#11 - Make a Motto for NASA

22 November 2019

Reasoning for competitions

#11 - Winners Announced!

Wow! What a response to this week's competition. A record number of entries for this year. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Stars were awarded where mottos were original, thoughtful and reflected the goals and ethos of NASA (and backed with a developed reason for your choice).

Our Primary winner is unbiased_lute of Evelyn Street Primary. Their motto: "Still leading, still launching." is a brilliant reminder of the ongoing work of NASA and unbiased_lute explained why they chose these words in particular to reflect NASA's values. Read their reason - it's highlighted orange in the comments!

Our Secondary winner is resilient_accordion of Ormiston Bushfield Acdemy, for "Unbounded exploration." A great example of how so much can be communicated in such a short space. They also explained the effect they thought these words would have.

What's a motto?

You might have heard of the word 'motto' before. It's a phrase which sums up the beliefs or values of something, usually an organisation. Does your school have a motto? It's usually written on the school badge, or somewhere big in the entrance! People can have their own mottos too - to describe how they live their life. You might have heard the phrase "That's my motto!"

NASA, the organisation in charge of American space exploration, used to have a motto:

'For the benefit of all' according to a space engineer who used to work there.

HOWEVER, it has not officially updated it's motto for many years.

This week's challenge is to make a motto for NASA and explain why you have chosen it.

Your motto needs to be a phrase which describes a thirst for discovery and a commitment to space exploration. What will really make your entry stand out is the reasons you give - we are looking at these JUST AS MUCH as the mottos themselves!

Some handy hints!

You might want to think about the reasons we go into space to help you come up with your motto, that you might have looked at in your BNC sessions.

A bit more about NASA.

  • NASA was the first organisation to land people on the moon in 1969
  • Before this, their Mercury missions explored whether people could survive in space, and then their Gemini missions involved people doing hands-on work in space and on spacecrafts.
  • NASA is also known for working on the International Space Station and the Hubble Telescope, which was put into Earth's orbit in 1990.

You can learn more about them here, or for more detail, here.

In the comments below, give your motto and explain why you have chosen it.

The deadline for entries is Friday 22nd November at 10.30am. Good luck!

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