#38 The BNC Awards!

11 June 2021
BNC Skills 2020 Descriptions

Winners Announced!

Thank you for sharing your nominations for the STUDENT SKILLS CHAMPION award. We chose the winners based on how well they explained their reasons for nominating someone.

This does not mean that the person they nominated will definitely win the award - so make sure you keep an eye out for our awards ceremony on July 1st to find out who has won!

Our competition winners this time are:

loved_planet of Cheam Fields Primary Academy, who made sure to use examples that prove their nominee often showcases superb speaking skills


observant_pineapple of Harris Academy Wimbledon, who described their nominee's Final Piece in lots of detail to praise their creativity.

Thanks for your help everyone!

Every year the Burnet News Club hold an awards ceremony to celebrate all of the hard work you and your teachers have put into your learning. This year we want to introduce a new award... and we need your help!

Your challenge this week is to nominate another student to win the STUDENT SKILLS CHAMPION award.

To do this, you should have a good look around at past Issues from this year on the Hub and choose ONE student FROM A DIFFERENT SCHOOL TO YOURS who you think has shown good speaking, listening, problem-solving or creativity.

Leave a comment with their Hub name, which skill you are nominating them for and, most importantly, WHY they deserve the award.

Use this sentence structure to help:

I nominate... (insert Hub name here)

to get an award for showing great speaking/listening/problem-solving/creativity.

I have chosen them because... (insert reason why you think they are great at the skill here).

For example you could say:
I nominate happy_grapefruit to get an award for their amazing problem-solving. I have chosen them because they made a great post suggesting some ways the world could slow climate change and they made sure to back-up their ideas with reasons and examples.

To win the competition this week you must include all of the information we have asked for and showcase some fantastic explanations and examples in your nomination!

The deadline for entries is Friday June 11th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck! We will announce the winners of the STUDENT SKILLS CHAMPION award at our awards ceremony on July 1st.

Comments (35)

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  • I nominate discreet_drum throughout all of our sessions I think they have shown the most in problem-solving. I have chosen them because they have made great contribution throughout all sessions and they have shown great ways for us to help make our road better again

  • I nominate discreet_drum to achieve an award because of his/her excellent use of listening and speaking skills.Discreet_drum will ask questions to others and listen to opinions. I think these skills deserve to be valued. In addition, Discreet_drum has made many posts and comments that have made me personally wonder about the news.

  • I nominate decisive_leaves from School College Pilote Sousse in Tunisia to get an award for great creativity. I have chosen them because I loved their final piece. While others talked about Earth running out of time and dying (I loved all those other final pieces too), this one intrigued me because it was about an old man. It was like a metaphor of life. I think that this final post is very creative and eye-catching because it is unlike the others - it is unique. That's why I think that decisive_leaves should win this award

  • I nominate focused_river to achieve an award for their creativity throughout all of their comments and posts. They have got multiple stars and they have given multiple answers for each topic. They have been contributing to each and every topic and I love how they answer to questions that are for them. I love their multiple comments about what job they would do and how it would help the planet and the environment. I believe that focused_river deserved several awards.

  • I nominate reflective_arctic_fox as she/he has been striving for accuracy to get to the top of the leaderboard. The skill that she has shown the most is listening as she has got multiple stars in past competitions and as many people might interpret that as speaking I think that you can not comment unless you listen. This is because you need to understand what you have to do and when you comment on someone you need to 'listen' to what they have said and share your opinions! Now I would just like to say a very good job to everyone!
    -Buzzing_grapefruit keep up the good work everyone!

  • I nominate delightful_effort to get an award for showing great speaking. I have chosen them because their post called 'What is a rigged election?' was extremely interesting for me to read. If anyone said something they interpreted from their work, they would always ask why they thought that. This is why I nominate delightful_effort.

  • I nominate eagle_reflection for I love the strong vocabulary he uses (like when in one post he wrote about Automation). Also, when in the last issue he wrote his final piece, he managed two link to problems in a solution- which is fascinating. I think he his really good at problem solving and creativity because he always finds a solution to solve a problem whilst being creative.

  • I nominate discreet_drum for her/his for exellent speaking in her postes and her/his problem solving throughout these sessions and thought of stuff to help our world become a better place

  • I vote eagle_reflection for the achievements he/she has received also for the posts he/she has made with the good examples in his posts the volcuabury is absolutely fantastic making me quite inspired by eager_reflection and he/she work from My Final Piece-Building Back Greener was a really good piece for his/her final piece. This is why I choose eager_reflection

  • I vote comitted_black_bear for the achievement that he/she made and the hard work does

  • quickwitted_ground hog as he always trying his best

  • I nominate reflective_arctic_fox for an award as I believe they have been working hard all year and has got lots of stars in the process, which ( I think ) are well earned.

  • I would like to vote for eagle_reflection since he has done cracking work and even I have been impressed with his work. Every time I log onto BNC all I see is eager_reflection. He has gave a good final piece for Building Back Greener. This is why I nominate eager_reflection.

  • I nominate daring whale because they have many achievements and they have great speaking ability towards their work/posts.

  • I nominate loved_planet because they are posting regularly and are very informative with posts and comments. They are also well on new subjects and creativity, plus they also have great speech and thoughts. So my nomination goes to you :)

  • I nominate loyal_insect for creativity. loyal_insect has shown great creativity in his/her 'Is Coronavirus the earth's way of saving itself?' piece. I feel this question is very creative and I think not many people may put this into consideration. I like how loyal_insect has noticed that the earth's environment is improving its environment, which is good, but on a very serious occasion where millions are dying.

  • I nominate eager_reflection for his great speaking, as he always has amazing posts which are high quality and he always participates.

  • I nominate genuine_snow for his/her post on 2 sides of the story. I think it is very reasonable and that he/she cares about the planet very much.

  • I nominate hardworking_nature for understanding both sides of an argument and answering questions in his/her opinion.

  • I am going to nominate quirky glacier because she trys really hard.

  • I nominate discreet_drum to get an award for their excellent speaking skills in their many engaging and high-effort posts. They do posts based on many topis and I find them very interesting.

  • I nominate emotional_tomato I have chosen them because they have been very kind about what people believe in and that what ever they are it doesn't matter and we are all equal

  • I nominate flowing_mulberry because his/her final peace was great. She/he described the good and bad on Earth and in people as well. She/he linked the drawing to a film which enhances the message. She/he made an amazing post.

  • i vote shining_journalist for he/shes post i enjoy reading their posts i defently feel like they should win the competion i belive that thered post is very interesting

  • I vote eagle_reflection for being in the highest in stars with 54 and for the achievements they have received for the posts they have done on all the different topics.

  • I nominate delightful_effort speaking . He/She has produced/shown some lovely pieces of work such as 'Is Protesting the right way to get your voice heard..?' ( he/she has taught me a lot from his work ).

  • I nominate flowing_mulberry for the fantastic and wonderful artwork showing the 2 faces of Earth: the part where Earth is clean and wonderful to live and and the part that is polluted with many litter and greenhouse gases. I love the inner meanings behind this artwork and the how they showed their feelings on the topic using artwork! This is why I chose flowing_mulberry!

    1. Thank you!

  • I nominate eager_reflection for I am touched by the rich vocabulary and explanation they use. When they wrote about How has COVID-19 affected the world of work, they have used all kinds of reasons to prove this point such as very minute and simple jobs such as football, hospitals and healthcare, restaurants/pubs/cafes, etc. This is a way that helps us notice that even some simple businesses such as a sweet shop must be struggling to cope with customers. Also, they think about how they are going to write something by being in another person's shoes. This is why I have nominated eager reflection.

  • I nominate eager_reflection from Cheam Park Farm Primary because he/she is very creative and that person has earned a lot of achievements.That person has also used amazing vocab which has inspired me .

  • I nominate focused_river as they have shown great creativity in our sessions. For example, their post 'Waste Kills the Earth' is interesting, as it is a 3D model of how global warming affects us. As a whole, they have published many insightful posts , showing dedication and effort. There's a common phrase, 'quality over quantity' - but it is clear that focused_river has applied both these aspects in their work!


  • eager_reflection here,
    I would nominate comfortable_chemistry to get an award for showing great speaking and creativity skills. They have shown these skills in many of his/her posts and comments. Their posts made me think in a different angle, such as in their post, ''What does success mean to you?'' Comfortable_chemistry often reads what others have commented and replies to them, sometimes asking questions, which helps other students to think more about the topic. I think this can be very helpful as by answering questions, people can learn many things that they wouldn't have thought of before. They have shown excellent creativity in the competition ''Say it with art!'' and their final piece for Building Back Greener. In the competition, they thought of a great idea of how to represent protest. In their final piece, they represented climate change as a dragon, which I think is very creative. Finally, through all their hard work, they have reached third in the student leaderboard, with 43 stars! In summary, I think their posts are very inspiring and makes me want to read more, and they have helped to involve more students with the club. This is why I nominate comfortable_chemistry.
    Thanks for reading.

  • I have nominated careful_science for his creativity because they have used brilliant ideas for his competition entries and he/she has also used brilliant ideas when they share their opinions on the BNC. He / She has come up with a lovely question for Peer Tatchell and they have shared so many ideas and points on the Hub. This is why I nominate careful_science.

  • I nominate comfortable_chemistry to get an award for showing great problem-solving. I have chosen them because in the Future of Work post and others., they showed lots of brilliant ways to solve the issue whilst putting a clear reason across. comfortable_chemistry has posted numerous brilliant posts and comments and thoroughly deserves to be 3rd on the leader board. Well done comfortable_chemistry!

  • I nominate ‘eager_reflection’ to get an award for creativity because they are consistently showing and sharing great ideas and they relate relevant information into the issues that they are are writing. They also have great vocabulary and they extend peoples knowledge about the issues. They let people see a different view of the issue and they don’t take criticism negatively. As well as being the top of the leader bored, they are constantly posting new issues informing everyone about the current situations that are going on. This is why I have nominated them for the creativity award.