#20 - What One Change....?

27 August 2020

Reasoning for competitions

This competition has now closed. We have left this page visible so other people can see your wonderful ideas! All competitions can be found here.

Most of you will have already had some sessions on our latest Issue, Politicians and Power. You may have read about the role of an MP, how elections work, and how some politicians have let their behaviour slip in recent years.

This week's competition asks:

If you could make one change to politics in the UK, what would it be and why?

You might want to think about bringing in a new rule that politicians must obey

You might want to think about the way elections happen

You might want to think about how MPs behave in Parliament (see how it has got out of hand before)

....or any other kind of change you think would be good for our political system.


I would like to suggest that.... because...

The competition closes at 10.30am on Friday 31st January. Good luck!

Comments (199)

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  • if I could make one change in politics it would be that the people have the power because not even the prime minster should have the power. if i had a country we would all be equal and could make laws by a vote.

  • The one thing that I would like to change is the respect MPs and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson have for each other. Related to the video link that I watched, the Speaker is being ignored while many in the House of Commons are yelling at each other. Disrespectful insults are hurled at each other; when one person says something, the whole party guffaws! I hope others agree that, if this gets out of hand, and the public hears of this - as I expect they already have - the whole country could be in turmoil! I believe they are leaving a big gap for the future generation in politics. There are people who see them as role models, but when they are misbehaving, who knows what's going to happen for those who wish to become politicians? I hope that RESPECT is a key rule for senior politicians.

  • I would under no doubt change that th government use drugs for money. Smoking should be against the law but the government won't ban it because they make too much money out of it. Our government are being really selfish at the moment and I think we need more people like Greta Thunberg as our prime minister because she has so much experience and is very passionate about the world and its current difficulties.

  • One thing that could change in politician is animals in danger this is because, our beautiful ,gorgeous animals makes Human uses of animals include both practical uses, such as the production of food and clothing, and symbolic uses, such as in art, literature, mythology, and religion. Animals used in these ways include fish, crustaceans, insects, molluscs, mammals and birds.

  • If I could change one thing, it would be to let children over eleven vote as long as they are supervised by an adult,If a child lives in the place were the voting is taking place in there capital city they should be able vote.Everyone one should have at least one chance to vote in there life.What do you think?

  • If I could change one thing, it would be to make the community but also the world green again. When cars were invented, it caused pollution. Pollution is highly dangerous and if you breathe too much, it can damage your body and can kill animals. Some parts of the earth are bright with fresh grass. I bet animals there would be having the time of their life! Surely, you do want to make the world green again?It would stop death and it will make happiness. Everyone should be happy and live a long healthy life. Engineers have created a few electric cars which don't cause any gas or pollution. They help a lot. I respect Greta Thumberg . She's quite young . She is speaking to the world with confidence and resilience. She's making the world a better place. We could help everyone who are in danger. BUT!!! Animals can also be affected by this as well as us. Pollution is poison to some animals and they're very useful in emergencies. Having fresh grass and soil is great for plants. If your garden looks dull , you can make a change straight away! It could turn into a colourful garden with butterflies, insects, bees and maybe your pet could be part of it! (More like a secret garden!) We can ALL make a change. Because... THERE'S NO PLANET B!!!

  • If there was only one thing that I could change it would be to make sure that we are not racist in the House of Parliament, but if I could change anything - more than one thing- I would make sure that there is no arguments or fighting in the House of Parliament

  • I would change that smoking is illegal because it is ruining people's lives and children are breathing it in and they are only kids and they are growing and they don't want to grow up with people smoking. And people also smoke drugs which could harm not just themselves but other people, drugs are making people stupid and dangerous so thats why people shouldn't take drugs and influence younger people.

  • If I could make one appropriate change I would, change the fact that children could vote.
    Due to that fact that when adults vote they are not only deciding for them that are deciding on there child’s future as well as them.I would let children of 14 and older to vote since they could understand about political votes etc. They would not have to vote it would be optional to them. Hopefully this will be instated in the near future but the stakes are very low like 10/90%

  • If I could change any one thing it would be for everybody in parliament to get along with each other. My reason for this is all that happens on the news is you hear loads of MPs arguing and leaving the Houses of Parliament in a strop because it isn't going their way. If everybody got along with each other, people may live a better life and also enjoy it.

  • If I could change 1 thing to our politics Is that people were less stubborn and that there was less competition and lying because the more parliament communcate and try to help each other then the outcome will be greater than what is happening now. Also, if Boris Johnson lies about all of the regulations of the deal between us and the EU, then our MPs won't know every part of the deal and if it creates something bad for them and the rest of the country then there will be a riot and crisis.

  • If I could change one thing about politics it would be to change it by making it less of a sport and start making actual desisious that will help their country because at the moment they are making desisions that will keep them respected and wealthy . To them it also seems like it is a game to them that their trying to be the best MP possible but to us we just want good desisious for our country so I would keep the political party's but the leading country is not fully in charge other partys have there say in the leadership in their country but everyone respect each other and will not argue who is better but overal everyone makes desisious good and wanted by the public for their country.

  • Please I don't have any stars

  • One change I would make for politicians is that they should study and think more about there speech not how afraid they are.

  • Mine would be stick to what you say and do it on TIME because take brexit for example it started so long ago and it has not happened because no one can agree on what the trade will be. Also if people are counting on you to do something then if you keep on holding it back the people will get frustrated and will continually pick up on the pity things you do because you keep on holding things back. So if politics can do that it will be so much easier.

  • I would like to suggest that we change our voting system. So instead of voting for a party you vote for the individual leader.
    By zestful_mouse and crafty_hurricane.

  • I want to be prime minister I would ban all Animal testing , drugs And knife crime

  • I would ban smoking for everybody

  • EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • politicians need to focus on worldwide problems, and to focus at this point in time, Brexit.

  • I think that politicians need to use their power in a good way

  • One thing that I would change is how people behave in parliament and the House of Commons.

    What I would change is to stop people interrupting each other and when a person is speaking, I would make it so no one can interrupt them and so that everyone has to listen to all of what they have to say. I would do this because let’s say that someone was interrupted halfway through something they were about to say because a politician didn’t like what they were suggesting so far, if they had let the person carry on it might have been something the politician did like, or even the prime minister, which they would hold a vote for it and it could actually happen. So, that would mean if that did happen something that would benefit us and the country could’ve been dismissed by a simple interruption. That is what and why I would change to politics.

  • I think that one thing they can change is help the poor with new flats for people who can't afford them also with water and food. They can also help them with getting jobs and helping out there future. To prevent homelessness in London.

  • if i were a politician , i would change the way that schools do their lessons because in year 6 the lessons are so boring and we don't do anything fun because you are in yera 6 and you have to get ready for sats . I would definitely change the way we do our lessons so that they are more FUN

  • In my opinion I would change the rules of the queen not going into the houses of Commons because as the queen is the ruler of England she technically has the right to do everything apart from breaking social rules and prejudices. Also as the queen, she has power over this country and the parliament as she is the ruler of England
    This is I what I would change.

  • use your power good or don't use it at all

  • I would change the focus of Nhs .This will help as nhs is free a fund in money would be great.If there is more money nhs will thrive more .For instance a pacemaker cost about 10 grand if they had more money they could by more.As well as this as the age expectancy is higher there would be more demand for cures for illnesses, surgery and medicines. All of this is slowly bankrupting of national health system.

  • I would change knife crimes and kidnapping children and getting there kindey because, knife crime kills people and the population of UK and the World will decrease really quickly Next, I should stop kidnapping because Its not good and once again the population will decrease adding on children have education and they think the should have better life and make there parents happy .

  • I would change the salary of NHS staff and try to stop the crisis of the equipment and payment of the staff. As we have seen on the news of no bed for a patient. Furthermore, I think they need to invest at least 40% of tax payers into NHS to help support them and the rest to general community service.

  • I would like to suggest that different parties don't abuse each other especially with the opposition because they wouldn't set a role model to their citizens and they will start to fight ,this will cause the other parties to get involved some people will quit their job in parliament just to get away from the argument. If it gets to serious then parliament might even shut down.

  • I would make smoking illegal as when people smoke, they pollute the air and others are forced to breathe it in which could damage someone's lungs and may cause heart attacks for some people. Smoking causes 84% of deaths, which come from lung cancer. 480,000 people die from smoking each year which decreases the population and if it continues, the population would lessen. This is why i believe that smoking being allowed should be changed.

  • If I could change one thing in politics it would be that only the queen can have power to make laws decide what's good for the country and what's bad for the country. There would be no prime ministers no party's and no brexit. I think that there should be no brexit because it's becoming a civil war and people against Boris Johnson and for Boris Johnson are making a big deal. That's what I would like to change in politics.

  • I would stop smoking

  • I would not allow any racist or offensive decisions to happen.

  • I would ban all cigarettes

  • band smoking and drugs with no alcohol

  • I would not allow any racist or offensive decisions to happen because then people would be equal and there wouldn't be any protests.

  • i would change ban all cigarattes because its bad for their health and our health if we breath it in

  • If I could change one thing about politics it would be to pass the law stop police harrasing people because it's wrong.

  • If i could change one thing i think i would make every person have an equal say and poeple arn't aloud to be racis

  • to make more people use electric cars because its polluting the air

  • to make electric cars louder

  • if I could make a change it would be that

    if I could change one thing in politics it would be the fact that some police officers arrest innocent people because of their race and because they have some thing against them I would make a law that officers cant arrest innocent people on lest they have proof they are not innocent.

  • These days talking to people in a rude manner is allowed.Yesterday I saw woman bump into a young child ,she did not say sorry ,instead she just sweared. I would make talking to a stanger rudely against the law.

    1. I agree with you because talking nicely to people is just basic manners, but it makes a big difference in the way people think about you. For example if you are new to a job and you do not respect others in the area, you may be fired or you may never be promoted. If you are a prime minister who has started a war, it may give people a very bad first impression of you.

  • why are there Afracan tree fiers

  • The one thing I would change about politics is that if something (like Brexit) has been discussed for over 1 year then they will have to stop talking about it and do another general election. Whichever side wins they will have to go with it like it or not.

  • If I could change one thing in politics it would be that MPs who fall asleep in parliament should face serious penalties. For example if I were to fall asleep in class the teacher would give me a serious consequence and tell me that I was being rude by not paying attention and listening to the lesson that the teacher had planned. Politicians are in a position of power and are running our country, surely they should stay awake to do so. I am disgusted at the amount of politicians that do this. If you search “MPs who fall asleep in parliament” you will be able to see how many politicians do this.

  • I would actually do something about the NHS situation and give them a larger donation because for the past three years, nobody has taken further action. There are people in need of medicine and treatment and they need help.

  • If I could change one thing in politics, I would make it a law to behave well in the House of Commons.
    I would do this because:
    Firstly, bad behaviour reduces productivity in the commons, for example: the commons might be having a debate but suddenly another person interrupts without the person who is speaking giving way, the speaker of the commons will then have to sort this out and due to this valuable debate time will be lost.
    Secondly, the MPs in the commons are meant to be role models to their constituency, it will create a bad impression if the MP is seen by his/her constituents misbehaving. In my opinion, an MP who behaves badly in the commons is frankly not fit to be an MP, MPs, as I said, are meant to be role models. For example: one MP in the house of commons called and opposition MP something rude, this is not acceptable by any means, people in the commons need to conduct themselves in a civilised way.
    In conclusion, as it is obvious from the debates in the commons, {in my opinion} the government needs to impose a new law that does not allow anyone to misbehave or disobey the rules in the house of commons.

  • all of the priministers mite think that their controling all that they have geting thenselvs caut up in a zone of I'M THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WHOLE PLASE and will think that there the most important person and that they are ment to be respected by all people even thou they don't like them.If i where somesne like that i would never fogive my selfish personality even if i enjoyed it.

  • I would like it if people had chosen to walk,ciycal,scot or use sun pouwered cars to get to the places or to use public transport to stop all thepolution that lot's of viecals are making for a better inviorment and to stop climate change runing some animals deserted,icy,tropical or temperet biome.

  • One thing I would change and why:
    To use their power because they are very lucky they have been chosen many people do not hve this opportunity but they take this as an advantage and turn different.WHY this? I know that if many people use their power,that thing or country goes further into succeding in what they want to achieve so that is what I want to change if you have power then use it and if this happens youcan acomplish all the other stuff.

  • If I had to change on thing, it would be making this world green again and making people pick up their own litter so no one else has to pick them up!

  • The rule I would change would be to always respect others opinions which is a current rule but, I would modify it into if they don't obey the rule they have to leave the premises and miss out on the debate because it should be held attentively. I chose this because all opinions should be respected even if they ardent as another opinion. I also think this because every person in a protest should have a respected point no matter what they look like or if they make a small mistake in their speech, for we all make mistakes so they should not be judged for that.

  • In my opinion i would prefer to us less cars and to do more excercise to help make the Earth a cleaner and better place to live.Most people throw their rubish on the floor.Sometimes the rubish you throw on the floor is sent to the sea and hurts animals in the water,i heard that a dolphin had eaten a plastic bag and had almost died if a team of people hadn't helped it ,it could of died and not only that all the cars are making polution that's atracting more and more heat waves that are affecting the artic and its animals so i would help all the people that want to save all the animals they can

  • If I could make one change in politics it would be that every politician has to tell the truth because politicians lie too much to make them sound good
    thank you for reading

  • I think we should change politics to where we can get involved. For example, if the government wanted to put a new rule in about schools, I think the students - us - we should be able to vote for what we want. I also think that politicians should pay attention to what the children want for their future too. When we vote for who we want to run the country, we will vote for the party/politician that has paid most attention to us.

  • If I could make one change, it would be for the politics, and rules they have to follow.
    As you may have seen, many politicians run for prime minister, and in the elections, they say what they would do if they were elected. I would make it so they have to do as they said they would, otherwise they would be lying, and not everybody wants a liar as their leader.
    Yes, hey do get out under pressure, but if they say, we will make health care free, they should need to figure out a plan before the election starts. If you calms up with an idea, like making everyone houses, you need to figure out a way to it. It costs a lot of money to do things like that, and politics shouldn’t be allowed to get people hopes up, then lie.

  • If I was to make one change to politics , I would want to enforce the order of the house . As seen in this video https://youtu.be/-NRgyqrKSkU , John Bercow has to keep asking for order and is sometimes defied by the politicians. I can see that the politicians might want to voice their opinion without repression but that repression is needed to keep utter chaos from breaking out. A way order could be kept under control is the classroom effect, where if you speak when you haven't been given permission you will receive a penalty (a detention) where they miss out on the next order or meeting creating a classroom effect.

  • If I was able to change something about politics I would change the way they think that they are on top of the world as show when a MP got caught speeding and thought just because she was a MP she could get away with it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-47040912. This proves that they think they can get out of breaking the law just because they are Mp's and it shows you that they can't get away with it. I feel like this should be changed because we are all human and nobody is better than someone else.

  • I think that MP's should be forced to resign from their role effective immediately if they have been involved in any criminal offence. This should have been enforced when Fiona Onasanya was jailed for speeding. I think that this should be enforced because if she's a criminal, how can we trust her to run a constituency?

  • If I could make 1 change I would make it that any MP must clearly have a perfectly clean police record before and during being an MP. I think that for our governments and country's well-being they must have nothing bad to do with the police. An example of this is a few years ago the Peterborough MP was caught speeding and it was a massive trouble for the government to sort out because she refused to resign. If people with criminal records are allowed as MP's it will affect badly across all of Briton because we have people who have obviously done illegal things and yet we are letting these people run the country. If a politicians criminal record showed that they have had jail-time or a fine for doing something illegal they should not be allowed to stand as an MP for Briton.
    If someone has a criminal record they would not be completely trustworthy.

  • Politicians should be kind and make ALL rules fair🚯🚮🚭⚠🔞✅🚫❎

      1. It's unfair if the politicians don't keep the rules of the land

  • If i could make one change to politics, i would make it so that half of the MPs in the House of Lords, should be elected by the people so that the Lords are half experts and half elected so that the people have a say of what happens as the House of Commons is elected but the house or lords isn't. Both houses need to agree with the bill to make it an act, since the Lords are not elected, it isn't fair for those to make changes.

  • A change that would make to the political system in the UK would be to forever remove the royal family from office. I think this because the Queen is deemed to be the highest in the country in terms power. However it should be the public and so the prime minister should have the most. Also the royal family has no power it is just people who think that thery have more power.

  • if i could make 1 changes to the law like stopping people from doing want they want like doing drugs and burglary.

  • My opinion doesn't matter because i think they will settle this there own way and that i'm not into all the politics and it doesn't bother me

  • If i could make 1 change it would be to ban non-electric cars,as it is causing pollution and is bad for the environment.Also, I would make sure every British citizen has a house to go to and a job to get money.It is estimated that there is 178,000 are homeless (and that's just in London),it is said that 1 in every 52 people are homeless.

  • If i could make one change to politics i would stop the politicians impacting our lives so much and allow people to get a job at any age.
    I want a job at this age so i can get money while im young and it will give us a responsibility to do on a weekends and it shows what people have to do to earn money and make ends meat.

  • I would change the way that people only have 1 chance to say their ideas in the houses of parliament, whenever I watch the debates it is only the main leaders that get the chance to speak but the other people may have a great idea and can add something amazing to the group and the law but they often don't get listened too.

  • I think that I could change one thing about British politics it would be how the government handle homelessness. They say they are trying their best but there is still an estimated 128,000 children on the streets and since 2010 the number of rough sleepers has doubled and also an estimated 1 in 200 people are homeless.
    This not only bad on the governments part but this is a very important issue and all the government is doing is putting you on a list to get a council house (it depends on where you live) but it can take over 10 years to get a house or flat so I think that they are not taking enough action or acting fast enough.
    Also the government say that they are trying to drastically reduce the amount of drugs in the UK (they are a common reason of homelessness) but they still keep tobacco legal. This is an outrage in my opinion as marijuana, cannabis and hemp are illegal but they are all essentially the same thing and the government just want to make money out of it, which not only damaging to peoples’ health but it is also very expensive so it could eventually put people on the streets.

  • I have a rather controversial opinion on this but I not only do not want Boris Johnson out of power for the fact that he lied to the queen, recorded important calls, and called Muslim women wearing a niquab a ‘letterbox’ I also think that in the UK we should legalize the use of some potentially less harmful drugs such as marijuana, cannabis or hemp because all of those drugs have really the same effects as tobacco and I don’t see it fair that one drug with the same outcome of another can be seen with such negativity as they are practically the same. I believe that if they have already legalized the use of tobacco so they should legalize the use of marijuana, cannabis and hemp. Many countries have already legalized the use of marijuana and cannabis such as the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico and Belize so why not the UK next? Some facts about Weed may shock you. For example: Weed is 114 times safer than alcohol. Cannabis can kill cancer cells. Marijuana is less addictive than coffee. And if we legalized weed up to 900 million pounds could be raised annually in taxes In American states such as Colorado, where cannabis has been legalized, thousands of jobs have been created. Ten thousand people now work in the area’s cannabis industry.
    As states in America have legalized weed without society breaking down, people’s attitudes to it have softened. In both America and Britain, opinion polls show that a majority of people support dope being legalized – it’s just political parties who don’t. A cancer patient claims to have been cured by cannabis. David Hibbitt had been told he only had 18 months to live but now he’s looking forward to life with his new bride after being given the all clear. The 33-year-old, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, said this miraculous turn of events was down to him taking cannabis oil, which cost £50 a gram from a local dealer.
    This is why I believe that less heavy drugs such as cannabis, marijuana, and hemp should be legalized. As I said before, my opinion is very controversial and I don’t expect everybody to believe it. You can have many different opinions but I hold this one very close to my heart.

  • If I were a politician I would change:
    The way people speak and behave to each other because nowadays people are usually rude to each other and I would like to change that.
    The next thing I would like to change is that everyone should do something about climate change because I dont think everyone cares that much about it anymore but that is not to everyone some people still do care.
    The last thing I would like to change are lessons in year 6 because nearly every pupil can agree it is really boring .

  • If I could change one thing about politicians it would be respect .Im quite discussed by the way polititians act to issues in their area. People in the community have elected them and put trust in them to make their country a better place . I feel like some politicians take their role for granted! In my area the politician that people have put most of their trust in is Borris Jonson . He hasn't made any changes to the situation of brexit or our environment! I would change Borris Jhonsons attitude and language. I would like to see him actually do something. He said he would get brexit done unlike Tereser May and look how that turned out, their the exactly the same!!!

  • I think that we should change the law of becoming an MP. Borris Johnson suspended the Parliament on the 24th September 2019, for 5 weeks. This act was ‘unlawful’ and ‘illegal’. Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn had stated: ‘’The Government is failing the people of Britain’’. That’s not all. He has called gay men ‘’bumboys’’ and has compared Muslim women to ‘’letterboxes’’. A good leader consists of: encouragement, someone who will help you reach your goal, a rebellious person who will not stop until they have reached their goal of doing what’s best for their country. But he is clearly racist and homophobic which makes him an awful leader.

  • If I could make one change, it would be that any politician who committed a criminal act wouldn't be allowed to be a politician. This is because members of the public look up to these people as someone to lead them. Politicians are elected because people think that they have the right ideas and will always value the peoples' thoughts. If politicians can't follow the law that they have helped to make, then the public won't be able to trust them. The public need someone that they can trust to help run the country or else they might give up voting in the general elections because they don't know who is honest enough to not abuse their power. One third of registered voters in the UK did not vote. The number of non-voters is greater than the sitting MP's majority in 551 out of 650 constituencies: that's more than 80%. If people definitely know that they can trust their politicians then they will be more likely to vote.

  • I believe that there should be an option to have a non-binary option for passports since they believe that they are neither female or male and it’s not fair that they don’t get the choice to choose what they are. Furthermore, it’s almost as if we’re thinking of them as lower than us because we’re not taking account on their feelings and they could be made uncomfortable. In my opinion I think that it is unacceptable for someone who doesn’t define themselves as either female or male to force them to declare an inappropriate gender to just obtain a passport. To add to this, Elan-Cane speaks up for herself and I quote “The UK government has consistently and consciously shown a determined unwillingness to accommodate non-gendered people’s legitimate needs. We are socially invisible and we are ‘inconvenient’ in a society where so much – even the legislative system – is bound and classified in accordance to gender. The government prefers to respond to our situation as though we do not exist rather than work towards enabling our assimilation into gendered society”.
    In conclusion, as Christie Elan-Cane says "Legitimate identity is a fundamental human right but non-gendered people are treated as though we have no rights”.

  • If I could keep make one change to the politics in the UK it would probably be for them to make more consideration about the environment and the trees. I think this because politics think about laws and all sorts of things I don't know, I think they should consider that deforestation is happening and try to put a stop to it. I think they should get the word out and help as much as possible because since they go on the news a lot.

  • If I was to change one thing it would be to make every politician tell the truth. For example lots of politicians make promises that they can't keep and that is wrong because that would be lying.Also that every person deseveres to be told the truth. For example the policians keep on making promises that they will get brexit done but they do not deliver. Instead politicians should stop making promises that they know they cannot keep just to get popular and get chosen for elections.

  • If I could change 1 thing then I would change is the way the government handles mild things like littering. The streets are dirty to the core where I live, and I don't like it and the government and MP's should do more to enforce litter cleaning services.

  • I think people have more right because people chose the MP

  • I would change the way they have debate.I would make sure that everyone is heard and there are no interruptions.I want to make sure we are all equal and there is no power abuse.

  • If i were to be prime minister, i would definitely change the way general elections work. Being under 18 and meaning i cant vote is sometimes really annoying as i think its the kids who are going to be living this next generation and adults should listen to what we want to see in our future lives. Many of us kids would really want to vote and be able to some how help make descisions really leaning towards OUR future .
    Thank you.

  • I would like to have someone fined £1.50 if they litter because no one wants to pay and because if you havent noticed our earth is changing and this could help it. And guarantee Britain a good reputation I know this might not work but I think it would be great if we had litter patrol so we can keep an I out on the people so they dont litter illegally.Where will the money go?Well,it will go to Australia's bushfires,charities related to living things(plants,animals etc.).Also, people like I mentioned litter people should get paid by this to because they truly work hard.
    What do you think?

  • I would stop all drugs, since drugs are really bad and too much can lead you to problems.

    - Smoking
    Smoking can be very unnecessary and worser when doing it excessively. It can also lead to a lot of health conditions.

    - Coffee

    Coffee is fine, but not too much . It can lead to some side effects , like stomach cramps, vomiting and more.

    - Pills
    Too many pills can lead to death and it’s not very appropriate, therefore the prescription instructions should be followed and all medicines should be kept away from children’s reach.

  • If I could make one change in the world I would make more homes for the homeless because I feel bad for those who don't have a home. Everyone wants to wake up in a nice cosy warm bed in a warm home especially in the winter when it is freezing. Not only does the homeless have nowhere to live but nowhere comfortable to sleep most of the time. So if there were more houses less people would be on the streets and more people will be happy and healthier. It would change a lot of lifes.

  • One thing that I would like to change is the behavior when candidates debate in the House of Commons for what we have seen the behavior and choices between John Brecow and Borris Johnson. This would be a very hard rule to obey as we can not force our candidates to change there actions. I have chosen this because, yes we do need to speak up for our self and challenge what the opposition is saying but sometimes candidates like to to 'over express themselves' and 'take it over the top' which is good but we like to do it to much. This is a very important situation because some candidates are very rude which leaves a leaves a big mark on the other candidate so we need to figure out this situation immediately.

    This will be very hard as it will take a lot of persuading and explaining but hopefully, one day us humans will understand it.

  • What i think?
    Making one simple change is difficult with a job such as a politician, by making a decision not everyone agrees with there could be trouble and protests and angry debates/posts on social media. Hence politicians make the decisions not us otherwise everyone would be coming up with ridiculous ideas. I think if there was to be one rule created from the public it has to be something to help climate change ! This rule could be anything from charging people as methodical ocean stated to creating actual jobs to help prevent littering.

    If you were to charge public for littering would it be a technical crime if you haven`t paid ?
    Irrelevant to climate change i also think given young children such as me should have an option to vote as afterall its our world as well we are the ones living it! What do you think ? The goverment may believe we will take the opportunity as a joke but we know differently.

    My final change- Creating jobs to report/stop littering but also convincing young kids and adults to git in on the act!

  • I would raise awareness of the climate change crisis as currently, no actions are being made by any large business. Not even some supermarkets are doing enough to help the environment, and doing so could increase the users as they know they are doing good to the environment and getting what they need. We could also join alliances with other countries and become more friendly to others by helping to stop climate change in THEIR country, as well as ours. This means if a large war does take place, they should help us. It benefits us, the environment, and other countries.

  • if i was the prime minister i would change 2 things the how the NHS works and knife crime.i would like to suggest that because the NHS is completely out of order because all they want to do is get people in and out as quickly as they can which is wrong. knife crime has risen a lot over the last 2 years inparticular in the UK. we can stop this by getting more equipment more people to do the necessary jobs. But also not to rush their jobs. BY also employing more police man and giving them more respect and money because they are to underrated.

  • Following on there are 250,000 people (1/4 of a million ) people without jobs which goverment pay- so in exchange for the goverment paying them they should clean the area for free as they are still getting paid but the only problem might be when they feel they deserve more money.

  • I think that if I were to change one thing, I would focuses on one thing so that nothing could go out of hand.

  • If I could change anything to do with politics I would change the age limit to vote. Children deserve to have their voice heard in what's going on. They need a say in who is going to rule and take responsibility of how this country is run.

  • I would change the way people shut Parliament just to get there say or just for no reason at all.

  • If I was the Prime minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland I would make the biggest change in the history of England. Lowering the age restriction to vote! Why you all may ask? Well I have dreamed to vote now. Lowering the age restriction to vote would mean that people over the age of 16, can actually have a say in our country's topsy-turvy political issues. This would mean if you are sixteen, you would have your own say, furthermore, you could have your own barrier which can stop people from influencing your vote.
    Hope you all like the idea!

  • I would change the affect on Preventing things like knife crime , and stopping WWIII from braking out against USA and Iran. Also,the main thing we should be focusing about is that climate change is slowly but surely coming

  • If I could make only one change it would be to raise awareness and prevent the ongoing problem of Climate Change. This is because it is our responsibility to protect our planet and its future that lies within our hands, why should we ruin future generation’s lives just because of our careless attitude to protecting our planet? Politicians need to act now instead of saying that they will do something about it for the better just to gain popularity and perhaps get elected into a higher role but never actually taking the growing problem into account. Politicians need to realise the seriousness of what is happening to our planet and work out how to reduce fossil fuels.

  • If I could change one thing I would change how we train police. I would do this because we have too much knife, how I would do this is that when they go to the academy I would add in Tatar and fire arms training. One of the reasons to this is that we need to put a foot down on terrorism in London and all around Britain you all have seen how dreadful all the events are, but they are only going to get more and more worse and comman if we do not stop it know.

    The second reason is because of gangs in London and all around Britain, I don't want to have to be scared the walk the streets or feel that it is appropriate and mandatory to look be hind me every 7 minutes. The MPs and PM are having debates on putting more armed
    personnel on the streets with tazars but not more lethal weapons which is a start on safty.
    I know I should not be making such a panic about more weapons but this is how bad it is getting. If we could just lay down the knives and outher it would be such a relief so we don't need to do the extreme precautions to put more weapons on the streets of Britain.
    I was in Guildford the outher day and saw 4 armed police with leathal wepons and it shocked me to my bones because if anyone know Guildford it is so Beautiful and peaceful it should not have that problem to have them there.
    Thank you for your time to read this,

  • First I want to change how honest our pollutions are and to stop
    Thing that global warming is a big mistake and to actually do
    something about it
    Second I would like to see go away is how the positions don’t help homeless women, children and men. we need to help them out and give them blankets or even a house to live

  • If I could change one thing it would probably be the killing of animals because people are going out hunting and killing animals that didn't do anything wrong to them

  • The one thing that I would change is to change the prime minister to someone that actually has some sense!

  • I would stop cutting down trees in the Amazon because every tree that gets cut down means more carbon dioxide being released into the air.

  • I would change how polititicians act in The House of Commons I would change this because the way politicians act can change a lot. It can allow you to form an opinion about someone from their behaviour. When they actually make an option you think is best.Therefore that may cause lots of people

  • I would change the amount of power they have because they all have far to much power. Sadly😥, some of them are using their power against people. Also they are using their job in the wrong way.

  • I think a valid law that some sort of Pearson like a MP or president could make would be most public transport to be band in cert ion arrears like small towns but keep it in busy towns like London.Thank you for reading!

  • i would make the rule that all politicians have to be honest because if politicians weren't honest then they could make up rules that damage our planet . and that would not be good . imagine if the politicians agreed on one thing but that one thing was all a lie and that lie was that climate change was not happening

  • i would stop them cutting down trees because a football pitch of trees gets cut down every minute in the Amazon.

  • I think we should stop use our more often and walk and use a bike. We should stop smoking and throwing rubbish in the bin.We should stop cutting down all the trees.

  • all of the home less people saw get a home and £20 so then bad guys cant hut them or still form them and give them food to be alive and not deb on the path is no one home less no one will wot to go to prison because home less people dont have food or a bed mean they wot to go to prison prison have food and a bed and it not in the ran

  • I think we should stop knife crimes because there`s too many. Most of them happen at night so i thing we should have more light so we can see more clearly. also more protection for gas stations because there targeted.

  • If I was a politician I we help all the poor in the uk and I would want to change climate change, to help the polar bears and end bushfires because animals has die so I well give 3000,00000000000,00000,000 of pounds🤑.

  • That racism is to be punished badly. Or you should at least get a find. I think this because it could make people change their religion just for them. It can also be really hurtful this could lead to more people getting involved. So if you badly punish them then they may think before they do it.

  • I would like our politicians to think more about climate change and how it's effecting our world🌏
    First get rid of all shops selling plastic products except from the ones that can be reuseable.
    Next convince more wold leaders to help and don't chop down the trees.

  • I would suggest to ban smoking because nearly 1million people catch lung canter.

  • I want to change how knifes are sold to the public secondly I want more police on the streets so they can stop knife crime and car accidents.

  • I think that people should have more power because its not fair that the goverment has all the power and people deserve to have more power and we could vote to decide laws and i think we should all be equal .

  • I would make sure that any ideas going through Parliament would have to be run by Her Majesty therefore there wouldn't be any bad ideas going into Parliament and possibly making it through and changing things tremendously and affecting the country with just a small change.I would also change the guidelines for Parliament because MPs behave terribly in Parliament screaming and shouting.Although it might be for a good reason, it is highly unnecessary because rational people don't go around shouting at people when they disagree or agree and that doesn't mean MPs should either because they're rational human beings as well.

  • I think that if we would change one thing,I would change the fact that we have political parties. I think that we should just have people run for prime minister, and then we vote for a person.

  • if I were to change one thing I would make it so there is a party paid by the government to be unbiased that wrote and informed the public about what he parties were planning to and the effect that it would cause this would help because it would mean no parties would win a vote from better advertising.

  • I would change the amount of power that politicians have over the country by dividing the power equally, so that the power is separated between politicians so not just one person is in control. As well as this, to reduce the power of other people. I would also change the age limit for voting, so that children have the opportunity to vote even if they may not be as responsible. The world should be an equal place where everyone has the right and responsibility they deserve.

  • I would want politicians to let us youngsters vote because children really know who to pick!👨🏾‍⚖️

  • If I could make a change in UK politics it would be: More money to people risking their lives and serving our country and less money to people playing sports. This is because people who play sport (especially male footballers) aren't doing anything to help anyone they are just kicking a ball and getting paid millions. Where as soldiers and pilots are risking their lives to kill terrorists and getting nowhere near as much money.

  • I would ensure that security, healthcare, and civil rights are given to ALL members of our society. In almost all cities there is a unnecessarily excessive amount of homeless and hungry. We can make a difference, We lend a hand, because if we come together WE CAN DO ANYTHING!!! Why do we ignore the needs of our fellow human beings who need our support. I know it may seem that we can not even help ourselves sometimes, but I believe it is time for a time.

  • I would change the rules with public voting. I think the rules are a bit unfair. The public are allowed to vote people who are unfair and who lie and spread false information. Boris Johnson has been spreading false information and has been doing many illegal things and the house of commons still allows him to be in power and the public our allowed to vote for him, I would change the voting system so only . The other thing I would change would be the way the commons do things regarding issues like brexit and climate change. The commons take a long time to decide anything and these issues have been dragging on for a while, and it does get boring for the British public and they do the vote that they do not believe in, but the vote that just makes the issue be finished faster. I would change the way the house of commons functions.

    This is my view, hope you consider.

  • If I could change anything to do with politicians I would make sure they give a certain amount of options so then everyone can share ideas ,discuss and agree on what they all want to agree on in their opinion and not what others think.👍🏻

  • I'd like to suggest a increase of time to speak on our free will during a maiden speech because i think it is important to share all, or as much information as possible. If the topic is important then you need to announce all your issues in a certain time but with a long period then you can get much more information in one speech. Therefore, it helps out the topic and worry all in one. This increase in time is not a waste of time, it shows all the facts and opinions people can share.

  • I 💭 politicians should think about the people and our future,the poor,sickness and make good opinions and think more about them and us👨🏼‍⚖️

  • I would stop all crime because alot of people suffer from crime.

  • I want to agree with gracious volcano because knife crime normally starts with young children meeting with each other to make gangs so what I would tell to Boris Johnson is to speak out to the people who are in I would reckon he should do is stop what he is doing and speak out!⛔️

  • I would help all poor and needy people all around the world 🌎.

  • I suggest that politicians should help the poor because poor people have no food and money so if you help them they will have a chance to survive.If you help them they will help you.

  • I would change the way MP's get a seat in the House of Commons. I think that an MP should get a seat for every however many votes their party got. Therefore, many more people's votes will be taken notice of. I would also change it so there would be an unlimited amount of seats so more opinions can be voiced.

  • If I could change anything in politics, it would be the fact that parliament gets to vote on almost everything that this country does. I think that we should be able to control the acts of our country, not some untrustworthy politician who could be altering the fate of this country without our consent. What I am proposing is that every crucial election
    that will go on in this country should be decided upon by the public.

  • I think that if I could make a distinct change in the way the country is governed, I would change the way that we, as the public, vote. I think that it is unfair when we vote as we do not impact who will become prime minister. We pick the party, but the politicians pick the PM. People may agree with some people in the party but not others and won't want to vote for the party because of this. I think that there should be separate votes. Firstly, for who should lead the constituency. And secondly, for who should lead the country from the winning party. I think that this would make a big difference to the way the country is led, and it is probable to be a good difference.

  • If I could make one change it would be that in debates the opposite opponent would have to show respect when the other person is saying there opinion I would change this because I have noticed that most of the time in debates opposition might not show their respect by texting on their phone, falling asleep and more. I believe this needs to change because that country has chose for example the prime minister to represent them and if who chose does that they are not setting a good example. This happened with the MP of Cynon Valley, Ann Clwyd fell asleep during a debate so in my opinion I think that is not setting a good example, after all to be a leader you have to be a role model, honest, selfless and more!

    I hope you enjoy reading!

    1. This was an amazing post, I just have a question. Next time could you inform us on where you got the information from? As you may see with others, It helps other writers with their posts or comments. This would help a lot.

  • I would reduce the amount of pollution in the UK by picking up litter , try make people to cycle , walk , use a scooter or even use electric cars . If I were PM I'd ban , littering.

    1. Electric cars wouldn't help much anyway because your polluting when you make them. I think that to stop pollution we should make more public transport and encourage people to use it more. Yes,in the making of public transport it pollutes but it carries more people so you would make less public transport which equals less pollution.

  • I think that a law should be introduced to change the gap between general elections from 5 years to 2 . My reasons for this are as follows:

    A bad PM could do a lot of damage to a country in 5 years from not doing enough to save our beloved environment neglecting task forces like the metropolitan police , or even unconsciously promoting racist language. If a new prime minister was elected by accident or was proven to not be fit for such a job , it would be a matter of months to wait for a next general election instead of years.

    If the best possible prime minister was elected , then they would have nothing to fear and would simply be elected again and again.

  • If I could make one change to politics in the UK, it would be that:
    a) Politicians should have a certain amount of time to speak. Time and time again - on TV- I see MP's shouting and screaming over each other. As soon as an "opposition" party voices their opinion and another disagrees with it they just interrupt. This could be a crucial problem as they may not get to finish what they were saying - what if they had something very good to say which could impact many people? The public would not know as an unselfish Wo/Man has silenced this person whether they do not agree with their statement or are angry or jealous they did not think of it etc... This could lead to a party potentially losing a vote from a member of the public → Another party entirely could be elected because of this. This not only diminishes productivity and work done, but it also just makes parliament look like a chaotic mess. If every person who had something to say got a period of a certain amount of time with no interruptions this could mean: more work is done, more ideas contributed and gives parliament a more professional feeling.

    b) They should also have to follow a respect code. I know that there already is a 'Revised Respect Policy' in place (https://www.parliament.uk/documents/commons-commission/Respect-Policy.pdf) but from the video linked above (
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NRgyqrKSkU) some MPs think it is ok to abuse it. National Newspaper - The Sun- has videos (on YouTube) called... MPs behaving badly. I personally think that if the PM or an MP abuse the Policy, then they should have a strike. When they reach 3 strikes their role/position should be reviewed again taking necessary action. A strike could range from disrespecting someone in the houses of commons, ignoring the speaker after they have said order or if they are generally just lacking dignity, courtesy and respect.

  • I would like to suggest that we have a rule for politicians/prime ministers to follow about behaviour during debates or any other situations because some politicians/prime ministers are quite brutal. For example, some prime ministers/politicians hit people. would you agree with me? yes or no?

  • I would like to suggest that ( like what beloved_koala said) I would make people respect politicians/ politics because most people in the world don't treat them equally to other citizens in the UK or world; like Donald Trump people - most of them- make front of him by making a wall in Mexico and about our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, before some people were taking a mick out of him riding a bike.


    In contrary, we kind of have to be a little bit disrespectful to politics/ politicians as they are are not hearing what most people are saying about climate change and ( I am predicting) that most of the politics/ politicians aren't necessarily hearing/ seeing it happening as they are too busy doing work.

    But overall we should have at least some respect to politics/ politicians even though you don't like them nor they are disrespectful to you, you have to always be a good role model and show people ( who are younger than you or older) the rights about you.

  • The one change would be to let the public have a say and have a chance to be prime minster. The reason I stand for this is in fact because it is usually the MPs who ones who get a chance to lead our country not us. We deserve to have our say as we have opinions as well as them. MPs are humans like us but with an important job. We have a mouth to speak for a reason (to share our thoughts). Therefore, I know we all must stand up and have our share to assent or object. This is what I will do if I was able to do one change.

  • If I was in the position of PM (Prime Minister) I would change how we are acting with climate change. As you may know, a lot of bush fires are occurring in Australia: also known as Oceania. This is all happening because of us, in past issues on B.N.C, we have learnt about how we could prevent this but nobody seems to be making this change happen. The percentage of people helping our planet stop climate change is significantly low. Do you remember the saying "12 years to save our planet"? Now people are saying "18 months to save our planet" and if we didn't act fast I would make it law to prevent climate change. We have a minimum time limit now, so if I was PM this would be my change.

  • If i could change one thing, I would enforce a law that says that newspapers have to be impartial. This is because news channels have to be impartial, so why don't the papers have to be to? And though certain papers do reach certain audiences, for example, there are tabloids which include the Daily Mail, The Sun and The Guardian, and also there are broadsheet newspapers like The Times, The Daily Telegraph and the New York Times. Tabloids tend to be more about the sensationalism and reporting on stories that are a little bit more controversial , while Broadsheet newspapers tend to report mainly on the facts and are more informative on the most pressing issues. But in the current times we are able to access all of these newspapers online, and through apps such as apple news all of the news papers are collided into one place where people may read an article without knowing what paper it came from or what source. So as online it is hard to tell which bit of information comes from where, newspapers should stay impartial. To many people this may seem strange as they will go to a certain paper of which they like the opinions of but, less and less people are getting a paper version. Newspapers are made to tell us the news and not to make gossip look like facts.

  • I suggest that we could have a greater say in who will be our next MP. What this means is that we could use primaries(similar to the USA) and we would all have a chance to choose our local MP, rather than the small groups that are currently involved in this selection. They have the same characteristics and ideas about politics ,and this leads to less diversity.

    I think this because we might not agree with the candidates that were chosen and wouldn’t be fair for all the people that live in the constituency. We may agree with party politics but not the individual, which means that at the moment we cannot actually have a proper say in who represents us.

  • I suggest that lowering the voting age to 16 would be great for our future so that youngsters could get a say about things since we would be deciding our own future. Unless people acquire the habit of voting when they are young, they will carry on failing to vote as they get older. I i think this because young people have been marginalised in public policy in recent years, and if we vote at the age of 16 we could help address this.

    This is unfair because many of the issues we are voting for affect young people just and much - if not more than older people.

    An alternative could be that, when parents go to vote they could get an extra vote for their children.

  • I suggest that electoral reform is an important change for British politics. What I mean by this is changing our voting system from the current system, known as first past the post, to a different system called proportional representation.

    I believe this change needs to happen because our current voting system is unfair, especially for smaller parties who often are not represented in Parliament. At the moment, people have the opportunity to vote for a local MP for their consistuency, and the MP with the most votes in each constituency represents their party in Parliament. The unfair part is that, unless you voted for your constituency’s winner, your vote does not end up being counted. This could influence the way that you vote as well as cause an election result that is not a true representation of how the country is feeling.

    In my opinion, proportional representation is a fairer way of voting because everybody’s vote counts, for example if 10% of the country voted for the Green Party, 10% of seats in Parliament would be Green Party seats.

  • I suggest that we lower the voting age to 16 years old. I think this because when people don’t vote at an election, some parties loose a lot of votes and if we lower it to 16 more people will start to vote. Because the UK has the least amount of votes in young people voting in Europe, if we change the age that will start to change. Once they start voting the teenagers will start to get to use to it and when they vote for a party their future may change based on that one vote. Young people need to be more involved with politics so that they can have their say on the issue that will affect their future, such as the environment or Brexit.

  • I suggest that, politics should increase the use of self-censorship on social media.I think this, because they are most likely to engage with younger people who don’t really vote because of the lack of education in voting this is really good because they can decrease the problem of young not voting and can educate them on how voting not only affects their life but their families’ life.It will also rebuild the trust in politicians and lessen the focus on negative campaigning which currently dominates UK politics.

    1. I suggest that politics should increase the use of connecting with people on social media.I think this because they are most likely to engage with younger people who don’t really vote they could also educate younger people on how voting is important and how it not only affects their future but even their loved ones.It will also rebuild trust in politicians and lessen the focus on negative campaigning which currently dominates UK politics.

  • I suggest that they change the voting age to 16.
    I think this because if most older people pass away they will have affected the younger people’s future and if younger people don’t get into the habit of voting they won’t vote when they are older that means they won’t get a say of what’s happening in their country. It could also be that they have a better quality reason than other older people.
    Some people disagree to changing it because the younger adults might not even vote or just that they don’t have enough knowledge about it or they could not have enough experience to vote that is why most people’s votes are of older people.
    Or an alternative could be that parents have two votes so one for their kids in mind and one for them.Either way, it is essential that young people get to have their say about issues that will affect their future

  • I suggest that politicians need to connect on social media.I think this because people use social media a lot and always post their opinions on it.If more politicians used it,younger people would hear more of what their opinions on things are and it would be a great tactic for getting more people under the age of 30 to vote for them.Getting as many people as possible to vote will get us more Prime Ministers that people agree with.

  • Brexit is nearly here who is excited Friday 31st
    Soooo, what if politicians have power over everything for example social media!

  • If the police put cameras in every house so they can see if any robbers come in

  • I suggest that we should ban drugs that have harmful effects on us , I believe this because drugs can possibly have death effects. I would also bang cigarettes because of lung cancer and other horrible illnesses

  • I would let people over 13 vote as long as they are supervised and and asked there parents first before doing it because it can be dangerous

  • i think that whatever they do is hidden so if all they tell everybody whats happening like when we were leaving the uropeian union it was announced a bit after they had agreed on it. so if thy can tell people what there doing it would be much helpful o every body and people can prepare for whater is coming along next

  • MPS mean when are different politician and a power that is more over powered . There are more politicians than you think , there are other opinions to show other people about what are they talking about . So MPS helps other politicians and make more over powered parliament and helps the government to product money for the country and also other countries .

  • I would change the amount of money they get as expenses. this is because not all politctians and MP’s are truthful, and don’t always spend that money on the things they should be spending it on.

  • If I could change one thing, I would change the fact that in America, presidents aren't allowed to be arrested when they are in power (they can't face legal charges and that isn t good e.g Donald trump is going through impeachment instead of facing legal charges for blackmailing.

  • Politicians often make public apologies
    when they have done something.

  • If I could make one change to modern politics, it would be to place further laws on decreasing our carbon footprint. These laws main aim would be to encourage people to do more to save our environment. I would create a goal (NO EXTENSIONS) to decrease carbon dioxide to a net zero by 2030. Although this would cause potential financial loss for those in the oil/coal/gas business and a need of money for those in the electric cars, sustainable technology sectors, I believe with enough support from the government this is possible. Some of the laws needed to achieve this would be no more petrol cars by 2025 and more insect farming (less animal farming) also but 2025. Insect farming is sustainable as it uses less food, water and space that are currently being wasted. They also produce a significant amount less methane because of their size and hold just as much amino acids -a key protein source- as animals such as cows and sheep. For these reasons, I believe my one change would be achievable but would take a lot of persuasion from climate activists etc to the government.

  • what I would change is the law about politicians lying about what they're going to do if the public votes for them. I do not like this when politicians lie because the public because if the people want to change something and the prime minister doesn't do that, they'll have to wait until the next election. The public voted for the politician for a reason and something might happen to them. The punishment for this type of lying should be that the politician/ prime minister should resign from his/her place.

    Some thing else I would like to change is plagiarism. Stealing someone else's idea as your own should be counted as a crime and punished. If someone has a good idea and someone else has multiple good ideas and that person [person with multiple good ideas] steals an idea from the other person, that person is left with no genuine idea.

  • I would make the government invest more money towards national healthcare and expand the amount of emergency services. Tis is because the amount of crime in certain areas. It would also mean a lot more jobs for people.

  • I wish politics was more like a game: where if you say anything rude or bad or intend to to do anything bad you can be disqualified by the government. This insures that no one (ahem, Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler and many other bad dictators) get into power that may just tilt the world into more chaos. This may be a bit hard but it will scare off crazy people who want to be in power. It could just make the difference for the better.

    1. I think it's important to consider the comparisons that we might unintentionally be drawing when we use people's names in the same sentence. Is it accurate to call Donald Trump a dictator when he is part of a democratic political system?

  • If I could make one change in the politics, it would be, that they should focus more on the future of young lives and how to bring climate change to an end.


  • If I could change one thing then I would make a rule that when they should be respecful by listening to each other involving the public over eighteen to vote what is best for them because if politicians just do what they want it's going to affect people around the world. Let's say people are arguing about who should be prime minister then the public(over eighteen)should get a right to vote and if voters choose Jeremy Corbyn we shouldn't make a big fuss over it. We should also be thankful that everyone (over eighteen)Male or female get a right to vote. They should also be truthful about other politicians and not judge because as a leader they should be role models.


  • if i could change one thing i would try to make music lessons cheaper or free and this will really helpful because learning an instrument can develop a certain part of the brain.

  • The One thing i would change in the UK is to make EVERY vote count by letting people vote for their 1st AND 2nd choice. Why ? Because that way more people might feel that voting will make a difference.....for a change!

  • If integrity comes back into politics, then ordinary citizens will start to have more trust in our politicians. I believe the biggest failing within our political systems is that there is no proper checks and balances put into place to make sure that whatever politicians say or write is factually correct.

    So I would like to see a rule that could regulate politicians and political parties to not deviate from the truth or attempt to conceal the truth so whatever they wish to broadcast has to be factually correct. So, it’s in the best interest for all individuals to stick to the facts or else they will be liable for prosecution. However, I think they should be allowed to correct or amend any genuine errors, but if a politician was found to deliberately and repeatedly mislead the public, then they must be taken to trial. If they are guilty, then they must resign their position as a politician. Furthermore, the party they represent must take it upon themselves to inform the public of the correct information.

    I think it’s even more important that checks and balances are put into place for election campaigns and referendums because the final outcome has a greater impact to the country and to its people. Our Brexit campaign was littered with so many lies and misinformation, and who can forget the misleading Brexit promise of £350m a week for the NHS? And, hardly anybody knew about the Good Friday agreement. If both sides ran a clear and honest campaign, then the outcome of the referendum may have been very different. And, even if the outcome was still the same, then at least we can all truly say it was made fair and square and we would not have so much hostility and division running through our country today. Perhaps, people would be more willing to accept the final outcome.

    Fortunately, such checks and balance did happened for Switzerland’s 2016 referendum, as they had to re-run the same referendum again due to “incomplete information”. Voters were asked ‘whether married couples and co-habiting partners should pay the same tax’ and 50.8% were against and 49.2% were in favour. Switzerland’s supreme court ruled that the referendum "violated the freedom of the vote" all because the electorate didn’t have the full, correct information. If our Brexit referendum was put under the same scrutiny of the Swedish judiciary systems, I’m sure the whole outcome would have been very different now.


  • your plans is the best in the app

  • If I could change or add one thing to UK politics, I would ban smoking and move the age limit up to 16. I would also ban drugs and take that alcohol drinking limit to 25 and over for safety and health reasons. This is because it could affect you health system and put your life in danger and it would be bad for you. Smoking at a young age is bad as well so I think that this what I would change.

  • If I could change or add one thing to UK politics, I would ban illegal drugs because it is VERY bad for you and your health. I would also increase the alcohol drinking age up to 20+ and the smoking age up to 25+ because some teenagers at the moment are smoking at illegal ages such as 14 (that includes children such as 12).

    Caring_tiger 😊

  • I would make the rule that politics would have to bring research for there comments they say at the elections, and if they lie they will have a fine from the police i think this because in the past when elections

  • My suggestion is:
    I think that all politicians have to listen to the public more often because I feel as if the public are treated as ''lower class citizens'' and they have more to say and don't deserve to be ordered around. The people of the UK have a voice and ideas that need to be listened to.

    Plus, in The Houses Of Parliament many politicians have acted very ''childish'' and ''irresponsible'' before.
    Their punishment would be to get kicked out of Parliament and reinstated once they have proven themselves to be responsible politicians.

  • I would make sure that everyone would have a say in EVERY election. I would do this by making it illegal for people not to vote. People who refuse to vote would be given a fine.
    I also think that if politicians are disruptive in the Houses of Parliament they are kicked out.

  • If I could make a change, it would be stopping politicians from fighting because lots of politicians have got from the smallest disagreements to horrible fights in about a week. Also, it would be good if they could be silent and not rude while other Politicians speak like shouting something out (like a negative comment or opinion) because that's how people could get into fights too. This constant arguing means that important laws and decisions are taking too long to make.


  • If I could change something about politics , I would make politicians only tell the truth to the citizens and backed up with evidence for their answer. They would check the evidence and if it is found to be false, they would be suspended for an amount of time. If they lie again, they would be fired.

  • If I were an MP, I would change the age of voting because you can get married at 16, but 16 year olds current can't vote. I would change the age of voting from 18 and over to 16 and over because it is not fair that you have to wait till you are 18 to vote when you can just change the age of the voting when you are prime minister so it is fair. 16 year olds have some good ideas that need to be listened to by the government.

  • I would make a change by stopping the shouting politicians do to get their point across to the other politicians. This should stop because the endless arguing stops sessions making them longer. If they do this they should be kicked out of the session.

  • If I could make one change on the UK politics it would be to help our planet because
    there is a problem with plastic which is killing loads of animals as they think plastic is food Did you know that a dead whale was found with over a thousand pieces of plastic in its stomach including 1. 115 plastic cups 2. 4 plastic bottles 3. 25 plastic bags 4. 2 flip flops 5. 1 nylon sack
    I think that this is outrageous and something needs to be done so if I could make a rule it would be that

  • I would change the way money is distributed between different sorces. Annually, the government gives money to main issues such as education, NHS and research projects but in my opinion, the way the money is being distributed is wrong.
    Firstly, i think state schools are not given nearly enough money to be a clean healthy environment. Private schools have a variety of facilities but only young people with a wealthy backrounds are able to attend.I believe that this is unfair as less priviledged children are held back just because they have less money. I speak from personal experience as i have seen my best friend attend a private school and i, having less money,couldn't go. l also think the NHS dont get the sufficient amount of money to do life saving operations.

  • I would change our voting/polling system,as people all around the UK are sent mail from different political parties and are sent messages through social media.I believe people should have free choice,instead of political parties manipulating them. According to LSE, campaigning polititcians spent 42.8% of there ad revenue on persuading people to vote for them!

  • I would change that normal people should be allowed to have a say in the Houses Of Comments because I think everyone should have a say and see what prime ministers are choosing to do for the country.

  • If I could make one change to UK politics, I would make it a criminal offence for politicians to lie or mislead with half-truths or abused and tweaked statistics. I would suggest this because then it would stop very risky, strategic decisions. A fictional example of this is stated below:

    0. Decimal Devonal-Mooney Jr. really wants to get some soldiers from a country which is infamous in the UK...so he issues a vote on it in the house of commons and it passes. But oh no! If he tells the public they will panic, so he tells them after the soldiers have arrived and everything is at peace...

    On big problem about these types of approaches is the fact of risk. How will the public react to the decisions made without their knowing until afterwards? Secondly, if a politician lies or tells a half-truth, they would be risking their job and their constituency's faith in the party that MP stands for. Another important reason why lying and telling half-truths to the public as a politician should be made a criminal offence is because politics is not some silly children's game, it is real-life laws and impacts millions. Concluding my argument, I strongly believe that lying as a politician should be made illegal as it would put the country and it's people at risk...

  • What changes would I make in politics?

    This is a very interesting question and one that could have several suggestions – all equally valid.

    Foremostly, I would have to say that the role of the Speaker of the House needs to be seriously re-evaluated following the numerous unhelpful interjections from the previous speaker, John Bercow. Isn’t the Speaker of the House meant to be impartial? On countless occasions during the previous two administrations, firstly under Teressa May and secondly under the early premiership of Boris Johnson, the Speaker (at that time, Bercow) chose to inflict his opinions upon the house, many of which were biased, anti-Conservative, and caused mayhem and disorder in debates, when his very job is to maintain order and prevent mayhem!! He should NOT at any time be giving his own opinions on matters debated in the House of Commons.

    I have noticed that the new Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, is a little more restrained than his predecessor. Perhaps, the powers-at-be have had a quiet word with him over his jurisdiction in our system of democracy, or perhaps, it is just early days. Time will tell, but some legislation needs to be agreed about his role in order to prevent the same chaos that the previous speaker encouraged.

    Secondly, I would review the usefulness of the House of Lords. An example of their ‘meddling’ would be the people’s majority decision to leave the EU five years ago, via democratic and free public referendum, which has been delayed by non-elected officials, some of whom only work a few days a month and claim tax-payers’ money for their allowances, trying to stall or thwart the progress of any EU exit due to their own minority views, selfish desires, and personal interests.

    I am NOT suggesting that the House of Lords should be abolished as populist thought is stating; on the contrary, the Lords is needed as part of the vital ‘checks and balances’ system that we, as a nation, have developed, and many modern nations, like the USA, have copied. What I am proposing is that its function should be examined, remodelled, and modernised, as it should be aiding the democratic process – not hindering it!

  • If were allowed to change one thing in politics it would be to let children of all age to vote. This would be because I want all ages to enjoy what politics brings. (Or deal with what sacrifices it will bring. I think that children over the age of 10 can deal and put up with these sacrifices but currently to vote you have to be over the age of 18. If I was allowed to vote at the age of 10 i would literally freak because this is a massive opportunity and would mean a lot to whoever does vote of a young age. I also think that it is a good idea to let children vote because using reasoning, scepticism, open mindedness and using my ability to SPEAK OUT I now know that whatever adults vote for, children will have to face as we grow up which I think is unfair because we didn't even get a say in what we have to face when we grow up we just do it otherwise we wont survive and grow as a country. This is what I would change. Please comment below your thoughts on my idea and also put some of yours. Thanks for reading my comment!!

  • If I was Prime Minister, the thing I would change is equipment and punishments of physical abuse. In England, many people are being involved or affected by physical abuse and as a result of this people are getting injured or killed. This has to stop and if this is to happen then we will need a lot of reinforcements. Police Officers need more weaponry and defence to keep them safe while keeping others safe too. Another idea is to keep doctors and nurses armed while on the go so they do not get hurt while treating the injured. Abuse is a real problem across the globe and has to have harsh consequences or else people will feel free and carry on doing the wrong things and make the world a place people would not want to live in. I think that there should be a longer jail sentence for physical abuse. There should be more thorough investigations because people being plead guilty may be innocent and also the innocent could be guilty. I think that people should also be arrested for fake accusations of people who says things that are fake. An example of this, is when the footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, was fakely accused for abusing a woman. This is the first thing I would do if I was to become Prime Minister.

  • If I could make one change to politics it would be to make them more mannered, for they bicker and chant when others are talking. I honestly believe that is unfair to the MP talking at that point in time and if it was me in that position I wouldn't like people talking over me and I'm sure you wouldn't either.

  • If I was to be able to bring a new rule into parliament, it would be that if a leader is showing a lack of any of the qualities a good leader should have, they should be impeached as they will rule over our country and if they do not make the right decisions, it could affect the way things are now. For example, if we had a prime minister like Donald Trump, there would be a great deal of havoc going on and segregation may start again? Why? Because segregation almost started in America, Donald trump banning foreign religions.

    The qualities a good leader should have is POWER. Just because they have it doesn't mean that they should push their luck. Boris Johnson behaved like this and got telling off. Overall, they should be able to still maintain respect.

    RESPONSIBILITY~ they should be able to take the blame for their actions. A lack of this is Chris Huhne, he drove over the speed limit and blamed his wife. If he is a leader, he should be honest (another ingredient).

    JUSTICE~ a good leader should be able to make decisions fairly. A leader taking sides is an act of injustice and is not honest.

    Moreover, I don't think a leader is a leader without these qualities!

    Thank you for reading.

  • If there was one thing that could change in politics it would be for the MPs to tell us what's going on explain every detail until there aren't anymore as for Brexit some people didn't even know what leaving the EU meant t