#12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced!

28 November 2019

Speaking Up for competitions

Winners Announced!

Thank you for another bumper set of entries to this week's competition! It has been a joy to read your messages for space.

Stars have been awarded for those messages which spoke up for what they believed and were supported by reasons.

Our Primary winner this week is warmhearted_dog from Brompton Westbrook Primary School, for a thoughtful and indeed warm message to those of the future, capturing the feeling of being alive now and in a very different world to one of the future.

Our Secondary winner is easygoing_rabbit of Highdown School, who spoke up passionately on the urgency of dealing with the climate emergency affecting our planet. Their entry showed a steely determination to engage anyone, or anything else, out there to assist the human race.

Well done to the both of you!

For nearly 50 years, humans have been sending messages out into space. In 1972, the first spacecraft to leave the Solar System, Pioneer 10, each carried a famous plaque with details of humankind in case it was ever found by extra-terrestrial life. However, not all messages are sent in the hope of being found: in 2003, the pop band Blur recorded a piece of music to be played when the probe "Beagle 2" landed on Mars.

If you could send any message out into space, what would it be and why?

This could be some writing, or maybe a picture or a poem, or song, or something else that has a meaning.

It could be something sent in the hope of finding life, or sent to astronauts, or something you never expect to be found.

It might just be something you think deserves to be shared with the universe.

You might want to think about what represents the human race best.

It might be something already made by someone else, or by you.

The competition is looking for original and interesting ideas and sensible, thoughtful reasons. The competition closes at 5:00pm on Thursday 28th November.

Good luck!

Comments (132)

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  • If I were to send a message up to space I would put on a photo of a human and the world. The reason why I would put this on is because they could be a completely different species and wouldn't know what we look like. If we were to put writing on to it then that would be completely useless as they could not be able to read it if they have a completely different language and before we could write we had a whole language we would draw pictures to communicate.

    1. That's smart and true. I like it!! I probably wouldn't have thought of that.

  • A message that can be sent to space is what is it like to be up in there ? I think this because there are billions of people who want to but don't have enough money to go.

  • I would send a message that would talk about if they did not make it they would still go down in history to assure them that even if they do not survive they would always be remembered

  • I think we should send the writing on the Rosetta Stone because it contains the same phrases in many differing languages, this could help the aliens translate parts of English into their native language... and then in the future we could send messages to them which they could translate because of the Rosetta Stone's writing. That message would say: 'we are homo Sapiens and present no threat to you, oh friends!'
    I would say this because then it would paint humans as 'very friendly!'
    By the time this message reaches any complex civilisation, it will probably be billions of trillions of years in the future!... and then Earth would have been swallowed up by The Sun and our civilization will hopefully be able to receive their reply from another planet which we would hopefully migrated to. If the Human Race dies before the message reaches, it eliminates the point of the message.

    Please note that this comment was a joint effort between me [genuine cat] and versatile molecule!

    1. could you make this comment show that it is by v.molecule and me plz.

      1. I'm sorry we can't make add joint authors for comments, only posts!

    2. I think that to

  • A message everyone will remember forever

  • If I were to send something into space, I would send a picture of all the devastation humans have caused. What I mean by this is I would send a picture of trees being cut down. This is because in the long run, it is the worst and most frequent occurance. It helps picture that the majority of things humans have done to Earth are bad. Because it feels like humans want our world gone and I would like to share it with something, even if that thing isn't a person. I would also include a picture of a rocket launching into space. I would have done this because it also shows how careless we are about our planet and that we care too much about space whereas bigger problems, like climate change, aren't considered as important. That, to me, is what I would send to space.

  • If I could send a message I would send a picture of an alien and a human. I chose this because we haven't seen or captured anything from outer space but we might find a living thing on other planets that we haven't visited yet. We have forever to try and find something that is living in space.

  • If I were to send a message to space it would be a question: ' what is space like? '. This would be my message because I want to know what space is like in the view of someone who has actually been to space or is in space,for I love to learn things new.

  • I would send a picture of humans and one of our cities so that if there are other animals out there that are similar to humans and can do what we can, they will know that there are other creatures out there like themselves, unlike us who have no clue if there are humans in different Solar Systems on different planets.

    What I am about to write may not be useful, but then again the message does not have to be received, but I would also write a small description about humans. It would say things like, what we look like, our food, an average place to live, and all of the other basic human things.

    The human race cares a lot about money, so also to represent us I would sellotape a £1 coin to the back of the paper that the message would be written on. Also, to make it clear what it is, I would write next to it, ‘This is what we call money. We use this to pay for things.’

  • I would send a picture of things on earth mainly humans and animals to help unidentified lifeforms understand us and build an understanding of what earth is like. Then we could possibly communicate and have no threat to worry about and they could communicate with us to help build an understanding of each other.

  • I would say
    “Hello astronauts! Nice meeting u! I feel happy I know that u made ur dreams come true without Aladdin’s magic lamp that means u work hard for it! I have to say I may not go to space in future, since I don’t feel comfortable about it, but u must have been waiting for ur life for a new page ! If u get my message , u must bring a moon rock to Earth ( This is optional)and also make it a fortune of ur life (This is also optional) ! It was the best messaging u!

    Your sincerely

    YEA, I would also send🌌🎆❤️ those pics
    ⬆️ ⬆️

    Thanks for reading:3

  • i would send a message that would talk about space junk and what they could to make a difference since there is over 8000 tones of junk so to make awareness that is what i would do

  • If I were to send a message into space I would send some food from earth and things that the person treasures, This is so that they feel comfortable in space like they do in their homes .

  • I would send a photo that has many people holding a poster saying “You may not succeed but it doesn’t matter because you matter to us!” I thought because you don’t always get things right. If you don’t that’s fine , you’re learning from mistakes. The key mission isn’t to find or planet or anything like that. It’s about coming back alive and being safe and remembered because of your bravery!

  • In my opinion, I would send a poem into space. I think poems really bring the emotion just by using powerful vocabulary. Obviously, I would want the poem to be meaningful, especially if it's meant to be shared with the whole world. Also, as other members have stated, if, say, the people who went into space have died, the poem would be like a tribute to that person, or people. Another thing is, that I would make sure that the poem is written all languages, if possible - depending on whether it is found.

  • If I was able to send a message into space I would send in a story. This is because I am very passionate with writing it is my favourite subject. Also people in space could get quite bored very easily. Since there isn't any tv and your seeing the same people all the time a nice book to read should chase the boredom away.

  • A message I would send to space is to ask if they were enjoying it in space because you would never want to do something if you know that you are not going to enjoy it so I would ask if they are liking what they are doing.

  • I would send a message to say what is happening and if they have found some mysterious findings and see if aliens or different life are real and see there planet and see which star they are orbiting and see what is the same on earth and on that planet.
    I would also ask if they could see a possible planet which can have that can have life so we can transport humans to that planet so we can interact with are fellow friends in that planet so we can find out about there planet and they can find out about our planet so we get lots of research.

  • In my opinion, writing on paper would not be effective if we want aliens/living creatures to know who we are, and other planets might have completely different forms of language and writing. This would be like receiving a piece of paper which has a bunch of scribbles on it, you wouldn't understand it. A voice message could be useful, but if we are telling them a message thorough English or any other language, like said before, they would not understand since they could possibly have many different forms of language.
    I would send a photo of a human, Earth and the Solar system. I would send a photo of a human because aliens would not know what we are, or whether we are a threat or not. If we send a photo of a human, I hope that they would think we are trying to communicate instead of threatening them. I would also send the photo o the Earth so aliens would know how we live, and what is going on in our world. Some people might say, but it gives them information of where we live so they could invade at our planet, but there are over millions of planets in space, so I thin that there is a small chance they would actually find our planet. Finally, I would send them a photo of the Solar System because it could help aliens understand why or how we are trying to communicate with them, if they are as advanced as our species, they could maybe be able to see that our planets are different to ours, and it would give information of how we live.
    Thank you for reading my ideas of what I would send out, an reasons behind them.

  • ide send are you scared? id say this because I have never been to space before and I feel like we need to know how people feel in space before we actually speck up for people

  • There are so many things existing within our earth, within our planet and amongst us as people that is worth sharing with the universe and there is definitely a strong, prominent and definite line between the good things about our race and our planet and the bad things about our race and our planet. Unfortunately, I do in fact think that the bad things overthrow the good things therefore I would ought to probably end up sending a negative thing about our planet up to space.

    What I believe to be a worthy thing to share amongst the whole entire universe, is climate change and of course we hear so much in the media about climate change and we are as a collective human race now EVIDENTLY aware of the consequences of Climate change. The reason as to why I say EVIDENTLY so boldly is because there are many, many things in which we are as a society are doing, we are attempting to persist on raising awareness of climate change, eg. Greta Thunberg, School Strikes. I mean children are literally not going to school because they care so much about Climate change and are persistently trying to make a change. People also go vegan due to the attempt of trying to help out towards climate change and much more. There is a vast majority of people trying to help out towards climate change and there are therefore a vast majority of people that know and are aware of climate change. All of this concludes to the fact that our society of today, our people today really do care about climate change.
    If I were to send a message to space this is what it would be.
    Hello Outer Space,
    This is a message from the Earth, we are under threat of a mass extinction we are under the risk of a lack of biodiversity, which means that we will no longer have as many different species on our planet. We need HELP if you have any idea in a way of which to help please do this is a problem of which we are facing as a human race on Earth, we cant face it alone.

    This is the message that I would send I mean of course one could argue that we should really talk about the positives rather than the negatives of our earth. However, equally someone else could argue back what is the point of that, why would we need to share the good traits of our earth, yes we have many significant things to share but what exactly does someone do when they hear something good? They will simply just congratulate you. So we should share something with the universe so that we can get help rather than just flexing or showing of.

  • I would send a piece of writing about space so if there are any humans that are travelling and don't know much about how space works/about the solar system or about things like stars, about the future and other peculiar items or stuff they will find a sheet of writing which will happily help.

    On the other hand, it might burn because of the sun or non-identical things that might burn the piece of paper so it would be straightforward to make an item that would be non-burnable like steel but you can't burn it at all.

  • If I could send a message into space it would be a picture because if I did writing maybe a different species that we don't know about wont know how to read, but if I sent a picture it could make more sense about what I am trying to tell them. My picture would be of me wondering what its like up in space so that they would know that I would want to know what its like, or I would send a picture of me and draw a picture of me and my friends on earth to explain that I come from planet earth and not different place. Then they might (hopefully) know at least a bit of imformation about me.

  • If I were to send a message into space, I would send a picture and the name of the person (or people) who first discovered space exploration. I would do this because without them, space exploration wouldn't be a thing and we wouldn't know as much information we know today.

  • ~

    If I were to send a post to space I would make it about my life this would be essential because before anyone should say something to someone they do not know this person should always say a fact about themselves.This is what I would do.I would also send photos of things I like (such as places,objects and people).I might even make a video of the wonders of Earth.This is because Earth is a wonderful place.

  • If I could send a message to space I would ask them about how life is up there? What they have accomplished since being up there? What their plans are to move forward? This is because it would be nice to know what they have done and to show my support by also asking how they feel?

    I would also ask them if there's anything exciting they want to let us know and if possible the day the are coming back?

  • My message that I think that should be shared with the universe is how are scientists going to figure out a way to help people stay in space longer without people getting microbes.

  • If I were to send a message to space it would be why people like to study it so much.I think this because people very much like to admire space for it's beauty and investigate more information about it.

  • If I could send a message to space I would love to write.
    If I had a chance to go to space for my holiday I would love to take it. How would you eat food because it will float around and whenever you drink it will turn into droplets.

  • I would send a picture of a man on the moon because it shows that we have accomplished so much in space and it gives those who find it a happy feeling and they will always remember the things we have discovered in space.

  • If I were to send a message upto space I would send a box with a load of different things inside it like some of the money of every single country and a piece of paper telling them what it is. Then I would send directions to the earth and a globe with a note saying this is our world and if you want to visit it you can. Also I would put examples of our food and crop in which they would be able to study us. Lastly I would put a letter giving all the details of us and the earth.

    Reason: The globe would help them know what the earth looks like and it would show them what and where our countries are. I would also send the money because I think it would help them understand us better. I would put the food in the box so they can study it and learn what we eat and the letter is just to give the rest of the details.

  • I would send a picture of life on Earth and some writing saying `Dear astronaut,I have sent you a picture of life on Earth so you know how life is`.

    I would send this because I want them to know how their family,friends and life in general is on Earth because of how much time away from Earth they`re spending in a rocket,in space

  • I would send a message about what is happening in the world right now because Brexit hasn't stopped and they could be in space for months or years so they could know what is happening in the present day

  • If I could send a message to space then I would send them a message that can give them courage so I would say good look team I believe in you. I believe that you can master your remarkable mission.

  • If I would send a message i would ask how wide is the earth because maybe some people may not know how wide it is and someone may have never gone to space.

  • You may be in space away from everyone you love, but nobody will forget you and what you have done for us...
    I have decided to write these very words because i believe and have heard that many astronauts think thst when they are in space that their loved ones may not remember them or if they haven't seen them in a long time, if they might hear on the news the person in space could feel like when they come back from space they might be concerned as to how they are feeling and ask lots of questions, making them nervous to go up to space again.

  • If I could send a message into outer space I would send a rocket that contains information about how we live and where we are. I would also put some plants and potentially some animals so that they can understand our environment as well as some oxygen to study. I would send a message saying: Come find us and we will find you.

  • 🚀🚀🚀👨‍🚀✌️👾✌️🚀🚀🚀 as there is a peace sign between the alien and the human which shows we want to be friends!!!

    1. Yes, however would the aliens/other intelligent life know what the peace sign means? How do you know the aliens/other intelligent life would want to be friends with us?

    2. I disagree with your comment how would the alien know what being friends mean? Also how do you know aliens exist?

      1. How could we communicate with other animals that might speak in an unknown code or language. Maybe like this - ''c8uu8u88u8uu888888dfgfhghhhyyyyyyyyjhgygffcugdhgdrhsuhsiufgriufhdioshfgyrgeihdskjxashd

  • If they can read and understand English then I would send a poem I wrote in Shakespearean form to intrigue them and get them to visit:
    There is not enough time in the world for me ,
    To do all the things that I wish to do ,
    To see all the things I wish to see,
    To say how I feel about you.
    When I see you or hear your name,
    I feel like I’ve changed lives with Romeo,
    And you are my Juliet all the same,
    If I could talk to you and let you know.
    I keep imagining you feel it too,
    But you probably haven’t seen my, face
    Yet I still really want to be with you,
    And you could be my special place.
    Oh... and when you walk right past me,
    I know you are the happily ever after for me.

  • I would send a plea for help because there could be a civilisation that could help solve the climate crisis. It would be: If anybody extra-terrestrial sees this, help! Our planet is dying and we could kill our planet.

  • If I was to send something up to space I would send a photo album full of pictures. The pictures would show all of the aspects of Earth. There would be pictures of all the countries and life in them. It would have pictures of foods and all the good aspects but there would also be pictures of the wars and destruction we have caused. I would do this because if the picture album ever found anyone they would see that we were destroying the planet and we would be safe from invasion. On the other hand they may see this and send help to come and rescue us, either way we would be safe. I would send samples of nature and other things in there as well to show them what we have. I wouldn't include any writing in there because there is a high chance that any other complex life could not understand the writing so it would be pointless. I would also point out climate change and warn them that it could affect them as well. I wouldn't send any electronics because they may not be able to use it.

  • I would send a map of the Earth because words would be a waste of time and work as they mightn't understand it. The map on the pioneer plaque was too mediocre in the sense that aliens are more advanced and there needs to be a more detailed map.

  • My message in a bottle would be : Your Universe isn't the only one,there are only many to be discovered.I have chosen this because maybe whoever finds this will question themselves and wonder what does this mean?Or perhaps they will feel inspired and want to have nothing blocking them in life and want to feel free and discover something they thought never existed like extinct animal

  • I would send the poem jabberwocky in 50+ languages as it is very well known I would also send the book Charlie and the chocolate factory in 50+ languages so if anything finds it they can see some of the many languages of our Earth

  • If I would send a message to outer space I would send a rocket containing the most commonly used ingredient for making food , water, a bit of tree bark and possibly man's best friend a dog. I would send these things to space to show our circumstances of living on Earth. This I hope will be found by some kind of alien and they could help us learn more about space . With these things I will write "please help us learn if you would like to help then please come to The Red Planet and bring some of you're belongings so we can trade interesting things.

  • To Burnet News Club,

    If I had the chance to send a message to the astronauts of the future or to space that people may find later in life then i would take it as my chance to share anything i wanted to the universe. I would write... " Dear future, this may not of been what you expected to find in an average day because by then when you find this you will probably be living in Mars or something, anyway I just wanted to say that this used to be your world when I am writing this in my bedroom, on my bed trying to make my dream come true. Here's some pictures of the world now or in your past... (I would send them pictures of the scenery that we have now.)

  • If I were to send a message it would be a note: For whom ever finds this message. The planner you are on is called Mars and is very valuable. Mars has been discovered a long time ago but nobody ever landed on the planet only machines. That means ... YOU ARE THE FIRST MAN ON MARS! Well done . Mars is the fourth planet away from the Sol (sun) . Yours sincerely, writer.

  • I would ask what does it feel like to stand the moon

  • If I was to send a message to an astronaut it wold be a letter that would say dear sir/Miss: If you are reading this,this is my question . Is there any other form of life in space that has been in the process of being discovered and if yo are how also what inspired you to do this and till you land goodbye: BY serious_signature.

  • If I could send a message to space ,I would send a letter which said message to everyone in space or earth we need to think about our space exploration money it could cost our earth think about if it's worth our earth thanks for listening

  • I would send a poem about the destruction of our planet. This is because one day maybe it won't be there but it is important for people to know about why it won't be there anymore

  • If I ever got the opportunity to send a message to space I would say...
    I've loved my time on earth,
    can it never end?
    My life is like a lump of coal,
    one day the coal will die of fire,
    I might die one day,
    but the hope to find you will always stay the same,
    I want to visit you,
    I hope I'll see you soon,
    The wish of going up there,
    Is like a dream that might come true,
    My shining star isn't enough,
    To melt my wishes all away,
    will you be my next shining star?
    Working hard is all I try to do,
    I really want to see you soon,
    Can I be your student,
    Can you be my teacher,
    Let me discover all you know,
    Or make me put lies on a show,
    I hope to see you one day,
    will you hope to see me to?

    1. I love how you have created an image in the readers mind of how you are talking about the star and finding a knew one and your amazing life on Earth. I love it, keep up the good work.

  • Dear Astronaut , I would say for a comment life does not go on forever some people die ,some passed away but if you have one life make the most of it while you can before you grow evermore than you have from patient_frog

  • If I ever got to send a message into space, I would send a book, poem or activity of some kind. Maybe inside of the International Space Station they could be playing the Monopoly I sent them so that they don't get bored!!!

  • Both space and life are different. I miss ordinary life back in earth but still it is just great.You wont believe how brushing your teeth work I promise to contact you asap

  • You Have Helped Us To Discover More, But We'll Never Forget You In Our Hearts...
    I chose this phrase to send to space because all of the austronauts have sacrificed their life just to find out all of the things that we know about space. We should respect those people who do sacrifice their lives for all our discoveries and for Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut that landed on the moon. All of the astronauts should be respected.

  • If I could send a message to a team in space i would probably say if they found anything or if they have an medical issue so is everything going okay and if they said no I would send them a foil blanket or a first-aid kit and wireless headphones so we communicate easier.

  • If they ran out of food I would send them a box filled with food and other things that they need.

    1. Very good idea, but if you think you send this to space it would take days to get there and for someone to reach it would take weeks so the food wouldn't be good

      1. I understand what you mean but in space they eat different food than to on Earth they usually eat dried food so it doesn’t go bad or anything. Very good idea though well done.

  • I would send some resources to live and some to explore

  • i would send them food and water to help them suvive the exploration in space or other planet so they would not die of de-hidration or hunger.

  • I would send a message saying we need to stop using so much of earths money on projects for space information. Also, we need to stop sending humans into space because in Russia a space craft lost signal with NASA. So we don't wan't to sacrifice humans just for information of space.

  • i would send a map so when heading back to earth the people on the rockets know where they are going

  • if I could send a message in a rocket, I would probably send one of my favourite songs, because I love music and I listen to it all the time. It really means something to me and many other people who love music too also because as a family we love listening to music together (especially Queen) and I would want to send out something that really gives a strong message about how happy people and life can be on earth. I would probably send out a Christmas song because me and my family absolutely love Christmas and listening to Christmas songs makes me feel so happy and reminds me of my family and how much I love them. Many other families also enjoy religious or non-religious holidays as well. I would send winter wonderland because as a family we love that song so much and at Christmas just listen to it on repeat. Even after the planet dies, that song (even though the disk will have been dilapidated after all that time) will show the happy moments and life that we had on earth.

    1. I would because I have some good songs


    1. cool
      so cool

  • Protect our solar system don’t take any moon rock because it could harm our solar system so plz don’t harm all of our environment plz help it protect space and earth

  • That’s a really good I wouldn’t of thought of it

  • Save our solar system don’t take moon rock because it will harm our environment and protect our space and earth

  • i would send a peace treaty/alliance request in morse code to try to make friends with any extraterrestrial life that may find it

  • If i could send a message in a rocket it would be a photo of me and my friends whith animals because if life exists then it might be important for them to see other life then we could get in touch ,if i the future we had to abandon our planet we could have a back up place to go.

  • I would send a picture of every animal on Earth with a caption that says "We exist too" to show other planets, if there is life, that we are here as well and we look friendly.

  • If I had to send out a message to space, I would say 'hello'. Not just one hello, but a hello in each language that we know of. That way we can ensure that they have a better chance of understanding us.

    I would also want to send codes, Morse code, Braille and symbols that could mean 'hello'.

    I would then hope for a nice response in return.

  • We come in peace...
    We are the most powerful leaders on the planet of earth, and we want to know what is out here... ....So please right your phone number bellow..

    Many Thanks.

  • if I were to send a rocket with a message into space, I would send books on Earth's history and Earth's science to show the history of Earth and what our physics and other sciences were like. I would also send them a map of what Earth looked like so they could know what our planet looked like. I would also send them every book, tv show and film that ever existed so they could know what we watched and finally, I would send all the songs in existence so they could hear what we listen to.

    1. I think that that is a brilliant idea positive_potato. Showing them the history would tell the Aliens about us. Good work!

  • If i was to send a message in a rocket I would write about how the world is today and describe how we have some issues like pollution,brexit,hong kong crisis, climate change and wildfires. Seeing so it would be years until they find it i want them to look down and see if we have solved the issues. If they noticed our planet is getting worse i would like them to go back to earth and address the matter (like Greta Thunberg). If the issue had been sold it means us as humans have changed and decided to take care of our planet rather than treating it like trash.

  • If there was one message and only one message that I could send in a rocket up to space it would be about what is out there and the unknown figures and any movement because it would be so much cheaper to send something like a message or a camera rather than a person launching up to space and maybe forgetting the small details and facts of the unknown.
    People are still fascinated about the discoveries that are found every so often. This is a very big topic of choice so a message might not do the magic of discovery. What could appear next?

  • if i could send i message in a rocket i would send a luxurious gift that would assist there travels through earth and beyond.This gift would represent my loyalty and support to the ones writing history.

  • If I could send any message out to space, I would say:' I hope you succeed with your mission.'
    I would say this because I don't think space exploration is worth the cost- in terms of lives, not money- so if astronauts are still going to space, I wouldn't want this opportunity to be wasted.

  • If i could send a message in a rocket i would send a exact location of earth, so that if there is life then they will come to earth. This is good because they wont have phones or be able to contact us but like us they probably have mapped the solar system and so will know where it is. This may be a long shot because the may not be as developed as us but it is the most simple information to send them, as they can come to us and even more so to know about us. Any message that we send into space is a long shot as there may not even be life on any other planets but it is human instinct to want to explore and learn more. This is why we go to school. There are many things i could have written but there is no point writing something like 'we are here' because the universe is so big that it is beyond explanation and it could be anywhere but by telling them our position is more helpful, and by receiving the letter they would automatically know that we are here and that we are on a sustainable planet.

  • I would send a poem to the space.
    Hello up there how are you
    I wonder how you must feel
    I wish i was up there with you
    I want to see how it feels

    space must feel out of this world.
    watching the the bright star.
    who thought that would be outside our wourld.
    I even tried asking my mar.

  • If we were to send something into space for extra-terrestrial life to find I would maybe send our scientific and engineering works to show any alien race how advanced we are compared to them and possibly our location in the universe, along with a message of peaceful intent.

  • My message will be to shine a light with letters to say that I'm all right and when people launch up to space with the team and lose little details from there mind which means astronauts have to send there messages quickly also when the team of astronauts working as one is hard but when we work together we make a masterpiece

    1. WOW that's a very great message!!!!!!!😮😮😮😮

  • "We are all different and unique but together we make a masterpiece "

  • When others launch to space to send a message with no technology they could use metal to make something to earth so they keep in contact with each other but when they are stuck in space normally the connection will get lost like on the apollo 1 2 3rd mision

  • Don't worry about anything.Just believe in yourself we're with you.😊🙂

  • My message would be that people should work together to stop climate change. I would then take a picture of the Earth and compare it to what the Earth looked like before climate change. I would do this because then hopefully people would understand how serious this actually is because they would have evidence as to much we have damage the Earth.

  • If I were to send a message, I would say "why can't you just send a robot to the moon?". I would say that because a human going to the moon is dangerous and if people agree to send robots then they can give you information without anyone traveling there. Scientist will collect this information and could spread it to BBC news. BBC news can share this with the world and everybody knows about space.

  • Th message i would send would be that one step on Mars is one more breakthrough. This will motivate anybody to drive and find a way to make a breakthrough that will lead the human race go to mars.Therefore anybody that goes to space will be driven by this motivational message.

  • If I were to send a message to space I would send what we had achieved in space over the years.
    -people would understand the importance of going to space
    -the could feel inspired
    -they could learn something new
    This why I would send this message if I could.

  • I would send a desperate message into space about the problems we are facing on Earth (eg. climate change, and pollution). This would sound like " Our Earth is in grave danger.If there is anyone, anyone out there, that will, help we plead. Any supernatural being that will help our crisis will be forever remembered. We will look back at this and stare in disbelief at this absured message though it would be amazing if this could happen, if we could change our fate."
    I would say this because it is really important to me that we will save our planet and all life on Earth. If there were really aliens they may have some advanced technoligy or ideas to help. It is a crazy idea but it could, somehow, work.

  • I am going to tell you about the story of Percy Jackson:

    Percy Jackon went to the Aunt E'ms Emporium along with Annabeth and Grover which they were here to find the 3 peals. Percy said to Annabeth and Grover to be seprated, when Percy said that we should be seprated, an old lady came out of nowhere and grabed Annabeth arm. The old lady told Annabeth about Medusa but it was too late..... Medusa came out of nowhere and turn the old lady to stone. Annabeth did not know what to do but she still closed her eyes then Percy was filming with his phone. Then Medusa now saw Percy filming, then Medusa was chasing after Percy. When Grover saw Annabeth stuck with the old lady'arm which Medusa turned to sone broke it. Then Grover and Annabeth was looking for Percy. Then Medusa went and push all the people that she has turned to stone then Percy fell on the floor and his phone fell down. At the time his stood up, he saw Meduca holding he's phone, he brought out his pen sword and killed Medusa.

    Thank you for listening.

  • I am going to tell you about the story of Percy Jackson:

    Percy Jackon went to the Aunt E'ms Emporium along with Annabeth and Grover which they were here to find the 3 peals. Percy said to Annabeth and Grover to be seprated, when Percy said that we should be seprated, an old lady came out of nowhere and grabed Annabeth arm. The old lady told Annabeth about Medusa but it was too late..... Medusa came out of nowhere and turn the old lady to stone. Annabeth did not know what to do but she still closed her eyes then Percy was filming with his phone. Then Medusa now saw Percy filming, then Medusa was chasing after Percy. When Grover saw Annabeth stuck with the old lady'arm which Medusa turned to stone broke it. Then Grover and Annabeth was looking for Percy. Then Medusa went and push all the people that she has turned to stone then Percy fell on the floor and his phone fell down. At the time his stood up, he saw Meduca holding he's phone, he brought out his pen sword and killed Medusa.

    Thank you for listening.

  • and do not forget to comment !

  • the first one is wrong don't worry about it!

  • beacuse instead of saying stone, I wrote sone so that is why the first one is wrong on the six line;

  • Thank you for this question I had to think hard about what message I would send to the astronauts in space. I personally would ask what discoveries you have made. I believe this because I think that if you send your workers or colleagues on a mission to space than you need to ask them if they have been successful. If they have not been successful than you can tell them how to improve which links with the element of sportsmanship to your peers.
    Thank you.

  • If I were to send a message to an astronaut I would send a letter because in my opinion I believe that aststronuats can be lonely in space. I think this because when they travel to space they leave their family,friends and much more cherished things and if they go to space alone then this can make them depressed because if a human does not communicate with other people it is not good for their body. I would also write a letter because they might think that they are just alone and no one remembers them such as their family and friends. So if I were to wright a letter to an astronaut to tell them that they will be remembered. Also I would says that there is no need to be depressed because we all remember you and if you weren't in space we wouldn't know as much as we do today like we wouldn't know the highest temperature in space is 250 degrees and we wouldn't know that the lowest temperature is negative 250 Farenhiet, we wouldn't know that space is completely silent and there is so much more we know. In the letter I would put a news paper inside because in space they might not know what is going on on earth.

    I hoped you enjoyed reading.

  • It depends on how far away that message is going. If it is far away, it would most probably reach them a long time after we are here. This means my message would probably be more of goodbye and acknowledgement of them and our development as a species than an invitation. As such: We are long gone. We are lightyears away from you, and we're gone. However, it is a feat that we sent this to you at all. Possibly someone else out here has received NASA's disk, and now you get this piece of humanity's culture. No matter whether you're more primitive or more developed, we're glad we got to share this with you before we have disappeared like many other species. As you continue your journey as a species in this universe, acknowledge this as both a reminder and confirmation of other intelligent life in the universe.

  • I would send the following message into space:
    To whoever this letter finds,
    I am a human from a planet called earth which is currently in dire need of help. Around our planet is what is called an atmosphere made up of multiple gases which keep our planet at a sustainable temperature. However, if too many of these "greenhouse gases" are released, from mechanisms called cars and as you may or may not know of space rockets then earth can become too hot. If so, it will melt the ice caps in the colder regions, causing extreme and unpredictable weathers and natural disasters. Some of my kind are trying incredibly hard to make a change so if in hundreds of years you get this letter, please try and get to us as you may be able to help. From inspiring_penguin.

    They may not be able to read so I would also attach a few pictures of climate change and it's consequences for them to see.

    1. Thank you for also mentioning the greenhouse gases!

  • The message that I want to send to space is that are aliens real or not . I would send this message because some people say that aliens are real and some people aliens are not real.

    1. i agree some do say that aliens are real and some people don't think they're real what would your answer be ?

  • Roses are red violets are blue space is full of mysteries so discover should you.

  • My message would be: Is there anything out there? If anyone is out of there please response to our message. We cause no threat so please don’t start an invasion.

    I chose this because millions of people are on the demand to know about if there are extra-terrestrial life out there; the universe. I think it isn’t a good idea because if we find aliens they might not understand our language and attack our civilization. We also don’t know how strong they could be. If they are to strong they might destroy Earth. That’s my opinion.

  • I would ask what was going on and if they could see any bad weather conditions because then the people of what ever country was about to have really bad weather conditions could go to a safe place

  • I would say that if you find this message ,I am a human being from planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy . On my planet we have a population of 7.7 billion people and in two countries we have two countries with a population of one billion each .If you have space on your own planet ,please contact us via space messages and if you try to invade us ,we have a powerful military if all the countries unite

  • I would draw pictures which show what earth Is like because then if any other living things found it they would understand it and they would know what earth is like which could be treasured information for them.

  • If I could send a message to space it would be plant trees on the mars the reason why I would send this is because if we can get trees on a plant like mars which has frozen water in case the earth is fill with toxic gas and we can’t breath anymore and we will have a plant with air and water to live in case

  • I would leave a message saying ‘Share this moment, we still have time.
    I have chosen this because Space is a beautiful place that should be shared. I have said we still have time because this is linked to two things; one, we still have time to save our planet, we have actually had a lot of time, but some people are against it. An example is the president of Brasil/Brazil, encouraging deforestation. We also have time to share this moment. We all know it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the fact that people are becoming interested in Space again will help share the moment quicker with others.

  • If I were to write to an astronaut I would send a letter saying that maybe the astronauts can take their family with them for an experience and also the astronaut can also take other children so then maybe they can be inspired and then maybe when their older and want to apply for a job and then we will have more and more astronauts and then humans will discover more fascinating facts which will help younger children in their learning and also it would be a wonderful adventure and trip and also they can experience the life of the astronaut.

    Thank you for reading my letter and I hope the Burnet News experts can take my advice and maybe this will happen in the future. I also hope you reader can be inspired by my letter and become an astronaut and inspire other children. Written by brilliant_fossil.

  • we know that water has been discovered in space, on other planets - i want to know if there are forms of plantations there? if there is life of organisms then this means there are more things existing there than we would imagine.
    also i want to know, for astronauts, what kind of problems do they face when in space?
    thank you.

    1. I think the problems that they face is the risk of dying because being an astrounaut is very risky and something very wrong could happen on the rocket or there might not be enough feul. Also the rocket might crash into something on the way because it takes a long time to get there about 1 year or maybe they make a wrong turning because when your an astronaut your risking your life that is why you have to become an expert and know what you are doing but mostly it is a fun job because it is an experience and you learn lots of fasinating and interesting job as long as you are an expert.

      1. I agree with u because what if the rocket had fuel to get up but never had any fuel to get down.What will happen?

  • As entertaining_strawberry said, I wouldn’t put out any types of voice messages or writing cause if there is life/aliens out there its possible that they could have their own form of writing or speech.I would send a photo of animals,food, and other things we use in our daily life.I would send a photo explaining common emotions that humans have so that the life can understand how we feel.We would also send photos of what we look like and how we think “aliens” look.

  • If I were to send a question to an astronaut in space, my question would be How much space junk are there in space and how could it be reduce? I would like to know the answer to this question because If a peace of space junk hits a planet, the planet might ether be pushed out of position or have a permanent dent in it. Another reason why I would like to know the answer to this question is because if space junk is a danger to us, then it would need to be cleaned up right away.

  • I would honestly send a message about me and who I am and maybe about what's happening in Britan right now and hopefully i'd get a reply from an alien so we could be pen-pals :3

  • "Take heed aliens, NASA's coming back!"

    This message would be engraved into a heat-resistant material such as the black tiles used in the construction of the space shuttle. The tiles would be covered with a paint of silica compounds and aluminium oxide; which protects against temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees.

    This notice would be a light-hearted comunication with any potential intelligent life-forms that may be lurking on the dark side of the moon...

  • I woul text people to come to space with me( even though I would a
    already be in space)

  • I think we should say "We are humans that live on Planet Earth. Do not invade us, we aren't enemies." because if there is Extra-Terrestrial life out there, we can discover the life-form and decide whether it it dangerous or not. Furthermore, if we decide they are friendly, we can take -if they have some- better technology so we could eventually discover other planets and maybe travel past this galaxy.

  • if i were to send a message i would say 'thank you' as they prepared to go into space and find out more for us and the entire world

  • My message would be "I am an earthling and I am from the planet earth in the milky way please come to my planet and meet my kind," I chose this message because it would make the aliens trust us.

  • My message would me how is it like in the solar system ,what do you do all day ,ask them all the differences between human beings and aliens .

  • My message to you is that i live on planet earth and i would like to meet you and just saying we are kink humans.

  • If I were to send a message to an astronaut in space, my question would be the experience of going to space and how different is it to living and getting used to the feeling of being in a space station away from earth.

  • sure there are pictures on the web but what does space really look like ? here are some pictures from NASA https://images.nasa.gov/

  • I agree but I would like a picture of space to

  • I think that we should send a song up in to space for any extra-terrestrial life. I would suggest that we send 'We are the World' by USA Africa because the song itself is a beautiful song with some outstanding/world famous singers. If aliens, were to listen to this, surely they would enjoy and appreciate our best music. Also, the lyrics to the song represent humanity in the best possible way. It talks about how all the people on the world are like a big family and are united. The song tells about how people care for one another, it is all about savings lives and how humans help each other and help charity raise more money and make sure people have equality.

  • I think that a song or music will be better than a written message because if there actually are aliens in outer space ( or anywhere in space), maybe they wouldn't be able to understand human voices or English language. And I think that the best songs will be 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams, or 'We are the world' by Michael Jackson because even though there's things that are sometimes upsetting to the human race, these songs show that there is always hope. The songs show that humans can not be pulled down and that humans are powerful, happy and hopeful as a race. There's always something happy to cheer us up, and we want anyone or anything out there to know this. Both songs make me feel better when I listen to them and I want the aliens to feel like that too if they understand it.

  • I would like to send the song `we are the world' to space

    I have chosen this song because if there actually are aliens out there, they could understand more about our world and how much we really care about each other. Another reason of why I have selected this song is because we don't know if aliens can read our languages so songs might be better ways for them to understand. This song makes me feel proud to be part of the human race so I would hope the aliens would appreciate this.

  • if i sent a message into space i would send a picture of what earth looks like now so that the astronaut does not forget his home.I would write a message with the photo that would say .If you remember your hometown Mitcham, i would hope you do. We miss you dearly and i would like to see pictures, if you remembered to pack your camera. I hope you come home soon . Yours sincerely @BNC

  • I really think that's a good idea. Would this affect my stars? i really like this thank you.

  • what is like in space and how is it made ?

  • Personally, If I was to be able to send a rocket in Space, I would send them an audio message about the existence of humans. Because if anything was to come across my message, there would be three possible outcomes: They either ignore us, Come to us and invade us, or come to us and share their intelligence with us! I personally chose audios because not everyone can read English. Overall, that is the reasons why I would send a message in a rocket.

    Thank you for reading.