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I think that politicians deserve in the middle respect because they are also people but I also... #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 07/2/20
I would change that normal people should be allowed to have a say in the Houses Of Comments... #20 - What One Change....? 30/1/20
My question to Jeremy would be- who has been the most influential person to answer and why? I... #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 17/1/20
One job to do with space is a space scientist.The reason for this is I believe that is important... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 13/12/19
I think that the best option would be the last one(removing space junk). I think this because... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 03/12/19
My message would be that people should work together to stop climate change. I would then take a... #12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced! 27/11/19
Amazing!!!!πŸ˜Žβ˜ΊπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜† #12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced! 27/11/19
I agree because it might happen and you have to wait until someone helps you #10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced 12/11/19