Weekly Competition #6

19 October 2018

amusing_impression and exuberant_planet

It’s a double win this week for Noel Park and Faringon as both schools claim the prize for the second time this half term. Well done! We were overwhelmed by the entries this week which included such well-developed reasons and excellent examples. It was very hard to judge! We enjoyed amusing_impressions comparison between Aung San Suu Kyi and Donald Trump, and the philosophical entry from exuberant_planet left us curious to know more.

You can read the winning entries in the orange boxes below.


This week, our competition is all about reasoning. A theme that has come up on the Hub is that Aung San Suu Kyi says she wants peace but then hasn't acted on it. Some people think she isn't sticking to her word.

What do you think? Do actions speak louder than words? We'd like you to show your opinion by voting in the poll and then giving reasons for your choice in the comments section.

Winners will include examples to support your point of view. You might include a situation that has happened to you or that you have heard about OR you might want to link directly to the topic and use Myanmar as an example. It's up to you!

You could use this structure:

I agree/disagree/am unsure because...
Another reason I think this is...
One example that supports this is...

Good luck! A primary and secondary school winner will be announced next Friday.

Comments (111)

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  • I’m not sure because words can be said out loud but actions are done loud like clapping is loud

    1. I agree with your comment but at the same time I don't because words mean nothing take the example "I'm going to kill you" people may say these kind of things but may not mean it

  • I agree because Aung San Suu Kyi can ‘talk the talk’ really well but she hasn’t shown anyone she can actually ‘walk the walk.’

    She says that she wants to bring peace but she hasn’t actually done anything that could make that happen in her country.

    I believe that her words are useless because the refugees- the Rohingyas- have appalling lives which aren’t getting any better. This is because of the violence and discrimination happening in her country. There isn’t any medication, any resources, any food or any protection- all of which I would expect someone who is so passionate about human rights to provide for her people. She has said on several occasions that she is against violence and imprisonment yet continues to defend the people who are causing the problems.

    In many ways, she seems to be going against her words- instead of protecting human rights she is fuelling Inequality.

    This whole situation reminds me in many ways of Apartheid. In contrast however, Nelson Mandela demonstrated that by acting on his beliefs rather than just talking about them change is possible. He stood by his words and did the things he said he was going to even, even when this was dangerous for his own wellbeing.

    I think Aung San Suu Kyi should take a leaf out of Nelson Mandela’s book and begin to act like he did. After all, what good is a leader if they never do anything!

    1. Well done you derseve the star I put in not sure

  • I think that actions are louder then words because if you say something you can just simply lie and if you promise something then you need to provide it. That matters even more so when you are a leader of a group or even a country so it essential that words are flowed by equally strong actions.

    Aung San Suu Kyi, the noble laureate, Myanmar state counsellor and foreign minister, is again lying to the public. She was silent but now she is accusing the Rohingya people for terrorism but these were only the words which as I said can be easily a lie not the truth. If she brought evidence of the Rohingya people’s actions it would be more likely to be true.

    On the other end of the spectrum, she is passionately speaking out loud about peace while she watches her people suffer without making any change to save them from suffering.

    What you say is important as a leader, but it is how you act that really makes a difference.

  • I agree completely that actions speak louder than words, especially in the context of leadership. Take the example of an apology: you can say sorry but it’s meaningless unless you actually show this through actions.

    In November 2010, Aung San Suu Kyi said openly that she would continue to fight for human rights and the rule of law in Myanmar. If the leader of my country stood up and said such a thing, I would feel inspired and grateful to be part of that nation. However, has she actually fought for human rights? The answer is no. She has done absolutely nothing.

    It makes me think she might just have said it to make more people like her and to gather more of a following. Lots of leaders do this: make promises that they have no intention of fulfilling. This is not a good thing. Words alone do not make changes. It is only when people act and do things that you can really trust in their vision.

  • Do actions speak louder than words? This is a difficult thing to answer. I have to say that I am unsure because although it may be true sometimes it is not always the case.

    I thought about powerful speeches, where words alone have changed the world. One that stands out in particular is the ‘I have a dream’ speech by Martin Luther King. It was so powerful that it motivated people to believe their dreams could come true and lead to action that eventually created equal opportunities for black and white people. In this case, words were essential in forcing change.

    I then thought about Aung San Suu Kyi. She also had powerful words- so powerful in fact that she won an award. However, these words are meaningless because she isn’t actually acting on them. People are having to flee Myanmar as a result of discrimination and violence. Aung San Suu Kyi is leader of the country, so surely she could stop this from happening if she wanted to!

    Words can be important but they need to be spoken with conviction and you need to act in accordance with what you say.

  • I strongly agree that actions speak louder than words because through actually doing something, you can demonstrate that what you are saying is true.

    For example, Donald Trump is definitely an example of someone who says many things that may inspire and motivate others, but his actions never seem to match his words. Here are some of his more inspiring quotes:
    “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” 
    - “Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.”
    “Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the ability to act effectively, in spite of fear.”

    These things make me feel invigorated and positive about his ability to lead. However, when you look at what he’s actually done, I feel none of these things. I feel disappointed. In fact, I feel so disappointed because how he acts often completely contradicts the things he has said.

    Aung San Suu Kyi is another people who doesn’t act on what she says. Abraham Lincoln said: 'Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.' His quote sadly now seems to fit Aung San Suu Kyi like a glove. She’s a big human rights advocate- she even won a Nobel Peace Prize for it.

    However, for somebody who is able to speak so passionately about human rights, she has chosen to remain silent when it really matters. Through neither speaking out nor acting, she is allowing the Rohingya people to be persecuted and her country to be in a constant state of unrest.

    Speaking out against discrimination is all well and good but for it to really matter you need to practise what you preach!

  • I agree with the fact that actions speak louder than words for example if you frown at someone you can immediately tell that they are not happy. For example in Myanmar if Aung San Suu was to say that the situation is nearly resolved whereas if she was to fix the problem then people would think that she has actually done something.

    1. I don't agree with you Trusting_politics because what if you broke a toy or broke up with your friend, its not your fault it could be by accident they could be frowning but they done no crime.👀

  • I think that actions are loud , louder than the words , the words can be the same volume as a teacher shouting out loud .

  • LOTS of stars awarded here for Noel Park Primary School! They have showed excellent reasoning with use of examples and, in some cases, they have also shown open-mindedness by thinking of the other side of the argument. Well done!

    1. Noel park primary school in which case I am in, has been awarded lots of stars and we have all shown exellant reasoning towards examples. We have also shown 2 sides of the argument and thinking outside of the box!

  • I think actions speak louder than words because as you said Aung San Suu Kyi said that people do not want to live on a diet of hatred and violence but she has done nothing to stop the military from hurting the rohingya and she shuld know that all people have a the right to believe in what they want to believe whether what religion you are Muslim,Christian etc. I also think that Aung Sann Suu Kyi's place as state Counselor should e revoked if you agree with me reply and say "I agree".

  • I think yes as if you say something, doesn't mean you're going to do it. One example that supports this is, I MIGHT eat all my dinner! This states that you may eat your dinner but you aren't certain.

    This can link to this topic as Aung San Suu Kyi states she wants peace but she isn't doing anything about it!

  • Actions do speak louder than words

    Beacause for example if you in a fight with someone and you text them your sorry it wont be the same instead of just talking to them in real life.
    See actions do speak louder than words

  • I agree, actions do speak louder than words because you can say you are going to do something about it and then you don't. If you do what you say you will, people will remember what you've done, not what you have said but not done anything. For example, you could insult someone or you can kick someone. They are 2 different things and one is worse than the other. Do you think that kicking is worse than being insulted? You could hurt someone on the inside or on the outside. Anyway, actions do speak louder than words.

  • I believe that actions speak louder than words because , if you broke something like a million pound vase and it was in your family tree for years and years your parents would be angry and if it wasn't the first time and you said sorry this time , you would owe big time . that's one of the many examples that could be created . here's a poem.

    actions are big , greater than words, but try to relax after the cause ( maybe with birds )try and stay calm ,all you say is '' I'm sorry for the chaos I've caused , I'm sorry I've whizzed ''

    1. I agree with you because I think that our actions are much louder than our words because if you do something wrong you will have people that have witnessed you you could always lie so I think that methodical_engine is correct.

  • I strongly agree that actions speak louder than words because if you say something its completely different to actions because actions can show what you are doing good or what you are doing bad.Actions speak louder than words because an action means more than what people say will do.

  • I agree that Aung San Suu Kyi wont keep her word. When she said in the video 'that she wanted peace in her country' I could tell that she was saying it for the sake of saying it to make her look good. Also she hasn't spoke about it that much so I think she is trying have people forget about all the bad stuff that she hasn't cared about. I think she now realises what a bad in fact hideous thing is happening in her nation. This is extremely important that people stand up to what is happening right now with the Rohingyas and the Myanmarese people.

  • I agree with both points of view. In some cases your actions may be louder than your words, but on others your words might be louder too.

    An example of actions being louder than words is Aung San Suu Kyi and the Myanmar crisis. She may say that she wants peace, but she's certainly not acting towards it. In this matter i honestly think her words mean NOTHING if she's not even going to TRY to solve this tragic problem, but instead make it way worse. With your actions, you cannot only prove that your words are true, you can also have a positive impact on the world. Small or big, all your actions count.

    On the other hand, words can reach further into you. Words can make you feel a range of ways, happy, sad, angry. Words can motivate and inspire you into taking action. Words are like the little push you need when you are riding a bike for the first time, after that you ride and ride and ride until you fall, but you get a little push again. The push represents how strongly a word can impact, motivate you and help you to do things better.

  • I agree, as how could she be saying she wants peace, but not do anything about it! another reason I think this is, if she really wanted peace wouldn't she do everything in her power to find out who are doing it, and why. one example that supports this is, she isn't trying to find out who did it she is just putting the blame on terrorists!

  • I think that actions do speak louder than words, because you may say you believe something and not actually do any thing to support that statement; empty words mean nothing unless you back them up with physical evidence. If you say that you are supportive of a certain political party, yet when voting comes around you steadfastly stay at home and refuse to vote, this would make people think you are opposed to voting and the government, rather than that you support a certain party. They would think this because, although you have said that you support the party, you have not done anything to show that, you have proved otherwise by not voting and therefore not supporting your supposed party. This is an example of why I believe that action speak louder than words.

    Big social media companies have promised to make their websites safer and their users less vulnerable to cyber-bullying and other sorts of online crime and rudeness. However, not many have followed up on this, and though they said they would, they didn't do anything, thus projecting a bad picture: their word had less effect on the majority than their actions. This backs up my opinion that actions speak louder than words.

    In 2016, the Brexit campaigners promised a better, stronger global Britain, free of the strict regulations of the EU. What has really happened, is that we are being pulled into a trade vacuum, and we are in a very precarious position, teetering on the edge of a no-deal and financial collapse. Our stability is threatened, and the people of Britain (well, half of them) have not got what they voted for, and many may be left regretting what they chose. These were all empty promises, nothing has been done to prove that what was put into words is going to be put into actions.

    Donald Trump, in his presidency campaign, promised to 'make America great again', and all he has done is break many of America's useful alliances, pull out of the Paris agreement, which would make a massive positive impact globally and authorise unnecessary violence on countries which already have enough of it. He has also dismantled or blocked many beneficial laws and rights that Obama created, eg. Obama's environmental regulations. What he said he would do, in words, has not come through in his actions, presenting him negatively, as his actions would, not more positively, as his promise (his words) did to many Americans.

    Aung San Suu Kyi has also proved this theory, as her words for peace and prosperity were very influential, however now her actions are not matching her words; she is doing nothing to help the Rohingya Muslims, which would promote peace in her country, even though she could have done. She won a Nobel Peace Prize for her words supporting peace, however, when her country is lacking in that vital quality, she has done nothing to assist and improve the situation.

    Contrary to my opinion and all the evidence I have placed in front of you, I still believe that words can be very influential, however I think that they mean nothing unless they are supported by how you choose to act. If you do not back them up then the people would judge you not on your words, but what you have done to prove them.


  • If you were to shout not everyone will hear you but like a thunder bang that will be way louder

  • I agree because if you demonstrate what you say, you can convince people that what you are saying is actually sayings is true even if you won't actually do it.
    For example, Presidents or Prime Ministers tend to say some inspirational quotes. Here is one from Donald Trump:
    "Nothing Great happens without work and passion"
    Now when you hear your leader say something like this you feel positive about how good their ability to lead is,however overtime you realize that nothing is happening within your country and you feel betrayed and disappointed in the leader of your country.

    I feel like Aung San Suu Kyi is a great example of this, she has become leader of her country, yet it doesn't look like this to me. She has even won a Nobel Prize to prove on how much of an Human Rights Advocate she is, but her country is the complete opposite of Human Rights! She never speaks out to her country and I think that is wrong

  • At the moment people have been questioning whether Aung San Suu Kyi still deserves the Noble Peace Prize. I think she should be fighting more for the rights of the Rohingya people for they are all a community and together Myanmer would'nt be what it is now. Especially as Buddhists believe we are all interconnected. I do believe that actions speak louder than words because anyone can say the right thing but acting on it takes a lot of guts.

  • I think actions speak louder because you are doing something, where as words can be quiet and you don't always have to do them.

  • In my opinion, I strongly have to say ‘’I am not sure’’ because

    A. If anyone does a good action, then it is louder than words.

    B. If anyone does a bad action, then it is not louder than words which everyone ignores that bad action.

    C. It depends what good or bad action the person does and how big is that action in order to judge if that action is louder or quieter than words. At the same time, on a group of people, if one person does a good action, then you cannot judge all of that group of people are good. In addition, the same time, if someone does a bad action, and then we cannot judge all of the group of that people are bad.

    (eg: Let’s consider the Myanmar case, Ann San Su Chi did so many good actions and she won the noble peace prize means all of the Myanmar people are good and that good action was louder than words. At the same time, if Ann San Su Chi make herself silent on Myanmar crisis, which is bad thing, which we cannot judge that all of Myanmar people are bad. Also keeping silent on Myanmar’s crisis by Ann San Su Chi makes that bad action speaks louder than words.)

  • I agree that actions speak louder than words because if you don't like someone than you can tell them to their face ,yes it will hurt but what if you was to physically hurt that person then in that case it is true. sometimes with your family this is false yes you give them hugs but just saying something meaningful can change someone's feelings or even life.

  • I agree that actions speak louder than words because words can just remain as words whereas if you show it by actions, it will demonstrate a good promise and build a strong trust.

    Recently, the Rohingyas are being treated unfaire and a way that is against the law in the UK.Ahn Sang Suu kyi has the primary responsibilty to change this and stand against the military take-over however, her actions towards this is hopeless.According to Ahn Sang Suu Kyi,human rights is strongly important yet she have not reacted about the Rohingyas suffer even though she have been awarded a prize for Noble Peace. This also means that she is losing the major respect that she earnt from many people whilst entering the general election.

    If someone takes the election to be appionted as a Prime Minister ,they will announce the significant things that they will do. But after becoming a Prime Minister, those things can just stay as words or turn real.For example,Donald Trump's words of re-uniting the cournty remained as just words but if he proved it, the country wold have shown him full repsect .On the other hand, Teresa May's words on women equality moved along from just staying as words which gave her a positive result.

    Here is a possible reason that may say that words stand higher at times:
    As words are a strong weapon to create and provide mixed emotions to others, it is better if they just be words someties. It may be to calm others or to push them on the safe side, away from danger.

    These are my full opinion.

  • "Do actions speak louder than words?". At first, this seemed difficult to answer;however, after I thought about it, I decided that actions do speak louder than words.
    Lots of people in power are a true example of this. Adolf Hitler is a prime example of this. He promised Germany power and the return of there reputation after the disaster of World War One. However, all Germany gained was an even poorer reputation as of their loss in World War two.

    On the other hand, there are some cases where people do not go back on what they say. For example, Winston Churchill said," We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,"(found at https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/winston_churchill_161337). This is an example of where a person does not go back on their word. I believe politicians - in particular Aung Sang Suu Kyi should do this.

  • should do this (apologies for the split comment).

  • I agree because it's like the saying it is not the outside but the inside . Nowadays, people twist the truth and can easily lie on social media and from their mouths . Actions can not easily lie . The state counsellor in action is standing up for her county in words she is Ponting her fingers at the terrorists.

  • There is no action proof that she is doing wrong . There is word proof that she is not helping .

  • More stars awarded today for well developed examples. Well done BNC, this competition is really showing off your skills so far. Keep the entries coming!

  • This question is quite a difficult thing to answer. So difficult I'm struggling to answer it, but i thought about sometimes where actions do speak louder than words .

    For example Malala Yousafzai was the world youngest girl ever to be awarded a nobel peace prize at the age of 17 and changed womens rights with her most famous quote:
    " “They think that God is a tiny, little conservative being who would point guns at people’s heads just for going to school. These terrorists are misusing the name of Islam for their own personal benefit. Pakistan is a peace loving, democratic country. Pashtuns want education for their daughters and sons. Islam is a religion of peace, humanity and brotherhood. It is the duty and responsibility to get education for each child, that is what it says.”

    However my opinion changes when it comes to people who don't stick to what they say.

    Aung San Suu Kyi was also awarded a nobel peace prize for her protest for peace but im confused when it comes to the royhinga crisis she hasn't acted on the situation since 2017 and it has got a lot worse. Her most famous quote was:
    "It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.
    The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.
    Peace as a goal is an ideal which will not be contested by any government or nation, not even the most belligerent."

  • I think actions makes powerful words because and they proof that words are the reason why things are getting worser. In Myamnar speeches are getting powerful. Why? The leader of Myamnar is starting to rule her country by telling them what to do. The understanding of the critirier is to have the action clear, not to go mad and govern the world . I totally not agree on what the leader says because she is showing her action to her speech and rule her country by using powerful words. These words actually effect the Rohingya reefeges which makes them agree of leaving the country and be part of another country. This action refers to the leader of Myanmar.

  • people should watch their actions and words because it hurts other people.

  • I do agree that actions speak louder then words because words are really powerful; you can say something and you can hurt someone's feelings. If you say and say mean things to people then you can really hurt them.

    But in another case you can repeatedly hurt someone and then in that case it is false because you can abuse someone by saying mean things about them and making them feel horrible in their own skin. But then you can physically hurt someone and that is even worse .

  • I believe that actions are stronger than words because Aung San Suu Kyi made a statement that said "I was imprisoned in my own house for 15 whole years and I don't want this to happen to any one else because it was painful it was stressful it was hard I was extremely difficult." That statement was a very extrordinary it was true at first but now the exact same thing that happened to more and more people every day. That statement was very right at first no one got imprisoned but then time pasted and this happened to many more people every day every month every year more and more people were imprisoned. But they are words we are meant to be talking about actions. You make a move every second you breathe you think stare at whatever is in front of you. those are the most common actions you do but important actions are stuff like when people make a statement at the important desk of were you make speeches. Like Aung San Suu Kyi she makes loads of statement to do with her problems on the box with with the microphone to make her life changing statements.

  • I think actions speak louder than words because take an example of an apology, it wont mean anything unless you use your actions

  • i agree because if Donald trump actually did what he said America would have a lot more respect for him,trust and listen to him more

  • I agree as said by shy context you can hurt someone with words however physically hurt them which would inflict pain.

  • Aung San Suu Kyi should start acting instead of telling lies. Actions speak louder than words because I feel you say that you would act on something, you usually should do what you said you would do so she needs to start acting instead of talking rubbish

  • i disagree because donld trump should't to be listen and no one love him or else he will take amerian down

  • I do agree that actions speak louder than words as you can say something but make everyone unsure if you are sincere with your words or not.

    But if- for example- someone asks you to do something then you can show them that you will do it when you stand up instead of saying 'ok' and not moving anywhere leaving them certain that you are disobeying and simply ignoring.

  • I agree that action speaks louder than words because if say that you are going to do something how do we know that you are sticking to word. If you do say a worldwide coment people may believe you so it is not fair if nothing is happening. Coming near to my case action is the best way to solve something will start to believe and doubt word you say... that is why you should do something(action).

  • I am unsure that actions speaks louder than words because if you say sorry for something and you have done it before the person will not believe you, but if you do something about it the person will believe you that you actually have changed. However, if you look at the flip side of things, if you talk to yourself when you try to calm down -that is in words- but instead you hit something or someone-that is actions- you’ll get into more trouble.

  • Actions hurt more than words because if someone said something to you a mean word to someone , it would hurt but you would get over it because it is in the past and maybe the person was angry and did not mean to say it but if someone punched or hit you it could hurt you really bad and you might have to go to hospital. I have heard sometimes people get angry and push other people who DIE because of that and it is really bad. That why i think that actions speak louder than words!

  • i agree that action speak louder and powerful because you can say something and hurt someone feeling and be mean to people and hurt their heart

  • I agree that actions are stronger than words because someone might have said something negative to someone else, but they might get over it because maybe they would understand and know that the person didn't mean to say that but if someone does something physical, it could be more of a problem and they might be injured. Just like the situation with Aung San Suu Kyi how she said that she would bring peace to the country but instead she is taking no action.

  • People say things and make promises they have no intention of keeping on a daily basis. You can tell someone you love him or her as many times as you want, but until your behavior coincides with that, the other person will probably not believe you.

  • I agree with
    loving cloud because I do

  • I agree with magical Fox because actions do speak louder than words

  • Actions will always speak louder than words in many different scenarios. For example if I have shown bad behavior, no matter how many times I apologize if i do not change my actions, my words will become meaningless. I believe Aung San Suu Kyi must say something soon, otherwise people are going to start to loose faith in her if they haven't already. Myanmar is in a huge crisis and as the person to spent over ten years imprisoned in her own house just for speaking her mind and wanting peace for her country she is not doing anything for her country. I will not believe what she says, I will only believe what she does.

  • I disagree because sometimes people have good intentions and may want things to happen in a certain way but it may not be easy to act the way you know you are supposed to. for example, Aung San Suu Kyi may want peace but if she goes against her government they may get violent and there could be a whole war. Therefore she may be trying to keep the peace by going along with the government and not criticizing the treatment of the Rohingya people. This means she does want peace and her words are more valuable. similarly, at school sometimes I may have not acted kindly towards my friends but this was because the situation made it difficult eg if they tried to talk to me in maths but I ignored them. My words would be saying they are my friends but my actions would not appear to support this.

  • I heavily believe that action are louder than words spoken because when leaders express a fair and inspirational quote or phrase, citizens of their country become hopeful that something positively effective will change their life. The majority of leaders fail to succeed in their promises which results in disappointment and anger.

    Lets talk about Mohandas Gandhi:

    He believed that the British were torturing and blocking Indian residents from freedom. He campaigned for freedom and human rights for his whole life, praying that one day, India will receive what they need. He effectively inspired people all around the globe to never stop fighting. This man is a great example of someone who finishes their promise so that they can inspire people to do the same when he or she pass away. In modern times, he is affectionately known as the 'Father of the Nation' or 'Bapu' in India. This indicates that he did something so impactive that he has gained global recognition and a nickname.

    With this evidence, my opinion that actions are louder than words has been supported. I have found other small evidence to say that words speak louder than actions although this is nothing in comparison to my belief.

  • I am not sure because some times when you declare a war your actions prove how you really are fighting which makes people know your dominate but when you use words you can really make people listen using an example with elections people actually target and hurt other contestents (actions) but the way they use there speeches to ruin there apoadent and win elections (words) so either way they're both very strong ways to use but Ang sun su kyi uses words to reason with people but the army uses actions in a violent way which is also effective so both are good strategies with is why I chose '' I'm not sure ''

  • I agree because if you say something and you don't act upon it, that is called lying. Many politicians do this so they can entice the public to vote for them but when they win the election, they never do anything that they said. If you do act upon your words, the public will know that you are good leader and are taking your country places. This is what Aung San Suu Kyi needs to do, she needs to take action and do something about her country because what is happening should not be happening in the 21st century. Normally, people are more welcome to people of colour, but to hear about this really broke my heart. In conclusion, Aung San Suu Kyi really needs to act upon her words.

  • I agree because if somebody did a bad action, they will punish the person. If they did a good action, then people will notice it and then reward you.

    1. Hi good seagull,
      I agree with your example of this but sometimes when you live in our work,where blame and cruelty is all around people, for example there could have been a bank robbery and you might have been inside there just waiting then suddenly somebody put a mask on you and put a sack of money in your hand and the next second police men came and arrested you.

      Hopefully you wiil acnolige this
      Adventurous piano.

  • I think that actions do speak louder than words because if you say that you are going to do something and you don't do it then you haven't acted on it.
    But the if you don't say anything and you just act on what you want to say you've acted on it already. So actions do speak louder than words.

  • I agree because say you promised your country something (human rights for example like Aung San Suu Kyi did) and didn't act upon it, that would show who you really are. I believe it is our actions who show who we really are not our words. People don't get punished for their words very often, whereas thousands of people are punished for their actions.
    Therefore I believe actions speak louder than words.

  • I utterly agree that people should have the right comencial on their speech.
    eg. Aun San Sun Kyi says " I want peace my land" she really doesn' t mean that she wants to have peace in her country, most of all she to have violence and war in the country by burning house killing people especially the Rohingya people. This story has been proofed by the UN. Words are involved in actions, but how can it be controlled.
    We should watch out on our actions and words but the question is will Aun San Su Kyi watch her words and actions out or will she recommend war to her country and other near by countries?
    How can we help?

  • im not sure because actions don't always speak louder than words.

  • Ithink doing something without making a fuss about it is better than saying you will do something but not doing it.

  • I believe that actions are always louder than words. Sometimes words that come from leaders mouths are full of empty promises and that in the end the words that just create anger and disruptions among the citizens of the people. The large group of people who try to persuade people like politicians, revolutionist, and army generals.

    An example of actions stronger than words:

    in 1948 joseph stalin commissioned a blockade on the east of Berlin to stop supply of food and basic supplies getting to east Berlin. In a quote "east Berlin is part of the USSR and that it should not reily of foreign help to keep i going the USSR is a profitable and powerful nation and we can supply it by ourselves." What stalin is sayings is my words are not enough to stop the trade of foreign trade so I must enforce a military blockade. In retaliation to not being able to persuade Satlin is that Britain, France, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand started airlift supplies to east Berlin.

    Even this is only an insight of Stalin's actions this is a repetitive scene when stalin resorts to violence or 'actions'.

  • I agree that actions speak louder than words because people can just say things and they may not mean them. But if they say it and then act on it then it will make more of a difference. You have to take actions to make a difference.
    For example: Aung San Suu Kyi, she got the nobel peace prize for a reason:
    She brought democracy to her country with nonviolence. She is the leader of the National League for Democracy in Myanmar and a famous prisoner. She has been on house arrest multiple times:
    She was put under house arrest in Rangoon for six years, until she was released in July 1995. She was again put under house arrest in September 2000, when she tried to travel to the city of Mandalay in defiance of travel restrictions.
    Suu Kyi won the Rafto Prize (a human rights award established in the memory of the Norwegian human rights activist, Thorolf Rafto), the Sakharov Prize in 1990 ( honours individuals and groups of people who have dedicated their lives to the defense of human rights and freedom of thought) and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 which is one of the five Nobel Prizes established by the will of Swedish industrialist, inventor, and armaments manufacturer Alfred Nobel).
    Yes, she got those prizes. But how did she get them? By taking action, not by saying something. In conclusion,
    I strongly believe that actions will get you a lot further than words.

  • I believe that actions speak louder than words. An action is the truest representation of somebody's motives and is a direct reflection of a person's intents. Words can be empty and premeditated. However, a lack of action or words is the strongest sound of all. If you are intentionally evading the truth, is it not the same as spouting lies? A liar can't be treated in the same means as an embezzler or a thief, because they won't bow their head to justice; nor is the entirety of their actions ever known. With a liar you're always uncovering more lies behind their words, yet with an actor you're always interpreting the version of themselves that they portray. Is there truly a lesser of two evils between someone who tells lies and someone who doesn't? A truth-teller is often just a liar who hasn't been caught. So, how does this relate to the issue in Myanmar, you may ask. Aun San Sun Kyi may be saying one thing and meaning another. judging off her actions. She's just acting on a grander scale, toying with the eye of the common man. When your tongue weaves words of peace and your hands could be striking matches to light the country on fire, can you be trusted? In conclusion, words and actions can be just as bad as each other and what isn't being addressed is left down to the imagination. And the human mind walks a far thinner tightrope of evil than what can be condoned through actions or words.

    Words and actions have nothing on intentions.

  • I believe that actions do speak louder than words. I believe this because, words are you SAYING you are going to do something but actions are actually DOING what you are saying. Saying something is all well and good, it shows that you intend to do something, but if you don’t follow up with action, doing that thing, saying it was useless in the first place. For instance, if I tell my mum that I'll do the dishwasher. Telling her that I'm doing the dishwasher is good, it shows the intention of me doing it. However, only saying it is useless, only saying it is not helpful at all, it is only the act of doing the dishwasher that is helpful.
    So applying this to the situation in Myanmar, Ann San Suu Kyi saying she wants peace is good, her words for peace is good, she is showing that she wants her country to be at peace and showing that there is the possibility of peace. However, she, currently is not acting on those words, and saying she wants peace does not make her peaceful, Rohingya people are still suffering and saying that you want to help them isn't beneficial for them unless you act on your words and help them.
    This is not to say that words and saying something is not important, as they definitely are. For example, an organization like NATO, an alliance of countries promising to help each other if they are in need of help. This is a good thing, countries coming together and saying they will help each other in times of crisis is good and benefits everyone within it. These promises are good and means that there is a support system in place for countries if they need it, and will help a country immensely as long as these promises are acted upon.
    So, in conclusion, words, although being powerful, as they show intention to do something are only useful if you ACT upon them. So actions are more powerful than words because actions are the things that actually effect other people and so action is what they need right now in Myanmar.

  • I personally agree with the statement 'actions speak louder than words'; one reason I believe this is because if you sit back and say 'I think that a change should happen', no one is going to listen to you (especially if you are not high up) and you would have to actually stand up and do something about it.
    Many leaders are doing this and they are letting the innocent citizens become all hopeful, only to not bring upon them any change. They say to them inspirational quotes and then do not reflect upon them their selves.

    Take Nelson Mandela for example:
    Nelson Mandela acted on his beliefs and he stood up for what he believed in, rather then just saying that change is possible and not doing anything about it. He did this because even though it would have an affect on his life (in his instance facing 27 years in jail) it changed and had an effect on millions of peoples' lives living in the country at the time. If Nelson Mandela did not act, then change would never have been brought upon America and they would still be suffering with racism.

    This is much like the Rohingya refugee crisis, because Aung Suu Kyi is in the same position that Nelson Mandela started in, however she is not doing anything to bring peace to that country, whereas Nelson Mandela did. If she does not act fast then she will be seen to be going against her words- instead of protecting the people in Myanmar, she is watching while they are being driven out of their homes and being forced to flee for their lives.

    In this instance Aung Suu Kyi is being like a sitting duck, waiting for her peace prize to be revoked, so she will need to act fast and actually bring change upon her country.

  • ‘Actions speak louder than words’. You can’t get either of them back, they are both as dangerous if they are taken in the wrong way. Aung San Suu Kyi has made bad decisions and has left the Rohingya crisis alone and now it has spiralled into something much bigger than she ever expected. Although you can’t say that burning people’s houses and killing millions of people just because of their religion is right because it isn’t but it doesn’t stop people if it is wrong or not I personally believe you can’t single one out and decide whether words or actions are more beneficial or disruptive. They are both a choice and can effect in different ways, therefore you can’t say that actions speak louder than words. Aung San Suu Kyi was put under house arrest for over 15 years and won the Nobel Peace prize therefore she should be helping make peace and not aggravating the situation. The perfect solution should be that Aung San Suu Kyi should give the Rohingya land in Burma or Myanmar as it is now called, and prevent the Buddhist leader of the violence, Ashin Wirathu, from causing more devastation in Myanmar. Ashin Wirathu is the leader of the terrorism in Myanmar, he is very famous for his saying of ‘you can be full of love and kindness, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog’ which is a racist comment about Muslims and has angered many people around the world. His speech is a good way of comparing Aung San Suu Kyi’s actions to his words therefore you cannot say whether one or the other is worse.

  • I think that this is true as there is a level of meaning in actions that cannot be recreated in speech. For example Aung San Suu Kyi, has said to the World Economic Forum that "we believe that for the sake of long-term stability and security we have to be fair to all sides. The rule of law must apply to everybody. We cannot choose and pick whom should be protected by rule of law" and that "in hindsight we should have handled the situation better." I find that this is not very meaningful and that it is possible to say that you will carry out an action but instead make an 'empty threat' or unreliable promise. This can also be seen in relevant issues, for example election promises. Donald Trump even back in 2016 said that he would deport all illegal immigrants, make the Mexicans pay for a wall between them and the USA, and rebuild the infrastructure, none of which he has completed, an example of this.

    Whereas if you, for example, rebuild the infrastructure, then you can show everyone that you stay true to your actions, they can show people more than anything, that you do what you have intended. This shows your personality and your intentions more than just a word can and that you can be trusted and responsible.

  • I agree because you can lie but if you use actions then you will be louder and stronger I vote agreeeeeeee with me

    1. I agree with daring_sea because when someone's explaning something if you'd use actions they would be way more easy.

  • I agree because sometimes it can be way more easy to understand actions than what you mean.

  • I think actions DEFINITELEY speak louder than words and I’ll prove this by relating to two or three famous people with their famous events.

    I’ll begin with Rosa Parks (who many of you know about) she stood up for what she believed in. In her time, you were judged by skin colour, but Rosa said she wasn’t going to give up her seat. That’s not what made her famous. The person next to her rushed to give person his seat. Rosa didn’t move. Now THAT’S what made her famous! Words can sometimes mean nothing at all without actions.

    Next would be going further back into the past. Christopher Columbus! Though he was a slave trader, people usually remember him for ‘discovering’ America. All I want to applaud him for was that he was the first Spanish person to reach America. Even if he didn’t actually discover it (people already lived in America). He told the Spanish king and queen he’d discover new places for them and he DID.

    There’s also Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a famous body builder and motivational speaker. He’s told others about how he achieved to be as famous as he was now. When he was a child he’d told his ‘friends’ he’d be a body builder (he was influenced by a magazine). They’d all laughed at him. His words didn’t do much. He then became a famous body builder through his actions: he trained hard. His ‘friends’ now sing their praises at adulthood. His actions did A LOT!
    Arnold Schwarzenegger now is a motivational speaker. His actions (becoming a body builder) have now empowered his words! If he wasn’t famous AT ALL no one would listen to him! But he’s a famous body builder due to his actions so people actually pay attention to what he has to say.

    I conclude by hoping that I have proven my point thoroughly.

  • I do agree that actions speak louder than words because words are not always acted on, which makes them meaningless, but your actions are the part you choose to act on and it is hard for that not to be real. Taking this into account when we are talking about Aung San Suu Kyi, She said she wanted peace, yet she has not acted on that and has not done anything to help her people and her country.

  • Actions do speak louder than words because Ang San Sun Kyi said she wanted peace in the country so that is what they should have. However she is not taking the Rhohingya people seriously she is just talking about the big issue in Myanmar state. She could just make this end by taking more action instead of just talking about it. The U.N have said that the way the Rhohingya citizens are treated is not fair on them. Why should they be forced to flee their country to Bangladesh? This time now she is not taking any action she keeps on saying about the Rhohingya people. Up to this day it is the U.N that is taking more action than Ang San Sun Kyi

  • Hi BNC!

    We've had some brilliant ideas already for this competition!! Let's challenge ourselves to be open-minded and think of some different angles.

    For example, are there examples where actions have been the wrong thing to do, where words might have had a better effect...

    Are there more examples of the power words can have, good or bad...

    Can you think of how technology and the modern world had affected 'action' and 'words'...

  • I think actions speak louder than words because the way you treat someone can effect your relationship with someone. You would never want to be treated the way you want to be treated.
    I am going to start with Rosa Parks you all know that she was judged by the colour of her skin. She was asked to give up her seat on the bus and give to someone else but Rosa Parks said NO!

  • I think that actions are worse then words because actions can hurt you but mean words will just make you sad.

  • I agree pepole can be meen for example long ago some one said to me if they could tack some think I said yes and they did not give it back some one had to get it for me

  • i agree because say u push someone on to the floor it could severely injure them

  • I agree because if you get pushed you can get a scratch and if someone said a bad word it wont scratch you. This means that actions can hurt you but words can't.

  • A reason why i'm not sure is beacause sometimes if you say something but you don't do it could be bad but if you do something and you say you won't do it it could still be bad but it could still be equally important.

  • I am not sure because sometimes people can say things, like Aung Sang Suu Kyi, but not do what they say.
    Also I said I am not sure because sometimes people cannot say things but their actions can. For example, you might say like someone because of there personality or appearance but when you see their actions you will know.
    A saying says never judge a book by its cover but by what is inside it.
    aung sunn suu kyi says she will give her country peace from the moment she lead myanmar but now she does not want to talk about the issue if she does not try to change things then ...WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN

  • I agree that actions are louder than words. An example is like when the leader of Myanmar says she will make peace but it never happened . But if she did something Myanmar would be in peaceful place.

  • I am not shore because it depends if their telling the truth or not so if you see it you have evidence but they can also lie.

    1. Do you always need evidence to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth?

  • I agree that actions speak louder than words as Aung Suu Kyi has spoken out against the maltreatment of the Rohingya people however, nothing has been done. Maybe, if she had tried to actually do something instead of just saying words, things may’ve changed by now. But she hasn’t done anything but talk and just sit there hoping that her words will make a difference.

  • This issue is very controversial. Although words are a much more peaceful approach to justice, they are of no power to a racist army that is backed by the government. Despite this you can rarely justify violence, as ‘two rights do not make a wrong’. The terrorists or freedom fighters who are rebelling against the army are still taking lives just like the army was doing to the Rohingyas.

    Does the fact that they were aiming for peace justify their actions?

    I don’t think it does but their action will have undoubtedly much greater effect then words.

    Especially in a world filled with fake and false words (FAKE NEWS!) spread through social media platforms.

  • I believe that your actions speak louder than words. I believe this because if you said "ill help someone" but you just bullied them you could make someone sad. But if you said sorry after makeing them sad you could make them happy/happier. This means if you made someone sad by your words your actions could make them happier again.

  • I believe that your actions speak louder than words. I believe this because if you said "ill help someone" but you just bullied them you could make someone sad. But if you said sorry after makeing them sad you could make them happy/happier. This means if you made someone sad by your words your actions could make them happier again.

  • I believe that your actions speak louder than words. I believe this because if you said "ill help someone" but you just bullied them you could make someone sad. But if you said sorry after makeing them sad you could make them happy/happier. This means if you made someone sad by your words your actions could make them happier again.

  • I agree that actions speak louder than words. Promises mean very little unless they are followed up, and in the case of Aung san Suu Kyi, her not acting on her word is having devastating effects on the Rohingya people. Despite her advocating for human rights in the past, she is doing very little to help those her country has cast out.

    I am sceptical of those who say that she is trying to help but her generals are stopping her, and those who say that her past advocation relieve her of responsibility of the Rohingya crisis. The fact remains that she is not helping the Rohingyas, and that she should be. A leader's responsibility to their citizens extends to all of them: not just the ones deemed acceptable by the majority. The fact that the old government still have influence in the country is irrelevant; Aung San Suu Kyi could make an enormously significant difference in her country just by speaking up. She has chosen to be silent when the Rohingya need her voice, and her support.

  • I believe that although actions (such as a punch or a kick, which lead to broken bones) are quite strong, words are even stronger.
    For example, imagine you are walking down a road and a person very close to you hurts you. You will be hurt physically - sometimes even severely injured. However, now imagine that someone close to you verbally abuses you (like saying they hate you a lot or someone from your family says you don't belong with them anymore). Although the injury will hurt a lot or can be semi-permanent, the words which the person who was close to you or family member said can stick with you for the rest of your life, and you will always remember the pain you felt.

  • I'm not sure as there are two sides.
    Firstly, Actions can be stronger than words, for example Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks didn't give up her seat for a man who had worked less than her because of the colour of her skin. This led to the Montgomery bus boycott and to the Civil Rights Acts and then to the end of segregation and racial discrimination. If she or anyone hadn't stood up against racial discrimination, then we would still be living in a world where people of different colour from white people would have to drink at different water fountains! Imagine that!
    However, words can sometimes be stronger than actions. If a person has recurring bullying, not physically but through words, it can scar them inside. It could lead to mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety because of a few words. Also as the NHS' money is being spend on nuclear weapons, this person probably won't get psychological help. If they suffer from sever depression, they could be led to suicide.

    Aung San Suu Kyi has said she wants peace and people are criticising for what she hasn't done. Yes, she could keep her promise but who ever does? We, in our lives, want peace but we never act on it. Politicians ask for peace but never act on it . So why should we criticise when we haven't done anything to push forward the plan for peace.

    1. In reply to placid_journalist
      I think this point is very valid. I am now re-thinking my decision and I have come to conclusion.

      I believe both words and actions are just as harmful. Actions can lead to death/ some wars/ dangerous physical fights while words can lead to suicide/ most wars/ not as dangerous verbal fights. They can both hurt just as much and can both need medical treatment (whether it's treating a wound or sessions to try overcome their depression and making the person see how important life is). They have nearly the same effects however, the factor that stands out the most, is how words can scar you to life while actions don't. As I stated in my previous comment, you may never forget the pain of words.

      1. Well done! I awarded you a star for being open-minded to other comments and points of view. You've then used great reasoning to re-think your conclusion!

  • I disagree because words can do as much damage and good as actions can. For example, verbal bullying can cause a lot of mental damage to people who have been bullied that way. The thing is that these words can stick around for a long time; physical damage can be absolutely detrimental to a lot of people, but it doesn't always stick around for the rest of their lives; it can but not as often as verbal bullying. For instance, you might get a wound but it is not likely for it to become a scar.

    In the context of politics, Members of Parliment do not have guns on them but they instead fight in words. If you have ever watched the news, then you can see how many verbal fights they get into.

    Despite their words, there is often little action so who becomes the victims?

  • Although actions can hurt physically and mentally,I think words can hurt more because of cyberbulling and that Aung San Suu Kyi could of been hurt both with words and actions. In addition, I think everyone has a chance to speak out no matter the topic of subject this is been talked about. People can ignore words , but can you ignore physical hurting?

  • I'm not sure because why would you do something for something that isn't true?

  • I agree because of truthfulness and loyalty. If Aung San Suu Kyi has said to bring peace she should act upon it to show her loyalty to her own people. Since she hasn't its shown shes not been truthful.

  • I agree because Aung San Suu Kyi has shown she can talk the talk but not walk the walk.

  • I said that I 'agree' with this comment because even though words may seem loud, actions can be louder because they stick in your head. They are stronger but sometimes they can be the wrong way of doing things.

  • I personally believe that actions may be stronger and louder than words because of force and harm. Word may not be as powers physically but they still how meaningful context and can also be aggressive. So i am not sure which would be stronger but i am going to say words. Would you follow someone who has power by force or someone who has power by their words.

  • Personally, I think that actions in a way kind of are stronger than words but also not at the same time.
    I think this because a kind gesture (such as holding a door open for someone) can make people happy or have a better day. But, giving someone a complement (such as you look very nice today Emma) can make peple feel good about them selves.
    An other reason that actions are better than words are that people can say things in different ways can mean completely opposite things such as you could say something in a sarcastic way it could make people feel awful.
    But actions that are hurtful are bad.
    Therefore both actions and speech are equally as strong.

  • I think that actions are stronger than words because if lets say you have an argument with somebody, and you say sorry but then you do exactly the same thing again then you are not sorry even though you said you were. So actions are stronger than words! (:

  • I think that words are stronger than actions because if you use a megaphone then you can project your voice but you cant do anything to project your actions

    1. well impartial ostrich I disagree with you because words meaningless if you do not have actions within it. I have learnt that if you have determination to do it, you will have resilience, so you will get their in the end. Aung san Su kyi has not even TRIED to help the Rohingya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. impartial ostrich I disagree because yes you can project your voice but you can't project your voice all over the world but actions on the other hand can be projected across the world .Also some times words can't explain things but action are endless

  • i agree because actions can actually help instead of just saying something and not doing it,for example if someone said:i'll make a portrait and they don't do i it may not be true

  • When you do something bad your actions will show up even more than you tell some one.

  • When you do something bad your actions will show up even more than you tell some one.

  • Aung Suu Kyi doesn't use actions enough and sometimes doesn't use actions at all, actions are stronger and more meaningful than words because actions can make a better difference and stop conflict.


  • I think actions are stronger than words because if you just act happy that doesn't mean that you actually mean it, otherwise if you were to say that you won a trophy your friends might give you some chocolates.

  • Aung Suu Kyi wants peace but will only remark it she doesn't stick to her word,she wants peace but doesn't do anything about it.

  • I think that words and action are the same because if I want to say people should have rights and doing the action it will make people agree.