#21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect?

07 February 2020

Openmindedness for competitions

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who took part this week - another fantastic set of entries showing careful thought and consideration!

Our Primary Winner is stellar_lion of Arnhem Wharf Primary School, who argued for why they were in the middle with clear and concise reasoning. It was a great example of putting a big point into a small amount of words and still achieving impact. Well done!

Our Secondary winner is plucky_yuzu of Bruntcliffe Academy, who used their scepticism to question whether what we see, read and hear about politicians is always true, and also building in knowledge of the recent news too. Well done, also!

Look out for the next competition appearing shortly!

This week's competition asks you to give your opinion on a question, with your reasons!

An Ipsos/Mori survey in 2019 found that politicians were the least trusted profession in Britain - with only 14% of respondents saying they trusted politicians generally .

Recent years has seen politicians hit with milkshakes, and the outgoing Director of the BBC has called for political interviews to become less fierce and confrontational.

One of our experts, Kathryn Stone, who oversees the Code of Conduct for MPs, has suggested that sometimes the reputation of MPs can be damaged by the actions of a few. This got us thinking about the reputation of politicians (how the public view them):

This week's competition asks: Do politicians deserve more respect than they get, and why? Vote in the poll below and enter your reasons in the comments.

What do you think? Add your opinion and reasons in the comments below. Stars will be awarded when the competition closes on Friday 7th February at 10.30am. Good luck!


  • It might not be a simple yes/no answer - you might be in the middle and think they do in some situations but not others!
  • Use examples to support your views, such as when politicians have done good things with the power, or when something you feel has been unfair.
  • You might want to talk about the results of the Ipsos/Mori poll, or what Kathryn Stone has said

Comments (143)

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  • politicians deserve more respect because they are high in the country and have a lot of power. If you were in there boots would you want more respect or not? They do so much for the country and make important things for us and all they get is bad feedback. We should all be respect full to them and give them high praise.

    1. but if the politicians have the most power than don't they already earn more respect ?

  • Politicians don't deserve more respect because they are humans, just like the rest of us. Yes, they are high in the country and have a lot of power, but it doesn't make them more special or more relevant in comparison to the next human, whether it being a farmer to a co worker. I feel this way because often, politicians are portrayed as exceedingly important, professional and powerful. Sometimes, this is taken out of context. Politicians are no superhuman, they are individuals in the general society who take part and speak out in subjects regarding politics. Yes, they deserve respect, but not more than any other person.

    1. Yes but they rule our country so if we do not respect them at least a little bit more, then they will think that we don't care about what they do to help us.

      1. I disagree with your comment because yes they are people like us but they have tried to make your country better for you. Even if they are just like us they deserve more respect because they are making impacts on your life .but they might have done bad things in the past.

    2. I understand where you are coming from, however I think it depends on what the situation is.
      Situation one: Nigel Farage, had a milkshake thrown at him, I understand that a lot of people{ including me} disagree with his political views but throwing a milkshake at someone is disrespectful and we all deserve a bit of respect.
      I agree with smart nation, politicians deserve the same amount of respect as us but it also depends on the person.
      Situation two: Chris Huhne made is wife lie about a speeding fine, Chris Huhne does not deserve more respect as he did something that is unacceptable.
      On the other hand, Chris Huhne is human like us, we all make mistakes so he should also get some respect, we all make mistakes.

      1. Politicians don’t need more respect. We are a democratic country, so citizens can say what they want to say unless it is extremely offensive or incredibly disrespectful, we can have our own opinions of people. Although, in recent times people have been astonishingly hurtful to politicians, like the time when Nigel Farage got splattered with strawberry and salted caramel- okay maybe he deserved that! I agree with my brother [Versatile_molecule] it depends on the situation, for example if someone said to a politician, ‘you suck and are a loser! While they were being given a royal award, then that is ‘criminal!’…But if a person said to a politician ‘you suck and are a loser when they were giving a speech about building a wall around the world, then it would be a little more appropriate. To round things of, politicians need more respect for what they are and not their policies because we have free speech.

        1. REDO: Politicians do not need more respect. Yes, they are powerful and represent entire constituencies, but if they don't live up to their promises and treat us badly... why should we respect them more? It depends on your view of a certain politician, if you think they have treated your constituency badly and not done what they'd said they would do in their campaign, then it is acceptable not to respect them for their policies are. When Nigel Farage got hit by a milkshake, it was incredibly disrespectful to him, personally i'm am not a fan of the Brexit party, but on the whole throwing a milkshake at a politician is not the right course of action to make a statement- a peaceful protest would be more appropriate. However, I do agree on the point positive_potato made about 'how some politicians are deserving of respect.' We live in a society where there is good and bad, so surely the good should get rewarded with respect. Concluding my argument, politicians should not get anymore respect than they give to us because if they are not treating us well, why should we respect them.

  • I think politicians deserve a little bit more respect because they are in power of our country and we should respect them more since they are trying to benefit is. I said we should respect them a little bit more only because people who work at restaurants try to benefit us too by giving us food and people who work at banks benefit us by keeping our money safe so MP's aren't the only ones who benefit us.

  • politicians do deserve more respect but sometimes politicians do stuff what do get people annoyed. But at the same time they are still human at the end of the day just because they are a little bit higher people think that they can treat them with no respect.

  • In my opinion i agree with broadminded_chameleon as they have a higher rank then us. On the other hand people might argue that they are human just like us so we should have the same amount of respect.

  • Politicians do not deserve more respect since we should all be equal and treated with equality and equity and be respected all the same. We need to all treat politicians how we would treat any other person.

    1. That is true, equality is a vital part of life.

  • I believe that all politicians deserve some respect. This is because there are some politicians who are good at what they do and make difficult decisions for us. For example, Theresa May got a lot of bad news and criticism for the way she handled Brexit. However, she actually brought back three deals from the EU and tried extremely hard. In addition, she got a lot of negative feedback for her "dancing". This has nothing to do with her ability to be a Prime Minister or to deliver Brexit. In addition, her "dancing" was relevant at the time.
    However, I understand that some politicians do not deserve our full respect. For example, sometimes politicians make stupid mistakes and they lower in our estimates. For example, when Chris Huhne got his wife to lie about getting a speeding ticket, he lowered in our estimations and therefore lost some of our respect. However, this should not taint our whole view of him as he could have done something that changed a lot.
    In conclusion, I believe that every politician at least deserves some respect because they do important things and make important decisions.

  • I think politicians don't deserve respect because they already had enough chances. The public has already given them time to shine. If they had used it wisely the public would give them a lot of respect.

  • I personally believe that politicians deserve more respect especially Jeremy Corbyn because when he lost the general election, he was disrespected because he tried but his party - Labour - lost the election very badly. Even though he tried, people only mentioned the negative side of it. When people saw him in the public they shouted rude comments. For example a Member of Parliament said 'Thank god he's going'. This shows that not many people in the country or even in Parliament like him. If you look at the people that elected in each constituency, most of Labours vote came from London.

    I still believe that politicians deserve more respect because they are trying to bring up people's issue as they lead the constituency and they are using some of their time to try to make the country a better place.

  • They don’t deserve are respect because so many of them have been caught lying and taking bribe we don’t trust them.They need to earn our respect.

  • I personally think that politicians deserve the same amount of respect as we have. We are all human beings and deserve respect, but sometimes it depends on the type of person. If they have a bad reputation then they deserve a little less respect. Thank you for reading.

    1. Yes I agree with you since no one is higher than anyone, but we all deserve the same amount of respect no matter how old or young you are.

  • I think that politicians or PM deserve respect when shown in past and present because if you dont respect someone they might not respect you or avoid.Everyone deserves respect being a PM or politician dosent have any excuses.But if they get really rattled up in a debate and so things they dont mean.But even thenits still not right.
    My message to politicians and MPs is to think before you speak.
    Yours truly methodical_ocean:)

  • I don't think politicians deserve more respect because just because they have more power doesn't mean we should respect them more. At the end of the day, they are human just like us.

  • Politicians don’t get the respect that they deserve because,

    Firstly, politicians have a lot of work to do and it isn’t just about debating in the House of Commons. You have to go to people’s houses and find out what they want for the country and carrying their opinions over from a surgery to the other politicians and making sure that it is heard even though it might not be what they want their job is to carry your opinion/ argument over to the House of Commons. MPs do it for their constituents, not themselves.

    Secondly, you have to be very smart and confident in speeches so that people will trust your idea. The qualities needed to be a politician is very specific and the criticism might put them off even though they are doing their job better than several other people could ever do it is hard to stand up and have a speech in front of so many people on TV and several people in power. In addition to this, every human deserves respect so they should be shown more respect and praise than we give them.

  • Politicians should get more respect because they think about all kinds of ways to make our country better. They also have to think about speeches and debates that is highly likely to go on TV or social media. They cannot have stage frite or else there whole speech (that they’ve written and thought for, for maybe hours upon end) will go to waste. They also have to not get easily upset beacuase being a politician is harder than you think, there’s many ups and downs.
    In conclusion I think politicians should deserve more respect.

  • I am in the middle of both controversies as i do not think certain politicians deserve more respect as they can sometimes push it to far and act very superior towards other politicians and civilians when really they are just as important as any of us as we all can make a change and many politicians in my opinion dont realize and appreciate some of us in particular and think we are messing around! Also i do think some politicians should deserve more respect as all they are really trying to do is help our future yet because many people dont agree with some of the descisions that were made they tend to be rude to certain politicians making fun of them and such because they have a different opinion. Which io think personally is very disrespecful because London's population itself has around 9.18 milion which is alot and politicians can't sadly make everyone happy. So some politicians do deserve it for perseverence and resilience.
    Thank you

  • I think no because they are still human beings and there is no difference between us and them. They are still humans even though they have a bigger role than us in jobs. And we should all deserve the respect we give to other people.

    1. I agree with you because we're all different all equal

  • Politicians deserve more respect because they usually get picked on when they do one bad thing when everyone makes mistakes as long as they don't do it preferably more than once. Their job is also really hard because they have to make really important decisions for the country which can sometimes be really hard if other politicians don't agree with them. Their job is much harder than some of our professions, and a lot of people don't agree with them. People disrespect them because they don't realise this, and if people did then I don't think anybody would try and "throw an egg at a politician" or "throw a milkshake at a politician". Politicians suffer from this and citizens are really mean to them without realising how much it makes them suffer when their job is already incredibly hard, without other people interfering with their lives. And I actually agree with most of the decisions politicians have made recently, and I think that if one politician makes a mistake, all politicians' reputations are ruined, and they have done nothing wrong, only their colleagues have.

  • I think that politicians deserve more respect than they all ready have because politicians are the ones who speak for us and the ones who argue on whats good or bad. They also have an important job that changes our life (they have our life and future in their hands) and changes how our planet works today.
    But it is not always need respect, sometimes politicians,PM or even MPS do not deserve any respect at all not even a inch or a bit. The reason I stat this is in fact because they can be caught LYING.

    Yours sincerely .ME

  • I'm in the middle as they deserve a lot of respect as they are the ones who run our country and decide the laws. If you were in politicians shoes would you want more respect?

    however, they are humans like us so they deserve the same respect. if we respect them more it wouldn't be equal. equality is vital.

  • I think ...
    no because sometimes they use their power and respect in a bad way

  • I think that politicians should get the respect that they deserve and earn themselves, but not all of the time. This is because if a certain politician is either a bad role model or is doing/leading something that the rest of its party doesn't like, why should they be respected? On the other hand, if they are doing something respectable or standing up for what they believe in, they deserve to be admired and deserve to be looked up to. This is an extremely controversial topic and I have liked looking at other people's viewpoints!

  • I’m in the middle because some politicians need a lot of respect and some need less respect. Boris Johnson suspended parliament for 5 weeks ! It’s a long time I know ! He lost some allies and lost some respect and some people are posting things on social media or any type of social websites. Some of them abuse their allowance when they are in different countries. Here are some of the things they demanded:Dog food,magpies,a duck house and many other outrageous things. Politicians have quite a lot of respect because they have a very bike job . Politicians are humans . Some of them make laws that make people unhappy. Some names excuses. Chris Hunet accuser his wife of driving over the speed limit but it was him ! He was not honest and made his wife take the blame which was really unfair but when they split up, she revealed the truth which I think is fair because she shouldn’t have got a ticket on her driving licence. John Prescott was hit by an egg by a protestor in 2001 . But he punched them in the face which is more painful. He deserves respect but punching someone is very painful so he shouldn’t have done that

  • Well in my opinion i am in the middle.
    I think politicians should be respected more because they are just trying to help people and solve all of the problems around the world.They work tirelessly night and day to try and do their best in what they do.For example Nicola Strurgeon was the first woman to lead Scotland.She is noticed for her determination and independence.She works hard to makes things right for Scotland.Another example of a good politician is Nigel Farage. He has been involved in the UK of leaving the EU and his dream to make it happen has come true.He is committed to what he dose and will not let anyone get in his way.
    I think that politicians should be treated and respected the same was as other people are.They are just people with just a more important job and they should be treated the same.They are only people and everyone should be treated the same we all make mistakes.

  • I think politicians do and also don't deserve more respect because sometimes there actions are wrong and they may put there country /career in danger such as , Boris Johnson called a

  • I think politicians do and also don't deserve more respect because sometimes there actions are wrong and they may put there country /career in danger such as , Boris Johnson called a general election then that then a great impact on our country and now Scotland is not happy with England because we the Europian Union left on Friday without asking them.

    The comment above I didn't finish before I added the comment .

  • I am in the middle. To start of, politicians should not deserve respect if we disagree with their opinion. To expand on this, say if the politician (of which party) wants to say their opinion on to change the country and if us man really do not like the idea and think that if we obey this rule it would be chaos in their own opinion. So my point is that people in this community think for themselves and what is right for them.

    My second opinion leads to showing respect to our politicians. For the opposite of what I have said, us man might think that it is a great idea and start voting for that party every time!
    In my opinion, I think that even if you do not want to show respect you have to keep it to yourself after seeing what happened in that video to Nigel Farage (the leader of Brexit) being hit by a milkshake and a 32 year old man was arrested just for doing it. What I am trying to say here is that even if you disagree with that politician, you have to keep it to yourself otherwise you will get arrested like that man but that is my opinion.
    There can be many reasons for showing respect and disrespect to many members of politicians so that is why I have said that I am in the middle.


  • In my perspective, Politicians should get more respect because it will motivate them that they have a caring country which will make them do more amazing things. However, some leaders can earn respect but can lose theirs. For example, Boris Johnson earned the respect to be our Prime Minister but lost it when he had the audacity to query the Queen to shut down Parliament for five whole weeks! Especially when an upcoming election was soon. Moreover, I think politicians should have more respect and maybe they can appreciate how much we appreciate them.

    Thank you for reading.

  • I think that politicians deserve more respect than they all ready have because politicians are the ones who speak for us and the ones who argue on whats good or bad. They also have an important job that changes our life (they have our life and future in their hands) and changes how our planet works today.
    But it is not always need respect, sometimes politicians,PM or even MPS do not deserve any respect at all not even a inch or a bit. The reason I stat this is in fact because they can be caught LYING. They can also be a horrible ro- models
    to us .For an example , a man got hit by an egg and instead of leaving it and just carry on walking he hit the man in the FACE. It not a nice sighting .
    Sometimes they deserve respect but sometimes they should get less.

    Yours sincerely .ME
    P.S (sorry I sent the message early ).

  • I don't think that politicians deserve more respect because they are setting an example for others and if they get more respect than others then those people might demand for more respect possibly leading to massive problems like law changes. All from a few politicians getting more respect. Isn't that silly?!

  • Should politicians deserve more respect than an ordinary person?
    No one really knows but you always have the rights to have a choice because I think they already have a huge amount of respect compared to normal people as they always have the rights to say something out loud.

  • I think that politicians do need a bit more respect than others because some people look up to politicians like role models; anything that politicians do would be okay for them to do and if they were given more respect then they would use it to respect in a way that is good so everyone would behave that way as well. What I mean by this is if anyone was given the respect they wanted they would behave in a good way, but if they were not given respect they would not behave well, but politicians should get more respect because their respect depends on others and members of the public, not just themself.

  • I feel politicians do not deserve more respect than what they already get - this is because they do not truly respect their own roles and its responsibilities as a politician role model. They are all bullies and liars in many forms and they only do what benefits themselves - not for the people in the country who wasted their votes for many years. they do what they can do to get our votes, so that they can win. Then after they have been selected to win -they do the opposite of what they said they would do before they won the election. that’s how it has always been. win peoples trust to win their votes, then they do what they already had planned to do anyway, but not necessarily what the public voted for to get done. so i feel the respect they already are getting not to mention thousands of money, is more than what they deserve if anything.
    For example, they are making it easier for businesses to bring people from abroad by lowering the amount they have to earn, whereas people voted for brexit leave to REDUCE number of people and businesses, which is the point I am making here. One way they finally left EU, and at the same time they want to flood in more people from anywhere and everywhere all over the world.
    there isn’t any point talking about their behaviour in the house of commons and how they start shouting at each other to get their arguments across, that’s just how they debate. What’s more important to focus on is what topics they discuss about and how many of them actually deliver it and come to a proper decision without dragging matters. People are always talking about the petty things and not really pointing out the real problems with modern politicians. Nowadays anyone and everyone thinks they can be a politician, a leader, a mayor or a home secretary and none of them have the genuine honesty and enthusiasm to actually carry out these type of roles. All they care about is finding ways to win peoples trust to give them the power to do misuse it. By the time people realize they have voted for the wrong leader (as they only get one choice) they can’t re-vote and they have to wait another 5 years to vote again, you’d think they would not vote for the same politician, and yet they do and sadly they will always do, they just don’t learn.

    1. You've said a lot in this entry, lucky_leaves. Do you think it is fair to say they are 'all' bullies and liars?

  • Politicans do deserve more respect but at the same time they can take advantage of that and become arrogant but right now they do need a-lot more respect because unless you are a politician or have a great understanding of politics you dont know what stress they are going through and they are dealing with really complicated situation and those are my reasons

  • Thank you for reading my view.

    There are certain types of politicians. Good ones and bad ones. When I looked at this weekly competition for the first time I thought no. But then I started to think a little bit deeper and I remembered that not all politicians or bad and I kept thinking and then thought that certain politicians do get respect and some politicians get more respect than others. My view to this question is that yes and no, but if you were to specify more into which politician I could go more into it. Nigel Farage needs no respect and neither does Boris Johnson, but politicians like Kerry Mccarthy (MP for bristol east) and Ex-MP John Bercow deserve and should get more respect. People like Ex-PM Tony Blair get loads of respect and deserve loads of respect.

    This is my view, hope you consider.

    1. I agree to your thought. I wish I had said that.

    2. I agree with a minute sum of your opinion. However, it is just an opinion. Your persuasive technique is similar to that of the conservative party, focusing on the negativity of opposing parties and you have done the same to Johnson. You have criticised him and put forward a man who declared many wars. I personally dislike Johnson but I also Tony Blair. You have no basis to disgrace Johnson without evidence and have no evidence to put forward Tony Blair.

      1. I am just am expressing my opinion and although you have said this, I do not know your opinion and I have not put that into my comment.

        1. My opinion is that politicians should earn their respect. It should not just be give or what is it worth? If we do not precisely consider who we give our respect to we will let the wrong people into power and we will be changing our society's structural foundations. By putting forward people who have no disgrace in causing war. A prime minister should look for opportunities to prevent any violence and look for the best of their country.You put your opinion of Tony Blair deserving respect without any form of justification. You criticize Boris Johnson using the very technique used by the conservative party. Don't put your self forward put the opposition's faults ahead. Also the conservative party don't justify their opinion. You suggest that you agree with Blair's opinion who was a labour candidate and leader, however your technique suggests other wise. You have not justified yourself or your opinions, you demonstrate the use of conservative technique and have contradicted your own choice of words. You have stated the people you have deemed worthy and unworthy of respect but subsequently stated that you have no opinion. That leaves me in the void of what is the purpose of writing to criticize without justification.

          1. Please make sure that all comments on the Hub are written in your own words!

  • I think politicians should deserve more respect as we don't really focus on them as much. On the other hand, we should not give too much care to them as they will turn arrogant and will get too happy, and will not solve the problems that are happening throughout the country. Some politicians get too overconfident. However we need to take time to think of what they do while we are relaxing and doing work or school. 100 percent they have done something to the world or environment but we don't really know as it is small or it does not come into connection to our lives. Sometimes I think that we always moan on how bad or how they don't do things properly, or even say they don't know how to do it, we, or they, should take a day of a politician and see how hard, worrying and confusing it is . Using the law is a very hard in a job when you are in hold of a country. Who ever reads this, I want to make a deal. For three days you have to listen to your parents and teaches or even work careers, pay attention to the News, follow the laws and at the weekend learn what one politician has to do. WE SHOULD MAKE A POLITICIAN FEEL LIKE THEY SHOULD BE.

  • I do not think most politicians deserve respect because they benefit from the taxes which are paid by the public. This money is often spent on things we do not need, for example, army projects. I think that many politicians do not deserve respect because they do not respect other parties. The thirst to win and greed of many politicians makes them seem childish. Politicians don't deserve respect if they are not going to be respectful themselves. All politicians seem to want is the win and the money.
    However, I don't feel this way about ALL politicians. one politician who stood out and deserves the utmost respect is Jo Cox. She was an inspiring woman who really cared about the people in her constituency. More politicians should be like Jo Cox.

  • I do not think most politicians deserve respect because they benefit from the taxes which are paid by the public. This money is often spent on things we do not need, for example, army projects. I think that many politicians do not deserve respect because they do not respect other parties. The thirst to win and greed of many politicians makes them seem childish. Politicians don't deserve respect if they are not going to be respectful themselves. All politicians seem to want is the win and the money.
    However, I don't feel this way about ALL politicians. one politician who stood out and deserves the utmost respect is Jo Cox. She was an inspiring woman who really cared about the people in her constituency. More politicians should be like Jo Cox.

  • I'm in the middle because some politicians are good at what they do and have changed their country in a good way, but some politicians aren't good at their job and do not really think things through as much as they should. Good politicians earn their respect. For example, Jo Cox cared about people and cared about their views. But

  • Continued...
    But David Cameron suggested that we should leave the EU and ended up causing Brexit, which brought the country into a large problem.

  • Politicians get more respect than they deserve because of their role. I think that politicians should earn their respect based on their opinion. If we just give our respect away what does it mean and what becomes of the worth of our respect? Prime ministers believe that their role provides them diplomatic immunity. People like Silvio Berlusconi, Prime minister of Italy , made comments based displaced civilians and deserved a good camping weekend. Acts like this is what respect distribution should be the basis of our diplomats and legal choice as to who we give power and respect to . The 260 people who had been fatally injured followed by their memory being mocked and debased.

  • I think politicians deserve more respect. Politicians work hard trying to represent their constituents but they are only human, some people will agree with them and there will be some who don't. Imagine having a job where you knew that alot of people were unhappy with what you were doing all of the time. And when people do disagree with them, they can be placed in real danger. Politicians such as Nigel Farage and John Prescott have been attacked in public, and on occasions these attacks have been serious. Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, was stabbed twice in the stomach at his constituency surgery in east London on 14 May 2010. He spent five days in hospital with abdominal injuries.His attacker was a 21-year-old radicalised student, Roshonara Choudhry, who told police she wanted to kill the former government minister for supporting the Iraq war. Politicians, including the then acting Labour leader, Harriet Harman, expressed concerns about the risks MPs were exposed to and said parliament needed to think about how they were minimised. A study published in 2016 found that one in five MPs (43 out of the 239 who responded to the survey) had been subjected to an attack or attempted attacks.Because of the risks they take, standing up for what they believe is right, I believe that Politicians should get more respect - it's a difficult and sometimes dangerous job.

  • I don't think politicians should get less respect because Donald Trump was accused of not giving aid to Ukraine unless it announced an investigation into Hunter Briden, the son of Trump's political rivals.

  • I think politicians deserve more respect than they get because they are human beings and they deserve as much respect as anyone else. Besides one of our British values is mutual respect and they still deserve respect. But sometimes people believe that politicians make bad desitions and decide to protest. Despite that politicians are still living people and they deserve respect.

  • I think that politicians do deserve more respect, but only if they make a good first impression by making the right decisions to help our country. If their decision makes our country's anythings worse, then they obviously won't get respect for that. But if their decision helps our country drastically, then they deserve more respect. They also shouldn't make empty promises that they cannot keep, because like I have already mentioned, they want respect that they can only earn through MAKING GOOD DECISIONS.

    On the other paw, I think that, since the majority of people have elected governments, then they should get more respect, especially by their followers. People should be respectful to the people that they chose to lead us.

  • I think they should be respected as they have the pressure of the whole country on there shoulders and showing respect is an important part of the balancethey aren't trusted but have an important job.

  • I believe that politicians deserve the same respect as all human beings. I understand that politicians are in a position of power, but they're not above the law. In everyday life, we communicate with both good and bad people - it is important to respect everyone, despite their behaviour or intentions. Every human is entitled to freedom of speech, where they can express how they truly feel, however, some people use their freedom of speech to make selfish decisions, and consequently, only benefit a minority.

  • I think that politicians should get more respect because after all they have the power of OUR COUNTRY. They also act on our opinions and protests so I don't know why people just disrespect the politicians when they have done so much for us . I understand that sometimes the politicians might not act on your opinion but they can't act on every single person in the uk or wherever. Nigel Farage had a milkshake thrown at him like how rude is that! Would you go up to a stranger and throw a drink at the . NO! So I think people should have more respect .

  • Dear burnet news club,
    I feel that politicians don't deserve more respect.People vote for them to run the country they are still people with a job, I feel they get enough respect normally.They don't need more respect then any other human.

  • Sorry I didn't finish the sentence I meant to say 'would you go up to a stranger and throw a drink at them.'

  • In respect I think that politicians should not get more respect. I think this because they are still human every single person deserves respect maybe some people more than others such as the Queen. Politicains deserves a lot of respect but overall I think that we already give them a lot of respect except from some rude people in this world who don't.

  • I think that politicians should get respect but it doesn't mean they should get more respect than normal members of the public because the Mp's used to be ordinary members of the public.People may think the MPs will take advantage of the respect due to past incidents of irresponsible politicians

  • I think politicians deserve more respect because I think politicians have more power

  • In my opinion politicians already have enough respect. In school we're always learning about equality. I would like to respect them more but some of the politicians that represent our country have appalling behaviour and their bringing down the reputation of all the other politicians

  • In my opinion politicians should not deserve more respect because they are human just like us and I think they already have enough, like money or a big house and they most likely even be the most famous in the country to probably most of the people living there. On the other hand politicians should deserve a little more respect than an average person because it will motivate them to represent their people who voted for them and will hopefully be the best they can be at their job.

    Thanks for reading
    Yours sincerely

  • I believe yes and no. I think yes because no matter what there reputation is every time they leave the house of parliamant and step into there personal lives they could be going through things and we can make that worse on them by judging them on their past and their choices that they could regret. We put a lot of pressure on politics and never consider what they could be going through. I also think one because some politics can be arrogant and they believe they're the most important person in the world when they have the exact same ranking of any human on our planet. We should all respect each other and never make someone seem more important because we should all respect each other and know we're all important.

  • I think politics should be given a bit more respect because they voted
    to make the laws and people should respect them because of what
    they do. And having 32 year-olds throwing milkshakes isn't going to

  • I chose no (and 41% of people agree with me) because I think if poloticians get more respect they might take advantage of that and also right now poloticians aren't doing anything good for our county so if they want us to give our respect to them then they have to give their respect to us.

  • It depends on the politician because someof people like other politics and they wish that the one they voted for won so they do need that respect to know that they can be trusted

  • I think politicians do deserve more respect then they should get as things aren't always what they see at first sight, by this I mean that most of the time we don't know what goes on in the house of parliament it's just how the news presents to it to us, some news can be really biased about they way that they present their news to make us as readers or watchers think about this situation in totally different way, and turn our viewpoints towards their opinion. However it can be argued that they shouldn't get the respect they deserve as maybe someone could say that they are the reason why Brexit was delayed.

    In conclusion I think that the politicians should get the respect that they deserve because all the try to do in my opinion is make the country a better place ,the reason why they might have turned down so many Brexit deals is maybe because they thought it wouldn't be best for the country. Also some news can make the story really biased.

  • I believe that presidents and politicians do deserve respect, this is because they need the encouragement from us to keep on going and make the right desitions for out country. However, i also think that they should give us equally as much repect that we give them, this is because at the moment this have been a problem globally.
    I hope you like my opinion!

  • In my opinion I believe that politicians deserve a bit more respect I believe this because when I watched Nigel Farage getting a milkshake thrown at him that 32 year old man was not showing any respect I am sure that he wouldn't want a drink getting thrown at him so why do it to other citizens. After all we are human beings, so we should treat one another equally. Even if they did something wrong you should build them up and encourage them not break them down.
    However, I do believe that politicians need to show more respect to one another and other people around them. I think this because in debates politicians interrupt and interfere when they shouldn't be talking. It is very rude to interfere when other people are saying their opinion it may make them feel a bit conscious about talking.
    In conclusion, I think everyone should treat other people equally and respectfully.
    Thank you for reading.

  • i think that we should respect them because the politicians are basically the ones representing all of us but at the same time everyone has there opinion and we can still think what we want about the politicians which means that I think that politicians should still have the same rights as the other people even if they are more fortunate than other people !

  • I think no because no matter what "ranking" you're in, we should still respect one another no matter what.

  • I think that politicians should have more respect as they represent a certain constituency and give people their say in an indirect democracy. To explain this further, politicians deal with a lot which means people should be kinder and show respect. To conclude, I think that politicians should be respected more as they help have your say, but if they use their jobs to their advantage they should have no respect.

  • I chose in the middle because, politicians are well educated people who have been chosen by the local public to represent them, therefore they deserve some respect for representing the constituency that voted for them according to their own will. However I also believe that some politicians act for their own benefit rather than for the benefit of the people. Politicians can easily make false statements to improve their reputation, and to make the majority of people accept them as their MP or Prime Minister.

  • I chose the middle because politicians are important people there are well educated and think of ways how to make Great Britain great i think have respect but not to much

  • I choose yes because they don't get a lot of respect from people because they made a little mistake and people are never perfect.

  • I chose in the middle because politicians should have respect because they are important and thy need respect.
    But on the other hand they should have less respect than The Queen , and the prime minister 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Im in the middle because they represent your belief of what they do but they are still human beings so they should be respected as much as we do.

  • I chose they get the right amount but i think some people think way to highly of them. yes there the ones who run the country but sometimes they lie and deceive people and they don't think about the right thing at the right time take Brexit they were pulling all they're attention over to whether or not we were going to leave the European union which is the smallest thing we should be worrying about because look at the forest fires in Australia things are going on and if we don't act now nobody will be safe and then the world as we know it will slip through our fingers and it will disappear to a place where nobody will be able to save it.

  • I don't think they should deserve much respect because they might not be a good politician or maybe he does something you don't like #industrious_cranberry

  • I think politicians should get more respect because they could help us with the problems around the earth.

  • Because the Queen is the best in the world. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • i think if we make a little mistake we should get second chance😊

  • Politicians don't deserve more respect because being famous doesn't mean you are more important than other people and we humans should get just as much respect as they do. They should only get more respect I they run the country and give us orders to do what we are told. The politicians are no different to us and should be treated with just as much respect as them. Also we should respect them and they should respect us otherwise nobody will be liked.

  • I think they should and they shouldn't. Linking to stellar lion's yes they are well educated because they would not be a politician if they didn't do well in school and they need to have good decision at the right point. Also sometimes it's good to not show respect and to disagree because there could be offensive or racist things that they could say but they don't actually realize that it is offensive. They could also write posts on the internet and you don't like it so my last thought is that it is ok to not show respect at the right time.

  • i choose in the middle because the reason they should get more respect because some of us don't respect them just because of the things they did in the past and the bad things they did in the past they probably regret and try to forget about it but some of us can't forget about it because it might offend us because they might be racist or joking about peoples religion or belief . the reason they have too much respect and shouldn't get any more because as i said before they have done bad things in the past which makes us disrespect them so why should they get any more they have too earn our respect and either do something to show us they didn't mean it or resign

  • I think no because they are humans like us and they should deserve the amount of respect we get as well and they might not be a good rolemodle and they will do bad things and we will do the same. And they might not do anything and they will just sit there and do nothing.

  • I don't think they should not because they all ready have enough respect from his country.

  • I believe that politicians have enough respect. However I do also believe that we still need to respect others. Politicians need to be respected because they can help us and keep us safe. They do this by creating laws and making tough decisions. They're really important though.😜

  • i think politicians have enough respect and they don't need anymore. and they speak up not just for there self they speak up for other people when need help with their speech.

  • I think politicians deserve as much respect as they can get since the public get to vote plus the public can choose weather to like them or not. Personally I think politicians should get a lot of respect since they suggest the laws.However I think you should also respect others to like your friends and family since they look after you. To be honest I think you should treat people the way you want to be treated.(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

  • I don't think politicians should get more respect than what they have already got because they already get a lot of respect from the country but sometimes not all politicians agree
    e.g : Boris Johnson shut parliament for 5 weeks for a private event

  • they got enough all ready even know they do need a lot of it is not they will stop working because they wot have enough likes to go on they wont say staff like how are you is they don't have likes mean hell no or thing at every one hat hem or her and she or hem wot like it and every one will wit him or her to not have that job and then it will make he thing to not have that job too that is it good bye

  • Politicians recieve plenty of respect without doing much sometimes yet some social media posts/articles about them are slightly twisted, not giving you the whole picture changing the public's view about them. Citizens 🧑🏾👧🏻may sometimes under estimate mp's which then leads to unnecessary posts about that political party or politician. So in all fairness yes in a way politicians should get more respect.However some politicians receive if anything TOO much respect as they have done something in the past but not many people have acknowledged that factor.

    Many people spend their pure attention on one particular politician rather then share their attention equally. Leaving some politicians unnoticed.

  • i think politicians get lots of respect but i also think they don't because they do get respect by other politicians but some people don't agree with them so they might not respect them .
    Boris Jonson closed parliament for 5 weeks but some politicians did not agree .

    i think people should respect them though because they do help us fight through our problems and through Brexit

  • I chose in the middle because i personally think politicians should have more respect as they represent a certain constituency.To explain this further,politicians deal with a lot and people should be kinder ,show respect although you have to be a great role model.

  • I am in the middle because i think that MPs are citizens of Britain that keep OUR society safe , happy and take our thoughts to the house of commons for debate.I yet think that you should only give MPs about 40% to them so we think about other things,e.g police , Fire bragade and paramedics.

  • I think that politions should get more respect than us but I still think they should listen to our ideas because they are still people just like us.👩🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏼👩🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏾👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏽
    They should get more respect and more trust because they rule our country and should be good role models .
    i don't know what others think about my veiw but I think polticians should be responsible for their actions.
    I hope you agree with me

  • I said that no, politicians do not deserve more respect then they get. OK yes they are quite powerful, and they do help to run our country. Yes we should respect their views as they obviously do believe in them. But they can be very rude, and use their power to their advantage. We all speak about equality, so just because they have power, shouldn't we all be treated the same?

  • Personally, I don't think that politicians any more deserve more respect. Although they may be more important they get enough respect. They should get the respect they deserve and no more. Just because they are politicians doesn't mean they deserve any more respect than we do and we have our own opinions on whether we respect them or not. We should be able to say what we think and only show them the respect we think they should have. They are no different to us, just more famous.

  • Personally, I am in the middle because I think they should get more respect because it would make them more proud about there job resulting in them taking it as serious as possible and making better decisions that will affect our country and help us go forward as a country.
    But, if they get less respect then it will show them what it is like to hear about these things and understand the importance of the country and make decisions that they know will be good and have a positive impact on the UK

    I hope you agree with me👍

  • I think politicians should get some more respect, all they are trying to do is help our country.
    Say the Prime Minister was making a decision that could affect you in a good way but you didn't want a change, You would complain and wouldn't agree. If you think about it if it's a good decision you should take it, it may make a big change but it will benefit in your favour. Mps are here to make OUR society safe so they vote on your behalf. I believe they shouldn't be held accountable for the decisions our society makes as a choice all together. Fair is fair.

  • I voted NO.

    I believe politicians have too much respect. They can get away with way too much these days. They can break the law, but get away with it – this is definitely not fair, as they are no different to any other human being.
    Take for example, Boris Johnson shutting down parliament. I think he had too much respect for himself, so others were scared to vote against him, even if they were in his party.

  • I think that many politicians do deserve more respect as they make all our decisions and if we treated them respect they may take our opinions into consideration more. This would decrease the amount of drama surrounding politics and politicians; creating a more peaceful community.

    I also think it depends on the situation as many politicians make irresponsible decisions, which makes them not deserve a slither of respect and may not even deserve their job!

  • I am in the middle with this. This is because people should deserve respect and you should listen to everybody ideas. But then some politicians do not listen to our ideas and do not respect us. They treat us as if we are lower then them and really we rae not lower then them we are the same.

  • I think politicians should get a little more respect but not too much because they are humans the same as us, even though they are still important, we should still get a say and for them to listen to our ideas as much as us listening to them. Because they have more responsibility and have a bigger impact on England than us.
    But I think they have important roles to play as a politician, but we should still get a view in it all, even when we are listening to them.

  • I'm in the middle because I think they do deserve a lot of respect because they are supposed to set an example for different countries but I think in the middle because they are still normal people for example Justin Trudeau wore brown makeup to look like an Arabian and even though that was wrong and offensive, people still forgave him and is still currently the president of Canada and we this shows that as humans we all make mistakes and deserve forgiveness.

  • I don’t think politicians deserve more respect these days, most politicians in the UK receive abuse through social media platforms – some more than others. Understandably, they don’t like it. Unsurprisingly, politicians are keen to shield themselves from nasty name-calling by further restricting free-speech with more laws or by strengthening existing illiberal laws.

  • I think we should give politicians a little respect because some politicians deserve more respect than others but i guess some politicians make mistakes and we all make them so sometimes you have to give them a second chance.

  • I think that the respect for MP’s is not enough but too much because if they get more respect then they will make better decisions and if there is less, then they will lose some power which can be good and bad. I am voting for ‘In The Middle’ because if there is more respect for them, they will have a better chance of winning an argument because people will back them up with detail. But if they have too much respect then they could gain arrogance and lose respect for others and downgrade on decision making.

  • I'm in the middle with this. I think that sometimes when politicians have gotten more respects, they sometimes abuse it or use it in a way to make them seem higher than everyone else. Everyone is human, no-one should get away with things that others can't. However, politician's lives are very stressful, especially if you are a leader of a big party, or even the prime minister. You get criticised by the news all the time, and if things like e.g. Brexit happen and you are prime minister, you will get the blame. Some people don't know how much time and effort it takes to be a politician and use them to make jokes or take their anger out.

  • I think that politicians deserve in the middle respect because they are also people but I also think that politicians deserve more respect because they make decisions that could potentially help people.

    Also anyone,who is intelligent enough, can be a politician as well. That was one reason why politicians can be respected in the middle.

    Maybe politicians should deserve more respect because they make decisions,which could potentially,help people and their lives.

    This is why my thought is in the middle .

  • I said that i am in the middle because i believe that politicians need to earn the respect of their constituents, as why should a politician who goes against their constituents get the same respect as someone who listens to their constituents. For example in 2019 11, MPs were excluded from the Conservative party for voting against the party, though they were brought back it still is not right that they did that stuff against the will of the people that they represent.

  • Should we respect politicians?

    I think that we should respect politicians because they are
    normal human beings just like us.Even though they have more power than us and no matter the race nor the gender
    nor the religion you should treat them equally.Do you agree?

  • I think politicians (MP’s) need respect so they realise how important their job is. If they have respect, they will have more people backing them up in an argument in parliament or even in an election. But the problem is, if they have too much respect they might get arrogant and cocky so they will lose respect for others and their decision making will most likely take a big decrease along with their popularity and respect. If they have respect but not a lot like the average people of the public they would know what it is like to be in our shoes so there are more likely to think straight.

  • on my behalf, I believe that politicians deserve no more respect than normal people.
    everybody deserves the same amount of respect.

  • I think politicians deserve a little bit more respect, because there are many great leaders out there; but many peoples judgement has been clouded by the actions of the not-so-great politicians. They run the country, without them, britain would crumble.
    But, I also believe that politicians should not get to big-headed, and take the public's opinion into account.

  • I personally think that politicians deserve more respect than us in some situations,and the same as us in other situations.For example, if a politician has made a massive positive change to someones way of life, I believe that they do deserve more respect than us. But all in all, a politician is just another human being, the same as us. What do you think?

  • I think some politicians definitely deserve more respect than others. The amount of respect we give them is reflective of how we feel about them. I think that politicians shouldn't beg, demand or assault us for respect, just because they think that they deserve it. I think that politicians should work to make the public like and respect them instead of working to make us hate everyone else. that way, there would be a much positive aroma around modern politicians today.

  • I believe that they do deserve some respect. After all it is not very easy running and governing one of the largest industrial countries on the planet. It can be pretty stressful at times, and if you are stressed then you are tired. If you are tired, you do not function properly, and if you do not function properly, you make mistakes. So I think that we should cut them some slack and give them credit for the work that they do well. (apart from the select few who make mistakes all of the time e.g. Boris Johnson.)

    Some politicians are really deserving for respect. Some of them will actively listen to what their constituency wants and pursue the wishes of the people. They will recognise current problems and fight to do something about it. That is what a politician should be, rather than someone who ignores all of the facts and does what benefits the rich; that is not what a politician should be like, and that is not the type of politician that we should be giving our respect to.

  • I think politicians don't deserve more respect because it is part of their job to be scrutinised. I think this because if they do something wrong they have to be ready to stand strong and ignore all the rude comments the public say in return for the silly mistakes they've done. If they just resign, the public won't think of them as any good and they won't be an aspiration for kids our age.

  • politicians don’t deserve more respect than us because they are normal people just like us. Even though they go to houses of Parliament and they act posh it doesn’t mean they deserve more respect than all of us

    1. Yes, but politicians (in my opinion) does deserve at least respect as some got hit by eggs and people are taking a mick out of them by jokes, memes and more. They act smart and dress smart because they are trying to be a good role model and trying to get themselves some votes.

  • I believe that politicians deserve more because we are counting on them to lead the country in a good way. We need to show them more respect because they have done a lot for us even if they do something we disagree on. We don't want to discourage them in any way. The thing is though we can't give them to much respect because then the could make bad decisions and think they rule when they don't so in my opinion its in the middle.

  • I personally think that they should not have more respect because, there already politicians and have a big opportunity to speak out there ideas, when some people cannot do that also they get to speak to the prime minister and again other people cannot afford to do it.
    That is my point of them shouldn't getting more respect from the people.

  • I definitely don't think they need more power but then again I think you should give them a chance

  • I think that politicians need respect,as they might have good ideas and if you don't respect them they might not tell you them. Say if they have made a mistake,i think that that you should give them a chance ,for they are representing the country.

  • I think politicians deserve more respect because not all of them have made wrong choice as others have before them.

  • I do think that politicians deserve more respect For one, we criticise them a lot for making bad decisions and not coming up with good solutions, however, they are put under a lot of pressure daily and often there is not a better compromise or solution, meaning that their job is extremely difficult. I think that often the media does not acknowledge this and instead chooses to focus on what the politicians have done wrong in a situation, not why it might have been difficult for them or why other options may not have been open. Politicians' jobs are very difficult and often include a lot of decisions which can be hard, and they may make mistakes, but I think they deserve more respect than they get considering their job and the fact that they are even attempting to solve these problems.

    As well as this, politicians are also an integral part of our society and he way our countries are run, playing a vital part in keeping us safe and well. Without politicians sorting out the budgets of the country and solving problems, though often in the wrong ways, our society would collapse. There would be no school, no health services, and inequality would be even more rife. I think that although many of the decisions politicians make may not earn you respect, they deserve more of it because of how much they contribute to keeping our societies working.

    Although I think that some politicians have opinions that are negative for the general wellbeing of a country, and their actions driven by these can be very bad, as well as them only thinking for themselves and for keeping their seats in Parliament, many smaller politicians such as MPs are very focussed on the wellbeing of their constituents and the country, not themselves, and therefore deserve to be given more respect, and not to be tarred with the same brush and shown as a negative influence on the country, as some are.

  • Yes they do need more respect since they are high in the country and people disrespect them a lot. On the other hand, people may say no since Boris Johnson has been made up to be rude and obnoxious.

  • the leader with no atention is not a leader

  • I think that all politicians deserve a certain level of respect because they have an incredibly important and worthwhile job. However, I think it is up to every individual to decide whether they respect certain politicians more than other people. For example, is someone believes that a politician did an immoral thing, they would would respect them any more than someone who was a close acquaintance. In my opinion, I think very highly of some politicians and they have a very difficult job. However, even a politician who was the most hardworking person on Earth would not deserve the respect of their constituents if they acted in an unfair/ discriminatory manner.

  • I think politicians deserve more respect because if you were a leader of a group like labour party I honesty believe that they will need respect plus they choose the laws of our country

  • i think polititians do deserve because in a way they are the boss and if we dont respect them its like not respecting the queen they are all important


    1. I agree that we have to respect them but do they deserve more respect?

  • In my point of view, I do not think that politicians deserve more respect. Because, when we find our respect towards them, they lose their respect towards us. For example, we found respect for Boris Johson to be our Prime Minister but in return, he dared to question the queen to prorogue Parliament, especially when an upcoming election was occurring, which would result in us having no election, which is losing his respect towards us. Having no election would especially affect us; most politicians do not even bother to follow their law. For example, Chris Huhne drove over the speed limit and then planned to make his wife take the blame, which is committing two crimes: lying to the police and driving over the speed limit which is against the law which HE made. When fabricating a law, the leaders have to follow it to set a good example for themselves and their country or party. Another reason why politicians do not deserve respect is that they can take advantage of their power, thinking that now that they are at this level of strength, they think they can gain more. For example, Donald Trump has been America's president, meaning he has gained a sufficient amount of power. However, the more power he gets, the more selfish and self-centred he can be, which has resulted in it coming to an extent where he is on an impeachment trial and even killed one of Iran's supreme leaders. Therefore, if we gave him more respect than he already has, it would motivate him to do more cunning and devious things that may even affect us! It may affect us as he doesn't believe in Climate Change and could be doing harmful things to our Earth. Therefore, we shouldn't give him respect as we shouldn't support someone who does not care about our planet. Politicians do not earn additional respect as they are humans meaning if they are at a paramount rank in their job and they make a bad impression of themselves (like John Prescott who punched a protester in the face at the role of a Deputy Prime Minister). Another reason why we should not give politicians additional respect is that they can self-conscious and not be aware of the effect of what they say. Adolf Hitler had specific hate for disabled people. My brother has dyslexia, so imagine how it would feel if your leader hated your disability. Though Adolf Hitler is not a politician, he was a leader and politicians are a leader of a party. Moreover, I just wanted to say that if you are a good leader should be able except everyone If they are incapable of, then we certainly should not give them additional respect.
    In conclusion, I do not think we should give p;olititcans more respect shown in the reasons given above.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Politicians shouldn’t get more respect because they are already spoilt annoying people that choose what we do in our every day life and we don’t like that they choose how we live. People deserve just as much respect as an mp, all that the MPs do is choose what we do. We should choose what we want to do even if it is being so fat that you can’t get out of your front door.

    However, being a politician is a very tough job that not many people can cope with due to the nasty comments. Still politicians are just normal people having power over what we do. Sometimes they are put under so much pressure that their brains want to explode or they just have to make the completely wrong decision when they don’t want to.

    In conclusion politicians

  • I was meant to say that politicians don’t deserve more respect.

  • I think politicians deserve more respect because even though they make mistakes they don't need to be less respected with what they do . Also in the job that they have, they have to make big decisions .

  • I do think politicians should get respect because they need time to make difficult decisions because it takes a long time to make a decisions . And it takes time to decide what they should do with the votes from the public if they don't agree with the prime minister.

  • I think politicans derserve some more respect because people disrespect because Theresa May was critisised for not following the rhythm to a dance but John Prescot punched someone for a person who threw an egg at him ,which was irresponsible.

  • I'm in the middle because many politicians in Britain have acted very silly in the past but then again many politicians have made very good difficult decisions that involve the public. Unlike John Prescott, a man threw an egg at him so he punched him in the face. Some politicians are very able to control how they behave.

  • I think some politicians deserve more respect because Theresa May was hated just because she did a dance with people and wasn't in the rhythm but some people like John Prescott who someone threw a egg at him so he hit them in the face. So only some politicians should be respected.

  • I'm in the middle because some politicians' behaviour is inappropriate but at the same time some behave nicely. Even though some Politicians do that, everyone should get another chance. Also, the Politicians should get respect for their job because some work hard but again, get lots of money (some get less than others).

  • Good question. It all depends on which politician that you are talking about and what they deserve respect in. For example, Boris Johnson has not kept many of his promises and leaving the EU took a long time. Whereas Barack Obama ended the war in Iraq , lowered the rate of homeless people by 50 % and won the Nobel peace prize so you can see that he deserves quite a lot of respect.

    In conclusion, some politicians deserve more respect than others because of what they have done while others need to earn more respect from the public.

    I hope you liked my post

  • This is a really interesting topic because this is a question with many answers - some people think politicians don't deserve respect because they make a lot of money and their job is a privilege. However, others feel they should get respect because it's a tough job to help run the country.


    From watching this video, I feel that MPS have a really hard job because being in their shoes is hard. How would you feel if you have millions of people wanting you to deliver? They need a lot of respect because they have to give lots of money to schools, police and the NHS and it would be very hard to actually decide how much money goes to each public service. So I think they should definitely get some respect. Don't you think they should?

    In conclusion, I think that politicians should get respect because they help give money to public services which keeps them running and it is a hard job being a politician so I think that they deserve more respect.

  • I predict that politicians should deserve more respect as most of them got embarrassed/ not treated well. For example, a person got juice/ a type of drink and (they maybe didn't use gumption...) spilt it over on a politician that was important. Also, people kept on making memes by saying that Donald Trump making a wall.

    But at the same time...(Brain-Stand)

    Politicians don't deserve respect at all as one of them punched a person that threw an egg (they had a fight) and also most politicians are being kind of rude to some people and it effects them.

  • I think politicians deserve more respect because they are working for us. Some things in our community would not have been there if it was not for the Member of Parliament who made the decision to have it. They have to work hard to keep us satisfied and must be a good representative to all who live in their constituency because everyone wants their views to be heard. They have to work hard to stay on time and to attend interviews. It is not an easy job to be a Member of Parliament. Their party leader may be strict on them giving them tasks to do and they may have to meet a deadline while also having an interview. If a MP says something: wrong, offensive or harmful to anybody they will be in bigger trouble than a normal person living in their constituency. This may feel unfair but that is how their jobs work. They need time and dedication from their constituents so they can really show their capability as a Member of Parliament


    I think that politicians do not deserve more respect because as they say they are our servants. They make promises that for a lot of the time they break. In the Parliament, they are behaving ruthless, showing no manners to each other just because we are not there to see it happen in front of our eyes. For Example, in 2016, Dennis Skinner was kicked out of the Parliament for rude language towards the Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, by calling him ‘Dodgy Dave’. They are completely ignoring our cries as children go on strike to express their feelings on how the Government was solving the issue of Climate Change. It is as if we are not saying anything. We need our voices to be heard.


    Overall, I believe that at the right times Politicians need to be respected. By this, I do not mean I think that politicians should always deserve more respect and care but I mean that we have to manage our emotions against politicians wisely and especially thinking about when we say what we say against them. After all, they are natural humans like us.

  • I think that politicians do need more respect, but not so much. I am in the middle. This is why I think this...

    Politicians do need more respect-
    I think this because they are our leaders. For example, Boris Johnson. He is the Uk's PM and has all the power over us. Although not many people like him and respect his decisions, he is in charge of the country and he was chosen for a reason. In my opinion, he does, and many other Prime Ministers, deserve more respect than they have.


    On the other hand, there are certain politicians, many of those leaders, that have let us down. For example, a politician drove over the speed limit. I think that they would not deserve that much respect now because they have shown that they are not responsible enough to lead their country or constituency.

  • Personally I think that politicians do deserve more respect, but now too much. You see, many people dislike prime ministers, it may be because they did t want them to win the election, or just dislike them. Prime ministers are just regular people before they become Prime ministers, so why should they get all the respect? I think that everyone deserves the same amount of respect, but if you have a more important job, you may stand out more, so you would be treated better.

  • It is my view that politicians do deserve respect, however, there are many cases where politicians have angered the people with lies and backtracking on promises, and in these instances, it is easy to see how the public can resent them. However, resenting someone is one thing – everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when that opinion leads to an act of criminal damage or assault, then that person has broken the law and should be dealt with appropriately.

    Whether it is a milkshake thrown by a member of the public at a politician or a politician taking a swing at a member of the press is immaterial. Criminal activity of any kind by both parties should not be tolerated under any circumstances as we must uphold our exemplary system of democracy and set a good example for other countries to follow.

  • In my opinion if a politician has more respect they could do many more things than just politics. They can rule the world because people will have to respect them and they may join forces with the wrong hands which could lead to many other corrupt things. If a politician is a good influence and people look up to them they may be able to make sure that country or territory does not go into the wrong. Overall there are so many politicians and we all respect them as they are the people who look after us and our doing their best for the country.
    This is what I think if a politician should gain more respect.