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1. The movie I know is called Dr. Dolittle by Eddie Murphy . 2. It is about a great vet... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
REPORTS R... Read and study well ,reading is food for the soul. E... Examples of processing... #8 The News 25/10/21
My dream job is Waste Recycling Engineer, this job will be difficult and big business but it... #6 Dream jobs 12/10/21
We have also problems related to the soil and agricultural . #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
Very good ideas 💡 .Thanks . #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
One of the most common problems in my community is t raffic accidents .It's one of the... #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
Very good ideas 💡 .Thanks . #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
I thinks honesty is the most important quality for a journalist because if people knew that he... #4 Because... 28/9/21
Hard times create the loyal journalist, the unknown soldier is preparing him self to us. #3 Caption this 20/9/21
Dear kid's channel : I have good ideas to help you succeed ,firstly convey a value and good... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
Very nice advice, really we can apply them to help children. #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
because I love marine creatures, I want to protect them from oil spills, as I have always... #33 Invention test! 05/5/21
Happy Start H... healthy food is beneficial a... animal must be taken care of p... playing... #32 A fresh start! 26/4/21
Nature in Gaza is represented by the beaches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea Gaza’s mild... #31 Start the conversation! 20/4/21
Art is important because it helps a person get rid of the depression it accompanies, it is what... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 01/6/20
Social distancing : also called “physical distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and... #37 - One change to keep 27/5/20
There was a poor girl, her father is dead and her mother is disabled and she supports her young... #36 - Head to headlines 21/5/20
actually i am not a journalist but it is agood question i think that all skills are needed in... #35 - Skills for success 13/5/20
This site is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever visited , since I started with the... #34 - Global Connections 07/5/20