#18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced!

17 January 2020


What a fantastic range of questions! This was one of the hardest competitions we have ever had to judge. Thank you for all the entries. Along with the winning questions, we'll be choosing a selection of others for Jeremy Paxman - keep an eye on the Hub to find out if yours got asked, and what he said!

Our Primary winner was warm_cricket of Brompton Westbrook Primary School, for asking: Does your job make it easier or harder to decide who to vote for? This is a fascinating question and it will be very interesting to hear how Jeremy's interviews inform his own opinion.

Our Secondary winner is generous_nation of Ormiston Bushfield Academy, for asking: How long did it take you to prepare your questions for your Newsnight interviews? They had done some research and asked a question specific to what they found out.

Stay tuned to find out Jeremy Paxman says...

Jeremy Paxman has been interviewing politicians for over 25 years. He has interviewed the biggest names on the political stage, including our current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He earned the reputation as one of the most fearless and feared interviewers in the country.

Find out what made him such a good interviewer by watching this short video!

We're delighted Jeremy is one of our experts for this Issue, so our competition this week asks:

What question would you ask Jeremy Paxman - the person who has been questioning politicians for his whole career? And why?

Tip: try to ask a question no one else has asked yet!

Comment below with your question and why you want to ask it. We'll choose 5 to ask him, and pick the winners from those.

The competition closes on Friday 17th January at 11.30am! Get questioning!

Remember, we have other experts waiting for your questions! Click here to put your questions to them.

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Comments (140)

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  • What questions do you ask to the most greatest politicians whose names are known everywhere? Who is the most important politician or person you have asked? Why have you been asking questions for most of your career ? If you were prime minister, would you make Brexit happen ? Have you ever embarrassed any of the politicians you have interviewed? Do you think children should be allowed to vote? Have you ever been into the houses of Parliament? Do you think we should have a deal when leaving the EU? What type of people do you mostly interview? What does Boris Johnson value the most?What is the most favourite thing about your job? I have asked these questions because I'm very interested about what you do most of the time and I like asking questions a lot so maybe I could be a interviewer like you as well!

  • What makes a good Leader?
    I am asking this because citizens of England have been questioning whether Boris Johnson is the best Priminister for our country. Different views make it hard to decipher whether someone is good or bad. I would also like to know this because some people are aiming to be big role models, like Priminister or a leader. Knowing what makes the best leader would make it very helpful for those aiming to be the best person they can be, and will also help people decide while electing (electing is about your own personal opinion, but it could make that different knowing who would be the best for us).

  • i think what makes a good leader is if you be honest and a role-modal because what if u became the queen or boris johnson

  • and what make a good leader reply this comment please

  • why do you ask questions Jeremy and are you a worthy to ask famous politicisation that knows what to do and cares about people? 👍👍👍👍

  • I would ask Jeremy Paxman What is your point of view on other politicians? I am asking this because I think that Boris Johnson is a bad leader and I don't really like his decisions as his choice of an election and making him want deal brexit which I disagree with, I agree with other politicians and members of the parliament saying no deal brexit. I would like his opinion on this topic and what he thinks of politicians other than himself. I would like your opinion on this because I would like to know what politicians think about not just themselves, but each other. I would like his point of view and his personal opinion on this. Thanks.

  • i would ask him how does it feel too ride with the prime minister and was it fun . And were you worried of crashing.Another thing that i want to ask is what is your top questions, also what did it feel to be asking some of the most important people and were you brave

  • What would you do if you became a politician🤔?
    I am asking this because your whole career you have been questioning them.Would you stop questioning them and answer your own questions or continue with your curiosity? I am very curious about this and if i ever met you i would ask this👍

    Thanks for reading and goodbye🥨🍕🍔🍟

  • and being a good leader is
    being a role-model
    being sensible
    respecting people
    and being nice 👍

  • Do you think brexit will have a positive effect on the UK? I would ask Jeremy Paxman this because I would like to know how he feels and where he stands in this complex argument. Some MPs are certain that brexit will bring us to ruin , whilst Boris Johnson assures us that this is for the best . Does he feel the urge to make a change and will he do so?

  • What I would ask Jeremy Paxman is ``How does it feel to meet politicians `` The reason why I chose that question is because politicians are Prime Ministers and it would be very amazing and interesting and the reason why I think it would be interesting is because they will tell you how they live and be a leader so maybe someday you will be a great leader .Comment if you agree 👍.

  • If I could ask Jeremy Paxman any question I would ask him ''what change would Jeremy Paxman himself make in the country if he was in the Government?''Because he's been questioning the governments moves during his whole carer.

  • If I ever met Jeremy Paxman , I would ask him : why are you so desperate ask the politicians so many questions ?
    Why are you so curios ?🤔Do you want to be a politician?
    The reason I would ask these questions is because it is unusual for a person to be so curios.
    please reply!

  • Here’s a question:
    Who was the hardest person you have ever interviewed, and why?
    I would ask this question because Politicians are being interviewed against their will, and I would imagine some have refused to answer some questions.

  • My question is:
    Would YOU like to be a politican-Do you believe you would be a good ruler/leader?
    I have asked this because BNC has stated he has question many politicans and i am certain he has gotten some confusing and exquisite answers-In my opinion,I would be thinking lots about the questions that the politican has asked me and even so-How hard would a day in the life of a politican be?Politicans have great responsibilites and having them yourself would be quite a challenge-though after all of the questions and answers he has gotten-He would be a good Politican.

  • My question to Jeremy Paxman is:
    If you weren't the man you are today, what will you be and why?

    I am asking this question because, it must be really hard to interview politicians and even the PM, and a man like you could have many greater opportunities to do some thing and earn a lot (not saying that the job you have now is bad or not enough money paid) but there could be many other opportunities, but you chose to be a interviewer of politician, why?

  • What made you want to be asking questions for the politicians, what inspired you?

    I have chosen this question because I want to know about Jeremy Paxman's past and how did this all start because he had some reason why this all started and why did he become famous for all of this.

  • What is it like to be an interviewer for famous politicians? Have you embarrassed any leaders in your career? what is your say on Brexit? Who is the most exiting and most famous person you have interviewed? Why did you want to be an interviewer? what was your dream job as a child?

  • My question to Jeremy Paxman is:

    What one skill do you think that has qualified you to this position you are today

  • I would love to ask if you have had anyone deny you interviewing them. If so why do you think they denied you?

  • What features do you have to have to be a true leader?
    I am asking this question because in a few countries around the world (for example the UK and USA) Have been questioning if their leader if they are making the right decisions for their country and some prime ministers are focusing on other issues less important and paying attention to their phone instead of what crowd is stood in front of them waiting.

  • What was the most difficult time throughout your 25 years as a journalist? In what way did you deal with it and how were you able to move on? The reason I asked you this question is because I, or some one else, may or may not want to become a journalist- just like you; there might be a time where we encounter the same thing. So I would like your opinion on this, so that it will help me as well when I am in such a state. Thank you for your time.

  • These are my questions.
    1. When you ask someone a question but they drift off into another topic when you never let go of that question, how do you manage to stand up for your so bravely against the interviewee?
    2. Have you ever felt like you had a question to ask to somebody but you were afraid they might have found it offensive?
    3. How did you build such a huge reputation in the interviewing world?
    4. My main question is being an interviewer easy when talking to famous people?

  • I like your question involved grapefruit.

  • why did you choose this as a job and what lead you to find it? Who is your inspiration?

  • If you were a leader, what would be your best qualities?

  • Did you plan your career or was it an accident? Are you famous primarily because of the BBC?

    I am asking this question because, i want to know, do you need a plan to become successful in life? Should people who work for the BBC be paid millions instead of like doctors and nurses who earn a lot less but they are all paid by taxes.

  • How many politicians did you interview? Give me the exact figure.

    I asked this question because most people would tend to estimate the answer ( Eg. 2000 or 35) but I really want to know if Jeremy Paxman can answer this complicated, hard question or will he estimate the answer?

  • I would ask: do you like your job? Why? is it hard questioning people? Why? Did you always want this job? I am a journalist for our schools newspaper what advice would you give me for interviewing?

  • Whould you want to be prime minister or King of England

  • How do you have the guts to interview politicians and the prime minister, How are you so brave.

  • How can our government improve?

    I have chosen this question because I feel like our government need to do more, be honest with us and help our country say as one country. I also feel like they they can do more but they aren't doing it.

  • Why did you decide to quit Newsnight after 25 years?

    I would like to ask this question because Jeremy was the face of Newsnight and the show won't be the same for many without him there. He was incredibly successful and it is difficult to understand why he would give up on something that he does so well.

  • I have noticed that you often repeat your question several times in succession, often talking over the person you are interviewing whilst you do this. Have you found this to be a successful technique and why do you think it works so well?

    I would like to ask this question because Jeremy's technique is quite unique and he always seems to get an answer, even when asking questions that politicians would normally avoid. I would love to know how to be this successful when questioning people about challenging topics.

  • Which do you think is more important: getting the truth or getting an entertaining story?

    I would like to ask this question because it is something that has come up quite often in Burnet News Club. The truth is something that many journalists potentially ignore in the pursuit of a good, headline-grabbing story. However, I feel that Jeremy Paxman is keen to get at the truth whenever he conducts an interview and I would like to know why he thinks this is so important.

  • How long did it take you to prepare your questions for your News Night interviews?

    I would ask this because I've seen the videos of how much pressure you put on the politicians and that must take some time to crack the leaders that are in the government. The people you have interviewed are all clever and get questioned on a daily basis so, you must have to be ahead of them to catch them out.

  • Your interview style is quite scary and is more like interrogation than just questioning. Why did you decide to adopt this style?

    I would like to ask this question because it is an unusual interview style and I would like to know why Jeremy Paxman uses this technique so consistently.

  • How do you know when a politician is telling the truth during one of your interviews? Has there ever been a particularly frustrating moment when you haven’t been able to get the answers you wanted?

    I have decided to ask this question because politicians are traditionally known for lying or skirting the truth in order to get votes and so getting an honest interview must be quite difficult. Despite this, Jeremy has the reputation for getting to the truth and I would like to know how he does this and if he has ever been unsuccessful in using his interrogation skills to get to the bottom of something.

  • What do you plan on doing next? Are you going to step away from politics altogether or take on a different role?

    I would like to ask this question because it has surprised me that Jeremy would decide to step away from his job on Newsnight after 25 successful years and I would like to know if he is going to continue to use his skills to continue to interview politicians and get the answers that nobody else can get.

  • Some journalists and interviewers become friendly with politicians, even to the point of going on holiday with them. Do you think this is a good step to take or should you always keep a certain amount of distance from the people that you plan to interview?

    I have chosen to ask this question because I notice that some journalists may let their own personal feelings alter the way they interview someone and this doesn't seem to be the case with Jeremy Paxman. I would like to know his opinion on his responsibilities as a journalist.

  • You always use the same interview style, regardless of whether or not you may agree with someone or even like someone. Is it hard to keep your viewpoints to yourself or do you find this comes easily?

    I would like to ask this question because sometimes I find it difficult to remain impartial and that my success at asking someone questions depends on my relationship with them. I would like to improve my interview style and skills and would like to know how Jeremy manages to keep his own viewpoint a secret from the viewers, despite his talkative style!

  • If you could choose one past political figure to interview, who would you choose and why?

    I am curious to know this because Jeremy Paxman has interviewed many people over the course of the last 25 years and I would love to know if there is somebody he regrets not interviewing.

  • What inspired you to become a political journalist? Are there any subjects at school or university that you feel particularly prepared you for the job you do today?

    I would like to ask Jeremy this question because it is a career I might consider for myself in the future and I would like to know if there is anything I could be doing now to help me be as successful as him in the future.

  • Can you tell just by looking at someone if they are telling the truth? What are the key things you look for when deciding how to proceed with an interview?

    I would like to ask these questions because finding out the truth is very important to me and I would love to develop my scepticism (a BNC skill!) to enable me to work out when somebody is telling the truth and when they are lying. Jeremy seems to be good at this and I would love to know how he has become so successful.

  • Don't forget everyone that we have other experts ready to answer your questions - just paste this link into your browser to get asking! https://burnetnewsclub.com/issues/politicians-and-power/the-discussion/ask-expert-we-need-your-questions/

  • Jeremy Paxman, when did you see Boris Jonson? While he was fighting to be in Parliament and become the Prime Minister? Was he the better leader? Could he take Climate Change to the next level (not like Teresa May)! Will he lead England better than Jeremy Corbin? Finally, do you think the Conservative party make England pay for the NHS? Thanks.

  • Who was your role model and who educated you in the precise art of lie detection and in reporting?

  • What made you feel appealed to finding the truth in the people who lie for a lie for a living

  • Following so many interviews with politicians, do you still have faith in the way the country is run?

  • Jeremy Paxman, who is the person who you would find has the greatest prime minister,president,king or ruler.

  • Who was the worst politician you have interviewed? Who brought the best ideas to thier job? Did any of the politicains you interviewed seem ciorrupt? Thanks!!

  • Jeremy Paxman,how did you get the most interesting facts out of the people you interview? Do you have any persuasive techniques? Do you fear that you are too scary?

  • Do you enjoy your job and who is the most challenging person you have ever interviewed ?

  • I would I ask him if it makes it easier to vote or maybe harder. I would ask this because if he gets to interview politicians he will know slightly more than a general member of the public about that politic. Because knows pretty much every detail of those politics ideas for the country.

  • I'm asking this because above it says your fearless but feared 😰

  • If I could ask Jeremy Paxman a question about his interviewing i would ask him, "Does all the people that you interview have very fearce attitude?"I would ask that because out of a video that Brompton Westbrook watched altogether, All of the polititions had a very stiff opinion.

  • Is interviewing politicians worth it because you likely won't get an answer because you know how stubborn politicians are.

  • The question I would ask Jeremy Paxman would be how did u get into interviewing ? I would also ask do u not get lethargic or weary interviewing so many famous people?i would ask this because not a lot of people don't expose their time during work

  • How do you know what questions to ask certain people? I mean, for example, if you were interviewing. Boris Johnson, what questions would you ask him that you would not ask a local MP, for instance.

  • 1) Why do you choose to interview the politician's? 2) What has been the most important question you have ever asked? 3) When have you had to be open and unbias? Is it tricky to do?

    I want to ask these questions because I want to find out what it is like to be responsible for finding out the important answers from people who aren't always honest and open and what it is like not putting your own views when working with the public.

  • If someone was to tell you their biggest,juiciest secret ,would you spread it.

  • Dear Jeremy, do you think that Boris Johnson is a good leader?Also, is your job fun or serious?And have you ever been inside the houses of Parliament or met Boris Johnson?

  • How would you react if a politician was extremely disrespectful towards you? I am asking this question because I know you are extremely tough with this kind of thing, but if a politician just took it to far, what would you do?

  • I would ask, “what was your favourite question you asked someone”. I would ask this because he was asking people questions for two and a half decades as part of his job! And I’m just a bit curious 🤪

  • 1. Why did you start the career of asking politicians questions?

    I would like to know this because in my opinion I believe that it is very inspiring that you stand up to politicians and don't let them disrespect you. I would also like to know this because most reporters cant stand up to people like especially politicians.

    2. What do you think it takes to be good leader?

    I would like to know this because some countries have been questioning their leader on whether they are making good decisions and their prime ministers are focusing on other issues that are less important.

    3. What is your opinion on Brexit?

    I would like to know this because Brexit in my opinion is very interesting and I really like to know other people's opinion on Brexit.

    4. If you were prime minister and you were about to say your first speech to the world what would it be?

    I would like to know this because you are always talking to politicians and prime ministers so I thought after all the answers you would have got some ideas for if you were prime minister.

    5. How would you react if a politician was very rude towards you?

    I would like to know this because when I watched some of your reports I saw that some of your guests would constantly interrupt you and I thought it was a bit rude so then \I thought what would it be like if they were extremely rude towards you.

    Thank you for reading

  • I would ask Jeremy Paxman "How does it feel to be the most feared interviewer around?" .I would ask this because i wonder what he would say. Would he feel happy about being feared or upset about being feared? I think this is a great question to ask because we can see the other side of Jeremy Paxman and how he really feels.

  • "Have you ever ousted a politition from their position, due to your sophisticated and ingenious line of questioning?"

  • "If you were to be a biscuit, which biscuit would you be?"-I would be an unbreakable biscuit as nobody can bite me down.

    1. “Who or what inspired you to interview people?”

  • My question for Jeremy Paxman is:
    Does your work impact your decision on voting in the general election?
    I chose this question because as a journalist/reporter you spend alot of time with specific politicians meaning you can ask them more personal questions and hear the truth as sometimes politicians can lie when under pressure on live TV.
    Thank you.

  • My question
    When you are questioning politicians and they are telling you answers, do you ever forget that you are the most fearful and feared the most as a politician questioner?

  • My question to Jeremy Paxman is what have you been questioning politicians because he has been questioning politicians all his life but some people like me don't know what he has been asking politicians and if he keeps asking questions he might change the future towards brexit and other important things that are going on around the world.

  • Why do did you take this job up as a hobbie?
    I asked this question because it is an unusual thing to take up as a hobbie if sometimes people would just ignore you and not care about you.
    Are you the only person doing this?
    I ask this question because if you by yourself are questioning the hundreds of politicians, it is surely hard. But you have been going for 20 odd years so you have probably got used to it, at least that is what I guess.
    Do you ever have a debate with the MPs?
    Surely if you are asking questions that may offend the MP you are questioning, you are going to have a bit of a debate at least.

  • why do you question politicians when you can be one yourself ?

  • my question
    What is like doing your job? I mean not everyone sees the pm every now and then!

  • my questoin is how do you get them to get a interveiw

  • Who has been the most difficult politician to interview?

  • Why hasn't climate change been solved yet and also why hasn't poloticians done enough to solve the Hong Kong crisis

  • how do you be come famous

  • If its OK could you please ask him....why did you chose this job?Why do you like it?Who was your favorite Pearson to into view?I hope you can fetcher one of my questions in what you ask him.

  • I personally would ask... What gave you the idea of your job in the first place? Who would you say is the best/a great politician? Thank you!

  • here are a few questions 🤔

    1. why did you start asking politicians all these questions
    2. how did you start asking politicians questions
    3.when did you start asking politicians questions

  • Lots of people are joining to try and change climate change.

  • My questions
    1.Why did you start your career of asking politicians all these questions
    2. Why do you question politicians
    3.How brave are you talking to politicians like Boris Johnson

  • My questions for Jeremy Paxman:
    Do you like or dislike certain politicians and past prime ministers?
    Are you able to spot skepticism in the leader?
    When you have been interviewing somebody and spotted they were getting a bit nervous ?

  • How can we change climate change?

  • Yonger people should get the choise to vote from 10. We can make a difference too. Alough people may not take this seriously.

  • what is it like to be questioning a politicians and what questions do you ask them

  • My question for Jeremy Paxman is :
    Do the majority of politicians use Scepticism , Reasoning,speaking up and open mindnes ?:)

  • My questions:
    1.Why do you question politicians and how brave are you talking to big, powerful politicians like Boris Johnsan?
    2.Do your questions change the minds of the politician you are interviewing at the time for example: if you asked jeremy corbyn why he isnt leader of the labour party any more and then you asked him and he wanted to go back?

    Im asking this because i am curious about your job;i am thinking about being one.

  • Who has been the interesting and who has changed your political opinion

  • My question for Jeremy would be what is you favourite prime minister so far and why? I think this would be a relevant question to ask because I am quite interested in different information about parliament and keen to find out more.

  • because our our last prime minister theresa may might have passed some upsetting laws and i want to know why.

  • My question to Jeremy would be- who has been the most influential person to answer and why? I want to know this because I like to know if anyone has changed your opinion on things.

  • What is the most challenging and interesting debate you have had and what was it about?I would like to know this because I would like to know if prime ministers have hard times too . Prime ministers worry about people but I dont think people think about them.

  • Who was your most challenging interviewee and what were your most toughest decisions?

  • Our Question for Jeremy Paxman is that do you like politicians even though they are not always honest? By warmhearted_wolverine

  • My question to Jeremy Paxman would be: do you find it hard to stay impartial when talking to the politicians even though you have an opinion about them?

  • I would ask him: if you could be a political leader for a year, which country would you be the leader of? what would you do as leader?

  • If the major politician fails to answer a question what does that imply?

  • i would have so many questions it was hard to choose one but i think i have got it. as you know you have questioned many other people but i have a few question for you: which question that you have asked a person offended them (the people you are interviewing) the most? i also have a list of questions i'm dying to know:
    -this is a follow up to my last question, why did it offend them the most?
    -who was the most powerful person you have met to interview?
    -who was the least powerful person you interviewed?
    -how many interviews have you had?
    and now for the big question:
    do you always have to agree with the person you are interviewing, are you able to speak up when you think that something the person is saying is not right?As a member of BNC when i disagree /agree with what a person is saying i would try to use to use all of the skills. The four skills are scepticism, open mindedness, speaking up and reasoning. Do you think you have applied one (or more)of those four things in all of questions; if not do you think it could make your questions harder/easier?

  • My question to Jeremy Paxman is : Do you suggest that Brexit would have a positive effect on the UK? The reason I am asking this is because I want to know if it would help our country to become much greater or a disaster with chaos with each corner in England . Another reason is I would like to know what his ideas about this is going too.My statment is I believe that a bunch of MPs are doing their best to make London a safer and happier place to live.

  • My question to Jeremy Paxman is: what have been the challenges you have faced in your career, especially towards the beginning?

  • My question would be: Do you like politicians even though they don't always do the best for their country and can sometimes be very one-sided, not taking in others opinions?

    I wrote this because some politicians don't always take in others opinions and just stick to theirs. They simply can sometimes have there own ideas about how to change the world but don't think about other people and the impact it could have on them. For this reason: Would you like them for all the bad things that they have done and would you trust them?

  • My question to Jeremy Paxman would be: As you have been questioning politicians and PMs for a while, have you ever considered turning into a politician yourself? If you think about it, you must have quite a large extent of knowledge and politics, and I suspect know more than some of them and the thought of running for MP must have crossed over your mind at least once and twice. I have watched your video and the BBC and after retiring from Newsnight, it would be the perfect upgrade and -as we all know- you are very persuasive and good at arguments and winning debates, the perfect qualities for a first class MP.

    I would have wrote all the reasons for why I wrote all this but I would just be repeating myself as I have just summarized why on the paragraph above.

    Thank you for reading, hope you consider.

  • Of all of the politicians you have questioned which one do you think was the most competent and which one did you think was the most incompetent, why do you think this? Also which out of all of the prime ministers you interviewed seemed to be most suited to running the country, again, why do you think this?

    1. These are amazing questions positive_potato! I hope at least one of them gets answered!

  • Why do you do what you do and do you enjoy it?

  • How do you become a politician and what are the hard ships of becoming more well known? Are there struggles for people of a paticular gender or background if so how, they resolved?

  • To Jeremy Paxman,
    Have you ever doubted your job once in your life?
    When did you start interviewing?
    Who was the most nicest person you have interviewed?
    What are your hobbies other than interviewing? Anything to do with politics?
    Thank you for listening to my questions.

  • If I put myself in Jeremy’s perspective,it would take a lot of courage to stand for your word when other politicians are interrupting you but you be persistent ad work well with others and listen to there points .

  • same children said why from 18 year old can vout
    and one of them i am .
    the BNC stay all time to respond as ,
    these is the my question you ask question to adears ??

  • How do you think of your questions for politicians?

  • Who was the funniest politician you ever interviewed and why?

  • Here are my questions that I hope that at least one will be asked:
    - What has inspired you to question politicians and why?
    Would like to know this because many people have been inspired by a famous or very known person to keep on doing what they have done. For example: I might be inspired by a President or a MP to try and be like them when I grow up and follow their decisions that they have made.
    - What are your thoughts on Boris Johnson and why?
    I would like to know this because many people have many posotive or negative thoughts about Prime Ministers, Presidents, Politicians or more important people. For example: Many people in the United States don't have a good relationship with Donald Trump and have negative views about him.
    - What is your opinion on Brexit and why?
    I would like to know this because many people have their opinions on Brexit and many people change. People are getting frustrated about Brexit because the time keeps on moving further and further and who knows when the date will actually be officially announced?
    - Are you used to people ignoring you or talking over you or being rude?
    I wanted to ask this to you because after watching your videos of interviewing, I have realised that many people have been talking over you or just ignoring anything that you were saying to them like they didn't have a clue what to answer with or wanting to answer you.
    Here are a few of my questions and again I hope you answer one of them.
    Thank you.
    - talented_cookie

  • I would like to ask Jeremy Paxman :

    If you were able to vote, who would you vote for Prime Minister? (Can be anyone.) Explain why.
    If you were to be Prime Minister, leading the UK, what great changes will you do to improve England? Explain why.

    I have chosen this because most people aren't able to have the opportunity to pick the next Prime Minister (and Jeremy probably didn't get to vote). Also, some people missed out the opportunity to vote because they are too busy doing things; aren't interested in it and then realising they made a mistake(kind of); some people aren't able to vote because of their age limit. (My thoughts.)

    I have also chosen this because the environment is in bad condition and some people are acting carelessly towards it and most animals are dying because of this litter on the floor. Also, climate change is affecting the world right now most people (one of them Greta Thunberg) is trying to diminish (decrease) climate change and also some people need to help out more.

    I would also like to see if Jeremy will say the same ideas that I have. ( For the second question.)

  • What made you want to do this job?

    I want to ask this because I want to know if it was out pure curiosity, if you were interested in it from a child or got interested in when you became an adult.

  • I would ask them what is it like being a prime minster because it will probably be hard because people will want to ask you lots of questions like who would be the best side to vote?

  • What was your hardest interview? Who was it with and why was it the trickiest?

  • Has anyone ever asked you a awkward question that you don't want answer? I'm only asking because people feel really awkward when you ask them those type of questions.

  • My question for Jeremy Paxman,
    Do you ever get angry when you are interviewing someone? I am asking this because you are always interrogating people with personal questions.

  • Hello Jeremy Paxman. My questions are these: Why do you make people so uncomfortable when you ask them questions? Were you scared when you did your first interview with Michael Howard? Why did you accept the job you have now? How did you get the invitation for your job? I'm asking these questions because I want to know more about you (Jeremy Paxman), and also because I want to know who you are. Thank you for your time.

  • I would ask Jeremy Paxman if anybody has asked you to interview them ? I would ask this because he's very good at asking questions but is he good at answering them .

  • Where was your first interview? Who is the most difficult person that you've ever interviewed? What do you prefer presenting on a TV show or interviewing people? Why did you want to be an interviewer? I'm asking these questions because I am interested to know what you do.

  • i would ask Jeremy Paxman are you scared of anyone thats interviewed you? I'd want to know this because your really good but do you think anyone's better.

  • How will you feel if you were the prime ministers and what do you like about working with the prime minister ?

  • What do you honestly think about who good role model is?Why do you think Boris Johnson is or not a good role model?

  • Do you suspect that in a previous interview a politician has lied directly to your face and if yes then how could you tell?

    I would ask Jeremy that question because some politicians use propaganda to their advantage and I think it would be interesting to find out if a politician would actually lie in an interview.

  • I have another question.
    Would you rather be the King or Prime Minister of the UK?

  • If I was to have the chance to ask Jeremy Paxman a question, it would be: "What was your scariest interview, with who, and why?"

    I think this is a pleasant question; I personally believe that everybody has a soft side, whether thick-skinned or not. Walt Disney, who created Disney, has a phobia of mice -Musophobia- even though he created Mickey Mouse! Moreover, I think that we all have a few fears.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Why do you enjoy interviewing famous people?

    I am asking this question because many people have a small phobia of famous celebrities they admire.

    If you answer my question thank you


  • My question to Jeremy Paxman is:

    When you are interviewing someone, do you make up your questions on the spot or have you planned it out?

    I am asking this question because I assume you do not have a conversation and know what the person you are interviewing's reply would be. In addition, their initial response will most likely continue as a topic in other questions.

  • People say that politicians avoid giving direct answers to difficult questions and, often, they will try to skirt around it so they don’t put themselves in a bad light. And in the video clip, we can see Jeremy Paxman relentlessly repeating his questions in order to push for a direct answer.

    And so my question to Jeremy Paxman:
    Hello Jeremy Paxman; have you ever interviewed a politician that felt immense pressure by your line of questioning because he/she was unable to give you a straight answer and, as a result, walked out of the studio?

  • A question I would like to ask is, do you ever encounter MPs and politics, and have apoor opinion of them. What u mean by this is, do you ever see MPs that you don’t particularly like?
    I’m wondering this because opinions matter, and if one person doesn’t like another person, everyone’s opinion could change. If so, who are they and why? This would help build an opinion on those who are ruling out country.

  • It is hard to understand how the hidden power behind politicians and many others but how to question them?My special question is how are you so confident?

  • It is important to understand what is happening but what happens if the governments/politicians don’t tell us son that means they are not honest😊

  • Did any of your interviews go out of hand.

  • Who thought of naming you the most fearless interviewer?

  • Why did you chose your specific job? I chose this question out of all of them because I truly am curious on what caused you to choose your job and if something persuaded you to choose it