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One of the Topical Talk experts on AI, Raman Rai, has set you a challenge. Watch her video and then respond in the comments.

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  • I think the job that the humans will be better than the robots is teachers.I think that if teachers will be replaced by robots, the robots will do a bad job at teaching and no one will understand, also if someone asks a question the robot might not see it and the students will fail their classes because the robots-teachers would not explain the lesson good enough.
    But the job that I think that robots will be able to do better in the future is making pictures.When you ask an AI to do a picture they will make that picture in a short amount of time with extreme detail and realism and the picture is amazing.Humans can do also fantastic paintings but the advantage that AI has is speed.If AI can make a fast picture with extreme detail in a couple of minutes.Overall I think the humans will be better in more jobs than the AI like doctors and firefighters but I think that AI will be better at painting pictures.

    1. I agree with your perspective. Teaching involves empathy, adaptability, and understanding nuances that robots may struggle with. On the other hand, AI's speed and precision make it excel in tasks like creating detailed images quickly. The human touch in teaching is irreplaceable.

      outspoken_opinion, your insights on the importance of human qualities in teaching and the speed advantage of AI in artistic tasks are well-founded. It's fascinating how the interplay of human creativity and AI capabilities will shape the future of various professions.

      1. I agree because... a robot can never teach as professionally as we humans do because;
        - Robots don't have emotions so they do not know how to approach children.
        - There are some points that robots state that students do not understand.
        Humans are better at teaching because they have way more training than an AI. AI can only help or assist teachers in teaching by making notes and laying more emphasis on points

    2. I agree because... while robots can provide a more personalized learning experience for students, they lack the emotional intelligence and creativity that human teachers possess. Human teachers have the ability to read social cues, inspire children, and be creative. They can also establish authority and maintain discipline in the classroom. On the other hand, robots can accelerate the schedule of teaching based on the lesson programmed or formatted well in their system In conclusion, while robots can be useful in certain aspects of teaching, they cannot replace human teachers entirely. Human teachers bring essential components to the classroom that robot teachers simply cannot do. They are able to show students how to socialize, be creative, have feelings and emotions, and more. It is important to note that robots are less likely to be able to maintain discipline and order in schools. Children may not take robots seriously and create total chaos if no human is in sight.

    3. @outspoken opinion, how do you think AI can help teachers? and what will happen to artists in the future?

      1. I personally think that AI can help the teachers in some things that the teachers won't t be able to thing quickly like how big is the earth or how much time will it take a snail can walk around the world.And for the artists I think that they will be some artists still but the number will be much lower than today. I think that painting will still be a hobby in the future and a lot of kids and people will draw pictures for fun.But I think that a lot of people will paint as a job.If AI can paint in the speed and the paintings have the insane detail like they do today, People won't buy from the artists because they are slower than AI or the paintings won't have as much detail as the paintings from robots.
        This is my answer to your question Emma @ The Economist.

        I also want to say talented_apricot , grounded seal,committed writer and quirky_night had also very interesting replies to my comment and they helped me answer the question and I want to thank them for helping me.

      2. AI can assist teachers by automating administrative tasks, and providing personalized learning experience. As for artists, AI may complement their creativity by aiding in ideation and generation design suggestions. However, human creativity and unique perspective and likely to remain essential in artistic process.
        Thank you

    4. outspoken _opinion changed my mind because i thought AI would be better than humans because AI is smarter
      than humans. Humans are better than AI (AI can,t cry) because AI don't have emotions so like how are they going to act.

    5. I agree with outspoken_opinion because in my opinion robots will not explain well enough , and they might not know what lesson they are teaching , so I agree with you because you honestly had a good response.Thank you for your time.

      1. I disagree because you said robots will not explain well enough, and they might not know what lesson they are teaching. They will obviously know what they are teaching because they have been programmed to, but i agree with you because an AI bot will not be able to make you understand it as much as a human teacher.

        1. I'm not sure about this because there are some students that need specific help and their way of understanding the topic may be to deviate from the topic to link it to everyday stuff, but because the robot is just programmed to do a specific thing at a time, the student will not understand the lesson. On the one hand, you argue that robots will know what they are teaching because they have been programmed to do so, which makes sense. However, robots may not be as effective in considering various teaching techniques for various students as teachers are in making someone understand a lesson. Thats why 89% of learning goals are met with teachers rather than robots. We must bear in mind that though robots have knowledge programmed into them, the effectiveness of teaching goes beyond impacting knowledge to students. It involves factors like empathy, adaptability, and the ability to connect with students on a personal level, and only teachers' possess those qualities.

    6. I agree because in the prospective of production it is still the humans that produced them from their own creativity. So I can't see how AI is better than human beings,so hadn't said that I believe that you know that AI can never take over the world.
      Thanks for comprehending with me.

      1. not clear

    7. I agree with your first statement, teachers are indeed an unreplaceable job, and your argument is convincing.
      However, I partly disagree with your second statement, because painting is varied. If you are talking about offender profiling, then speed and accuracy are what people always need, AI would be a better choice for police to identify the criminal by drawing extrem details.
      But art is a way that people express their feelings, just like musicians playing different pieces. When observing some certain paintings, people can even resonate with certain art works, feeling the emotions depicted in the paintings, and this is something that AI painting cannot achieve. Painting is not just about speed, the process is more relevant. While completing an art work, various ideas gradually merge into the artwork, presenting in the final result after repeated alterations. Throughout this process, different emotions are also vividly expressed. AI could only imitate a certain style of a painter, but couldn’t copy their creativity and emotions.

    8. I confidently agree with you outspoken_opinion, because teaching involves patience to show a student that he is important, cause sometimes if a teacher doesn't add confidence for you and tell you something the student will lose confidence to learn and with that, AI cannot do all the things I listed but if it is a teacher he will support a student.
      There are some jobs that humans can do but AI can't do them for example.
      1. Health issues: because AI doesn't have feelings and emotions to know the problems human beings are facing.
      2. Emergency: AI cannot help with emergency problems because they don't know the pains humans are facing.
      The jobs that AI can do better than humans are.
      1. computer science.
      2. technology development.
      I am looking forward to corrections.
      Thank you.

    9. I agree because... for example musicians and doctors are types of jobs AI can't take over because they do not have the emotions and feelings to do the work how humans can do it perfectly.
      The jobs that I think AI can do better and faster than humans and what they understand easily than humans:
      1. Coding
      2. web design
      3. technology improvements

    10. I completely agree with your strong opinion that it will be a bad thing if teachers are replaced by robots. After all, I personally feel as though I am talking to a non-living thing or asking a question of a non-living thing when I am taking AI classes. Additionally, remember that when a teacher explains something in class, he or she does so with emotions and feelings, which helps the students understand more. So let us consider this: if AI teaches us, will we understand?
      The following tasks are better performed by people than by AI:
      1. Writing novels: this is the kind of work where human creativity and writing skills are required, and AI cannot replace this.
      2. Therapy is a profession that calls for emotional intelligence.
      3. craftsmanship: Using their intelligence, humans are able to create things.
      These are a few tasks that AI is more adept at than humans.
      1. Technology improvement.
      2. coding.
      3. web designs.

    11. I agree because if teachers are replaced with AI we won't actually understand what the what it is saying ,but when teachers are teaching they will make the class more interesting and enjoyable

      1. Why do you think real teachers will make the class more interesting?

      2. I completely agree with you ...
        Teachers can never be replaced with AI because it would be a very bad things as students won't be able to actually understand what they being taught. This is because AI teaches according to what they were programmed to teach and therefore making the class unlively and boring but human teachers uses life based situations and events to explain therefore making the class interesting and also making students to understand.
        Thanks 👍

    12. I´m in total agreement with you. I think that jobs that people perform, that need a human feeling, passion and creativity cannot be replied in a machine like IA beause this feellings are our essencial thin that distinguish us among all living things. Other jobs like policeman or firefighter are also relation ed with this way of thinking.

  • Hello,
    In my opinion, farming can be more effective with the help of AI. It offers precision and efficiency. It can analyze data from sensors, satellites, and drones to provide real-time information on crop health , soul conditions, and weather patterns. The advantage lies in the ability to make quick, data driven decision that optimize resource usage, reduce environmental impact, and increase overall farm productivity.
    2nd in teaching, robot can not replace a teacher because human can adapt to dynamic classroom situations, adjusting their teaching styles based on student responses and non verbal cues. Human bring creativity , intuition and the ability to foster a sense of community in the classroom. AI lacks the spontaneity to respond to unexpected challenges and the intuitive understanding of the socio emotional needs of students. Moreover looking forward for your opinion. Thank you

    1. I agree because the majority of people in my country are engaged in agriculture. Many of them suffer huge losses due to reasons like infertile land. Regarding the second point, I believe that AI could be used as a teacher for certain higher education topics. I don't mean that AI will completely replace human teachers, but there might be some subjects that AI can explain better. However, this is just my perspective and others may have different opinions.

      1. Thank you contemplative fly for your precious words and agreed with my comment.

    2. I strongly agree with hardworking bird,because AI can enhance agriculture because the can do agricultural work easier and faster. With many AI in the farm the farmers can have good yields

    3. For the Farming, I strongly agree since first of all, you don't need to the work and AI never gets tired so they won't tire throughout the job. Secondly, AI knows how to farm because all you have to do is program it and it contains all the information for you. But for a human, it needs to learn the steps and remember. Third of all, I don't know how quick a farmer can grow its crops, but I think that AI could do it twice as fast.
      For the Teacher, I also strongly agree because for maybe..... a history lesson, the teacher needs to be expressive and if AI in the form of a robot would do that job, all the children would get really bored because AI can't express itself like a human can. And, if a student ask AI a question in a lesson, AI might not understand it so the student might not ever know the answer to the question.
      So, I believe that for Farming, AI can do the job. But for a Teacher, AI can't do that job as well as a human.
      Thank-you for reading this comment!!!

      1. I agree that Al could do farming work better as it is hard intensive work for humans could be easier for AI. I also thought they would be good at doing building repair work that might be dangerous for humans like repairing or working with radioactive material or hazardous material that can damage human health.
        I agree humans can’t give emotional support yet so they wouldn’t be good at counselling or talking to patients who might be getting bad news.

  • AI with robots could be well-suited for jobs like manufacturing and assembly as they can perform repetitive tasks with precision. AI-powered robots can navigate and organize inventory with reducing human error. But there are certain skills and qualities that human possesses which make us uniquely suited for certain jobs. For examples jobs that require creativity, empathy, complex decision-making which involve intuition, emotional intelligence and ability to connect with others on a deeper level. This was my point! I will always look forward for your opinion on this and hoping for correction.

    1. I agree because, most individuals are ignorant to the fact that AI was built for human's aid and not to completely take over humanity. They also are ignorant of the fact that laying more importance on AI rather than on human skills or abilities can be a disadvantage coming to the aspect of employment.

      1. True, AI was built for human aid. But imagine when AI realises that humans are reliant on them or when employers begin to realise the efficiency of robots to humans. Human skills are still reliable but compared to robots, its not the best. There are still some jobs that humans can do better than robots such as Teachers, Lawyers, Psychologists etc

        1. I agree because... The conception of AI and machines was brought about by the need of some kind of assistance to humans to make their work faster, perfect and efficient. Efficiency can be defined as the ability to increase output without increasing input. Humans needed to be able to keep up with their own growth which is why machines were brought into the picture. AI is really helping humanity a lot in many ways but being too reliant on our own inventions could be disastrous. Humans are the superiors but once we begin to rely a little too much on AI, they will get the upper hand and we might not even be aware of it. Humanity can't be called humanity when it consists mainly of robots, can it? We still need to be able to retain those jobs that really make us human. Using AI is helpful and all but that is all that it is supposed to be, an aid to humans.

          1. Also robots are super good at data entry because they're like super calculators that hardly make mistakes. Imagine adding up real big numbers, humans might make mistakes but robots I like maths wizards always getting it right.So when it comes to tricky calculations robots are the go to helpers for sure.
            On the other, hand the jobs humans are amazing at is therapy. Therapy is like having a heartfelt charge with someone who cares a lot. Humans are great at talking, understanding feelings, and even guiding meditation. I don't think robots can do that as well because they don't have the same warm listening ears that humans do. So when it comes to dealing with emotions, humans are the real experts.
            In the end, it's like a teamwork between humans and robots. Together we make an awesome team.

        2. Extremely true, I often question what happens if the AI system goes rogue with majority of our personal information e.g. photographs, bank pins. Humans have become way too dependent on AI and being self-learning system, it can realize this and what happens next? Remember jobs that have been around for generations are becoming less useful e.g. personal assistant and clerks. However, they cannot replace social interaction jobs e.g. sociologists, psychiatrists and therapists.

        3. I agree because teaching is a job that humans can do better than AI. Teaching is a one-on-one and many-to-one relationship that works in many unique ways. Not only does a teacher impart worldly knowledge to the students, but they also learn from them. Teachers also teach students how to behave and how to tolerate other people.

          Further, what makes humanized teaching so special, is the fact that teaching happens outside the classrooms as well. It happens throughout life, and that too in various forms, such as visual learning, learning by listening, by doing things, life experiences, etc. Also, teachers also learn the way students respond to teaching.
          Learning is a continuous process, you keep learning no matter how old you are.

          Humans as teachers have some distinct characteristics that add to the entire essence of teaching, and we would discuss some them below:
          1. Teaching Is About Relationship:It has to do with the relationship teachers have with their students.
          2. Teachers Are Constantly Evolving: Teachers are always learning new methods and ways of teaching.
          3. Teaching Is About Human Connection: One of the most powerful aspects of teaching is the relationship between teacher and student.

          1. I strongly disagree with your view. In my perspective, artificial intelligence is intricately intertwined with humans as they can accomplish a variety of jobs like them or even better. To illustrate this point, i can say without hesitation that one of the most crucial jobs that a robot with AI can do greater than a human being is probably teaching. For this purpose, AL is armed with plethora of innate knowledge, skills and qualities and in brief they basically know everything. Consequently, a job that needs high perception, complex thinking, resourcefulness and compassion is basically looking for teachers- robots which can do an enormous number of things that a human can't even perceive. Nevertheless, there are some jobs that will never be superseded by robots, and that is medecine. Although robots with AI have a substantial extent of knowledges and can work and act like a human brain, in reality they're just machines with no felling and emotions. They just do what they are made to do. But that doesn't mean they can't make mistakes. So, that comes as an ensurment that it is better for surgeries to be done by specialists and not by machines.

            1. I'm not sure if I can stand with you here because, thee more complex and challenging things that we humans do, improves our own brain and thinking makes us more effective. The more we learn new things and also learn to adapt to different situations, it makes us more productive If you have noticed, whatever challenging thing you come across and you are able to overcome it, it makes you stronger and it gives you the urge to learn more to improve your surroundings'. We can't leave it all to AI. we also need to improve ourselves. Yes, we humans have our short comings and AI can help us with things like: Bartending, soldiering, farming, pharmacy, etc. But that doesn't mean we should let AI do everything. When we were created, we were not perfect, but we can walk towards perfection.

            2. I'm not sure about this because... AI is a great teacher for teenagers and adults because their minds are mature and they do not need as much connections to learn as younger learners. They can operate or use AI without supervision.
              But for younger learners, a human teacher is more advisable because teachers share an emotional and psychological connection with their students which help them remember things more easily. Human teachers can easily identify the weak students and help them. Not only academically but psychologically. They are second parents to students.

        4. Well I am not to sure that AI could ever realize that because AI does not have emotions and even though they realize, we humans are always in control so we can easily re-program it. Yes I still agree the fact that there is a lot we can do better than the AI all that is left is for us to realize it.

        5. Yes I honestly agree with you because robots do things accurately without error but robots only act on what they are programmed to do so they cannot do beyond what they have been programmed to do unless they start to malfunction. Humans are not like AI that are programmed so we have qualities that AI do not have. Qualities like decision making ,analytical skills , emotional intelligence and creativity outside what they are programmed to do. In conclusion AI can never replace humanity because the product can never be the manufacturer.

        6. I'm not sure about this because as AI continues to develop and be newly constructed they get vast more information put into them through constant information, theories, etc. from the internet. This can lead to AI completely take over the jobs of teachers as AI now have the ability to solve complex mathematical problems close to perfection but a human professor might do a mistake. Ans as of now AI can find any sort of information in minutes while it will take hours for a human to find the perfect and right answer.

        7. I very much agree with you, there are some things as well as jobs that human can still do better than AI reasons why I say so is because humans can relate to and understand each other in ways that machines are unlikely to achieve anytime soon, if at all. This is why jobs that require excellent communication skills and empathy are likely to need to be automated. For example, professionals in healthcare, education, social work, and psychology employ a full range of competencies to converse, interact, and respond to their clients. meanwhile, robots can be programmed to show empathy and understanding, robots lack the genuine connection and emotional feeling humans bring to interpersonal relationship.

      2. I agree with this because AI can't help in all aspect ,especially when it comes to critical thinking and solving real life problems.
        AI robot is a programmed machine that listens to human orders or command.
        AI is created by humans and should not be considered more important than humans.

        1. I solidly support you for your comments ethical power because AI as the name implies are man made machines created to assist the human and not to take over the human's nature. It's of no use creating a machine and it turns back to take over our nature while we begin to serve them.

          1. You presented a very realistic comment talented_cicadia, what will be the whole essence of AI if it was created to be man's doom.
            I mentioned earlier in one of my comments that AI was made to help humans make greater achievements. Just thinking of how much AI will enhance space travel brings a smile to my face, a lot of exploration will be made possible because of AI, even planets with dangerous terrains will be explored with help of AI controlled robots because of its flexibility compared to normal robots. Another fascinating aspect is in the medical aspect, surgeries will be carried optimally and easily with the help of AI. I've said earlier and I'll say again that the possibilities of achievements AI brings to the table are numerous.

        2. I agree with you that the recent proliferation of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models capable of mimicking human artworks, AI creations might soon replace products of human creativity, although skeptics argue that this outcome is unlikely. One possible reason this may be unlikely is that independent of the physical properties of art, we place great value on the imbuement of the human experience in art. An interesting question, then, is whether and why people might prefer human-compared to AI-created artworks. To explore these questions, we manipulated the purported creator of pieces of art by randomly assigning a “Human-created” or “AI-created” label to paintings actually created by AI, and then assessed participants’ judgements of the artworks across four rating criteria (Liking, Beauty, Profundity, and Worth). Study 1 found increased positive judgements for human- compared to AI-labelled art across all criteria. Study 2 aimed to replicate and extend Study 1 with additional ratings (Emotion, Story, Meaningful, Effort, and Time to create) intended to elucidate why people more-positively appraise Human-labelled artworks. The main findings from Study 1 were replicated, with narrativity (Story) and perceived effort behind artworks (Effort) moderating the label effects (“Human-created” vs. “AI-created”), but only for the sensory-level judgements (Liking, Beauty). Positive personal attitudes toward AI moderated label effects for more-communicative judgements (Profundity, Worth). These studies demonstrate that people tend to be negatively biased against AI-created artworks relative to purportedly human-created artwork, and suggest that knowledge of human engagement in the artistic process contributes positively to appraisals of art.

          1. I agree because in the beginning everyone was in disbelief when AI was first released, no-one every thought of the fact a bot could think on its own by itself. Nowadays you can even see AI generating art! and soon might even learn the concept of creativity, so you are probably right. AI could potentially understand the idea of creativity.

      3. You made a good point rhetorical_goat, AI was made to aid us in doing things more efficiently and this has helped many people in different industries such as the technology industry, it has helped developers work more efficiently, it also helped students learn and understand difficult topics while using examples, but people still fail to understand this. I am not saying AI doesn't have it disadvantages but if we utilize it the right way it can help us do much better.

      4. I agree with rhetorical_goat because AI is programmed to do specific tasks and is limited to that specific programme, but we humans can be able to do different things without restrictions, this is due to the fact that even as we are creating intelligent machines (AI) we have not used up to 10% of our brain capacity, so if we can focus on using our brains more than giving it to AI to do, there is no limit to what we can do.
        So in conclusion I believe that humans are far way better than AI.
        THANK YOU.

        1. Why do people view AI as a human limitation? Why not think of it as our greatest accomplishments and the key to unlocking our best creative side. AI is not limited to specific tasks as its branches have been deep rooted into every aspect of our life. If you think you can avoid AI, the only option is to go off every channel of socialisation because there is nothing that we do that is not automated by AI, whether education, banking and finance, medical sectors or whatsoever. Humans don't need to feel that they are in competition with AI but they should work with it, improve it and benefit from it as we unfold new chapters of our lives that end gracefully. The time spent trying to unlock new brain capacity can be developed into unlocking new AI powered skills that do not encourage human submission or laziness but encourages humanity to be dependent on its creativity side yet linking and sharing its achievements with the newly created AI.

          1. I strongly agree that AI should not be seen as a human limitation and believe that the advent of AI was designed to help humans. So rather than seeing AI as something that can overpower human, we should see it as a collaboration rather than a competition. It was only designed to cater for humans so why see it as a limitation.

        2. I agree with you devoted_television. Humans did create AI which means we are capable of much more. Most of the time people consider robots to be smarter, accurate and perfect. But they often forget that it was an imperfect human that made such a phenomenon. If we come to rely on AI, won't that just be basically saying that AI is the superior one? As the creators of AI, humans will be able to do greater things in the nearest future, but we can't come to rely on our own inventions.

        3. I Sincerely agree with you because we humans are created with brains that learn every day, with a very great.
          learning capacity and also a good level of understanding. But AI bots cannot learn all they know is what if fed into them. But one good thing about robots is that they do not forget things. It's not like we humans forget, it's just that when we learn, we have the short and long-time storage. If you always, enquire your brain, of what you learnt, it becomes a long-time storage, but if you don't, it becomes short. The human brain has a lot to discover about. So, we cannot put complete trust in an AI bot. AIs are good but not as good as us, we are very special beings, so just because we are limited in somethings does not mean we are not good enough we can always learn more to improve.

      5. I agree with you because AI was made to help us in a streamlined way but because of that it doesn't mean that AI is better than us and let's not forget that we humans are the creators of AI and we are better in many aspects e.g we humans have emotions, feelings, empathy, creativity and ethical judgement which AI can never express.
        Looking forward to corrections
        Thank you

      6. I agree because indeed AI was created to help people but it is now become the dominant entity on earth.Humans are taking advantage of the fact that it AI is taking away basic forms of human livelihood like jobs and this can lead to alarming problems of unemployment worldwide

      7. I also feel the very same. We are not ment to take Ai as threat, Ai are created by us humans and we should not take it as a antagonist
        but as a extention and a partner of us humans for better future for humanity and possible Ai. Don't you agree??

    2. I do agree with this because yes, though AI is a great help to our every day lives, there are also certain areas of which the human mind has a greater disadvantage especially in the areas of critical thinking skills, analyzing situations and how to react to certain situations

    3. Well, I agree strongly with you. Even though AI will replace a lot of jobs, let's not focus on the negative side but on the positive .This is being that AI have brought a lot of jobs like software engineer, data analysis, AI product managing and many other jobs.
      We should try and understand that AI has come to stay and it shouldn't be neglected. AI, I agree, has its disadvantages. But being positive helps us too see that we can use AI to enhance our work and see AI as a helper not a human made machine that wants to replace human skills.

      1. I disagree because... One application of artificial intelligence is a robot, which is displacing occupations and increasing unemployment (in a few cases). Therefore, some claim that there is always a chance of unemployment as a result of robots replacing humans.

        For instance, robots are frequently utilized to replace human resources in manufacturing businesses in some more technologically advanced nations like Japan. This is not always the case, though, as it creates additional opportunities for humans to work while also replacing humans in order to increase efficiency.

        1. I can see where you're coming from. It's true that the rise of artificial intelligence and robots can lead to concerns about job displacement and unemployment. In some cases, robots are being used to replace human workers in industries like manufacturing. However, it's important to note that while automation may replace certain jobs, it can also create new opportunities for humans to work in different roles. The key is to adapt and acquire new skills that align with the changing job market. So, it's not necessarily a black-and-white situation, but rather a complex and evolving landscape where humans and AI can work together to increase efficiency and productivity.

      2. Rather than comparing humans and AI, why don't we work together to make the world a better place? AI should not replace people in the industry, they should work together. The efficiency of both humans and AI in the industrial sector would be massive.
        From your perspective, you said " AI is not a human made machine that wants to replace human skills", but from my angle of view, AI is actually taking over peoples jobs all over the globe and that is not helping matters. The economy is slowing degrading because taxes are no longer paid by workers. People are jobless and don't have anything to do. They don't know how to provide for their families. People are suffering from hunger and poverty.

    4. I agree because AI is here to help humanity and not take over the world. One job I feel AI can never do perfectly is music. The main reason music is loved is because the singers (musicians) can connect to our emotions and express both the good and bad side of humanity, and this is something no AI has been able to achieve so far.

      1. I strongly agree to this because, when you actually think about it, AI would not be able to exactly show emotions like a human should. For example, we have singing, dancing, showing sympathy, counseling, at some point psychology ( A robot was not made to express emotions but to simply do what its programmed to do.) Personally its what I think. Robots are good but will not be able to exactly replace us humans.
        Thank you

      2. I agree because... AI can perform some jobs or particular job like astronaut.
        AI is capable of giving or providing an accurate and timely information in details according to how an event took place beyond the earth.
        I think AI can do more better than humans terms of Astronauts for the production of fact informations in details.

        In terms of music:
        AI will not do better than humans in terms of music because, will you enjoy listening to a robot singing or human?
        When you listen to the both, you will get to find out that humans sing more better than AI because AI cannot express their emotions when singing rather, they sing according to the way it is been coded or programmed.
        In terms of dancing, can you imagine a robot dancing? How will it be fun or interesting seeing or watching a robot dancing instead of a human so in that case, AI cannot take over music from humans.

        in terms of health or medical treatment: AI will partially take over part of human intelligence. It will also enhance the level of productivity in terms of medical issue.
        The reason why I said it will not take all part of human intelligence is because, it is only an experienced professional doctors can be able to produce or invent an AI machine that can dissect or carry out surgery or operations in a humans stomach without any fault.

        In terms of bank accountants or manager: AI will only take part of the human intelligence because it can keep documents timely, safely, and accurately.
        But in terms of attending to visitors, I think humans should take over that part of the job.

        In conclusion, I think AI is both negative and positive so in that case, we should make use of both AI and human intelligences in any job we are doing.

    5. I agree because AI can perform a lot of tasks like manufacturing and machinery works, AI can also help in reducing human errors because according to my research i found that medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the United States, but AI can carry out tasks with accuracy AI never forgets and that is an advantage it has over humans. AI can take over a lot of jobs in our current world but there are just some jobs AI is not capable of carrying out. An example of a job AI cannot take over is psychiatry, a psychiatrist deals with the human emotions and feelings and AI is not capable of having emotions or feelings, AI only does what it is programmed to do and there is no possible way AI can deal with the human emotions because it doesn't know how to show emotion or empathy but humans are naturally endowed with the gift of emotions therefore we can show empathy and connect with others on a deeper level. Humans know how to get through to other people and understand their emotions and this is an advantage that humans have over AI

    6. I strongly agree with your very good and interesting point. AI could fit for the purpose of several duties such as scrutinizing and recognizing patterns in large datasets, performing repetitive and tedious tasks quickly and faultlessly as you just mentioned and also processing and storing vast amounts of data at high speeds. I also agree with you that there are specific duties that humans hold which makes us peculiar and special for definite jobs. For instance, jobs that include emotional capabilities, instinct , empathy, sense of purpose , creativity and flexibility are unique to humans, and therefore AI is constrained and unable to adapt in the same way that humans can.

    7. I strongly agree because... robots especially AI-powered have very high accuracy when it comes to the manufacturing industry, they also lack in the aspect of emotions therefore reducing the chances of fraud and theft making it a very smooth experience for those who are in the research institute.

    8. Exactly, I agree totally with your comment, and it has been able to open my thinking and reasoning to different aspects. Yes, AI can perform better jobs more than humans such as artistry, assembly of car parts and so on. But from my little understanding AI powered robots are just machines and they don't possess unique and heartfelt characteristics that we humans have and due to this lack, jobs like nursing as mentioned by rhetorical goat, pediatrics mentioned by gentle seahorse and therapy are almost impossible for them to execute perfectly as other jobs mentioned earlier. Because all these jobs require that creativity, empathy and human touch. For example therapy, those who offer the services of therapist have in mind that those they are relating with can be able to reason and understand with them and may have even gone through similar situations, so they can be able to administer the right advice. So find robots in those critical positions can be somehow weird.

    9. You have a strong point, But I have a opinion that, do you know how advanced AI are made? They are made with points system that use minus and plus points.(I am using a human in a sociality as a metaphor here) If the specific AI works out of condition it will get minus point just like a person gets punished if they do something bad. And if the AI works inside the condition it will get positive points just like a person will get a praise in the society. Which we can use to train AIs to be creative and empathic. Also if your talking about capacity of storage or processing there is another thing that people already started using brain neurons to execute tasks(specialists use sound as points system here). So if techs can try enough and advance enough we can use them to do creative tasks.

      1. Hey! loving_brain, that's an interesting perspective! It's true that AI systems can be trained using reward systems, similar to how humans receive positive or negative feedback. By using these methods, AI can learn to perform specific tasks and even exhibit creative and empathic behaviors. As technology advances, there is potential for AI to assist in more complex and creative tasks. However, it's important to remember that human creativity and empathy are deeply rooted in our experiences and emotions, which may be challenging for AI to fully replicate. It's fascinating to think about the possibilities though!

        1. Interesting point.

        2. I agree but we can use "experience" to train them with the help of reward system. Right?

        3. Well said energetic_tornado, the possibilities that comes with the emergence of AI is numerous. AI offers multiple opportunities in different fields and can be fully utilized by humans in schools, business facilities and even in manufacturing companies because of its ability to learn and present solutions while making references to past events. With the emergence of AI, learning has become alot easier for students and complex situations can be handled even when workers aren't on desk which I think is very awesome. I believe that there's still a lot we can accomplish with AI, there's also a huge possibility that someday AI may eventually be developed to have artificial emotions even though it still wouldn't be as genuine as that of humans. However, we should not let our own creation lead to our doom, if the use of AI isn't monitored, the robot apocalypse we see in movies may eventually become reality.

      2. Hi loving_brain!
        I noticed that you raised the possibility of AI being capable of performing creative tasks in the future.While recognizing the potential benefits that AI can bring,I have concerns about the idea.Specifically,I believe that if we rely too much on AI-generated content for creative tasks in the future if it advances like you(I definitely agree that it might advance),we may unintentionally modify the diversity of the resulting if everyone were to use AI to generate content,It will start generating similar answers(not exactly the same or in the same words maybe) and this lead to a risk that the output would lack originality and could even be considered plagiarism. Therefore,I think it is crucial to approach the use of AI in creative tasks with caution and ensure that human creativity remains a central aspect of the process.I am keen to know your view on this matter and how we can strike a balance between AI-generated content and human creativity and I would also like to add the idea of plus and minus points for AI is actually very admirable..Thank You!!

    10. I agree because... If it comes to AI it can do better in typing faster than human being, they also makes work more easier and faster but human being have conscience and emotion about anything the have to do.For instance:when it comes to a war zone human being will create a code language to wipe a community or a nation and everything in it when the artificial intelligence (AI)see a baby on the road in the process where the parent are running for their life when the AI sees the baby with the code input in it to wipe anything it sees it will wipe the baby out,but if the humans sees the baby with the conscience and the emotion the human will carry the baby and take good care of the baby.This was my point! I will always look forward for your opinion on this and hoping for correction.