Announced!

We thought that all of your entries for this week’s competition were excellent - and we have no doubt that some of you will go on to become fantastic leaders within your communities and countries. The winners this time are…

selfreliant_raccoon of Buziga Islamic Primary School in Uganda, who made a rule that every institution should have someone whose job it is to think about the environment


engaging_lake of Lake Bank Pioneer Preparatory in Tunisia, who wanted to make sure that global experts take notice of the ideas of students in order to help the world to “build back greener”.

Brilliant rules from both of you! Well done!

Imagine you are the leader of your country for a day.

Your challenge is to make ONE rule that people have to follow. It must help the environment or help to slow climate change.

Write your rule, followed by a short explanation of why you chose it. You should think carefully about what environmental problems there are in your country and how these could be solved.

Your competition entry should be 50 WORDS OR LESS.

Need some help getting started? Use this sentence structure:

My rule is... (insert your rule here). My rule would help the environment/slow climate change because... (explain your rule here).


  • Check your entries using this word-counter before you post! Your entry can't win if it's too long
  • Your rule MUST be linked to the climate or the environment
  • We hope to see lots of different ideas, so make sure you read what's already been said first
  • The best entries will have clear explanations and showcase some excellent problem-solving

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