Weekly Competition #16

15 January 2019

modest_boysenberry and devoted_signature

Well done to our first winners for this Issue!

A caption needs to inform us about what is happening in a concise way. It might also draw our attention to a specific detail.

Devoted_signature was clear about what was happening in the picture and drew our attention to the recording detail. Modest_boysenberry used a simile to describe the scene which brought it to life, but this didn't get in the way of the accuracy of their description.

There were lots of entries which used plenty of imagination, but this meant that the caption might have been misleading or untruthful about what was happening. Throughout this Issue, we want to see accurate information given.


It's the start of the new Issue! As a warm up to this topic, can you have a go at writing a caption for this photograph?

Look closely and be sure to show your curiosity.

A primary and secondary school winner will be announced next Friday. Good luck!


Photo credit: John Gomez / Shutterstock.com

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