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hopeful_road I think the statistic of 95% represents female teachers because when I go to any school there is... Competition #6 winners 01/3/24
grounded_fact International Women's day is a day to celebrate women around the world ,but why is there no... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 01/3/24
faithful_antelope I agree with A because some women did amazing things in the past and in 1903 Emmeline Pankhurst... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 01/3/24
lovely_ocean I certainly agree with you because if women get their own 6 days when these days they already... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 01/3/24
empathetic_swan I also agree with you because if this causes a riot in the world this might become a mess so... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 01/3/24
storytelling_ostrich I think international women's day is a good and bad thing because there is not an international... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 01/3/24
warmhearted_mulberry I genuinely think that International Women's Day is a good thing to celebrate, but it shouldn't... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 01/3/24
discreet_wombat I agree with consistent engine because in most countries, after a prison sentence, the former... Reformation 01/3/24
crafty_lute I think that the statistic of 95% of teachers on strike is ridiculously high. I believe this... Competition #6 winners 01/3/24
free_orca Nearly half the population has about 52% of disbelief or less and don't think the climate change... Competition #6 winners 01/3/24
lovely_ocean I agree with B because every day should be an International Women's Day where everyone or anyone... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 01/3/24
insightful_camel I learnt in the live lesson that 129 million women and girls not in school is extremely unfair.... Competition #6 winners 01/3/24
nice_pigeon The person who made me think differently is lively_ emotion she or he made me realize that AI... Competition #2 winners 01/2/24
upbeat_jackfruit I think that most humans will do a better job in most things because if it's a job like a... People v robots 01/2/24
grounded_fact I think that a robot uprising will be very unlikely because robots have no emotions or feelings... People v robots 01/2/24
sensible_seagull I personally think the only job robots will never do a good job is being a parent because babies... People v robots 01/2/24
faithful_antelope I think the job robots will be better than humans is a waiter because a robot can hold multiple... People v robots 01/2/24
discreet_wombat I think that humans will be better zoo keepers than robots, because they can make special bonds... People v robots 01/2/24
incredible_keyboard I agree with A because whoever made the AI should be responsible about their creations and what... AI accident: who is responsible? 01/2/24
warmhearted_mulberry i personally think that AI, (artificial intelligence) is a smart idea, but its getting a bit out... People v robots 01/2/24